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<oriansj>jonsger: thank you
*vagrantc wonders when the next released version is due
<leoprikler>how can one invoke derivations (.drv) directly?
<smithras>leoprikler: using the guix repl, I forget the name but there's a fn that will build a derivation in the store
<smithras>and other derivation utility fns
<leoprikler>it turns out I didn't need it (that's what happens when you program at 2am)
<smithras>leoprikler: I'm in the same simuation, I just want to finish this one task and then I can sleep :)
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<leoprikler>What's your issue?
<smithras>leoprikler: Just trying to finish packaging some old software that I'd like to be able to use easily with guix
<smithras>I think I have gotten the patches figured out, so now I just need to see if it builds
<leoprikler>ah yes, guix build debugging
<smithras>ahh found a typo
<smithras>I'll give it another 2 tries
<leoprikler>good luck
<leoprikler>I'm heading to bed now
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<namtsui>roptat: are you able to get accelerated graphics with guix environment --container
<namtsui>without --container I get accelerated graphics
<namtsui>might have to expose something
<vagrantc>simple typo fix in guix-daemon ... will this cause issues, need to be rebuilt, etc.?
<vagrantc>i guess i'll just submit the patch rather than applying directly, and more savvy people can decide when it's appropriate to apply.
<akoppela>Hi all.
<akoppela>I found Guix somewhere in the internet and I really like it
<akoppela>great stuff
<vagrantc>compliments at the speed of the internet
<akoppela>I'm trying to install GuixSD on DigitalOcean
<akoppela>but without success so far
<vagrantc>welcome back!
<akoppela>I found 2 posts
<akoppela>both of them convert existing Debian system to GuixSD
<vagrantc>there's also guix deploy now
<akoppela>I tried to install GuixSD from custom image
<akoppela>but when I come to the choose partition section I can see no partitions
<akoppela>that's where I'm stack so far
<akoppela>I tried manual installation in shell a little bit though
<akoppela>Guix deploy sounds interesting, I'll investigate that
<akoppela>BTW it's amazing to see such project exist
<akoppela>I'll be back with report from Guix deploy experiment
<str1ngs>vagrantc: what is the status on getting guix into debian. I'm just curious. we get the odd how do I build guix from source question.
<vagrantc>str1ngs: all the build-dependencies are there ... i just updated my git branch and tested it ... there are a handful of relatively minor issues before I attempt to upload
<vagrantc>could use help updating debian/copyright
<vagrantc>still need to enable the guix-daemon somehow ... and put the bash completions in the "right" place.
<str1ngs>vagrantc: does this trickle down to ubuntu eventually as well?
<vagrantc>str1ngs: but the biggest two blockers, guile-gnutls was uploaded to debian a month or so ago, and then guile-git just landed today.
<vagrantc>str1ngs: in theory
<vagrantc>str1ngs: in practice, i have some concerns about the lack of licensing information on gnu/packages/patches/
<str1ngs>think completions is not so hard. just adding the guix and guix-daemon to the /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/
<vagrantc>str1ngs: yes, the completions exist, they're just installed to the wrong place ... minor issue :)
<vagrantc>similar with installing the guix-daemon.serivice and guix-publish.service files
<vagrantc>and adding the guixbuild users and such
<str1ngs>I wonder if it might be just focusing on the dependencies. at lest with the depends its' much easier to build guix from source.
<vagrantc>i've wondered weather it might be possible to build a minimalist guix/guix-daemon enough to bootstrap guix without all the patches
<vagrantc>yeah, the dependencies are all there in unstable now, which will eventually migrate to testing ... and ubuntu
<vagrantc>at least, they should
<str1ngs>that's great work there thanks
<str1ngs>I've been looking at guix-daemon in the context of using rootless containers vs chroots
<vagrantc>looks like ubuntu has their own gnutls package ... so it might take manual syncing for ubuntu to get it
<vagrantc>don't know how liekly they are to do that
<vagrantc>sometimes they maintain a diff for years...
<str1ngs>I guess the guile-gnutls is split from the gnutls package. in that it's build with guile support/
<elais[m]>I learned like an hour ago that the xf86-video-intel driver was holding me back
<akoppela>I think `guix deploy` is a tool which does work in my case.
<akoppela>I actually use a digitalocean server as my main development machine
<akoppela>because I work from iPad
<akoppela>so I would like to install GuixSD =)
<Hel>hi everyone
<Hel>i run "guix system disk-image --system=armhf-linux -e "(@ (gnu system install) beaglebone-black-installation-os)"" command on my guixsd to take an instance of it
<Hel>but it takes more than 15 hours until now. what is the reason?
<Hel>my guixsd work on virtualbox.
<g_bor[m]> hello guix!
<reepca>it seems that babl fails to build due to some floating-point issues in the tests
<g_bor[m]>reepca: is this on x86?
<reepca>g_bor[m]: my machine is x86-64
<g_bor[m]>ok, then I can check that.
<g_bor[m]>Is this on current master?
<reepca>just pulled, it's on 18a69803e2eea4f7555d6eafb6497a645c2d094f
<roptat>hi guix!
<reepca>specifically tests/alpha_symmetric_transform.c finds that some floats are too different (Δ > 0.001) after being converted and then converted back
<civodul>Hello Guix!
*g_bor[m] pulling
<reepca>according to it may be an amd-specific issue. My CPU is an AMD A10-7850k, for reference.
<g_bor[m]>reepca: most probably yes, it works fine here.
<civodul>oh babl fails to build, i guess that's what you were discussing reepca?
<olivuser>hello #guix
<olivuser>when I use st, dwm and stuff, I am asked to recompile when I configure stuff. How would that work in guix? Just the way it does elsewhere, that is sudo make install?
<raingloom>olivuser: you probably have to create a new package with your patches
<smithras>For things like suckless tools I usually don't bother packaging the patches and I just build & install them locally under my home directory
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<mogom>how build a disk-image OS with "guix system disk-image ..." from a .scm file like this:
<leoprikler>does guix system disk-image /path/to/ene.scm not work for you?
<leoprikler>though tbh it will likely be easier to understand if you build a disk-image from your own system
<leoprikler>tyreunom-os seems heavily customized towards julien's needs
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<mogom>leoprikler: Yes, it's works!
<mogom>leoprikler: suppose i run this on a guixsd machine. does this command instantiate of current guixsd for the OS that define in .scm file.
<smithras>mogom: If you want to update the current guixsd, you can use `guix system reconfigure /path/to/config.scm`
<mogom>smithras: Yes, but if i want to take instantiate of current guixsd for a special OS (that described in .scm)?
<smithras>mogom: I'm not sure if I understand you correctly, do you want to change the current guixsd to match the special configuration file that you have?
<leoprikler>if you want to image your current guix system, you do that with guix system {disk-image,vm,...} /your/etc/config.scm
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<olivuser>hello #guix!
<leoprikler>hello olivuser
<olivuser>is it normal that creating the .profile is the process that takes the longest time when installing smaller programs?
<leoprikler>if the program is downloaded within a matter of seconds, then yes, profile hooks do take more time
<leoprikler>not sure if they can be made faster
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<raingloom>leoprikler: Arch's pacman introduced something a few years ago that made hooks only run when needed, that might be we worth taking a look at.
<kmicu>Ok main‑instance Matrix folks, I know who you are 😺
<civodul>a new blog post that should show up at within a few minutes :-)
<leoprikler>kmicu: wdym?
<kmicu>leoprikler: when the main Matrix instance/bridge reconnects from Freenode I always see block of nicks reconnecting at the same time through all IRC channels. Almost all of them have ‘[m]’ postfix so they are Matrix users centralised on a main instance.
<kmicu>(On mainstream irc channels those nicks take out the whole screen x)
<kmicu>There’s a gif in that blog post! That makes me unreasonably happy.
<civodul>kmicu: it's not perfect though, but i ran out of time :-)
<civodul>i've become a fan of animated GIFs (i know, i'm late to the party)
<g_bor[m]>hello guix!
<g_bor[m]>I did just a bit more reading on the babl test failures, and it seems that the package should work as intended even if those test fail.
<zimoun>civodul: Nice! Have you discovered the package `emacs-gif-screencast' ? ;-)
<civodul>zimoun: ah, i think i discovered it at one point, but here i used byzanz
<zimoun>I did not know byzanz
<jonsger1>civodul: nice reading as always :)
<civodul>heh, tx
<dutchie>is having trouble? (specifically the web frontend)
*jonsger1 started another brave try to get bootstrap-tarballs for powerpc64le...
<efraim>jonsger1: did you have to remove a.out.h from guix/build/make-bootstrap?
<jonsger1>efraim: don't know yet
<efraim>i really want to know if you have issues with bootstrap guile on powerpc64le, i ran into problems on big endian powerpc
<jonsger1>efraim: you mean this one
<efraim>that's the one
<jonsger1>for powerpc64le you need "--with-long-double-128" as well
<efraim>here's my diff for core-updates, for master it's only the a.out.h line:
<jonsger1>oke. I have now bootstrap tarballs :)
<efraim>diffoscope doesn't show any difference when the mtime of a .desktop file is changed
<leoprikler>efraim probably because the mime type is inferred from the contents of a file?
<leoprikler>meaning your file program changed (?)
<reepca>leoprikler: s/mime/mtime?
<leoprikler>okay, that's a problem
<jonsger1>efraim: you have a powerpc big endian branch somewhere?
<peanutbutterandc>A lesson that I learned today (perhaps someone could explain it to me exactly why this happens): never `sudo guix pull` as a substitute for `sudo su - && guix pull # guix pull as actual root user`. Doesn't exactly work. suceeding `guix pull` from the non-root user throws errors (permissions, etc. -related)
<leoprikler>hmm, did your ~/.config/guix/current change instead of root's guix?
<peanutbutterandc>leoprikler, That appears to have been the case.
<divansan`>Hi All. Does anyone know if ubuntu's snap is working on Guix system?
<divansan`>Seems flatpak does, which is nice.
<leoprikler>don't think so
<leoprikler>guix search snap yields some educational stuff
<peanutbutterandc>Since `sudo whoami` says root. I thought perhaps it'll just work. But it didn't...
<divansan`>seems not packaged, so ya, guess not.
<efraim>jonsger1: right now it lives on my G4
<leoprikler>peanutbutterandc: it did work like that for some time iirc
<efraim>I looked into snap, it's pretty tightly dependent on systemd so I don't see it working
<leoprikler>guess I'll have to avoid recommending that to ppl from now on
<efraim>Gentoo has a bug report somewhere about it not working on openrc
<peanutbutterandc>leoprikler, I see. Perhaps I should try it over and over a few times and see if it'll work and if I didn't something different that time. Thank you. (I also don't see why it should not work)
<jonsger1>divansan`: are there any snaps who aren't available as snaps?
<divansan`>efraim:didn't know that. leoprikler: +1.
<divansan`>jonger1: there are a few, like and some others.
<jonsger1>aren't available as flatpaks, I mean
<roptat>peanutbutterandc, I think you need sudo -E to pass some environment
<divansan`>jonsgers1: yeah, I guessed you meant that.
<jonsger1>divansan`: anbox itself seems to have dependencies on libsystemd. But I guess it's easier to package Anbox then snap
<peanutbutterandc>roptat, what environment variables should be passed?
<jonsger1>but I don't say packaging anbox is easy :P
<civodul>weird: we've been carrying patches for slurm that supposedly remove non-free bits:
<civodul>however it's not clear what's non-free in there, and there are clearly free bits in that directory
<roptat>peanutbutterandc, not sure, but I think sudo -E guix pull does what you want (no need to pass explicit variables)
<mjsb>Buonasera Guix :)
<mjsb>I wanted to ask a tip to solve the missing gio-launch-desktop case for MATE desktop as suggested by Barbato on the bug-guix list"
<mjsb>I've added the module (use-modules (gnu packages glib)) and the package (glib "bin") to system's configuration
<mjsb>But system reconfigure objects "Wrong type to apply: #<package glib@2.60.6 gnu/packages/glib.scm:163 7fb2aec31d10>", what am i missing? Thanks
<reepca>mjsb: I would guess that you forgot to quote (glib "bin") and so it's trying to evaluate it (which it does by invoking "apply" with the first object in the list, glib)
<reepca>basically: (glib "bin") → `(,glib "bin") or (list glib "bin")
<bgardner>Good morning guix; I had a guix machine that was switched off for about 5 months. I turned it on and promptly did 'guix pull' but it immediately replies 'Git error: the SSL certificate is invalid'. I searched but found nothing obvious, any advice?
<jonsger1>efraim: it's now at 59% in make :)
<mjsb>reepca: thanks! i'm on my first steps on this fantastic Guile language
<bgardner>Ah, ignore me - my clock is off. -.-
<str1ngs>like 5 months off? :P
<ggoes>stranger things have happened
<bgardner>str1ngs: 12 minutes, but more than enough to annoy git
<mjsb>Has anyone encountered the warning "Unable to find swap-space signature" and also missing the message "shepherd[1]: Service swap-/dev/sda1 has been started." ?
<bavier>mjsb: seems like a message you might get if the declared swap device hasn't been formatted for swap
<str1ngs>bgardner: that was a good catch though
<bgardner>str1ngs: Thanks, but would have been better to catch before bugging #guix about it. :P
<mjsb>bavier: curious, until 4th November morning, it used to set swap space on /dev/sda: Adding 3904508k swap on /dev/sda1. Priority:-2 extents:1 across:3904508k SSFS
<str1ngs>bgardner: it happens, I hadn't though of time dilation after reading question myself. no physics pun intended :P
<nckx>mjsb: That line is just your system using (‘swapon’) an existing formatted (‘mkswap’) partition. Some time on 4 Nov, your swap partition somehow became unformatted. (???)
<nckx>mjsb: If you haven't mkswap'd it again, it would be interesting to see what ‘file -s /dev/sda1’ has to say now.
<mjsb>nckx: thanks for the tip! I'll try it right away
<dongcarl>Anyone have trouble getting `fc-list` to pick up fonts?
<dongcarl>Reproducer: `guix environment --container --pure --ad-hoc fontconfig font-google-roboto -- fc-list`
<dongcarl>Perhaps I understand incorrectly, but this should have roboto in its output right?
<efraim>I'm not completely sure, but I don't think so
<dongcarl>efraim: Huh... Well rsvg-convert seems not to be picking up one of my fonts, and it picks up fonts using fontconfig, so that's why I'm asking...
<dongcarl>If anyone has any clues on how to get fontconfig to work, please lmk
<str1ngs>dongcarl: does calling fc-cache first help?
<mjsb>nckx: great it turned back as before :) ! Thanks
<dongcarl>str1ngs: noop :-(
<dongcarl>I did `fc-cache -f` then `fc-list`
<str1ngs>dongcarl: I know profile builds the font directory. I don't know if environment does
<dongcarl>I see that there is a `/gnu/store/dhnnmps8h8kyrid573w9yyw7njazdxxl-fonts-dir/share/fonts`
<dongcarl>And Roboto is inside
<dongcarl>I guess the question is how to get fontconfig to pick it up...
<dongcarl>Ah... you needed `--link-profile`...
<str1ngs>yeah I was pretty much figuring out that it use ~/.guix-profile my self which you won't have based on the flags you have
<str1ngs>I'm still not 100% sure what's happening there, but I have a better idea now atleast.
<dongcarl>str1ngs: Ah, look at the fontconfig package definition
<ggoes>has anyone attempted a guix + LUKS + libreboot install recently? i am going to do that in about an hour
<ggoes>i see there is this
<str1ngs>dongcarl: "~/.guix-profile/share/fonts," ?
<dongcarl>str1ngs: yup, that's how it picks up the fonts I think
<str1ngs>I wonder if fontconfig expands ~ that kinda interesting as well
<bandali>ggoes, i’ve done guix+luks on a not-yet-librebooted x200, worked nicely (i used the installer wizard)
<ggoes>bandali: yeah, i just know the grub setup can get confusing for libreboot sometimes
<zimoun>Sleep_Walker: I replied you by email about bug#20071 and the response is "address not found".