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<apteryx>is there any way to figure out which modules should be purged to get around an ABI mismatch error? So far I'm just running make clean-go and rebuilding the whole tree, but this takes ages.
<apteryx>(on my dated x200 laptop, that is)
<apteryx>it'd be great if the ABI mismtach hint would suggest such command :-) or purge the faulty compiled modules itself and re-attempt compilation fo rus
<apteryx>for us
<tune>started updates before bed. looks like waybar failed to build
<tune>../source/include/modules/clock.hpp:5:10: fatal error: fmt/time.h: No such file or directory
<tune>from build log, seems to be the error
<tune> full log
<tune>did another pull and update and waybar still fails to build
<tune>I'll do an update without it for now
<tune>is there anything I can read on the state of ARM support for Guix System?
<tune>I am interested in running Guix System on some sort of ARM device in the future
<rekado_>truby: building Guile outside of Guix is done fairly quickly, as long as you already have a version of Guile. But in Guix we bootstrap Guile using its own Scheme interpreter that’s written in C.
<rekado_>truby: so there are several passes, and one of them involves interpreting lots of Scheme code, which is not fast.
<rekado_>using an existing Guile during the build would speed this up dramatically.
<rekado_>Actually, I do wonder why we aren’t using the bootstrap Guile to build the later Guile.
<janneke_>rekado_: bootstrap-guile is 2.0.9, would that work?
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<janneke>hmm, and it seems %bootstrap-guile is an input for guile-final
*janneke is starting to wonder how this works
<janneke>ah, it's by design
<janneke>;; Remove the pre-built object files. Instead, build everything
*janneke goes afk
<raghavgururajan>Hello Guix!
<raghavgururajan>After `guix pull`, I usually run `guix upgrade --dry-run` to check which derivations will be built. If I find heavy ones like icecat, evolution, calibre, kodi, qtwebkit etc., what is the general rule of thumb waiting period for the substitutes to be available for those packages, before I re-run `guix upgrade`? Assuming I will not be doing another `guix pull` during the waiting.
<tune>maybe 1-3 days, but I don't know for sure
<tune>I sometimes wait out icecat/webkit/rust updates, but I haven't kept track of timing
<raghavgururajan>tune Thanks! It's been a week for me. Still no subsitutes :/
<rekado_>raghavgururajan: I suggest checking for the packages you’re interested in on to see if builds for them are scheduled.
<raghavgururajan>rekado_ Thanks! I tried looking at it, but it appears names mentioned there are not package names?
<raghavgururajan>just a sec
<tune>is that p2p substitute thing being worked on?
<rekado_>I don’t know of any current work on it.
<tune>I'm starting to wish there was a guix wiki to keep better tabs on what all is happening
<rekado_>tune: we keep track of ongoing work via the issue database at
<rekado_>if something isn’t listed there you can assume that no work on that issue is ongoing.
<rekado_>(the search is still pretty limited there. If someone’s willing to work on improving it I can provide guidance.)
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<jonsger> gives a 502
<raghavgururajan>rekado_ is not loading for some reason.
<rekado_>raghavgururajan: it does that sometimes, please try now
<raghavgururajan>rekado_ Cool! Thanks
*rekado_ updates R packages again
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<raghavgururajan>rekado_ For example, when query "icecat" (, I see a successful build with the ID 1764149. But how do I know which commit belongs to? Thanks!
<roptat>hi guix!
<roptat>civodul, I translated the news entries
<roptat>I tried to use "tu" as you did on the first news entry, but it sounds weird
<roptat>I really feel like I'm talking to a child when I do that...
<civodul>hey roptat, thanks!
<civodul>do as you wish :-)
<civodul>i guess we're used to viewing this as childish, but it's not like that when we talk to each other
<civodul>but anyway, you have to pick our battles, so you're free to drop that one ;-)
<roptat>it's weird how it sounds childish when it comes from a software, but totally normal from a human being :)
<jonsger>roptat: does it sound better with "on" instead of "tu"
<rekado_>raghavgururajan: you can also limit the search to a “spec” and “system”, such as “icecat spec:guix-master system:x86_64-linux”
<rekado_>raghavgururajan: this will give you the lastest builds for the “master” branch on x86_64 systems
<rekado_>you can’t yet see directly what commit this belongs to, but the guix data service will make this easier in the future.
<roptat>jonsger, sounds better, but then we can't use an imperative
<roptat>maybe it could become "Sur le système Guix, on peut ajuster le champ locale-libcs de la forme operating-system. On lancera info pour plus de détails" with a future tense instead of the imperative
<roptat>it's not childish, but it sounds a bit weird
<jonsger>roptat: the first sentence sounds good for me, but the second sounds weird :P
<civodul>roptat: hmm yeah, dunno
<refpga>Hello, what is the syntax for running an macron job at every reboot?
<refpga>I need to run a service, but until I figure out how to define it using herd, I need it runnig on every reboot.
<civodul>a macron job :-)
<civodul>refpga: i don't think there's a way to run an mcron job at reboot time
<civodul>though see
<civodul>but you can probably achieve the same result with a one-shot shepherd service
<divansan`>anyone around that would know how to get an internal gsm modem to work?
<divansan`>networkmanage/modermanager not detecting the modem. I can see it /dev/cdc-wdm0 though.
<divansan`>Not sure if usb_modeswitch is working correctly.
<tune>I seem to be struggling to modify my PATH to include ~/bin. what file is likely to be overriding my PATH? I try to set it in my .profile and it doesn't seem to be going through
<truby>is it possible to locally bump the gcc version used to build all packages? (I realise that I couldn't use substitutions in this case)
<civodul>truby: setting PATH in .profile or .bash_profile should work
<civodul>it's possibly to locally bump the GCC being used by changing your definition of gnu-build-system, for instance
<civodul>but it's usually not that easy
<truby>I mean when building packages with guix install ... etc. That won't use a gcc from my path right? it'll use gcc5 from guix
<civodul>because some things won't work out of the box with a newer gcc, etc.
<civodul>right, the state of your machine (what you installed) does not influence how packages are built
<truby>it's just that on AArch64 gcc's codegen has improved a lot since gcc5, so I was wondering if I could choose to switch to a newer gcc
<truby>but I guess it isn't that easy :)
<civodul>truby: the "core-updates" branch we're about to merge (i hope!) uses GCC 7
<civodul>you can already give it a try, BTW
<civodul>e.g., with "guix pull --branch=core-updates"
<civodul>and then "guix install hello", etc.
<truby>ah, fab :) thanks!
<civodul>yw :-)
<civodul>plus we need more people testing on AArch64, so your feedback will be welcome!
<truby>yeah, happy to help! We're looking at using guix at work so that we devs have isolated environments from each other on shared servers, because people keep sudo apt-get installing stuff and breaking someone else's workflow heh
<idnull>I'm trying to get doom port working, it starts but after difficulty setting -> segfaults, maybe I packaged it wrongly?
<truby>civodul: so far though the experience has been good on AArch64, haven't hit any issues that I didn't get on x86_64 too. Although it seems many less substitutions are available; guix pull takes maybe half an hour after a day of not running it :-)
<truby>When I look at some packages, the current release version is just called package-name and then older versions inherit that, but for some the main version is called package-name-version and there's a (define package-name package-name-version) in the file.. is there any preference on which to use or does it not matter at all?
<raghavgururajan>rekado_ Thanks!
<nckx>civodul: *again*? Foo…
<nckx>truby: It's a somewhat subjective gamble about what will cause the least trouble/maintenance work in future, and what ‘makes sense’. ‘The default GCC’ is a switch we want to easily flip once in a while; some old crufty library required for a handful of packages: not so much.
<truby>nckx: that makes sense, I was just looking at the llvm package and that uses llvm-8 as the main variable and then (define-public llvm llvm-8) which... seems wrong to me as I can't see why you wouldn't want to bump the 'default llvm' every 6 months? In the same way as gcc
<nckx>Why not? (Genuine question.)
<idnull>also, I've compiled k8vavoom as a RelWithDebugInfo (the default one, yes) but gdb shows that there is no debug symbols. as a side note how can I select the default gcc for building packages?
<nckx>(native-inputs `(("gcc" ,gcc-X))) ; or do you mean for your entire system?
<truby>Sorry, I think my phrasing was confusing. I meant that you would want to bump it every time there's a new release
<nckx>I'd say input rewriting (see manual), and *lots* of CPU cycles, but I haven't actually tested that with build-system packages like GCC.
<nckx>s/I'd/Then I'd/
<idnull>nckx: if you're asking me, then for the whole system, yes. I still want to build the system from scratch, maybe I should redefine packages then&
<nckx>truby: Maybe (I can't speak for whomever wrote it like that) exactly because it allows you to decouple adding an llvm-9, & letting it mature, from making it the default? Or I misunderstand.
<truby>at least, I don't see a reason not to really, things that depend on LLVM as a library should ask for a specific version already as LLVM's libraries provide absolutely 0 guarantee of backwards compat :-)
<nckx>idnull: Input rewriting is the way to do that, in general, I'm just not sure if there are gotchas involved when rewriting implicit inputs like GCC.
<nckx>truby: Heh, that's my practicial experience with LLVM all right, but I'm not an authority on it.
<truby>oh, possibly that's why it was done that way. I didn't think of that :-) but isn't that equally easy to do the other war around? perhaps not. Anyway, I was only asking because I have a fix for some stuff in the llvm package, plus a version bump, and was wondering what the best format to put that in was
<truby>I guess the answer is "stick to how the package already does it"
*nckx has to go AFK.
<tune>no iwd package yet? I hear it's a lot nicer to use than wpa_supplicant
<idnull>there was scm, I can paste it
<idnull>I haven't tested it yet as I am trying to package doom source-port now
<tune>it's not urgent, I am just reading about it now and it seems cool
<tune>I'll be glad if you submit it to the repo at some point
<apteryx>Hmm; I'm hitting some problem I can't seem to solve: warning: failed to load '(gnu tests install)':\nIn procedure abi-check: #<record-type <file-system>>: record ABI mismatch; recompilation needed
<apteryx>Yes, I've modified the <file-system> record; but I've ran 'make clean-go', then 'make' and it bulids completely fine, then 'make check-system TESTS=btrfs-root-os' triggers the problem again.
<civodul>nckx: "again" what? :-)
<civodul>apteryx: you need to recompile gnu/tests/install.go specifically
<civodul>now why "make clean-go" isn't enough, i'm not sure
<apteryx>but it was compiled anew by 'make' after 'make clean-go' (I see it in the list of GUILEC'd files: [ 98%] GUILEC gnu/tests/install.go)
<apteryx>lemme try deleting its .go and running make again
<apteryx>nope, still hitting the ABI problem
<civodul>what about "rm -rf ~/.cache/guile"?
<apteryx>oh! that did it!
<apteryx>anyway, thanks a lot! I was about to pull my hairs ;-)
<civodul>cool :-)
<idnull>is there a way to apply a patch using something like git cherrypick?
<apteryx>git am ?
<walker0101>I'm trying to install guix on aarch64, and after installing via the script and running the guix daemon as root, when I try `guix pull` I get an error:
<walker0101>guix pull: error: Git error: corrupted loose reference file: refs/heads/master
<apteryx>err, more like 'git apply', for patches
<apteryx>idnull: ^
<civodul>hello walker0101
<civodul>walker0101: Guix keeps a cache of Git checkouts under ~/.cache/guix
<walker0101>hi civodul
<civodul>it could be that this checkout was corrupted for some reason
<civodul>so you could "rm -rf ~/.cache/guix" and try again
<walker0101>civodul: cheers! I'll try that
<idnull>so i can do something like that ;;(patches (search-patches "/home/id0/git/packages/st/st.patch")) but with git?
<apteryx>idnull: these patches are not git specific, so you can either use 'git apply /home/id0/git/packages/st/st.patch' or 'patch -p1 < /home/id0/git/packages/st/st.patch' while the CWD is the root of the sources of 'st'.
<idnull>oh, sorry I misguided you. I want to apply patch from a separate repo
<idnull>f.e. I want my New Moon to have this
<idnull>is this normal? -rpath,::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ../libs/imago/libimago.a ../libs/timidity/libtimidity.a ../libs/vavoomc/libvavoomc.a ../libs/core/libcore.a -lGL -L/gnu/store/gvklki5c47d7lp12vh8nindvv94mcbs1-sdl2-2.0.10/lib -Wl,-rpath,/gnu/store/gvklki5c47d7lp12vh8nindvv94mcbs1-sdl2-2.0.10/lib -Wl,--enable-new-dtags -lSDL2 -lfluidsynth -lFLAC++ -lFLAC -lmad ../libs/xmplite/libxmplite.a -lopusfile
<idnull>-lopus -logg -lvorbis -logg -lopenal -pthread
<apteryx>idnull: what is New Moon? I Guix package?
<idnull>apteryx: New Moon is a PaleMoon without official branding
<idnull>I want to package k8avoom and New Moon, now New Moon is working with a few exceptions (not a default browser)
<apteryx>I see! It's a browser you're attempting to package
<apteryx>idnull: to go back to your 'search-patches' question, the patches should go in guix-checkout/gnu/packages/patches
<apteryx>ah, and you'd like to apply a patch that comes from online sources, IIUC?
<apteryx>OK, so apparently it's supported to use an <origin> record in the place of a patch file name. I found such an example for our gnumach-headers package.
<apteryx>it's in (gnu packages hurd)
<apteryx>has anyone experienced such error: en@boldquot.po:2849: format specifications in 'msgstr[0]' are not a subset of those in 'msgid_plural'?
<civodul>apteryx: there have been reports of these
<civodul>roptat: do you know what that is?
<civodul>may have to do with the recent (guix scripts pull) changes, IIUC
<apteryx>OK, will scan the lists, thanks
<civodul>roptat: if you're into that, you can give another try
<civodul>i've greatly simplified the UI: only ";;guix environment" is left
<jonsger>apteryx: workaround and the bug therefor
<nckx><civodul> nckx: your overdrives are unreachable, could you take a look?
<nckx>My client says that was y'day.
<nckx>My client also says I have 13 *minutes* of lag, so take that with a potato.
<nckx> — ‘Cool’.
<roptat>civodul, one of the strings is "~*One ..." with a plural of "~a ...", and gettext counts ~a as a placeholder, but not ~*
<roptat>so there's a mismatch between the number of arguments in the singular and plural forms
<roptat>the issue might be related to the fact that it uses a parser for lisp format strings, not something specific to guile
<roptat>and probably lisp doesn't have ~*
<civodul>oh, ok
<civodul>we can just change "~*One" to "~a ", then?
<roptat>I think so
<ggoes>happy birthday gnu
<idnull> /gnu/store/fl398h9d1cavd0anmf7liq1vycxrv8gg-gcc-9.1.0/include/c++/cstdlib:75:15: fatal error: stdlib.h: No such file or directory how to fix this?
<apteryx>idnull: are you using the gnu-build-system to build your package?
<idnull>i used ("gcc-toolchain" ,gcc-toolchain-9)))
<idnull>as I need gcc>=6 to build a package
<nckx>idnull: gcc-toolchain is for ‘humans’; have you tried just ("gcc" ,gcc-9)?
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<paprika>Hi all
<paprika>I'm getting an error in GPA when I try to generate a new key
<paprika>and it seems like I'm missing a package?
<paprika>[GPA 0.10.0, GPGME 1.13.1, GnuPG 2.2.17]
<paprika>gpg: agent_genkey failed: No pinentry
<paprika>gpg: key generation failed: No pinentry
<paprika>I've tried intalling the pinentry package but that didn't solve anything
<nckx>paprika: Then you're not missing a package, but you're missing ‘pinentry-program /home/nckx/.guix-profile/bin/pinentry-tty’ in .gnupg/gpg-agent.conf assuming you're using the agent.
<nckx>(‘use-agent’ in .gnupg/gpg.conf).
<nckx>If you're not, the solution is probably the same but different.
<paprika>so I just put plain 'use-agent' in gpg.conf?
<nckx>If you're using the graphical pinentry package, omit -tty.
<paprika>the file is still empty
<nckx>paprika: Yes.
<idnull>can anyone take a look? (this is where I want to put new compiler)
<nckx>Using the agent avoids a pinentry dialogue on *every single* gpg operation.
<paprika>Ehh, I must've done something wrong, I still get the same error
<paprika>with or without quotations?
<paprika>I'm getting a general error now
<nckx>paprika: Just use-agent, on its own, no fancy characters.
<nckx>GPG should then auto-start it when run.
<nckx>It's also part of the same gnupg package, so there's nothing to install aside from a pinentry.
<paprika>I put use-agent in both .gnupg/gpg-agent.conf and .gnupg/gpg.conf
<paprika>I still get the error "No pinentry"
<nckx>It doesn't belong in -agent.conf. What does your ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf say?
<paprika>oh wait
<paprika>that doesn't sound logical :)
<nckx>See ‘pinentry-program <path to your ~/.guix-profile's pinentry>’ above.
<nckx>In my case it's pinentry-tty.
<nckx>I think you also need to ‘pkill gpg-agent’ after editing the file to make it start with the new configuration.
<paprika>I made an even more stupid mistake
<paprika>I kept /home/nckx/
<paprika>instead of changing it to my own username...
<paprika>I should've read better lol
<paprika>anyway, thanks a lot
<paprika>it's generating my key now
<apteryx>idnull: maybe check 'nlohmann-json-cpp' in serialization.scm
<apteryx>it uses gcc-9, and unsets some environment variable that may be problematic when using another gcc version.
<idnull>ty!!! I'll try, I want this engine to be working
<nckx>paprika: Hehe 🙂 Glad I could help.
<krusnus>hey all. how do i get networking/internet to work without %desktop-services? ive tried adding dhcp-client-service-type to my config but it doesn't work
<idnull>apteryx: you're a lifesaver
<apteryx>yay! :-)
<idnull>now there is one more doom port, all I need is to upstream this somehow
<apteryx>jonsger: thanks, that worked
<idnull>I don't know about upstreaming New Moon though (I should implement uxp-icecat as they have the same codebase if i recall correctly)
<nckx>krusnus: That depends entirely on what you mean by ‘networking/internet to work’. E.g. I have (service network-manager-service-type) (service wpa-supplicant-service-type) up in my (services …).
<minall>Hello guix!
<nckx>Peeps who prefer connman, will not.
<nckx>o/ minall.
<minall>I'm uncapitalized lo
<idnull> say hello to a new doom port!
<krusnus>nckx sorry i should have been more clear. Im using a wired connection
<nckx>krusnus: No need to be sorry. NM handles wired connections too, though, so that doesn't really narrow it down.
<nckx>If you mean static, there's a service for that.
<apteryx>idnull: \o/
<nckx>I don't use it anymore (even my servers use dhcp-client-service-type — another option!) so I can't paste a working example.
<nckx>idnull: Rad.
<krusnus>nckx Oh ok. i have no idea of the differences between different types of nwtwork services (dhcp, NM and all that) but i usually use dhcp on my wired setups (at least i did when i used arch) but when i add (service dhcp-client-service-type) guix complains about it being an unbuound variable
<krusnus>and yes i have loaded (gnu services networking)
<nckx>I don't want to nitpick
<nckx>but that is impossible
*nckx double-checks at the REPL.
<nckx>krusnus: Any possibility of a typo, anywhere?
<nckx>Or that the error is subtly about something else?
<nckx>Feel free to pastebin anything relevant.
*nckx → AFK for a short while tho'.
<krusnus>ive pastebined my use modules and service stuff here
*nckx should stop using ‘pastebin’ as a generic word, because's ruined it.
<nckx>krusnus: Just so y'know, next time please use 🙂
<nckx>My fault.
<paprika>nckx, would you like to help me test my PGP key?
<nckx>Sure, wanna send me mail?
<paprika>I can send you my public key and then you can encrypt whatever message you want and send that back?
<krusnus>nckx Ok thanks! this is basically the third time im even on an irc so im still learning what best practices are when asking for help :)
<nckx>krusnus: It's a #guix-specific request ( has freedom &/or privacy issues, I forget what); it's in the topic but some clients make that easy to miss.
<nckx>krusnus: Would you be willing to paste the entire .scm file? Then I can just ‘guix system build …’ it and try random stuff.
<idnull>what should I fix in order to get this port upstream? (and how to skip sha256)
<krusnus>nckx here it is
<bavier>idnull: does k8vavoom really need gcc-9?
<nckx>idnull: 1) You'll have to submit it as a patch to games.scm, not its own file 2) indent it (using C-M-q in emacs or etc/indent-code.el in the guix tree 3) I don't think MODULES in SOURCE is needed? 4) move build-system above arguments 5) expand the description (and make it a real full sentence ;-) 6) Is there a… better-looking home page? 7) we can't package ‘master’, choose a tag or commit if there are no releases (although that might make it hard to ups
<nckx>tream — we prefer released software); you can't ‘skip’ sha256 8) lots of stuff I forgot I'm sure.
<nckx>krusnus: Ta.
<idnull>bavier: it should work with gcc-6, it segfaults for reasons unknown on gcc-5 (I'll try to debug it later)
<nckx>krusnus: dhcp*D*-client does not exist 🙂
<nckx>I could have got that from your original but I am the typo(reado?)master myself.
<bavier>idnull: I forget the details, but one of our more recent gcc's should work without having to unset those path variables
<krusnus>nckx oh my god thanks!! I feel so stupid. been looking at that for legit 10 mina looking for a typo lol. ill try it again now :)
<idnull>I tried 6,7 and 9
<bavier>idnull: include comments for '#:tests? #f' and '#:strip-binaries? #f'
<idnull>ah, I'll remove second one and there is no make check
<idnull>I added #strip,f because I couldn't get debug symbols working (too stupid I am)
<bavier>idnull: it's nice to get some of these things proofed before submission to guix-patches
<bavier>(and some people watch irc more than guix-patches...)
<idnull>I hope to add New Moon and UXP-IceCat too, but it will take more time
<bricewge>Hello Guix!
<bavier>hi bricewge
<bricewge>Trivial question how do you apply a patch from the mailling list?
<pkill9>`git apply` i think
<bavier>or 'git am <the-thing.patch'
<bricewge>I have `curl -OL $patch` and then `git am $path-file` but the encoding seems messed up
<idnull>nckx: about homepage, there is no such a page. No one created it and this is a one-man project which I help testing
<bricewge>Note, I don't have the email in my inbox with the attachement.
<bricewge>pkill9: But how do you get it first?
<pkill9>oh, depends on your email client, and if the sender used an attachment or put it in the message body of the email
<nckx>idnull: Oh, I know it's a primarily ‘forum-driven’ project (I've read about it before). I was just hoping there was something more… stateless.
<nckx>bricewge: Get it from where?
<idnull>I don't have time to create a web page nor ketmar
<bricewge>pkill9: It's an attachment in my case:
<nckx>I'm not asking you to, just asking if…
<bricewge>bavier: It returns `Patch format detection failed`
<bavier>bricewge: 'git am' read from stdin, so you need to pipe the patch to it
<pkill9>it's because it has a bunch of email headers at the top
<pkill9>i think
<nckx>bricewge: Remove the first bogus > line.
<nckx>The rest are part of the patch.
<nckx>Then I get: error: guix/import/github.scm: patch does not apply | error: Did you hand edit your patch?
<idnull>nckx: this is the most accurate representation of a webpage for this port sadly
<nckx>idnull: If you can ‘defend’ that home page on the ML (and it seems you can; I do see your point), go ahead and submit it. It's unconventional but the conventional choice — a link to the git web view — would be less informative.
<apteryx>in a system test: file-size: /gnu/store/kw357rqfm7kw4rhx1sbakw3jc4zpi6gy-nss-certs-3.45/etc/ssl/certs/NetLock_Arany_=Class_Gold=_F??tan??s??tv??ny: No such file or directory
<nckx>Just be prepared for others to ask the same annoying thing 🙂
<idnull>nckx: ty! I'll make ait a patch to git then and fix other things like indent one.
<nckx>idnull: Thinking about it some more, we should just make sure that the description is so good that people don't need to visit the home page. ;-)
<nckx>You can use elements from both links you posted for that.
<idnull>I'll do my wo^W best
<bricewge>nckx: I have the same error. No I didn't modified it, it came from this thread
<nckx>Describing packages like these is never fun, because it's hard to find a balance between ‘foodoom is a form of bardoom by baz but with a new shader algo by buz1996’ and ‘What's Doom? Doom is a first-person shooter…’.
<nckx>bricewge: I downloaded it myself, I wasn't accusing you of editing anything, git was.
<nckx>It's really an encoding issue: look at the ©, it contains bogus.
<bricewge>Is it a common issue, malformed patch, with the mailing list workflow? I'm new to it.
<bricewge>I tired `iconv -f ISO-8859-1 -t UTF-8` to solve the encoding problem, to no avail.
<nckx>bricewge: It's common because nobody (IME) bothers applying patches like this because they know it's likely to be a crapfest.
<nckx>It's a server problem. I think the issue (looking at curl -LI …) is that there's no encoding specified at all.
<bricewge>Okay, now I know...
<nckx>bricewge: Even with that iconv it still looks wrong?
<nckx>bricewge: I wish I had a nicer answer.
<bricewge>nckx: Yes, still wrong encoding.
<nckx>bricewge: Never mind, thought you meant ‘git won't accept even the fixed file’.
<truby>can you override a dependency in a package you depend on? I.e. I need to build my package with a specific gcc, and I also need one of my dependencies to be built with that same gcc
<bavier>truby: I think it's the 'package-input-rewriting' procedure you need
<bricewge>nckx: The encoding was `quoted-printable`. I managed to apply the patch by getting the mbox file, converting it ot mdir with `mb2md`, extracting the attachement with `munpack` and applaying it with `git am`.
<bricewge>Thanks for the help bavier and nckx.
<bavier>bricewge: glad you figured it out
<pinoaffe>is there a way to check whether one srfi-19 date is before another?
<pinoaffe>I couldn't find anything looking through the documentation
<pinoaffe>nevermind, found something on that wasn't in the guile docs
<bavier>pinoaffe: like 'time<=?'?
<pinoaffe>but for dates
<bavier>oh, i see, could use the time comparison functions with date->time-utc probably
<pinoaffe>aight, will do
<vixus>Hi all, I've got a slightly customised install.scm defining an operating-system that inherits from installation-os. I was wondering if I could also get the installation disk image to build with some of my own files in /etc. I tried appending an etc-service to %installation-services but the latter isn't exported by the gnu/system/install module. Any ideas?
<sneek>Welcome back vixus, you have 1 message.
<sneek>vixus, nckx says: If you're still having problems, check whether it's not biting you, too.
*nckx wonders how old that message is.
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<nckx>bricewge: Great to hear! (And I'll jot that down for myself, too.)
<nckx>vixus: You can ‘force-import’ symbols with (@@ (gnu system install) %installation-services). It looks ugly to remind you that it is ugly, and you should be doing something else instead, but it's a handy hammer if there's no other way.
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<jlicht>hey guix!
<jlicht>Does anyone else have a lot of "Name or service not known"-esque messages when using a Guix system under load?
<jlicht>* while using okay-but-not-perfect WiFi connections
<jlicht>I finally figured out that I can `herd invalidate nscd hosts' to at least invalidate the cache with borked entries once this happens, but it would be nice to not have this happen at all :/
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<nootboot>hey everyone i was just wondering how one would go about configuring Xorg in a way that doesn't require a login manager? the reference manual say that "there is not Xorg service; instead, the X server is started by a “display manager”" but i would be verry surprised if there waasnt a way to do this
<emacsomancer>I was finally able to get guix to install (on top of a foreign distro) on a raspberry pi. (A year or two ago I had no luck with this.)
<jlicht>nootboot: Alex Kost used to do something like that.
<jlicht>nootboot: See for how they did that, but suffice to me it seems a big hassle ;-)
<nootboot>jlicht huh why is that? maybe i wasnt clear about my intentions but i just want xorgg to start with a simple startx as one would with any other system but the X Window entry in the manual is written as though login manager is the only option
<nootboot>seems to me like that should be easier to do than to use GDM
<jlicht>nootboot: ah then I misunderstood. might still help you out, although they use xinit instead
<jlicht>in that sense, I guess you could have a look at Ludo's suggestion at the end of that ML discussion and look into writing a startx-service
<nootboot>jlicht Cool! Thank you so much! :)
<jlicht>nootboot: yw, and good luck!
<nckx>nootboot: I assume that you do, but if you wouldn't want X to start automatically you can use ‘xorg-start-command’ to create a /bin/startx.