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<cnmne>ngz: I think you were logged out, by the time I figured it out, but I ended up finding my error. Turns out I didn't export anything with define-public. feeling pretty silly. The funny thing is I definitely knew I needed it, but got turned around after using `guix import gem ... >> gnu/packages/ruby.scm' and tricked myself into not needing it. woops !
<shtwzrd>This simple service declaration causes xf86-video-intel to be pulled in (which I can't build on this machine -- perhaps an issue itself?), but I don't understand why -- I'm explicitly excluding x86-video-intel module from xorg
<drakonis1>post the whole configuration
<shtwzrd>it's a little long. but deleting that service causes it to no longer pull in xf86-video-intel
<drakonis1>but then you dont get xorg
<shtwzrd>drakonis1: hm, you're right. I thought xorg would still get required due to xfce, xlock, etc but actually it's not in the list of things to download or build.
<shtwzrd>but, how does xorg end up pulling in xf86-video-intel? No packages take that as an input, whatsoever. The only reference it has in all of guix is %default-xorg-modules, and I'm explicitly overriding that list to exclude it. :/
<drakonis1>i'm honestly not the right person for this
<drakonis1>but right now, do you have to reduce the amount of modules?
<drakonis1>its probably not the right solution as the pinebook doesn't have a lot of storage space
<shtwzrd>no, I'm just trying to get rid of xf86-video-intel because I can't get a substitute for it, and I can't build it either :(
<shtwzrd>maybe I should try to fix the issue with it not building. I just figured skip it altogether since it's technically not needed but
<shtwzrd>xf86-video-intel dies with: checking which acceleration method to use by default... configure: error: UXA requested as default, but is not enabled
<shtwzrd>but a few lines before that I can see: checking whether to include UXA support... no, but the command invoked to build the thing in the first place has the "--with-default-accel=uxa" flag
<drakonis1>i'm not sure if i can help you here
<drakonis1>the folks with more experience might be able to
<shtwzrd>package def for xf86-video-intel actually has a supported-systems field in it, which does not include any non i686 or x64 systems. So perhaps it's actually a bug that xorg even pulls this in when arch=aarch64
<shtwzrd>and no problem of course :) Thank you for your help, I hadn't even realized that my config didn't pull xorg at all so you've already helped me out :)
<drakonis1>it wouldn't if you were to remove set-xorg-configuration
<shtwzrd>yeah exactly, I had noticed that removing that service meant no more building xf86-video-intel, but hadn't realized it also meant no more xorg, until you told me haha
<drakonis1>i'll be back later
<drakonis1>have some other things to do first
<drakonis1>then get back to learning how to do advanced things
<shtwzrd>np, thanks again for your help :)
<pkill9>can a service add a kernel argument?
<shtwzrd>pkill9: I would think not. Services don't run until the kernel has already booted.
<pkill9>shtwzrd: i mean in the config file
<pkill9>as in, can you add a service that add a kernel argument to the OS config
<shtwzrd>pkill9: the operating-system declaration takes a kernel-arguments field though
<pkill9>like how some services add packages
<shtwzrd>oh, you want to dynamically add kernel arguments to the config based on the included services? I don't know if that can be done, sorry
<raingloom>hmm, gnome.scm is pretty huge. should i add Geary to it or should i split it off into something else for compile time's sake?
<pkill9>i would just put it in gnome.scm, and let it be split up later
<bandali>there's also gtk.scm i think
<bandali>see which one has similar apps i guess
<raingloom>evolution is in gnome.scm, so i figured it should also go there
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<cnmne>hello guix! I get an error when running `guix import gem unicode_utils' for an empty vector. I'm not where to even look for the error there. I thought it might be the underscore, but that seems silly and anyway it works with `guix import gem unicode-display_width'. I've tried quoting and that's about all I know to try.
<apteryx>cnmne: I can reproduce the issue here. Would you like to open a bug for it? You can do so by sending an email to The list of current bugs for Guix can be seen at:
<cnmne>sure I'll do that!
<cnmne>thanks for the backup :]
<apteryx>cnmne: Thank you!
<efraim>shtwzrd: with xorg-modules i found it has to be explicit and alist-remove doesn't work for some reason
<efraim>Actually I checked my config and fold delete doesn't work, I assume I tried alist-delete too
<cnmne>apteryx: submitted!
<apteryx>cnmne: I've never looked at the gem importer, but potentially it's an issue where it's looking for some field in a file and doesn't find it, and doesn't guard against this case. Perhaps it can't be imported for some reason; if so, it should fail gracefully.
<cnmne>that sounds reasonable
<shtwzrd>efraim: thanks :) I actually am specifying it explicitly though (no alist-delete or similar), I just supply the whole list of modules I want, without xf86-video-intel in it. But it still tries to build
<shtwzrd>My guess is that the modules form only impacts what modules get loaded in the xorg configuration, not which ones get built. I've written a bug report for it
<vits95>Hi! How do your do?
<valignatev>Hey guix, is there a livestream of fosdem2020 anywhere?
<valignatev>Oh, just found it:
<valignatev>Can't just link it on the main page huh
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, vagrantc says: Thanks for 2032d8473d11711b88fd3e48644c569dee32fa42 ci: Cross-build for riscv64-linux-gnu. Very exciting!
<civodul>heheh :-)
<civodul>comes from a discussion with dongcarl
<efraim>No promises, I might try to write up my rust conversations while on the plane
<leoprikler>sneek later tell raingloom gnome.scm is fine, but raghav-gururajan is looking to split that up into multiple parts later on
<sneek>Will do.
<g_bor[m]>hello guix!
<g_bor[m]>I remember there was some dicussion that it be not needed to return #t from the phases.
<g_bor[m]>Is that implemented already?
<efraim>IIRC still necessary
<civodul>heya g_bor[m] & efraim!
<civodul>yeah it's still needed
<civodul>but it's kinda ridiculous
<civodul>we should check whether there's still code that relies on it
<civodul>actually Mark H Weaver was initially taking care of that transition, i'm not sure what the exact plan was
<efraim>Last night I hacked together a %vim-install-phase but I wasn't happy with it
<efraim>Too many differently named directories for me to actually like it
<civodul>y'all had a good trip back?
<efraim>I did like the implementation overall though. New build module misc-build-phases to hold a collection of single phases to be added in
*efraim boards flight in about a half hour
<civodul>oh, ok
<efraim>I guess I could look at the fonts and see if it's worth creating just an install phase that can be dropped into most of them
<leoprikler>Was it not, that it used to be you could return anything, but now it's required to be #t?
<ng0>with sleep and people, fosdem is actually enjoyable. not like what I did in 2016 :D
<ng0>the mes talk and where it's heading is fascinating
<divansantana>I see timezone is not showing my local timezone in browsers like chrome, qutebrowser that use qtwebengine. epiphany shows correct timezone. I think this is guix specific issue. Do we hide the local timezone for some privacy reason or something? example url
<leoprikler>ehm, where is the timezone?
<divansantana>leoprikler: my timezone is set to as per (timezone "Africa/Johannesburg"). But qutebrowser and chrome still show GMT. epiphany is correct. I think it's guix specific packaging but I'm not sure.
<divansantana>in qutebrowser, running in qutebrowser running ":jseval alert(new Date().toString())" From says Mon Feb 03 2020 13:50:27 GMT+0000 (GMT)
<bdju>I know icecat's resist fingerprinting setting messes up the timezone, but I'm not sure about the other browsers.
<efraim>I missed the mes talk, I'll have to grab the recording
<drakonis>recording isnt up yet
<drakonis> will be here
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<jonsger> do others also see make errors in po/guix? I had similiar errors a while ago but I forgot how to "fix2
<jonsger>a "rm -rf po/guix" and then "git restore -- po" helped
<str1ngs>divansantana: do you have a simple website I can test that on?
<str1ngs>divansantana: nvm I see the JS code now
<str1ngs>divansantana: this returns the right timezone for me
<divansantana>str1ngs: with which web browser on guix does this work for you?
<str1ngs>I tested using qutebrowser and alert(new Date().toString())
<str1ngs>divansantana: ^
<divansantana>str1ngs:wow. That's interesting. Latest qutebrowser from guix I guess? on guix system? My qutebrowser is stored in a profile under ~/.guix-extra-profiles/
<divansantana>Wonder what I could check.
<str1ngs>divansantana: yes, I'm using guix. I packages qtwebengine and updated qutebrowser. so I want to make sure there is not an issue with that.
<divansantana>str1ngs: thanks hugely for packaging it. I really appreciate that.
<str1ngs>divansantana: what is the output of $ date
<divansantana>let me clear .config/qutebrowser and .cache/qutebrowser and try again.
<divansantana>str1ngs:$ date where?
<str1ngs>from bash
<divansantana>Mon 03 Feb 2020 07:15:40 PM SAST
<divansantana>maybe my locales?
<apteryx>divansantana: At least in Icecat, the timezone is set to GMT as a privacy measure, caused by the ResistFingerprinting setting.
<str1ngs>I'm assuming SAST is corrent?
<divansantana>clearing .cache and .config didn't help.
<apteryx>perhaps the same is true for other browsers, I only use Icecat.
<divansantana>str1ngs:my version details
<str1ngs>09:19:02 INFO: Mon Feb 03 2020 09:19:02 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
<str1ngs>divansantana: if you start qutebrowser from a terminal and use new Date().toString() with jseval it will output to console
<str1ngs>maybe if there is a localization issue you will see a warning or error aswell
<divansantana>clearing .local/share/qutebrowser didn't help.
<divansantana>str1ngs: tried jseval alert(new Date().toString()) which I only get 19:24:29 INFO: No output or error on cli
<divansantana>or new Date().toString() which I get 19:24:47 INFO: Mon Feb 03 2020 17:24:47 GMT+0000 (GMT)
<divansantana>doing the same with qutebrowser -d -l vdebug I doesn't help.
<str1ngs>divansantana: it's odd but not apparent why that does not work for you.
<divansantana>perhaps I have to run some command within it's python environment.
<divansantana>str1ngs:I thought it was a packaging issue, but perhaps not if it works for you. Let me ask on #qutebrowser
<str1ngs>divansantana: it's potentially a packaging issue with qtwebengine.
<divansantana>str1ngs:but why would it work for you then?
<divansantana>str1ngs:I do get the same behaviour on chrome via a guix package. And that is not default on chrome.
<NieDzejkob>divansantana: is this guix system or a foreign distro?
<NieDzejkob>do you have $TZDIR set?
<str1ngs>divansantana: can you clone this repo . and then in that directory do. guix environment --ad-hoc qtbase qtwebengine qtwebchannel qtdeclarative gcc-toolchain then qmake && make && ./main
<divansantana>NieDzejkob:guix system. echo $TZDIR says /gnu/store/9mmsilz9avdl49i6a6nj5mzfyim8ihv2-tzdata-2019c/share/zoneinfo
<NieDzejkob>are you starting your browsers from this shell? If not, can you try doing that?
<divansantana>I am running exwm. I have started it from xterm.
<divansantana>str1ngs:busy with that
<divansantana>str1ngs:done. Launches guessing qtengine. what do I do then. Not sure how to navigate.
<divansantana>str1ngs:it returns QDateTime(2020-02-03 20:01:13.463 SAST Qt::LocalTime)
<divansantana>which is correct.
<str1ngs>ok that looks right thanks
<divansantana> is my version details again
<str1ngs>divansantana: try now with git pull && make && ./main . make sure you are still in the environment
<str1ngs>divansantana: I added a javascript call to date
<divansantana>str1ngs:first row QDateTime(2020-02-03 20:30:39.450 SAST Qt::LocalTime) second "Mon Feb 03 2020 18:30:39 GMT+0000 (GMT)"
<str1ngs>divansantana: second row seems wrong. so not a qutebrowser issue
<str1ngs>also for me I get "Mon Feb 03 2020 10:44:14 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)" which is right
<divansantana>str1ngs:what does that mean?
<divansantana>a qtwebengine issue?
<divansantana>str1ngs:do you know why yours works and mine doesn't?
<str1ngs>divansantana: I don't know why mine works and yours does not.
<divansantana>strange. My date command works in bash.
<str1ngs>divansantana and QDateTime works as well
<str1ngs>it's something qtwebenine or javascript related
<jonsger>is it intended that doesn't redirect to https by default?
<bandali>i think so
<bandali>but afaik uses a header of some sort such that once you visit over https, subsequent requests over http will be redirected to https
<kkebreau>Is anyone here able to build the x86_64 version of LLVM 3.9.1 on the core-updates branch?
<kkebreau>Never mind, there's a commit that looks like it addresses this issue.
*civodul just ran: guix package -r $(guix package -I ^guile |cut -f1) -i guile-next{,:debug} $(guix package -I ^guile-| cut -f1| sed '-es/^guile-/guile3.0-/g')
<ArneBab>civodul: nice!
<civodul>ArneBab: yeah i had already been using Guile 3 when adapting Guix, but it's like i'm officially switching all my stuff to 3.0 now :-)
<ArneBab>that’s really cool! I already rejoiced when I saw guile3.0-wisp in the tree :-) (thank you!)
*jackhill sees that there was a mgmt config talk in the minimalisted languages at FOSDEM, and wonders how its ideas could influence/combine with guix deploy
<civodul>jackhill: the talk there is mostly about their DSL, which is interesting in many ways, but Guix is not looking for a DSL ;-)
<civodul>the tool itself is an imperative deployment tool actually, AIUI
<vagrantc>how would one go about getting a list of all guix packages sorted in the order they need to be built ?
<vagrantc>don't need it to be exact, but the packages with the fewest dependencies first would be ideal
<vagrantc>maybe it isn't even needed...
<civodul>hey vagrantc
<civodul>internally the daemon does the right thing
<civodul>so it's not needed if you go through it
<jackhill>civodul: thanks. I guess I should watch the video :)
<vagrantc>civodul: sure i know that :)
<civodul>yeah, so i guess i'm not really answering your question? :-)
<vagrantc>yeah ... maybe it's not worth bothering
<jfred>Hmm, so the Shepherd manual says there should be a special 'list-actions' target that should be available for all services ( but...
<jfred>is there something I'm missing?
<vagrantc>basically, i want to rebuild the world without substitutes and run guix challenge on the results ... i could just iterate alphabetically and then some builds with already be done by the time you get to them
<civodul>"guix challenge" without any arguments will traverse the store, if that's of any help
<civodul>jfred: looks like an omission!
<jfred>aha, so it's not just me then!
<jfred>thanks :)
<vagrantc>civodul: is there a way to "guix challenge --build" if no local build... ideally only if the remote has a build?
<vagrantc>then it could just be one command iterating through all the packages
<vagrantc>it'd be a waste of build time if there's nothing remote to challenge, for example
<civodul>vagrantc: there's no such option but it'd be worth considering, i agree
<vagrantc>sounds like a bug report ... ok
<civodul>well, "guix challenge" was initially thought as a way to challenge servers based on what's available
<civodul>i had never thought of also having it trigger builds
<civodul>but yeah, why not!
<vagrantc>are there any stats on how long substitutes which aren't "current" stick around for?
<vagrantc>i know there was some process to try and keep substitutes for released versions indefinitely?
<vagrantc>are the patches in gnu/packages/patches needed for a build from git?
<vagrantc>or rather, a build from source tarball
<jfred>civodul: ah, figured it out - "herd doc udev list-actions"
<vagrantc>becuase other than that issue around unclear licensing, i think my debian packages are ready to upload
<vagrantc>i guess there's one way to find out...
<vagrantc>civodul: now that i think about it ... guix build --no-substitutes && guix challenge is probably just fine
<ArneBab>I cannot install spatialite-gui, because wxwidgets@2.8.12 fails to build.
<vagrantc>or rather: guix build --no-substitutes PACKAGE && guix challenge PACKAGE
<vagrantc>is there any conception of what a "base system" is?
<vagrantc>can guix challenge take a manifest?
<vagrantc>or a system config.scm ?
<vagrantc>apparently it only operates on packages ... maybe that's a more interesting bug report
*vagrantc chews on these feature requests a little more before submitting bugs
<pkill9>are there any VPS providers that will deploy a guix system based on a guix config?
<vagrantc>ok, for a "base system" i can build a system image and then parse the installed packages from guix challenge. close enough.
<vagrantc>e.g. barebones.tmpl and whatnot.
<vagrantc>this can be more meaningful sets of packages to target. :)
<vagrantc>bare-bones.tmpl desktop.tmpl lightweight-desktop.tmpl will be interesting package sets to start with
<vagrantc>does guix challenge issue a different return code for inconclusive vs. differed?