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<NieDzejkob>nckx: CC when posting to bug-guix or bug-gnuzilla? or perhaps gnuzilla-dev?
<nckx>dadinn: ‘Because Nix did’, and Guix is descended from Nix. You can view the contents yourself with sqlite (or something fancy but completely buggy like sqlcrush), see the schema in nix/libstore/schema.sql.hh, …
<nckx>NieDzejkob: bug-guix.
<nckx>mhw is an IceCat maintainer but also a long-time Guix contributor. It would be good to get their feedback.
<bandali>i’m also an icecat maintainer :) i’d be happy to help if i can
<bandali>Gooberpatrol66, cheers
<nckx>bandali: NieDzejkob said: I had to set IceCat's security.sandbox.content.read_path_whitelist to /gnu/store/ (in about:config) to make some video codecs work. Any chance of making that the default with some build-time patch?
*nckx has become sneek, destroyer of worlds.
<bandali>nckx, botsnack :p
<nckx>Also eater of snacks, cheers.
<bandali>yeah i think that is probably better handled on the guix side
<nckx>Sure, but is it safe & the right fix?
<leoprikler>nckx, tell sneek to not destroy the world because of somethin something power of friendship
<bandali>nckx, indeed, that should be checked. i’ll look into that option and see what i can find
<nckx>bandali: It has both the words ‘security’ and ‘sandbox’ in the name so you know it's serious bzness.
<grillon>hi there
<bandali>hi grillon
<grillon>hey bandali o/
<nckx>sneek: What is friendship?
<bandali>nckx, it’s so damn hard to find any useful docs on firefox
<nckx>bandali: Basically, my worry is that users can ask the daemon to put anything they want into /gnu/store. But maybe that doesn't matter. It all depends on what IceCat expects from a ‘read_path_whitelist’, whatever that is. So yay, I get to shove it your way.
<nckx>Maybe it's not a vector worth worrying about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
*bandali sighs -.-
<bandali>nckx, i think it’d be better to only whitelist specific paths from /gnu/store than the entire /gnu/store/ itself
<bandali>which i think should be doable if one can get the exact folder names that are needed from guix
<grillon>I wonder how to use java compiler under guixSD? If I install openjdk, it seems I only have the runtime, is that right?
<nckx>bandali: I agree. I can't help you though, I'm still on IceCat 60.x CVE edition.
<bandali>nckx, haha. yeah i don’t know how to get the exact folder name of a dependency from guix either. all in all, mhw would probably know best
<bandali>grillon, i’m pretty sure we have openjdk packages?
<grillon>yes there is
<grillon>but only java is availaible
<grillon>I did a listing of present files and javac(compiler) existe but no link has been done, don't know why
<bandali>hmm, i’m not sure :/
<bandali>i haven’t yet had a chance to try to do anything java-related in guix
<grillon>I see, there are two package directory for one installation : /gnu/store/pxncwlkv060al1s0jnyyn8z50llp5mdk-openjdk-11.28 and /gnu/store/121mr3063p7q4r0mkxnwzsv55pmjpi7x-openjdk-11.28-jdk
<bandali>it seems g_bor[m] is one of the people who’ve worked on that file, they may know
<grillon>if I do guix package -l I see it was installed only once so why I have two directory :/
<nckx>grillon: Because openjdk has two outputs, the default (out) and ‘jdk’, hence the -jdk suffix on the second one.
<grillon>hehe you're right :D nckx
<grillon>what does it mean?
<grillon>I can use jdk only to make scm packages?
<bandali>i *think* the default ‘out’ output is like other distros’ openjdk-jre
<nckx>kirisime: I've gone ahead & fixed ‘amule’ (it was actually a problem with crypto++) myself. It's fixed on master.
<bandali>grillon, you should be able to install the ‘jdk’ output with something like “guix install openjdk12:jdk”
<mjw>Is acting up for anybody else? I seem to keep getting 504 responses.
<kirisime>nckx: Oh, thanks!
<bandali>mjw, yes, sadly. it’s been doing that for a good while now
<nckx>mjw: Same here. It does that all the time for me.
<mjw>o... It seemed fine yesterday. I guess I should follow the bug mailinglist then.
<nckx>mjw: I don't think there is a bug, it's just ‘generally known’. Some people never have problems. I must be unlucky. I don't think it's a timezone thing.
<grillon>thank you bandali! it works : guix install openjdk@11:jdk
<kirisime>The mypaint package I wrote builds, but when running it crashes due to not finding GdkPixbuf. Does it mean I need to add releavant packages to propagated-inputs or is there a better way?
<bandali>nckx, i think setting security.sandbox.content.read_path_whitelist to /gnu/store/ is a pretty bad idea actually, since it’ll allow firefox’s content process to access all of the store; which will be especially bad if /gnu/store/ contains any “secrets” (i understand it’s world-readable as is right now)
<bandali>grillon, ha, cool, cheers!
<nckx>bandali: Yes and yes.
<mjw>nckx, No I mean I sent my first patch, so I wanted to check up on the status. But there is also a patches mailinglist (not bug mailinglist) that probably has the same discussions.
<nckx>bandali: This is exactly why I wanted IceCat folks to weigh in even if it's a Guix-specific fix. Thanks.
<bandali>nckx, cheers. i’d be happy to reply (and hopefully mhw will, too) if this is reported on bug-guix
<mjw>ah, even better, there is a instance that has the actual patch discussion
<nckx>Ah, nvm, I was looking for that URL while you replied.
<grillon>I have lots of questions but I think it's better to sleep good night.
<mjw>nckx, thanks anyway! :)
<nckx>grillon: Good night.
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<dctrud>Hello all. Last night I had a question about LUKS on top of md RAID. Missed the response from NieDzejkob until now, unfortunately
<dctrud>Decided to go step by step, and I have now added a LUKS formatted non-raid drive from another system, and am trying to have that mounted on boot
<dctrud>On boot I get kicked into the initrd 'scheme@(guile-user)>' prompt after errors...
<dctrud>"Locking aborted. The locking path /run/cryptsetup is unusable (not a directory or missing).
<dctrud>Failed to acquire read lock on device /dev/sdc1
<dctrud>Device /dev/sdc1 is not a valid LUKS device"
<dctrud>I can `cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdc1 crypttest` and mount it without issue, when booted, though.
<dctrud>On boot, I have a root and home (created by the installer), which are LUKS encrypted, and mounted fine without raising this error
<dctrud>Just looking for any pointers anyone might have of where to poke around / think about with the initrd
<dctrud>May have answered my own question. It looks like Guix script are reading the LUKS UUID out of the superblock - and it only works for LUKS1
<dctrud>My additional drive / RAID set are LUKS2 encrypted, and the UUID is show okay under /dev/disk/by-uuid or blkid, but the Guix luks-header-uuid doesn't look in the right place for LUKS2
<dctrud>Solved for no by downgrading with `cryptsetup luksConvertKey --pbkdf=pbkdf2 /dev/sdc1` then `cryptsetup convert /dev/sdc1 --type luks1`
<dctrud>Ughh sorry for all the dropped character typos, struggling with keyboard I'm on :-)
<lispmacs>if you use your own guix channel (say, from slightly hacking the official repo) will you still be able able to use package substitutes from ci?
<str1ngs>lispmacs: yes
<str1ngs>though keep in mind whatever you hack on will effect the availability of substitutes
<pkill9>is there a function in guix/scripts/build.scm (the module for running `guix build` at the commandline) that lets you give it a package variable and build it, instead of a package name (or more technically, a package specification)?
<str1ngs>pkill9: you can try with guix build -e "the-binding"
<pkill9>it didn't work
<pkill9>to clarify, this is what i did
<janneke>pkill9: the hint was: $ guix build -e '(@ (gnu packages base) hello)'
<pkill9>that's not what im trying to do
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<str1ngs>I suspect you want to create your package either with a channel or with GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<pen14641>Hi, does anyone have an example of a config.scm OpenVPN-setup? I'm having a hard understanding how to turn the manuals specification into code.
<pen14641>a hard time*
<str1ngs>pkill9: though there is probably a better way to build packages in a programmable way then using scripts
<pkill9>yea, it's just another one of my experiments
<pkill9>i realised i can achieve what i want with normal `guix build -f ...`
<pkill9>i want to make interactive build script where you give it details of what you want and it returns the package you want, which works with normal `guix build -f`
<str1ngs>pkill9: I was going to to mention that. but I got the impression you wanted this to be programmable
<str1ngs>pkill9: do you use emacs at all?
<str1ngs>the emacs guix package is quite helpful
<alextee[m]>is it a bug when everytime you switch to alt+ctl+F2 you lose the display manager in F1?
<alextee[m]>on other distros it would just return to my gnome environment for example
<alextee[m]>but guix just shuts it down when you try to go back to alt+ctl+F1
<brettgilio>alextee[m]: what you are describing is called tty switching, and I never liked that behavior either. It doesn't hurt to open a bug report.
<alextee[m]>brettgilio: ah thanks i wasn't sure of the terminology. i will open a report then, it seems that guix is the only distro this happens for me
<brettgilio>alextee[m]: feel free to cc me in it.
<grillon>hi there!
<str1ngs>hello grillon
<ixlun>Hi all, just installed Guix on my desktop machine and it's brilliant
<ixlun>really very happy with it :-D
<grillon>hello str1ngs o/
<grillon>welcome ixlun
<ixlun>one quick question - I've just done a `guix pull' and that seems to have messed up my locale
<str1ngs>ixlun: did you install locales to begin with?
<str1ngs>ixlun: also are you using guix system or foreign disto?
<ixlun>Ah, didn't realise I had to install them
<ixlun>I'm using GuixSD
<bandali>it’s called Guix System, these days :)
<ixlun>Ah, sorry didn't realise
<ixlun>Is `glibc-locales' the package I need?
<bandali>no worries, and yup
<bandali>glibc-locales-utf8 may be enough too:
<str1ngs>glibc-locales-utf8 never seemed to work for me. but it's been a long time since I tried it again
<bandali>ha, yeah i’m not sure. i personally prefer en-CA, which sadly isn’t there, so i almost always use the full glibc-locales myself
<str1ngs>oui and I'm sorry :P
<ixlun>Huh, it's pretty big: over 200MB!
<bandali>str1ngs, you forgot the “eh”, eh? ;)
<bandali>ixlun, it is indeed
<bandali>though since you apologized in advance i’ll allow it
<str1ngs>I use en-US though I speak and live in en-CA
<ixlun>Hmm, is there anything I need to post-install, that doesn't seem to have worked
<ixlun>my $LANG=en_GB.utf8
<str1ngs>ixlun: restart your shell
<bandali>str1ngs, ah! didn’t realize you were from around here
<ixlun>Okay, let me try a reboot; see if that helps
<str1ngs>bandali: I'm west coast so around here is kinda relative.
<bandali>str1ngs, good point :p i’m east (GTA and KW) but yeah
<str1ngs>I'm originally from GTA now I live in the lower mainland BC
<bandali>how do you like it there?
<str1ngs>it's nice. so far this year I have not had to wear a winter coat and we haven't had any snow yet.
<str1ngs>though you don't get sun for months at a time in the winder
<bandali>ha, i see
<bandali>sounds nice
<bandali>tbqh we haven’t had much snow around here either
<bandali>a few times only
<str1ngs>that's surprising
<bandali>yeah. global warming, i guess?
<str1ngs>possibly yes
<bandali>i remember the winters being much ‘worse’ around >6 years ago
<bandali>by ‘worse’ i mean colder and more snow
<str1ngs>yep, when I was growing up we had walls of snow around our drive way
<str1ngs>though I've lived out here for 20 years so. I'm not sure what the winters are like there now
<bandali>must’ve been great
<str1ngs>if you ever get a chance to visit BC take it. it's the views are amazing
<bandali>i’ve ‘only’ been in canada since late 2011, so i’ve missed however things were earlier
<bandali>and thanks, i’d love to!
<bandali>i’ll see if i can manage to, before i leave
<str1ngs>I'd come in the summer though. unless you really like to ski
<bandali>i do love skiing, actually
<str1ngs>where I live is basically in a valley of mountains so the weather is nice. but if you travel 1hr to 2hr you can get to world class skiing
<bandali>but yeah, it’d be nice if i could visit at all
<bandali>that sounds awesome
<bandali>there isn’t much of that around here
<str1ngs>so all the views are of mountains. where in GTA it's kind flat and boring
<str1ngs>GTA is great for working though
<bandali>normally yeah
<kirisime>Whem I'm done I'll call this package 'mypain'
<str1ngs>hehe i've been working no qtwebengine for months so I feel ya
<str1ngs>what module provides getters for service records? I'm looking for package-name found in (guix packages) but for a service. maybe it's called service-name?
<nckx>str1ngs: (gnu services)?
<nckx>But I think the ‘problem’ is that what you want is called service-kind, not service-name. I think.
<NieDzejkob>(service-name (service-kind _))
<NieDzejkob>at least, IIRC
<NieDzejkob>ah, right. (service-type-name (service-kind _))
<str1ngs>(for-each (lambda (x) (format #t "~a\n" (service-type-name (service-kind x)))) %desktop-services) did it thanks
<str1ngs>which service set sup /run/users?
<str1ngs>maybe elogind?
<str1ngs>ah no ... probably dbus..
<ixlun>Right - managed to fix it. I needed to update my system and that's brought the locale dbs back into sync with my user's profile
<str1ngs>in that case it might have been the guix-daemon complaining
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<str1ngs>I wish there was define-record-type* but instead of records using goops
<ixlun>One quick question - if I do a `sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm', do I have to have done a `guix pull' as root before hand or will it use my user's guix git checkout?
<bandali>if you want it to use your user’s, you need to give the -E flag to sudo
<NieDzejkob>I was under the impression that sudo guix uses your own guix
<ixlun>Ahh, thanks!
<bandali>(contrary to what it says somewhere in the manual)
<str1ngs>if you using guix git checkout though you need ./pre-inst-env
<bandali>NieDzejkob, it does not, at least not currently
<NieDzejkob>What would be the easiest way to test this?
<bandali>NieDzejkob, maybe something like: sudo sh -c 'echo $HOME'
<str1ngs>sudo guix describe?
<bandali>ah yeah i guess that too
<str1ngs>vs $ guix describe
<bandali>if what i posted returns ‘/root’, then it means you explicitly need the -E to tell sudo to preserve env vars
<pen14641>Hi, is it possible to use a .ovpn file for configuring OpenVPN in config.scm? This is the only file my VPN-provider provides for OpenVPN, but I don't see how I can use it
<grillon>bandali: this part is really confusing, because I have started using it as root then I do guix pull and sudo guix package reconfigure and meanwhile I did sudo -E package reconfigure...Does it mean I have many profile?
<grillon>bandali: NB :there are days between theses usages...I do not all at once
<str1ngs>grillon: I think you mean guix system reconfigure?
<grillon>yes guix system sorry
<str1ngs>grillon: you can use guix system list-generations
<str1ngs>should indicate your system profiles
<str1ngs>you can also delete-generations though that would prevent rollbacks so be careful with that
<str1ngs>once the generations are remove you can free up space with guix gc
<str1ngs>becareful with gc also, since you probably want to cache more then you think
<bandali>yes, all that str1ngs said
<bandali>also, to my understanding, using sudo -E for reconfigure (i.e. using your own profile) is normally totally fine
<bandali>except that the daemon runs as root, and so as far as i understand, you need to sudo guix pull (without -E, as root) every now and again to have your daemon updated
<bandali>civodul or others vastly more knowledgeable about this please feel free to clarify/correct me if i’m wrong
<cbaines>civodul, I'm not quite sure if I've got everything correct, but I think I've got the Guix Data Service kind of serving substitutes for derivations, as well as some source files referenced by derivations now...
<grillon>it's a little bit confused, is there any side effect using sudo guix pull instead of sudo -E guix pull? If daemon are not updated sudo -E guix pull seems useless
<bandali>i guess ‘sudo -E guix pull’ doesn’t make much sense; since you could just do ‘guix pull’
<bandali>but for reconfiguring, -E does make a difference, i think
<alextee[m]>i just install everything using sudo, im the only user on my machine anyway
<alextee[m]>i noticed that things dont work when you mix both
<str1ngs>you mainly need sudo -E guix when reconfigure or with init
<str1ngs>using sudo guix is not good practice. its not required
<alextee[m]>like if pkgconfig is installed for the root user and you install a library for your user only, pkgconfig won't see it
<str1ngs>alextee[m]: are you on guix system?
<alextee[m]>str1ngs: but it's what system reconfigure does with its packages right? it installs them for the root user
<str1ngs>no it installs then system wide
<str1ngs>it's not the same as the root profile
<alextee[m]>im not sure, often things dont work when i use guix install but they do when i do sudo guix install
<str1ngs>basically there is a system profile when using guix system
<str1ngs>alextee[m]: problaby you want to use a manifest instead
<str1ngs>pkg-config is not something you would normally need in a system profile IMHO
<alextee[m]>oh i put a lot of packages in my etc/config.scm... maybe there's a way to make them installed on my user's profile instead of the system's profile
<alextee[m]>make them get installed*
<str1ngs>alextee[m]: yes on a single user system you probalby want to trim all of your system packages down to services and bare necessities . and then maybe use a manifest for your user profile
<alextee[m]>otherwise prepare a manifest outside the /etc/config.scm i guess
<alextee[m]>str1ngs: ok i see, thanks. i will do that
<str1ngs>right, it's kinda subjective but it seems you are used to apt or some other package manager that is not multi user capable
<str1ngs>also keep in mind guix upgrade is less intensive then guix system reconfigure
<str1ngs>so the less you have in config.scm the less you need to reconfigure to upgrade.
<NieDzejkob>just pulled as user. guix describe and sudo guix describe show the same channel hashes. su - and then guix describe as root shows different hashes
<NieDzejkob>bandali: ^
<bandali>NieDzejkob, hmm, how about what i wrote above? what does sudo sh -c 'echo $HOME' say?
<grillon>does anyone use py3status?
<NieDzejkob>bandali: /root
<grillon>bandali: /root :)
<bandali>hmm, that’s kinda strange, i’d expect since sudo picks up root’s environment, sudo guix describe would describe root’s profile
<bandali>i really should write to guix-devel about this
<bandali>and ask for correction/clarification of all of this in the manual once and for all :p
<str1ngs>possibly guix has been changed to not need -E
<grillon>yes very strange indeed
<bandali>str1ngs, you mean guix itself? or guix system’s sudo settings?
<str1ngs>for example I use GUIX_PACKAG_PATH which is not propagated with sudo describe
<str1ngs>guix probably doesnt have a sudo "setting"
<grillon>sudo guix describe, sudo -E guix describe and guix describe give same results and su - then guix describe give something different
<bandali>hmm, right
<str1ngs>they won't give the same results if you set GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<str1ngs>so it's quite possible guix is now detecting effective user
<bandali>these should be clarified in the manual imho
<bandali>i’m still confused
<str1ngs>and does a passwd lookup for home
<str1ngs>basically guix may not rely on $HOME at all
<str1ngs>see it is possible to get a users home directory without relying on HOME
<NieDzejkob>could it be looking at $PATH?
<str1ngs>also it can maybe use geteuid with sudo to find the real user
<str1ngs>in sort sudo -E was probably fixed at some point. but just a guess :P
<NieDzejkob>hmm, sudo which guix -> /home/kuba/.config/guix/current/bin/guix
<alextee>what's the list for bugs? guix-devel?
<kirisime>Mypaint has a gui now, because I added a bunch of stuff to propagated-inputs.
<kirisime>I asked a gentoo user for help with it.
<str1ngs>sudo guile -c '(display (passwd:dir (getpwnam (getenv "SUDO_USER"))))'
<str1ngs>so it's quite easier to have guix get the user home directory without relying on HOME
<grillon>does anyone use i3wm here?
<dctrud>looking in the source, it's only using SUDO_USER in one place in pull.scm, related to an Ubuntu workaround on migrate-generations
<str1ngs> it's best to ask your question grillon then to ask if someone uses something
<dctrud>grillon: I'm using i3 happily here
<str1ngs>dctrud: interesting because we are discussing pull
<str1ngs>dctrud: do you know how it determines the current-guix ?
<dctrud>str1ngs: this is in a condition on whether or not to do a `migrate-generations` so I don't think SUDO_USER is considered in the general case
<grillon>py3status does not work for me I have "Setup error fileNotFOUNDError) line 722. please try to fix this and reload i3wm
<grillon>I'm using exact same config file on devuan and it works fine.
<grillon>NB: i3status works on guix, only py3status give me that message
<dctrud>str1ngs: no but I'm trying to find how... given that sudo does not reset PATH, sudo guix runs the one in your ~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix - so that knows somehow
<dctrud>grillon: I use i3status, but I'll have a quick look at py3status here
<grillon>thank you dctrud
<dctrud>grillon: that line 722 is trying to call the 'file' command, it's standard on most distros but not guix.
<grillon>I have a second problem I cannot unlock i3lock
<dctrud>do a `guix install file` and py3status then works for me
<grillon>haha you have found it so easily dctrud
<grillon>dctrud: it works!!!!
<grillon>Thank you
<str1ngs>dctrud: that might make sense it could use a relative from (car (command-line))
<str1ngs>aka arg0
<str1ngs>so my guess is sudo -E guix pull is not required. though if you use GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH then you might want to use sudo -E
<grillon>but first time if you do not sudo guix pull or sudo -E guix pull you cannot do system reconfigure
<grillon>a message tell you guix pull has never been launch
<str1ngs>that's pretty normal
<str1ngs>we can test this with verifying the output of guix system build ./config/cache.scm is the same as sudo guix system build ./config/cache.scm
<str1ngs>replace with your config file
<dctrud>grillon: same i3lock issue for me too if I try that. Appears it is not setup properly to use pam. `xlock` does work for me.
<bandali>so what’s the takeaway(s) here w.r.t using sudo, with or without -E, for pull and reconfigure?
<raghav-gururajan>with respect to
<str1ngs>both sudo and sudo -E do the same thing
<str1ngs>in respect to guix pull reconfigure init
<str1ngs>though I would argue you dont need sudo guix pull at all. it's probably not doing what you think it does
<str1ngs>best to sudo su - and pull as the root user since that's probably what the end user is trying to achieve here
<bandali>ha, i see… so the manual isn’t actually wrong; even though in general, guix’s ‘sudo’ isn’t equivalent to ‘sudo -E’
<raghav-gururajan>str1ngs +1
<bandali>thanks str1ngs; would be nice if these clarifications/recommendations could be added to the manual if not already there
<str1ngs>bandali: the manual does have a contribution section :P
<bandali>str1ngs, would you be so kind? :p
<str1ngs>I'm kinda back logged as it is right now.
<bandali>alrighty :)
<alextee[m]>nooooo guix doesn't have wkhtmltopdf
<alextee[m]>and i think python-pyyaml is broken btw, i couldn't get "import yaml" to work. i had to install with pip
*alextee[m] prepares a patch
<dctrud>btw, good to see you here bandali, after my brief stint with trisquel and chatting to you there :-)
<bandali>hehe thanks dctrud, and likewise good to see you here :) and thanks for the follow on fedi btw
<grillon>dctrud: xlock do the job
<grillon>thank you
<dctrud>grillon: If the children decide to take a rest later I'll put in a patch for py3status file deb, and look at the i3lock pam thing
<grillon>thank you dctrud, I have started to watch for py3status dep
<grillon>seems it's already present as inputs we may need to transform it as propagated-inputs I guess
<NieDzejkob>grillon: is i3lock in /run/setuid-programs?
<dctrud>ahh NieDzejkob: it's not, no - that's an issue
<NieDzejkob>It'd even guess it's *the* issue
<dctrud>Also, though, slock and xlock put entries in /etc/pam.d and i3lock is not
<NieDzejkob>slock and xlock do that because there is a service that does that in %desktop-services
<NieDzejkob>see lines 1150- of gnu/services/desktop.scm
<dctrud>okay - i3 does provide a /gnu/store/k9xw49yjd2glh5rw5wbcpxgy0acrx7jm-i3lock-2.11.1/etc/pam.d/i3lock but it doesn't get to /etc/pam.d
<NieDzejkob>try adding (screen-locker-service i3lock) to your services, should solve both setuid and pam
<dctrud>NieDzejkob - thanks, that does work. I should have combed through the docs a bit more to find screen-locker-service there
<grillon>ok I see NieDzejkob, I should add this line in desktop.scm right?
<NieDzejkob>After I install a font with guix install, I need to run fc-cache manually, is that a bug?
<dctrud>grillon: I added to `/etc/config.scm` services section and did a guix system reconfigure
<grillon>ohh I see dctrud, and you confirm it works as well?
<dctrud>yes, it works fine now
<NieDzejkob>Is there a way to check if a reconfigure would do anything?
<grillon>I do not understand how you add it to config.scm :( dctrud
<grillon>NieDzejkob: in the end you have a message telling you new services are started or what has changed
<NieDzejkob>If I have concerns about the security of "make authenticate", should I discuss them privately, or is guix-devel an appropriate place to do that?
<janneke>NieDzejkob: have a look at bug #22883
<grillon>welcome back dctrud
<grillon>I do not understand how you add screen lock to config.scm, and I wonder how to build and test a service from git source
<dctrud>grillon: the end of my config.scm now looks like this:
<grillon>thank you that what I did but I have the following : i3lock : variable non liée
<grillon>conseil : Auriez-vous oublié `(use-modules (gnu packages wm))' ?
<grillon>I have other services from packages vm so I don't understand why I have that message :/
***ng0_ is now known as ng0
<dctrud>grillon: I have a (use-package modules wm) at the top of my config.scm
<dctrud>doh... (use-package-modules wm)
<grillon>yes thank you it works
<grillon>do we need all these changes if we add (screen-locker-service i3lock) in desktop.scm and recompile?
<NieDzejkob>"all these changes" being?
<dctrud>If you add it in desktop.scm then it will just be brought in by %desktop-services instead of manually - it's not really much less change
<grillon>add i3lock and wm to config.scm
<grillon>nice :)
<grillon>how could I test after adding it to desktop.scm?
<raghav-gururajan>janneke If you are available, would you be able to push the patch for gnome-getting-started-docs please? Thanks!
<grillon>documentation explain how to make a package and test it but what about services?
<grillon>do I do a ./pre-inst-env guix reconfigure?
<kelsoo>Hi guix. I have enlightenment, xfce, gnome and openbox installed but can't find how to switch. I was expecting there to be a place to select on GDM but no such option appears.
<leoprikler>raghav-gururajan: Your GNOME is missing GOA
<kelsoo>I can see there is only one .desktop file enlightenment.desktop should the others not have been created automaticaly?
<leoprikler>kelsoo: there should be some menu button to select your DE IIRC
<kirisime>If python-build-system wraps my program once, should I wrap .program-real instead of program if I need to wrap it a second time?
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler GOA is moved into one of the other gnome core packages.
<leoprikler>I am very certain, this is not how it works.
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler You would still have GOA in gnome settings and working. :)
<leoprikler>I don't.
<leoprikler>Specifically, it is in the settings, but it does not work.
<leoprikler>Existing accounts aren't recognized and new ones can't be created.
<raghav-gururajan>Have you added online accounts before? You will have to re-add again.
<kelsoo>ty. But it suspect it wont show until I add more .destop files.
<raghav-gururajan>Oh new one's can't be created? just a secd
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler I'll look into it and get back to you.
<kelsoo>The manual says the .desktop files are added automatically but it's not happened. I'll see if I can do it by hand
*raghav-gururajan just sent another patch to add gnome-user-docs and requests any of the available commiters to push it. :-)
<leoprikler>also wtf happened to all the icons?
<grillon>my fonts has change :(
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler I am aware of the icon issue. I am trying to locate the bug.
<leoprikler>Adding gnome-online-accounts to the packages field of my operating-system brings the accounts back… who would have thunk?
<raghav-gururajan>grillon Yes, there were two font package inside gnome stack that were not part of official gnome stack. Users will have to add those fonts as system packages :)
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler I was about tell you that work-around. GOA was removed from official gnome stack.
<raghav-gururajan>But to be added inside some other package. I am trying find which.
*raghav-gururajan had to revise the guix's gnome stack to be in sync with official gnome stack; else `guix environment gnome --pure` will not be pure. :-)
<leoprikler>where do you get this "part of the official gnome stack" info from?
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler Please find the references inside
<leoprikler>- core-deps/gnome-online-accounts.bst
<leoprikler>See, it is part of GNOME stack ;)
<raghav-gururajan>Yeah, it's part of core-deps not core. So one of the core in guix is missing goa as prop-input.
*raghav-gururajan had planned to dependency check for all core packages in few days :)
<raghav-gururajan>*to do
<raghav-gururajan>As far as I understand, core --> gnome stack; core-deps --> deps required by components of core (stack). :-)
<leoprikler>That may be your interpretation, but dependencies of the core should still exist if you have the core.
<leoprikler>Also breaking things during transition is evil.
<raghav-gururajan>That's correct. One of the core packages in guix is missing goa as dep.
<raghav-gururajan>I will try locate that soon.
<grillon>thank you raghav-gururajan, what is the name of these packages?
<raghav-gururajan>just a sec
<raghav-gururajan>grillon font-cantarell and font-dejavu :-)
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler Could you please try the patch #38834?
<mjw>so I finally did a guix full system install \o/ The installer was a little spartan, but it does work.
<pkill9>well done
<mjw>So then it says:
<mjw>guix pull
<mjw>sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm
<kirisime>Back when I tried it just died upon encountering an EXT2 filesystem.
<mjw>so far, so good. Although it throws up some warnings.
<mjw>guix system: warning: /root/.config/guix/current not found: 'guix pull' was never run
<mjw>It is not clear from the After-System-Installation page whether or not one should do that.
<mjw>It does say: Note that sudo guix runs your user’s guix command and not root’s, because sudo leaves PATH unchanged. To explicitly run root’s guix, type sudo -i guix ….
<mjw>But does that mean I should?
<mjw>and when? Just once, or every time I guix pull as normal user, or...???
<kirisime>mjw: I'm not entirely sure how you're supposed to do this, but I always reconfigure as root and update root's profile before that.
<mjw>kirisime, I guess that makes sense, but I am still slightly confused about the why and/or when that is necessary for what :}
<leoprikler>raghav-gururajan: that would probably work for me, but is evolution-data-server propagated by gnome-core itself?
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler gnome-shell used evolution-data-server as dep. evolution-data-server was missing gnome-online-accounts as dep. So now it should work correctly with the patch.
<leoprikler>kay, I'll try, give me some time
<grillon>raghav-gururajan: thank you my fonts are back to normal :)
<raghav-gururajan>grillon Glad to be of help!
<leoprikler>by the way, do I still need evolution-data-server in my os packages for evolution to work?
<raghav-gururajan>no, no need.
<raghav-gururajan>you can try the patch without EDS or GOA in your system packages,
<civodul>hey mjw!
<civodul>mjw: the warning from "guix system reconfigure" is indeed confusing
<grillon>talking about guix system reconfigure, how could I test services from git sources? is it possible with pre-inst-env?
<leoprikler>sudo -E ./pre-inst-env guix system reconfigure
<grillon>ok and I suppose it does a real installation and I do a rollback if it does not work right?
<leoprikler>hopefully – I'm currently doing mine, so I don't know for sure until it finishes whether it will succeed or wipe my hard disk completely 😉️
<leoprikler>But I did ./pre-inst-env guix package before and it seemed to work, so system should be fine too
<nckx>leoprikler, grillon: Yes, the effect is exactly the same as that of a ‘real’ guix.
<nckx>mjw, kirisime: You should (IMO 🙂) never ‘sudo guix pull’ on any regular personal system, just ‘guix pull && sudo -E guix system reconfigure’.
<mjw>civodul, nckx, aha, but I just did anyway :) Maybe add something about that for ? Or at least explain why that note about running root's guix is there. And maybe remove that warning?
<mjw>nckx, also, the manual says: sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm should that also include -E? Is the /etc/config.scm optional?
<bandali>mjw, there was a long discussion about the ‘-E’ earlier today :p
<bandali>it seems that the -E is not needed
<bandali>and i don’t think /etc/config.scm is optional, but i never tried omitting it (i use a custom location for it, and i specify it every time)
<brettgilio>KE0VVT: Caleb, I sent you an email
<mjw>yeah, I do get the impression that everything in guix is so flexible and configurable that everybody has their own special tricks :)
<brettgilio>mjw: bandali . I personally don't keep my config in /etc. I do sudo -E guix system reconfigure /path/to/config.scm
<NieDzejkob>Is there a way of getting only the mailing list threads I've interacted with?
<leoprikler>raghav-gururajan: finished reconfigure, rebooting now
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler Okay
*bandali too, brettgilio
<mjw>brettgilio, btw. please let me know if I should change/update my elfutils patch. I am happy too. But a bit too much a noob to know what is obviously good/bad.
<pkill9>i keep my config in ~/.config/guix
<brettgilio>mjw: sorry. I'm still sitting on it. I've been too sleep deprived these past couple days to do /any/ work. I promise I'll get to it :)
<mjw>no worries. It is silly days anyway. with christmas and old/new year. O, just 4 more hours!
<leoprikler>raghav-gururajan: it did not work
<mjw>was just checking if there is anything "obvious" I should be doing. If not, I am happy to wait for more feedback.
<leoprikler>and evolution fails without eds, double whammy
*mjw goes downstairs to prepare for the new year!
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler Ohh :( Could you try moving the 'gnome-online-accounts' from inputs to propagated-inputs, inside the patch?
<raghav-gururajan>evolution, for now, needs eds on system or user profile. But that is separate issue.
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler Or for now, please use goa on sys prof. I'll figure things out and get back to you tomorrow.
<KE0VVT>brettgilio: Thanks!
<brettgilio>raghav-gururajan: sounds like you have some assoc-ref path patching work ahead of you
<raghav-gururajan>brettgilio What's assoc-ref path?
<brettgilio>A scheme method to get /gnu store object paths to be useable in modifying package source to use the object reference directly rather than as a propagated input
<raghav-gururajan>I see.
<brettgilio>In other words, it sounds to me like maybe your issue with GOA and EDS is going to come down to needing to modify how GOA paths get referenced in EDS.
<brettgilio>I could be wrong though.
<str1ngs>assoc-ref references an association list item by key
<brettgilio>But you can see a lot of substitute* / assoc-ref examples in, for example, emacs-xyz.scm
<brettgilio>str1ngs: yes
<raghav-gururajan>I have to look into it,
<leoprikler>I personally believe it should be propagated by gnome-settings
<raghav-gururajan>brettgilio Would you be able push the patches for gnome-getting-started-docs and gnome-user-docs please?
<brettgilio>leoprikler: probably true
<brettgilio>raghav-gururajan: I'm not at my computer. Sorry.
<lekzikon>Since yesterday I can now play YouTube videos using Epiphany, but it is buggy. I still can't play videos from peertube instances.
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler I thought that too. But source for g-settings doesn't show goa as dep.
<raghav-gururajan>* g-sett-d
<grillon>dctrud: have you submitted a patch for py3status? I'm still testing i3lock screen lock in desktop.scm
<lekzikon>I was going to report bugs to Epiphany but the reporting guidelines say that Web content bugs are not Epiphany bugs but WebkitGTK bugs. Which is true in this case, because I get the same buggy behavior in the Next browser.
<grillon>ohh you're right I cannot watch video on the web lekzikon
<kirisime>What browsers are you people using to not be able to watch video?
<kirisime>Ungoogled-chromium works for me for what I've tried.
<KE0VVT>GNOME Web/epiphany is so beautiful.
<leoprikler>eww, chromium
<KE0VVT>I'm still scared of Chromium.
<KE0VVT>Did Safari copy GNOME Web?
<lekzikon>Kirisime: ungoogled-chromium is from an older verion of Guix packages, not? It was replaced by IceCat.
<kirisime>It's not nice but nothing on the web is so...
<kirisime>lekzikon: Yeah, it's an older version. Do you mean if I upgrade I get IceCat intead?
<leoprikler>raghav-gururajan: Alternatively, we can make a core-deps column just for GOA ;)
<kirisime>lekzikon: Scary.
<KE0VVT>I thought Guix had both some form of Chromium and some form of Firefox.
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler Yeah, that too. I just wanna take time and do it right. :-)
<raghav-gururajan>brettgilio That's okay. No worries!
<brettgilio>lekzikon: im pretty sure they undid that deprecation of ungoogled-chromium after the chromium 0 day was patched
<brettgilio>nckx: verify?
<KE0VVT>Is Guix ready for stable, mission-critical application?
<lekzikon>The browser status right now is very dissapointing.
<str1ngs>for the adventurous guile hacker there is always nomad the extensible web browser :)
<dctrud>grillon: no, would be this evening US time... busy with kids now
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler Are you available to push those patches please? If everthing is good, I can move-on to packaging others. :)
<NieDzejkob>brettgilio: Is rcm (bug #35653) still on your TODO? It's been a few days and I want to make sure
<leoprikler>I don't have commit access.
<brettgilio>str1ngs: next browser too, for common LISPers. By Pierre niedthardt
<brettgilio>Idk if Pierre is on here
<pkill9>ungoogled-chromium was undeprecated yea
<brettgilio>pkill9: thought so
<str1ngs>brettgilio: I talk to Pierre on ad off.
<KE0VVT>Nomad sounds cool. I hope it looks OK in GNOME.
<brettgilio>str1ngs: do you know if he is on irc?
<lekzikon>brettgilio: Next uses WebkitGTK, it has the same bugs I find in Epiphany.
<brettgilio>bandali: sleep deprived :)
<bandali>brettgilio, :p feel ya
<str1ngs>brettgilio: he prefers email, though I sometimes wish he used IRC
<grillon>dctrud: no problem, I can do it
<str1ngs>lekzikon: next uses both webkit and qtwebengine
<brettgilio>I'm gonna nap before work. Back later
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler Ah I see.
*brettgilio zzzZZZzzz
<str1ngs>I'm currently working on ncurses, qtwebengine and gtk for nomad
<lekzikon>str1ngs: Video works in nomad?
<brettgilio>str1ngs: drop me a repo link to so I can check it later. Might contribute too
*brettgilio zzzzz for real this time
<str1ngs>brettgilio: master is the release branch which the nomad in guix uses. feature-g-golf is currently development branch
<str1ngs>lekzikon: for the most part yes, though I"m mainly focused on the build and overall API
<lekzikon>str1ngs: From the description I see nomad uses WebkitGTK, so I guess it has the same bugs...
<lekzikon>str1ngs: Oh, it's your own project?
<str1ngs>lekzikon: also software has bugs, are you referring to anything in particular
<str1ngs>it will support more html backends eventually. I'm working on giqt for next and nomad . aka gobject introspection for QT
<lekzikon>str1ngs: Using Epiphany and Next, every time I play a YouTUbe video, the system volume increases to the max. That's one bug.
<str1ngs>therotically allowing you to write QT applications in guile
<str1ngs>lekzikon: could that be a pulseaudio issue?
<lekzikon>str1ngs: I don't know. I don't know what pulsaudio is.
<leoprikler>I think I was already present in a discussion about this.
<str1ngs>currently my sound is all distorted have not had time to figure the cause of the problem
<str1ngs>lekzikon: Iam the author of nomad yes
<lekzikon>str1ngs: Another bug is that, when playing a YouTube video, if I click on another video, the page freezes and I have to finalize the process corresponding to the freezed tab because I can't close the tab manually..
<leoprikler>Basically Guix uses the default configuration of pulseaudio, which causes this weird behaviour in pulseaudio.
<lekzikon>Interacting with YouTube video controls also makes pages freeze.
<KE0VVT>When you add a server to the system, doesn't the reconfigure process interrupt other servers that might be running?
<lekzikon>str1ngs: I didn't know about nomad, sounds interesting because it uses guile.
<KE0VVT>Changing the system declaration seems like it requires restarting everything, short of rebooting.
<str1ngs>lekzikon: this is with epiphany?
<leoprikler>KE0VVT: To my knowledge you have to manually restart them. Herd just reloads the definitions IIRC.
<lekzikon>str1ngs: With both Epiphany and Next, so I guess is a WebkitGTK problem.
<KE0VVT>leoprikler: OK, that sounds good. I don't want a system that has to reboot just because I installed and started a new service.
<KE0VVT>Not reboot, but close to it.
<str1ngs>someone make a livepatch service or kexec service plox! :P
<leoprikler>imagine gdm crashing your session because one input changed
<grillon>is it a bad idea to do a pre-ins-env guix pull?
<str1ngs>grillon: nope
<leoprikler>sounds like one
<str1ngs>grillon: but it's not doing what you think it's doing
<grillon>string[m]: what is it doing?
<leoprikler>regular guix pull
<leoprikler>but fancy ;)
<str1ngs>guix pull uses channels if you have not set any up then it uses %default-channels
<grillon>str1ngs: what is it doing :p
<KE0VVT>Does the Intel NUC have any free software issues?
*KE0VVT checks H-Node
<str1ngs>grillon: you could though use (url "file:///path/to/guix.git)
<grillon>I see thank you :)
<leoprikler>alternatively, if you don't need other channels, you can do ./pre-inst-env guix package
<leoprikler>I should probably write my manifests to be aware of this
<str1ngs>aye what leoprikler said. more then likely what you want here
<str1ngs>hemm pre-inst-env should not effect a manifest unless the package does not exist in the %default-channel I guess?
<grillon>I want to change services and test them, I think I should do a vm to test them
<grillon>I never did a vm with guix seems an occasion :)
<leoprikler>str1ngs: exactly. I recently had to deal quite often with a certain unfree compression format.
<str1ngs>leoprikler: oh the lzip thing. that was kinda a chicken egg problem IIRC
<leoprikler>lzip is unfree?
<str1ngs>or I'm not sure of the issue you were havig
<NieDzejkob>I think leo is referring to rar
<str1ngs>every time i see rar it triggers an AOL you've got mail in my head.
<JalapenoX>Hello, I have to give a presentation on Guix to my team. Is there any resources that explain Guix on a high level. I've already watched "everyday use of Guix" by Chirs Marusich.
<leoprikler>Either way, my manifest has references to channels, that can never be merged into mainline guix, which causes problems whenever I don't comment that line for testing.
<str1ngs>leoprikler: you use channel.scm?
<JalapenoX>Specifically why an information team would want to use Guix. One thing I though was that Guix could run hostile software safely with it's ad hoc containers. Is it correct to sell Guix like this?
<leoprikler>That's probably one use for it, but you should be careful.
<str1ngs>JalapenoX: I would focus on the repeatable side of guix, since that helps teams the most
<str1ngs>write once, use many
<leoprikler>"Sandboxing" is not really safe, whichever way you go about it, since there exist faults that can't easily be mitigated by software alone.
<JalapenoX>What do you mean by "repeatable" strlngs?
<lekzikon>JalapenoX: What's an "information team"?
<leoprikler>Doing the same thing twice should (usually) have the same effect in Guix.
<JalapenoX>sorry information security team.
<str1ngs>JalapenoX: due to it's functional aspect. given the same package definitions you can easily replicate a defined environment on multiple machines or containers or profiles . not to mention when used with guix-publish deployment is integrated.
<g_bor>hello guix!
<lekzikon>str1ngs: How do I visit a webpage in nomad ?
<lekzikon>or how do I access the list of commands to know how to browse the web?
<lekzikon>Never mind, I found the manual.
<str1ngs>lekzikon: M-x: make-buffer for new buffer. M-k: browser for current buffer
<str1ngs>lekzikon: this will probably change. the nomad in guix is still alpha. any feed back is welcome
<grillon>ohh nomad is awsome :)
<str1ngs>lekzikon: also make-query and query is quite handy
<grillon>is there a vi mode? I'm not used to emacs mode :/
<str1ngs>no vi mode at this time. I hope to add evil like bindings at one point
<grillon>I have just started to use emacs but I'm cheating(I use doom mode)
<str1ngs>nomad is heavily influenced bias by emacs :P
<str1ngs>lekzikon: err s/browser/browse
<lekzikon>str1ngs: Yeah, same bugs, as expected. I'll go check WebKitGTK issue tracker to see if there are reports about this.
<str1ngs>lekzikon: what codec does youtube use?
<g_bor>I am trying to do spawn something instead of the build in installer. I have this config, but it seems I miss something, as the machine gets rebooted right away.
<g_bor>This is the machine config:
<leoprikler>"heavily influenced by emacs" – no ESC ESC ESC, no C-g, 🙁️
<str1ngs>C-g exists
<leoprikler>it does, but you have to hit it twice, which is very very weird
<lekzikon>str1ngs: I don't know... How do I know that?
<str1ngs>leoprikler: that could be related to the minibuffer though
<str1ngs>also could be a bug. will investigate
<str1ngs>leoprikler: the minibuffer has it's own key map so could be related to that. ie C-p C-n M-p etc for command history
<str1ngs>and line editing
<leoprikler>Perhaps, but C-g should not be bound there.
<str1ngs>I'll have to check the emacsys minibuffer mode map for that. I've intentionally kept things default
<g_bor>do you see something obvious missing?
<str1ngs>leoprikler: more then likely it's related to emacsys event system.
<str1ngs>also ESC ESC ESC is derived from the ncurse days IIRC I'll have to see if that translates well to nomad. or visit it when I add ncurse suppport
<str1ngs>not all emacs concepts a easily translated or are good design choices.
<str1ngs>leoprikler: thanks for the feedback I've added this to my TODO
<leoprikler>Well, I personally hit ESC ESC ESC as the first thing when trying to abort stuff and only thing of C-g later.
<str1ngs>keyboard-escape-quit might not be completely the same as keyboard-quit. I suspect keyboard-escape-quite is deal with escaping terminals . so really it's intention is for terminal emacs only. I could be wrong though
<leoprikler>well, they are different but not in the way you think
<leoprikler>escape-quit does not quit ongoing processes, whereas C-g does
<leoprikler>escape-quit is quit for prompts basically
<lekzikon>They are asking me for a full backtrace of the browser to attach to the bug reports.
*lekzikon starts reading about gdb...
<str1ngs>leoprikler: that makes more sense now that I've read the function documentation
<str1ngs>I'll have to see if this is feasible with emacsy . gtk key events can be PITA to deal with.
<str1ngs>though not for sometime. the event handling will change between now and when I look at this.
<str1ngs>leoprikler: it is something for me to consider thanks for your input
<str1ngs>.. no pun :P
<leoprikler>apropos gtk and pita, when will nomad have header bars? 😉️
<lekzikon>I was just thinking that
<lekzikon>I like Epiphany's.
<str1ngs>leoprikler: not for sometime the UI is intentionally no frills. currently I have custom GObject classes that are being ported to gobject introspect via g-golf. that is probably a luxury feature at this stage. though once I've ported completely to g-golf things will be more stable from an API perspective.
<str1ngs>headers bars will not translate will to QT or ncurses so it's not something I want to rely on to heavily
<str1ngs>also native windows API android
<lekzikon>Then Epiphany should use Guile as extension language (dream on).
<str1ngs>you can though M-:(toggle-tabs) \o/ :)
<str1ngs>and mess around with *scratch* and M-x: eval-buffer
<lekzikon>str1ngs: In the Guix version, nomad start as a very small window. I would use a different size.
<str1ngs>lekzikon: I had not considered that thank you. I and the other contributor both use tiling WM so this has been over looked
<brettgilio>str1ngs: I use StumpWM. Which do you use?
<str1ngs>brettgilio: i3 bust sparingly really. its just away to move emacs frame and maybe a terminal
<str1ngs>the other contributor uses exwm
<str1ngs>nly is the other contributor he's around here at times
<lekzikon>I'm trying to run epiphany with gdb to be able to report the bugs I'm seeing with an attached backtrace. When I run this:
<lekzikon>gdb --args epiphany report.pdf
<lekzikon>I get this message:
<lekzikon>"/run/current-system/profile/bin/epiphany": not in executable format: file format not recognized
<str1ngs>lekzikon: it is probably a symlink you might want to deference it
<nckx>NieDzejkob: You here?
<lekzikon>Now I did:
<lekzikon>gdb --args /gnu/store/fz1nzh3x08kdv7314sm3fbrykzv91gi9-epiphany-3.30.4/bin/epiphany report.pdf
<lekzikon>But got the same message:
<NieDzejkob>nckx: yup
<lekzikon>"/gnu/store/fz1nzh3x08kdv7314sm3fbrykzv91gi9-epiphany-3.30.4/bin/epiphany": not in executable format: file format not recognized
<lekzikon>Boy, is reporting bugs hard!
<str1ngs>ahh it might be a wrapped binary
<nckx>NieDzejkob: All right if I add a ‘Copyright © 2019 Name <e-mail>’ line to your vim update? I'm also going to shorten your longest comment a bit (it's very clear, thank you, just a bit longer than is usual in these cases) if that's all right.
<str1ngs>lekzikon: see with file -L $(which epiphany )
<NieDzejkob>nckx: Not a problem. Have you seen the v2 PATCH I've sent?
*lekzikon installs "file"
<str1ngs>lekzikon: also ls -al "$(guix build epiphany)/bin" to see the real binary
<str1ngs>lekzikon: but if you call the real binary that cause more issues
<str1ngs>that might*
<lekzikon>Hmm, then I don't know what to do...
<str1ngs> I still suspect this a pulsaudio issue. have you tested with icecat?
<nckx>NieDzejkob: Yep 🙂
<str1ngs>leoprikler: if you have gtk+ and glib-networking in an environment the calling the real binary in theory should then work
<str1ngs>leoprikler: maybe something like guix environment epiphany --ad-hoc glib-networking
<str1ngs>lekzikon: ^
<gnutec>2020 is coming
<lekzikon>str1ngs: I think I won't report those bugs. I saw bug reports in Webkit issue tracker about video and now I feel discouraged to report these :)
<lekzikon>str1ngs: But thanks for your help.
<NieDzejkob>argh, any idea on how to make 'configure' detect XkbGetIndicatorState?
<NieDzejkob>it seems this should be in libX11, but I already have libx11 as an input
<NieDzejkob>the message is 'checking for library containing XkbGetIndicatorState... none required'
<NieDzejkob>it seems to be doing AC_SEARCH_LIBS(XkbGetIndicatorState, X11
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>nckx: I was trying to get something run instead of the installer on the installation image.
<g_bor>I have made this config:
<g_bor>But it restarts soon after the message about the finalization thread.
<g_bor>I believe something is missing. Do you have any idea?
<str1ngs>NieDzejkob: check config.log with build build -K it might give more clues as to why it can't detect it
<PotentialUser-52>so I pulled/package -u'd/reconfigured on my desktop and (amd) and it's taking way longer than in virtualbox. It seems to be building more packages than it did in the VM. is this normal/expected?
<NieDzejkob>str1ngs: Thanks! I actually thought of that, but remembered the name as configure.log, and concluded that the log file is not available. The log file made me realize that "none required" means that the feature has been detected without any additional flags...
<str1ngs>NieDzejkob: I'm reading that as XkbGetIndicatorState is not required then?
<nckx>g_bor: You ask the person who's never used the graphical installer or used/modified any default services 😛 (Why o-s-*user*-services anyway? I know that's the correct procedure, but why was it named that way? Anyway, not relevant to your Q.)
<raghav-gururajan>Folks! What does "Could not generate cargs" mean?
<nckx>I'd start by calling start-repl as done in guix/ui.scm but your description implies the program is never run.
<nckx>☝ g_bor
<NieDzejkob>str1ngs: XkbGetIndicatorState is available without additional lib flags (as the package already always uses -lX11)
<NieDzejkob>either way, resolved
<str1ngs>NieDzejkob: ah that makes sense. thanks
<NieDzejkob>raghav-gururajan: What context are you getting that error in?
<nckx>raghav-gururajan: This is a Meson message, yes? I've only seen it printed after a clear ‘XXX found: NO’ message.
<raghav-gururajan> ERROR: Could not generate cargs for clutter-gst-3.0:
<g_bor>nckx: there is an operating-system-services that means something else.
<raghav-gururajan>I was building the package "sushi".
<g_bor>I also missed that at first, had to look at source.
<nckx>Did you check for missing deps? Is clutter-gst present?
<nckx>raghav-gururajan: ☝
<raghav-gururajan>nckx Yes, it tell me clutter-gst is missing. But it is there as input.
<nckx>raghav-gururajan: If this were an autotools package I'd build with -K and look at config.log to see what's really going on. I don't know if Meson has a similar log.
<raghav-gururajan>At first error was could not find clutter-gst. After adding clutter-gst as input, the error became could not generate cargs for clutter-gst.
<nckx>For example, this *could* happen if clutter's .pc file Requires a package that isn't propagated. Too little information to tell.
<raghav-gururajan>Ah I see.
<nckx>raghav-gururajan: Could you paste( the complete output?
<str1ngs>usually though when a pc file's dependency is not met it's kinda obvious. though maybe I'm use to autotools
<raghav-gururajan>sure, I can do thayt
<nckx>str1ngs: You & me both, but it can be well-hidden with autotools sometimes. It gives a lot of flexibility to projects and some promptly aim it at their feet.
<raghav-gururajan>nckx str1ngs NieDzejkob BUILD LOG:
<nckx>So cmake & clutter-gst are both resp. native-input and input/
<nckx>(Sorry but I have to ask.)
<raghav-gururajan>For now I put all under inputs. No native-inputs.
<raghav-gururajan>nckx str1ngs NieDzejkob PKG-DEF:
<nckx>I'm afraid I can't help you right now but a quick glance at `guix build clutter-gst`/lib/pkgconfig/clutter-gst-3.0.pc shows many Required packages. They aren't all propagated by clutter-gst. It's worth trying to add them all as inputs if you can't find a more detailed build log. Whatever takes less time 😉
<raghav-gururajan>nckx cool thanks!
<raghav-gururajan>Anyway, I will have tp continue tommorrow. I have to sleep and get ready for work in 4hrs.
<g_bor>good night
<raghav-gururajan>nckx Would you be able to push the patches for gnome-getting-started-docs and gnome-user-docs please?
<raghav-gururajan>Good night everyone!
*raghav-gururajan --> Zzz
<nckx>raghav-gururajan: Maybe! No promises. Good night.
*NieDzejkob has finally submitted the patch to package xsecurelock
<jsrana>there is a hurd package available. for me `guix package -i hurd` fails on the configure step: cannot find mig. does hurd/guix require a call to `guix system reconfigure` with a special config file? or is hurd/guix not really implemented yet? (thanks in advance)
<g_bor>jsrana: it is not really implemented yet.
<g_bor>There are some problems with bootstrap binaries, one thing is that tar segfaults on hurd.
<g_bor>I am sure that people working on it would appreciate any help.
<jsrana>id love to help. it's hard to know where to start. i've never worked on something big with lots of people. good a time as any to start. thank you
<grillon>dctrud: I did a minipatch for py3status but I was not able to patch i3lock :(
<grillon>I cannot launch a vm with graphical interface on guix system with the commande guix system vm :(
<grillon>haha now it works...seems I need to specify memory and net :/