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<nootboot>nckx thank you i actually don't :)
<nckx>Then enjoy.
<nckx>(It only works as root, or used to, though.)
<quiliro>Burned mi potatoes!...Forgot them on the stove.
<nckx>quiliro: Roll back to the previous potatoes.
<quiliro>haha...but that will roll back all my changes!
<quiliro>not only the potatoes
<jlicht>a potato-inferior in that case?
<quiliro>it could be possible to create a patch with the good part of the potatoes and discard the burnt part ...then add some code to avoid burning them again
<quiliro>inferior? is that in the manual?
<quiliro>section 4.8!
<quiliro>Inferiors.....Note: The functionality described here is a “technology preview” as of version 0.0-git.
<nckx>quiliro: Yah, something's broken with automagic version generation in the manual, I noticed it today too…
*nckx scratches ‘it's just me’ off the list, so thanks for that.
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<quiliro>Is it because it is friday that nobody writes?
<OriansJ>quiliro: I was just going to suggest #guix has become alot quieter since the 1.0 release
<quiliro>OriansJ: I have only been in #guix often since 1.0
<quiliro>I don't think 1.0 is any more beta than 0.16, do you?
<quiliro>In fact, i think that 0.16 had less bugs
<quiliro>0.16 had less functionality, but less bugs than 1.0
<quiliro>I am not sure if it guix or guix packages that currently have this problem...or even if it is just my impression because of my lack of knowledge
<OriansJ>quiliro: well a good chunk of the traffic was debates, arguments and how people felt things should be done. But now, everything is almost straight forward
<OriansJ>when ever a new problem pops up, there is a bunch of fury but otherwise it is absolutely quiet
<quiliro>OriansJ: I have a problem!
<quiliro>OriansJ: I cannot open gnome-terminal.
<OriansJ>quiliro: well let us first rule out the obvious from a known good working gui like gnome or i3 correct?
<quiliro>on gnome I can open xfce-terminal
<quiliro>from that terminal i type gnome-terminal and i get an error
<OriansJ>can you use to share a copy of the error message please
<OriansJ>quiliro: looks like it failed to start dbus and folded like a deck of cards
<OriansJ>is reverting to a previously known good working version from your package history an option?
<quiliro>using an older grub entry made my system impossible to login to any user
<quiliro>could not login to any user on any version after doing that
<quiliro>i had to boot with another distro and fix the user ids manually on etc passwd and erase password on etc shadow
<quiliro>it was very painful
<quiliro>OriansJ: i would pefer not to do it again
<marusich>Hello everyone! Hope you're well.
<quiliro>\o marusich
<quiliro>you have any idea how to fix this?
<marusich>I'm not sure! Does that happen on Guix?
<quiliro>marusich: Guix Sytem, yes.
*quiliro checks if this is the #guix chatroom :-)
<OriansJ>quiliro: running find /gnu/store/ -iname gnome-terminal will find all of the previous gnome-terminal binaries and you can full path try to run them, which can be a short term work around until it can be fixed if roll back is not an option
<quiliro>OriansJ: thank you!
<marusich>I don't know why it occurs, but if it's reproducible, you might want to file a bug report by emailing
<marusich>I can run gnome-terminal without issues on my Guix system.
<marusich>BTW, although they decided to call it Guix System, I think the current trend is to just call the GNU/Linux distro "Guix".
<marusich>Either way, I know what you mean.
<marusich>Do any other programs log errors about locales?
<quiliro>marusich: yes...all of them
<emacsomancer>the locale issues on guix can be a bit frustrating
<marusich>quiliro, then perhaps it is not an issue specific to gnome-terminal. I haven't seen this sort of issue on Guix system. Is your Guix installation up to date? Are you using the master branch?
<marusich>i.e., when did you last run "guix pull" and "guix system reconfigure"?
<marusich>and, "guix package -u ." or "guix package -m $my-manifest" to upgrade your packages, after having run "guix pull"
<quiliro>my last update was today
<quiliro>guix pull && sudo guix system reconfigure desktop.scm && guix upgrade
<quiliro>i dont think the locales problem has to do with my user but with my reconfigure
<apteryx>eh, maybe I'm having a memory blank, it seems -- which package provides the btrfs manpage? btrfs-progs doesn't seem to be the one.
<apteryx>well, it should.
<apteryx>and it does
<sneek>sirqwit, you have 1 message.
<sneek>sirqwit, nckx says: No! You'll regret it. Just start a new shell, don't add anything to .bashrc.
<sirqwit>i have installed icecat but instead of every number i see even when i write, a tab(space)
<sirqwit>i need to install somethings?
<null_radix[m]>hmm probably need to install some fonts
<null_radix[m]>sirqwit, what are you using for your window manager?
<sirqwit>i have installed icecat but instead of every number i see even when i write, a tab(space)
<sirqwit>i need to install somethings?
<rgrinberg>Which guix package provides the ldd binary?
<sirqwit>idk, try guix search ldd
<rgrinberg>I’ve already tried that. There are no useful results
<sirqwit>another things, which browsers do you use?
<pkill9>i use chromium (called ungoogled-chromium in guix)
<nckx>rgrinberg: glibc:bin
<nckx>It's also included in gcc-toolchain.
<rekado>hey Guix
<rekado>some of you are using btrfs
<rekado>is this tricky to set up?
<rekado>would it make sense to add a little tutorial to the Guix cookbook?
<jonsger>rekado: I think efraim uses btrfs
<rgrinberg>nckx: thanks. I googled around but couldn’t find anything.
<rgrinberg>Is there a generic solution to this problem? Searching for which package provides a binary
<nckx>Not yet.
<nckx>rekado: I do, but… your question seems to imply some specific definition of ‘using btrfs’?
<nckx>For example, I don't think booting from non-default subvolumes has made it to master yet.
<rgrinberg>How does I install the "more" pager?
<nckx>rgrinberg: That's part of util-linux.
<vixus>nckx: hmm, I'm not quite sure where to use that -- is it in place of the regular (use-modules ...)?
<vixus>nckx: this is in reference to the (@@ (gnu system install) %installation-services) suggestion :p
<rgrinberg>nckx: thanks again.
<nckx>vixus: It replaces (well, that's not really the right word) ‘%installation-services’.
<rgrinberg>I'm trying to install vmware's guest tools on a guixsd vm and it's proving to be a bit painful :/
<nckx>So you'd get something like (cons* … … (@@ (gnu system install) %installation-services)), I guess.
<nckx>rgrinberg: Oh… yes, I can imagine it will be.
<vixus>ah ok thanks
<roelj>Has anyone experienced not being able to log into GNOME on a foreign distribution when putting "source ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile" in ~/.bash_profile?
<rekado>roelj: yes
<rekado>roelj: try unsetting XDG_DATA_DIRS or similar
<roelj>Great, what's causing it?
<rekado>the foreign system’s DE might not like this variable
<rekado>I bet it’s like LD_LIBRARY_PATH lite
<roelj>Hm, but it makes sure the icons for programs installed with Guix show up in the GNOME shell..
<roelj>In my case, changing ~/.bash_profile and restarting gdm doesn't make a difference. I need to reboot for changes to apply. Do you know what needs to be done to avoid rebooting? Then I can quickly iterate and pinpoint the actual problem..
<apteryx>rekado:it's not tricky to setup, no.
<apteryx>unless you want to use subvolumes, which I'm trying to polish a set of patches I posted to the list a week or two ago.
<apteryx>*for which
<apteryx>I should have said, 'unless you want to use subvolumes for the root file system'
<apteryx>using subvolumes for home or other purposes is already possible
<vixus>hmm ok now I'm running into an issue where I guess you can only have one etc-service per OS definition?
<vixus>oh I need to use service extensions
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<quiliro>Saluton Giksujo!
<quiliro>I get this error: "-sha256 hash mismatch for /gnu/store/" when installing freecad
<quiliro>I was glad to find freecad...i was then sad it would not install...but now i am worried that the coin package is installed as a dependency
<Minall>Hello guix!
<nckx>quiliro: Why are you worried?
<nckx>Let's see what they say first. It's almost certainly benign 🙂
<atw>ZIPs from GitHub are not reproducible, is the same true of Bitbucket?
<bricewge>Hello guix!
<bricewge>How can I compile the guix binary from my local repository?
<bricewge>For sure it's written somewhere in the docs, but I can't manage to find it.
<bricewge>Nevermind: `guix build --with-git-url=guix="$PWD" --with-branch=guix=mybranch`
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<quiliro>bricewge: nice!
<quiliro>nckx: why is coind3D needed for freecad? looks fishy
<bricewge>quiliro: Not that nice unfortunatly, I got stopped by
<quiliro>nckx: oh.. "Coin3D is a high-level, retained-mode toolkit for effective 3D graphics development.
<quiliro>It is API compatible with Open Inventor 2.1." it is needed for 3D graphics in FreeCAD...Not fishy. :-)
<quiliro>nckx: somehow I thought it was something related to cryptocoin mining...jaja
<quiliro>jaja = laghing in Spanish
<nckx>atw: That's only true for the auto-generated ones, it's not clear to me that these are. Are you familiar with BB?
<nckx>quiliro: …or ‘yes yes’ in Dutch.
<nckx>It's rather hard to translate, but similar to ‘…, well well.’ in English.
<atw>nckx: I am not, that was a guess on my part
<quiliro>nckx: I bet j sounds in Dutch like in Esperanto...somewhat like initial y in English.
<quiliro>I did not suspect Openscad was such a big package
<quiliro>by the way, did I tell you that freecad package cannot be installed? something related to coin3D error
<quiliro>read a few hours above about coin
<quiliro>2 hours installing openscad and does not finish
<quiliro>758/1244 Test #758
<quiliro>500 mg-oj terpoma. Mi estas Sata!
<rekado>quiliro: you may also like libfive
<quiliro>rekado: is it included in guix?
<rekado>unfortunately, it won’t run on an X200
<rekado>it needs a slightly newer graphics chip
<quiliro>I could run debian's freecad on an atom processor with intel graphics card and on a core2duo w/intel graphics it worked like a charm....would libfive studio be heavier than freecad?
<quiliro>rekado: ^
<quiliro>macbook air a1320
<quiliro>was a core2duo
<quiliro>which ran freecad
<rekado>libfive depends on a more recent version of OpenGL, which was not supported on my X200 IIRC. I’m certain it doesn’t work on the Thinkpad T60. I’m not 100% sure if I actually tried it on my X200 (or if the laptop had died before then)
<bricewge>rekado: Thanks for sharing libfive, you made my day!
<vagrantc>epiphany on core-updates seems to be missing an input or something ... builds fine, but fails to run complaining about some library it can't find
<vagrantc>anyone else able to reproduce?
*vagrantc will look for the actual error
<vagrantc>haven't checked if it still works on master
<vagrantc>seems to have happened after the recent gtkwebkit update
<vagrantc>next fails even more excitingly
<vagrantc>epiphany seems broken on master as well
<vagrantc>next too
<vagrantc>and reverting webkitgtk 2.26.1 makes them work again
<vagrantc>guess it's time to file a bug :)