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*civodul waves
<civodul>but surely nckx spans several timezones
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, ng0 says: as someone with only uploader rights do you still want me to comment on the gnu guidelines (as email went to 3 groups of people)?
<Blackbeard[m]>civodul: hi ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
<civodul>ng0: i don't understand: which guidelines, and which uploader rights?
<civodul>in trying to prepare my talks before going to Brussels, i find myself not hacking much
<civodul>that is terrible
<ng0>i received an email from you earlier today, probably as part of just sending an email to every address know to fsf uploaders, maintainers, etc
<ng0>my only involvement with gnu is having access for one project. so idk if the scope of the email was just very broad
<ng0> 14 [ S+] Endorsement of the GNU Social Contract [Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 02:58:25PM UTC] Ludovic Courtès
<civodul>ng0: oh that, yes!
<civodul>well you can reply to it if you want to discuss things
<drakonis>well now.
<civodul>otherwise just read it and act accordingly :-)
<drakonis>that sounds like an interesting thing
<nckx>bandali: I'm sure there are others. I sometimes wonder. ‘You look European’, I'll think to myself, while being too European to dare ask.
<bandali>nckx, :-D
*nckx is about to push a CRITICAL (their caps) opensmtpd-next update & go to bed, though. Opensmtpd-next users, er, well, upgrade, duh.
<bandali>.oO everyone brace for impact and hold on for dear life Oo.
<lfam>Thanks nckx
<lfam>I was about to post about that
*bandali gets busy sending a couple more emacs-xyz patches
<nckx>lfam, bandali: Then I probably have bad news. It will depend on what the disclosed vulnerability turns out to be, but Guix's opensmtp service still uses an OLD version because it hasn't been ported to the new syntax yet.
<nckx>If the vuln was introduced between 6.0.3p1 (Guix's service) and 6.6.2p1 (opensmtpd-next, which I run in prod but does not have a service) you're lucky. Otherwise someone will have to sweatily adapt our service now. It won't be me, sorry.
*nckx → some tightly-scheduled Zs. 😴
*nckx feels really guilty and apologises for the rude timing of this vulnerability.
<pkill9>can someone provide an example of specifying run-setuid field in the config?
<pkill9>i mean, setuid-programs
<lfam>Go to bed nckx 🤣
<lfam>pkill9: Here's one:
<pkill9>thanks lfam
<pkill9>i need to keep a list of links to other people's configs
<lfam>And the default list %setuid-programs is from 'gnu/system.scm'
<lfam>Yeah they can be really useful!
<pkill9>how difficult would it be to take an operating-system configuration, and modify it with guile?
<pkill9>i'm thinking it would be neat to have a command line interface that does common changes, like adding a user, and it would add the user to the config and then reconfigure the system with that config
<pkill9>i've heard lisp languages are good at doing things like that
<dctrud>Hello all. I think I read a while back about 'guix pull' taking a fair amount of RAM. Does anyone know what the worst case is?
<dctrud>... before I waste time with a RAM constrained VM
<terpri>pkill9, the difficult part would be serializing the changes in a useful way
<g_bor[m]>pkill9: it is quite easy actually.
<g_bor[m]>there are ready-made solutions to read and write os configs, and a modification is usually as easy as set-fields on the record.
<g_bor[m]>or use inherit and the operating-system constructor.
<apteryx>is there a way to skip the "Network selection" step in the graphical installer? I've just set a "shared" internet connection over a wire using NetworkManager, and have internet access on the box (ping works, for example), but the installer refuses to recognizes that.
<drakonis>the installer generates an config i think?
<drakonis>you can back off that step to reach a list of available steps i think?
<apteryx>yes, I can go back to the installation menu, where "Network selection" is at the end of the list of possible actions (there's also an "Abort" button).
<drakonis>hrm, i see.
<drakonis>why not write your own config at this point?
<drakonis>the installer merely writes one for you.
<drakonis>shouldnt be too difficult to do that with the docs on hand?
<apteryx>It seems without the installer agreeing that I have network access, there's no way to finish the process.
<apteryx>right, that's one way out. I was interested to try out the graphical installer though :-) and save me some editing.
<bandali>interesting. is the network selection step new? i don’t recall bumping into it
<apteryx>I guess if it detects it is connected to the internet it might be transparent to the user
<apteryx>is it possible to 'guix deploy' to a machine running the Guix installer?
*apteryx tries
<bandali>ah i guess that’d make sense
<bandali>i’ve always been connected to ethernet in advance
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<malaclyps>how do I use guile3.0? I've installed guile-next, but I don't know how to start the guile binary
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<drakonis>invoke guile
<malaclyps>ah i have it, it was a $PATH snafu
<apteryx>another weird thing with the installer is that kmscon peaks one of the core at 100%
<thomassgn>dctrud: I'm probably not being helpfull, but I've not noticed guix pull use much resources lately - I have it constrained to one core and one job max though.
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<kmicu>FYI yesterday Guix HPC’s feeds showed up in my Elfeed with duplicated ‘blog’ hence giving 404
<raingloom>hey folks, could someone tell me why this is necessary for patches in channels and why it's not working when i try it in my channel?
<raingloom>ah wait, nevermind, i think i know why it didn't work. *facepalm*
<raingloom>but i'm still curious why this is necessary?
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<leoprikler>raingloom: because guix search-patches is unaware of your channels patch-patch?
<raingloom>well, yea, but it's weird i have to do this, especially since it's not very well documented. (c|sh)ouldn't search-patches just do this automatically?
<raghav-gururajan>civodul ng0 What's "[ S+] Endorsement of the GNU Social Contract " ???
<efraim>IIRC the search-patches logic is in (gnu packages)
<efraim>It's probably on the super sekret gnu-members only mailling list
<raghav-gururajan>efraim Pardon?
<efraim>raghav-gururajan: there's a couple of private mailling lists for gnu. I've heard there's lots of drama
<raghav-gururajan>efraim Ah I see.
<ng0>raghav-gururajan: it's easy to search
<leoprikler>raingloom: search-patches accepts patches at your channel root. If you put them elsewhere, you're on your own.
<ng0>ok, not that easy. but it's on a list which seems to have many people I try to avoid because I have a life, so getting an email with it was positively surprising and irritating (because i have just been uploading releases)
<raghav-gururajan>ng0 Searchable from?
<smithras>good morning guix!
<pkill9>all search-patches does is search for patches in gnu/packages/patches, and in the root of all channels, i think
<pkill9>but you could make your own function that searches for them in your channel/packages/patches
<ng0>raghav-gururajan: search engines. sorry for being so short, busy elsewhere
*nckx finishes the 'borted upgrade, starts smtpd, and braces for the GNU drama wave.
<nckx>Good morning all.
<janneke>Good morning nckx!
<jlicht>hey guix!
<zzappie>Hi guix! hey jlicht
<jonsger>hey. If someone travels today from Frankfurt to Bruxelles by train, you can ping me. Maybe we are in the same train :)
<leoprikler>Does anyone know how guix creates /etc/profile?
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<mfg>Hi there, is there any effort in updateing the android related packages?
<jlicht>mfg: are you talking about actual updates (e.g. version of existing packages), or rather to have more android related packages available in guix?
<mfg>jlicht: i mean updating the existing ones :)
<jlicht>mfg: ah then I don't know. Usually it just means nobody went and did the work to make it happen :-)
<nckx>mfg: Why not try updating them yourself? 🙂
<mfg>Hm ok. I will look into it when i'm home, maybe i get something done.
<mfg>ncks: :D
<nckx>mfg: Yay!
<nckx>Another innocent user lured into contributing.
*smithras is frustrated that anki's build isn't deterministic
<nckx>smithras: How?
<smithras>nckx: I'm running diffoscope on it now
<smithras>the 'time of file birth' attribute isn't being scrubbed :/
<numerobis>Hi #guix! Noob question, but where in my directory tree is guix located (the place where the 'git pull' happens). I'm asking because, up until now, I always go online to view the git log, and it'd be more convenient to view it locally.
<leoprikler>If you want the definition of a specific package, try `guix edit'
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<bricewge>numerobis: It seems to be in ~/.cache/guix/pull/*
<raghav-gururajan>ng0 No worries!
<zzappie>Could someone suggest reference repo with webservices guix service configurations and stuff?
<bandali>probably the maintenance repo of guix
<zzappie>bandali: thanks for suggestion. Ill look into it.
<bandali>zzappie, cheers
<bricewge>Is there a way to use (guix gexp) in shepherd user service?
<bricewge>I want to write a wrapper around xsecurelock that set some environment variable. Which ought to be called by an xss-lock user service.
<drakonis>so, today's a slow day.
<drakonis>most of the developers are heading to fosdem
<smithras>yeah I think most of the regulars are taking either a train or plane right now
<numerobis>bricewge: Thanks! There is indeed a git repository there, but on my system it doesn't look like it is the latest one (The last commit is from September, and I 'guix pull'ed yesterday. ;)
*jonsger still building on the wip-gnome3.34 branch while being in the train :)
*efraim landed and is on their way to ICAB
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<dongcarl>Hey is there a special channel for guix days?
<jonsger>dongcarl: I don't think so
<efraim>I forgot to print out keysigning info for people registered to come
<daviwil>Anyone else here encounter a lot of unexpected errors after switching from "emacs" to "emacs-next"? Some parts of my config are exceeding both max-lisp-eval-depth and max-specpdl-size just by changing over to Emacs 27
<daviwil>I searched around online but didn't find anything conclusive about whether certain packages I use have issues with 27
<lfam>daviwil: Usually if there is a -next package it means that the new package isn't totally ready for prime-time
<lfam>I don't use Emacs so I don't know the specifics of this case
<daviwil>I would imagine Emacs 27 is pretty stable by this point, was mainly curious if anyone saw any issues specific to Guix's management of EMACSLOADPATH, etc
<daviwil>I'll probably just have to step through my config and enable things one by one until the culprit is discovered
<Blackbeard[m]>daviwil: I think you have to adapt your config and packages for emacs 27 a bit
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<NieDzejkob>bricewge: it's possible to just set the env var when starting xss-lock
<NieDzejkob>leoprikler: see build-etc/profile in guix/build/profiles.scm
<leoprikler>I actually meant the real /etc/profile in gnu/system.scm
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<leoprikler>It's fine, I already patched, what I wanted to patch. I'll wait until FOSDEM is over before submitting it, though, given that I already wait on two patchsets.
<NieDzejkob>is it not generated by that procedure anyway, though?
<leoprikler>I think you mean $GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile whereas I mean $OS_ROOT/etc/profile.
<leoprikler>i.e. the thing that sources all the $GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profiles 😉️
<NieDzejkob>oh that's confusing. There's /run/current-system/etc/profile and /run/current-system/profile/etc/profile
<leoprikler>neither of those
<leoprikler>or maybe the former?
<NieDzejkob>yeah, looks like it
<leoprikler>the thing is, /etc/profile is actually not a symlink to it, but a hard link?
<leoprikler>or a copy even?
*bavier surprised to find out almost half of Guix's packages depend on ninja
<leoprikler>probably due to meson-build-system?
<leoprikler>bear in mind it is widely used in GNOME
<bricewge>NieDzejkob: I'am already using #:environment-variables to set some variable. But I need to change the env on the fly to toggle between a dark and light theme.
<bricewge>ATM the environment is set when shepherd load the guile code. I need to be set when xsecurelock is actually called by xss-lock.
<bricewge>s/need to/need it to/
<leoprikler>How would you change that variable on the fly with a gexp?
<leoprikler>Once the file has been written to disk you can't really change it and with that all the env variables will be fixed as well.
<bricewge>I have written some functions to load environment variables from a like systemd does
<apteryx>how can I refresh the shepherd services after switching generations?
<leoprikler>apteryx: herd reload?
<bricewge>So I just need a way to give to xss-lock a path to a guile script that will load this envfile (which change based on my current theme) before invoking xsecurelock.
<bricewge>I would have liked to keep the script together with the service definition though.
<apteryx>leoprikler: sounds too simple
<apteryx>herd reload prints a usage line, but it seems to have done it
<apteryx>err, actually, no.
<leoprikler>bricewge: In principle, you can embed arbitrary guile code into your constructor. It is simply a procedure, that takes an arbitrary amount of arguments.
<NieDzejkob>> I would have liked to keep the script together with the service definition though. <- Congratulations, you just leveled up. New abilities: [Git Wizardry I]
<bandali>so uh, any committers up for reviewing some emacs-xyz packages? :p
<leoprikler>NieDzejkob: Pfft, I'm a step ahead of you. Write both in an org-mode buffer and use org-babel-tangle.
<leoprikler>I think the next four days are not going to be heavy on the reviewing stuff
<bandali>good time to stop procrastinating with guix and get to my thesis project, i guess :p
<bavier>bandali: they're on the patch list?
<bricewge>NieDzejkob: What do you mean? Should I avoid this, is this a bad idea?
<bandali>bavier, yup; fresh, near the top :p
<bavier>bandali: I'll try to take a look (I'm not at fosdem)
<bandali>bavier, awesome, thank you :-)
<leoprikler>bricewge: Having both in literally the same file is a bit overkill.
<NieDzejkob>bricewge: I mean that putting your wrapper in a separate file and keeping both in a separate git repo is IMO a good solution
<bricewge>leoprikler: The thing is I need xss-lock to forkexec when starting as usual but one argument should be a guile wrapper. And passing my script as an argument seems a bad idea. That's why I was looking for (guix gexp) to get a path from my wrapper.
<bricewge>Okay thanks guys, I'll do it your way then. (:
<leoprikler>To be completely honest, I still don't understand your use case.
<NieDzejkob>he wants to set env vars (theme) based on, say, time
<apteryx>what target should be given to grub-configuration for a GPT table with a /dev/sda1 boot partition?
<apteryx>/dev/sda1, right?
<NieDzejkob>no, /boot/efi
<nckx>apteryx: No, /boot/efi.
<NieDzejkob>or the mountpoint of the partition in general
<bandali>i gave /dev/sda for my legacy bios (no-uefi) system
<nckx>UEFI don't care 'bout your drive's cables.
<apteryx>bandali: this doesn't work for a GPT partition table, or does it?
*apteryx knows nothing about uefi
<nckx>apteryx: It does when you use CSM/BIOS. Not UEFI.
<bandali>apteryx, hmm, am not sure :/
<leoprikler>Assuming your BIOS understands GPT.
<bricewge>apteryx: The command to reload sheperd service need the path of your new shepherd.conf, like: herd reload root new-shepherd.conf
<nckx>Yes, your 5x86 might not like it.
<apteryx>this old tower is like 13 years old. So it probably wants BIOS?
<nckx>apteryx: Hard to tell, UEFI had been out for a while by then but there were plenty of BIOS systems being sold (or uselessly bad UEFI implementations) IIRC.
<nckx>apteryx: It will definitely support ‘BIOS’ in any case.
<leoprikler>bricewge: If your wrapping code is simple enough, you could do something like (define (my-constructor . args) [code to determine env vars] (fork+exec-command ...))
<nckx>apteryx: If you want to use GPT+BIOS (which works fine) you'll have to create a ~1 MiB ‘BIOS boot partition’ for GRUB to live in. It won't be a mountable file system, you don't need to do anything with it, you just need to reserve a few million bits for GRUB.
<leoprikler>and then use (service #:start my-constructor)
*NieDzejkob is testing a patch that bumps Go to the new security update (1.12.16)
<apteryx>nckx: in this GPT+BIOS scenario, what should the target be? /dev/sda?
*apteryx retries guix deploy
<nckx>Your system is in no way UEFI, so disregard any UEFI instructions (/boot/efi, creating an EFI system partition, all irrelevant).
<nckx>Good luck.
<apteryx>last time it failed because the target machine is running the Guix installer (off a flash drive), and I had forgotten to start the cow-store service.
<apteryx>grub-install was complaining about None mounted on / or so.
<apteryx>it might still not like it: mount says: none on / type overlay
<nckx>Interesting. I'm almost certain I've forgot the cow-store before (knowing me, it's just a likely bet) and all I got was an error when RAM eventually filled up.
<apteryx>yeah, the RAM was filling, but that bare-bone installation seemed to fit in it :-)
<nckx>apteryx: What do you mean ‘might still not like it’? That mount line seems correct.
<nckx>As long as your real drive is mounted at /mnt, both guix system init & GRUB should DTRT.
<nckx>(Or wherever, even /mnt isn't a hard-coded requirement.)
<bricewge>leoprikler: Unfortunately it won't work in my case. xss-lock is a daemon that listen on X events and execute it's first positional argument when he want the screenlocker up. So xss-lock is a service that should never stop, but in my case I need him to call FOO=bar xsecurelock and some time FOO=baz xsecurelock. That's why I was looking to path a wrapper to xss-lock instead of xsecurelock directly, since stop and starting such a
<bricewge>service isn't a good idea.
<mfg>So i'm trying to update all necessary packages to get adb 9.0.0_r52. I'm currently trying to get it's liblog dependency built. But the make step says "nothing to be done for all", but it builds nothing and crashes afterwards because of obviously missing files ...
<apteryx>nckx: I was referring to a grub-installerror I saw yesterday, about apparently looking at teh mount for / and being unhappy that it found 'None'.
<nckx>But that's… isn't that always the case for / in the installer?
<nckx>Could you have specified a partition as the target instead of the device, causing GRUB to look for a mount point?
<apteryx>perhaps. I had tried /dev/sda1 as my last attempt. We'll see, now it's running with cow-store enabled and /dev/sda as a target.
<NieDzejkob>mfg: Could you post a link to the relevant Makefile?
*NieDzejkob kinda wants to punch whoever wrote the docs for guile-git in the face
<lfam>It's normal to get frustrated but let's try to remember that everyone here is volunteering
<NieDzejkob>yeah, I know, that's why I won't actually do it :P
<g_bor[m]>Hello guix!
<mfg>NieDzejkob: I guess it's this ( and the
<nckx>Ouph. I second lfam's reaction.
<vagrantc>thirded :)
<g_bor[m]>I regret to inform you that I will be delayed, as my flight was canceled an hour ago. I will arrive to the airport at around 1030
<mfg>NieDzejkob: I mean the from android-make-stub
<nckx>g_bor[m]: It's OK, we'll all just sit in silence & wait until you walk in to start.
<NieDzejkob>I hope we all understand that I'm not actually suggesting violence here, but now that I think about it more, I shouldn't have said that even jokingly...
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<NieDzejkob>Just submitted to fix a security issue in Go, a prioritized merge would be nice. (lfam: ?)
<commanderkeen>hello im new to the guix system. everything seems great with guix itself. my only concern is shepherd. im just curious how much real world impedance i would expect from it?
*lfam looks
<apteryx>nckx: it failed with the unhelpful trace:
<NieDzejkob>commanderkeen: I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "impedance" here...
<NieDzejkob>In a manifest, which is more compatible: (use-package-modules ...) and using the variable names, or (specification->package ...)?
<commanderkeen>NieDzejkob: is it something I will have to work with often? Im from gentoo and OpenRC and some packages are expecting systemd and require some extra work (impedance) to get going.
<commanderkeen>which im fine doing some hacking. but im just curious if this is something that i should expect to face frequently or rarely
<lfam>I haven't seen many packages that expect systemd beyond just including a systemd service file
<NieDzejkob>commanderkeen: I haven't had to do anything like that yet
<NieDzejkob>though YMMV, of course
<lfam>In general, complicated program architectures like GNOME benefit from something as powerful as systemd but we made it work with shepherd
<lfam>Shepherd is quite simplistic in comparison but... the sky is the limit!
<commanderkeen>okay sounds good. i appreciate the feedback. I wasnt sure if i could allocate the time to try guix system for daily driver
<commanderkeen>i wouldnt mind being a gentoo refugee
<nckx>apteryx: Smells like your LUKS/device mapping is to blame?
<daviwil>commanderkeen: switching to Guix as my system distro has been one of the most satisfying things I've done with my computer in a while
<daviwil>Keeping your entire system config in source control is amazing
<commanderkeen>yeah. like im loving what i see
<jackhill>+1. I took the plunge after my disk failed, and I had to install something. I'm a former gentoo user, coming by way of debian, and it has a lot of the nice things I miss about gentoo, but with so much more awesome stuff.
<sneek>jackhill, you have 1 message.
<sneek>jackhill, raghav-gururajan says: I just guix pulled and reconfigured my system. GDM worked fine for me. I did get those warning messages during system reconfiguration.
<jackhill>cool, well I guess we got gdm all fixed up now
<jackhill>sneek: botsnack
<daviwil>It took a few weeks of effort for me to get some initial issues worked out when I switched over from Manjaro, but now I can't imagine using anything else
<commanderkeen>the only thing i have to deal with now is getting a wifi card for my laptop that will work, which turns out to be quite the task
*nckx leaves for the Guix Days, only 6 hours of driving to go o/
<drakonis>guix days will be streamed?
<drakonis>daviwil: the actually satisfying thing is to have it use an actual language rather than cooking up its own thing
<daviwil>That is one of the benefits, indeed
<daviwil>I enjoy having the most important parts of my system configured with Lisp dialects
<drakonis>there's other fun and exciting benefits regarding packages that you cant get with nix
<drakonis>like installing variants of packages and/or different package versions
<drakonis>its great when a package upgrade is trivial
<vagrantc>drakonis: i think the networking isn't good enough at the venue for guix days, from what i heard
<drakonis>ah, just record it then
<jonsger>drakonis: the Guix days are held in an unconference style. So there are not that many presentations. So no recordings. But you can watch the presentations from the FOSDEM...
<drakonis>i see.
*lfam will finish testing and push the Go update in a couple hours
<drakonis>hmm, the packaging tutorial in the cookbook could really use an advanced version
<drakonis>it doesn't cover packages that require entire shell scripts of code to build on guix and nix
<drakonis>a big pile of shell script
<drakonis>hm, speaking of shell scripts, would it be viable to ship gash and gash-coreutils as the default implementation of shell and utils?
<bricewge>drakonis: From gash's README « It is still early days for Gash. At the moment, Gash is extremely limited and extremely slow, so we cannot recommend using it as your shell.»
<drakonis>in a year or two maybe?
<leoprikler>bricewge: how about implementing those two flavours of xsecurelock as actions?
<drakonis>the actual question i was going to ask is, if it gets shipped, it'd be available in the tree for usage with guix scripts?
<drakonis>leoprikler: actions?
<leoprikler>Shepherd actions
<drakonis>shepherd's docs are a little inadequate right now
<bricewge>leoprikler: It would work, but I would need to restart xss-lock at some time.
<leoprikler>so you would need to modify the env vars of the xss-lock process?
<bricewge>Anyway I'm near done with the wrapper. Just need to understand how to get from ("foo" "bar") to "foo" "bar".
<drakonis>shepherd's start up process seems a little slow though, it can sometimes take a while to actually construct the system to a point that logging in functions
<leoprikler>starting xsecurelock with some var alone is not enough?
<drakonis>ie: user data hasn't been made available in their correct locations so it says it belongs to the guest user
<drakonis>hrm, is there an easy-ish way to switch out which cups version is available to the service?
<drakonis>my printer only functions with an older version of cups from years ago
<bricewge>leoprikler: Yes modifying the env vars of the running xss-lock process would be enought, but I have been told it's not the UNIX way.
<bandali>y’all, anyone know the status of texlive packages in guix?
<leoprikler>hacking into the environment variables of a running process sounds very evil
<bricewge>It is engouh to start xsecurelock with some var, the issue is that they ought to change.
<bandali>i remember seeing related discussion on one of the guix lists a while back, but can’t remember off top of my head what the recommendation is for installing and using texlive packages
<leoprikler>bricewge: which should not be an issue if you make a separate action for that
<leoprikler>either one for each set of variables, or one + logic to determine which variable set you need
<apteryx>nckx: had forgotten the dependencies field, so yes, something was smelly there indeed.
<apteryx>now it still fails, but with: guix/scripts/deploy.scm:115:22: Throw to key `srfi-34' with args `(#<condition &store-protocol-error [message: "creating directory `/gnu/store/nix-18347-0': No such file or directory" status: 42] 7f8b9cd149f0>)'.
<leoprikler>then you can say `herd some-action xss-lock`
<drakonis>oh, actions like those huh
<drakonis>i thought it was something else.
<bricewge>drakonis: sudo herd doc root list-actions
<bricewge>sudo herd eval root '(* 2 21)'
<drakonis>ohhhhhh, that's neat.
<drakonis>i didnt know about that.
<drakonis>i guess that's what happens when you have guile all the way down
<bricewge>leoprikler: I don't see how it will work since xss-lock would already be running with it's environment and args set. Which can't be set on the fly, except by restarting a new process.
<leoprikler>Okay, where do you need to set those env vars again?
<leoprikler>I'm really getting mixed messages here and it's driving me crazy.
<leoprikler>Does it have to be the daemon or is the command that does the locking enough?
<bricewge>drakonis: Yes it's really refreshing coming from systemd and it's unmemorable DSL.
<bricewge>leoprikler: Yeah the xsecurelock setup is kind of funny.
<drakonis>there's other things to be done with shepherd, regarding its boot speed
<drakonis>its p. slow.
<bricewge>Shepherd starts a xss-lock service « xss-lock -l -- xsecurelock », the process wait for event and then fire xsecurelock.
<leoprikler>why can't you start xsecurelock directl from shepherd though?
<bricewge>So in the end the environment can't be changed by shepherd while the service is running.
<leoprikler>just bind the key to herd start mylocksomething
<bricewge>Because xss-lock fire the locksreen after some inactivity, or when the lid closes or loginctl lock-session, etc
<leoprikler>okay, fair enough
<leoprikler>xss-lock -l -- herd start real-lock
<bricewge>leoprikler: YES! That's it!!!
<bricewge>I didn't thought of that, it should work and be in the same file. Nice!