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<nckx>Hi atw! Do you remember if you reported this bug? I didn't find it right away.
<atw>oh i think I did bug-report that, I will find it ...
<bandali>hmm, is an unusually long "building package cache..." expected? and if so, why?
<civodul>sounds suspicious
<bandali>my guix pull has been stuck in that stage for over an hour :p
<bandali>(on an x200)
<civodul>the something's definitely wrong
<civodul>could you strace the process that's running?
*civodul just sent the installer test patch series & feels relieved now :-)
<bandali>ha, good idea, i'll try that
<bandali>oh wait, i don't have strace installed :p
<civodul>oops :-)
<civodul>you can still install from your previous guix, i guess
<bandali>also, earlier `guix package -m ...' would error out for a locally built package that i hadn't yet pushed to upstream
<bandali>right. um, i'm gonna wait 30 more mins or so, then just C-c and try again and see what happens
<morrigan__>Any idea why `guix-packages-base` might be getting killed during an update?
<morrigan__>Currently retrying after doubling the RAM allocation to 2048
<morrigan__>Yeah it was fine after I added more RAM
<roptat>Yes it needs lots of memory :/
<morrigan__>It's fine, I have plenty
<morrigan__>It's better-spent on builds than browser tabs
<Telior>hi guix! I'm trying to fix my stumpwm, the faq says I need to modify my .xinitrc or my .xsession, but I don't seem to have either one. The faq also says if I don't use neither of those files I should make the modification "upstream of stumpwm". What should I do?
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<guix-vits>Telior: Try the eplanations from
<guix-vits>PS: sway does not need all of this Xorg related configurations.
<Telior>wiki says I should copy a file from /etc/X11 folder, but I don't have that either '=(
<guix-vits>Telior: you can create new one in ~/. For the openbox WM (wiki's example) it's just a line: exec openbox-session.
<guix-vits>Telior: possibly, you need to install xinit (package).
<Telior>installing it didn' create either folder, but I can make the file in ~/. . However, I already have stumpwm running, won't running it from the new .xinitrc file cause some sort of conflict?
<guix-vits>Telior: The user's ~/.xinitrc takes priority over a default configs.
<guix-vits>According to, ~/.xinitrc should contain: exec stumpwm
<Telior>k, i'll try the fix and running feh and xscreensaver from there as well, and report back here if it works, tyvm!
<iyzsong>in guix, ~/.xsession works (not ~/.xinitrc), it should be an executable that starts a window manager.
<guix-vits>iyzsong: Just another reason to use the Wayland WMs.
<bdju>Sway is very nice!
<Telior>ok that didn't work, that xsession file broke my login XD
<guix-vits>Telior: StumpWM == Lisp == LISt Processor == LP == Lennart Poettering == Their broke your login. L -- Logic.
<guix-vits>what about your audio?
*guix-vits *sniff*
<guix-vits>Telior: doesn't matter!
<Telior>I mean, only change I made was making that xsession file, and afterwards I couln't login till I deleted it, so..
<guix-vits>What is inside .xsession ?
<Telior>it only had this line, and the exec stumpwm bit: sh export GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1
<guix-vits>iyzsong: is above a correct .xsession format?
<iyzsong>not sure, did you run 'chmod +x ~/.xsession'?
<Telior>i did
<guix-vits>Maybe it should be a [Desktop Entry]?
<iyzsong>what happen when run '~/.xsession' in a shell?
<iyzsong>no, my ~/.xsession have: '#!/bin/sh' (first line), 'exec dbus-launch ratpoision' (last line)
<iyzsong>nowadays, i'm too lazy to try Wayland, as long as Emacs and a web browser works _(:з」∠)_
<guix-vits>Telior: GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1 exec dbus-launch stumpwm ?
<guix-vits>one line ?
<iyzsong>actually my last line is 'dbus-launch --exit-with-session shepherd &> /tmp/xsession.erros', but you got the idea.
<Telior>2 lines, without the dbus bit
<guix-vits>yes, shebang ;)
<Telior>I'll see if adding "(run-shell-command "GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1")" to my stump file works
<Telior>well, nothing went wrong but it didn't fix my next scroll issue
<guix-vits>Telior: errors don't stop the execution of sh scripts (by default).
<Telior>it didn't mark it as an error when I ran it directly in bash tho
<guix-vits>Try this: sh -c 'echo > /non-writable.txt; echo hi!'; echo $?
<guix-vits>Telior: echo $? return exit code for last run command, not for whole script...
<iyzsong>you can try 'export GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1', without 'export' the variable may not have effects..
<guix-vits>iyzsong: A=hi exec sh -c 'echo $A; sleep 8' works. Why not GDK_... exec ... ?
<Telior>guix-vits: that returns: sh: /nonwritable.txt: Permission denied
<bandali>Telior, hey, just saw your question in #emacs-beginners; was it resolved?
<Telior>iyzsong: adding export didn't mark any errors either but it didn't fix the scroll issue
<Telior>bandali: no, not yet, you have any suggestions? :)
<bandali>Telior, i believe you'll need autoconf
<iyzsong>okay, then I guess 'GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS' not work for the problem, btw what's the problem?
<bandali>Telior, if it's on guix, we already have a package definition for pdf-tools in the (gnu packages emacs-xyz) module, as emacs-pdf-tools
<Telior>bandali, thx, i'll try adding that and rebuilding right away :D
<Telior>iyzsong, scrolling up and down on next browser stutters a lot
<Telior>I read the following on the faq: My mouse wheel doesn't work with gtk3 applications Add the following toyour .xinitrc: sh export GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1 If you don't use a .xsession or a .xinitrc, then you must set this somewhere upstream ofstumpwm.
<Telior>bandali, so I should just add (gnu packages emacs-xyz) to the (use-modules) bit on my config.scm, right?
<iyzsong>okay, I have no idea about it..
<bandali>Telior, yeah i believe so. though, the general recommendation is to keep the system config.scm as lean/small as possible, and install packages per-user
<bandali>so, for your own user, you could either do something like `guix install emacs emacs-pdf-tools'
<bandali>or use manifests
<bandali>see and
<Telior>thx, I will! btw, installing emacs-pdf-tools seems to work, running pdf-tools-install doesn't mark any errors now :D
<bandali>cheers, and great :-)
<morrigan__>I was reconfiguring and got a message that grub-install couldn't find a grub drive?
<morrigan__>The config has it targeting /dev/sdb
<morrigan__>There is no /dev/sdb
<morrigan__>This is in the virtual machine that I built from the install image
<morrigan__>There's nothing fancy in the system configuration
<guix-vits>morrigan: try to point it to a mount-point, not to device.
<morrigan__>guix-vits: just set the target to "/"?
<guix-vits>morrigan__: no. I've no idea about VM's...
<morrigan__>I guess I'll just go by the target's UUID
<morrigan__>mm nope doesn't like that
<guix-vits>morrigan__: "For grub-bootloader, for example, it should be a device name understood by the bootloader installer command, such as /dev/sda or (hd0) ..." -- manual.
<morrigan__>guix-vits: it seems like "vdx" is taking the space of "sdx" in this case
<morrigan__>Weird how it configured "sdx" then
<morrigan__>haha the update broke openbox
<guix-vits>morrigan__: how? try to move out ~/'s configs.
<morrigan__>guix-vits: No idea, but I rolled back and it was back to normal. Going to try again and see if the same thing happens.
<morrigan__>Yup same thing
<guix-vits>morrigan__: "bit-to-bit" ;)
<morrigan__>guix-vits: Fair enough
<morrigan__>guix-vits: I wonder how it could have broken though? Nothing's different about the config between generations
<morrigan__>The openbox config* that is
<guix-vits>morrigan__: devs use git to compare the "commits", but i'm know nothing about this. Is there is something interesting in /var/log/messages ?
<guix-vits>morrigan__: Arch Wiki has a catalogue: (to have a "backup" for have an updated system when one WM is broken).
<morrigan__>I'm just working through the shell rn it does the job
<morrigan__>But I should have a backup wm
<morrigan__>Well, to be honest with you, I actually don't need it all that badly. I'm playing around with possible webserver configurations (or trying to) in a virtual environment.
<morrigan__>I'm mainly concerned about what broke
<morrigan__>Apparently somewhere in my configuration I deleted... gnome?
<morrigan__>That can't be right
<guix-vits>morrigan__: my config with a sway (not VM): . Not updated near two weeks, works. (kernel linux-libre-4.19) is an experimentation artifact.
<guix-vits>it's origin is lightweight-desktop.scm
<morrigan__>guix-vits: thanks
<morrigan__>I found the problem, I think. Somehow the generated config.scm doesn't seem to be the one used to build the system through the installer
<morrigan__>And so reconfiguring shed gdm, which had previously been installed
<morrigan__>Or whatever xsession it was running on
<guix-vits>morrigan__: Strange! Aren't `guix system reconfigure` require the .scm file as an argument?
<apteryx>it is normal that when an offoad machine is offline, 'guix system reconfigure' just hangs after it times out?
<guix-vits>morrigan__: If you use the sudoedit, to changes were saved the file should be closed first.
<morrigan__>guix-vits: They do take the scm file as an argument, and I had only lightly edited it from the fresh install. No xsession was included in the file after a fresh install, so my first reconfigure seems to have broken it.
<morrigan__>I'm not sure why this happened
<guix-vits>morrigan__: Maybe you'd forget to `guix pull`?
<morrigan__>I definitely didn't
<morrigan__>All the gnome stuff is already in my store too
<morrigan__>Okay, well, this is strange, but also avoidable in the future
<guix-vits>apteryx: But it's from 2018. It's last in thread:
<raghavgururajan>Hello Guix!
<atw>when I upgraded my system to guix 1.0.1-13.50299ad, I have some odd behavior when I boot, the most obvious of which is that the display manager doesn't start. Have others observed something similar? I can work around by booting into an older system generation
<atw>actually, I think the version of guix I have in the "good" generation is the same as the one I have in the "bad" generation
<atw>yeah, forget the guix version, pretty sure that's invariant here
<atw>anyway, some of the other symptoms are that the console stays in that low resolution, if you know what I mean? There are some other error messages but I haven't found a good way to capture them yet
<guix-vits>atw: morrigan__ had some issues with VM today ("haha the update broke openbox")
<atw>I'll have to ask them more...for me, sddm doesn't start, dunno if theirs is a similar issue
<raghavgururajan>atw Do you see something like "Session c1 removed"?
<atw>mm I don't think so. And sorry for the scant details, I haven't figured a good way to capture what's printed to the console before I log in, and rebooting to reproduce this takes time. I will follow up when I can capture more info, just wanted to throw this out there in case others have seen it
<raghavgururajan>atw No worries. "session c1 removed" might appear at last stage. Just before when display usually start.
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<leoprikler>atw I'm pretty sure I experience the same bug. I think it might have to do with the upgrade to mesa 19.3
<leoprikler>I also experience troubles with my network card with the newest kernel.
<leoprikler>I hate how these two components can break anything and not even tell you about it in a meaningful way.
<atw>mesa, that would make sense!
<raghavgururajan>leoprikler o/
<raghavgururajan>leoprikler Doubt! The font formats PCF and PSF, are they still used?
<leoprikler>Dunno why?
<raghavgururajan>Was wondering what format gnome uses.
<leoprikler>I don't think that's relevant to this particular issue, but I think most fonts nowadays should be truetype.
<leoprikler>Cantarell is OTF
<leoprikler>PCF and PSF might be used by other X stuff, though.
<leoprikler>Not sure about Wayland.
<nicolas-guix>Just installed guix last night. Things worked fine at first but whenever I install anything as a user, it messes up my locale and gnome in general. If I delete .guix-profile, everything is good, but as soon as I do `guix install ...`, if I restart gnome all the locales are broken. Anyone seen anything similar before?
<nicolas-guix>To clarify, by broken locales I mean `localectl list-locales` comes up empty.
<leoprikler>perhaps try installing glibc-locales in your user profile
<nicolas-guix>Yeah, I've done that since it was mentioned in the reference manual
<nicolas-guix>Didn't seem to help unfortunately
<nicolas-guix>I've also tried setting GUIX_LOCPATH and checked that $LANG is in $GUIX_LOCPATH/2.29/$LANG
<nicolas-guix>This is on a fresh install of GuixSD (not a foreign linux)
<raghavgururajan>leoprikler Cool! Thanks.
<janneke>nicolas-guix: could it be a version mismatch?
<janneke>did you install the locales and gnome-shell in the same profile and/or using the same version of guix?
<nicolas-guix>Gnome is from the /etc/config.scm (using gnome-desktop-service-type) and locale is also defined there (locale "en_US.UTF-8")
<Formbi>can I install libgccjit in Guix?
<nicolas-guix>When I delete the ~/.guix-profile and then install only some unrelated package (e.g., htop), the locales break after restarting gnome
<nicolas-guix>Doesn't seem to be gnome-specific either, since xfce became messed up too
<nicolas-guix>By messed up I mean stuff like scaling not working, not able to launch gnome-terminal, prompts for sudo password when I press backlight key, etc.
<leoprikler>I don't get any locales out of localectl either, but I still don't experience your other issues.
<janneke>nicolas-guix: as no one else is anwsering yet -- yes, that sounds bad
<janneke>ah :)
<leoprikler>I tried getting localectl to work in a pure environment, but there it just hangs
<janneke>there has been gnome/gnome-desktop work and discussions going on lately, i think
<leoprikler>I'mma strace it
<leoprikler>Yep, found the issue.
<leoprikler>It's trying to load locales from /usr/lib which is BS.
<leoprikler>wait, no, it's some dbus issue
<raghavgururajan>nicolas-guix IIRC, the format for locale is "en_US.utf8" (not en_US.UTF-8).
<leoprikler>that should not be an issue, glibc transforms the latter to the former iirc
<dftxbs3e>palpares, :-)
<janneke>trying to reconfigure a i686-linux system, but ffmpeg fails to build
<janneke>i have removed alsa and pulseaudio from services, and alsa-utils from udev-rules
<leoprikler>Could we make GUIX_LOCPATH a native-search-path of localed?
<leoprikler>or perhaps glibc-locales themselves
<janneke>hmm, what could possibly depend on ffmpeg
<leoprikler>guix refresh -l ffmpeg
<leoprikler>some gnome packages, it seems
<janneke>leoprikler: thanks; hmm still did not find any overlap (using %base-services, %base-packages now, to bisect)
<leoprikler>janneke: what packages would you normally be using?
<janneke>leoprikler: emacs-exwm ncc-certs openssh wpa-supplicant-minimal %base-packages
<janneke>and %desktop-services with slim instead of gdm; but now replaced %desktop-services with %base-services
*janneke is blind -- time for coffee
<janneke>wait...doesn't "guix system reconfigure" need qemu-minimal for something?
<PotentialUser-56>hey, after i did "guix pull" and then "guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm" and rebooted, ntpd won't let me boot :/ it gives me TIME_ERROR 0x41 even though the time on my system is right. maybe someone here can help?
<madage>Hello Guix!
<madage>For some days now, I've been unable to reconfigure my guix system because the build of alsa-plugins fails a test done after building
<NieDzejkob>madage: what architecture? replace "guix system reconfigure ..." in your command with "guix describe" and post the output
<madage>arch: i386
<madage>I probably should mention that my kernel has a special config
<janneke>madage: ah, that could be related to what i'm seeing: ffmpeg does not build for me
<madage>which targets my cpu model and removes some uneeded features
<madage>janneke: I should've read the back log, now I'm seeing that you've mentioned a similar issue with alsa
<janneke>madage: np; i'm upgrading a guix v0.14 system and was wondering if it had something to do with that
<janneke>it seems that debian does have a i386 build for ffmpeg ...
<madage>my config also has slim instead of gdm and just %base-services instead of desktop services
<leoprikler>does anyone know which package has the locale command?
<NieDzejkob>leoprikler: I've got it from gcc-toolchain
<leoprikler>glibc it is
<janneke>yeah, qemu-minimal is now getting built -- that's pulling in the ffmpeg dependency :-(
<janneke>i wonder if we could drop that
<leoprikler>qemu-minimal or the ffmpeg dep?
<janneke>the ffmpeg dep from qemu-minimal
<janneke>it's building spice...which should be removed from qemu-minimal inputs
<leoprikler>is anything inside guix relying on the spice interface?
<janneke>must be something like's also building spice-gtk which is not even a qemu input
<janneke>(spice depends on gstreamer)
<janneke>grub-efi/grub-hybrid depend on spice
<janneke>hmm, possibly via qemu-minimal; how weird
<janneke>oh wait...there is qemu-minimal-2.10; which does not remove any of dependencies that qemu-minimal removes
<janneke>and that package is hidden...grrr
*janneke tries a patch
<nun>Hey, I'm currently trying to add a new window manager to my system, after only installing xfce through the tui installer. According to the documentation, I have to do it system-wide, for gdm to recognize the .desktop file, but when I try to add it to my config, gdm simply doesn't start after reconfiguring and rebooting. My network interfaces also seem to be gone when I do this.
<janneke>PotentialUser-56: i have no idea; what does "won't let me boot" mean, exactly?
<nun>this is my config
<janneke>PotentialUser-56: i would think it should be possible to ignore ntpd if it fails...
<janneke>nun: the parentheses in your (packages ...) are not correct
<janneke>nun: add an extra closing paren after (specification->package "herbstluftwm")
<nun>whoops, right
<nun>but the error should still be there, even if I try to reconfigure the default /etc/config.scm, the error persists
<janneke>nun: are you on very latest master? there was a problem earlier this week
<nun>wait a minute… it works now, haha. I ran guix pull before going to sleep yesterday, maybe that fixed it
<nun>now I feel dumb ._.
<janneke>yes, most probably
<nun>what exactly was the issue?
<janneke>nun: it would be much more dumb not to come over here and ask a question
<janneke>sometimes, others can help only by listening :)
<nun>maybe I should get a rubber duck :)
<janneke>rubber ducks are always fun :)
<wigust>bricewge: Hello. I've tested and pushed the patch for etc/copyright.el.
<bricewge>wigust: Thanks! :)
<bricewge>wingo: Unfortunately it seems there is a bug in emacs' copyright-update.
<bricewge>^ wigust
<bricewge>In gnu/packages/linux.scm it doesn't update the copyright date when called. But this is an emacs problem.
*civodul posts a patch to address GNOME issues:
<bandali>anyone else have flaky ethernet connection starting in the last week or two?
<bandali>for me, sometimes all traffic stops flowing, and i've tried a variety of things, but nothing seems to help besides rebooting the machine
<bandali>i've tried unplugging and plugging back in the ethernet cable, as well as disabling/enabling networking from nmapplet, as well as restarting networking using hurd
<civodul>seems to work for me
<bricewge>bandali: I have some networking issues too, but I'm really not sure it's related; using network-manager with wifi.
<bandali>hmm, i see
<bandali>bricewge, interesting. for me, when the ehternet stops working, i can plug in my usb wifi dongle and that works just fine. hmm...
<bandali>i'll definitely peek at dmesg and the system log the next time this happens and see if i can find anything useful there
<bricewge>wigust: It was copyright-limit default value that was the issue. Setting it to nil fixed it.
<abralek>I finally packaged davmail and friends. There are a lot of dependencies, so I have prepared openjfx patches (8)
<abralek>Openjfx goes first) I would like to get some feedback/review.
<frafra>is it possible to install guix as non-root user? I tried with fakechroot + busybox but I get a "Permission denied" when I try to source etc/profile (2.1 binary installation, step 3); if I avoid fakechroot I get a lot of symbolic links; is there a better way to do that?
<abralek>Shell I just send all 8 patches to guix-devel?
<civodul>abralek: rather, see
<civodul>great that you have packages ready!
<abralek>I can do that. I used to send patches there. One question is there a way to change a patch there?)
<abralek>I mean after review. Or I just need to send a new one with the same tracking number?
<NieDzejkob>abralek: yeah, send v2 of your PATCH to the same bug number (
<wigust>bricewge: interesting, thank for sharing :-)
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<nckx>NieDzejkob: Thanks for testing unoconv. I do tend to assume that I'll be the one pushing my commits (had a trivial let* → let fix in my patch queue, that's going to bug me now).
<NieDzejkob>nckx: I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say. That you merely want reviews on your patches and prefer to push them yourself?
<leoprikler>IIRC the Guix etiquette is to mail to guix-patches before pushing so as to allow reviews and prevent potential issues.
<nckx>leoprikler: Etiquette is almost an understatement. It's required for ‘non-trivial’ patches.
<nckx>So so/almost //, I guess.
<leoprikler>Perhaps, but etiquette is required in most places as well even if some might suggest otherwise.
<nckx>It's just often used to refer to ‘unspoken’ or at least undocumented rules (which can be rigidly enforced, absolutely). I wasn't disagreeing with you.
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<NieDzejkob>Hmm, looks like software heritage now returns full URLs in their api instead of just paths, which causes origin-visits to fail because it tries to resolve archive.softwareheritage.orghttps
*kmicu looks at a local offer for T400s (in a good condition besides a weak battery) for 43USD—freedom is cheap nowadays.
<sirgazil>How do you enter commands in Sway?
<bdju>From a shell you can use swaymsg. e.g. `swaymsg focus left`
<bdju>super-enter opens a terminal if that's what you meant, or super-d for dmenu
<sirgazil>bdju: I just installed sway, and I'm trying to launch an application. I think I saw Super+D in a video to do so, but I get nothing here.
<sirgazil>Super+Enter doesn't do anything...
<bdju>If dmenu isn't installed the bind will do nothing.
<bdju>You may have to edit the config from a TTY to fix those two things.
<bandali>do you have a ~/.config/sway/config file?
<moewe>Hey folks. since godot-3.2 doesn't seem to build at 3.2 according to ci, how can I install 3.1.2? godot@3.1.2 doesnt work
<sirgazil>bdju: Ah, I didn't enven know anything about dmenu. I'll install it.
<bandali>i'd look in there to see if any bindings are defined for launching dmenu or a terminal emulator
<bdju>I replaced dmenu with bemenu so I changed my bind for that, and I set the terminal bind to termite.
<sirgazil>bandali: I don't have that config file.
<bdju>You may be missing other things like swaybg and swaylock as well
<bandali>sirgazil, you should probably create it
<bandali>the default one:
<sirgazil>bdju, bandali: Thanks, I'll read some more to see what's missing.
<bdju>You're welcome. :)
<NieDzejkob>moewe: Find the commit that still has godot 3.1.2 and do guix time-machine --commit=COMMIT_HASH_HERE install godot
<NieDzejkob>you can find the commit ID by having a checkout of the guix git repo and doing `git log', then /godot<CR> to search for godot
<NieDzejkob>commit 451e1075f0aaca1a8234d34efc017284406fe375 is "gnu: godot: Update to 3.2.", so you probably want the one before: cda982458501972c6e6a4927f96b21d286c93004
<guix-vits>Hi Guix.
<moewe>thanks NieDzejkob!
<moewe>guix time-machine --commit=d868261533c4f315dd4812c86f174c3d1a1b08b2 install godot just quits for me?
<guix-vits>sirgazil: if sway doesn't works yet, try to move the i3 configs out.
<sirgazil>guix-vits: Thanks, it works (I've never used i3).
<sirgazil>So far, I like sway.
<sirgazil>One thing I noticed is that the keyboard layout specified in my Guix system configuration file doesn't have any effect in sway.
<sirgazil>Now I'm looking for a way to fix that and use Capslock as an additional Ctrl.
<malaclyps>I'm trying to install a software package in git that has a guix.scm -- I've tried `guix build --install-from-file ./guix.scm` but there are two packages defined in the guix.scm, so it is returning a list of packages, not a single one to install. How do I specifiy just one of the packages?
<killmeplease>Small world
<NieDzejkob>sirgazil: I use (keyboard-layout (keyboard-layout "pl #:options '("caps:escape")))
<leoprikler>The thing is keyboard-layout doesn't work up to that point.
<sirgazil>NieDzejkob: I use (keyboard-layout (keyboard-layout "latam" #:options '("ctrl:nocaps"))), which works in GNOME, but yeah, not in sway
<NieDzejkob>oh. didn't read context >_<
<leoprikler>Xorg servers already have their own fields which need a copy of the value and it has no influence on user sessions whatsoever
<NieDzejkob>you do pass keyboard-layout to your xorg-configuration, right?
<leoprikler>Not even in GNOME, though that is somewhat mitigated by initial-setup.
<emsyr>Hi. Is there a way to reconfigure my system without building ungoogled-chromium? I suppose there is no pre-built binary of the newer version yet.
<leoprikler>emsyr: simply remove that package?
<NieDzejkob>emsyr: You shouldn't be putting packages like that in your system config
<guix-vits>malaclyps: if you append package's name to `guix build ...`?
<NieDzejkob>If you want to specify them in a file, look up "manifests"
<emsyr>It's not in my config.scm but I need for certain websites where icecat is not compatible with.
<leoprikler>It shouldn't be built if there's no reference to it in your config.scm
<leoprikler>If you install it locally in your profile and guix upgrade fails, you can do --do-not-upgrade=ungoogled-chromium
<emsyr>leoprikler that sounds like what I need. Thanks!
<malaclyps>hmm, I tried `guix package --install-from-file=guix.scm guile-gi` and `uix package --install-from-file=guix.scm -e guile-gi` but neither worked (it's from ). I feel a little foolish because I swore I got this working previously.
<leoprikler>`guix package -f guix.scm` should work just fine.
<malaclyps>leoprikler, it gives me a "guix package: error: cannot install non-package object: (#<package guile-gi@git /home/danny/tmp/guile-gi/guix.scm:57 7f5b71bc6960> #<package guile-next-gi@git /home/danny/tmp/guile-gi/guix.scm:106 7f5b801366e0>)" error unfortunately
<emsyr>leoprikler unfortunately --do-not-upgrade is not an option for guix system ...
<spk121>malaclyps: if you're installing from the guile-gi github, we've just been messing with that bit of code
<NieDzejkob>emsyr: could you post your config file?
<malaclyps>spk121, haha I think because of my bug report! I was just testing to see if it's working on guile!
<leoprikler>emsyr: remove ungoogled-chromium from the config file
<malaclyps>(I'm the reporter here: )
<NieDzejkob>leoprikler: <emsyr> It's not in my config.scm [...]
<leoprikler>Ah, my bad, that just works for guix build -f
<leoprikler>It has to be referenced in the config.scm if it makes guix system fail.
<nckx>emsyr: You should not put anything that depends on chromium in your system profile for this reason. Keep it lean and ‘system software’only.
<leoprikler>There is a contradiction in those statements.
<nckx>If it fails to build when you reconfigure, it's referenced.
<leoprikler>malaclyps: It should work with `guix environment` and you can also write a .guile-version to get single packages out of it.
<guix-vits>emsyr: or install quteborwser, as it is "almost" Chromium-based.
<nckx>Then it will take "almost" as long to build, no?
<spk121>malaclyps: what leoprikler said ^
<guix-vits>nckx: idk, maybe qtWebEngine packaged differently...
<emsyr>leoprikler nckx guix-vits I'm totally removing ungoogled-chromium since I have experiences this problem a couple of times now and I'll give a try to qutebrowser.
<guix-vits>emsyr: it's Vim-alike, be warned.
<emsyr>Thank you all for your help!
<NieDzejkob>emsyr: still, could you paste your configuration here? I wonder how it looks that it pulls in ungoogled-chromium even though it's not there
<nckx>guix-vits: I don't know, but chromium/webkit/probably this -engine stuff are just notoriously huge and slow to build, there's no way to fix that in post with packaging.
<emsyr>It's just for a couple of sites, so if it works it's ok for me.
<guix-vits>nckx: aha.
<emsyr>NieDzejkob you dug it up correctly. I took a look at my config.scm and I found it forgotten from a previous try to install it. I had it in my profile too.
<emsyr>NieDzejkob system update was completed successfully. Thanks!
<nckx>sneek: later tell moewe Guix time-machine is awesome, but please keep reporting broken packages! Godot should build just fine now; a dependency (wslay) was building unreliably and had failed on CI.
<sneek>Will do.