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<gnutec>Abiword -> pt-br
<sturm>Anyone had success with `docker run` on Guix System? I get an error "unknown service not implemented"
<leoprikler>Isn't odt literally (compressed) XML tho?
<leoprikler>sturm are you using docker-service-type?
<sturm>leoprikler: yes, I have a (service docker-service-type) and herd says that it's running
<sturm>leoprikler: I think you're on the right track though - I can see some errors in /var/log/containerd
<sturm>that's weird, it seems to be writing to the log file, but even though I'm tailing it it doesn't show up until I close and reopen the log. Never seen that before
<leoprikler>tailing it with tail -f, I assume?
<sturm>leoprikler: yes, doesn't seem I'm missing anything obvious. Actually it seems to be completely overwriting the log file on restart - only lists the latest startup
<sturm>here's what I'm getting
<sturm>A whole lot of "invalid database" lines
<leoprikler>but containerd itself seems to start despite them
<leoprikler>albeit without leases, which matches your error when running "docker run"
<sturm>yes, it has a process when I grep for it
<leoprikler>sturm: is this after a clean install of the docker service? or did /var/lib/containerd have contents before that?
<sturm>leoprikler: it's clean in that it's only ever been managed by Guix System
<sturm>and the contents of /var/lib/containerd does look similar to what I have in Trisquel
<sturm>I'm currently installing on a different Guix System to see if that makes any differenc
<sturm>holy moly! I deleted /var/lib/containerd and /var/lib/dockerd, reconfigured and it all seems to be working.
<leoprikler>yeah, those directories are probably stateful -- a well-known source of trouble
<sturm>thanks for the leads leoprikler. This is huge for me to be able to finally run the docker stuff I need for work under Guix System
<sturm>I've had similar state-related issues with Postgres and GDM services too. Seems like there must be a better answer for managing the state for services that change over time...
<leoprikler>there is a discussion about that on guix-devel IIRC
<leoprikler>the workaround would be a tmpfs for those directories
<joshuaBPMan>Hey guix, how many of guix's services are running in their own namespaces? aka how many of guix's services are container-ized?
<sneek>joshuaBPMan, you have 3 messages.
<sneek>joshuaBPMan, amz3 says: regarding mime-type: there is database in /etc/mime.types that you might want to rely on.
<sneek>joshuaBPMan, amz3 says: I basically gave up on the web because of this It has been updated, tho. Unlikely to be a better story. My understanding was that one could not have a secure, useable and dynamic web application without running wasm or javascript.
<sneek>joshuaBPMan, amz3 says: I mean you can not even have forms without lots of trickery
<joshuaBPMan>nevermind. I just looked at the source code...seems like some are and some are not.
<davexunit>after trying to get guix to build binaries without runpaths, I gave up and used patchelf to clear out the runpaths. now my problem is that the binary I built with guix doesn't work on ubuntu 18.04 because the system glibc version differs from the version guix used when building.
<davexunit>not sure how to deal with that.
<str1ngs>davexunit: that's why it's better to run runpath. and also not use LD_LIBRARY_PATH
<str1ngs>use runpath*
<apteryx>davexunit: why not simply use guix packs? You'd get reproducible behavior (given all the dependencies are exact and tested)
<roptat>hi guix!
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
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<sirmacik>anybody using flatpak in guix system?
<sirmacik>I get terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error) on every try to add flathub repo
<leoprikler>I'm using flatpak
<sirmacik>have you had to take any additional steps after guix install flatpak?
<leoprikler>I faintly remember having to specify some option, but I no longer have the command in my zsh history.
<leoprikler>Ah, yes, --user
<wingo>are you on guixsd, leoprikler ?
<wingo>i didn't know flatpak worked already, that's pretty cool
<leoprikler>I'm currently using it for Telegram, since there's no Guix package for it yet
<leoprikler>(looking at Git, the build process is pretty hostile)
<leoprikler>(why do people make such a fuss about API keys all the time? I don't get it)
<sirmacik>thanks! but after adding user I get gpg-agent errors
<sirmacik>but it seems to work
<sirmacik>thank you!
<leoprikler>I'm getting similar errors -- I have no idea, what flatpak is doing there
<roptat>ouch, just reading about mozilla getting very interested in bazel :/
<roptat>this is nice, but it will make it difficult for us to build future releases...
<leoprikler>Time to write (guix build bazel-build-system)
<roptat>well, time to package bazel first, but I'm afraid there's too many dependencies (and probably a bootstrap issue)
<sturm>flatpak just segfaults for me when I run "remote-add"
<sirmacik>flatpak --user remote add
<sirmacik>as leoprikler said
<sturm>oh nice, thanks!
<sturm>leoprikler, wingo, sirmacik: There was a bug listed for this flatpak segfaulting so I've mentioned your approach to making it work there
<aerique>I was helped here last Tuesday with the pCloud AppImage and everything is working now, thanks. I do have some questions on how to turn my hacks into something that would perhaps be useful to others but I think the mailinglist would be the right place for that?
<leoprikler>Is it a simple one-liner or does it require more work?
<aerique>Then again, it's about non-free software so I'm not sure it would be ok.
<aerique>More work.
<aerique>Basically a list of 5 to 10 steps.
<leoprikler>You may want to write a blog post about it.
<aerique>And for now I'm putting `/gnu/store/…` paths in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH while I'd like to know how to properly refer to the system installed fuse package.
<aerique>(Inititally I add fuse to my environment manifest but that doesn't work (
<aerique>Right, yeah, a blog is an option too.
<leoprikler>But as you said, it's about non-free software, so you won't get any endorsement from the Guix people.
<aerique>Or Reddit :-D
<leoprikler>Reddit is always a good place :)
<roptat>aerique, try "guix build fuse", that should give you the store path for fuse (and build it first if it doesn't exist yet)
<aerique>roptat: ah yes, thanks!
<Franciman>I would like to get started with guixSD
<Franciman>is there any guide I can follow?
<aerique>Besides you mean?
<Franciman>like for getting acquainted with the basic concepts
<Franciman>oh I see the full manual has a lot of info
<aerique>Right, I'm in the same position and I've mainly been bothering this channel if searching didn't turn up anything.
<Franciman>thanks aerique
<Franciman>do you think guixSD is stable enough for use as a main OS?
<Franciman>it would be used for common tasks like, surfing the web etc
<leoprikler>Guix System has had its 1.0 release some time ago, so yes
<leoprikler>I'm currently using it on two machines
<Franciman>leoprikler, do you also have non free software?
<Franciman>I saw there is a repo with non free software
<kirisime>It's so strange, every time I have problems with sound 'pulseaudio --kill' fixes it
<leoprikler>Currently no, although I'm stretching a little with wine.
<leoprikler>I do have one machine, that would probably require the non-free kernel, but I haven't yet have the time to migrate it from Gentoo.
<leoprikler>s/yet have/yet had/
<Franciman>i see
<aerique>kirisime: that's not strange, on my other Linux distros `pkg uninstall pulseaudio` also fixes a lot of issues ;-)
<kirisime>Franciman: Guix system has been my main and only OS for as long as I've had it installed. I even have the package manager and daemon running on my phone. The guided installer is the only thing not ready for prime time.
<fishinthecalcula>Hello Guixers! I'm trying to use over the Guix System. Long story short MineRL depends on Malmo ( ) which in turn depends on a bundled gradle executable. Given that Gradle bootstrapping seems to be pretty far away I decided to try to setup a python virtualenv and install minerl in there. I managed to create a manifest to load a (kinda) working
<fishinthecalcula>environment. The python part seems to be working but as soon as Malmo is started, gradle tries without luck to load a "" and crashes. Here is the trace . Has anyone ever heard of this library? Do you think it's possible to pach some gradle jar with maybe patchelf? In the meantime I'm packaging minerl dependencies but that would involve also updating opencv for
<fishinthecalcula>example which proved to be non trivial.
<fishinthecalcula>Has anyone ever managed to run a gradle binary over the Guix System?
<Franciman>thanks kirisime
<leoprikler>fishinthecalcula: does that gradle executable only depend on Java or does it have native components?
<fishinthecalcula>not really sure. How could I ensure of that?
<leoprikler>hmm, after inspecting the logs, it appears that gradle is not the source of the problem here
<fishinthecalcula>Thank you! How did you figure that out?
<leoprikler>because gradle itself runs
<kirisime>Franciman: Also if you're wondering about proprietary software I have Steam, Adobe Flash and nonfree wireless drivers working.
<fishinthecalcula>> because gradle itself runs
<fishinthecalcula>Mmm ok I'll try to dig further.
<leoprikler>I'm now trying to search for documentation on building malmo from source, but there's not much to work with
<fishinthecalcula>Thank you again leoprikler!
<fishinthecalcula>> I'm now trying to search for documentation on building malmo from source, but there's not much to work with
<fishinthecalcula>Yeah I noticed that :D
<fishinthecalcula>I even tried to build a malmo package definition
<leoprikler>How far did you get?
<fishinthecalcula>But i still have to figure out some things and it took me three days and I didn't start yet with my uni project so i was looking for a shortcut :D
<leoprikler>which things exactly are you lacking?
<fishinthecalcula>Right now the problem seems to be that libboost in Guix is built against python 2.7 and malmo expects 3.6
<aerique>kirisime: is getting Steam running trivial or do you have notes somewhere?
<aerique>I would also be interesting in people running Dropbox so I don't have to figure it out for myself.
<leoprikler>You can try building a package boost-with-python3
<fishinthecalcula>so i tried first to relax malmo's requirements by patching the cmake file and that lead to other problems which i can't remember right now and the i tried building libbost against python 3.7 but that didn't appear to produce a libboost_python file
<leoprikler>you need to modify the 'provide-libboost-python phase of your modified boost
<rekado_>kirisime: it would be good to figure out what exactly the problem is. Could be that an application insists on using ALSA directly and the ALSA pluging for pulseaudio isn’t working right.
<leoprikler>instead of (symlink "" ""), it should be (symlink "" "")
<fishinthecalcula>leoprikler: Yeah I did. I tried both removing it and symlinking what i expected to be the compilation output so "libboost_python37" to "libboost_python"
<fishinthecalcula>but the "libboost_python37" file was not created during the compilation so i kinda felt downhearted
<leoprikler>what are the contents of boost with python3's "/lib"?
<fishinthecalcula>wait a sec i'll see if i still have it in the store
<leoprikler>"guix build" should return it just fine
<leoprikler>so this boost is not built against python at all...
<fishinthecalcula>That's what it looks like but i removed python-2 from native-inputs and included python.
<fishinthecalcula>Is that sufficient to build boost against python 3?
<leoprikler>apparently not
<leoprikler>according to some stackoverflow comment, adding --with-python-version=X.Y to bootstrap should do the right thing
<fishinthecalcula>leoprikler: :O Thanks a lot!! I'll give that a try
<htsr>i'm trying to deploy guix but i have this error: "failed to deploy skyline: remote command '/run/setuid-programs/sudo -n -- guix repl -t machine' failed with status 1"
<PotentialUser-45>hi everyone, does anybody have guides how to install proprietory intel wifi drivers in guixsd
<htsr>where can I see more logs for guix deploy?
<raghavgururajan>PotentialUser-45 Guix System (formely known as GuixSD) follows FSDG ( Therefore, Guix will neither include nor suggest non-free (proprietory) programs/softwares.
<kirisime>aerique: Given that steam requires a 32bit environment and that every package manager that packages it only just packages an installer so that steam can update itself as it requires, there is no clean way to install it using guix. What you do is install flatpak and install steam from flathub. And when your games don't make sound, you kill pusleaudio. Also for proton support you'll need a ulimits service to raise file descriptor limits,
<kirisime>and if you're using GNOME like me you'll discover that you need to work around the generated service not affecting gnome sessions. And the only decent way to make flatpaks available in system menus is to symlink its directories to /.local/share with GNU stow rather than trying to fiddle with $XDG_DATA_DIRS or whatever the variable was.
<kirisime>rekado_: The issue is with flatpak most probably not being able to find the pusleaudio socket in /run/user/<your-uid>/pulse/native because it's started by gdm, and running pulseaudio --kill somehow makes the socket appear. This seems like a common issue with flatpak, and GNOME's upcoming pulse replacement has support for flatpak in its goals probably for this exact reason.
<leoprikler>GNOME has a replacement for pulse?
<kirisime>Yeah, it's called pipewire.
<PotentialUser-45>maybe somebody had such problems, and made solution
<amz3>what do you use as an email client? if emacs, what particular extension?
<amz3>PotentialUser-45: it is off-topic.
<amz3>PotentialUser-45: better buy a supported wifi thing
<htsr>how can I debug guix deploy?
<kirisime>PotentialUser-45: A lot of the time when looking into issues relating to of GNOME, gdm or pulseaudio, you're offered systemd-specific solutions.
<PotentialUser-45>ok, what about installation GOG games 0_0
<amz3>htsr: read the code :)
<htsr>I think guix deploy need a password-less sudo
<htsr>amz3: done
<kirisime>amz3: I'm using notmuch but I don't use email heavily and I don't think email in emacs is worth the trouble if you don't have requirements that no other setup would fill. It's such a unix-y solution; do one thing and do it well, which means that you have four speparate programs for receiving, indexing, reading and sending mail.
<amz3>kirisime: tx for the hint.
<rekado_>htsr: what’s the problem? Do you get an error message?
<htsr>rekado_: yes, I have this error: "guix deploy: erreur : failed to deploy skyline-dhcp: remote command '/run/setuid-programs/sudo -n -- guix repl -t machine' failed with status 1"
<htsr>I think I need to add a sudoers-file in my operating-system definition before being able to use guix deploy
<rekado_>does running the command directly on the remote work?
<amz3>kirisime: I want to write my own gui for email but I do not want to all-the-things DIY as usual with scheme.
<htsr>rekado_: /run/setuid-programs/sudo -n -- guix repl -t machine doesn't work, it says sudo: a password is required
<amz3>kirisime: what do you use to sync? mbsync/isync?
<kirisime>amz3: Offlineimap. It requires you to write some python if you want to crypt your passwords, and the pythonfiles that work on other systems don't necessarily work on guix...
<amz3>I am attempting to ungooglify
<efraim>aerique: re Dropbox, I've used this in the past
<zimoun>The Python2 end-of-life is coming... Have been already discussed? e.g., deprecation schedule
<amz3>31 Dec 23:59 no more py2.
<amz3>that is the schedule :p
<htsr>might need to add to the manual that the user used for guix deploy need passwordless sudo
<amz3>htsr: make a patch!
<htsr>amz3: I can't right now but I'll in a week ;)
<amz3>htsr: 'later' is the friend of 'never'
<amz3>sneek: 'later' is the friend of 'never'
<sneek>So noted.
<amz3>sneek: what is later?
<amz3>sneek: later is the friend of never
<sneek>So noted.
<amz3>sneek: what is later?
<sneek>later is the friend of never
<htsr>amz3: XD
<roptat>sneek, what is 'later'?
<sneek>Its been said that 'later' is the friend of 'never'
<dutchie>that should be "it's" fwiw
<wingo>indeed :)
<aerique>Thanks kirisime and efraim.
*davexunit is watching a video about how appimage works, thinks that guix should do something similar
<davexunit>bundle up some /gnu/store stuff and stuff a disk image into an ELF file containing an executable that mounts it and runs the application
<str1ngs>guix already has containers and vm's
<davexunit>str1ngs: I know.
<str1ngs>I guess though that's not quite independent of guix though
<davexunit>this would be an additional thing that 'guix pack' could do
<str1ngs>would it not be better to generate an appimage from say a guix archive?
<str1ngs>as apposed to recreating the wheel
<str1ngs>I guess if uses elf format with elf extension's that's pretty portable.
<davexunit>str1ngs: I think that the interesting tech is simple enough to implement our own version
<davexunit>stuff compressed disk image into elf file. executable mounts it with FUSE and runs some entry point script within.
<davexunit>the harder problem is the whole /gnu/store thing which is the achille's heel of any 'guix pack' option
<str1ngs>davexunit: I like the idea. I have also thought of creating a kernel pseudo file systems module or fuse file system. to help with /gnu and FHS compatibility
<str1ngs>I'm still wrapping my head around how best to do the maps etc. maybe a fuse filesystem might be a good way to experiment with
<roptat>before using guix, I made my own distro where I used unionfs to build my environment from packages installed in non FHS directories
<roptat>when building, I used it and a container to build things as if everything was installed in /usr
<str1ngs>right I think overlay is the good for this
<str1ngs>is good*
<roptat>but in my case, every binary used /usr/lib for libraries, so they would use different libraries in case of a rebuild
<roptat>and you had to install dependencies explicitely (well, the tool took care of that of course)
<roptat>so after all, it wasn't as nice as guix :)
<str1ngs>I have a package manager that use /opt/via/lib with runpaths. like guix. but guix ends up being better because /gnu/ provides profiles etc. the issue is all the corner cases that need patching or environment variables
<aerique>roptat: earlier you suggested `guix build fuse` which works to get a path to the libfuse library, however I cannot do `guix build gcc` to get a path to the `` and `` libraries
<str1ngs>if say guix had a pseudo file system where prefix was /usr/ but writes happened to output path. then it's possible. guix could package with less hacks and profile tweaks
<roptat>aerique, right, gcc is hidden
<aerique>why is it such a special citizen?
<roptat>because people who want gcc would do "guix install gcc" and that doesn't work, the gcc package is actually gcc-toolchain
<str1ngs>gcc does not work standalone. it's only useful in the form of gcc-toolchain
<str1ngs>it has a ld wrapper, to use the right dynamic linker and store paths.
<str1ngs>if not a wrapper then maybe a spec file. IIRC it's a wrapper
<roptat>aerique, you could do "guix build -e '(@@ (gnu packages gcc) gcc)'"
<roptat>although the package has two outputs
<roptat>so you'll get two different store paths at the end
<roptat>you is in the lib output
<str1ngs>davexunit: the fuse file system is an interesting idea. and could help with other guix related tasks
<aerique>roptat: that works, thanks again. i now have something generic enough that it doesn't need too much handywork on package updates
<aerique>I have no idea what your `(@@` incantation does though, but perhaps I should refer to a Scheme guide.
<roptat>yes, mh... probably one @ would be enough actually
<aerique>I still wouldn't know what it does ;-)
<str1ngs>aerique: @@ will reference the binding regardless if it has been exported
<roptat>(@ (module) variable) is for getting variable defined in (module) even when (module) is not imported
<str1ngs>@ is like @@ but only for exported
<roptat>@@ is the same, even is the variable is not public
<dattashantih3>is there a way to allow guix-daemon to be run as root without a --build-users-group?
<dattashantih3>I'm using --disable-chroot
<dattashantih3>At the moment I get "guix perform-download: error: refusing to run with elevated privileges (UID 0)"
<roptat>dattashantih3, you have to patch the daemon for that
<roptat>it's not possible otherwise
<dattashantih3>roptat: ok, I'll look into that. I'm trying to use guix inside a rootless runc container on a system that won't allow me to map multiple groups so I'm forced to run guix-daemon as root.
<roptat>can't you trick it into thinking it's running as non root?
<dattashantih3>roptat: i think runc makes you map your container user as uid 0
<str1ngs>dattashantih3: hi, I have had some success with this. but I don't use runc. I create my own rootless cgroup which maps to another user. do you know for a fact you can't map to another user?
<str1ngs>dattashantih3: I'm assumning this mean you can start a rootless cgroup. but only UID 0?
<dattashantih3>str1ngs: correct
<davexunit>str1ngs: if it were possible to create a fuse file system that could handle the /gnu/store stuff and eliminate the need for user namespaces that would be great
<str1ngs>davexunit: I think so too
<str1ngs>dattashantih3: that might not be too much of an issue. provided you can get around this privileges problem
<str1ngs>dattashantih3: for reference I'm using which can create a populate a rootless container. it requires a running ipfs daemon and go to build.
<str1ngs>dattashantih3: here is the syscalls I'm using for the cgroup. I'm hoping to eventually try and add this to guix
<dattashantih3>str1ngs: hmm, I'll look into it. I've been looking into bubblewrap as an alternative as well.
<str1ngs>dattashantih3: I'm the only person using via. so I might need to fix somethings to make it more useable/generic. I have gotten it to run guix-daemon etc. though I've run into a network issue. and it relies on user mappings.
<gnutec>GNU database manager (gdbm)
<apteryx>gnutec: mmh?
<kirisime>I thought I'd replace my ugly wireguard kernel with an actual package, so I'm faced with this again: How do I use a file from a package's input as one of its patches?
<dutchie>damn, i missed bug #38000
<amz3>kirisime: an input in the sense of package definition, that is also a patch for the current package definition source?
<zimoun>What does mean "cycle detected in the references of"? Where can I find some doc? It appears when I set outputs to both "out" and "lib".
<roptat>a reference is when the content of a store item embeds the store path of another item
<roptat>here, the out output refers to the lib output, while the lib output also refers to the out output
<roptat>most likely, out refers to lib by runpaths in executables, which is intended
<roptat>the lib output maybe refers to the out output through a script, pkgconfig file or the like
<zimoun>roptat: ah! :-) Thank you for the explanations. So I need to inspect more
<roptat>I would suggest trying to "grep -r <out-hash> /gnu/store/<lib-output>"
<roptat>also, for a pkgconfig file, you can try to put it in a dev output or something like that
<roptat>that's what I did with mariadb (in staging)
<nckx>kirisime: Here's my brutally straightforward approach, with (native-inputs ("wireguard" ,wireguard "kernel-patch") …): .
<raghavgururajan>Hello Guix!
<raghavgururajan>I think I am too late to the party. But I just came across the blog post regarding rms. Why is that even posted on guix blog? It is not relevant to guix right?
<dongcarl>davexunit: w/re building binaries without runpaths... I hear you... We have glibc compat hooks so that's less of a problem:
<roptat>raghavgururajan: because it had to be posted somewhere and gnu devs don't hade access to directly
<roptat>maintainers, actually
<raghavgururajan>roptat Why is has to be even posted? There no relevance between rms thought and development of free software.
<roptat>You should ask the authors, not me
<raghavgururajan>roptat That's correct.
<zimoun>roptat: thank you for the tips.
<davexunit>dongcarl: neat! I've found that by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH appropriately that even with runpaths I can get the linker to look in places other than /gnu/store so it hasn't been a huge problem for me.
<dutchie>is there an eta for a staging merge? i have a very annoying bug that is fixed there
<davexunit>in fact I may soon have a big binary blob that I can ask people to test out :)
<dutchie>wonder whether it's worth switching channels for now
<dongcarl>davexunit: Ah right...
<dongcarl>davexunit: Curious, what package are you working on?
<dutchie>docs suggest "every 3 weeks" and based on my (probably wrong) reading of the git history that should be pretty soon
<dongcarl>davexunit: Also... You can target an old enough glibc so that glibc compat is not that big a deal...
<davexunit>dongcarl: I'm working on a tool that can creates binary bundles for games written using my guile game library
<davexunit>dongcarl: oh how do you do that? I'm bundling guix's glibc right now + the dynamic linker
<nckx>dutchie: I think it will be merged once qtwayland works on it.
<davexunit>if I could get rid of that and still have bundles that work reliably that would be <100 emoji>
<dongcarl>davexunit: Here's all the magic:
<nckx>dutchie: <mbakke> I'll try to find a fix this weekend unless is resolved by then
<dutchie>aha ty
<davexunit>dongcarl: oh wow you are indeed a wizard
<davexunit>thank you sharing this
<dongcarl>davexunit: Haha no worries! I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has a need for this lol
<dongcarl>davexunit: Let me know if you have any questions...
<davexunit>dongcarl: so do you build this cross compilation toolchain even for builds targeting the host platform?
<dongcarl>davexunit: Yup! It seems to work so I don't fight it.
<dongcarl>Making the special case just another parameter makes my code easier and cleaner
<dutchie>"Resolved: 8 hours ago" \o/
<nckx>Ah, cool 🙂
<dutchie>oh, that's not actually a helpful resolution?
<dutchie>they have some suggestions and then "given that you modify the build system I'm afraid you're a bit on your own there"
<dutchie>ah well
<davexunit>dongcarl: I may need to eventually build my little dependency graph with this method. I'll keep it in my back pocket. thanks!
<brettgilio>I'm curious about what kind of setup people on Guix use for Haskell development. Emacs completions. So on. Please let me know what you all use :)
<dutchie>i gave up on getting haskell working, just use stack installed from my foreign distro
<dutchie>idk if the situation has improved
<davexunit>this is not directly about guix, but it is tangentially related. I'm trying to create a .tar.gz archive of a directory in /gnu/store but I *do not* want the root directory in the tarball to be 003ip7dnsgwgrf220k3jxhmb7wi6qi5r-thisisbonkers-1.0
<davexunit>I haven't yet figured out the right flags to make it happen
<nckx>davexunit: ‘tar -cf <file> -C <dir> .’?
<nckx>I think it just does a chdir internally, so is equivalent to ‘cd && tar’.
<dutchie>or --transform
<davexunit>nckx: that *nearly* works but the root directory of the archive is named "."
<davexunit>dutchie: --transform seems like the right thing
<nckx>davexunit: And what's the problem with that? (Just curious.)
<davexunit>nckx: it will be weird for the person that extracts the archive
<davexunit>dutchie: --transform did it!
<davexunit>thank you!!!
<dutchie>np :) i knew tar had an option to do what you wanted somewhere
<nckx>davexunit: I don't get it.
<nckx>But never mind.
<davexunit>dutchie: I knew it must have it, and I even tried --transform briefly but wasn't getting the regexp correct and doubted if it was the right option.
<davexunit>nckx: the goal was to package up a directory with a name like "biglongcrazyhash-foo-1.0" into something "foo-1.0" instead
<davexunit>something like*
<nckx>Oh, I didn't get that from your question at all. Never mind.
<davexunit>sorry. maybe not asked the best way.
<davexunit>one of those really specific things that is hard to communicate effectively
<brettgilio>Any other opinions on the Haskell development on Guix question?
<nckx>brettgilio: This sounds like a good mailing list question to me.
<nckx>IRC is fast but arbitrary handful of people at any one time.
<brettgilio>I think so. Will do nckx .
<kirisime>nckx: Thanks, my snippet version doesn't seem very far off. I'll see if it builds.
<nckx>kirisime: Heh, I'm doing the opposite while I wait for some stuff to compile: converting that unholy unthing into a more Guixy snippet.
<kirisime>nckx: If you get it to build before I do, please share. My snippet attempt just failed.
<kirisime>...Possibly because I misplaced some parentheses
<fps>hmm, i have openssh-service-type in my services list, but it seems there's no ssh server running..
<fps>hmm, ssh-daemon is stopped according to herd. that explains why i can't connect to localhost
<fps>can i declare in the system config.scm that the service be enabled by default?
<nckx>fps: This is, unfortunately, a long-standing bug.
<nckx>It is not known what causes sshd to fail to start.
<nckx>Not to me, anyway.
<fps>nckx: it started fine manually
<fps>do we have some sort of logging? :)
<nckx>Some people reported success after ‘disabling IPv6’, whatever that entails exactly.
<nckx>fps: Heh. Not enough.
<fps>according to /var/log/debug it doesn't even seem to get attempted to start
<fps>or at least it doesn't even get to writing something to the log
<nckx>Old bug is old: :-/
<dcov>Hey all, I've been thinking about setting up a personal substitution server, and was wondering if anyone had tried something similar?
<nckx>dcov: Sure.
<nckx>It heats my study nicely.
*nckx → AFK, now, though
<dcov>heh that's great, are you using cuirass or something else?
<fps>nckx: in my case it failed to start even after just doing a guix pull and reconfigure system. so the bug really seems to still linger around
<bdju>if anyone has free time, it would be really nice if weechat-matrix were packaged. written in python and has some pip stuff it needs.
<bdju>I can't even get it installed on my arch machine because pip is horrible and broken
<bdju>it would definitely benefit from the simplicity of guix
<bavier>bdju: looks like just 3 dependencies need to be packaged: python-webcolors, python-logbook, and python-matrix-nio
<kirisime>Real quick, how do I know if my offload machine is actually building my things or if it's stuck?
<bavier>bdju: plus the potential rabbit hole of other dependencies... :/
<bdju>I'm not yet comfortable writing my own packages or else it would be one of my high priority ones. I have been using the riot web and mobile clients and they are a lot worse than weechat
<bdju>I used an older weechat matrix plugin made in lua that no longer works, so I got a taste of the good life
<bavier>bdju: btw, I recently added a ufetch package to my personal channel:
<fps>hmm, interesting. since the last guix pull, nothign installs anymore. timeout's talking to the substitute servers and often i get a "waiting for a build slot / locks"
<kirisime>What is the magic symbol I can use inside a snippet to refer to patch-inputs?
<kirisime>I guess there just isn't one.
<nckx>fps: I got time-outs just now, thought it was a local thing, used --fallback.
<nckx>kirisime: ?
<kirisime>nckx: I can't come up with a way to use the wireguard patch in the snippet.
<kirisime>And only so because there doesn't seem to be a way to get the package's store path from anywhere.
<nckx>kirisime: If you mean you tried & failed to file-append with an :output: same. I ended up using #~(begin … #$(file-append patch "/bin/patch") … (string-append #$wireguard:kernel-patch "/wireguard.patch"))
<nckx>Or something like that. Which worked.
<nckx>More precisely:
<kirisime>Hm. Maybe I'm stupid. Thanks a bunch.
<kirisime>Or maybe it's that I still don't understand g-expressions.
<nckx>kirisime: Nonsense & you're welcome.
<kirisime>guix build <anything> hangs all of a sudden but works with --no-substitutes.
<kirisime>But even then offloaded builds hang on the build machine.
<str1ngs>think probably is down
<str1ngs>curl times out as well
<kirisime>But does it affect offloaded building even if you specify --no-susbsitutes, or is my setup coincientally broken as well?
<str1ngs>I think some sources can be downloaded from substitute servers even with --no-substitute IIRC
<str1ngs>I could be wrong on that, would be interesting to know how that works.
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<nckx>ssh's not responding either.
<nckx>At 23:00 before a holiday week-end, this is going to be fun 🙂
<janas>best of luck! Hopefully this doesn't consume anyone's whole weekend
<nckx>janas: Unless it's temporary, I fear the only person who could fix this is rekado_ (or more likely, and worse, the network team at the MDC).
*nckx doesn't know whether 1 November is a holiday in Berlin.
<janas>I always thought All Saints Day was more of a Catholic thing but idk
<cvoges12>Is down?
<bdju>bavier: cool, thanks for the ufetch info
*nckx puts ‘please read the topic’ in the topic.