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<nckx>leoprikler: Yes.
<nckx>leoprikler: Does it have issues with Guix System Gnome?
<nckx>It's a more significant release than 66 → 67 might imply.
<leoprikler>Yep, it changes from Shell version 3.32 to 3.34
<leoprikler>In a manner that does not appear to be compatible with Guix's GNOME.
<leoprikler>(basically the JS errors in some cryptic way)
<NieDzejkob>So apparently Guix builds the final images for disk-image in QEMU VMs... why?
<leoprikler>Probably because the VM is a controlled environment, whereas the host is not. I could be wrong, though.
<leoprikler>If you over-interpret the docstrings, it may also appear like code that was initially meant to just build qcow format files is reused to do more than just that.
<leoprikler>Not sure how correct that interpretation would be, however.
<raingloom>can system packages install udev rules or is that always done manually in the system config?
<raingloom>(like in the android udev packages)
<raingloom>(context: trying to make my wacom tablet work and i've narrowed it down to an udev misconfig)
<brettgilio>Hey gang. Working in our Chez package. Do we have uuid.h bundled somewhere?
<brettgilio>Might be in util-linux
<brettgilio>Yup. It is. Solved
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<jfred-x230>heh, I spent a bunch of time trying to get libhandy to build with glade catalog files, and... I think this means I can't actually fix it myself. joy.
<jfred-x230>gotta wait for a glade release I guess
<brettgilio>If any of you are talented at Yasnippet, take a look at my bug report. ^
<raghav-gururajan>sneek: later tell raingloom: You might need 'inputattach-service-type' to get your wacom tablet working.
<raghav-gururajan>sneek: botsnack
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<lispmacs>what package gives you the basic utilities required to run a ./configure? (like sed, expr)
<lispmacs>like, the stuff presumably included in the gnu-make-system?
<lispmacs>hmm, something here called coreutils
<lispmacs>sed seems to be separate
<lispmacs>wants grep too
<u1f320>Hi. I don't (yet) have guix installed but I want to first check when 'file' command/package was last updated and if it has certain cve patch, how can I do that ?
<u1f320>you know, like, from a webbrowser
<arshin>u1f320: checked ?
<u1f320>arshin, no but that's exactly the answer I was looking for, thanks! looks like it's old 5.33 vs 5.37(archlinux) but neither have this 5.38 patch:
<u1f320>I'll need another OS, and nixos is too bugged, apparently
<u1f320>looks like gentoo fixed it on 27 oct 2019:
<arshin> /quit
<efraim>I finally set up vim using the new vim8 package manager and guix vim addons
<efraim>next step is to wrap my previous setup in some if statements to fall back if I'm on a machine without guix
<kapcom01>Hello. I have installed the Guix System with Mate desktop and I want also Gnome to be available as an option from GDM. I read this on the manual: "Packages such as gnome, xfce, and i3 provide .desktop files", but installing Gnome with `sudo guix install gnome` did not put any .desktop files in /run/current-system/profile/share/xsessions.
<efraim>kapcom01: you'll have to edit your config.scm to add the gnome-desktop-service and then reconfigure your system for it to be available
<nckx>kapcom01: And ’sudo guix remove gnome’, or you'll forever have an obsolete Gnome lying around.
<grillon>hi there merry Christmas
<grillon>I wonder how I select the good bundle for a package
<grillon>the package I did yesturday was copyq. it's a clipboard manager depending on qt
<grillon>do I do independent package? or does it belong to somewhere?
<grillon>if so I do I know?
<efraim>grillon: doesn't look like it fits anywhere, I'd create a new file desktop-utils.scm or qt-something.scm
<grillon>thank you efraim, desktop-utils sounds good
<nckx>grillon, efraim: xdisorg would be the ‘traditional’ choice.
<nckx>As the name implies it's already an answer to the ‘where do we put all this tiny X crap’.
<nckx>leoprikler: You're right, d-t-d only works in a ‘foreign’ distro now, not in a Guix VM. ☹ Reverted.
<efraim>nckx: I guess so
<grillon>after I put my definition in xdisorg.scm(seems a good choice), how pre-inst-env could detect it?
<efraim>It's available right after you add it and save the file
<grillon>I did "guix environment guix" -> git clone guix repo -> "./configure --localstatic=/var" -> define my package inside gnu/packages/xdisorg.scm -> pre-inst-env build mypackage -> result : unknown package
<grillon>sorry not localstatic but localstatedir
<grillon>I did localstatedir=/var because it was the advice of ./configure when I did without argument
<efraim>./pre-inst-env guix build mypackage, right?
<efraim>When that happens to me I check for mistakes in my package
<grillon>I define my package public
<grillon>may be its the install of guix? I did only ./configure, not make and make install (because online documentation is not telling to do so but README does)
<efraim>You might need to run make to the end
<grillon>I use guixSD
<grillon>ok let's try
<grillon>does not work :(
<grillon>collect2: error: ld a retourné le statut de sortie 1
<grillon>make[2]: *** [Makefile:3414: guix-daemon] Error 1
<grillon>if I need to build I guess I need to check requirement for build
<grillon>it's less and less clear does not guix environment guix give me theses requirements?
<grillon>I mean requirements to build guix not my package
<leoprikler>grillon: `git stash` your definition, then make, then `git stash pop` and make again
<leoprikler>but don't `make install`
<leoprikler>if `make` still gives you an error after `git stash`, check your .bashrc for evil things like "export PATH=..."
<leoprikler>(those things belong into .[bash_]profile)
<grillon>thank you leoprikler, let's try
<grillon>only this line in my .profile : export GUIX_PROFILE=~/.guix-profile;source ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile
<grillon>NB: still does not work(after git stash)
<grillon>GUIX_PROFILE is not exported :(
<grillon>so I think .profile is not used
<leoprikler>.profile should not be sourced by `guix environment`
<leoprikler>btw. is this a foreign distro?
<grillon>it's a guixSD in french
<grillon>is that what you mean?
<leoprikler>then your ~/.profile should either not exist or have "source /etc/profile"
<grillon>hmmm ok so I have few questions like...what should I do when I install a package(it often give me new PATH to export)?
<grillon>this .profile was an answer of someone here
<leoprikler>then and only then you source your $GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile directly in the shell or you just spawn a new one
<grillon>you mean only once?
<grillon>just after installation? and I need not to do that after reboot?
<grillon>ohh ok so I can suppress that .profile file?
<leoprikler>/etc/profile already sources your $GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile
<leoprikler>you can delete that if you want
<grillon>ok done
<leoprikler>now spawn a new shell, do `guix environment --pure guix` and proceed from `./bootstrap onwards`
<grillon>I did a checkout to tag 1.0.1 may be I should stay on master?
<leoprikler>yeah, master is way fresher than 1.0.1
<grillon>ok and let's do another checkout(because of .gitignore I'm not sure a git stash is enough)
<grillon>do I have to do a ./bootstrap first?
<str1ngs>grillon: if ./configure exists you don't need to run ./bootstrap again
<leoprikler>even if the guix environment changes?
<str1ngs>leoprikler: even if it changes
<str1ngs>the only time you need to use ./bootstrap is if configure does not exists. hence implied bootstrap as never run. or and files change
<leoprikler>you learn something new every day
<grillon>hehe it does not exist after my new checkout :)
<grillon>yes I learn a lot :D
<str1ngs>if you really want a pristine git tree you can do git clean -xfd . *warning* this will destroyed upstaged files
<str1ngs>leoprikler: ./bootstrap wrap autoreconf which really is intended to be used by authors then configure is distributed via tar ball. git repo make running this a necessity
<grillon>seem to work because it's much longer(not finished yet)
<grillon>don't know if it's because of new checkout, because of master instead 1.0.1 or --pure :/
<grillon>yeah it works :)
<grillon>a lot of use-modules seems missing
<grillon>when I did --install-from-file nothing where missing
<grillon>first message is : newer than compiled /home/thierry/Projet/guix_dev/guix/gnu/packages/xdisorg.go
<grillon>xdisorg.scm newer than....
<efraim>you can ignore that error or delete /home/thierry/Projet/guix_dev/guix/gnu/packages/xdisorg.go
<str1ngs>grillon: that the source has changes since it's byte code file xdisorg.go was compiled.
<str1ngs>grillon: you an run make again to resolve the warning or ignore it like efraim mentioned
<grillon>ok nice thank you :)
<grillon>seems to work I have no other warning
<grillon>how can I test it?
<grillon>I mean run it
<str1ngs>./pre-inst-env guix environment <package>
<str1ngs>this varies though on the type of package
<str1ngs>for a command package you might need ./pre-insta-env guix environment --ad-hoc <package>
<grillon>thank you efraim, str1ngs, leoprikler and nckx :D
<grillon>now I'm reconfiguring my system to test building on other platforms then I'll submit it :)
<grillon>in submitting patches part doc tell to add qemu-binfmt-service-type but it's unknown
<leoprikler>you're probably missing a use-service-modules clause for it
<leoprikler>grep for qemu-binfmt in gnu/services/*.scm if you're interested
<grillon>it's in virtualisation module so I have added use-service-modules virtualization and it seems to work, thank you leoprikler
<mehlon>how do I get a full list of runtime dependencies for a given derivation?
<mehlon>i.e. to copy it to another machine
<leoprikler>I think you will want to `guix pack`
<mehlon>it shouldn't be too hard to use cachix with Guix, since they use the same store
<mehlon>or, not the same store, but the same kind of store, I mean
<mehlon>only a few changes would be necessary to cachix
<bgardner>Good morning guix! I'm working on patching emacs-ledger-mode to fix the incorrect links it makes currently. The copy today links the ledger-mode folder to .../site-lisp/guix.d/ledger-mode. I 'fixed' this by removing the remap code but the default behavior is to link the folder to .../site-lisp/ledger-mode, which is still wrong.
<bgardner>I think I need to link each file inside ledger-mode into site-lisp, but I'm not sure how to do this the right way - does anyone have any tips?
<leoprikler>I think the quickest thing would be to link it to install/site-lisp/ledger-mode (note the missing .../) and then (rename-file install/.../ledger-mode .../site-lisp)
<leoprikler>another way would be to rewrite the makefiles to put the file into the correct destination
<bgardner>leoprikler: Awesome, thanks - I'll try that
<leoprikler>the latter could be even simpler
<leoprikler>just substitute DESTINATION share/emacs/site-lisp/ledger-mode for DESTINATION share/emacs/site-lisp
<leoprikler>(in CMakeLists.txt
<bgardner>And I think I have to, rename-file died with "Directory not empty"
<bgardner>So trying that now
<bgardner>leoprikler: Getting closer, that got all the links, I just need the autoload to be generated now. Working on it.
<leoprikler>There's a phase in emacs-build-system that you can probably (add-after 'install )
<bgardner>leoprikler: Thanks, I found an example and copied it. Everything works now, so I need to clear out the dead code, lint it and I think I'm ready to submit it.
<bgardner>leoprikler: This is about 80% your work, though :)
<bgardner>Or more like 90%, if we're being honest
<leoprikler>Nvm, I already helped with other emacs packages (including emacs-next), so I have some experience to share. 🙂️
<bgardner>Okay, lint gave me a thumbs-up, I'm off to learn how to submit a patch. I did this once before but enough time has gone by I've forgotten how.
<bgardner>leoprikler: Do I need to open a bug report first so I can associate the patch with it, or is just the patch okay?
<leoprikler>just the patch is okay, it will open its own "bug"
<leoprikler>also send to guix-patches, not bug-guix
<bgardner>Got it, reading prior patches now to get a sense of the expected email format
<nckx>bgardner: There are also (guix)Submitting Patches and (standards)Change Logs manual sections.
<bgardner>nckx: Thank you, I did see those and have read both - I think it's ready, just going over it once more and then I'll hold my nose and press 'send'
<bgardner>And sent. Thanks for all the help!
<lispmacs>hi, can somebody help me with an autotools question?
<lispmacs>I created this
<lispmacs>when I run the configure within guix environment --pure --ad-hoc gcc-toolchain guile guile2.0-gnutls hackrf pkg-config glib fftwf coreutils sed grep
<lispmacs>the configure script can link to the glib library fine. But for some reason during compile the source cannot see the header glib.h
<leoprikler>you are probably lacking some compiler flags like -I /gnu/store/...-glib/include/..., etc
<leoprikler>Try PKG_CHECK_MODULES(GLIB, [glib-2.0 >= some version]) instead
<grillon>how can I use all my proc while building with guix build?
<lispmacs>leoprikler: hmm, that didn't work, after an autoreconfig. I see that the gcc command that is supposed to build the object file is not using any -I directories except -I. and -I..
<lispmacs>maybe I'm supposed to put more in my
<lispmacs>am reading through the info docs
<lispmacs>maybe I should just look at another autotools based package
<leoprikler>ah, yes, you have to add $(GLIB_CFLAGS) to your thing_you_build_CFLAGS
<leoprikler>and $(GLIB_LIBS) to thing_you_build_LIBADD
<leoprikler>grillon: guix should use parallel builds where possible. If that's not enough, you'll have to invoke multiple guix build (if you really want to boil some eggs on your PC)
<NieDzejkob>How can I add a channel so that I can use its modules in my system configuration? I put it in /root/.config/guix/channels.scm and ran guix pull, but guix system init errors out with "no code for module"
<grillon>ok I have seen it use all my cpu time sometimes
<lispmacs>leoprikler: thanks! erm, what variable am I adding to? I.e, thing_you_build_CFLAGS = $(GLIB_CFLAGS) $(What goes here?)
<leoprikler>let's say you have something like bin_PROGRAMS = foo bar
<leoprikler>and foo depends on glib, but bar not
<leoprikler>then you add it to foo_CFLAGS
<leoprikler>if you have a large number of programs, that all require glib, perhaps AM_CFLAGS is fine as well
<leoprikler>NieDzejkob: your own channels.scm or /etc/guix/channels.scm
<leoprikler>`sudo guix` still uses your guix
<NieDzejkob>oh, it seems I just had to login again to refresh my envvars
<grillon>it's too long to test for all platforms it's still building for armfh :(
<grillon>it seems it's building a a whole system to test my small package
<leoprikler>well, if you build for another platform, it has to pull in all those dependencies that you'd normally not use
<leoprikler>whereas for x86 you'd already have them
*raghavgururajan is planning to package proton-vpn-cli into guix
<raghavgururajan>* protonvpn-cli
<grillon>it failed and I have seen that it has not been built for other platforms, I'm sure it could works but I don't want to search because it's outside of what I have planned first(reproduce my working env on guixsd). I guess I can share for AMD64(x86_64)/IA32(x86_32) only?
<leoprikler>does your package fail or does a dependency of it already fail?
<leoprikler>if it's a dependency that fails, you can just submit it – it would not be built on that architecture before at least one other package builds fine
<leoprikler>if the dependencies build fine, but your package does not, include some comment, like a TODO
<grillon>leoprikler: it failed with a dependency: qtsvg
<grillon>command "qmake" "QT_BUILD_PARTS = libs tools tests" failed with status 1
<grillon>builder for `/gnu/store/vyry4ppk4cnv3n7vw0f3n5jx1fzjp98s-qtsvg-5.12.6.drv' failed with exit code 1
<grillon>build of /gnu/store/vyry4ppk4cnv3n7vw0f3n5jx1fzjp98s-qtsvg-5.12.6.drv failed
<grillon>TheP(aste)! does not work :(
<str1ngs>lispmacs: using PKG_CHECK_MODULES(GLIB, [glib-2.0]) you need something like bin_CLFLAGS = $(GLIB_CFLAGS) and also bin_LDADD = $(GLIB_LIBS) in . replace bin with your program name. you also need a bin_SOURCES
<str1ngs>lispmacs: err bin_CFLAGS
<str1ngs>lispmacs: if you are using c++ use bin_CPPFLAGS instead.
<grillon>leoprikler: how do I submit it? like a patch?
<lispmacs>str1ngs: thanks, I got something to work though admittedly not with full understanding:
<str1ngs>lispmacs: LGTM so far
<lispmacs>str1ngs: wow, I got it right? stranger things have happened
<lispmacs>there is a lot of autotools documentation, but I got a bit lost in that forest
<grillon>make a patch with git?(I never did because I use to work with gitlab but it seems easy)
<str1ngs>lispmacs: is possible that bin_CFLAGS = $(AM_CFLAGS) could work as well. but I'm not 100% sure on that
<raingloom>how come changing a --share option in `guix system vm` results in a rebuild of amdgpu? is this a bug?
<sneek>raingloom, you have 1 message.
<sneek>raingloom, raghav-gururajan says: You might need 'inputattach-service-type' to get your wacom tablet working.
<lispmacs>str1ngs: I tried that once earlier and it didn't seem to work, but I might have had something else off at the time
<str1ngs>lispmacs: yes, I think you need to add GLIB_CFLAG when using PKG_CHECK_MODULES
<grillon>ok I see sorry, I read it once but it did not make sens now I understand and I see it's indeed git format-patch is used
<grillon>do I need to submit changes in po files?
<grillon>I don't know why it has changed
<leoprikler>po files are also regenerated by the build system
<leoprikler>if you didn't change them yourself, you don't have to include them
<grillon>ok thank you
<grillon>I guess they have change when I build for armhf
<grillon>good night there, I have submited my first patch. Hope it goes well thank you for your help.
<pkill9>is ipv6 supported/enabled by default in the network-manager-service?
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<raingloom>what is depcomp and why is it making portaudio's c++ bindings not build? :/
<leoprikler>pkill9: depends… it may work, but it may also not work if the interface is not ready
<leoprikler>depcomp is a part of autotools, what error does it produce exactly?
<leoprikler>btw. there's the info node (automake)Dependencies if you're interested in what it does.
<raingloom>leoprikler: the Makefile in the bindings/cpp subdir of portaudio is looking for it in ../../../ and can't find it
<leoprikler>interesting, it should be installed as a part of bootstrapping
<raingloom>leoprikler: oh, then i think i know what's wrong. i'm trying to build it as part of portaudio, but i only re-run three of the standard phases
<raingloom>(configure, build, install)
<str1ngs>would it be easier to just replace those phases instead?
<leoprikler>why do you need to configure again?
<str1ngs>to the standard phases are run as well?
<str1ngs>so the*
<raingloom>leoprikler: it has its own configure
<raingloom>the INSTALL file in bindings/cpp says that to install it one should run ./configure && make && make install
<leoprikler>raingloom: That INSTALL file can not be trusted, it's copypasta.
<leoprikler>try passing --enable-cxx to the top-level configure
<raingloom>leoprikler: /gnu/store/29jhbbg1hf557x8j53f9sxd9imlmf02a-bash-minimal-5.0.7/bin/bash: ../../../depcomp: No such file or directory
<raingloom>same error as before
<raingloom>there really is no such file though, `find -name depcomp` turns up nothing
<leoprikler>there is a depcomp in the source tree though
<leoprikler>perhaps that's not found because of an out of source build?
<raingloom>well, i found out about the --disable-dependency-tracking option and it builds if i pass that