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<raingloom>if it's in the source tree, why isn't it in the build directory? is it not extracted or does guix delete it for some reason?
<leoprikler>does it build with --enable-cxx and without configuring bindings/cpp?
<kete>My installation failed to install the correct boot technology: like BIOS instead of EFI. It's complicated to figure out what to choose, but I think I can just go back and adjust my system to make it boot, when I figure out what to do.
<NieDzejkob>kete: You can do it! I'm also fighting my bootloader right now...
<kete>:-) maybe arch wiki will help :-P
<kirisime>Merry Yule, Guix.
<kirisime>I know it's the holidays but I've fixed the bug where nautilus doesn't generate thumbnails at all.
<kirisime>The fix is a simple patch that binds /run and /gnu inside the bubblewrap sandbox instead of binding /usr and/etc/
<kirisime>Similar patches might be needed for other GNOME software that uses bubblewrap with similar assumptions.
*raghav-gururajan just sent a patch to revise gnome meta-package
<raingloom>leoprikler, that's how i built it, i just added that option in the arguments field, that's how i got the error
<leoprikler>Fine. Does --enable-cxx --disable-dependency-tracking work?
<kirisime>raghav-gururajan: Did you fix thumbnail generation somehow?
<raingloom>leoprikler, seems so, at the very least it builds
<leoprikler>but are cpp bindings also part of its output?
<raingloom>i'm trying to build libopenmpt which depends on that, gonna see if it works in action too
<raingloom>(but ran into a runpath related error in that)
<leoprikler>raghav-gururajan: wouldn't it be better to keep everything in one list (rather than three)?
<leoprikler>only inside the patch of course
<ScaredySquirrel>Hello guys
<ScaredySquirrel>I'm using Windows 10 and I want to have Guix on here but I
<ScaredySquirrel>I'd have to get a flash drive
<ScaredySquirrel>and install the thing
<ScaredySquirrel>it's a new laptop so I'll have to see about Guix
<ScaredySquirrel>I'm using AdilIRC
<ScaredySquirrel>ok I'm using AdilIRC on a new laptop with Windows 10
<ScaredySquirrel>I'd love to have Guix on here but it will be a while
<leoprikler>I don't think it will be possible to install Guix inside your IRC client. Perhaps inside of Emacs, but IIRC Eshell doesn't really like the setup script. 😉️
<ScaredySquirrel>I know that it needs a Tux thrown inside the processor
<leoprikler>So your plan is to wipe Windows?
<ScaredySquirrel>I wouldn't wanna wipe it
<ScaredySquirrel>I'll keep it and put Guix on another part of the drie
<ScaredySquirrel>I only have about a terabyte here
<ScaredySquirrel>would be kind of nice to have an SSD that would be much faster
<leoprikler>Could get a little cramped.
<ScaredySquirrel>yes yes
<leoprikler>so you'll go for the usual dual-boot setup?
<leoprikler>that sadly won't (at least with Guix System), because the menuentrys you can add assume some other Linux
<leoprikler>that said, you could set up some other Linux distro and Guix on top of that
<leoprikler>i.e. Guix the package manager
<leoprikler>I'm also somewhat interested in whether Guix would work inside of LSW or cygwin.
<ScaredySquirrel>would it?
<ScaredySquirrel>I want to see
<ScaredySquirrel>how to try?
<CompanionCube>i'd say WSL but not cygwin
<ScaredySquirrel>what is a WSL Linux distro? They have a simple window you open but how to make a Linux window isn't simple
<CompanionCube>ScaredySquirrel: are you familiar with say, FreeBSD's Linuxulator?
<ScaredySquirrel>no CompanionCube
<CompanionCube>okay then
<CompanionCube>the thing about linux is this: the creator thinks that stability of the kernel ABI is Very Important
<ScaredySquirrel>I really don't know what that means
<CompanionCube>ScaredySquirrel: i.e, they very much dislike any change that would break the interaction of programs with the Linux kernel
<ScaredySquirrel>how does that relate to Linux programs under Windows Hyper-V?
<CompanionCube>oh that's WSL2
<ScaredySquirrel>WSL just uses Windows Hyper-V and a Linux kernel
<ScaredySquirrel>yes WSL2 I mean WSL2
<CompanionCube>I was talking about WSL1 :p
<CompanionCube>WSL2 should be even easier for guix
<CompanionCube>since there's no possibility of gaps or differences in the 'linux' part
<CompanionCube>(well, maybe not *no* possibility...)
<CompanionCube>anyway given it's hyper-v there's no magic in a linux window
<CompanionCube>just wire the terminal emulator up to either a serial port or a special VM console or something like that
<brettgilio>Goodnight, Guix.
<null_radix[m]> is there anyway to copy the store to usb drive or another folder?
<null_radix[m]>would just `cp` it work?
<atw>null_radix[m]: what's the final destination of the the stuff you're copying?
<null_radix[m]>i have a broken guix install, and need to reinstall it (messed up a partion), but i'm on a really slow internet connetion, so i was thinking I could cp the store, reformat and cp it back
<atw>In that case, I'd recommend looking at guix archive
<null_radix[m]>looks promising, thanks atw!
<A[m]3>btw if you need to copy something, it's better to use and not cp.
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<ScaredySquirrel>ok guys can is there any way to put like two hard disks in one for / and one for /home with the GUI installer?
<ScaredySquirrel>I found out how mess with the guided partitioning by selecting disks and going back and forth between the partitioner and main menu and for the final disk select Manual
<efraim>now I'm getting errors about guile-email
<efraim>is there an autostart keyword for services?
<efraim>i see it's auto-start?
<preciouscookie>Hi guys. Guile code seems very self-describing. Don't you mind sharing your system configuration for educational purposes?
<efraim>aww, preciouscookie already left
<efraim>sneek: later tell preciouscookie my system configuration is here:
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<brown121409>Is there any place in the manual documenting how to edit ./configure flags for gnu-build-system? I can't seem to find one...
<leoprikler>inside arguments
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<pkill9>efraim: i was getting errors about guile-email when guix pulling as well
<pkill9>they disappeared though when i change something in my personal repository to fix a different error for a different issue
<brown121409>leoprikler: #:configure-flags just adds to the list. I want to remove some of the args added by default.
<navik>I can report that recreating the USB boot ISO with `guix system disk-image <.scm>` works with Pureboot (coreboot + HEADS). I.e. removing the option `--file-system-type=iso9660` from the guix cmdline.
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<navik>problem with the extra option was that it generates a hfsplus formatted partition, which HEADS cannot mount and inspect.
<brown121409>leoprikler: Or maybe I don't need to remove those but it looks like I have by default CONFIG_SHELL=<bash-minimal-path> and SHELL=<bash-minimal-path> and it gives me an error saying it can't recognize those flags
<brown121409>Huh it seems like luarocks' configure script doesn't like arbitrary KEY=VAL arguments.
<raghav-gururajan>sneek: later tell kirisime: Not yet I am afraid. The file-previewing/thumbnail is provided by 'sushi' along with 'gsettings-desktop-schemas'. The patch adds the latter to gnome, but the former is not packaged yet.
<sneek>Will do.
<raghav-gururajan>sneek: later tell leoprikler: I think the 3-part list is better as it will be easier to track which part of gnome stack is changed or needs to be changed.
<raghav-gururajan>sneek: You deserve a botsnack.
<raghav-gururajan>efraim: I can split the patch into two. Can you guide me on what is the best way to do that in git please? I will be back in 2hrs. :-)
<tfm>Hi! What's the recommended way to set up an OpenVPN client for a VPN provider, e.g. Mullvad? I had a look at the openvpn-client-service docs but I'm not sure how I'd configure it for a VPN I don't run (I don't have the "certificate of the machine the daemon is running on" for instance).
<leoprikler>sneek later tell raghav-gururajan but you could still do that without having literally three lists, i.e. you can split your list like `(;; PART A [...];; PART B [...])
<sneek>leoprikler, you have 1 message.
<sneek>leoprikler, raghav-gururajan says: I think the 3-part list is better as it will be easier to track which part of gnome stack is changed or needs to be changed.
<sneek>Got it.
<NieDzejkob>are secrets in the guix store problematic? I'm currently configuring my wifi with (wpa-supplicant-service-type (config (plain-file ""))) ; or something along these lines, but I'm feeling uneasy about the password ending up in /gnu/store where all users can read it
<NieDzejkob>similarly, I'm considering putting a luks key file into my initrd so that only grub asks for the disk password, but that would also expose it to all processes through the store, unnecessarily
<leoprikler>I would at least make /etc/config.scm chmod 600 and the files generated by this secret chmod 400
<brown121409>Is there a way to define packages with more than one license?
<NieDzejkob>leoprikler: how would I go about doing the latter? Is there some scheme procedure I could use in the G-expression?
<brown121409>> more than one license?
<brown121409>nvm, it's a list
<leoprikler>I'm not sure, whether it's possible with the (plain-file ...), but if you have normal packages, you can do (chmod ...)
<NieDzejkob>that would need to be in some derivation, right?
<NieDzejkob>like, (computed-file ...)
<leoprikler>computed-file might work
<leoprikler>you wrap your plain file in it and chmod 400 it
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler I see. But that would collapse the alphabetical order within the list. I think it's a part of coding standards?
<sneek>raghav-gururajan, you have 1 message.
<sneek>raghav-gururajan, leoprikler says: but you could still do that without having literally three lists, i.e. you can split your list like `(;; PART A [...];; PART B [...])
<leoprikler>Is there a standard saying you can split it into multiple ordered lists?
<leoprikler>or at least an example of another package that does this?
<raghav-gururajan>There isn't. But in that way, alphabetical order within each list is conserved right?
<raghav-gururajan>Also, I am curious if there is any downside of using multiple lists?
<leoprikler>I think it will be sorted before output to the command line in either case
<leoprikler>the alphabetical order is rather a coding convention to make things easier for the reader
<raghav-gururajan>I see.
<leoprikler>but your method is one of sorting too (first sort based on group, then on alphabet)
<leoprikler>so imo it should not be a problem to have one "unsorted" list with comments
<raghav-gururajan>I understand.
<raghav-gururajan>leoprikler Is there a way to undo a commit in git?
<leoprikler>whereas with multiple lists I'm not sure what magic where would make this work in the multi-list case
<leoprikler>which sense of undo?
<leoprikler>undo just the commit or undo the changes as well?
<leoprikler>also I assume this has not yet been pushed to master, right?
<raghav-gururajan>the latter :)
<raghav-gururajan>No, I was operating on custom branch 'rg'.
<leoprikler>s/master/origin, but fine
<leoprikler>is it the top commit or some commit before that?
<leoprikler>then `git reset HEAD^ --hard`
<raghav-gururajan>is ^ a variable?
<leoprikler>nope ^ means one above
<raghav-gururajan>Ah I see!
<leoprikler>~ or ~1 should be equal to it if you prefer that notation
<raghav-gururajan>It worked. Thanks!
<rushsteve1>How does package versioning work in Guix? Like if you do package@1.1 how does it find and build specifically that package version?
<rushsteve1>Does it backtrack through the Guix package git repo to find that version or something like that?
<lispmacs>rushsteve1: I think either that version is defined in the package definition or it isn't, for your current checkout of guix
<lispmacs>some definitions have multiple versions defined
<lispmacs>and there is the time machine function in guix for installing something from earlier checkout of guix, but I haven't tried that yet
<lispmacs>most package definitions won't keep multiple versions defined, but it is more common with packages like compilers
<lispmacs>when you search for a package you will see which versions are available in your current guix checkout
<lispmacs>trying to simply install a versions not available in your current guix checkout gives an error
<rushsteve1>lispmacs: So separate package versions have separate (or inherited) definitions?
<lispmacs>rushsteve1: yes, though for some program/libraries those versions might be in the same file, in a same guix checkout
<rushsteve1>Ok cool, thanks for the answer lispmacs
<lispmacs>to get a version not defined in current guix checkout, you can use 'guix time-machine' command
<str1ngs>how do I add flags to configure arguments in gnu-build-system?
<gnutec>I'm talking about gcc-toolchain here, but I'm read about bootstrap and mes/mescc so everybody should take mes.pdf in too.
<lispmacs>but you have to know the guix commit number for it
<raghav-gururajan>sneek: later tell efraim: I have replied to your email with the modified patch. :-)
<sneek>Will do.
<gnutec>Stay 3 day out of internet and guix system launch 330MB of update. wow!
<raghav-gururajan>Folks! Take a look at this ( Nice!
<gnutec>Upgrade ok! Kernel 5.4.6
<pkill9>my guix config has become a mixture of magic and spaghetti
<raghav-gururajan>sneek: later tell efraim: I have sent a new email (V3) containing spilt patches. Please ignore the previous email (V2). Thanks!
<sneek>Got it.
<kmicu>pkill9: sounds like a typical lisp code base ;)
<preciouscookie>efraim thanks for your config!
<sneek>preciouscookie, you have 1 message.
<sneek>preciouscookie, efraim says: my system configuration is here:
<preciouscookie>thx as well
<PotentialUser-96>hi everyone! wanted to ask, do I need open source gpu drivers manually or not?
<raghav-gururajan><PotentialUser-96> We do not use the O-S term here. ;-) Anyway, gpu drivers are included in '%desktop-services' and/or '*-desktop-service-type'. Please refer to services section of guix manual.
<raghav-gururajan>sneek: later tell PotentialUser-96: We do not use the O-S term here. ;-) Anyway, gpu drivers are included in '%desktop-services' and/or '*-desktop-service-type'. Please refer to services section of guix manual
<sneek>Will do.
<cnmne>Hi, I'm having trouble reconfiguring the system after I try to set up a static-networking-service; I'll give a paste in a second, but the problem seems to be me :]
<gnutec>Spend my internet with red-eclipse. Who play this game on-line?
<cnmne>here's the relevant parts of my config.scm
<cnmne>I get the error: gnu/services/base.scm:2267:2: In procedure static-networking-shepherd-service:
<cnmne>Throw to key `match-error' with args `("match" "no matching pattern" (static-networking-service "eno1" "" #:gateway ""))'
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<cbaines>cnmne, looks to me that you're trying to mix two styles of defining services
<cbaines>there are some examples of using the static-networking-service here
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<cbaines>also, for the static-networking-service-type, it looks like you need to go through the static-networking-service procedure to use it, as the record type used for the configuration isn't exported
<pkill9>lol, I just typed ".scm" instead of ".com"
<PotentialUser-27>Hello #guix and Happy Holidays!
<sneek>Welcome back PotentialUser-27, you have 1 message.
<sneek>PotentialUser-27, raghav-gururajan says: We do not use the O-S term here. ;-) Anyway, gpu drivers are included in '%desktop-services' and/or '*-desktop-service-type'. Please refer to services section of guix manual
<PotentialUser-27>I've been trying to get multiple profiles working, with mixed success. I'm following
<PotentialUser-27>`guix package --list-profiles` lists the ones I'd expect... but xmonad has no (for example) dmenu available to it. I've put code in .profile/.zprofile/.bash_profile to source /etc/profile and loop over the profiles I care about
<cnmne>cbaines, thanks for taking a look and for that resource ! I'll have to take a look after work, but I think I tried it that way earlier and I still had errors. A concrete example will definitely help me figure it out though
<PotentialUser-27>I've gotten it working... I've gotten it working w/no fonts available to icecat... and now it's back to just the system profile's apps
<gnutec>You should read this.
<PotentialUser-27>tips on multiple profiles? ;)
<PotentialUser-27>I saw it come by when it was first written. pretty cool. I definitely want to understand how packages and reproducibility work in guix. for now I'm getting a desktop set up though
<PotentialUser-27>seems odd to me this isn't a goal of more OS'
<brettgilio>leoprikler: just updated telega to 0.5.4 in guix master
<brettgilio>Has support for marking messages and tons of other cool stuff now
<NieDzejkob>did anybody get xinit/startx to work? It can't find Xorg for me for some reason
<PotentialUser-27>NieDzejkob: I haven't... but got a simple slim setup to work that'll start xmonad
<PotentialUser-27>interested in the same setup though. happy to post the slim + %base-services setup if you want
<NieDzejkob>yeah, that would definitely help
<NieDzejkob>currently struggling with elogind, shepherd wants to spawn two of those for some reason
<NieDzejkob>O_o why is firefox not packaged?
<NieDzejkob>does that support firefox sync?
<NieDzejkob>also, why does it depend on rust and clang *at runtime*?
<PotentialUser-27>appears to
<PotentialUser-27>no idea on the deps
<PotentialUser-27>it includes some default addons and config settings you may want to switch back
<PotentialUser-27>I think you can still install official addons though, which (after reviewing config settings and addons) should make it similar enough (at least for my liking)
<PotentialUser-27>as to why... it's because of the mpl. apparently there are restrictions on distributing mozilla's logo, so they forked
<NieDzejkob>okay wtf. icecat can't render digits
<NieDzejkob>is that some FSF ideology too? ;)
<PotentialUser-27>I had the same issue (still having it actually). install font-dejavu?
<PotentialUser-27>no idea
<PotentialUser-27>I can use multiple profiles at once, right? do I just need to source <profile>/etc/profile in .zprofile or similar to get it working in xmonad? it's not showing packages from those profiles for me
<NieDzejkob>when you were saying that icecat appears to support firefox sync, what did you mean? It hangs when I try to login
<PotentialUser-27>just that it has the menu item. I didn't try it
<PotentialUser-27>i.e. it's not disabled @ build time
<PotentialUser-27>run it from a terminal for output?
<NieDzejkob>the menu item? where?
<PotentialUser-27>in the hamburger menu. upper-right
<NieDzejkob>it's not there for me
<PotentialUser-27>mine is GNU IceCat 68.3.0sr
<NieDzejkob>same, if so
<PotentialUser-27>actually I don't see it now. mine is still messed up re fonts though. I'm trying to get manifests to work
<NieDzejkob>mine worked after I installed font-dejavu and restarted icecat
<NieDzejkob>do you happen to know how I can get the screen brightness fn-keys to work?
<NieDzejkob>ScaredySquirrel got scared :o
<PotentialUser-27>nope. I use xbacklight on other distros though
<leoprikler>brettgilio: nice
<rekado>icecat depends on clang only because chrome/toolkit/content/global/buildconfig.html in (omni.ja) embeds a reference.
<rekado>this can be fixed
<pkill9>i want to run guix on a pinephone and use it as a daily driver phone
<brettgilio>leoprikler: i actually am running a polk in the official telega telegram group and Guix is the most popular way to get telega, even more than melpa and git
<leoprikler>Heh, nice.
<leoprikler>I wonder if that has to do with Telega being the only Telegram client on Guix, though.
<leoprikler>(And many Guix folks having a record of using Emacs for everything.)
<brettgilio>leoprikler: probably a good reason. But we also have telegram-purple with pidgin or wtvr it is called. Tho I've heard that isn't very good
<gnutec>Red eclipse is really nice. I'm sure that guix will update to 2.0.
<NieDzejkob>what would be the workflow of packaging something for guix (with the intention of sending a patch upstream)? Do I want to clone the guix repo in my $HOME and point guix to it somehow?
<brettgilio>NieDzejkob: check the documentation for contributing. We have good sections on this :)
<roptat>NieDzejkob, you'll have to clone it anyway to produce a patch, so...
<alextee[m]>does guix have any tool to convert .dmg files to .img ?
<alextee[m]>oh you can use qemu-img it seems
<leoprikler>brettgilio: Right… that is indeed a thing that exists.
<NieDzejkob>brettgilio: Oh, I had the impression that's for contributing to guix the package manager itself, not the package definitions. Do I have to compile guix from source? I've heard that this takes a good while because of Guile? What if I want to see how the package works in my system configuration? Is it safe to do ./pre-inst-env guix system reconfigure?
<pkill9>guix the package manager and the package defintions are all in the same repository
<NieDzejkob>yes, I am aware
<roptat>you'll have to compile, it takes ~10 minutes on my machine, but then it's faster, because you don't need to rebuild everything :)
<pkill9>(use-modules (srfi srfi-1) (guix inferior) (guix channels) (guix packages))
<pkill9>(define* (get-inferior-package #:key
<pkill9> (guix-channel-url
<pkill9> "")
<pkill9> guix-channel-commit)
<pkill9> (inferior-eval '(begin
<pkill9> (use-modules (gnu packages base))
<pkill9> hello)
<pkill9> (inferior-for-channels
<pkill9> (list (channel
<pkill9> ;; Guix
<pkill9> (name 'guix)
<pkill9> (url guix-channel-url)
<pkill9> (commit guix-channel-commit))))))
<pkill9>(get-inferior-package #:guix-channel-commit "a066e289ab8ea971336515b53dd5340cbdf90904")
<pkill9>ahhh sorry
<pkill9>ahh sorry
<pkill9>This returns an "inferior-object" which mentions the "hello" package in it's output, but I want the "hello" package that was evaluated. How do I get it with inferior-eval? I know there's lookup-inferior-packages, but I need to use inferior-eval for something else, so I need to understand how to get the package with inferior-eval.
<leoprikler>pkill9: I'm sure lookup-inferior-package is implemented in terms of inferior-eval
<pkill9>it uses some functions that arent exported (created by records), and i cant access them with (@@ ...)
<pkill9>oh, nevermind, i misspelled the module to access