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<gnutec>Yeh! Show some message in guix install 0ad.
<gnutec>I'll try again another time.
<nckx>gnutec: I just installed it without problem. Sure it wasn't just a network error? What was the message?
<gnutec>nckx: Wait!
<gnutec>nckx: Just "'Build' phase" for a long time, then show a big message about a scheme file.
<nckx>gnutec: Still too vague. Could you paste( the actual output?
<gnutec>nckx: Too big message. Let me do it again, and I show you.
<gnutec>nckx: Still 'build' phase
<nckx>gnutec: guix should print something about a log file (.bz2). Otherwise, the last ~100 lines should suffice.
<nckx>gnutec: When I installed 0ad an hour ago, I just downloaded a substitute. I didn't have to build anything. Have you purposefully disabled substitutes?
*nckx → 😴
<gnutec>How I disable substitute?
<gnutec>nckx: I don't think so.
<dattashantih3>Is there an easy way to rewrite a package to be compiled with a specific compiler?
<gnutec>No audio on ungoogled-chromium. :/
<degauss>Hi! I'm running Guix on top of Debian unstable. Lately I tried to run "guix environment -CN" (as my normal user and as root) and I get "guix environment: error: mount: mount "/var/run/nscd" on "/tmp/guix-directory.am2IUh//var/run/nscd": Operation not permitted".
<degauss>nscd is running in my host, and this command used to work a while ago. I wonder if the problem may have been introduced by commit 5ccec771.
<degauss>Has anybody else experienced the same error lately? Shall I file a bug report? Thanks!
<dattashantih3>I'm getting "ld: cannot find crt1.o: No such file or directory" when trying to build a package with clang
<degauss>Ummm, I pulled the previous commit and the command works again (at least as root). I think I'll file a bug report…
<degauss>Any volunteer to run "guix environment -CN" on a recent pull to confirm? ;)
<gnutec>Is everybody in twitter see the election in Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia. Kirchner win!
<kdtsh>gnutec congratulations, wonderful news!
<gnutec>kdtsh: \o/
<PotentialUser-71>hi everyone! really interested in this distro, but I have two problems. First, dont know how to start learning lisp. Second, Intel proprietory wifi card, I've heard there is a way to install it (I understand that this is not GNU way, but I'm not so cool to write kernel modul myself... And wifi is really important for me...).
<marusich>For learning lisp, check the guix-devel and help-guix email list archives for keywords like "learn lisp" - some good resources were posted in the past about this.
<marusich>For the Intel proprietary wifi card, it's unfortunate, but if you want to use a fully free distro, it may be best to get a USB wifi dongle or something like that instead. This has also been discussed on email lists, and some recommendations made. I think ThinkPenguin sells something like this.
<marusich>You may also find this section of the manual helpful:
<PotentialUser-71>thank you, marusich
<PotentialUser-71>after all, what does mean this "guile: warning: failed to install locale"
<kdtsh>Depending on you laptop you might also be able to replace the wifi card. If your laptop is user serviceable, has a mini PCI-e port on the board, and the machine’s bios will allow you to replace the card, this won’t cost you any more than $50 on the top end, probably less
<marusich>PotentialUser-71, it probably means locales are not configured correctly - it is usually benign but annoying. See:
<marusich>Usually it should not be a problem if you are using Guix System. Those instructions are targeted towards people who have installed Guix on a so-called "foreign" distribution.
<efraim>I'm testing the xorriso update now
<efraim>do we have a ctags program? sounds like something worth learning to use
<marusich>we do. we also have gtags.
<marusich>I think it's called "global". You may also be interested in this; I checked it out and it seemed like it had good tips on how to use it productively:
<marusich>I started following that guide to set up a C IDE-like environment in Emacs, and although I didn't get all the way through, it seemed like the most coherent tutorial on the topic I have found so far.
<marusich>Another option is to "just" fire up Eclipse, but I'm not sure how easy that would be on Guix.
<efraim>thanks. guix package -A ctags doesn't return anything
<marusich>Check out global; it provides a very similar experience, and supposedly it's not just for C.
<marusich>I think global and emacs-helm-gtags and emacs-ggtags are the relevant Guix packages. I don't know exactly what things you'd need, but those are a start.
<efraim>I found the tutorial for global, i'll take a look at that
<marusich>I got to the point in pretty quickly (...hours?) where I could finally do M-. to go to the definition of a C function. It was nice.
<marusich>Not gonna lie, I get lost when I try to configure Emacs. So many options and so little time.
<marusich>But hey, at least I can have a hope at browsing C source code more fluidly now! I hope the resources help you.
<efraim>I'm also hoping it's faster than my grep-foo when browsing foreign repos
<htgoebel2>Good morning,
<htgoebel2>I'm currently experiencing *heavy* issues with guix due to gcc creating corrupt binaries.
<htgoebel2>While trying to debug this, I was hit by gcc not being in the list of packages,
<htgoebel2>thus I can not build it locally. Huh?
<htgoebel2>"guix package -A gcc" does not show "gcc",
<htgoebel2>only gcc-bootstrap, gcc-objc, gcc-objc++, gcc-toolchain, gccgo, and rust-gcc.
<htgoebel2>Any ideas what could be wrong here?
<htgoebel2>Running from guix pull --commit=4c463569b7 (committed 2019-10-24 11:34:52)
<leoprikler>gcc is hidden, because it doesn't work on its own -- use gcc-toolchain to get the full toolchain
<leoprikler>marusich: how does that IDE work for you with Guix include paths?
<htgoebel2>leonprikler: IC Thanks.
<leoprikler>can you e.g. expand GUIX_ENVIRONMENT inside ede?
<efraim>htgoebel2: sounds like you've been having a bunch of trouble recently with guix. have you checked your HDD recently?
<efraim>I don't want to say "its all your fault!" but right now it seems fairly isolated
<htgoebel2>efarim: I have this same issues on two systems and it is reproducible. This is hat is scaring my.
<efraim>that's definately different
<htgoebel2>In essence: I can't build any package containing a C program, since
<htgoebel2>(which is fetched from
<htgoebel2>creates corrupt binaries on my systems.
<efraim>have you checked 'guix gc --verify=repair,contents?
<efraim>sha256sum /gnu/store/x3jx25cd3q363mr7nbgzrhrv1vza6cf7-gcc-7.4.0/bin/gcc gives me e248cf974f6d3c210ba9335fea15a4e7975f7ffb0ca6f5a6f7b6bcb4b13cf2f6
<efraim>are you building packages by hand?
<htgoebel2>Yes, I did run verify=repair,contents.
<htgoebel2>Packages are substituted from
<htgoebel2>same checksum here
<leoprikler>do you run GCC directly from the directory without environment setup or anything?
<htgoebel2>Both ways. The issue first occurred when e.g. "tar" was rebuild by the guix-daemon.
<htgoebel2>Then I tried different way.
<efraim>what's your uptime? could you have run 'guix gc' and had something GC'd when it shouldn't have?
<htgoebel2>my uptime is 11 days on one of the systems - long, but not too long IMHO. Going to reboot in a few minutes.
<htgoebel2>Yes, I did run guix gc recently (as part of working of other guix-does-not-work issues)
<roptat>hi guix!
<htgoebel2>brb - rebooting :-)
<PotentialUser-55>hi everyone
<PotentialUser-55>is there any tutorial available about how run guixsd on an arm boards, step by step?
<PotentialUser-55>if not, from where should start?
<PotentialUser-55>suppose my board, already supported by guixsd.
<peanutbutterandc>So, while trying to package a C++ app, I get a failure and a message saying (among other things): -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
<peanutbutterandc>See also "/tmp/guix-build-slowmovideo-latest-git.drv-0/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log".
<amz3>PotentialUser-55: it is not clear what you need. How running on board is different?
<peanutbutterandc>But /tmp/guix-build-... does not exist. And the other log (/var/logs/guix/.../ one does not have any helpful output. Any ideas, please?
<amz3>peanutbutterandc: did you run guix build -K?
<amz3>where K is for 'keep'
<peanutbutterandc>amz3, No sir. I did `guix build -v 2 -f file.scm`
<amz3>peanutbutterandc: try with -K
<peanutbutterandc>amz3, Ah! I see
<peanutbutterandc>I will. Thank you!
<amz3>PotentialUser-55: do you want to boot your board over NFS or something like that?
<PotentialUser-55>amz3: no i want generate an image file and load on emmc or sdcard.
<amz3>PotentialUser-55: you could use some `dd` command to create the sdcard
<amz3>PotentialUser-55: how to generate image file is in the manual. I don't remember the exact call. Maybe if you succeed you can create a blog post about it :)
<PotentialUser-55>amz3: i found some thing -
<peanutbutterandc>So, the way I go about defining guix package is that I define only the main package, try to build it, get notified of the missing dependencies, add them, try building again and so on and so forth... and the error logs aren't making much sense to me right now...
<amz3>peanutbutterandc: what are you building? there is an easier path
<PotentialUser-55>amz3: in above tutorial said that: "Note that it is not yet possible to cross-compile a disk image. So you will have to either run this command on an armhf-linux system where you have previously installed Guix manually, or offload the build to such a system." is this still correct?
<peanutbutterandc>I am trying to build from the latest commit
<amz3>PotentialUser-55: probably it is still not possible, wait a little while around in the channel, maybe someone knowledgeable about the matter will show up. Otherwise send a mail to guix help mailing list with what you tried and what does not work.
<amz3>peanutbutterandc: instead of guix build -K, you can create an env, then install dependencies manually (with guix package -i) and do the cli compile dance manual like described in
<amz3>peanutbutterandc: so, you git clone the repo, you enter an environment, you guix package -i stuff and run the compile commands until it works. At this point you will have all the required dependencies.
<peanutbutterandc>amz3, Oooh! That sounds neat. I believe it is `guix environment` that you are talking about. cd repoclone; guix environment ?
<amz3>peanutbutterandc: you will be able to fill the dependencies in the guix package definition.
<amz3>peanutbutterandc: yeah, you have to look for the documentation of guix environment to properly set it up.
<peanutbutterandc>amz3, I will look into it then. Thank you
<efraim>does anyone know if I can create a user inside a guix system container? I assume I can only use existing system users
<peanutbutterandc>amz3, According to the intro here: it appears to be that guix-environment is used for already-defined packages rather the one currently being built... *confused*
<roptat>PotentialUser-55, I installed the guix system on an arm board, but didn't use an sd card image
<roptat>instead, I installed a foreign distro, then guix on that distro and did "guix system init /etc/config.scm /" on it
<roptat>that overwrites the bootloader and installs the system on top of the other distro, so at next boot, it starts guix instead of the other distro
<amz3>peanutbutterandc: I did it a long time ago, I will try again with slowmovideo
<peanutbutterandc>amz3, It seems one can do just plain `guix environment` and work with that, too. I will try that again, then. This will help me learn about guix (I am a n00b)
<peanutbutterandc>amz3, But thank you. Perhaps you could help me with my own packaging too
<PotentialUser-55>roptat: could you tell me how you do that? i see a similar but it didn't tell how.
<roptat>PotentialUser-55, install any distro as usual on your SD card, then install guix as a package manager (using the binary installation method)
<PotentialUser-55>roptat: then how install GuixSD?
<roptat>once guix is installed, create yourself a config.scm file
<roptat>all of these steps should be covered in the manual
<roptat>Then, normally you would tell guix system init where to install the system, typically /mnt since you mounted the root partition of your future system there. You're installing over the old system though, so it's already mounted at /
<roptat>you only have to run "guix system init /etc/config.scm /"
<PotentialUser-55>i should write my own config.scm?
<PotentialUser-55>roptat: what about u-boot? it will create automatically in this way?
<roptat>The u-boot that you need depends on your board
<roptat>We have a few u-boot defined, so if the one for your board is, you can use it
<roptat>here is an example:
<roptat>it's a bit complicated because it uses some other personal modules, but you can recognize the bootloader field in the declaration
<PotentialUser-55>roptat: thanks. with this we can generate u-boot img.Ok? after i change it, how run it in guix terminal?
<roptat>What do you mean?
<PotentialUser-55>i means, how run my ene.scm?
<PotentialUser-55>what is the result of this running?
<roptat>you don't run it, you initialize the system with it
<roptat>ene.scm is a system declaration, like config.scm, but with a different name
<roptat>so I would do guix system init ene.scm /
<roptat>after init, the first argument is the name of the declaration file
<roptat>the second is the location
<roptat>the location where the root file system for the new system is mounted
<PotentialUser-55>Ok, so this install new u-boot also for me. is it?
<roptat>although in your case you'll have to use u-boot-<name of your board>-bootloader
<roptat>my board is a cubietruck, that's why I use the u-boot-cubietruck-bootloader
<roptat>also note that initrd-modules may be important, but its content can vary from board to board
<roptat>in my case, sunxi-mmc and sd_mod are required for the system to find the sd card device
<roptat>and ahci_sunxi is for finding the sata drive
<PotentialUser-55>ok, got it. therefore level is like this "guix system init /etc/config.scm /" install guixsd "guix system init /etc/ene.scm /" install u-boot (with consider initrd-modules)
<roptat>no, it's all done in one step
<roptat>you create your /etc/config.scm (which in my case is ene.scm) and init it
<PotentialUser-55>ok , merge two .scm in above. is it?
<amz3>PotentialUser-55: did you already install guixsd on a virtual machine or a regular hardware?
<roptat>it builds the new system and instantiate it (including installing the bootloader)
<PotentialUser-55>amz3: i didn't install it, just use a pre-build iso image.
<amz3>I think you are missing some pieces of knowledge regarding how guix works, before diving into the installation into a board..
<roptat>PotentialUser-55, you have to write your config.scm, you should read the manual carefully for that, especially the sections on the bootloader and initrd-module
<amz3>installing guix in a vm, with a custom /etc/config.scm would the first step.
<roptat>starting with installing on an arm board might be too hard though, because there are too many manual steps :/
<roptat>of course we will help you, but it's going to be harder than installing on a VM or x86 :)
<PotentialUser-55>amz3: roptat: Thank you both. it's true, i will do that on vm and then check ARM again. :)
<roptat>follow the manual installation, instead of the installer, that should give you enough experience for installing on ARM
<brendyyn>seems that redis is non deterministic, inserting some timestamp perhaps "localhost-15674561"
<gnutec>Today, guix install 0ad work.
<gnutec>Guix show that message but pass.
<cornburglar>I don't know if this is only affecting me, but it seems like no browser I use on guix has mp3 playback. I have tried surf and I have tried icecat via a guix environment and neither seems to support it
<cornburglar>Is there any browser packaged that does support mp3 playback?
<brendyyn>do you mean it tries do download and save the mp3 instead?/
<cornburglar>for example on bandcamp I try to play something and I get a "Unable to play audio. Your browser must support native playback of MP3 or you must have the Adobe Flash Player installed."
<cornburglar>I'd also like to be able to watch youtube videos via but again they don't work on either surf or icecat
<brendyyn>maybe because of librejs disabling javascript?
<cornburglar>Yeah I expect youtube to not work on either of those I just wanted to know what other browsers in the repo might work with it
<gnutec>Good know that the icecat, the audio doesn't work too. I'll keep my ungoogled-chromium. Just install vlc and paste the url of youtube video you want to watch.
<gnutec>In chromium, librejs is not instaled.
<cornburglar>Well I'd probably just use youtube-dl instead but still I need a way to listen through bandcamp
<cornburglar>Could it be because I'm running it in an environment though? Might it work if it was installed?
<cornburglar>because now I've tried next and qutebrowser in guix environments as well and they are not working either
<brendyyn>i disable librejs and use noscript instead, that way i can enable the javascript i please.
<brendyyn>gnutec: just to note that ungoogled-chromium is out of date and may be removed until someone goes to the effort of updating it again
<cornburglar>so far chromium is the only that audio has worked with
<gnutec>brendyyn: What? ungoogled-chromium is not supported by guix anymore?
<fps>hi! what's the recommended way to experiment changing a package definition again?
<fps>cloning the guix repo, bootstrapping, configuring and making, but not installing
<fps>and then GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=. guix build lalala?
<gnutec>brendyyn: I see the message to upgrade in chromium, but I trust in the guix dev and I'll kepp chromium. Icecat is too big download and my internet is to much expensive.
<gnutec>But my audiu doesn't work. I watch youtube video in the vlc.
<cornburglar>mpv > vlc
<cornburglar>Youtube video working for me on chromium
<cornburglar>through invidio at least
<gnutec>cornburglar: Yeh! Looks like audio work in icecat too because is not work for me in chromium. We just need to figure out a way to do this.
<roptat>cornburglar, invidio works on icecat for me, it's installed in the default profile though, not in an environment
<roptat>as well as youtube and any other website I tried
<roptat>I don't use librejs
<cornburglar>Can you try listening to a song on bandcamp and lmk if that works
<roptat>I'm not on a guix system right now
<roptat>maybe something's missing from the environment icecat is running in? have you tried running from the command line? does it give you error messages?
<fps>are the python development tools (for c-based modules) a separate package of python?
<cornburglar>Well I tried it from the default profile and invidious works but not bandcamp
<roptat>I see... I can try "guix environment --ad-hoc icecat" on this system, it's just not the guix system
<roptat>could you send me a link I could try?
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<cornburglar>just hit play and see if it works
<roptat>I get that error message
<cornburglar>Hmm ok
<cornburglar>so it's an icecat issue not a me issue
<brendyyn>Which license is this ?
<brendyyn>cornburglar: it works for me in icecat
<roptat>mh... I wonder if it's really icecat, I don't even see the website try to download an mp3...
<cornburglar>That is MIT/Expat license
<roptat>brendyyn, what version of icecat are you using?
<gnutec>To upgrade all packages is "guix package -u".
<cornburglar>only if you installed via -i though right
<roptat>I tried with 68, so maybe the update broke something?
<gnutec>To upgrade system is "guix pull" then "sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm".
<roptat>it would upgrade anything, even if you installed with a manifest, but only in your default profile
<cornburglar>stuff you keep in your config would be upgraded?
<roptat>not in config.scm
<roptat>not with -u
<cornburglar>Why even install things with guix package -i like is there ever a good reason to do that
<amz3>peanutbutterandc: [100%] Built target slowmoVisualizeFlow
<amz3>peanutbutterandc: like I wrote previously: guix environment guix and then install until you find all the missing dependencies, I think it requires at least: opencv, qt and ffmpeg.
<peanutbutterandc>amz3 - I see. Thank you very much. I was away. I will look into it using your pointers as guidance.
<amz3>+ the gcc, autoconf etc...
<kirisime>If I want to use the build offload facility, do I just create the /etc/guix/machines.scm file myself or should I add it to a system definition and reconfigure?
<gnutec>I now install my last packages sucessfully. 0ad, supertuxkart and electrum. After minetest, warzone2100, xchm, blender, audacity, gimp, inkscape, and, of couse, emacs, chromium, gnumeric and abiword (libreoffice is too big).
<roptat>I think you can create the file yourself
<fps>hmm, ok, "GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=. guix build lilv" gives me an error
<fps>failed to load /home/fps/guix/build-aux/compile-all.scm
<jackhill>gnutec: cool! Unfortunately, I think you might not be able to use chromium in the future:
<fps>vi rekado
<fps>oops :)
<fps>ah, right, pre-inst-env
<zacts>hello #guix
<fps>ok, i applied a little patch to lilv:
<fps>it built and installed just fine:
<zacts>for learning to develop and add packages to guix, can I do everything with Guix package manager on-top of a guix distribution?
<zacts>meaning, I want to package via just the user-level package manager, on-top of GuixSD
<zacts>maybe even on-top of another distro
<zacts>or must I test everything in GuixSD as well if I add a package?
<zacts>s/GuixSD/Guix System/
<fps>but once i import it in a python program i get an error
<fps>the shared library cannot be found.. hmm
<fps>ah, the pythonpath misses an entry
<fps>hmm, the guix package referennce tells me nothing about how to extend environment variables
<apteryx>fps: hint: native-search-path
<apteryx>but I'm not sure this is what you really need in your case
<fps>apteryx: yeah, i actually tried PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/gnu/store/lalalalala/lib where lives
<apteryx>fps: what you probably need to do is patch the reference to so that it is absolute (starting by /gnu/store...)
<fps>and it stil complains about not being able to find it
<apteryx>there should be examples of this, grep for dlopen
<fps>apteryx: you mean i need to patch the python module code to dlopen the absolute path?
<fps>that sucks :)
<fps> says it's enough if the shared library is on PYTHONPATH
<gnutec>Can I develop app with guix instead make and gcc?
<fps>gnutec: well guix will call make and gcc if your package definition uses the gnu-build-system..
<efraim>Do you mean using guix instead of calling make and gcc yourself?
<gnutec>Jackhill: Wow! I Didn't know. :( Know I have to install icecat.
<gnutec>efraim: Yes! I'm not a developer, just wanna know if is necessary gcc or make if know we have guix.
<str1ngs>fps: substitute is probably all you need here.
<str1ngs>gnutec: guix uses whatever build system the upstream package uses. so really it depends on what language and build system you use for your package. in short the answer is no
<efraim>You still need to set everything up, guix just calls make and gcc and such at the right time in a reproducable manner
<fps>str1ngs: i'd like to understand though why the dlopen fails
<fps>when i explicitly set PYTHONPATH to have the directory with the shared library in the store
<minall>Hello guix!
<fps>i can patch the CDLL call in the python script to have the full store path, too
<str1ngs>fps: dlopen fails generally because guix does not use standard FHS paths. and in order to ensure functional packages its good to hard code the dlopen path to the input so it ensures the use of the input
<bavier>hello minall
<minall>bavier: o/
<minall>str1ngs: o/
<fps>str1ngs: yeah, is the python documentation wrong then?
<fps>str1ngs: does it not suffice to have the directory with the shared library on PYTHONPATH?
<minall>I'm trying to install guix on my machine, but I'm getting an error because my init system is not supported, can someone help me with this?
<amz3>fps: python use PYTHONPATH for the sharedlibrary (used in dlopen) ? I was under the impression PYTHONPATH was only for python module (that might be compiled as shared lib)
<minall>I'm at hyperbola stable, with openrc as an init system, trying to run the script for installing guix gives me an error about the init system not supported, and to run a command manually, I run that command, but no luck... (btw nice presentation and videos you added in the guix homepage)
<str1ngs>fps: possibly that will work I'm not a python developer. maybe even LD_LIBRARY_PATH will work. but keep in mind this could break on foreign distro's. I'd avoid LD_LIBRARY_PATH at all cost. not sure about PYTHONPATH
<fps>i'll check the CDLL docs for sure. maybe that only holds for certain builds
<gnutec>minall: Wow! That is tuff one.
<minall>gnutec: Hyperbola stable? actually not, its pretty good... just follow some commands for its installation, I can help you if you want :)
<str1ngs>minall: hello, the install script assumes systemd. you'll have to create a openrc init script for guix-daemon. or start it manually
<minall>gnutec: Hyperbola stable is pretty good, I just want to expand its packages installing guix, since I used guix before (pretty good)
<minall>str1ngs: Yes, is there a openrc init script? and what do you mean to 'start it manually'?
<amz3>fps: my understanding is that PYTHONPATH is for python library modules: "To be importable, the shared library must be available on PYTHONPATH, and must be named after the module name, with an appropriate extension."
<minall>You mean add guix-daemon to initiate with the system or something like that?
<amz3>fps: also check `strace` if you want to be sure.
<gnutec>minall: I install Guix System pure. With UEFI and btrfs.
<fps>amz3: oh! you're probably right..
<apteryx>s3["tcp_ports"]="80 443 6543"
<apteryx>s4["tcp_ports"]="51000 51001 51002 51003"
<apteryx>paste fail. Sorry about that.
<fps>so what phase would one do a substitute?
<minall>Oh cool!, installing Guix System pure and configure it with brtfs is tricky too!, amazed you could do it... Well uefi is easy, but btrfs, I'm not sure
<minall>gnutec: Why would you use btrfs instead of ext4? I know some systems do the same, so I'm curious
<fps>add-before 'configure? i guess since the source has been unpacked there already
<fps>damn the terseness of the guix documentation ;)
<apteryx>fps: Typically you can patch sources after the unpack phase, like (add-after 'unpack 'patch-dlopen ...
<bernyrd>ppc when
<raghavgururajan>Hello Guix!
<raghavgururajan>I installed Sway in system profile, but the sway option does not appear in GDM?
<brendyyn>raghavgururajan: currently the GDM in guix can't see and launch wayland desktops. You can switch to SDDM and it will work, or you can remove it all together and launch it via
<amz3>p4x432 sway :1
<brendyyn>something like that ^
<fps>argh, now i can't paste the stuff marked in xterm into icecat ;)
<brendyyn>hmm, seems something has gone funny with my certificates. i cant send and email or pull some git repos, it shows some weird ssl errors
<fps>oh, it's vim's mouse support messing things up
<fps>guile's syntax errors in macro expansions don't seem to be too helpful
<fps>/gnu/store/ay3shg9znbrf7xg3grgrj8zdizyx2z94-lilv-0.24.4-guile-builder:1:2611: source expression failed to match any pattern in form (%modify-phases phases* (add-after (quote unpack) (lambda* () (chdir "bindings/python") (let ((output (assoc-ref outputs "out"))) (substitute* "" (("") (string-append output "/")))))))
<amz3>raghavgururajan: sorry, for the joke. Did you try to run the command "sway" in a terminal console (Ctrl+Alt+F1...)
<raghavgururajan>brendyyn Thank you!
<amz3>fps: maybe?
<raghavgururajan>amz3 No worries :-) Yeah, I tried running `sway` from tty1. Sway started, but I could not open application. It was just a screen with sway wallpaper.
<amz3>raghavgururajan: you need to configure sway then.
<amz3>raghavgururajan: I think Alt+ENTER or Meta+ENTER opens a terminal
<raghavgururajan>amz3 Ah I see.
<fps>the missing space between "" and (("" wasn't it
<amz3>raghavgururajan: sway is a very powerful tool :)
<raghavgururajan>amz3 I can see that by reading their wiki page.
<raghavgururajan>amz3 It appears it uses vi keybinding. Is there a WM that uses emacs keybinding? GNU Screen maybe?
<bluekeys>Hi guix, i've ran guix lint on a package I'm working on and have 2 warnings, one says use @code instead of quotes. What does @code{blah-blah} do?
<raghavgururajan>amz3 :-)
<amz3>raghavgururajan: it is not really vi keybindings. What wiki are you reading?
<raghavgururajan>amz3 Wikipedia xD
<raghavgururajan>amz3 amz3
<raghavgururajan>amz3 second paragraph
<amz3>raghavgururajan: indeed, well I have changed the default key bindings (when I was using i3), anyway the gist of vi keybindings is that they are (somewhat) composeable which is not the case of sway / i3 keybindings
<PotentialUser-44>hi! how to install custom module from script.scm ?
<raghavgururajan>amz3 Ah I see. Does sway automatically configure display config? That is, if I open terminal inside and execute `icecat &`. Will icecat open or shows some error like "cannot open display"?
<raghavgururajan>*inside sway
<amz3>raghavgururajan: I only used i3 using guix, so idk. You will figure it out :)
<raghavgururajan>amz3 Okay :) Thanks
<amz3>PotentialUser-44: hello, more context please? what is script.scm?
<brendyyn>Great, once again i get a black screen after running guix system reconfigure that i cant recover from, but htop shows everythign still running
<amz3>after reboot? did you look into /var/log/Xorg.foobar.log ?
<PotentialUser-44>i found out how to write custom kernel description in scheme... Well I have it in file script.scm but dont know how to use it =(
<amz3>or the equivalent wayland log
<gnutec>minall: Because btrfs is more advanced file system. EXT4 is just a evolution of EXT3. Look in wikipedia. btrfs support much more tecnology then EXT4 and don't miss metadata.
<amz3>PotentialUser-44: I can not help, stay a while. Paste to what you have already in your script.scm
<amz3>gnutec: better is the enemy of good ;o]
<raghavgururajan>amz3 Btw, is weston also a wm?
<amz3>raghavgururajan: never used that. I think it is a prototype compositor?
<gnutec>amz3: Just look in wikipedia. And btrfs is GPL.
<brendyyn>the latest weston 8 includes some support for Digital Restrictions Management. I guess we should disable that when updating
<brendyyn>7 i mean
<raghavgururajan>amz3 I see. The web says weston is an reference implemention of wayland compositor. I am not sure what "reference implementation" is??
<raghavgururajan>amz3 Nvm, found out what that is :)
<minall>gnutec: I'll read about it, thanks for the information!
<gnutec>str1ngs: What about develop in C/C++/Guile?
<minall>Can someone help me start guix with my init system?
<raghavgururajan>Folks! Is there a way to set different theme for GNOME by modifying "gnome-desktop-service-type"???
<minall>raghavgururajan: It may be, but why not just apply the theme normally?
<raghavgururajan>minall There is no option to change under GNOME system settings :(
<amz3>minall: what does it mean to "start guix with my init system" did you write PID 1 program?
<minall>raghavgururajan: I can help you with it, I use gnome, there's two ways, manually and automatically
<minall>raghavgururajan: Do you know which theme do you want? or do you have the file?. Install gnome-tweaks pls
<minall>amz3: I mean, guix installation script doesn't support openrc, my current init system
<minall>I want to install guix but I'm unable to
<raghavgururajan>minall That's awesome. Sure, please :)
<minall>And the manual command to start guix doesn't seem to work
<minall>raghavgururajan: Install gnome-tweaks... Do you have you theme file?
<raghavgururajan>minall Did you type something in between? My irc got disconnected
<minall>raghavgururajan: Yes: Do you have 'gnome-tweaks' installed?
<minall>And: Do you have your theme file?
<raghavgururajan>I just got " And the manual .... "
<raghavgururajan>minall No. Should I install it in system or user profile?
<bavier>I just got a `parse-error' when doing a 'guix pull', seems to be from the news parsing
<minall>raghavgururajan: Install it in your normal user
<raghavgururajan>minall Theme file? I have never used it before. All I want is to change gnome theme from light to dark. Including all it's application like terminal etc..
<minall>Oh, that's even easier lol
<minall>Just install gnome-tweaks in your user and open it
<minall>There may be an option there to change to dark theme
<raghavgururajan>minall Just a sec...
<minall>When I try to do the manual installation of guix, The command to manually start guix in the init system doesn't ends
<raghavgururajan>minall brb background process reuired restart
<minall>raghavgururajan: What do you mean? are you talking about gnome[?
<gnutec>Now with GNU Icecat! o/
<bandali>many thanks to mark’s tireless work on the icecat package for guix
<minall>Is there ap ackage for lollypop?
<minall>bandali: Didn't icecat was already on guix? or you mean update?
<amz3>mark is the maintainer of icecat, great work indeed.
<minall>amz3: It was updated?
<bandali>minall, it was
<bandali>or rather, is
<bandali>previous (current) icecat version was based on firefox-esr v60
<bandali>but mozilla recently stopped releasing security updates for that version
<bandali>and so we’re forced to update to v68
<minall>bandali: Cool! nice work
<bandali>minall, thanks :)
<bandali>we haven’t yet finished restoring all of v60’s features
<minall>which features? icecat works pretty well
<bandali>but at least mark got a version out that doesn’t have security issues of v60
<bandali>most importantly, the privacy settings on the about:home page
<bandali>we still haven’t ported that to v68
<minall>We'll have to keep working jeje
<minall>bandali: A little of outtopic here: Is guix being presented on emacsconf?
<bandali>yup, we do
<minall>Is there a lollypop package for guix? also... Can someone help me install guix on my system?
<bandali>minall, i don’t think it is
<minall>bandali: Why? guix-emacs will be a nice way to show guix to the world!
<minall>I don't present it since I'm already presenting something else
<bandali>minall, it would be :) mainly because no one submitted a proposal for it
<bandali>and i’m super busy myself
<bandali>minall, oh you already submitted?
<minall>bandali: I'll love to but, I'm busy with my presentation
<minall>another great way of using emacs
<bandali>ah you’re presenting with quiliro?
<minall>But emacs-guix will be cool
<minall>bandali: Yes!
<bandali>if anyone here thinks they could give a little 5min demo/teaser talk about emacs-guix i’d be happy to try and squeeze it in the conference
<minall>bandali: Totally, it is a good way of expanding guix
<minall>And also can enter in the conference since it is about emacs
<PotentialUser-44>oh mihty gnu coders 0_0
<bandali>if anyone is interested in doing that, ping me here or come by #emacsconf
<PotentialUser-44>who will explain how to import module in config.scm
<minall>I hope you find someone!
<minall>Btw... I'm trying to install guix manually on my hyperbola system, but I can't since my init system (openrc) is not supported, and the manual command of the page doesn't work
<minall>Can someone help me?
<amz3>minall: start the daemon manually? no? look up openrc documentation and add a init script based on the two init script (that you will read) shipped with guix
<minall>amz3: Oh!
<minall>I'll work on it, thanks!
<minall>I'll give you news, it could be helpful for some people in my situation
<amz3>minall: "manual command does not work" what is the output?
<amz3>minall: send a mail it is better indexed by search engines...
<minall>WElp, yes, If I success I'll send an email to add it to guix
<minall>I mean this command to 'start the daemon manually'
<lfam>And what goes wrong?
<minall>It is the third option in the binary installation page after systemd and upstart:
<minall># ~root/.config/guix/current/bin/guix-daemon \
<minall> --build-users-group=guixbuild
<minall>Then I try to run this command, it only doesn't do anything, it keeps running and running until I stop it, no more signals
<lfam>minall: That's what a daemon does
<lfam>It's working normally
<lfam>You need to run it in the background or another terminal
<amz3>or screen.
<amz3>I mean 'screen' the command.
<minall>Nice gnutec!!!
<minall>Is it working normally
<minall>I though it didn't
<minall>Let me try lol
<lfam>Yes, it's working as expected
<minall>You're right guys, thanks I'm running normally
<lfam>Great :)
<leoprikler>raghavgururajan: still wanting to install gnome themes?
<raghavgururajan>minall Sorry for the delay! gnome-tweaks works. Thank you!
<raghavgururajan>leoprikler All sorted out. Thanks :-)
<minall>raghavgururajan: You're welcome!
<minall>Btw guys, something I'm thinking about from a long time
<minall>When installing something on guixS, you have some environment variables at the end of the installation
<minall>What to do with them?
<raghavgururajan>minall leoprikler One small mishap. Why does gnome over-riding themes of individual third-party applications? Under gnome-tweaks, I set applications theme to 'adwaita-dark'. But it also changed theme for gajim ??
<PotentialUser-44>i have an error "error: operating-system: unbound variable" but included gnu system
<raghavgururajan>I thought it applies only for gnome-applications. Like terminal etc..
<minall>Oh nope
<leoprikler>It applies to all application, that use GTK
<minall>Exactly that ^
<raghavgururajan>Oh wow!
<leoprikler>Some might however use a custom theme, overriding the system defaults.
<minall>The shell would be the 'feel' of gnome, like the up panel
<minall>I consider this as something good, having a GTK gnome feel in all apps
<raghavgururajan>I see my msgs here (gajim) in grey, in a grey background. xD
<leoprikler>I even set my Emacs to use Adwaita :)
<raghavgururajan>Ah I see.
<minall>raghavgururajan: What app are you using?
<raghavgururajan>minall gajim. I use XMPP-IRC Bridge.
<leoprikler>raghavgururajan: try checking for Gajim-specific font settings
<minall>I would like to add at some point polari to the distribution, it integrates very well to gnome
<minall>You can also use emacs erc, but it depends of what you want
<leoprikler>minall: +1
<minall>minall: +2
<leoprikler>I tried packaging it the other day, but failed horribly.
<minall>Me 2
<PotentialUser-44>hi everyone
<leoprikler>I even got it to build and run, but telepathy-glib is a mystery to me.
<minall>It's one of the packages I really really want guix to have
<minall>PotentialUser-44: Hi
<bavier>minall: polari is on the wishlist:
<PotentialUser-44>i have an error, can I ask again?
<minall>bavier: Cool!, is there a way we can help to its development?
<bavier>minall: if you've attempted a package, sending the WIP patch to guix-devel asking for help is perfectly fine
<bavier>and possibly helps others get up to speed.
<gnutec>Look this (in portuguese/Brasil)
<minall>bavier: Thanks!, any way we can see its progress?
<minall>Can I add lollypop to the wishlist jejej
<PotentialUser-44>i'm trying to reconfigure my system with "guix system reconfigure config.scm" but I got error "operating-system: unbound variable". I included "(use-modules (gnu system))" but error the same (
<minall>It integrates perfectly with gnome! (I like a lot gnome look and feel)
<minall>PotentialUser-44: Is operating-system closing its parenthesis well? Is there more output?
<PotentialUser-44>minall yes. no.
<bavier>minall: the wishlist will sometimes indicate if a package is stuck for some reason, otherwise progress is not usually formally communicated
<minall>bavier: Ok then, thanks!
<minall>PotentialUser-44: Can you send us your config.scm for wgetpaste?
<minall> PotentialUser-44 : Your config is missing important stuff, basically the whole operating-system
<PotentialUser-44>minall operating system definition at the bottom, I pasted part of cconfig
<minall>PotentialUser-44: Are you able to get to graphical mode? in that page there's examples of a working configuration, do you want a desktop? which one?
<minall>PotentialUser-44: Your paste only shows me you're (use-modules)
<minall>Nothing more
<minall>Let me check it
<minall>I'm having an error when trying to install something from guix as a normal user:
<minall>guix install: error: directory `/var/guix/profiles/per-user/minall' is not owned by you
<minall>Can someone help me? I followed all the steps of the manual installation
<gnutec>Just disable LibreJS and the audio is working know in Icecat. ungoogled-chromium is out of date, that is why not working.
<jackhill>gnutec: yeah :/ For me, I'm looking for a non-chromium browser with webauthn support.
<jackhill>other than that, as a gnome user I've been happy using gnome-web, which some excursions to other webkitgtk browsers like next
<leoprikler>minall who owns `/var/guix/profiles/per-user/minall`? (ls -l)
<leoprikler>too late...
<amz3>wm inspired from plan9 ideas:
<gnutec>I try to use LibreJS before.
<efraim>do we have a recursive chmod function?
<efraim>or chown?
<gnutec>jackhill: Gnome-web take to much memory from system. In Guix System I use GNU Icecat.
<jackhill>gnutec: mmm, on some systems I have a lot of memory, but on others not so much. I should look at icecat again. I think when I first started using Guix substitues weren't reliable available for icecat and that has improved :)
<lfam>efraim : I don't think so. Just a ton of chmod for-each loops
<nckx>Is Bayfront down again? isn't doing it for me.
<apteryx>nckx: unreachable here as well
<str1ngs>efraim: install should do that
<nckx>apteryx: I've sent a mail to random people.
<amz3>efraim: tree ftw from some guile module
<amz3>efraim: TRY ftw from some guile module
<oreste>Hi Guixers! I'm bumping the version of a package. Is there a way to rebuild all packages that directly depend on that package? I'm looking for example to build all the packages output by guix refresh --list-dependent .
<amz3>oreste: manual.
<amz3>(I think)
<amz3>or maybe some bash-fu.
<amz3>oreste: what does 'guix package -u' says?
<oreste>amz3: D: I was hoping that wasn't the only option.
<amz3>sorry I am a noob too
<amz3>yes, there is way guile to do it, but from cli Idk
<amz3>maybe cuirass code can help ?
<amz3>sorry , I am not being helpful. I will go try to sleep.
<oreste>I'm not sure "guix package -u" would be helpful because I'm working on a guix checkout. Anyway thank you!
<oreste>I'll see what I can manage with the REPL.
<amz3>./pre-inst-env guix pacakge -u
*amz3 sleep.
<oreste>amz3: I just tried that and it did nothing, I'm guessing because I just successfully built the updated package and it was already in the store.
<amz3>oreste: did you add a new package definition or did you update an existing package definition (providing a link to code is always helpful)
<oreste>amz3: I just discovered that it's possible to copy/paste the "guix refresh --list-dependent" output to "./pre-inst-env guix build" so no clever trick is needed.
<oreste>amz3: Thank you again
<gjohnson>Hi Guix. I ran guix pull recently, and my guix installation now appears to be hosed.
<gjohnson>Sure, this was the error that came out of `guix pull`:
<bavier>gjohnson: there's a small issue with the latest "news" item, but guix itself otherwise still works
<amz3>error: machine-repl: unbound variable
<gjohnson>Yep. I saw that. No idea what it means.
<amz3>machine is the new guix ops thing I think
<gjohnson>I just ran `guix pull` from the command-line. I'm not binding extra vars anywhere.
<amz3>I am pulling but on a foreign distro
<gjohnson>Yeah...I think I read something about that on the Guix blog a few weeks ago.
<bavier>gjohnson: what's the guix commit you're currently at? that might help debugging.
<gjohnson> see...that's the problem. After I got that error on `guix pull`, anytime I try to run `guix`, I just get this:
<gjohnson>/gnu/store/sc7z07gim1iq5zvfz1amdwf2irxrzifg-guile-2.2.6/bin/guile: /home/gjohnson/.guix-profile/lib/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by /gnu/store/sc7z
<gjohnson>It looks like a glibc dependency got broken during the guix build.
<amz3>does a /etc/config.scm will help?
<gjohnson>I didn't change my config.scm file, and it has worked just fine up until this point.
<amz3>yes, but it will be context for debugging.
<amz3>do not use full of spyware
<gjohnson>What should I use instead?
<amz3> :)
<amz3>still pulling, I will update emacs and sway and see what happens
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<gjohnson>So one thing that confuses me is that I can still run guix as root, just not as my normal user.
<gjohnson>But...I get a warning about locales.
<amz3>gjohnson: because root's guix still point to the old.
<gjohnson>root@euclid ~# guix
<gjohnson>guile: warning: failed to install locale
<gjohnson>guix: missing command name
<gjohnson>Try `guix --help' for more information.
<gjohnson>root@euclid ~# guix describe
<gjohnson>guile: warning: failed to install locale
<gjohnson>Generation 4 Oct 25 2019 11:14:56 (current)
<gjohnson> guix 71adb42
<gjohnson> repository URL:
<gjohnson> branch: master
<gjohnson> commit: 71adb4228ab43ded5dd3bfcbdc3a368280d51513
<gjohnson>Makes sense.
<amz3>$ guix describe
<amz3>guix describe: error: failed to determine origin
<amz3>hint: Perhaps this `guix' command was not obtained with `guix pull'? Its version
<amz3>string is 1.0.0-1.326dcbf.
<amz3> guix aa243f9
<gjohnson>Did you just get that error after guix pull on your machine?
<amz3>but sway and emacs were installed correctly
<amz3>that is very strange.
<amz3>maybe it is a hacker #paranoia
<gjohnson>Okay...weirdness here. Since I can't run guix as my normal user, I just tried sourcing the system profile like so:
<gjohnson>gjohnson@euclid guix $ source /run/current-system/profile/etc/profile
<gjohnson>Now I can run guix again (so I must now be using the system one rather that my user's installed version)
<amz3>gjohnson: you can also switch generation to go back to previous state
<gjohnson> I'm getting your mysterious error.
<amz3>as normal user, try to switch generation
<gjohnson>gjohnson@euclid guix $ guix describe
<gjohnson>guix describe: error: failed to determine origin
<gjohnson>hint: Perhaps this `guix' command was not obtained with `guix pull'? Its version string is 1.0.1-6.0ed97e6.
<amz3>if there is cryptminer on my laptop it is very efficient.
<amz3>which sounds worse than... just a cryptominer.
<gjohnson>Alright, I'm running `guix system switch-generation 18` to jump back a few generations from where I am now. I'm currently on generation 22.
<gjohnson>Will this change my installed guix version though? I was under the impression that system generations just referred to the set of system (global) software and services that are installed (as per my config.scm).
<amz3>per config.scm is for the root user
<amz3>a normal user can not change global config
<gjohnson>Oh right, of course. I know that. *facepalm*
<amz3>no worries.
<gjohnson>Wait...I can't switch-generation as a normal user.
<amz3>I have the vague sentiment, that I will need to re-install my whole machine :/
<gjohnson>Just like I can't run guix system reconfigure as a normal user. I get permission denied errors.
<gjohnson> sudo doesn't work anymore...
<gjohnson>sudo: /gnu/store/ji8a82qwsb0d7dsmscachmgblksjr9gq-profile/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set
<amz3>did you mess with chmod or chown?
<gjohnson>Not at all.
<gjohnson>It must be the result of sourcing the system profile.
<gjohnson>Yep. That was it. I just killed that shell and started a new one, and now sudo works again.
<gjohnson>However, guix doesn't (obviously).
<amz3>well i switch generation, now i am running guix package -u
<amz3>see you later, ktxbye
<gjohnson>Thanks anyway
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<vagrantc>guix pull --news tracebacks with aa243f9d4830cdaffd554be87d817f35a9ec6f9d :(
<amz3>what does it mean?
<bavier>vagrantc: there's a typo in the latest "news" item.
<bavier>I'd fix, but don't have access to a pushable clone atm.
<bavier>nckx: could you maybe fix the typo in the en title of the latest news item?
<nckx>bavier: OK.
<bavier>nckx: btw
<nckx>bavier: Pushed, but would you mind checking whether it was the cause & close the bug if so?
*nckx bit busy, thanks 🙂
<bavier>nckx: will do, thanks!
<lfam>See you soon
<lfam>Oops, wrong window
<gnutec>I install Freedoom then I see that I need install prboom-plus. More 118 MB. :( Not know!
<gjohnson>Hi again. I wanted to give a quick update. It seems like my broken guix command was a result of the fact that I had installed gcc-toolchain into my profile.
<gjohnson>It has been installed for months now without any issues, but when I ran guix pull at the beginning of October, the command crashed out and left me with a broken guix.
<gjohnson>I'm guessing something must have changed in the public guix git tree that required a specific version of glibc that was in conflict with the one provided by gcc-toolchain.
<gjohnson>At any rate, using the old guix version from late September, I was able to remove gcc-toolchain from my profile, and now `guix pull` appears to be working correctly again.