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<atw>does anyone else use inconsolata in emacs? with the updated inconsolata each character is given twice the space it needs, kinda l i k e t h i s. I have a screenshot if anyone has a recommended image host
<atw>(in the meantime I'm using Noto which is nice and I might stick with it)
<nckx>atw: That's interesting. I'll try it.
<nckx>I assume it's normal everywhere else? I use Inconsolata 3 in Termite and it looks great.
<atw>thanks nckx. I haven't tried outside of emacs, let me try firefox
<terpri>atw, trying to reproduce
<atw>firefox says it's using inconsolata and it looks normal. Could just be an emacs problem
<atw>emacs says "display: by this font (glyph code) xft:-CYRE-Inconsolata-normal-normal-normal-*-13-*-*-*-m-0-iso10646-1 (#x112)"
<nckx>atw: Looks normal in Termite, IceCat, and LibreOffice. But it's similarly mishandled by my emacs.
<terpri>somewhat related, i'm interested in improving emacs gnustep to the point where emacs on macos could use modern ui feautures (emoji support, etc.)
<nckx>atw: My emacs is a rather old 26.3 version and I can't upgrade. Is yours recent?
<leoprikler>terpri: Emacs 27 (emacs-next) should have Emoji support, does it not?
<atw>thanks for checking terpri, nckx, guess it's an emacs oddity. I tried emacs-next too and I get the same result there, nckx
<leoprikler>atw: is this before or after refreshing the font cache?
<nckx>I don't know of unsucky imagebins, but here's a screenshot for anyone not satisfied with atw's (excellent) description:
<terpri>i am not seeing extra space but it's using bold letters for inconsolata buffers
<nckx>terpri: And if you explicitly select, say, Inconsolata Medium?
<terpri>running emacs -Q --no-site-file after fc-cache -r
<atw>leoprikler: I have found that eg 👋 appears as tofu using emacs-next and Noto, but some emoji work, like 🌜
<nckx>terpri: And are you using the latest Inconsolata version (3.000) with clean fc-caches?
<atw>leoprikler: this is all after a font cache refresh
<terpri>that's with inconsolata medium seleceted
<terpri>this is with font-inconsolata@0.8, and emacs-26.3
<nckx>I think the problem is specifically with 3.000 + emacs only.
<terpri>fc-cache -r for cache cleanup, dunno if there is a more thorough option
<nckx>No, -r is already ‘force, but like really’.
<nckx>Well, you could sudo, but that's not relevant here.
<nckx>Or advisable.
<leoprikler>atw: 👋🌜 displays nicely (albeit colourless) in my emacs-next
<terpri>looks like the version of inconsolata used is quite outdated: 0.8 from the author's page vs v2+ from
<atw>leoprikler: hmm not in mine unfortunately. What font are you using?
<leoprikler>though it also renders colourless in emacs 26, hmmm
*terpri tests with newer inconsolata
<leoprikler>Noto Emoji enables both as far as I can see from debug
<terpri>leoprikler, i haven't kept up other than occasionally hearing compliants that emacs-on-osx disables basic features for political reasons
<terpri>and i'm one of (probably) few people who actually care about emacs-gnustep, so...
<leoprikler>I'm going to ignore complaints about political reasons for political reasons.
<leoprikler>Especially when they come from Apple folk.
*atw will have to mess with emacs' fonts more
<terpri>insisting that emacs-on-macOS will remain at feature parity with emacs-on-gnustep would be a perfectly reasonably strategy if anyone were around to work on the gnustep side of things :/
<nckx>terpri: …and that v2.x Google dump is itself outdated (the font is hosted under a googley GitHub account IIRC, but not that one). Any luck with 3.000?
*nckx wonders what kind of features one would disable ‘for political reasons’ and why.
<terpri>nckx, looks like v3
<nckx>That's the one.
<atw>font-inconsolata 3.000 should be available after a guix pull
<nckx>Don't ask me why both google/fonts and googlefonts exist, because the answer is just gonna be ‘Google 🤷’.
<leoprikler>At least it's not "google fonts"
<drakonis>no emojis over here
<nckx>Guix packages the googlefonts version which is 3.000.
<nckx>Well, version. It's just upstream.
<nckx>leoprikler: …well huh.
<nckx>Original reasoning…
<leoprikler>"We accidentally implemented this thing Mac users like" was taken by Mac users as "Emacs HATES Mac users".
<nckx>…and the reasoning's gone.
<leoprikler>On another note, nckx, how do you send patch series in a way that it doesn't open a new bug per patch?
<nckx>Me personally? By sending a ‘cover letter’ with my MUA, waiting for the bug number, then using git send-email --to=nnn@.
<leoprikler>I've configured my git:send-email with = to skip this for single patches, but this appears to break things
<leoprikler>will --to=nnn@ override the default setting?
<nckx>Yes, not append.
<nckx>I don't get your previous sentence.
<nckx>I have [sendemail] to =
<nckx>When I use ‘git send-email -1’ it just works.
<nckx>--to=nnn@ also just works.
<leoprikler>yeah, it's my fault for using CC'ing bug numbers normally
<nckx>Ah, I understand.
<nckx>Now I've zoned out the past half hour trying out ‘new’ monospace fonts again, knowing full well that I'll just revert back to Hack anyway.
<nckx>Damn you all.
<nckx>Never remind me that fonts exists.
<atw>hahaha, revenge! I did the same in a futile effort to make your emoji show up
<nckx>I'll never get this shit tho':
<nckx>atw: 😠
*atw C-u C-x = to find out what emotion is being expressed
<nckx>I'm sorry, that was mean; it's just an angry face.
<atw>P is for portable
<leoprikler>Is there a simple way to "union-build" a package from multiple origins?
<nckx>Do you mean Guix unpacking multiple source origins for you, as transparently as a single one is, before the build starts?
<nckx>The closest to that is 0 or 1 ‘source’ origins, and passing the rest as regular inputs & unpacking them yourself.
<nckx>‘Source’ is just an input with extra sugar anyway.
<nckx>Did that address your question at all?
<leoprikler>I'll still have to roll my own "union-build" via trivial-build-system from what I understand.
<nckx>I guess so, it's not quite clear to me what exactly you're making.
*nckx has reverted to Hack and gone back to work so not super-available now.
<leoprikler>I'm trying to pack up some unicode-related files for ibus.
<leoprikler>While I'm at it, could you tell me what this license should best be qualified as:
<leoprikler>nvm i found it on
<terpri>leoprikler, looks like a slightly modified mit/x11 license
<terpri>atw, with inconsolata 3 i see the extra spacing too
<bandali>does that happen even after a fc-cache -fv ?
<nckx>bandali: Yes.
<nckx>bandali: Any chance of fixing our yellow friend here?
<bandali>nckx, *weird*
<bandali>seems like a non-guix issue:
<nckx>bandali: Indeed, but my attitude to emacs font management is ‘stay away’.
<nckx>bandali: Thanks.
<bandali>nckx, looks like possibly an inconsolata issue, not an emacs one, though :)
<nckx>Liked & subscribed.
<nckx>bandali: Perhaps. We'll see.
<bandali>nckx, re dnssec: i’m powerless; your best bet would be the fsf sysadmins
<bandali>:) do you know how to reach them on irc or email?
<nckx>Not a clue! But I assume it's not classified.
<bandali>hehe definitely not :) you can drop by #fsfsys or write to
<nckx>bandali: Thanks for saving me some keystrokes.
*nckx → 😴
<bandali>nckx, cheers :)
<leoprikler>If the FSF implements a filesystem, will it be the FSFFS?
<bandali>probably, since fsfs is already a thing
<atw>thanks for finding the GH issue, bandali
<bandali>cheers atw
<bandali>atw, it’d be nice if you could chime in and perhaps show a screenshot of your emacs as well
<bandali>(to show that this isn’t a one off issue)
<apteryx>uh; during a build on core-updates: ld: BFD (GNU Binutils) 2.33.1 internal error, aborting at merge.c:930 in _bfd_merged_section_offset
<apteryx>and then: ld: Please report this bug.
<KE0VVT>How do language packs in Guix work?
<KE0VVT>I'd like to translate my system to Pennsylvania Dutch.
<apteryx>Most applications honor the locale settings (through environment variables such as LC_LANG).
<KE0VVT>apteryx: Would pdc_US.UTF-8 be available?
<apteryx>hmm, what I can see in glibc-locales data is yi_US, es_US, en_US, chr_US and unm_US.
<KE0VVT>apteryx: How does one edit these locale files? The characters are all in Unicode <U1234> things. I can't read or write that!
<KE0VVT>Google every letter? Eek!
<valignatev>Hey Guix! I have a question about modifying phases during the build. Specifically, I want to patch some source file of a cargo dependency. Standard configure phase stores dependencies in a vendor-dir which happens to be "guix-vendor" by default and it unpacks dependencies to a folder that constructed as a package-name + version + .tar.gz. Here's my
<valignatev> question: Is there a generic way of getting a vendor-dir inside a custom phase and how to get a dependency directory without hardcoding it? My current snippet is kinda like this:
<valignatev>Hardcoded version works, but I'm sure there's a better way
<str1ngs>valignatev: dependencies are called inputs you can get them like this (assoc-ref inputs "depend")
<str1ngs>valignatev: if the input was called depend. that would return depends output directory
<str1ngs>also this assumes you used depend as the key name for the input
<valignatev>Unfortunately, it only works with inputs but not with cargo-inputs that are declared as #:cargo-inputs argument to a build system
<valignatev>There's a plenty of examples with plain inputs in guix repo, but I failed to find something useful for my case
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<marusich>Hello, Guix!
*vagrantc waves
<valignatev>Another question: how to delete some input from package-inputs by a package name? both delete and delq throw Throw to key `match-error' with args `("match" "no matching pattern" when I'm trying to pass something like `(delete ("input-name" ,input-package) ,inputs) to a substitute-keyword-arguments
<valignatev>Where inputs is a list of pairs like (("name" package) ("name2" package2) ("name3" package3))
<valignatev>I can write a custom predicate, but I wonder if there's something out of the box
<leoprikler>valignatev I'm pretty sure you want to use alist-* functions
<leoprikler>if they end on a !, don't forget to copy-sequence
<valignatev>Yeah, I've tried assoc-remove! and friends without any luck
<valignatev>I mean, it throws the same error
<leoprikler>for those you only need "input-name" mind you
<leoprikler>you could also use SRFI-1 remove with (lambda (item) (equal? (car item) key))
<valignatev>Hm, I think that the error happens not where I thought it was. It appears that cargo-build-system tries to match on its inputs before the snippet executes. So I shouldn't quote it
<valignatev>I mean, cargo build system expects its inputs alist but gets my quoted code
<leoprikler>all build systems expect an alist of (name package [output])
<valignatev>Yup, it's correct, cargo parses its inputs as is, so I shouldn't quote keyword substitution snippet. With that being said, simplest possible (delete) works now. I quoted substitute-keyword-arguments snippets because of some examples that I've found which I think I didn't fully understood
<valignatev>leoprikler: your suggestions pointed me to the right direction, thanks!
<raghav-gururajan>valignatev May be it is better to do a 'manifest' file, with declaring custom package definitions for your packages of intrest, to 'inhert' original package definitions and remove mentioned inputs.
<valignatev>that's what I did - I declared a new inherited package definition where I removed mentioned input
<raghav-gururajan>I see.
<valignatev>Here's my final result so far:
<valignatev>that works
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler bandali May be GFS (GNU File System) or FFS (FSF File System)? ;-)
<leoprikler>What we really need though is EmojiFS
<valignatev>💯 💯 💯
*raghav-gururajan cannot see any of the emoji typed by others here.
<raghav-gururajan>How do I fix it?
<raghav-gururajan>All I see is boxes with "01F 4AF".
<leoprikler>what IRC client are you using?
<leoprikler>(it better be polari after all my packaging efforts)
<raghav-gururajan>Atm HexChat. Usually Gajim. But the issue is with both.
<leoprikler>you do have font-noto installed and usable, right?
<raghav-gururajan>Oh Leo! I did not know that. Gonna try Polari. :-)
<raghav-gururajan>*Aw (not Oh).
<raghav-gururajan>No, I only have font-dejavu and font-cantrell
<leoprikler>yeah, you're gonna need some emoji font for emoji
<leoprikler>noto is nice, but you can use other fonts with large unicode support if I'm not mistaken
<raghav-gururajan> Ooo, I never knew that emoji fonts are separate.
<raghav-gururajan>Thanks Leo
<leoprikler>tfw you're installing noto in a VM
<leoprikler>and of course it doesn't work
*raghav-gururajan never uses VM. Too lazy to configure and start it.
<leoprikler>"that feel when"
<leoprikler>and I'm too lazy to reopen all my private epiphany tabs, so I test via `./pre-inst-env guix build vm` -m 2G
<raghav-gururajan>sneek: later tell oriansj: Pardon? I am not able to understand what you mentioned.
<sneek>Will do.
<sneek>Welcome back raghav-gururajan, you have 1 message.
<sneek>raghav-gururajan, raghav-gururajan says: what
<leoprikler>sneek later tell leoprikler hi
<sneek>leoprikler, you have 1 message.
<sneek>leoprikler, leoprikler says: hi
<valignatev>Is there a way to do (package-arguments) inside of modify-phases? Something liks (modules ...) for source snippet maybe? I've tried to straight up (use-modules (guix packages)) but it can't find the module this way
<valignatev>Specifically, I want something like (package-arguments this-package) inside of my modify-phases
<leoprikler>valignatev: you would have to unquote (,) that either way, because this-package is not bound during build
<leoprikler>depending on your context perhaps ,@ instead of ,
***Server sets mode: +cnt
<leoprikler>Is there a way to refer to the outpuf of a hook in advance?
<kmicu>Nice to see a chat about font issues in the backlog.
<kmicu>Even nicer too see on the mlist how civodul reminds us that features are not a free meal and maintenance cost is the price to pay. ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ♥❤❣💞
<leoprikler>About totally not USE flags?
<nixo>Hi, anybody else is having problem with the recent emacs-undo-tree update?
<leoprikler>not yet, but that might be a delayed update on my end
<leoprikler>what exactly is your issue?
<nixo>leo: undo-tree-move-GC-elts-to-pool: Wrong type argument: hash-table-p, nil
<nixo>and some other error when trying to go back in history, breaking history. Just upgraded to 0.7.1 and seems to work, sent the patch on the list
<leoprikler>If 0.7.1 works, that might be an issue with 0.7.0.
<leoprikler>though from git log i don't really understand myself
<str1ngs>sound like an existential crisis. :P
<nixo>Yes, but since I added also olivetti and poet-theme together with the upgrade, I can't be 100% sure on what's causing it. Btw, undo-tree-move-GC-elts-to-pool has been added in 0.7, and 0.7.1 is out, so hopefully it got fixed
<oriansj>nckx: your btrfs advice to run btrfs check --repair; actually is supposed to be a last resort solution. if you check out my current btrfs notes: I have the current recommended procedure for fixing a btrfs system.
<sneek>Welcome back oriansj, you have 1 message.
<sneek>oriansj, raghav-gururajan says: Pardon? I am not able to understand what you mentioned.
<leoprikler>From what I can see the function itself is older than that, but there has been some "GC refactoring" that might have broke a call to there.
<nixo>leo: oh you are right
<leoprikler>btw. I use olivetti together with undo-tree and it works fine for older versions
<nixo>Well, it's working for me now, so better go back to work :D Thanks
<g_bor[m]>hello guix!
<g_bor[m]>I have found an even simpler reproducer for the installer problem.
<g_bor[m]>It seems that it also exists on the installer image, but I have not tried if a full installation work or not.
<g_bor[m]>ok, painful as is, but the installer image built from the latest commit also fails to install the system.
<g_bor[m]>I believe this is quite serious.
<NieDzejkob>send a mail to
<g_bor[m]>I am on it.
<g_bor[m]>I have a quite simple reproducer also, so I am inculding that.
<g_bor[m]>:) mail sent
<DootNoot>How does one go about configuring xorg in guix? I want to ad a file to my xorg config to stop tearing as per but my xorg.conf.d seems to be in ~/.guix-profile/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ which is read only
<leoprikler>Either through a package, that installs files there or through a system service.
<leoprikler>I can't guarantee that those files will be read, though, unless there's some PATH variable which you can set.
<mehlon>hey guix
<mehlon>so I edited a package definition from my local git clone of guix
<mehlon>how do I build it?
<NieDzejkob>have you compiled guix in your git clone yet?
<mehlon>is that necessary?
<mehlon>I already have guix installed
<NieDzejkob>it's the easiest way and takes only a few minutes
<NieDzejkob>a few days ago I came here to ask this question too, and that's the answer I got :D
<NieDzejkob>after learning a bit more about Guix, no better way comes to mind
<mehlon>well, on nix I just kinda do nix build package -f gitdirectory :p
<PotentialUser-99>hi everyone, can somebody help with guile lang?
<mehlon>well, sure
<NieDzejkob>PotentialUser-99: don't ask to ask, just ask your question :D
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<mehlon>looks like `make authenticate` doesnt work
<mehlon> [message: "could not authenticate commit efc32ed8904ca1bbf2123ff1c64782329d7c9941: key 53C41E6E41AAFE55335ACA5E446A2ED4D940BF14 is missing"] 7f9a9ba85b60>)'.
<rndd>hi everyone
<rndd>I'm newbe in guix. Trying to find out how to print output of function to file. here is a pastebin . Ask for help =)
<g_bor[m]>hello guix!
<mehlon>welcome welcome
<drakonis>hey again
<mehlon>NieDzejkob: well.. I dont know what kind of computer you have but this is taking me more than a few minutes... :p
<NieDzejkob>mehlon: did you pass -j4 or similar to make? I forgot that I did that because I have that set in $MAKEFLAGS
<NieDzejkob>it's safe to ^C interrupt the process and restart with paralellism
<NieDzejkob>rndd: If (print) were using procedures like (display) to do output, you could do (with-output-to-file "/tmp/test" print)
<NieDzejkob>(see also with-output-to-port, with-output-to-string)
<NieDzejkob>but system sidesteps guile's I/O and launches a separate process, I'm not sure how to catch the output of that
<NieDzejkob>oh, see the examples here:
<NieDzejkob>just read #guile. Please mention when you cross-post and tell us when other channels respond so that we don't duplicate effort and discussion
<rndd>ok, NieDzejkob. i didn't know this rule
<NieDzejkob>it's ok, just keep it in mind next time ;)
<drakonis>is this related to shepherd?
<valignatev>leoprikler: Thanks for your advice to unquoting needed stuff into the phase modification function before it got sent to the build system, it totally worked. I got burned by an infinite recursion once while trying to get this-package arguments while getting this-package arguments but I was able to work around that
<drakonis>hmm, is it strange that my fonts arent updating?
<NieDzejkob>my fonts also aren't updating, I have to run fc-cache each time
<efraim>that's unfortunately expected
<drakonis>what's the full command tho
<bandali>fc-cache -fv should work
<NieDzejkob>the relevant bug is #26877, BTW
<sameerynho>I'm looking to create a package for GraalVM, it's community version released under GPL2 , I pressume it's ok for a GPL software to be part of guix's official repo. right ?
<NieDzejkob>guix itself is GPL IIRC
<sameerynho>I know, but since it has an enterprise version i was in doubt
<leoprikler>As long as the thing you're packaging is covered by the GPL, (or any other libre license for that matter), it should be possible to include it in Guix.
<leoprikler>Doesn't OpenJDK also use Graal?
<drakonis>no openjdk does not, its a separate project
<leoprikler>I'm pretty sure it does. See
<drakonis>alright, i take it back
<wdkrnls>Hi, has anyone looked into using AirVPN with Guix?
<sameerynho>leoprikler: no by default
<sameerynho>leoprikler: you can install graal compiler as a jvm plugin, but GraalVM is more than just the graal compiler
<leoprikler>well, yeah, GraalVM is a VM of its own
<pkill9>wdkrnls: there is an openvpn service
<kmicu>Once again saved by opsec and not using javascript by default
<kmicu>(Mark patched IceCat to 68.4.1 two days ago so don’t forget to guix pull)
<hexagonal-sun>Hello guix!
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<kmicu>( ^_^)/ hexagonal-sun
<hexagonal-sun>What's the best way to get a good texlive setup on guix?
<hexagonal-sun>'guix install texlive' seems to want to download over 2GB!
<hexagonal-sun>Unfortunetly with my internet speed that will take a *long* time!
<kmicu>hexagonal-sun: it depends what you want to compile but you can use texlive-tiny or texlive-union. If you are not familiar with TeX packages then it’s better to install all of it.
<valignatev>Hey people, what's "error: invalid field specifier" means and how do I find a line number of the file that causes an issue?
<kmicu>A section about Using Tex for Basics in the Guix Cookbook could be nice (but I still not migrated from TeX from Nix so cannot help here).
<valignatev>I'm pretty sure that I messed up parenthesis somewhere in the file but I can't find it myself and guile doesn't want to help me :(
<g_bor[m]>valignatev: most probably one of the records you defined has invalid value in one of its fields.
<g_bor[m]>This is all the message you got?
<valignatev>That's for sure, but how do I find which? This is all I have
<hexagonal-sun>kmicu: thanks for the advice I'll give texlive-union a go.
<valignatev>To be precise: error: invalid field specifier
<valignatev>make[2]: *** [Makefile:5708: make-go] Error 1
<valignatev>make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/vj/workspace/me/guix'
<valignatev>make[1]: *** [Makefile:4782: all-recursive] Error 1
<valignatev>make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/vj/workspace/me/guix'
<valignatev>make: *** [Makefile:3273: all] Error 2
<g_bor[m]>can you paste the code somewhere?
<valignatev>that's it. The only thing I know is the file which I have changed a lot and it's 17k lines of code now
<g_bor[m]>debian paste would be fine
<g_bor[m]>oops, that seems to be too much for a paste.
<g_bor[m]>can you diff to a known good version?
<g_bor[m]>That might help.
<valignatev>Before I do this - is there a way to debug this myself? Some verbosity level or something?
<hexagonal-sun>Also another question if people don't mind, is there a way to speed up the building of '-profile' when a package is installed? It seems to be going really slow on my machine.
<g_bor[m]>Also I see you are running this in make.
<g_bor[m]>Can you tell me something about what you are trying to achieve?
<valignatev>I just packaging a lot of cargo packages and I definitely misplaced some field somewhere
<valignatev>I'm 100% sure that this is an easy typo, but how do I find where it is
<valignatev>In worst case scenario I'll just traverse my undo tree, but I think it's a good opportunity to learn more about how to debug guix
<g_bor[m]>maybe you could try to load the module from a repl, but I am not sure thaat you will get more details...
<valignatev>Whoa, I actually have something more now: unknown location: package: invalid field specifier in form #:cargo-development-inputs. It still doesn't give me a line number though, but it is more useful at least
<sameerynho>how can I ask guix to open up an editor beside emacs for `guix edit` ?
<leoprikler>set EDITOR
<sameerynho>ah i see, it respects the EDITOR
<g_bor[m]>+1 :)
<g_bor[m]>leoprikler: you are so fast :)
<leoprikler>I am?
<g_bor[m]>I feel so
<leoprikler>It normally takes me between 22 and 24 minutes to reply, though.
<g_bor[m]>:) this one was within a minute, but might be an outlier...
<valignatev>Found my issue by rigorously scanning through my undo list. Indeed an easy typo - I places #:cargo-development-inputs outside of (arguments in one package. I wonder why guix doesn't display a line number for such mistake. Probably I should report this
<leoprikler>Well, it was at the end of the 22 minutes I was talking about ;)
<g_bor[m]>I am trying to bisect this installer bug right now.
<g_bor[m]>It might take a while...
<valignatev>I've also noticed that whenever I have unbalanced parens, guile always points me to the very end of the file so finding an unbalanced paren is quite difficult
<leoprikler>Well, that's the drawback of having your entire language syntax be (,), and everything else
<leoprikler>From a syntactic point of view, it is a correct program as long as you match up the parens.
<sameerynho>Do i have to add the GraalVM package definition to the `java.scm` file ?
<valignatev>I guess I really have to learn that barfing and slurping stuff and stop abusing vim-like surrounds
<leoprikler>sameerynho: It would be beneficial if you did. Is there something speaking against that?
<roptat>hi guix!
<sameerynho>leoprikler: well, it's a jvm alright, but it has its own identity with e polygot stuff an everything
<sameerynho>leoprikler: but i guess java.scm makes sense
<roptat>if it's going to have a lot of dependents, probably put it in a separate file, otherwise it's fine in java.scm
<nckx>‘GraalVM is a universal virtual machine for running applications written in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R, JVM-based languages like Java, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin, Clojure, and LLVM-based languages such as C and C++.’
<nckx>So not Java, but we don't have a jvm.scm file so whatever.
<NieDzejkob>Could someone take a look at this patch of mine?
<nckx>sameerynho: Hm, this doesn't look java(.scm)-centric at all… Did you have another file in mind? You certainly don't ‘have to add it to java.scm’ just because it uses the JVM.
<nckx>NieDzejkob: Why does cURL upstream not do this?
<mbakke>NieDzejkob: the patch looks pretty good, could you submit it upstream as well?
<NieDzejkob>nckx: that's a good question I haven't fully considered, thanks for asking
<nckx>NieDzejkob: Everything in the commit message should be a comment. Otherwise LGTM, but I've had a bit too much wine to officially review C patches. 🙂
<nckx>(I mean comment in the patch file.)
<NieDzejkob>mbakke: I noticed that you left a comment mentioning upstream's thread-safety concerns with making libcurl reading env vars, do you happen to know where that discussion happened so that I could make sure my patch addresses these concerns?
<NieDzejkob>(I tried searching the GitHub issue/PR tracker, but perhaps I'm using the wrong search terms)
<mbakke>NieDzejkob: I don't have the links at hand unfortunately (it was some mailing list discussion IIRC).
<NieDzejkob>OK, that helps
<NieDzejkob>argh, is there no way to search the curl ML archives?
<NieDzejkob>oh, found this via startpage:
***dctrud_ is now known as dctrud
<nckx>oriansj: ‘my advice to run btrfsck --repair’? Wut?
<nckx>btrfsck --repair nukes more data than it saves.
<KE0VVT>btrfsck doesn't sound right.
<KE0VVT>Red Hat gave up on btrfs.
<NieDzejkob>mbakke: sent upstream, well see what they say:
<mbakke>NieDzejkob: excellent, thanks!
<sameerynho>nckx: i was thinking of having a dedicated package for it
<nckx>sameerynho: Fine by me. That makes more sense to me than java.scm, which is really for Java the language which the JVM has long outgrown. E.g. clojure.scm. llvm.scm is also its own thing.
<nckx>NieDzejkob: Fast! Thanks.
<nckx>KE0VVT: <btrfsck doesn't sound right> ?
<sameerynho>nckx: cool then
<nckx>‘btrfs check --repair (used to be called btrfsck) checks consistency of a btrfs filesystem’.
<nckx>Red Hat never never supported btrfs. OpenSuse did, and still do.
<KE0VVT>nckx: btrfsck doesn't sound right, because fsck itself does not sound right.
<nckx>KE0VVT: Aha 😃
<nckx>Commit 373007882def43f43d8da9678f6ab81047e32230 is weird.
<nckx>Oh, it's been reverted. Thanks mbakke.
<mbakke>I'm getting a bogus "error: failed to load 'gnu/tests/install.scm': No such file or directory" after merging master into core-updates and running 'make'.
<mbakke>maddeningly, it does not occur on a fresh clone
<nckx>kmicu: <Even nicer too see on the mlist how civodul reminds us that features are not a free meal> Interesting. What was that about?
<mbakke>strace reveals it is trying to load some stale rust-cbindgen.go, even though I've tried 'make clean-go' and manually removed stale go files
<mbakke>changing to guix environment --container did the trick, though...something from the host environment must have leaked through
<NieDzejkob>did you try --pure? that's less heavy-weight
<mbakke>NieDzejkob: I did not use pure initially, but tried it to no avail.
<NieDzejkob>huh, weird
<sirgazil>Looking for boot logs, I found this file called "/var/log/messages" and discovered that it has messages from the time I installed Guix System to date. Is this normal? The file is now ~730 MB.
<kmicu>nckx: complexity bomb called use flags aka package x is broken on my computer but works on default installation.
<drakonis>NieDzejkob: check your PR on curl's repository, daniel replied
<drakonis>kmicu: i dont get it, why not just provide the means to do that and then let people go do whatever
<drakonis>the default package definitions are the ones that will be built with cuirass
<NieDzejkob>drakonis: yeah, I got an email
<kmicu>drakonis: If we only add means but not test it (so build it at least once) then we will create a lot of broken packages and a lot of support traffic with dissapointed users.
<raghav-gururajan>sirgazil Woah! Thanks for the revalation. I just found out that my '/var/log/messages" is ~230 MB. I believe this is pretty serious. Could you post it to guix-devel or bug-guix please? You can also include that I have the same issue. :-)
<alextee[m]>is it normal that my root partition is 50 gb full now ? even after gc it stays pretty high
<alextee[m]>is there anything i can do to minimize storage used by guix?
<alextee[m]>(besides uninstalling packages)
<leoprikler>delete older generations perhaps
<alextee[m]>with other distros and same packages i had around 25GB full only
<alextee[m]>i did
<leoprikler>25GB * 2 = 50 GB
<leoprikler>so worst case scenario you only have place for 2 generations
<leoprikler>(simplified maths, it will be more like 5 to 10, but still few)
<alextee[m]>followed by guix gc
<alextee[m]>i just did guix package --delete-generations
<alextee[m]>and i'm at almost 50GB again
<alextee[m]>i guess i need to resize it... i never thought the root partition would need more than 50GB
<raghav-gururajan>alextee[m] Could you check the size of '/var/log/messages'? Please find sirgazil's message above? :-)
<leoprikler>I think you need some log rotation
<alextee[m]>it's 12M
<raghav-gururajan>Ah I see.
<leoprikler>(Then again, my messages and debug are 21M each as well and I don't care.)
<kmicu>alextee[m]: ncdu /gnu/store and investigate what takes so much space.
<alextee[m]>kmicu: oh thanks, nice utility
<raghav-gururajan>alextee[m] Have you tried `guix gc` with `--delete-generations' as root? That is `guix gc --delete-generations` as root?
<alextee[m]>raghav-gururajan: no, that might be it because i had a lot of packages installed as root before
<alextee[m]>let me see
<raghav-gururajan>alextee[m] Cool! I was also thinking your system generations as well.
<alextee[m]>5GB cleared, thanks! raghav-gururajan
<alextee[m]> /gnu/store/.links is 38 GB wow
<alextee[m]>it seems i have a lot of copies of packages, is this normal? for example there's 8 directories for qemu-4.1.1 in /gnu/store
<alextee[m]>720GB each
<drakonis>clean u pthe store
<drakonis>do some store cleanup to free up space
<alextee[m]>how? i thought guix gc did that drakonis
<drakonis>do that
<alextee[m]>i just did
<Gooberpatrol66>where can i find documentation about how snippets/patching works
<raghav-gururajan>alextee[m] I usually do this once every 4 weeks. I run the following in this order. First as User: `guix profile --delete-generations` --> `guix package --delete-generations` --> `guix gc --delete-generations`. Then as Root: `guix profile --delete-generations` --> `guix package --delete-generations` --> `guix system delete-generations` --> `guix gc --delete-generations`. This might be useful for you. :-)
<kmicu>alextee[m]: you could note hashes of those qemu packages and inspect what holds them.
<raghav-gururajan>alextee[m] May be you could give it a try.
<alextee[m]>raghav-gururajan: i thought those did the same thing lol, there's generations for all kinds of things?
*alextee[m] tries
<alextee[m]>kmicu: thx will do that
<alextee[m]>there's no "guix profile" btw
<kmicu>alextee[m]: sreaching manual for referrers and references will give you pointers. Maybe a cookbook has a section explaining how to investigate the store.
<raghav-gururajan>alextee[m] OOPS! please replace `guix profile` with `guix pull`.
<alextee[m]>TIL the system has generations tooo... that's probably it
*raghav-gururajan re-posts
<raghav-gururajan>alextee[m] I usually do this once every 4 weeks. I run the following in this order. First as User: `guix pull --delete-generations` --> `guix package --delete-generations` --> `guix gc --delete-generations`. Then as Root: `guix pull --delete-generations` --> `guix package --delete-generations` --> `guix system delete-generations` --> `guix gc --delete-generations`. This might be useful for you. :-)
<alextee[m]>!! it was the system generations
<alextee[m]>i just free'd up 7GB more
<alextee[m]>and i only have 2 qemu's now lol, i can live with that
<alextee[m]>raghav-gururajan: thanks
*alextee[m] makes the same script
<kmicu>Glad to hear that alextee[m]
<alextee[m]>oh wow back to 27GB used now \o/
<jojoz[m]>Anyone here have / know of any programming language using Guix as the canonical package manager? Like, even when Guix is not the system package manager of the distro.
<NieDzejkob>I need help with regex-fu. I've got this: (substitute* "scripts/" (("(?<!ERROR: )xset") (which "xset"))), but guile's regexes don't support negative lookbehind. I have to match 1. xset at the beginning of an indented line, 2. if xset, 3. not match xset in an ERROR string
<NieDzejkob>or is the preferred way of doing this to add a PATH entry in a wrapper or at the top of the script?
<jojoz[m]>Is that even a good idea? It feels like it would be -- Guix today has basically the same features as e.g. Stack does for Haskell.
<kmicu>Hi jojoz[m]: I don’t think there’s any. Idris experimented in using Nix but that’s not the thing too.
<drakonis>guix uses guile though
<drakonis>nix has the whole haskell packageset available
<kmicu>jojoz[m]: the issue is that choosing an external package manager brings all additional deps (and knowledeg) into a proglang’s ecosystem. Not everyone wants to pay that cost.
<jojoz[m]>kmicu: What do you mean? That the namespace becomes polluted in the view of those who are only concerned with the languages ecosystem?