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<vagrantc>guix build --source ... apparently doesn't apply any monkey-patches?
<vagrantc>e.g. substitute from modify-phases
<vagrantc>(add-after 'unpack
*vagrantc realizes the error and tries again
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<guixy>Hey guix!
<drakonis>hey there
<guixy>I'm trying to fix freedink.
<guixy>It fails when building "freedink-engine".
<drakonis>what kind of failure is it?
<drakonis>upload the logs to
<guixy>The sources need to be patched.
<guixy>upstream bug report
<guixy>I'm trying to patch it.
<guixy>How can I specify local sources for a non-public package without editing the guix source?
<drakonis>looks like an sdl thing?
<drakonis>uh, you can create package definition and inherit it
<drakonis>then you can modify the fields as you desire
<guixy>Is that the only way to do it? No way to do it with "--with-source=" option?
<drakonis>oh, uh, you could provide your own input tarball by doing that
<drakonis>that's another path
<guixy>What would I specify as the package? When I use "--with-source=engine=" or "--with-source=freedink-engine=" it says "guix build: warning: transformation 'with-source' had no effect on freedink@109.6"
<drakonis>you dont specify a package
<drakonis>you specify a tarball
<drakonis>we have docs for this
<guixy>guix info says ‘--with-source=PACKAGE=SOURCE’
<guixy>I need to change the freedink-engine source, not the freedink source.
<drakonis>guix build --with-source=freedink-engine=<tarball path>
<guixy>"guix build: warning: transformation 'with-source' had no effect on freedink@109.6"
<guixy>I already have a channel for my own development. I'll make freedink-engine public and work from there. Thanks for the help!
<drakonis>how strange though
<drakonis>as freedink inherits from engine
<guixy>And freedink requires engine as an input.
<apteryx>can ratpoison be used with GDM?
<guixy>Yes, last I checked.
<apteryx>What about a .xsession file? Can GDM make use of it? It wasn't honoring it, IIRC.
<guixy>I haven't used ratpoison for a while. But all you need to do is include in your system's packages and GDM should recognize it IIRC.
<guixy>Looks like the tarball or directory has to resemble the package name when using --with-source=package=directory
<guixy>That's frustrating...
<vagrantc>if they don't, there's a "tarbomb" instead
<vagrantc>although i haven't used --with-source ... so i'm just thinking from the package descriptions
<vagrantc>you might actually have to edit the package description to get that to work, at which point, you may as well not use --with-source
<apteryx>guixy: the manual says .xsession are honored. Great!
<raghav-gururajan>Hello Guix!
<pep7>Having an issue with Guix via VirtualBox
<pep7>is it common for such
<bavier`>hi raghav-gururajan
<drakonis>hello again
<bavier`>I've been having an issue with fonts not showing up in PDF viewers like evince and icecat's pdf.js
<drakonis>i think we need a font hook
<bavier`>I have font-google-noto installed and have updated the font cache
<Blackbeard[m]>bavier`: is this a foreign distro?
<bavier`>no, guix system
<bavier`>I must have done something right just now, but not sure what
<bavier`>I ran 'fc-cache -r', and evince seems to now be finding fonts
<drakonis>fc-cache -fv?
<bavier`>thanks, this has been bothering me for months
<Blackbeard[m]>bavier`: did you run it as sudo?
<Blackbeard[m]>The fc-cache
<bavier`>Blackbeard[m]: no, just under my user account
<Blackbeard[m]>bavier`: can you try it as sudo?
<Blackbeard[m]>Let's see if it helps
<bavier`>Blackbeard[m]: it doesn't seem to make a difference
<Blackbeard[m]>bavier`: please run this as your user
<Blackbeard[m]>xset +fp $(dirname $(readlink -f ~/.guix-profile/share/fonts/truetype/fonts.dir))
<Blackbeard[m]>Then run your PDF reader in the same shell
<guixy>bye guix
<vits95>Do someone has an sys. config example for udisks .conf? Can your, please, share it?
<Gooberpatrol66>I booted the guix install image 1.0.1 and it fails to boot and says "error in finalization thesis: bad file descriptor"
<Gooberpatrol66>*finalization thread
<DamienCassou>hi everyone
<DamienCassou>I would like the packages that I want as a user be described in a scheme file instead of being installed with `guix install`
<DamienCassou>what should the user's configuration file be like?
<g_bor[m]>Damien Cassou: hello, look for manifest in the invoking guix package section of the manual
<g_bor[m]>There should be an example.
<DamienCassou>thank you
<DamienCassou>it helps
<vits95>" One should never have to touch files in /etc or to run commands that modify the system state such as useradd or grub-install."
<vits95>But udisks need a .conf file there. Can i add (file-union "etc" to sys. config?
<alextee>anyone know how to change the qt5 color scheme on guix?
<alextee>apparently there's a qt5ct but i can't find it in package search
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<rockandska>Hi guix
<rockandska>civodul: Hi ludovic, i was reading the topic on ML about manifest.scm and i'm glad that the topic is back since our last conversation about this a long time ago
<DamienCassou>is there a way to a guix system's configuration file instantiate guix system VMs/containers?
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<DamienCassou>another question: is there a way to declare the VPN client configurations I want in the guix system configuration file? I need 3 there and none should be active by default. I would also like to put my WIFI access points there.
<bricewge>Damien Cassou: You can containerize your services
<civodul>DamienCassou: for the first question: there's no direct support for full-system VMs within Guix System, but it's a low-hanging fruit: you could write a service that simply starts a <virtual-machine> script
<civodul>what bricewge writes, too
<civodul>DamienCassou: for the VPN, dunno, i guess it's a NetworkManager thing
<DamienCassou>you don't use NetworkManager?
<DamienCassou>thank you liberdiko and civodul
<DamienCassou>I would like to install a package through flatpak. Flatpak exists in Guix but I don't seem to be able to add a remote to it
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<civodul>DamienCassou: i use NetworkManager but i don't think it lets you configure things declaratively
<DamienCassou>it does. I do it on Fedora with a bash script that copies files to the proper directories
<civodul>ah ok
<civodul>then perhaps could you send a message to explaining how we could make that possible at the Guix System level?
<civodul>(time permitting)
<xelxebar>Just a random shoutout to the devs; you are awesome and doing awesome work.
<DamienCassou>I would like to +1 that :-)
<DamienCassou>I've read most of Guix manual during the last few days. It is very complete and clear.
<DamienCassou>what does this mean?
<vits95>is "(file-union" can be added to sys. config?
<civodul>xelxebar: +1, and thanks! :-)
<civodul>vits95: 'file-union' is a function that creates a "union" of a set of directories
<civodul>there are contexts where you could use it in your OS config
<civodul>where would you like to use it?
<DamienCassou><civodul "then perhaps could you send a me"> done. Don't hesitate to ask for more information
<civodul>tx, DamienCassou
<nckx>Gooberpatrol: Harmless annoyance.
<nckx>* Gooberpatrol66 ☝
<civodul>so we lost all the Matrix people, right?
<jonsger>seems so
<Gooberpatrol66>nckx no it's preventing me from booting the install image
<Gooberpatrol66>or something else is and it's not saying
<nckx>Gooberpatrol66: It's not, it's just the last thing printed before something else breaks.
<nckx>Gooberpatrol66: Is there anything spooky in the rest of the output? (Problem is we have a few of these ‘harmless errors’, so not everything is relevant.)
<Gooberpatrol66>udevt: no sender credentials received, message ignored
<nckx>Also, can you switch VTs with (C-)M-F2, F3, &c.?
<Gooberpatrol66>error: driver 'pcspkr' is already registered, aborting
<Gooberpatrol66>ACPI BIOS error (bug): could not resolve symbol AE_NOT_FOUND
<nckx>The pcspkr one is also harmless, not 100% sure about the udev one but I've certainly seen it before. What GPU do you have?
<Gooberpatrol66>AMD_Vi: Unable to write to IOMMU perf counter
<Gooberpatrol66>GC wARNING: pthread_getattr_np or pthread_attr_getstack failed for main thread
<nckx>That's… vague, but I know at least some AMDGPU cards won't work with free software.
<Gooberpatrol66>i've booted gentoo on it before and it worked
<nckx>Maybe adding ‘nomodeset’ to the GRUB ‘linux’ command line would help.
<nckx>Is Gentoo 100% free software though?
<Gooberpatrol66>GC WARNING: couldn't read /proc/stat
<Gooberpatrol66>radeon vega 8
<Gooberpatrol66>nomodeset worked, thank you
<NieDzejkob>sneek: later tell vits95: you could define your own little service type and specify (extensions (list (service-extension etc-service-type (lambda (config) `(("udisks.conf" ,(local-file ...)))))))
<jonsger>mate 1.24 is releasing. Maybe I'll give it a try next week or so :P
<zzappie>Helo Guix!
<jonsger>nckx: how is power going?
<nckx>jonsger: I'm stuck in the same place you are.
<nckx>Well, stuck… Haven't touched it for the past week, waiting for inspiration to strike after trying far too many random patchings & GCC versions. Haven't tried core-updates yet, though; who knows, maybe the #include_next mess is to blame.
<jonsger>nckx: it was similar for me. Making almost no progress, doesn't help with motivation
<zzappie>on the weekend I finally switched to guixSD
<jonsger>zzappie: congrats
<nckx>jonsger: I bounce between late-night ‘OMG perhaps the 5th character in the error message is THE CLUE to the PUZZLE!’ and ‘nope it's a meaningless bogus message & I need to learn the entirety of GCC and bootstrapping to even guess at the real cause’. Indeed not very motivating, good thing people on IRC are 🙂
<nckx>zzappie: Wonderful!
<jonsger>zzappie: It would be nice if you can send your findings to guix-devel. What you find good/bad/strange...
<nckx>Give the ‘strange’ parts some time to grow on you though.
<zzappie>yeah almost everything went smoothly. Except first time installer throwed backtrace whith "Unable to locate keymap update file"
<zzappie>but it went away ater reboot
<nckx>Oh, that's interesting, an error message I haven't seen here already.
<nckx>zzappie: Did you happen to take a photo/screenshot of it?
<nckx>(unless (file-exists? keymap-file) …) doesn't really tell us much.
<zzappie>nckx: Yes I did. I shall I send it to issues?
<zzappie>Hibernation not doesn't seem to be working despite elogind is present.
<nckx>Yes please! It might never get solved (or closed because nobody can reproduce it, including yourself it would seem) but it's worth a try.
<nckx>zzappie: I think hibernation support still hasn't been merged. mhw had a patch but there was something iffy about it, I vaguely remember.
<jonsger>zzappie: does suspend work?
<zzappie>nckx: No surprise then :)
<nckx>Actually I think it was just the ‘THIS CAN EAT YOUR DATA’ in the kernel docs that scared people. Which is true, but that's just the risk of hibernation in general, not specific to Guix.
<zzappie>jonsger: I havent tried yet
<nckx>Suspend should work fine, definitely a report-worthy bug if it doesn't.
<zzappie>But right now im fighting with gpg-agent not finding pinentry. Anyone had this issue?
<nckx>Yup, sec.
<nckx>zzappie: Add ‘pinentry-program /home/nckx/.guix-profile/bin/pinentry-tty’ to your ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf
<nckx>adjust to your pinentry taste, of course.
<zzappie>nckx: Unfortunatelly I've tried this one..
<nckx>zzappie: Have you killed any running gpg(-agent)s?
<zzappie>nckx: with gpgconf --kill gpg-agent, yes
<nckx>That's extremely strange, because that's definitely the solutien.
<nckx>-on, even.
<nckx>I assume you're actually using the agent (‘use-agent’ in gpg.conf), right?
<nckx>You seem to know your way around gpg.
<zzappie>yep I have 'use-agent
<nckx>I forget: is the gpg error message useful at all, or just ‘pinentry nope’?
<zzappie>does gpg has its user? or it gun by me. Maybe I need to add pinentry to some profile? Not sure wether it makes sense
<nckx>zzappie: Oh, well, you do need to install pinentry-foo so the ‘pinentry-program’ argument actually exists.
<nckx> /home/zzappie/.guix-profile/bin/pinentry-foo needs to exist. ‘guix install pinentry-foo’ will make it.
<nckx>guix package -A pinentry will list the options.
<zzappie>no I have pinentry installed (all of them :) ) I just thought maybe It needs to be in some system profile.. Sory about confusion
<nckx>If /home/zzappie/.guix-profile/bin/pinentry-foo exists and is enabled in gpg-agent.conf, I'm out of ideas. I can only speak for pinentry-tty, maybe the other ones are more brittle.
<zzappie>nckx: Ill try to hunt it down. Can't sent emails until then :)
<nckx>Is guile3.0-ssh known to be broken on aarch64?
<civodul>nckx: not known!
<civodul>AFAIK "guile3.0-guix" builds fine on all arches
<civodul>it may be a non-deterministic failure :-/
<civodul>anyone knows how to pass config options to "python"?
<nckx>civodul: OK, I'll see what dmitri says (still going), try sergei again, and report the results.
<str1ngs>civodul: python install --prefix= I don't know what the other arguments are though or if you can add custom ones
<civodul>apparently can specify additional options in a thing called "ConfigSchema"
<str1ngs>there is --root which is like DESTDIR and --optimize as well
<zimoun>civodul, lewo: Does sources.json accept mirror:// or only http:// (or https://)?
<lewo>zimoun: it currently doesn't accept mirror:// but it's on my roadmap.
<lewo>zimoun: for the nixpkgs list, I currently replace mirror:// by the firt mirror of the list.
<civodul>lewo, zimoun: "mirror://" shouldn't be accepted IMO because it's a very ad-hoc extension whose meaning varies over time (and between Nixpkgs and Guix)
<civodul>so we should expand it
<zimoun>lewo: thank you for the explanations
<zimoun>civodul: ok, this is the way... but it is more work on builder.scm ;-) Let see if I find my path.
<nckx>What's sources.json?
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<civodul>zimoun: there's maybe-expand-mirrors in (guix build download) :-)
<zimoun>civodul: cool! Thank you
<zzappie>nckx: pinentry update: It was my mistake. I put "~/" in gpg-agent.conf instead of full path
<zimoun>nckx: a way to feed Software Heritage. For the record:
<nckx>zzappie: Glad you fixed it! Watch out with ~, it only works where someone decides to explicitly support it and is usually a bad idea anywhere non-interactive.
<nckx>zimoun: Thanks! I found results for everyone & the moon's sources.json, but none of it looked relevant to Guix.
<nckx>Hm, I think the other Overdrive is hitting another bug (the freezing one). No Guix for me.
<sirgazil>civodul: regarding heading levels and their style in blog posts, it seems the website design expects posts to start at h2, so the headings in blog posts should be equal to or lower than that level to render correctly.
<sirgazil>civodul: that's why posts like look odd.
<civodul>sirgazil: how would you suggest addressing that, so one can still write "normal-looking" Markdown posts?
<sirgazil>civodul: I have to check, because the current design is used not only in blog posts but in other pages too. So, ideally, the templates and style should be updated so that people can use h1 normally in all pages, and markdown post should not need modifications.
<sirgazil>civodul: I'm kind of bussy doing other things, but I'll try to suggest a patch this week.
<civodul>awesome, thank you sirgazil
<zimoun>lewo: and does the crawler support ftp:?
<zimoun>civodul: about <git-reference>, how to transform it in pure URL? because it depends on the source (github, salsa.debian, savannah, etc.). It represents around 25% of all the packages.
<civodul>zimoun: git-reference is already handled in packages-json-builder, isn't it?
<civodul>i'd just copy/paste that
<zimoun>Yes, but packages-json-builder outputs: "source": {
<zimoun> "type": "git",
<zimoun> "git_url": "",
<zimoun> "git_ref": "v1.1.6"
<zimoun>I thought the crawler requires an plain URL, isn't it?
<zimoun>And it is the same for svn
<zimoun>Just to be on the same wavelenght, the sources.json of Nix is:
<zimoun> {
<zimoun> "type": "url",
<zimoun> "url": ""
<zimoun>compared to: {
<zimoun> "type": "git",
<zimoun> "git_url": "",
<zimoun> "git_ref": "Audacity-2.3.3"
<zimoun> },
<zimoun>hum? sorry for all these copy/paste. I am not used with ERC...
<zimoun>civodul: correspond to this message of lewo:
<civodul>zimoun: the URL is an autogenerated tarball, we don't use that
<civodul>we really want the repo, not the generated tarball, to be archived
<civodul>note that what lewo implemented in SWH doesn't yet support "type = git", so you can leave it as in packages-json-builder for now and we'll adjust later
<zimoun>civodul: ok. I am fine with that. :-) It just remains how to deal with ftp://
<civodul>zimoun: just output the ftp:// URL and SWH will ignore it if they want
<civodul>it's up to them
<lewo>zimoun: I don't know about ftp://
<zimoun>civodul, lewo: ok, cool! thank you.
<apteryx>has anyone experience setting up a NFS mount?
*apteryx reads
<scmguru>Good morning, all.
<joshuaBPMan>Hey guix
<scmguru>What's up, joshuaBPMan?
<joshuaBPMan>scmguru: not a whole lot.
*NieDzejkob is still having a friendly^W conversation with vim-full's test suite
<zimoun>civodul: first attempt to produce sources.json in bug#39547. Let me know. :-)
*apteryx about nfs mount: currently, trying from the command line, I get: bad option; for several filesystems (e.g. nfs, cifs) you might need a /sbin/mount.<type> helper program
<civodul>zimoun: awesome, thanks!
<zimoun>lewo: 83 ftp:// remains. Let see what happens. And 3100+ packages have the type '{git,svn,etc.}_url'.
<civodul>i'll take a look in the coming days i hope, otherwise do ping me!
<zimoun>civodul: it is not perfect and should be improved (refactored between packages-json-builder and sources-json-builder). But it is a starting point. :-)
<civodul>zimoun: that's good, i don't believe in perfection ;-)
<zimoun>and I have added the type 'no-origin' and it outputs the name of the package. There is 61 packages. Basically toolchain stuff. Otherwise, it produce an empty {} entry.
<lewo>zimoun: ok, maybe I also have ftp url... I didn't check actually, but I will have a look tomorow morning. Anyway, that's not a big isue, at least the lister could filter them out initially.
<zimoun>lewo: yes. 92 if I am not doing a mistake
<zimoun>lewo, I agree. Let me know.
<guixy>hi guix
<guixy>If I want to add a patch for a package to apply to its source, what conditions do I need to check off for it to work?
<guixy>I added the patch to gnu/packages/patches/ in my channel.
<guixy>I added the line '(patches (search-patches "freedink-engine-fix-sdl-hints"))' to the package's source's origin.
<guixy>I see... I need to include the .patch extension.
<guixy>Bye guix!
*dongcarl screwed up the git commit message and feels ashamed
*dongcarl needs a better workflow but is stuck with spacemacs
<vagrantc>dongcarl: i suspect you're the harshest critic :)
<vagrantc>mistakes happen
*dongcarl feels a little better
<apteryx>Wweird. I stumbled on a CISCO switch that blocks port below 1024 (and prevents) NFS from working correctly.
<vagrantc>dongcarl: were you also looking as risc-v stuff? i managed to get enough into guix to cross-build opensbi, u-boot and a kernel ... that can get as far as a kernel panic :)
<dongcarl>vagrantc: Yeah I got the unleashed board but haven't started yet... You got a branch?
<vagrantc>dongcarl: just pushed those bits to master :)
<vagrantc>dongcarl: only cross-compiled stuff so far
<vagrantc>still missing bootstrap binaries
<dongcarl>vagrantc: Ah, I see
<dongcarl>vagrantc: Bootstrap binaries cross-built for riscv64 right?
<vagrantc>i hear mumblings in #bootstrappable about porting risc-v
<vagrantc>dongcarl: not sure how you bootstrap a port on guix
<dongcarl>Thinking out loud: the main problem is that we have a few CCs, LIBCs, and kernel headers in the bootstrap chain that doesn't support riscv
<dongcarl>But I'm assuming armhf/aarch64 wasn't supported by some CCs in our bootstrap chain either?
<dongcarl>Need to figure out how this works
<vagrantc>pretty sure armhf was supported by the time guix started
<vagrantc>ah, but the early bootstrap is older versions...
<Drakonis_>where's the guix days notes at
<Drakonis_>its been a week
<Drakonis_>i wanna hear all about those world domination plans
<efraim>aarch64 was easier back then, everything was running on guile 2.0
<efraim>I actually tried going back to the named commit for aarch64 to build the powerpc 32-bit bootstrap binaries but it didn't work for some reason
<apteryx>is it me, or it is not possible to define an NFS mount point currently (nfs client), using the file-system record?
<apteryx>I have test failures for the latest docker in master
<apteryx>seems it's being fixed by Danny already; thanks!
<mfg>Hi, i'm currently trying to use the peg module in guile. Are there any predefined Character Classes, and how do i include characters like / or _ in a character class?
<mfg>[a-zA-Z/_] doesn't seem to work
<apteryx>mfg: you might want to ask in #guile :-)
<mfg>yeah did that :D
<vagrantc>so ... "guix package -I ." shows the installed packages of the currently active profile ... is there a way to get a list of packages that also includes the system packages in the user's path?
<vagrantc>and ... it's also possible to have more than one profile active?
<NieDzejkob>vagrantc: for multiple profiles, see
<NieDzejkob>vagrantc: you can see the list of packages in the system profile with `guix package -p /run/current-system/profile -I`
<vagrantc>NieDzejkob: if you have multiple profiles active ... how do you know which profiles to query?
<vagrantc>you can't do guix package -p profile1 -p profile2 -p /run/current-system/profile -I . ?
<NieDzejkob>query for what?
<vagrantc>what packages are installed
<vagrantc>i don't want a list from each profile, i want all the profiles.
<vagrantc>how do you know which profiles are active after they've been sourced?
<vagrantc>reprotest would like to know what packages are available when run, for example ... but i don't know that there's a queryable way to find out
<vagrantc>short of iterating through PATH and following the symlinks to their store objects...
<vagrantc>and even that's incomplete
<nixo_>hi zimoun! I still need to answer your mail (another busy week) but good news are: updated julia to 1.4.0-rc1 with llvm9, fixed _modules_ determinism (finally I get identical ji files) and still looking at fixing determinism. I'll send an update on the mailing list soon (TM)
<mbakke>what happened to your mu4e nckx? :)
<lispmacs[work]>Hi, I'm wanting spam filtering in evolution email client. Evolution docs say to install bogofilter or spam assassin, then enable certains preference options, which I did. There was a bogofilter package, which I installed in userland. But I'm not clear if I need to install some kind of bogofilter service. Evolution does the same thing whether or not you have bogofilter installed, so I'm not clear if I just haven't tr
<lispmacs[work]>ained it enough, or what.
<bavier>lispmacs[work]: iirc there's an evolution configuration option that needs to be enabled; and yes, bogofilter needs training before it starts to identify spam
*bavier afk