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<leoprikler>you should have it locally in `info`
<leoprikler>but if you need a link:
<htsr>leoprikler: what's the differences between normal and devel? how can I know which one is installed?
<htsr>because does not exist
<leoprikler>it seems devel also includes documentation for experimental features
<htsr>ok thanks!
<leoprikler>oh my, the online manual (at least devel) highlights parentheses
<rekado>htsr: “devel” is a moving target. It’s always going to be the latest unreleased state. The normal one is for the last official release.
<htsr>rekado: thanks
<htsr>maybe this should be written in
<leoprikler>rekado: which releases are considered official?
<leoprikler>only those that come with an ISO and everything?
<rekado>there are no other releases.
<rekado>releases are announced, get a proper version number, and have signed tarballs, etc
<htsr>what's the default value of --cores for guix pull? I want more speed ;)
<reepca>when build-cores is not specified, the value returned by (current-processor-count) is used.
<reepca>er, when --cores is not specified (build-cores is what the variable is named internally)
<htsr>I'm trying to create a new service cron using the scron package but I have this error :
<sneek>Welcome back htsr, you have 1 message.
<sneek>htsr, nckx says: Note that --cores only affects build phases that respect something like ‘make -j’. Some don't. You can use --max-jobs build more *packages* in parallel. However, this means you'll have anything from 1 to (* cores jobs) jobs running at once (-c6 -M6 = possible load average of 36). You'll need to find a balance.
<htsr>nckx: thanks for the info!
<htsr>well here's the error
<htsr>guix system: error: exception caught while executing 'start' on service 'cron':
<htsr>Throw to key `match-error' with args `("match" "no matching pattern" "/gnu/store/lban3cimaz4c9vz54lvzk3zi3rikx685-scron-0.4/bin/crond")'.
<htsr>and the paste of the service
<htsr>I've found the error
<htsr>sneek: help
<htsr>well no, how do you debug shepherd services?
<htsr>I've finally fixed my service!
<bsima>does guix interop with nix at all? I have a bit of nix code and I'm wondering how to port it
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<bsima>ah, i found in the README that the derivations can be re-used.
<bernyrd>hello, is ppc64 possible?
<bsima>oh i also found then (gnu services nix) module, looks like i can use this to run regular nix stuff
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<efraim>Is anyone using sddm?
<bdju>yes, I'm using sddm because it can start a wayland session and gdm couldn't
<efraim>bdju: which DE are you using? can you share your os config? I'm trying to get enlightenment-wayland to work
<bdju>efraim: I'm using sway. here is my config:
<efraim>thanks. looks like my problem is with enlightenment-wayland itself then
<leoprikler>by the way, what stops Guix GDM from using Wayland? On other systems, GNOME Wayland is already standard
<bdju>I was thinking the same. maybe our version is out of date. I never really looked into it that much
<leoprikler>3.30 should not be "out of date" w.r.t. other distros
<leoprikler>perhaps we lack wayland as input to gdm?
<leoprikler>(or even all of GNOME)
<bdju>seems to be one of the inputs if I do "guix edit gdm" and then search for "wayland"
<bdju>oh I think it jumped me to gnome-settings actually
<bdju>wayland is not an input for gdm that I see
<leoprikler>It appears, that GDM needs to be compiled with --enable-wayland-support to support Wayland
<leoprikler>(I just looked up the upstream)
<leoprikler>I'm trying to build a package, that needs an Xserver to run during the build phase and I'm getting the following errors:
<leoprikler>The build still succeeds despite them -- what should I do?
<mbakke>leoprikler: those errors are "normal" and can be ignored
<pinoaffe>hi everyone, how does acpi configuration work in guix? I couldn't find it in the reference manual. How could I replicate the stuff in the section "recipes" on in guix?
<leoprikler>pinoaffe: for udev rules, look at
<leoprikler>for acpid, you'd have to write your own service
<pinoaffe>leoprikler: okay, I'll guess I'll let that be for now, thanks for the info!
<leoprikler>you probably want to extend etc-service-type, see
<verbasidor>I was really a fan of GuixSD and Guix package manager , but after what these kids shown from disrespectful and back stabbing RMS nah its not a welcomed community to begin with
<verbasidor>disgusting behavior , so all who participated/supported that you deserve a fuck you and tfffoooo on your face
<Formbi>yeah, that was very nasty
<sneek>Welcome back Formbi, you have 1 message.
<sneek>Formbi, nckx says: Someone was able to reproduce your bug: . Seems likely that ‘--fallback’ was a red herring; the command simply happened to work the second time because it's somewhat random. Not good, but at least you're not alone.
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<dongcarl>Did anyone see
<roptat>no, but thanks :)
<roptat>is there anything we could turn into a bug report to improve things a bit for users?
<dongcarl>"First issues" states a few things...
<dongcarl>I want to reply to him as he seemed like he wants to contribute back: "What I haven’t gotten to yet, is using Guix to study, change and maybe even contribute back to projects. This includes Guix itself. The [guix enviornment] command is critical in this field."
<dongcarl>But I don't have a lobsters account:
<roptat>I don't either
<roptat>actually, it's the first time I hear about it :)
<dongcarl>I'll try obtaining one
<dongcarl>It's like Hacker News but more technical I would say (and sometimes more noise)
<civodul>dongcarl: i think we should turn this post into a list of actionable bug reports
<civodul>oh yeah, what roptat wrote :-)
<dongcarl>That makes sense, I'm asking for an invite to Lobsters and seeing if I can engage with the author
<dongcarl>bandali: It would seem that you have a lobsters account, would you be able to extend an invite?
<bandali>dongcarl, sure, /msg me your email ?
<dongcarl>will do! Thanks!
<roptat>it took more than a year, but the patch is commited :)
<dongcarl>roptat: that's great! all ant builds will benefit from this?
<cbaines>I've just ended up in the Guix interactive installer (almost by accident), it's pretty exciting!
<roptat>any ant build that uses the tstamp task, yes
<htsr> how can I start a script at each reboot? By modifying the reboot command of shepherd?
<jgart>hello! I'm trying to create a service for darkhttpd but I am a bit stumped. This is how far I have gotten
<jgart>Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated
<htsr>jgart: darkhttp is a package so you need to use something like this (file-append darkhttpd "/bin/darkhttp"))
<mbakke>htsr: do you mean running a script at shutdown?
<htsr>mbakke: no, after a reboot
<mbakke>roptat: nice! should we patch our ant in the mean time?
<mbakke>htsr: but not regular boots?
<civodul>cbaines: the interactive installere for Guix System you mean?
<cbaines>yep, seems to start automatically with the ISO image
<htsr>mbakke: exactly
<jgart>htsr: my darkhttpd lives in /gnu/store/hash-number/bin/darkhttpd
<jgart>htsr: does the file-append procedure add the hash automatically?
<mbakke>htsr: tricky :-) I don't think the shepherd has any hooks for that, nor mcron.
<mbakke>though i suppose you could hijack the 'reboot' command and add a bit of state for the startup scripts
<htsr>jgart: I don't fully understand the differences between services and shepherd services but I think that it will be easier for you to use the shepherd-service type. look at
<htsr>jgart: yes the darkhttpd correspond to /gnu/store/hash-darkhttpd-version/
<htsr>jgart: maybe I can show you my simple service for scron ;)
<yo99>is there any way to get KDE on GuixSD?
<jgart>htsr: thank you, I'm taking a look now
<roptat>jgart, basically, file-append takes a package object and a path, and appends the path to the store path of the package
<roptat>so yes, the hash is part of it :)
<htsr>jgart: you should rename your service to darkhttpd-service. And does darkhttpd create a pid file? In /var/run/ for example
<roptat>and you don't have to guess it yourself :
<htsr>the scron package is kinda useless without a service, when I will have more time in a few weeks I might send my service definition for review
<htsr>I need to improve it before
<jgart>htsr: darkhttpd does not seem to create a pid file. I checked in /var/run and there is nothing from darkhttpd there
<jgart>Should I be looking elsewhere?
<htsr>jgart: so you don't need #:pid-file
<leoprikler>what does herd status tell you?
<leoprikler>or even ps aux | grep darkhttpd
<htsr>what's the command to show the path of an installed package?
<leoprikler>guix build package :)
<htsr>leoprikler: thanks! weird name btw
<leoprikler>for the command? it actually builds it if it isn't already built
<roptat>well, it's the command to build the package, which ends by giving you the store path for the package
<roptat>if the package is already built, it does nothing, but gives you the store path
<jgart>that's what I get from `ps aux | grep darkhttpd`
<leoprikler>okay, so we've confirmed that it is indeed running
<jgart>yes, darkhttpd is currently serving the content
<jgart>it's hosting a few reveal.js slides for testing purposes here:
<htsr>not very user friendly ;) "build" is kinda scary if you just want the path
<leoprikler>"get-path" is less friendly if you don't expect a build ;)
<leoprikler>alternatively, you can dive into your profile and follow symlinks
<atw>dongcarl: thanks for the lobsters post! did you see zge's post ? It's another interesting one :)
<htsr>leoprikler: what about putting this information in guix describe?
<leoprikler>guix describe describes Guix itself, not packages
<htsr>and what's the command to have the sources of a package? not the definition
<htsr>guix download the link from guix edit?
<leoprikler>guix build -S (or --source)
<jgart>I tried starting that with `sudo shepherd -c darkhttpd-service.scm`
<jgart>it did not return an error but `herd status` does not see it after I ran that
<leoprikler>That is actually not a well-formed shepherd config.
<leoprikler>You're mixing Guix procedures with Shepherd ones.
<bluekeys>Hi guix.
<bluekeys>I seem to have a login manager that I can't remember installing, but I don't see it in the list of installed packages. Any ideas how I can get rid?
<leoprikler>jgart: try adding the define to your /etc/config.scm and then add a (service darkhttpd-service-type) to services
<leoprikler>bluekeys: your login manager should be part of /etc/config.scm (or whichever file you use in its stead)
<leoprikler>by default it's GDM
<bluekeys>It does look like gdm to me too leoprikler, could I remove it and just put an entry in xinitrc to load my window manager?
<htsr>jgart: does this fix it?
<htsr>don't forget to add (use-package-modules web) in your /etc/config.scm and (service darkhttpd)
<leoprikler>bluekeys: if you just want to autologin, you should be able to configure that as part of gdm-service-type
<leoprikler>there are also some other desktop managers that you can try instead
<leoprikler>I'm not entirely sure why you'd want to go completely without one -- what distro are you coming from?
<bluekeys>I'm using stumpwm, I've used various distros, wouldn't say I came from one in particular.
<bluekeys>I'd like to just switch the laptop on, and be logged in as my standard user, security be damned.
<leoprikler>Set auto-login? to #t and default-user to your user in gdm-configuration
<leoprikler>That should do the trick
<bluekeys>Nice, except I don't have gdm-configuration section... Can I just add it?
<htsr>bluekeys: look at
<leoprikler>also at
<leoprikler>you will have to do something along the lines of (modify-services %desktop-services (gdm-service-type config => ...))
<htsr>mbakke: I've looked at the reboot function of shepherd, it use the libc reboot function "as declared in <sys/reboot.h>" :/ might be too tricky for me
<htsr>can't find the reboot.h file in include/sys/ ... libc is in glibc package right?
<htsr>found it
<bluekeys>Ahh, it's a little complicated for me... I really don't understand scheme at all yet. leoprikler, i'm trying to read what you've referenced in my emacs, but lots of characters are not displaying properly, if I could fix that, then I could read the manual. The characters are showing as squares with 4 characters inside
<jgart>leoprikler: I'm getting this error
<leoprikler>bluekeys: The manual is also in "C-h i m Guix"
<jgart>this is what my config.scm looks like
<leoprikler>jgart: you need the darkhttpd-service type that you've defined earlier in the wrong file
<jgart>my darkhttpd.scm
<htsr>jgart: you need the darkhttpd-service type in your config.scm
<leoprikler>bluekeys: afterwards it's "m System Configuration RET m Using the Configuration System RET"
<jgart>like this?
<leoprikler>still missing the define
<bluekeys>I can't see the guix manual properly in emacs. It doesn't show many of the characters properly. I'll try the config you just explained... brb
<jgart>hmmm do you know of a template config.scm that I can look at that shows the define command how you are describing?
<leoprikler>copy the define of your other file and paste it into your config.scm before the (operating-system ...) part
<jgart>leoprikler: ok let me try that
<jgart>leoprikler: do I run `guix system reconfigure config.scm`?
<jgart>after that
<jgart>leoprikler: ok thanks, let me try
<htsr>you might kill darkhttpd so you're sure it's started from shepherd
<leoprikler>s/might/might want to/
<htsr>yeah sorry
<leoprikler>np :)
<htsr>if I create a new package for the debian cron, should I be able to start scripts after reboot with @reboot or is it incompatible with guix?
<leoprikler>htsr: depends on what debian-specific "inputs" that cron needs
<jgart>after trying to reconfigure my system I am getting this error:
<jgart>guix system: error: python-pep8-stdlib-tokenize-compat.patch: patch not found
<jgart>this is my config.scm
<jgart>I was trying to guix system reconfigure config.scm in order to see if my new darkhttpd service definition im my config.scm would not fail
<leoprikler>do you yourself reference that patch anywhere? If not, your Guix is probably broken
<jgart>leoprikler: hmm no I've never referenced it anywhere
<jgart>I haven't guix system reconfigured root user in a while
<jgart>leoprikler: could that have broken my system?
<leoprikler>I was a bit unclear there, pardon me
<leoprikler>With "your guix", I meant ~/.config/guix/current
<leoprikler>can you paste your "guix describe"?
<jgart>that was run without sudo priviledges
<leoprikler>of course, as you should
<leoprikler>can you do a guix pull first and then a reconfigure?
<leoprikler>oh, and just to be sue
<leoprikler>you did not by accident run "guix install guix", did you?
<jgart>leoprikler: do i run that as a sudo user?
<jgart>leoprikler: I haven't run guix install guix
<leoprikler>guix pull as normal user and don't install guix in any profile
<jgart>leoprikler: ok will remember that. Thanks! running `guix pull && guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm` now
<leoprikler>guix system reconfigure needs sudo though
<leoprikler>(because of the bootloader)
<jgart>ok will change it
<jgart>after running the above two commands I get the same error
<jgart>guix system: error: python-pep8-stdlib-tokenize-compat.patch: patch not found
<leoprikler>okay, can you do guix describe now?
<jgart>ohh right
<jgart>guix describe: error: failed to determine origin
<jgart>hint: Perhaps this `guix' command was not obtained with `guix pull'? Its version string is 1.0.1-9.f63e493.
<leoprikler>which guix
<jgart>that's without sudo
<leoprikler>I thought you had not installed guix
<leoprikler>guix package -r guix
<jgart>hmm I don't remember running `guix install guix` ever
<jgart>trying the above now
<leoprikler>did really run "guix pull" as user?
<jgart>leoprikler: yes
<jgart>leoprikler: I've run "guix pull" as user on several occasions
<jgart>just finished running guix package -r guix
<leoprikler>your guix should point to ~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix
<leoprikler>run `which guix` again (perhaps in a new terminal)
<jgart>I get /home/jgart/.config/guix/current/bin/guix
<leoprikler>now `hash guix` for safety and then `sudo guix system reconfigure ...`
<jgart>ok I ran both of those. Just waiting now
<jgart>I got the failed to install locale this time but it continued through the process
<jgart>now running
<jgart>leoprikler: thank you by the way for helping me with this
<leoprikler>no problem
<jgart>leoprikler: do you build in an alternate directory? my / folder on my vps tends to get filled up easily when installing or updating software
<leoprikler>builds themselves are run in /tmp, but packages are stored in /gnu
<leoprikler>if space is a problem, use guix gc
<jgart>leoprikler: I've been using guix gc but given that I am running guix in small vps partition it fills up to 100% before it can finish it's task sometimes
<leoprikler>that is definitely problematic
<jgart>my root partition is only 8GB
<jgart>my /home is 16GB
<leoprikler>you may want to use guix deploy
<leoprikler>guix deploy builds packages on your local machine and then sends them to remote
<leoprikler>that said, 8GB is still quite limiting, especially when Emacs is 1GB in size
<jgart>does the local machine also have to have guix package manager installed?
<jgart>My local machine is running arch linux. I do have guix installed. I installed it from the binary that's available
<leoprikler>you need guix to run guix deploy
<jgart>leoprikler: so I run guix deploy from my arch linux machine that has guix installed on it?
<jgart>guix deploy will take care of sending the binaries over to the server?
<jgart>ok now I have some guix deploy homework to do :)
<leoprikler>the blog post is here:, the manual here:
<jgart>leoprikler: thanks!
<leoprikler>It doesn't seem able to do user profiles, though, so you have to install all packages system-wide
<leoprikler>well, that's it for me today
<leoprikler>see you later
<jgart>leoprikler: hmm good to know. Thanks again for all the help. see you later!
<bluekeys>Hi guix, my emacs info windows dont show right, I think it's because of my locale or font choice. I'm using fira-code and guix is set to locale of en_GB.utf8. Did I do something wrong?
<divansan`>hi guix. Anyone know what this means
<divansan`>no code for module (gnu build linux-boot)
<divansan`>that while trying to guix system reconfigure .scm
<roptat>divansan`, I wonder what /gnu/store/bmvvwq2lx7ap3sfy* is?
<roptat>maybe also share your config and the output of "guix describe"
<divansan`>and guix describe
<roptat>looks like your agetty service doesn't load the module
<roptat>looks like 62c2217570fb3a3437e8316d3679b7fe13db0884 is related, too
<roptat>how did you run "guix system reconfigure" exactly? with sudo? as root?
<roptat>can you try "sudo guix describe" (if you used sudo) or guix describe as root, if you ran reconfigure as root? does it give you the same commit?
<roptat>if so, then I think you have found a bug, could you send a report to
<kirisime>I'm trying to increase my file descriptor limit, but I can't seem to get it to work in GNOME.
<kirisime>I've added a pam-limits-service, and the limits are set correctly when logging in in a tty and with su
<kirisime>But logging in to GNOME with gdm doesn't respect the configuration generated by the pam-limits-service and I'm not sure how to work around it