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<reepca>dongcarl: thanks, managed to get it working after manually setting CROSS_CPATH and CROSS_LIBRARY_PATH. I never fully understood how search-path-specifications work - is it supposed to be stating "this package needs to be informed about these files at this location via this variable", or is it stating "files provided by this package that are relevant to this variable can be found at this location"? Either way, both of those variables are
<reepca>clearly specified in cross-base.scm but don't get set...
<dongcarl>reepca: I think the latter... But I’m not even sure anymore...
<dongcarl>Yeah they only get set when Guix “knows” it’s in a cross compile situation I think
<dongcarl>I’m gunna be afk but feel free to ping me with more questions. I’d be happy to dig with you
<bdju>anyone here have experience with thermal issues? I keep hitting 97c and getting throttling during extended video playback which makes it all choppy and horrible
<bdju>I've installed thinkfan and thermald, but I suspect they'll be tricky to set up on guix system
<reepca>bdju: my laptop gets a bit warm during heavy compilation, but never anything nearly that severe. Silver lining: you could boil some water on it and make tea I guess?
<bdju>I'm not a tea drinker
<bdju>I cleaned it and repasted just a month of two ago, I don't think it helped at all
<reepca>are you sure the sensors are accurate? Most recent-ish CPUs will force a shutdown well before 97c
<bdju>performance goes to crap, the fan is louder, dmesg is full of thermal throttling messages, and it all coincides with hittint that range in "sensors"
<reepca>I don't wanna say "touch the allegedly boiling-hot heatsink with your bare hands", but if you've got an infrared thermometer or something, you could try verifying it there
<bdju>no, I'm not sure, but I might as well be
<bdju>with mpv closed a while I'm back down to 60c or so
<bdju>the problem is it will keep happening mid-movie or every few episodes of a show. really takes me out of things and feels like I can't just enjoy myself
<bdju>I'd say it's somewhat reasonable to think that even if the starting and ending numbers are wrong, I'm getting a 30C increase over time and performance issues
<bdju>This is mobile sandy bridge which may or may not count as a recentish cpu by the way
<reepca>when you say you installed thermald, is that as per section 8.8.22 of the manual (adding it to your config.scm as a service and reconfiguring), or installed into a user profile?
<bdju>it's in my package list, have not done anything else
<bdju>and I just installed at under an hour ago while looking up thinkpad thermal issues
<bdju>sorry, uh, it's installed in the user profile
<bdju>have not done any configuring
<reepca>that'd be the next step, then. Out of curiosity, which thinkpad have you got?
<bdju>X220T (tablet version of the X220)
<bdju>although I had similar issues on a T420 in the past that I just never dealt with because I stopped using it
<bdju>reepca: can I configure thermald in config.scm even if it's installed for my user, or should I install it in the system config instead?
<reepca>bdju: if you add thermald as a service in config.scm it isn't necessary to install it anywhere, as it will be set up to use it straight from the store. It shouldn't matter whether it is or isn't already installed in user or system profiles.
<bdju>alright, did that. looks like it had a lot of defaults so I didn't set any options myself
<reepca>thermald? As far as I can see in the manual, it only has two configuration parameters. Were you looking at TLP?
<bdju>oh actually I just enabled tlp
<bdju>sorting that out now
<bdju>my temps and fan speed seem more or less the same. should I be doing anything else now?
<reepca>you could run "sudo herd status" to double-check that they're reported as running
<bdju>yep, looks good
<reepca>then I guess all that's left on the software side is to hope it helps in the long run
<bdju>alright. thank you for the assistance
<reepca>you could look for detailed documentation on thermald to see how to tell if it's working as intended
<reepca>sure thing
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<reepca>dongcarl: after much gazing at scheme source, I've discovered that, indeed, non-native search paths are completely ignored except in cross-builds of derivations.
<dongcarl>reepca: there was a lot of negation in that sentence haha
<dongcarl>Could you rephrase for my dumb brain?
<reepca>dongcarl: basically, your original analysis that they only get set when guix "knows" it's in a cross-compilation environment was correct.
<dongcarl>Ah! Right
<htsr>hi o/
<htsr>How does a shepherd-service-type know which packages should be installed? For example the dhcp-client-service-type (
<Laila>Hello guix! I need help with set up. I am getting no shell error while building user pool. I am not sure why. sbin/nologin already exits. I am running a scrip from the documentation useradd -g guixbuild -G guixbuild \
<efraim>new RAM arrived, now I have 4GB in my desktop!
<efraim>bdju: not entirely helpful, but for years I used an x120e for package building, which would often peg itself at 99⁰C. That was with Guix on Debian
<roptat>hi guix!
<kts>install guix
<kts>on tumbleweed
<kts>export PATH
<kts>install mit-scheme
<kts>can't invoke even though guix's in the PATH
<kts>Can't invoke mit-scheme
<roptat>hi kts :)
<roptat>so you have guix on the $PATH, but do you have ~/.guix-profile/bin?
<roptat>that's where mit-scheme should be installed now
<kts>roptat: it exists
<kts>in $PATH : /root/.guix-profile/bin
<kts>~/.guix-profile/bin isn't in $PATH.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<leoprikler>Hi civodul
<aerique>Hello, does anyone know how the hashes for the `define linux-…` function on this page are generated?:
<leoprikler>perhaps through "guix download"
<roptat>you might want to have a look at "guix hash" too
<aerique>that indeed looks promising, thanks! (i'm a total guix newbie, so sorry for the basic questions)
<roptat>no need to apologize :)
<aerique>that worked, thanks
<olivuser>hello guix
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<olivuser>in emacs, when I C-x C-f (find/open file), I am prompted that command ls is not found. I had similar things happen outside emacs (as in, grep or less not found). Have things changed in guix that require me to install these explicitly? I have not yet reconfigured since a fresh install
<leoprikler>could it be that you still run on Guix 1.0.0?
<olivuser>nope, I installed with a rather new version (downloaded ISO like one or two weeks ago)
<olivuser>but is it possible that a recofigure fixes this?
<leoprikler>but just to make sure, can you paste your /etc/config.scm?
<olivuser>if I dont specify a file for reconfigure, is guix going to take the same init file that I used for install?
<olivuser>I messed up a bit last time I changed the config file (not init file, sorry), as you might remember. so I would like to take time with it
<leoprikler>(through debpaste or something)
<leoprikler>IIRC you have to specify the config file
<leoprikler>that config.scm looks like it should have ls et al.
<olivuser>yea right, I mean that should be part of %base-packages
<olivuser>(and used to be so in earlier installs)
<olivuser>thats really a bit strange, I also cant use dired...
<olivuser>but then I'll try to reconfigure.
<olivuser>is it necessary to "sudo guix pull && sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm" or can I go su and then "guix pull && guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm"?
<leoprikler>can you "echo $PATH" in Emacs and inside a terminal that has a working ls?
<olivuser>how can I copy contents of the minibuffer?
<leoprikler>olivuser: su should be fine -- I personally prefer guix pull; sudo guix system reconfigure ... though
<leoprikler>C-h e shows messages
<olivuser>leoprikler, but iirc it was even a guix message to run "sudo guix pull". do you know the difference between these?
<leoprikler>I honestly have no idea why they do that
<leoprikler>guix system ... apparently wants root to have a pulled Guix
<leoprikler>but if you run it through good ol' sudo, it uses the user's (not root) guix
<olivuser> (echo $PATH)
<olivuser>leoprikler, thats, to me, a source of major confusion :D like, the difference between users and root's guix and which one is "triggered" when not using sudo, using sudo, and using su
<leoprikler>olivuser: and ls works in the terminal, but not in Emacs with this $PATH?
<olivuser>also because I believe that "pushing" libraries (like gst-plugins etc) to root shall enable profile-installed packages to access them and provide additional functionality (thats what I hope, essentially)
<olivuser>leoprikler, yes, thats the case
<olivuser>ls in terminal works but in emacs not so much
<leoprikler>can you do C-& ls?
<olivuser>in emacs?
<olivuser>C-& is not defined
<olivuser>"undefined" I shall say
<leoprikler>my bad, M-&
<olivuser>that works
<olivuser>M-! works as well
<leoprikler>then perhaps you did something to break dired
<olivuser>but why would I then be unable to run C-x C-f?
<olivuser>is find-file associated with dired?
<leoprikler>does find-file always fail or only on directories?
<olivuser>so actually the problem seems to be different
<olivuser>opening directories does not work, neither throug C-x C-f nor through C-x C-d. Another problem I encountered is that I was, in ivy, unable to use backspace to go to parent directory (that is, from ~/.emacs.d/ to ~), saying text is read-only. now that I disabled ivy that works, and I can use C-x C-f again.
<olivuser>but this kind of begs the question why I cant use dired. I had dired-X installed but commented that out to see if it changes anything, which it doesnt
<leoprikler>can you recreate the problem in "emacs -Q"?
<olivuser>nope, I cant
<olivuser>:D ho well, sorry mate. I should get used to doing this before whining about some kind of bug
<leoprikler>no problem
<leoprikler>it seems that ivy and perhaps some dired extensions don't work
<leoprikler>did you install them through Guix?
<olivuser>okay, so the emacs part of the problem is on my part. still, when I to "guix search XYX | less", I used to get "bash: less: Command not found". It was fixed by installing less manually, though its strange
<olivuser>leoprikler, no I didnt. It's through the init.el (, actually) with use-package. Should I use guix-installation instead?
<leoprikler>if the package itself is not in guix, try guix import elpa
<olivuser>hmm. but can I still make use of use-package? probably, right? only thing I would have to change is to remove the :ensure t and/or "use-package-always-ensure" option from the config
<leoprikler>yes, you can still make use of use-package, as long as you don't use its installation shenanigans
<leoprikler>(i personally prefer leaf though)
<olivuser>I never heard of leaf :D
<leoprikler>guix import elpa -a melpa-stable leaf :)
<olivuser>can I also use it in a literate config? and does it change anything about the current configuration? I'm quite conservative since it is not long ago that I moved to use-package and this already took me quite a bit to digest
<leoprikler>there are a few minor syntax differences to use-package, but otherwise you should be able to do s/use-package/leaf/
<olivuser>leoprikler, also, whats the difference between leaf and feather?
<leoprikler>feather is a package manager IIRC and leaf is a configuration manager
<olivuser>alright, thanks :P
<leoprikler>(I'd personally prefer it if I could use custom.el for anything, but whatever)
<olivuser>I dont understand^^
<leoprikler>M-x customize
<olivuser>ah. really, would you? thats crazy, I'm trying to move as far away from it as possible. It feels so strange to rely on something I dont have control over (not that I dont make a lot of mistakes the customize interface would probably not commit)
<leoprikler>what do you mean "no control over"?
<olivuser>well, I'm specifically advised /against/ manually changing anything in the code itself. and moving to emacs, to me, signified having access to the code in order to change things
<leoprikler>well, it makes sense to not manually edit the file given that there's a UI for it
<leoprikler>but if that's your kink, by all means
<NinjaTrappeur> seems to be down. Am I the only one experiencing the issue?
<roptat>it's up on my side
<roptat>it seems there's an issue with * though, because the domains are signed with DNSSEC by an untrusted key, which systemd-resolved doesn't understand
<roptat>if you're using systemd-resolved, either disable DNSSEC or use another resolver :/
<aerique>So `org.gnome.Shell.desktop` keeps segfaulting if I do not use the kernel that was initially installed with Guix System. And I do need the nonguix kernel for my wifi. How do I disable gnome-shell or the whole of gnome? Problem is `gdm` isn't even started at boot because of this.
<aerique>I'm fine running with just i3 without a desktop environment.
<roptat>mh... you could try removing /var/lib/gdm completely and restart
<roptat>it shouldn't segfault just because you don't use the same kernel though...
<aerique>I don't know the cause, just observed that it only works when I start with the initial kernel.
<aerique>(`/var/lib/gdm` is empty btw, is that normal? this is when running with the kernel that works)
<leoprikler>I think it's actually a Mesa problem
<leoprikler>did you upgrade from mesa 18 to 19?
<aerique>Not consciously :-D I see no mesa installed when I do `guix package --profile=/run/current-system/profile -I` or `guix package -I`.
<aerique>Deleting `/var/lib/gdm` seems to have worked. Let me restart again to double check and be sure.
<aerique>Eh, lol, I can just do `uname -a`. It worked. What would be a proper fix?
<leoprikler>yep, it was mesa
<leoprikler>the proper fix is to remove the .cache of /var/lib/gdm
<roptat>aerique, there must have been some hidden directories in /var/lib/gdm
<leoprikler>(even more proper to remove the mesa-shader-cache)
<roptat>that's why you thought it was empty :)
<roptat>it's being discussed on the mailing list
<aerique>ah, you're right. (I renamed the dir so I could check)
<leoprikler>by the way, your user .cache may also be affected
<aerique>Perhaps I should start following the mailinglist. I'm enjoying Guix so far.
<aerique>leoprikler: I need a little bit more info on your last comment :-)
<leoprikler>aerique: if you're unable to log in to some graphical shell, try removing ~/.cache/mesa_shader_cache
<leoprikler>"There are two common problems in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors"
*efraim shakes fist at off-by-one errors
<aerique>I'm a happy camper now, thanks all.
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<olivuser>hello guix
<olivuser>after a sudo guix system reconfigure, followed by guix pull && guix upgrade, I cant enter the system anymore. Both my root and my user password are not accepted (I wrote both down). What could be the problem? I thought about that maybe the keyboard layout has been changed
<roptat>olivuser, from a tty you can check your keyboard layout
<olivuser>roptat, how if I am not logged in?
<olivuser>I am currently in TTY1 (C-M-F1), which prompts me to log in#
<roptat>when you enter your login, it's in clear :)
<olivuser>it is not in my case
<roptat>I mean, when it asks you for a username, give it your password
<roptat>you'll see if it's typed correctly
<olivuser>ahhh :D
<roptat>don't type enter though, cause it'll probably be logged
<olivuser>I've never had this. Shift-1 doesnt produce ! but `
<olivuser>roptat, is there any way to see, for instance, the german t3 keyboard layout somewhere online?
<olivuser>I was so far unable to find it...
<roptat>no idea
<roptat>I can find t1 and t2 on wikipedia
<olivuser>hello guix. Does anyone have a clue where to find reference for the keyboard layouts listed in guixsd installation? I seem to have set my keyboard layout to something awkward af which now prevents me from logging in (I have yet not had problems with it)=
<olivuser>alternatively, is there a way to activate alt/num-codes for the login screen?
<civodul>olivuser: mentions the share/X11/xkb directory of the 'xkeyboard-config' package
<civodul>so i think you can do: $EDITOR $(guix build xkeyboard-config)/share/X11/xkb/rules/base.xml
<civodul>though i agree it's not that convenient :-)
<civodul>the installer provides a UI too choose your layout; it'd be nice if we could reuse it here somehow
<olivuser>civodul, will try the EDITOR thing. But do you have a clue how it is possible that the keyboard layout which used to work BEFORE reconfigure is completely messed with AFTER reconfigure? is it possible this has to do with the CVE which was mentioned in a rss? because I forgot to restart herd after reconfigure...
<olivuser>also, I'm very surprised that setxkbmap is not part of %base-packages, and I had a similar error earlier when bash couldnt find things like less and I had to install them manually
<olivuser>well, that was a bit of a hassle...
<olivuser>I managed to get it going via loadkeys, changed /etc/config.scm and reconfigured. now I can login again
<olivuser>but I'm still puzzled as to why it effected the change in the first place
<olivuser>when plugging in an external device (external hdd), where is it initially mounted?
<olivuser>oh, I made a mistake, nevermind
<rekado_>olivuser: no, this is unlikely to have anything to do with the CVE.
<rekado_>efraim: I think it would be worth spending some time trying to find solutions / work-arounds for all these state problems: the shader problem, gdm + gnome-shell state, but also other outdated caches of ibus and friends.
<civodul>olivuser: yeah, i don't see what would break the keyboard layout
<olivuser>is it possible theres something wrong with bash in guix currently?
<olivuser>ah, I guess its possible its a profile/linking thing
<olivuser>for some time, guix would show this after a pull: export GUIX_PROFILE="/home/hapster/.guix-profile" . "$GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile"
<olivuser>(without export, hapster is my user name). how do I add this to bashrc?
<olivuser>also, when reconfigure'ing, guix also wanted me to export something in relation to the guix root profile
<apteryx>is it possible to test a channel which only exists locally? usinge file:// in the channel url perhaps?
<apteryx>just tried; it works
<dongcarl>Perhaps people will appreciate this... Guix just allowed me to do the most magical thing: building mingw-w64 with winpthreads support requires you to already have mingw-w64 without winpthreads... So I literally made it a recursive function with mingw-w64 without winpthreads being the base case...
<dongcarl>And it just works!
<davexunit>dongcarl: that is awesome :)
<mbakke>dongcarl: that is some serious magic you are performing there :-)
<dongcarl>Right? It's a patch that makes me smile :-) Will submit for review today.
<davexunit>I can't recall if all of my mingw patches I made awhile got merged...
<davexunit>I think the most important ones did
<dongcarl>davexunit: Oh? Happy to review if you point them out to me
<davexunit>I would have to get myself reacquainted with it all... I'll ping the list if I ever get around to it.
<davexunit>I was trying to use guix to create windows builds of guile.
<dongcarl>davexunit: I saw a few got merged while browsing the logs
<davexunit>dongcarl: I think everything I sent to the list got merged.
<dongcarl>davexunit: Nice! Good to know valuable contributions are getting merged! :-)
<davexunit>looking at my now very out of date local branch... what I didn't send was some patches to get sdl2 cross-compiling for mingw.
<davexunit>there's some strange issue there.
<davexunit>in doing this work I found a bug with propagated inputs handling. not sure if that would have bitten you at some point but it definitely bit me.
<davexunit>trying to cross-compile something with propagated inputs was causing some of the inputs to be built for the host architecture and it was not great!
<dongcarl>davexunit: Hmmm... That sounds familiar...
<dongcarl>I'll keep it in mind!
<davexunit>it was fixed 3 months ago when my patch was applied
<davexunit>so it shouldn't affect you now! (unless there's another bug)
<dongcarl>davexunit: Okay, that patch is probably worth a read for me then :-)
<davexunit>dongcarl: commit SHA is 6cef554be8926b026226b4bfd0bb2f37bd24aeae
<dongcarl>davexunit: Huhhhhh... I didn't know about `parameterize`...
<davexunit>dongcarl: guile has these things called "parameters" (odd name) that are like thread-local dynamically scoped variables.
<dongcarl>davexunit: Huh... How are they declared?
<davexunit>they are a regular data type, so there's no special syntax
<davexunit>(define foo (make-parameter "bar"))
<davexunit>guile uses parameters to track the current output and error ports, for example.
<dongcarl>Ah nice! TIL
<davexunit>guix uses them to track things like the current system architecture
<davexunit>they are useful sometimes, and it makes sense for guix to use where it does, *but* it can cause issues, like the bug I found.
<davexunit>dongcarl: so mingw ships with the source for winpthreads?
<dongcarl>davexunit: yup!
<dongcarl>But it's not enabled by default because to compile a version of mingw w/ winpthreads, you need mingw w/o winpthreads in the first place
<davexunit>dongcarl: is this the same as ?
<davexunit>I have a package recipe for it in a personal branch
<dongcarl>Hmmm... I believe it's different
<dongcarl>I know the sourceforge wiki for mingw-w64 is out of date
<dongcarl>Maybe I can prove it
<dongcarl>Here's the code for winpthreads:
<dongcarl>yeah it's definitely different
<davexunit>good to know, thanks.
<davexunit>I guess I should try to build guile with this new mingw build of yours
<dongcarl>davexunit: would be good to know where you experience hiccups!
<davexunit>apparently libgc has issues? that's what I've heard anyway
<dongcarl>Oooof that's no good
<dongcarl>sneek help
<dongcarl>sneek: later tell janneke If you have the time, you might find #37813 fun to review :-)
<sneek>Got it.
<refpga>Hello, I'm not able to execute guix or guile because of glibc errors (see This happened after a system reconfigure a few days back. I tried to create another user and install latest glibc. I get segmentation fault on various standard commands, like the ones in coreutils etc.
<Laila>Hello guix! I need help with set up. I am getting no shell error while building user pool. I am not sure why. sbin/nologin already exits. I am running a scrip from the documentation useradd -g guixbuild -G guixbuild \
<Laila>Please help. I am not sure what is going on.
<dongcarl>Laila: Hi! Can you show me the exact command you invoked and exact output you got?
<davexunit>dongcarl: yeah I haven't experienced it first hand so I don't know real details, but I have seen people build guile without threads when doing windows builds. that doesn't work for me because I use threads in my programs.
<dongcarl>refpga: Is this running GuixSD or guix on some other distro?
<Laila>yes, let me copy it here
<dongcarl>Laila: Please use a paste service like if it's multi-line
<refpga>dongcarl:Yes. GuixSD
<Laila>root@kali:~# for i in 'seq 1 10'; do useradd -g guix-builder -G guix-builder -d /var/empty -s 'which nologin' -c "Guix build user $i" --system guix-builder$i; done
<dongcarl>refpga: This sounds like something serious, if you have the time, please file a bug report!
<Laila>I am sure i am doing something silly.
<Laila>it is just that i have been at it for 2 days and can't figure out what I am missing
<dongcarl>Laila: Ah! I see where you went wrong, I'll explain it to you, but first, we do have a handy shell install script:
<dongcarl>Laila: You should try using that shell install script, it's also quite easy to parse if you're concerned about security
<dongcarl>Laila: To explain why that command didn't work, you need to know a little bit about shell scripting... In bash scripts, the backtick character: ` is different from the single quote: '
<Laila>Nooo. are you serious? I was beat by a single quote
<dongcarl>Laila: I would like to recommend that you use the install script though
<dongcarl>It would make your life a little easier
<Laila>I am installing the it right now.
<Laila>Thank you.
<dongcarl>Laila: No worries! Feel free to ping me for more installation help
<Laila>I feel beaten down. Thank you. I will reach out if I need help.
<dongcarl>Laila: Oh don't feel beaten down :-) I've made that mistake many a times before I learned how to spot it.
<OriansJ>Laila: if it makes you feel better $() can be used in nested fashion for bash scripts
<OriansJ>to make a mistake is simple a chance to grow into a new and better person.
<Laila>it is definitely a learning process.
<vagrantc>i merged someone else's patches into guix for the first time today! :)
<janneke>vagrantc: \o/
<sneek>Welcome back janneke, you have 1 message.
<sneek>janneke, dongcarl says: If you have the time, you might find #37813 fun to review :-)
<janneke>dongcarl: ty, i'll have a look