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<rekado_>and here’s one by jackhill on the bubblewrap sandbox being incompleet
<rekado_>are they related?
<rekado_>but fonts not showing up in gnome-font-viewer is suspicious already
<rekado_>have you tried strace to see what it’s looking at?
<KE0VVT>I'm still having issues with my optical drive.
<KE0VVT>Even after adding myself to the "cdrom" group.
<leoprikler>for the record, I do have fonts working in gedit
<leoprikler>they also show up correctly in gnome-character{s,-map}
<leoprikler>I think gnome-font-viewer is borked, it never displayed anything for me anyway
<leoprikler>Okay, I think it's really related to the Webkit sandbox
<leoprikler>Devhelp shows similar behaviour in that it doesn't apply fonts correctly and works for even less fonts
<leoprikler>sooo, should we patch this into webkitgtk or what do we do?
<calher>I just built and installed libdvdcss on Trisquel. What do I need to do the same on Guix?
<cbaines>calher, I'm not quite sure what you're asking, assuming you used the Debian packages on Trisquel, I wouldn't try doing similarly when running Guix as a system. Guix has a libdvdcss package you might want to consider using.
<calher>cbaines: Does the package handbrake not pull it in?
<calher>cbaines: Handbrake can't see this DVD I put in.
<Blackbeard>liberdiko: thanks !
<cbaines>calher, the Guix handbrake package does appear to require libdvdcss. Are there any messages you can see that might provide more details?
<jackhill>leoprikler: yeah, it sounds like patching webkitgtk might be the way to go, if it doesn't know about the font paths in Guix. However, it could be that it does and it's just a symlink problem:
<jackhill>We worked around that for pulseaudio by not using a symlink for the client config. Someone will have to figure out exactly what's going on :)
<jackhill>poking at it more has been on my list, but I haven't had a chance yet.
<jackhill>hi wxie
<wxie>I have a problem in bootstraping the recent guix.
<wxie> warning: PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG is m4_require'd but not m4_defun'd
<wxie>m4/guix.m4:328: GUIX_LIBZ_LIBDIR is expanded from...
<wxie> the top level
<wxie> warning: PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG is m4_require'd but not m4_defun'd
<wxie>m4/guix.m4:339: GUIX_LIBLZ_FILE_NAME is expanded from...
<wxie> the top level
<wxie> error: possibly undefined macro: PKG_CHECK_MODULES
<wxie> If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
<wxie> See the Autoconf documentation.
<wxie>autoreconf: /gnu/store/yk3zw1pqbs5wlf1lapf25986yjd0g736-autoconf-2.69/bin/autoconf failed with exit status: 1
<wxie>What's the problem?
<wxie>Where is PKG_CHECK_MODULES?
<jackhill>wxie: hmm, sounds strange. What commit of guix are you trying to bootstrap? I was just able to sucessfully bootstrap ec944bdde93c73724f3f3fec2ecd0347a964504c
<leoprikler>The thing is, we can't just have "no symlinks" when it comes to fonts. User fonts are taken from ~/.guix-profile, which is already a symlink.
<wxie>jackhill: origin/master ec944bdde93c73724f3f3fec2ecd0347a964504c
<wxie>leoprikler: Do you have a solution?
<mbakke>leoprikler: I think applications look for fonts in /var/cache/fontconfig and/or ~/.cache/fontconfig though, which are absolute, but may not be accessible in the sandbox
<mbakke>wxie: did you run 'guix environment guix' first?
<wxie>mbakke: No, I did not do that. Just './bootstrap' in bash.
<leoprikler>hmm, /var/cache/fontconfig is empty in guix, but I'll try with ~/.cache/fontconfig
<leoprikler>although looking at it it doesn't really appear as if that cache contains a copy of all the fonts
<leoprikler>just the lookup paths
<wxie>within [env], './bootstrap' is ok, but './confiure' has error.
<wxie>checking the current installation's localstatedir... /var
<wxie>configure: error: chosen localstatedir '/usr/local/var' does not match that of the existing installation '/var'
<wxie>Installing may corrupt /gnu/store!
<wxie>Use './configure --localstatedir=/var'.
<leoprikler>wxie: Use './configure --localstatedir=/var'?
<xelxebar>efraim: Thanks for merging my first patch!
<wxie>leoprikler: That works.
<xelxebar>wxie: The guix videos documenting how to get started with development are short and on point:
<xelxebar>Highly recommend them if you're just getting started.
<kamil_>Is the Nix package broken on Guix System?
<wxie>xelxebar: Thanks.
<kamil_>I'm having a several issues with it; I'm experimenting in VM to see if it is possible to use home-manager one way or another.
<kamil_>It could be so because I've installed it for my user from CLI
<leoprikler>IIRC there is guix-home-manager
<kamil_>leoprikler: It's in very early stage of development. As for Nix on Guix System, I think I've found a bug. No derivation can be built due to "/gnu/store/*-bash-minimal/bin/bash no such file or directory" error
<kamil_>even though the binary is in place
*kamil_ goes to bed
<ptibedo>Bonsoir Hi !
<ptibedo>I created a recipe widelands and it's a success
<ptibedo>Do oyu want I send it ?
<ptibedo>Hi !
<ptibedo>I created a recipe widelands and it a success
<ryanprior>ptibedo link?
<buffergn0me>Is anyone running Xorg on 1.1.0 using the xinit package (without a session manager?)
<buffergn0me>I don't think that package has been working for a while
<buffergn0me>As-is, xinit in that package has the wrong path to X hard-coded
<buffergn0me>Even tweaking a startx script, I run into the problem of X having a hard-coded module path, unless it is running as root
<buffergn0me>Which is a problem, because the video card drivers live in modules in packages like xf86-video-ati
<buffergn0me>And then there is of course the whole suid issue:
<buffergn0me>I looked into how Debian works around this, and they have a suid wrapper executable (/usr/lib/xorg/Xorg.wrap) that will run the server as root if KMS is not available
<buffergn0me>My Xorg does not even get that far because /dev/dri/card0 or /dev/dri/anything is not there
<buffergn0me>Which is to say, it sounds like a lot of work to get the xinit package working
<buffergn0me>What is the way to nominate a package to be deleted?
<apteryx>buffergn0me: what do you mean by "nominate a package to be deleted" ?
<buffergn0me>I think it is ok to make everyone run a session manager. OpenBSD did that last year
<buffergn0me>I think the xinit package should be removed
<buffergn0me>It does not work, it will take a lot of work to make it work, and when it works it is just a big setuid security hole
<apteryx>I think it should be fixed, unless it's unmaintained and buggy (which is not the case AFAIK).
<buffergn0me>I mean, that's what I just described
<apteryx>I meant buggy upstream. That's its broken in Guix is a Guix specific problem
<pkill9>all the xinit package needs is a working path to X to execute
<buffergn0me>...and then all the other problems I described happen
<buffergn0me>The other problem with xinit and a setuid X are the potential security holes. was a big deal, I think that is why OpenBSD decided to force everyone to use display managers
<pkill9>yesss I unloaded the i915 kernel module
<apteryx>buffergn0me: don't display manager need the same setuid to work? what do they do differently?
<srandom> The other problem with xinit and a setuid X are the potential security holes. was a big deal, I think that
<srandom> is why OpenBSD decided to force everyone to use display managers
<srandom>sorry ,
<srandom>clipboard bug
<srandom>If give up xinit , I want to use a login manager like xdm
<buffergn0me>apteryx: They start X as a daemon basically. That way there is no opportunity to pass command line arguments to it, which is how that exploit worked
<jackhill>leoprikler: I just read #41174. Thanks for investigating.
<buffergn0me>srandom: I am looking at the manual now, and it looks like for 1.1.0 you get a choice of GDM, SLiM, and SDDM
<srandom>There are many issue in gdm. I only have one computer successfully started it (using guixsd). If I can, I still hope to use xdm. After all, it is more traditional, and I am familiar with it
<buffergn0me>SLiM looks ok. I am going to try that out.
<buffergn0me>A xdm-service-type sounds like a good project
<apteryx>slim works well, although it hasn't seen a commit in years. I'm not sure how safer that can be assumed to be compared to xinit
*apteryx uses SLiM
<pushcx>I'm following the manual and tinkering. When I uninstall the 'hello world' program, why does guix start installing openldap, perl, etc?
<xelxebar>pushcx: Did you do a guix pull between the install and uninstall? Counterintuitively, uninstalls can actually install stuff.
<xelxebar>The reason being that uninstallation ends up creating a brand new profile, one generation after your current one. This is different than rolling back to the generation before installation.
<apteryx>pushcx: I think grafts might be at cause
<apteryx>try 'guix remove hello --no-grafts' and to check
<srandom>Is there any way to calculate the size of the system built by config.scm?
<srandom>I am building a chromebook system on my guixsd server and I am worried that 16G emmc cannot store it.
<buffergn0me>Anyone else getting 'localhost' for hostname -s in 1.1.0?
<calher>cbaines: I already had handbrake installed, but it did not behave as if libdvdcss was already installed, when I installed it.
<Starfish>guix pull --news
<Starfish>guile: warning: failed to install locale
<Starfish>hint: Consider installing the `glibc-utf8-locales' or `glibc-locales' package and defining `GUIX_LOCPATH', along these lines:
<Starfish> guix package -i glibc-utf8-locales
<Starfish> export GUIX_LOCPATH="$HOME/.guix-profile/lib/locale"
<Starfish>See the "Application Setup" section in the manual, for more info.
<srandom>you need 'guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm'
<srandom>I guess this error is due to the global glibc-locales not being upgraded
<Starfish>So I installed Guix in a foreign distro and read the manual. According to the manual I installed glibc-utf8-locales and exported the GUIX_LOCPATH, but I still get the errors.
<jackhill>Starfish: on a foreign distro there are two environments to be concerned with. It sound like you took care of the environment of your user where you run the guix command, but guix-daemon may not have access to the locales. You should also install a locale package in root's profile (since on a foreign distro that's the environment that the daemon gets run in).
<Starfish>okay I'll try to do it thanks!
<jackhill>you're welcome. Hopefully I am right/it helps :)
<jackhill>I'm afraid it's bedtime for me though. Goodnight!
<Starfish>I installed the locale package, added the path for root user, and restarted the daemon. Unfortunate it still doesn't work. I get the same error or hint that says I need to install locale and set the path and it's for both me and root user. Consequently (I guess) when I launch the guix version of icecat, I can't see any fonts.
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<xelxebar>Starfish: I've seen that happen when your user glibc-locales are out of sync with the one in the daemon's profile.
<xelxebar>Try updating both to the most recent?
*xelxebar rains a hellfire of M&Ms down upon calher
<calher>xelxebar: Yum. Thank you!
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<janneke>hello civodul!
<sneek>lprndn, you have 2 messages!
<sneek>lprndn, ryanprior says: do you want to send a pull request to my repo ( or create your own repo for your pantheon packages, so I can try them?
<sneek>lprndn, ryanprior says: we should put together a system definition that contains all the pantheon stuff so we can start testing it in a VM and work out the configuration.
<user_oreloznog>Hello o/
<civodul>efraim: thanks for the Shepherd blog post BTW!
<efraim>civodul: :) I think I'm going to have to have a follow-up with some other cases, like using mcron
<dissoc3>i installed package hackrf and it has user space library. where are those located in guix?
<dissoc3>oh nevermind
<dissoc3>i was looking for hackrf and not libhackrf. sorry very tired. deep in rabbit hole
<PurpleSym>Is it just me, or is the package checksum of boost-signals2 wrong? I get 13i5j43nggb46i6qpaf7gk53i7zp7pimphl7sydyfqz2m9yx5cdy
<nixo_>PurpleSym: I get 13i5j43nggb46i6qpaf7gk53i7zp7pimphl7sydyfqz2m9yx5cdy too
<PurpleSym>Thanks, must be wrong then.
<janneke>efraim: about the user shepherd shepherd services, how does the bootstrap work, i.e., how/when/by whom is your user shepherd started?
<rekado>efraim: would it be enough to wrap the (guix-environment …) call in (zero? …) to satisfy shepherd?
<janneke>efraim: i love the post (just like your earlier mail -- but better)...but how do i "start" ;-)
<nixo_>PurpleSym: They changed the tag
<nixo_>It was added in february 2019, and the tag referred to fe476cb0a1a57d570f305ec959affedef48caac4 probably
<efraim>janneke: I start my 'shepherd' by hand, after login I run 'shepherd' in a terminal
<efraim>rekado: I haven't tried wrapping it in zero, i'll try it out
<PurpleSym>nixo_: Urgh. Not sure I even need it though. Previously my rstudio-server package worked fine with just boost and now with 1.72 it complains it can’t find boost_signals :/
<efraim>rekado: herd: exception caught while executing 'start' on service 'fccache':
<efraim>Throw to key `quit' with args `(0)'.
<efraim>I'm not sure it ran. it probably did and the zero? ate the output and then raised an exception
<nckx>Power failure @ my house, Overdrives are down for the day.
<nckx>civodul ☝
<efraim>ludo and i came up with a more complex version with forking but it was bit much for the blog post
<janneke>efraim: right; i'll start playing with that, thanks
<janneke>i wondered if i missed an obvious way to have users services started upon boot
<efraim>I don't know a lot about xsessions, I think some others are using some sort of 'unless [ -S ~/.config/shepherd/sheperd.sock ] shepherd -s ~/.config/shepherd/shepherd.sock;'
<efraim>or in .profile
<kmicu>[Jokin’] Thanks to Guix mailing lists I know How to get off of Ruben Safir's spam list.
*kmicu lols at Ludo being in CC too.
<civodul>nckx: thanks for letting me know, i've commented them out in /etc/guix/machines.scm on berlin
<civodul>i hope you can still see the light nonetheless :-)
<civodul>kmicu: did that guy strike again?
<kmicu>Probably the message is from yesterday (on gmane).
<kmicu>Oh, finally removing Sweet.
<nckx>civodul: Thanks. I'll add them back tonight.
<nckx>True enlightenment requires wi-fi, we'll see.
*efraim knows enlightenment has wifi support ;p
<zimoun>Hi Guix, is down?
<nckx>zimoun: Not for me.
<nckx>Spake too soon. Now it is. 502.
<zimoun>nckx:are you using the anonymous clone or the member clone?
<nckx>zimoun: The exact link above.
<zimoun>nckx: now you have 502 too, right?
<nckx>zimoun: SSH doesn't seem to work either. ‘Cloning into 'guix'…’ but no network traffic.
<zimoun>it remember me this discussion back on December:
<zimoun>nckx: thank you for mastodon info. :-)
<nckx>zimoun: Yeah… I submitted a (very) simple git mirror patch for berlin before The Event. Need to pick up that ball.
<nckx>It just called ‘git’ every n minutes and that wasn't good enough, had to use Scheme 😛 I think the problem was that the Scheme bindings don't support mirroring.
<nckx>zimoun: After a minute or two of doing nothing the SSH clone starts transferring data. So if you have an account, give it a chance.
<nckx>That doesn't fix guix pull of course. Where'd I save my shouty template...
<zimoun>nckx: I do not have an account on Savannah if it is what you mean.
<nckx>zimoun: …now HTTP works for me, so this isn't an off-line VM issue.
*nckx puts the ⚠️s away for now.
<civodul>kmicu: on guix-devel? i think i don't see it
<zimoun>nckx: Well, back what we discussed on December, and because these kind of situations are annoying for the end-user as me, why not implement an "official" mirror and fallback to it when savannah is down?
<kmicu>civodul: info-guix iirc, let me pull fresh Guix lists from
<nckx>civodul: But not, or it didn't make it through at least.
<efraim>ugh I feel like I should wrap the enlightenment start binary with dbus
<nckx>zimoun: That's what I meant.
<nckx>It's on berlin. It's probably still there. It's just not wired up to fetch updates.
*wigust gets 504 on and
*nckx .oO how bad was this power failure.
<civodul>wigust: should be back up now, not sure what happened
<wigust>civodul: ty
<nckx>I should go, not to overstay my ‘hi mind if I come over to borrow some wi-fi’ welcome.
<nckx>If only coffee shops still existed.
<nckx>See y'all o/
<kmicu>civodul: I fetched the fresh news from vir slrn to not break my Gnus setup. Somone added gmane.comp.gnu.guix.announce mailing list (mapped to info-guix iiuc) and the message is still there.
<kmicu>(That’s the only message on that news group.)
<kmicu>So I assume that’s a fake mapping to a rouge mailing list and you should contact Lars/ to remove it.
<kmicu>[CW] a screenshot to a spam/malicious group visible as the official Guix announce mailing list.
<civodul>thanks anyawy, kmicu
<civodul>i wonder how it can reach Gmane if it doesn't reach the underlying mailing list
<mothacehe>talking about Gmane, I requested the addition of guix-patches multiple times, but it still doesn't show up. Anyone knows why?
<kmicu>No problem. Gnus shows me automatically new mailing lists added to a news server so I’ve added gmane.comp.gnu.guix.announce without any hesitation. A lesson for me to assign very low trust for emails not signed with pgp and to monitor Guix related infosphere for malicious actors.
<raghavgururajan>Hello Guix!
<kmicu>mothacehe: did you request it on lists guix-commits already.
<mothacehe>yes twice, but I received a 'request discarded: list exists'
<raghavgururajan>efraim, Do you start shepherd by hand on guix system?
<janneke>mothacehe: thanks for noticing/chiming in on my vm-image patch, i meant to cc you...
<kmicu>mothacehe: ah, yes is not on Maybe freqent remapping of Guix lists names confused Gmane and Lars needs to fix it manually 🤷
<mothacehe>janneke: No worries! About the closure registration, it made me realize than the database I'm creating with "register-closures" in (gnu build image) could not be cross-platform.
<mothacehe>I need to check that.
<mothacehe>kmicu: ok! For now I'm using "(nntp "")" to get guix-patches.
<janneke>mothacehe: ah...well, civodul pointed out that we should probaly use `store-database' from guix/scripts/pack.scm for [vm-]image
<kmicu>mothacehe: thanks for that info!
<janneke>as a (what i thought to be easier) step in between, i tried to remove it altogether; now i realise most probably won't do
<mothacehe>kmicu: yw! I just switched to a GNUS + NNTP based mail workflow. Still struggling :p
<kmicu>Oh, that’s a personal site. There’s no info whether using it is ok.
<mothacehe>kmicu: I think I found an email introducing this NNTP server to guix-devel.
<kmicu>I’m still struggling after many years so I plan to migrate away from Gnus and NNTP 😺
<mothacehe>janneke: Oh, this "store-database" in (guix scripts pack) looks very much like what I do in (gnu system image).
<mothacehe>janneke: but is a sql database cross-platform, or architecture dependant?
<mothacehe>kmicu: haha :) I'm also trying to get gnus-cloud to synchronize GNUS state between machines, but it seems to be broken since always!
<rekado>wigust: I don’t get a 504 on
<civodul>rekado: i restarted cuirass-web :-)
<rekado>and I just reconfigured it to add Madalin to the sysadmins
<rekado>we have confirmed that the public network interface has only negotiated 1G even though 10G should be available
<rekado>so tomorrow we’ll meet at the data centre and see if there’s a wrong cable connected to the patch panel
<rekado>there might be a short (~10 min) network outage
<ssb>btw, I see '' returned 504 ("Gateway Time-out") when running 'guix weather'
<jonsger>so the day after tomorrow will hopefully be 10G :P
<janneke>mothacehe: good question...i would surely hope so...
<rekado>jonsger: perhaps, but there’s probably another bottleneck that keeps us from enjoying all the bandwidth
<janneke>mothacehe: (previous comment) oh, great -- then we can perhaps combine some things
<janneke>mothacehe: yes, sqlite is cross-platform
<kmicu>mothacehe: the thing keeping me on Gnus is adaptive scoring. Gnus is like ‘oh, I see you are not interested in Guix patches related to that subsystem, ok I will try to hide them’. So useful.
<blobfish>why is guix using outdated versions of linux and gnome?
<kmicu>Hi blobfish what versions did you ?
<rekado>we have 5.6.13
<rekado>that appears to be the latest stable version
<rekado>what version of guix are you using?
<rekado>run “guix describe”
<blobfish>guix 5b77e9c
<mothacehe>janneke: ok that's good news. The 'ideal' fix here would be to find a way to run grub-install the-disk-image. This way we could get rid of "system-qemu-image" and you the new API. For now Grub only works on mounted partitions. OpenWrt is using is very complicated trick to do it. See: that was pointed by
<jonsger>hm libreoffice fails on master. seems like an issue with the build infrastructure
<mothacehe>janneke: I should maybe directly ask #grub about that.
<blobfish>linux 5.4.41 is the latest LTS version.
<rekado>efraim: I suggested zero? because the blog post says that guix-environment returns the status code instead of a boolean
<efraim>raghavgururajan: just saw your question. Yeah, I start shepherd by hand
<rekado>perhaps that’s incorrect then?
<raghavgururajan>efraim, In my system, I get error when I manually start shepherd in terminal.
<raghavgururajan>Something about lock/table.
<efraim>rekado: I think when I ran it from a guile repl I got back ("31234" . "0") or something after playing with it
<efraim>numbers, not strings $3 = (6206 . 0)
<efraim>from the repl I like (match (primitive-fork) (0 (guix-environment "--ad-hoc" "fontconfig" "--" "fc-cache" "-frv")) (pid (waitpid pid)))
<efraim>raghavgururajan: perhaps a mismatch of guile versions between system and user libraries and shepherd?
<efraim>do you have anything in your init.scm?
<raghavgururajan>efraim, I tried after multiple guix pull and system reconfigure.
<raghavgururajan>I also tried with and without init.scm
<efraim>what was the error you got?
<hksa94>I have problems with the rendering of symbolic icons and the Gnome Web icon in Gnome 3.34.x
<janneke>mothacehe: that would be great
*civodul pushes a draft post about "guix pack -RR":
<hksa94>Some sort of weird glitch
<janneke>...apart from the ugly/complicated bits...
<raghavgururajan>efraim Shoot! I do not have my system with atm. The error had something like socket
<efraim>I had an error another time where sheperd tried to create a socket in a directory which didn't exist yet (since the user hadn't actually logged in yet) so I changed the command to 'shepherd -s ~/.config/shepherd/shepherd.sock' to create the socket in ~/.config
<raghavgururajan>efraim, Ah, thanks. Let me try 'shepherd -s` and get back to you.
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<Guest84863>Hello there ! I'm trying to get started with Guix and i would like to know if LVM on Luks is supported ?
<raghavgururajan>efraim, found the error from irc log. It is /run/user/1000/shepherd/socket: No such file or directory
<raghavgururajan>efraim, error: connect: /run/user/1000/shepherd/socket: No such file or directory. lfam was telling me something about XDG dir.
<boeg>I want to install guix but my device are not fully supported - the wifi is missing and I dont have a dongle and no ethernet port. Can I somehow get a nonfree guix install iso?
<lurkki__>you can tether with your phone
<wxie>boeg: No, there is no nonfree guix. You can get a dongle easily from RYF hardware site.
<boeg>wxie: alright
<jonsger>lurkki__: does tethering work in the installer?
<lurkki__>not sure
<lurkki__>another option is to generate your own installer image with the wifi crap in it
<Guest84863>Are LVM mapped devices currently supported ?
<rekado>Guest84863: LVM works but booting from LVM devices does not AFAIK
<Guest84863>@rekado alright tanks. The documentation seems to say i do not need to use LVM and i could create a fully encrypted drive with multiple partitions but i'm not sure if that works
<kamil_>Anyone, do you have an idea why does calling the bash binary fails with the error message "while setting up the build enviroment: executing '/gnu/store/*-bash-minimal-5.0.16/bin/bash': No such file or directory" when trying to build a Nix derivation? I've configured Nix as per the example in the Guix manual.
<rekado>kamil_: does that file reference a loader at a location you don’t have?
<civodul>rekado: re do you know the situation of national academic clusters in Germany?
<kamil_>rekado, the path is valid and the requested file exists there
<mbakke>kamil_: try running $(guix build glibc)/bin/ldd on that file, are there any missing references?
<rekado>civodul: I don’t know. I only know about the two clusters at the Berlin Institute of Health and the MDC
<rekado>they are both on CentOS 7 AFAIK
<kamil_>mbakke, "-bash: /gnu/store/*-glibc-2.31-debug: Is a directory"
<rekado>that trick won’t work because guix build glibc returns two values
<mbakke>kamil_: oh, whoops... use /gnu/store/1y7g7kj3zxg2p90g692wybqh9b6gv7q2-glibc-2.31/bin/ldd
<mbakke>would be neat if we could use guix build glibc:out, but that's not currently supported
<civodul>i started working on it some time ago but there were annoyances
<kamil_>mbakke, (0x00007ffd629e1000), whilst 3 other *.so files point to something like this "=>".
<mbakke>only three? is there a reference?
<mbakke>kamil_: can you execute that bash outside of the nix store? not sure if the Nix service should be using anything from /gnu/store at all
<mbakke>perhaps wigust knows more :-)
<kamil_>I wasn't clear enough, sorry. There are 4 references, only, is missing a reference; whilst the other, and /gnu/store/*-glibc2.31/lib/'t have missing references.
<kamil_>mbakke, executing this bash file prints our an error: "bash: shopt: progcomp: invalid shell option name" and drops me into a new bash shell
<wigust>mbakke: well, when I installed there was no issue like this :b
<mbakke>kamil_: ok, that sounds normal
<kamil_>mbakke, it should be noted that pressing arrow keys only prints symbols like this: ^[[C
<mbakke>wigust: perhaps the recent Nix update broke it? have you tried using it since 13c18af1d835db11f3f4cf34e65c7da706625a3f ?
<mbakke>kamil_: that's expected, bash-minimal does not include readline or many other things that your bashrc might expect
<wigust>mbakke: no, I installed it on couple machines before the update and then I switched to nix-daemon installed by Nix itself
<mbakke>kamil_: can you file a bug report?
*mbakke has to go
<kamil_>mbakke, I would love to, but I still can't. I really wish there was a gitlab bug tracker for the less adventurous
<mbakke>kamil_: most bug trackers require an email address too, no? :)
<kamil_>mbakke, they do, but I don't have to reveal one to other participants ^^'
<sirmacik>is savannah down again?
<mbakke>kamil_: you could sign up for a secondary email account somewhere, or use a mail alias service like (requires membership though) :)
<stikonas>savannah seems to be up here
<sirmacik>I get 502 i 504
<sirmacik>on pull
<kamil_>Oh. I don't think I'll ever deserve a membership at FSF. I play commercial video games, albeit tightly sandboxed
<rekado>the FSF is not a club of those who never use proprietary software.
<rekado>it’s an organisation campaigning for your right to never *have* to use proprietary software
<kamil_>I.. I've got the impression that most people at FSF will go out of their ways to not use it at all at all times
<rekado>sure, but when you sign up there’s no questionnaire to assess your “purity”
<kamil_>I advocate free and open source software, and despise anything that in GNU's terminology doesn't user freedom like some Apache license programs..'t
<kamil_>but I still make a very few exceptions to stay relevant in the modern society
<rekado>the Apache license is a free software license that protects user freedom. It may not be as effective at that compared to other licenses, but there’s no reason to despise it.
<rekado>(playing games allows one to stay relevant in society?)
<kamil_>Well. The apache license forced me to throw away my work because I wasn't allowed to package a community-driven Minecraft laucnher.
<rekado>alextee[m]: did you sort out the font problems with the fakechroot backend?
<rekado>if there’s a bug it would be good to find it before publication of civodul’s blog post
<kamil_>One thing I've ever packaged my life, and it has to be thrown out of window. Even though I packaged it so that it respects the license, I was still afraid that the creator of the program would pursue a legal action against me. He's a hatter of everuthing that isn't a tar archive.
<civodul>rekado, alextee[m]: we can always fix bugs afterwards too, but i'm definitely interested in bug reports!
<civodul>is it me or Savannah is almost dead?
<rekado>civodul: people on #guile also noticed Savannah weirdness
<rekado>civodul: not a bug report but context:
<alextee[m]>rekado: no it's broken, idk what's wrong
<alextee[m]>i haven't tried without -RR actually
<rekado>alextee[m]: could you describe your problem again and include strace output?
*kamil_ goes AFK and offline
<alextee[m]>rekado: I built a pack with `guix pack -RR -S /opt/zrythm/bin=bin -L . zrythm-next` (zrythm-next is my channel's version of zrythm), then i copied the tarball to my archlinux VM to test (i also asked other people to test on debian) and running `opt/zrythm/bin/zrythm_launch` loads the app but all the text is shown as boxes
<alextee[m]>will try without -RR now just to see if the fakeroot is the problem or not
<alextee[m]>strace'ing now
<civodul>alextee[m]: you have to explicitly set GUIX_EXECUTION_ENGINE=fakechroot if you want it
<civodul>if your Arch machine supports unprivileged user namespaces, they get used by default
<civodul>the thing about fonts probably has nothing to do with "guix pack" itself
<civodul>prolly a fontconfig issue, as always
<alextee[m]>civodul: GUIX_EXECUTION_ENGINE you mean when packing or when running from another distro?
<alextee[m]>i deleted some irrelevant logs from the app since it wouldnt let me paste the whole thing (also debianpaste thinks im a spammer now \o/)
<civodul>alextee[m]: set GUIX_EXECUTION_ENGINE when running, see the manual
*civodul looks at the log
<alextee[m]>tried, fonts are still broken
<civodul>so it's using the "userns" engine here
<civodul>i mean in the strace log you paster
<civodul>which is fine!
<civodul>so yeah, i suppose you'd have to run "fc-cache -fv" or something :-/
<civodul>or use "strace -f" to see which fonts it's looking for
<alextee[m]>i did try fc-cache with the gnu directory but it still didnt work. ok let me try
*rekado applauds
<alextee[m]>(tried without the -RR, still same problem)
<alextee[m]>yay \o/
<alextee[m]>i have a 29M tracefile now lol
<alextee[m]>civodul: strace -f output:
<civodul>alextee[m]: thanks! i don't see any reference to ".ttf" there, weird
<boeg>where are channels defined? I can see i can add them to ~/.config/guix/channels.scm, but on a new installation medium, how do I get the installer to pull from a custom channel? I've tried adding a channels.scm to /etc/ and /mnt/etc/ but doesnt seem to work
<alextee[m]>fc-cache -fv does list some picked up fonts btw, but fc-list doesn't list them
<sirmacik>while being on install image where should I put additional channels to get packages from there into a system I intend to install?
<rekado>boeg: the installer doesn’t pull at all
<boeg>rekado: no, but if i do a manual guix pull afterwards
<boeg>but it doesnt pull from the channel i added
<rekado>you can arrange for a global channels file to be installed
<rekado>I think recent versions do check for /etc/guix/channels.scm first
<boeg>alright, ill try that
<boeg>that worked
*raghavgururajan started to try emacs. Concerned more with whyness rather than howness.
<johnmod>How can I install GuixSD on a Beaglebone Black? Are there any pre-built installer images for armv7?
<mothacehe>johnmod: You can have a look to this article:
<mothacehe>johnmod: I'm working a providing pre-built installer images for a whole range of armv7/aarch64 boards.
***familia_ is now known as familia
<ryanprior>How can I refer in a manifest to a package that I installed from a file on my system?
<ryanprior>It's telling me "unknown package" but I have the package installed on my system, it's just not in my guix master yet. Do I have to add a channel in order to be able to use it in a manifest?
<rekado>ryanprior: the module defining it must be on the load path
<rekado>you can temporarily augment the load path with -L
<rekado>no need for a channel
<rekado>but the mechanism is similar
<ryanprior>I think I got it working, but I won't find out for a while, because me running `guix environment` with a few packages made Guix decide to rebuild TeX live, ruby, emacs, and a bunch of other stuff first.
<rekado>did you run “guix pull” before?
<rekado>it should not just randomly build stuff
<ryanprior>no but I added something to my load path, which it maybe interpreted as a rebuild?
<ryanprior>I had been running `guix environment` repeatedly (but without the load path added) and it had been humming along, then once I got my `-L path/to/mypackages` in there it decided to go ham.
<ryanprior>gonna go make some coffee, thanks for getting me on the right path rekado :)
<PotentialUser-64>How can I show guix to grub2
<ryanprior>rekado: now that it's finished I can say yes -L worked! Also I looked through my history to verify what I'd done
<ryanprior>the last two commands I ran were:
<ryanprior>guix environment -m test-deps.scm --ad-hoc sed
<ryanprior>(this dropped me into a shell within a second)
<ryanprior>guix environment -L /home/ryan/dev/guix-packages --pure -m test-deps.scm --ad-hoc sed
<ryanprior>(this rebuilt about 40 packages)
<ryanprior>test-deps.scm changed slightly- I added two packages from my local repo. they don't rely on texlive or any of that stuff
<apteryx>is savannah still having issues?
<gisfa1>"guix pull: error: Git error: unexpected http status code: 502"
<apteryx>yeah, same here
<apteryx>savannah seems to be down
<PotentialUser-62>is savannah down?
<biotim>yeah I keep getting 502 and 504
<PotentialUser-62>me too
<PotentialUser-14>What is the default directory of guix initial ramdisk and linux image to show the to grub
<PotentialUser-14>Sorry if it's a lame question
<ryanprior>PotentialUser-14: I don't any idea, not an unwelcome question though! Hope somebody knows :x
<ryanprior>I'm working on a package for the v programming language compiler, for which the binary is called v. Is "v" a ridiculous package/too-short package name even if it's correct? Should I call it "vlang" or "v-compiler" or something?
<boeg>Where are channels stored in the system?
<PotentialUser-14>@ryanprior I hope so!
<ryanprior>Can I define a package with multiple sources? The build system is in one repo while the bootstrap source is in another repo.
<ryanprior>I could also make a separate package for the bootstrap source and use that as a native-input but it seems more succinct to have multiple sources if that's possible?
<roptat>ryanprior, you'd have one main source, and the other source could be put in inputs (you can put an origin record as an input)
<roptat>you'll have to add a phase to decompress or copy the source where you want
<roptat>for an example, see cobol.scm which has an origin input for "newcob"
<keegans>hey, just getting started with guix : i see that i can add desktop services to automatically start sddm and then load into i3, but i prefer to boot right into a tty then run startx manually. how can i achieve this? i installed xinit but when i run startx as my user i am missing Xorg (which is not an installable user package)
<reepca>civodul: I've been trying to figure out how to get eval-with-container working, and I actually don't think it's possible without one of a) linux >= 4.3 b) rewriting everything requiring capabilities in a new user namespace (at least all of the container set-up) in async-safe C c) absurd hacks like wrapping guile's main()
<vagrantc>keegans: you need to mark various things as setuid ... i never came up with a satisfactory setup and switched to sway which works thata way out of the box
<vagrantc>keegans: if you have a machine that's wayland capable ...
<reepca>maddeningly enough, execve automatically drops all capabilities unless you're root
<keegans>i've got an nvidia gpu, does nouveau accelerate wayland desktops?
<bricewge>keegans: xorg-start-command take a xorg-configuration and return a startx script
<reepca>and unshare can't be used to create a user namespace with guile, because guile is multi-threaded even without the finalization thread and without any user-created threads
<keegans>bricewge: then i've got to run that as a desktop service though, no?
<bricewge>keegans: You want tty -> startx -> i3?
<keegans>that's what i was looking for, but if i have to setuid things i'd rather not
<bricewge>Somebody asked a similar thing recently, we should probably provide a example for it
<efraim>or say it's an unsupported configuration
<reepca>I find it hard to believe that for linux from 2.5ish to 4.3 it was impossible to pass on capabilities to regular executables for non-root users.
<vagrantc>keegans: fwiw, other distros just have those setuid things by default
<bricewge>efraim: Why wouldn't we support it?
<boeg>I dont understand how secrets are provided when they are not explicitly set in ones config scm. I see in the manual that the root password is not set, and has to be changed, and then you have to use passwd as root to set a password for user accounts, but what about for a LUKS encrypted drive? When/how do I set that? Do I do that from that installer manually before I reboot?
<vagrantc>keegans: i would guess sway would work with noveau, but only tried it on intel and rockchip ...
<cbaines>boeg, at least when I've installed Guix on an encrypted partition, I provided the password to use when the encrypted partition was created
<boeg>cbaines: I mean - isn't the encrypted partition created by guix system? Does it notice that it is creating an encrypted partition and asks for password?
<keegans>vagrantc: ah, was not aware that's how it was done. yeah i'll take a crack at sway , are there any example configurations i can take a look at?
<cbaines>boeg, I don't believe Guix handles creating partitions. The installer for Guix can, and you set out what partitions to use in a system configuration, but I assume you'll get an error if you've told Guix to mount a partition that doesn't exist.
<boeg>cbaines: right okay - think maybe i should see if i can find a guide for how to set up an encrypted drive wit hguix then :)
<cbaines>boeg, I believe the Guix installer can help with that. Also, the Disk Partitioning section of the Guix manual contains examples of how to use cryptsetup to install Guix with an encrypted root partition:
<boeg>cbaines: thanks!
<vagrantc>keegans: you can either start with a base desktop configuration and remove the display manager ... which i found difficult ... or add a small number of service to a minimal system...
<vagrantc>keegans: i don't have my config handy where i did the latter
<vagrantc>nor where i did the former ...
<keegans>ah, ok. i'll try to figure it out then
*reepca --> afk
<vagrantc>keegans: i think elogind and dbus might hve been the key service i needed to add
<bricewge>keegans: Here is how to get startx thanks to nckx (it is setuid tho):
<keegans>great, thanks
<keegans>i'll try a few things and see what i can get to work
<bricewge>Hum sorry, it doesn't need setuid it's just put in a unusual path for a Guix System
<civodul>reepca: re eval-with-container, i'd happily read more details and discuss!
<bricewge>efraim: Could you look again at
<efraim>bricewge: yeah, the propagate the filesystem libraries patch
<bricewge>I have sent a v2 for the one patch that didn't made it into master
<efraim>yeah, I have it sitting in my mailbox
<bricewge>It's just that I'm not really sure about using propagated-inputs in that case
<efraim>that's the part that made me hesitate
<efraim>there's nothing to wrap so that doesn't really help, but we'd want udisks to just work with libblockdev
<efraim>on the other hand it should just work if the user has already installed those programs for their filesystems anyway
<efraim>the difference in guix size goes from 349 MB to 369 MB so not a big jump
<efraim>I think it's ok to add them in, I'll add a note explaining why they're propagated
<bricewge>Or we could patch libblockdev: replacing the binary name with the full path of our utilities?
<efraim>;; These are needed by libblockdev at build time and at run time but are not actually linked against so we propagate them to prevent any suprises.
<efraim>how does it call the programs?
<bricewge>IDK, I only found the location of the binary names for example
<efraim>yeah I was going to say I found some spots with const gchar ... {"xfs_admin" and others
<efraim>I don't think so
<efraim>in plugins/fs/xfs.c i see mkfs.xfs xfs_repair xfs_admin xfs_growfs and xfs_db maybe
<lfam>I see that we are missing substitutes for the usual suspects again :(
<lfam>Blender and libreoffice
<bricewge>efraim: It looks like the underlying function that call the actual binary, it takes a full patch or a command name if used with the correct flag
<efraim>right, but for say plugins/fs/xfs.c:161 we can patch xfs_repair to (string-append (assoc-ref inputs "xfsprogs") "/sbin/xfs_repair")
<efraim>looking at plugins/btrfs.c it's only the ones that are \"btrfs\"\,
<efraim>it does only seem to call them each in their own single file so we could probably patch them all if we wanted
<bricewge>keegans: Don't try what I suggested it doesn't seems to work, sorry.
<bricewge>efraim: Should we do it then?
<bricewge>It's better for the references to be apparent, no?
<efraim>there's also plugins for bcache and lvm, I think it might be best to just add to the description that if you want more filesystem support you need to install the coresponding helper library
<bricewge>Are we keeping the v2 patch then?
<efraim>I think v1 where we just add xfs to the inputs and we add a sentance to the description telling people to install helper libraries as needed
<bricewge>I don't understand: why should we keep the 4 fs-utilities as inputs if they aren't used at all? IIUC
<efraim>I think they're needed to build the filesystem plugins, but I just took btrfs out of the inputs and it still built the btrfs plugin so now I'm not sure
<bricewge>Yep they aren't needed at build time, see the configure summary.
<efraim>it's getting late here, I'll write an email tomorrow and think about patching vs propagating vs removing from inputs altogether
<bricewge>Okay, thank you for your time efraim
<efraim>np :) It was good to talk about it
*efraim heads off to bed
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<boeg>I was thinking that I want to actually do some programming in my config.scm, and i thought that I dont want my UUIDs hardcoded in my config.scm but instead generate them. Can I just put something like `(system "blkid -s UUID -o value /dev/sdaX")` where there now is a string and it should work?
<rekado>boeg: yes, you can compute the value. I did this:
<boeg>rekado: cool! Do you see anything wrong with this?
<boeg>ah, yeah, seems to not work like that
<boeg>rekado: got it working, thanks for your example!
<PotentialUser-72>Hi, sorry to say sitting her on my laptop with the desktop `guix system init ...` broken. Anyone free to help?
<PotentialUser-72>I think I may have hit bug #40729
<PotentialUser-72>At least that is the init step that is broken.
<PotentialUser-72>May have worked it out. standby.
<PotentialUser-72>resolved :)