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<jsoo>Hi guix!
<rndd->hi everyone! is there a variable which stores building directory path (while package is building)?
<Formbi>I don't think it's legally abuse when a company changes the licnse
<bavier[m]1>rndd-: no variable, afaik, but `(getcwd)` will give it to you. I think it's spoofed within the build container.
<rndd->bavier[m]1: thank you!
<NieDzejkob>downloads from are stopping at random points for me, can anobody else reproduce this?
<NieDzejkob>I think there's a problem with the network, and connections to other servers work fine, so I doubt it's me
<NieDzejkob>it transfers around 140 KB and then stops
<lfam>NieDzejkob: It happens to me in the US sometimes
<jgart[m]> added guile-newt to the wiki entry for
<seth>I read the options in `guix install --help` but could not find a way to force the installation of a substitute. I set the guix package manager to globally disallow substitutes.
<seth>Is there a way to allow a substitute for just one package?
<seth>The package I am trying to build is util-linix, but it keeps failing.
<seth>I tried `guix install --substitute-urls= util-linux` but it did not work.
<seth>I found a similar issue here.
<mroh>jgart[m]: nice, thank you!
<seth>I read the *.drv.bz2 file that contains the build errors, but don't know what I am looking for.
<seth>At the very least, can anyone point me to docs for how to change the global setting to allow substitutes?
<seth>jgart[m]: Nice article. I like whiptail.
*brettgilio -> Zzz
<lfam>seth: There is not really fine-grained control over what is eligible to be substituted
<seth>Do I need to just uninstall Guix and restart?
<lfam>What you could do is build all the dependencies of util-linux and then accept a substitute for util-linux
<lfam>No, I don't think you should reinstall
<seth>I don't know how to accept a substitute. That is what I have been trying to do.
<seth>When I installed the Guix package manager, I told it that I did not want to use substitutes.
<seth>I do not know how to reverse that decision.
<seth>I have read lots of docs, but not found an answer yet.
<lfam>Enabling substitutes is described in the Substitues section of the manual. You probably want to specifically look at the Substitute Server Authorization part:
<lfam>So, you need to get that '' key, authorize, and then restart the guix-daemon
<lfam>A suitable installation prefix will be ~/.config/guix/current, meaning the file will be found at ~/.config/guix/current/share/guix/
<seth>Thank you. I am trying to find the key now.
<apteryx>GNUtoo: Personally I'm thrilled to see you are attempting to make some use of Guix in the context of Replicant :-). Welcome aboard!
<seth>Where do I download the public key from. I tried finding it in the `` script, but could not?
<seth>Sorry. I am a GNUbie.
<apteryx>you'll find it at ~/.config/guix/current/share/guix/
<apteryx>I found that info with "info '(guix) Binary Installation'", 7th paragraph.
<seth>`cat: /home/seth/.config/guix/current/share/guix/ No such file or directory`
<seth>I think I set up guix incorrectly when I first installed it.
<apteryx>have you ran 'guix pull' yet?
<seth>Running now
<apteryx>has anyone seen these kind of errors when offloading? guix offload: error: corrupt input while restoring '/gnu/store/guix-u9QjUv/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/doc/chunky_png-1.3.12/ri/ChunkyPNG/Canvas/Adam7Interlacing/adam7_extract_pass-i.ri' from #<input: string 7f6573f86230>
<apteryx>retrying usually resolves it
<apteryx>not in this case! I built it locally.
<seth>`guix pull` gave me the same util-linux failure message.
<apteryx>ah, so 'guix pull' needs building util-linux, which fails?
<apteryx>what does 'guix describe' say?
<seth>guix describe: error: failed to determine origin
<seth>hint: Perhaps this `guix' command was not obtained with `guix pull'? Its version string
<seth>is 1.1.0.
<apteryx>OK! Yeah, I think it says this when 'guix pull' has never been run.
<apteryx>I'll try replicating your error here with guix time-machine
<lfam>seth: You'll still have the file on your computer. Check in /var/guix/profiles
<lfam>Hm, I'm surprised it's not in there
<seth>That is what a recursive `ls` shows.
<lfam>It will be in /gnu/store
<lfam>Try `echo /gnu/store/*/share/guix/`
<lfam>It might take a minute if you don't have an SSD
<lfam>Also, what is `uname -a` say on your computer?
<lfam>Finally, you could find it in the Guix installation tarball, or in our Git repo:
<seth>`Linux COMPUTER_NAME 5.4.0-7634-generic #38~1595345317~20.04~a8480ad-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 22 15:13:45 UTC x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux`
<lfam>After you fix this, it will be helpful if you can report the failure by sending a message to <> with a description of the problem and the contents of the log of the failed build. The command that fails will tell you where to find the log if something goes wrong
<apteryx>seth: could you please paste the linux-util build error you're seeing?
<seth>I will do that. Thank y'all for your help.
<apteryx>my guix time-machine command takes time
<apteryx>I'm running: guix time-machine v1.1.0 -- guix build util-linux --no-substitutes
<seth>apteryx: Here is the log.
<lfam>I'm guessing it's the issue described in <>. I don't know exactly what upstream kernel version "5.4.0-7634-generic" corresponds to, but it's probably within the range of "5.4.36 through 5.4.41" described in that bug report
*terpri fiddling with wrapping AppImages inside flatpaks to get them to run without huge amounts of package-specific hackery
<terpri>matryoshka containers, containers all the way down
<seth>lfam: I should have looked at `uname` sooner. Thank you. I don't want to downgrade my kernel, but I can always run guix in a VM.
<terpri>has anyone gotten pcie passthrough working under guix? that might be easier tbh
<lfam>seth: I'm not very familiar with Ubuntu but, based on this link, it sounds like the currently available kernel should be okay: <>. Of course, that depends on the analysis in our bug report being correct
<lfam>Oh... please disregard that message.
<lfam>I misread the Ubuntu webpage. It says "", not "5.4.42"
<lfam>Does anybody how to find out what upstream kernel version that corresponds to?
<apteryx>lfam: good job finding that bug report, the build log matches
<lfam>seth found it upthread :)
<apteryx>seth: if downgrading your kernel is not an option, you may be able to find a newer kernel for your Ubuntu
<seth>I think I will probably just give up on this particular machine. I don't want to change my kernel because I am not the only person who uses this computer. I will probably just experiment with Guix in a VM or another computer.
<seth>If I broke this computer by messing up the kernel, the consequences would be bad.
<seth>I will submit that bug report when I get a chance.
<seth>Thank you all for your help.
<seth>I look forward to learning Guix.
<lfam>seth: I don't think it's necessary to send another report. It sounds like the same issue as the previous report
<lfam>Sorry it didn't work out so far
<seth>I am used to tech breaking when I first try it. It's all part of the learning experience and what makes being a hacker interesting.
<lfam>It does make for a useful learning process, but we'd like it to "just work" :)
<lfam>But I think in this case it's Ubuntu's fault ;)
<seth>I've read so many docs today. I am very impressed by Guix's documentation. I like `info guix`.
<seth>ifam: are you one of the devs?
<lfam>seth: I do contribute some
<seth>Is it mostly Scheme and C that people contribute with?
<seth>I would probably only be able to contribute documentation and maybe packaging. I don't know many programming languages yet. I am trying to learn Rust.
<apteryx>there's no C in Guix. It's all Scheme, or C++ for the daemon.
<lfam>We welcome all sorts of contributions, from people with a big variety of skills
<seth>Good bye. Thank you for all your help. You live up to the "firendly" reputation on the Guix website. :)
<apteryx>see you again!
<terpri>"firendly" is a beautiful tpyo :) love & passion
*terpri considers nuking their windows dual-boot ssd
<terpri>if pcie passthrough worked, i'd have no need for a w*ndows install, and that would free up a terabyte for guix (running perilously low on disk space with a mere half-terabyte ssd)
<lfam>terpri: Have you tried anything yet to make pcie passthrough work? Or still in the stage of trying to figure out what to try?
<terpri>lfam, the latter. arch wiki has some decent-looking guides but they may not be trivial to "translate" to guix-ese
<lfam>Are you trying to give your VM native access to the GPU?
<lfam>I bet it will work but... yeah. A lot to read!
<terpri>tl;dr i'm trying to run a proprietary game development system (one of the big ones) as a prerequisite for porting a ~200-component game development framework to godot, with the core (a *large* fraction) to be released under a free license (though i need to double-check that $client really understands what makes a license free or non-free; she knows now that libre != gratis and libre != source-available, at least)
<terpri>the program is "supported" under gnu/linux but really, really doesn't want to run on a non-FHS system; i bit the bullet and packaged the minimal editor program for guix, instead of packaging their many-moving-parts launcher/updater/project manager/license manager/etc AppImage thingy
<terpri>only to hit a brick wall with license management garbage, renewing my visceral hatred for digital restrictions management
<terpri>well, goodbye w*ndows dual-boot, guix and my home dir need that terabyte
<terpri>i still might try the wrapping-appimages-in-flatpaks experiment, since some not-yet-packaged free programs distribute appimages
<terpri>i've got spare gpus, making it work under guix should just be a small matter of programming
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<abralek>Hi Guix, I am trying to package pigeonhole for dovecot to make sieve works, but the problem I am having is that pigeonhole also provide new settings, which doveconf has to find in moduledir/settings/ directory in particular: and few more.
<abralek>And if I define some settings, doveconf crashes with fatal error.
<abralek>Are there any examples/packages to solve such a use case?
<abralek>One solution would be just to bundle this in to one big package, but then I am not sure how I could build dovecot and then one of it's inputs with modified output
<jlicht>hey guix!
<guix-vits>sneek: later tell guixy: Thanks a lot. Lucky for me the 4 hundreth whitespace errors were in +++ side of the patch :).
<jlicht>terpri: there is a FHS-service floating around the web, that might at least allow you to do work for your client for now
<jlicht>the situation is still not amazing of course.
<jlicht>does anybody know why our `guix pack'-produced tarballs (both the 'tarball' and 'docker' formats) prefix all contents of the tar with "./"? More importantly, how can I make it not do that?
<nckx>Good morning Guix!
<nckx>jlicht: You could modify Guix to call tar with ‘--absolute-names’, but why? Such archives are at least unexpected (like tarbombs) and could be a security risk.
<nckx>(I'm just parroting rationales for the latter, you should always inspect strange tarballs anyway.)
<jlicht>nckx: because skopeo is one of the few tools that allow me to share guix-built docker images without needing docker, and it cannot deal with extracting "manifest.json" from a tarball if it actually located at "./manifest.json" :/
<jlicht>and since skopeo is a Golang project, that implies patching the upstream, hoping that at some point skopeo updates their vendored copy etc etc...
<jlicht>right now I'm untarring the guix packs and repacking them before I can upload them. It works, but the dream is of course to `skopeo copy docker-archive:$(guix pack -f docker hello) docker:amazing-docker-repo-of-jelle:hello'
<nckx>I think we should just call tar with -P in (only) the Docker case. If that's all that Skopeo's ever encountered and tested.
<nckx>jlicht: So you're repacking them with -P? Or is more needed?
<jlicht> `tar xf ../$OUTFILE; tar cf ../$OUTFILE *' in my hacky shell script
<jlicht>nckx: although that probably has some nasty implications if I were to do that to random tarballs :O
<nckx>All this is very hard to search for 😛
<jlicht>yeah, that is also what I ran into. I think the correct approach is to patch the peek-inside-the-tar library that skopeo uses to understand (and subsequently ignore) "./" prefixes
<nckx>I thought you wanted /gnu etc. (instead of ./gnu). I don't know the tar option to do what you want, if there is one, without specifying each file on the tar command line… It also feels nasty as you said.
<nckx>This is just what GNU tar does when you pass it ‘.’, it's not really ‘adding’ anything.
<nckx>(The ‘.’ I thought you meant, for ‘tar cf foo /etc’, is entirely synthetic.)
<nckx>jlicht: I do agree that the right fix is in Skopeo, but who knows who's stuck with an old version for how long. Do you know your way around Docker? We should probably just invoke tar however it does, warts & all.
<jlicht>I think docker uses a golang implementation of that all, but I already found the bug I think :-). They had a missing `path.Clean' somewhere. I'll report it upstream for now
<jlicht>thanks for being my rubber duck nckx :-)
*nckx quacks.
*guix-vits was so happy to know that there is `git apply --whitespace=fix ...`
*guix-vits Cool, it even builds after the changes.
<jlicht>oops, not a terminal
<NieDzejkob>'guix weather mu' says substitutes not available, but 'guix build mu' just downloads substitutes. What gives?
<nckx>NieDzejkob: You ‘should not’ have got a substitute. What exactly did you download?
<nckx>(On master, I get /gnu/store/mfx4vfn81kpprykbhww7dbwzx04rfg5x-mu-1.4.12 or /gnu/store/grxdqxgv7gzqcmgjlslxgdfrsgxzwisr-mu-1.4.12 w/o grafts.)
<nckx>Neither of these exist on berlin.
*guix-vits behaved good and deserves a vitssnack
<nckx>You should always be good.
*nckx just got back from the shop but all I bought were Volcano Brand ‘It's crazy hot!’ Extra Spicy instant noodles.
*nckx gives guix-vits a noodle.
<nckx>Guixers! Do you use Wayland on Guix System? Do you use any keeb layout other than ‘us’? How?
<nckx>Being able to type would greatly help debugging everything else that breaks.
*guix-vits *ROAR* eat a noodle
<guix-vits>Thanks nckx.
<guix-vits>nckx: Моя работает c ЙЦУКЕН, on sway.
<guix-vits>input type:keyboard {
<guix-vits> xkb_layout us,ru
<guix-vits> xkb_options grp:shifts_toggle
<nckx>Yay, I ‘know’ just enough Russian to read that. Thanks. I'm very new to this waystuff. Is the ‘wm’ (compositor?) really the right place to configure this? Is this something Guix should handle, or precisely not try to?
<guix-vits>IDK. Doing this in sys config is too broad. Some sort of per-user configs?
<nckx>‘The preferred way to configure the keyboard is via the configuration file, see sway-input(5).’ — man sway
<nckx>It didn't occur to me that sway would handle this or I would've RTFM.
<nckx>guix-vits: It should be at least configurable for the SDDM password prompt.
<nckx>Typing ●●●s in an unfamiliar layout is mucho unfun.
<nckx>There's a dropdown that defaults to ‘us’ and you can choose between ‘us’.
<nckx>So that was useful.
<guix-vits>(IDK): SessionCommand= ?
<guix-vits> (if previous URI not works: last message).
*brettgilio appears
*guix-vits to arms, lol
<nckx>guix-vits: It worked, thanks. I meant through Guix's system .scm though. Similar to (xorg-configuration (xorg-configuration (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout)).
*nckx throws a damp spicy noodle at brettgilio.
<leoprikler>bavier[m]1: Since you talked about minetest, I've sent my patch to add mineclone
<str1ngs>guix-vits: BTW I have a local wayland branch of nomad. where nomad is the compositor o.O
<nckx>str1ngs: By the way, <> still says that ‘Nomad is not yet available in the official Guix’.
<str1ngs>nckx: thanks will update that now. we need to update the manual as well. a lot has improved in the last 9 months.
<str1ngs>for example most of the C code is gone now.
<guix-vits>Hello str1ngs. Compositor is like the mutter and plasma?
<str1ngs>guix-vits: it will probably use wlroots. mutter is very hard to user outside the context of the GTK project.
<str1ngs>nckx: fixed with thanks for the report.
<str1ngs>guix-vits: s/user/use
<nckx>str1ngs: Thank you. That was fast.
<str1ngs>the README is in org. I just need to edit and do make all :)
<nckx>Org is the way & the light.
<str1ngs>nckx: note with nomad the master branch is for stable releases. and it's not updated to 0.2.0-alpha yes since I already have a new point release with bug fixes etc.
<guix-vits>str1ngs: Thats good. A browser for the system and the Web.
<str1ngs>guix-vits: probably I will just call it nomad-shell. and it will use nomad modules
<str1ngs>that's along way off though so much to do . so little time :(
<LibreCat>i can get a download link for gNewSense
<guix-vits>str1ngs: i need to spend more time learning to code, then. Shell should fly.
<str1ngs>guix-vits: bug reports are just as helpful :)
<str1ngs>guix-vits: I now have guards in place for those signals that were causing problems. so you will get errors in the *Messages* buffer now.
<str1ngs>the signals bugs should be fixed as well. but this should avoid crashing if there some edge case.
<nckx>guix-vits: Which terminal do you use?
<guix-vits>nckx: kitty
<guix-vits>or M-x shell (depends if i want to use less)
<str1ngs>gasp you don't use M-x terminal in nomad :P
<guix-vits>str1ngs: to get a ~/sh/passwords.
<guix-vits>The default font size is a bit small for me.
<guix-vits>Not yet got to the place when i can affect the size.
<str1ngs>guix-vits: btw with nomad-shell instead of having a application echo-area this will have a desktop echo-area. which will be pretty powerful I think.
<guix-vits>str1ngs: Which remind me: The nomad currently can be confused with a space before a URI: ''. Seems like an easy pick. I'll just refine that bsd-games and send them, then..
<nckx>I tried M-x shell once; first thing I typed was C-r; it started searching the buffer; I closed M-x shell.
<str1ngs>guix-vits: does export GDK_SCALE="2" GDK_DPI_SCALE="0.6" help?
<nckx>My current (minor) problem is that termite suddenly creates an empty title bar where it never did in i3.
<str1ngs>guix-vits: ah yes we could use better URI validation. right now all I do there is prefix with https://
<nckx>Ah, so does kitty. st and xterm do not. The hell.
<str1ngs>guix-vits: font size should be handed by your DE or WM. I'm not sure how that is done if you are using sway
<str1ngs>I use Xfce with i3
<str1ngs>I will checkout sway and see if there is something I can do to help with that tough.
<guix-vits>str1ngs: neither am. Though some fonts become smaller, so those variables do something.
<str1ngs>guix-vits: export GDK_SCALE="2" GDK_DPI_SCALE="1" any better?
<str1ngs>I use a 55" HiDPI display so it's hard to gauge font sizes for people.
<guix-vits>nckx: If You'll use kitty, try to set TERM to xterm or so (or it'll glitch in guix --pure, for expample).
<str1ngs>guix-vits: I'll look into this more since I use X11 I should not neglect Wayland. there are so difference with GTK.
<guix-vits>str1ngs: Seems that those are default in my setup, or so.
<str1ngs>guix-vits: I think there was a clipboard issue as well with Wayland? did that get fixed do you recall?
<str1ngs>guix-vits: does C-y in a Nomad open the URI in the clipboard for example?
<guix-vits>str1ngs: seems no.
<str1ngs>guix-vits: I need to follow up on that as well. it's a limitation with g-golf
<guix-vits>str1ngs: TBH, the tool wl-copy (same as xclip) glitches for me sometimes too. IDK why, and what affect this.
<str1ngs>yay clipboard with g-golf and Wayland has issue. I'll have to switch to sway for awhile to have a look at this. sorry for the Wayland neglect
<guix-vits>str1ngs: I can get scaling with those GDK variables, but the result is either slightly blurry, or i tired my eyes today; not sure. But that is better, as those possibly affect the other gapplications. Should be some mechanics to works with fixed-width fonts..
<guix-vits>Thanks for working on the nomad.
*guix-vits should finally gather some will and setup shroud integration using the instructions already found. Shell script! To get the passwords :)
<guix-vits>nckx: kitty +kitten icat can show (some.formats) images
<str1ngs>guix-vits: fixed fonts in Nomad you mean?
<guix-vits>str1ngs: M-x terminal (i not sure if the trouble isn't in my imagination)
<str1ngs>guix-vits: I have the other issue terminal mode is to large.
<guix-vits>And those variables working for You? Working there.
<str1ngs>guix-vits: will see if I can improve on this. though technically your DE should handle over all font size.
<guix-vits>Yes, it's a dream of my Linux life: just set the font sizes once and for all.
<str1ngs>I use Xfce to set font size. Those environment variables should be for WM that don't have a DE
<str1ngs>will look into it. because it is a PITA.
<hendursaga>I'm trying to figure out which file to edit to add a package definition for an 'esolang'/esoteric language, namely, Brainf***. toys.scm, perhaps?
*guix-vits aren't it's written as br*infuck?
<hendursaga>Also, for the synopsis/description, I take it I should NOT censor?
<hendursaga>guix-vits: See:***
<bavier[m]1>you'd write it as upstream does
<bavier[m]1>if we don't already have a "esolang" module, I think we could make one
<hendursaga>That's what I thought.
<raghavgururajan>வணக்கம் Guix!
<mroh>how to make a vm-image/call guix system from ./pre-inst-env/git checkout? `./pre-inst-env guix system ...` gives "guix: system: command not found"
<str1ngs>mroh: did you locally build guix?
<str1ngs>with ./configure && make ?
<guix-vits>Здравствуй raghavgururajan.
<mroh>str1ngs: yes
<str1ngs>mroh: what does ./pre-inst-env which guix . output?
<mroh>str1ngs: pathToGitCheckout/scripts/guix
<str1ngs>mroh: looks right
<str1ngs>mroh: are you in a guix environment?
<str1ngs>also guix foreign or system?
<mroh>no, Im not in a guix environment (but configured and build it in one) and its a guix system.
<str1ngs>mroh: I would try then to clean with git clean -xfd. then ./bootstrap && ./configure --localstatedir=/var && make. make sure you stage any files you have added before you git clean.
<str1ngs>mroh: this will force a complete pristine rebuild just keep that in mind.
<str1ngs>mroh: also you can test in a guix environment first. should not matter on guix system. but double check
<str1ngs>think guix environment guix should be enough
<mroh>ah, it works in a guix environment. thx for the hint!
<str1ngs>mroh: did you notice if it rebuilt the environment?
<str1ngs>building manual.. etc
<mroh>str1ngs: no, it doesnt seem to.
<str1ngs>mroh: strange. at least it works in a guix environment
<mroh>str1ngs: I think this is enough to debug it/move on, thank you very much!
<str1ngs>no problem
<bavier[m]1>leoprikler: I see your mineclone patch. I'll give it a try!
<brettgilio>Conversation I just had... My mom, a healthcare software company executive, on a conference call with the quality assurance people: We are reviewing employee feedback surveys, and somebody said "I'm a software engineer, and I shouldn't have to worry about patient safety in my job." Isn't that ridiculous? Me: No, they are right. We should have effectful and mathematically compositional proven type safe languages with good compilers and deterministic
<brettgilio>systems that won't let you do stupid stuff that might kill people. My mom: I don't think that's what they meant... Me: Yeah, probably not, but they aren't //wrong//. They just aren't right either. My mom: they should get a different job Me: yeah. They should go into theorem proving and pure type systems and stuff. My mom: *visibly annoyed*
<nckx>brettgilio: I admit to being naiv^W^Wreading it as positive/hopeful initially, but it's a needlessly ambiguous way to phrase it. Assuming you're not paraphrasing.
<apteryx>brettgilio: in my place, to have "Engineer" in your title is restricted to a professional association whose main purpose is to ensure public safety ;-)
<apteryx>restricters to members of a professional association*
<brettgilio>apteryx: here, you're an engineer if you breathe and touch any kind of mechanical device or computer lol
<brettgilio>nckx: not paraphrasing :)
<raghavgururajan>nckx: o/
*raghavgururajan screams Help!
<raghavgururajan>I want to patch this file
<bandali>nckx, yeah canada is pretty strict about who gets to call themselves an Engineer as well
<bandali>whoops, i meant apteryx
<raghavgururajan>like this,
<raghavgururajan>But I get this error,
<bavier[m]1>raghavgururajan: the tests download icons? weird
<bavier[m]1>raghavgururajan: one too many '/' probably
<raghavgururajan>I tried `file:`, `file://` and `file:///`. I get same error "URL not valid".
<raghavgururajan>bavier[m]1, ^
<bavier[m]1>whatever it's using to check uris might not understand `file://`
<raghavgururajan>Yes, the tests downloads icons, when it is already in the tarball.
<nckx>bandali: I've heard that, and that some US states are far more strict than others (about ‘real’ engineers anyway — I think programmers calling themselves engineers is silly anyway.)
<raghavgururajan>bandali: o/ Long time, no see. How are ya?
<bandali>i mean i'd clearly distinguish between a "coder", a "programmer", and a "software engineer"
<bandali>raghavgururajan, \o doing alright thanks; you?
<bavier[m]1>"copy-pasta machine"
<raghavgururajan>bandali: Good! How's your internship with FSF going/
<bandali>pretty good, thanks :-) keeping me quite busy, with all the other things also going on at the same time lol
<nckx>raghavgururajan: I just searched the Web but happened to get straight to the source:
<nckx>I'm not going to dig further but seems like they do explicitly expect HTTP.
*raghavgururajan disables appdata test
<nckx>raghavgururajan: I think you should just disable the test, not patch this file.
<raghavgururajan>Thanks nckx!
<nckx>It's as if there were a ‘validate-homepage’ test in their test suite: fine, but we can't & won't run it.
*raghavgururajan has an idea
<nckx>‘The value of the <image/> tag is a direct URL to a screenshot uploaded to a public location on the web.’
*raghavgururajan tries `(string-append "http://localhost" (getcwd))`
<raghavgururajan>I get "failed to connect: Cannot connect to destination". nckx: Will adding httpmock to native-inputs work for this?
<nckx>raghavgururajan: That won't work, HTTP is a network protocol you speak to a Web server.
<nckx>I don't know what httpmock is.
<raghavgururajan>I see.
*raghavgururajan moves on
<nckx>You can run a Web server (either a real one or one using canned responses) but it's overthinking it. Just disable the test. 🙂
<nckx>If a test tests whether is up, it might not be a great test.
<mroh>I've updated xfce to 4.15. How should I send the patches? A lot of small ones (for lots of pckgs) or is it ok to send one for everything?
<kamil_>I have a few questions. For the sake of clarity, let's assume that I have just issued '$ guix pull', but have forgotten to issue '$ guix system reconfigure' within the last two weeks. Will it be considered a bad practise to install a package for my user by issuing '$ guix install <package>' now? Will that package use now outdated libraries?
<brettgilio>kamil_: not bad practice unless you want some outdated software
<brettgilio>I keep my system purposefully a few weeks behind guix master, and use the time machine and inferiors for pieces I want that are newer than my machine
<brettgilio>I'll especially use inferiors to get CVE fixes and relevant patches
<efraim>I would have assumed 4.15 was a dev release
<apteryx>mroh: one patch per package
<kamil_>brettgilio: Does it mean that certain packages installed by a user will inevitably depend on -some- packages included in the base system?
<mroh>efraim: oh, ups, you are right. ;)
<apteryx>grafting is painful on rotative disks
<pkill9>anyone running guix on a pinephone?
<apteryx>pkill9: I think str1ngs will (try to), after they receive it
<alextee[m]>is the pinephone in a good state now?
<pkill9>i may get one after all, i remembered that it would mean having access to all the linux commandline applications
<str1ngs>sneek later tell guix-vits. do you have a HiDPI monitor? if so are you using something like output HDMI-A-1 scale 2. if do not have a HiDPI monitor are you scaling your fonts now?
<alextee[m]>battery life, can tether wifi, calls/sms etc.?
<str1ngs>can confirm I order a pinphone should get it later in the month.
<pkill9>no it's not in a good state
<pkill9>it only gets some hours of battery life
<alextee[m]>im wondering if i should get one now or wait for a better version
<pkill9>due to software i think
<alextee[m]>i dont want to hack on it just replace my phone
<alextee[m]>ah ok
<pkill9>no it's not good to replace now
<alextee[m]>i'll wait a bit more then
<pkill9>yeah it's gonna be a while :/
<str1ngs>I'm replacing my phone regardless. android has turned into a distracting piece of ...
<pkill9>android is clunky
<str1ngs>besides pinephone can run emacs. so need I say more :)
<alextee[m]>typing on phones is a pain
<pkill9>i would like aphysical keyboard
<pkill9>that would do away with needing touchscreen UIs
<pkill9>for anything other than basic phone usage
*str1ngs hey emacs? what times is it :P
<pkill9>what would be neat is a clamshell design with a screen on the back of the keyboard
<pkill9>so you use it like a normal phone
<pkill9>then open it up and it's a small terminal
<str1ngs>primarily I'm doing two things with the pinephone working on touch interface compositor using guile and touch interface for nomad.
<str1ngs>sneek: later tell guix-vits. how are you scaling fonts I meant. because I used sway with scale factor 2 for HiDPI and terminal fonts look pretty normal. actually slight large.
<sneek>Will do.
<mroh>noisetorch is nice software, ty for merging. could be useful for the "hey phone! boot /vmemacs" shout to the pinephone, btw ;)
<rndd>hi everyone! how i can configure ssh server in guix?
<apteryx>rndd: info '(guix) Networking Services'
<apteryx>in particular, refer to the doc of openssh-service-type) or lsh-service
<rndd>apteryx: i see, but how i can give my sshd config file to the service?
<rndd>i found
<rndd>oh, not really
<rndd>so, i have openssh-service-type
<rndd>i can associate public keys with users
<rndd>but how to give my sshd config?
<apteryx>rndd: you can always pass it as a string to the extra-content field of the openssh-configuration record
<apteryx>there's an example about that at the end of the openssh-configuration doc
<rndd>apteryx: so i can pass ohh parameters in extra-content
<rndd>but, what if i have many defined parameters? can i put them in separate file and mention file name in extra-content?
<apteryx>you could read your file into a string
<rndd>could you write how?
<apteryx>Perhaps later when I'm released from work :-)
<apteryx>actually, (call-with-input-file file-name get-string-all)
<apteryx>that function get-string-all being from (use-modules (ice-9 textual-ports))
<rndd>thank you 0_0
<lfam>"guix system: warning: cannot determine provenance for current system"
<lfam>I manage that system with './pre-inst-env'
<raghavgururajan>nckx: Will you be able to provide access to Bayfront for Danny as well?
<raghavgururajan>nckx: Then it will be easy for us to the final testing phase.
<raghavgururajan>nckx: Never mind! He already has access.
<raghavgururajan>nckx: He doesn't have access to CI front-end. Will you be able to give him access to that?
<NieDzejkob>wdym CI front-end? berlin?
<NieDzejkob>or the cuirass on bayfront?
<NieDzejkob>is there a quick way to check how much all of /gnu/store is taking?
<apteryx>du -sh /gnu/store ?
<apteryx>ah, quick.