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<JohnAZoidberg>Has anyone recently tried to use guix with an existing nix daemon? Are they still compatible?
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<Tazy>installed guix, su as root, . /etc/profile, run guix pull, run guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm, reboot, kernel went fromt 5.1.2 to 5.0.10? wat
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<raghavgururajan>sneek_ Later ask mbakke How are things with core-updates-->master merging for gnome 3.30. Just following up as it has been a while. :-)
<sneek>Got it.
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<Tazy>There doesnt seem to be any info where to place a costum package, or how to even install it. ie. upstream kernel. and all the info seems scattered across 50 wiki pages.
<janneke>Tazy: you are looking for 6.1 Package Modules in the manual?
<Tazy>i don't really know, i'm more used to reversing software and code so reading it like this seems like a chore. Which btw, that just links me to more wiki pages and it makes it harder to scim it for info. then properly read the parts needed.
<tune>for a custom package you can write a recipe and do guix package --install-from-file=mypackage.scm
<tune>or make a custom channel
<tune>for system updates, I guix pull as the user and then use sudo -E for the reconfigure. pulling as root gave me issues in the past
<tune>my typical process is 1) guix pull && guix package -m ~/manifest.scm --fallback 2) sudo -E guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm --fallback
<tune>I alias them and run them in a row
<tune>also sometimes you need to run 'hash guix' to make the shell aware of the new guix version, like right after an update
<tune>Tazy: hopefully some of that helps. afk for now
<Tazy>thanks, looking.
<Tazy>oh btw the gui installer seems to fail with grub-uefi when the partition has not set esp on. i think. had to fiddle with manual install, which worked after few tries.
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<PotentialUser-25>Hi! Is it possible to use guix services when you installed guix on another system? Or to access packages that are part of services? I cannot find php-fpm as a package, but it is referenced in the web services (
<kmicu>Hi PotentialUser-25: that subchapter belongs to Guix System 8. chapter. Services are Guix System thing and are not available on sole Guix, the package manager.
<PotentialUser-25>Thank you kmicu. So there is no way to install the underlying packages, either?
<kmicu>PotentialUser-25: looking at Guix source code I don’t see any packages to install. It’s mostly config files for PHP-FPM and they require access to plenty of the operating system parts.
<PotentialUser-25>Ok. Thank you for looking into it!
<kmicu>FYI nee` contributed those services. So that’s the best person to ask about details.
*kmicu has no idea what PHP-FPM is; seeing that the latest news is from 2011 is also not very jolly.
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<PotentialUser-25>Thanks again kmicu! I'll try and have a look at the source code. Bye!
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<rekado_>Tazy: I don’t know what wiki you are referring to. The Guix manual is available in Info format. You don’t need to hunt down information across the 50+ pages of a wiki.
<nly>I have installed skribilo and ploticus but i get this error:
<nly>skribilo file 'ex.skr':
<nly>any ideas?
<efraim>it looks like skribilo can't find ploticus
<efraim>(if %have-ploticus? (set! %ploticus-program %ploticus-path))
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<efraim>it clearly finds pl from ploticus during configure, but 'guix gc --references skirbilo' loses it somewhere
<efraim>nly: does the output of 'skribilo-config --help' give anything useful?
<nly>hi efraim, trying it
<efraim>i tried it in an environment, didn't look like anything useful
<nly>hmm no option for ploticus
<nly>this works, (set! %ploticus-program "/gnu/store/...-ploticus-2.42/bin/pl") at the top of ex.skr
<nly>thanks :)
<nly>maybe skribilo package has to be fixed
<nly>hmm, (define %ploticus-program "ploticus") in skribilo source maybe this needs to be swapped to "pl"?
<nly>maybe this will work?
<klingenberg>hi guix, I have a problem running gpg --full-gen-key, it fails with the message that no pinentry is present. Installing pinentry did not solve the problem. Any ideas?
<nly>klingenberg: what terminal are you running this in?
<klingenberg>nly: eshell, but I also tried termite with bash
<nly>this is guix on foreign distro?
<klingenberg>nly: no, I am running guix system
<rekado_>If you have ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf make sure that the entry for “pinentry-program” points to an existing program
<rekado_>if you don’t have it, create it with a line for pinentry-program
<rekado_>e.g. “pinentry-program /home/klingenberg/.guix-profile/bin/pinentry-gtk-2”
<nly>^ this should be it
<nly>also you may find pinentry-emacs of use
<klingenberg>rekado_: I only had a relative path, I will try with an absolute path
<klingenberg>nly: thanks, pinentry-emacs indeed seems useful
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<klingenberg>rekado_: thanks, using an absolute path works!
<alloy_>I'm trying to create a disk-image for the aarch64-linux platform (raspberry pi 3 64 bit), but I get a error while computing image.iso.drv. qemu-system-aaarch64 says "No machine specified, and there is no default". Any ideas?
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<ands>some python modules modules (installed via pip) require '', how do i provide it with virtualenv?
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<Minall>Hello guix!
<Minall>How can I change my pulseaudio settings on GuixSD
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<janneke>Minall: isn't pulseaudio a user process, why would it be different on Guix System?
<Minall>I usually change the configurations on /etc/pulse/daemon.conf, but it seems it is in /gnu/store
<Minall>And I can't work on /gnu/store right?
<Minall>Sorry for that disconnection
<Minall>I mean... I do have pulseaudio installed, I see it in my /gnu/store
<Minall>But I can't use any commands or anything
<Minall>I can't configure it directly since it is on the /gnu/store
<Minall>I can make an user file, but how am I sure it works?
<rekado_>Minall: configuration files will be looked for in ~/.config/pulse
<Minall>Yes, There are some configuration files there, I created daemon.conf and insert all from /gnu/store/HASH-pulseaudio12/etc/pulse/daemon.conf
<Minall>But how can I make sure that my changes take effect?
<Digit>hi guix peeps. :) just had a wild fanciful notion... what if... could there be... ... a modern lisp machine with a guile hllca (high-level language computer architecture)...? and if so... what would be the significance for guix, for guile programs, and, for non-guile (would they, could they still...?)?
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<kefas>Hai all!:)
<rekado_>Minall: that depends on your changes. What are you trying to change?
<Minall>rekado_: Adding no_resample
<Minall>Is there a command that allows me to see if the changes are made?
<rekado_>perhaps with some pactl command. I don’t know much about pulseaudio.
<Minall>rekado_: I can't use any pulseaudio or pactl commands, since pulseaudio is 'not installed'
<Minall>It is installed on my system, but nor the root nor the user has it
<rekado_>to use those tools just install it then
<Minall>I will!
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