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<rekado>there was no error message when compiling.
<rekado>strange, that
<nckx>Oh, I only tried it at the REPL. There was one. Yeah. Weird.
<nckx>Is #:use-module somehow more delayed than, for example, ,use?
*rekado doesn’t know
<rekado>maybe we should ask on #guile
*nckx knows we should; is just too tired to say hello to new people.
<mbakke>rekado: the syntax fix appears to have been insufficient:
<civodul>rekado: #:use-module ((foo)) may be valid because it's similar to #:use-module ((foo) #:prefix something), etc.
<rekado>same error as before
<rekado>zcat /var/log/guix/drvs/zr/zzmpskcs9cdn7fc8mql6f94spmxiqg-guix-extra.drv.gz
<rekado>says icecat-makeicecat.patch not found
*rekado has to leave now
*civodul takes a look
<mbakke>(guix build-system julia) probably should not import (gnu packages julia)
<rekado>all other build systems use lazy refs
*rekado –> *out*
<mbakke>they might not have to any longer though, now with the -xyz modules
<mbakke>rekado: gn!
<civodul>mbakke: ah indeed
<civodul>oh that's definitely wrong
<civodul>are you on it, mbakke?
<civodul>if we remove the first two #:use-module it should be much better
<mbakke>civodul: I'm on it, the julia argument to (lower ...) should also be (default-julia)
<civodul>so that plus removing the first two #:use-module and it seems to work
<civodul>(i'm running "make as-derivation")
<civodul>i'll let you commit that!
<civodul>these build systems are not great: a lot of boilerplate that we've copied many times... not a good sign
<sneek>So noted.
<civodul>sneek: what is not great?
<civodul>hmm, go figure
*civodul -> zZz
<civodul>good night/day!
*rekado is back
<rekado>sneek: what are these build systems
<sneek>these build systems is not great: a lot of boilerplate that we've copied many times... not a good sign
<rekado>sneek is right; I’ll allow it.
<Tazy>hate to ask, but when are aarch64 builds for icecat/ung..chromium? my device has not enough ram to handle compiling these.
<conceivably>Hi :) Is LVM support planned for Guix? Alternatively, if that's still far off in the future, what do people use for full-disk encryption instead of LVM on LUKS?
<apteryx>conceivably: Btrfs on LUKS
<conceivably>Thanks! I'll read up on that, I'm not familiar with Btrfs.
<apteryx>with subvolumes, although subvolume support (well, initscript support for kernel options) hasn't been sent/merged yet in Guix (I'm using a local patch)
<rekahsoft>apteryx: I wasn't aware there was a patch for this. Has it hit guix patches yet?
<apteryx>rekahsoft: no, I have it local only; the system tests part is WIP
<apteryx>if there is a demand for it I could sent what I have without the system tests already
<apteryx>I've been using it on my system for the last month or so
<rekahsoft>apteryx: :( I have been stuck moving to guix because I don't have a good way to have encryption + btrfs. It would also be nice if I could share my btrfs partition (on luks + lvm) with arch (different subvolumes).
<rekahsoft>Where are we on lvm support?
<apteryx>rekahsoft: I'm not aware of someone working on it
<rekahsoft>apteryx: I really like the idea of getting things out there asap (and marking it WIP), but I won't pressure you to release work without tests :)
<apteryx>eh :-)
<apteryx>rekahsoft: I've sent it already:
<apteryx>testers welcome!
<apteryx>sneek: later tell civodul M-j to insert a newline at the Geiser REPL (or anywhere, really, it's an Emacs feature) while using Paredit (see:
<rekahsoft>apteryx: thanks for the patch. I hope to put in some time to test it (no promises :()
<sirmacik1>hey guix!
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, apteryx says: M-j to insert a newline at the Geiser REPL (or anywhere, really, it's an Emacs feature) while using Paredit (see:
<civodul>C-j actually no?
<rekado>I use C-j
<rekado>but M-j also works elsewhere
<rekado>C-j is paredit-newline for me, and M-j is indent-new-comment-line
<roptat>hi guix!
*civodul just had an idea
<civodul>since our .service file in 1.0.1 has incorrect quotation...
<civodul>how 'bout changing the script to fix the .service file?
<civodul>(the script =
<rekado>sounds good
<civodul>let's see
<efraim>I'm thinking of making an enlightenment-wayland package and creating a new system example using it and conmman
<efraim>With sddm, it'll cover a bunch of 'how do I...' options
<rekado>efraim: oh, that would be nice
<civodul>efraim: +1
<civodul>rekado: WDYT: ?
<rekado>this looks fine to me
<numerobis>Hi Guix! Is there a calendar service available in guix? If not, is there an easy way to tell guix to copy the configuration file (stored in say ~/guix/radicale.conf) to a directory (say /etc/radicale) from config.scm? And, if anyone uses radicale on a guix server, would you have a definition of the service using GNU shepherd to share?
<roptat>I was thinking we could have an uninstall script too
<roptat>What is radicale?
<numerobis>It's "A Free and Open-Source CalDAV and CardDAV Server" :)
<civodul>what's a good way to test the install script? Debian live image? Docker image? suggestions?
<roptat>numerobis, there's an etc-service-type you can use to put a file in /etc
<roptat>numerobis, or better: create a service that takes a file-like object as configuration, like opensmtpd does
<roptat>that is, if we already have a package for radicale
<roptat>sounds like the kind of things I'd like to self-host
<numerobis>roptat: Yes, there is a package for radicale. Thank you very much, that's very useful!
<numerobis>roptat: I'll have a look at the opensmtpd service definition
<roptat>numerobis, you can also look at my initial version of the dkim-proxy-out service here:
<roptat>it's very similar to the opensmtpd definition
<roptat>then I added support for configuring via guile and sent a patch
<roptat>but for an initial implementation, you don't have to support every configuration option, passing a config file is already great :)
<numerobis>roptat: thanks! I don't really grok G-expressions yet, but it looks fairly readable. Great!
<rekado>numerobis: a G-expression is conceptually little more than an S-expression that has placeholders for packages (and their directory names).
<numerobis>rekado: thanks! To be fair, I don't fully grok S-expressions either. But the manuals, of both guile and guix, are quite good so I'm confident that I can learn from there.
<eric-guix>Hi, I'installed some package on my guix'distibution. And now I will reintallit on an other PC. How I can exctract a list of my package or a config file with this list inside?
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>civould: I received a project proposal for Outreachy.
<g_bor>It's about internationalization support for Guix Data Service.
<g_bor>civodul: I received a project proposal for Outreachy.
<efraim>Pro tip: it's civ<tab>
<roptat>eric-guix, for the list of packages installed as user, you can run "guix package -I", for your system, you should have a /etc/config.scm file
<rekado>ef<tab> is right, completion is great.
<rekado>The new build farm servers have been delivered by Dell and will be sent over to the campus early next week.
<rekado>Now would be a good time to have PXE boot working… wink wink
<rekado>I’m a bit worried about commit 0e8b91dbc45306984d682307d8b40b0e323bb4be.
<rekado>wouldn’t this make embedded references in the binary inaccessible?
<Paprika>Hi guys
<Paprika>I'm trying to use WindowMaker on my GuIx installation
<Paprika>it's the first time I'm ever trying Guix and I'm relatively new to windowmanagers (I've used DEs in the past)
<Paprika>Could someone help me with that?
<Paprika>the problem is that I can't get it to run
<Paprika>when I run wmaker I get:
<Paprika>wmaker(real_main(main.c:763)): fatal: oculd not open display ''''
<Paprika>I've tried searching online for solutions but am at a loss now as I haven't been able to find any
<g_bor>Paprika: it look like the display environment variable is not set. Are you on Guix System?
<Paprika>(btw sorry for adressing everyone as "guys" I hope I didn't offend anyone)
<g_bor>Do you have desktop-services in you config?
<ng0>do you run wmaker from something like ssdm, or on its own?
<Paprika>eh, I don't know what config you mean
<Paprika>I run it on it's own
<ng0>so basically you log in at tty and then type wmaker?
<ng0>this doesn't work
<Paprika>how should I proceed then?
<g_bor>Paprika: thanks for expressing you concerns. Hello guix, or hello people indeed looks better here :)
<ng0>you need x11 running. someone had a way to run startx, but essentially i nthe past it was always via a graphical login manager
<g_bor>Paprika: are you trying to run htis on X or on Wayland?
<ng0>someone managed to get wayland running in the last 12 months on Guix System? cool :)
<apteryx>civodul: I haven't tried myself, but a Debian live image run in Qemu should be a safe bet
<apteryx>(to test the install script)
<g_bor>ng0: I have one machine with sway, and another with weston, where I can simply weston-lauch after a bit of tweaking.
<Paprika>ah so I need to install a graphical login manager first?
<Paprika>something like slim?
<g_bor>Paprika: for wayland you can work around that easier. You can also get around with X without it, but it is harder.
<g_bor>I believe the simplest way to have a graphical login manager, and let Guix System take care about that.
<ng0>g_bor: nice :) if someone gets to it in Hurd, you might see that Wayland is very Linux-assuming. it was very interesting to read the larger part of porting someone of us did (of Wayland stuff to NetBSD)
<Paprika>well, I wouldn't mind installing a graphical login manager, but I rather didn't need to log in at all
<Paprika>I've installed slim now but I don't get prompted to configure it after installing
<g_bor>ng0: not a nice property...
<g_bor>Paprika: could you share you system confgiuration?
<rekado>Paprika: that’s expected. Configuration in Guix happens before installation, not after.
<rekado>ideally, a service is completely configured in a declarative fashion.
<Paprika>it's a clean Guix installation
<Paprika>I've only installed windowmaker and slim
<g_bor>rekado: do you have a bit of time to discuss the Outreachy proposal about Guix Data Service?
<rekado>g_bor: maybe.
<rekado>g_bor: I haven’t looked at the proposal yet
<Paprika>"systemctl enable slim" doens't work
<rekado>but it’s important that the mentor knows what is to be done.
<rekado>g_bor: it sounded to me like the actual implementation of internationalization for that service is unknown at this point
<rekado>it would be best to have a few low-hanging fruit tasks that the intern could work on right away
<rekado>nothing deflates motivation more than uncertainty
<g_bor>it seems that the main problem is, that Guix Data Service is a separate project, with a sole contributor, and does not have the contribution process refined yet. Could we help in improving that somehow?
<rekado>yes, it should probably get it’s own sub-repository under the Guix project on Savannah.
<rekado>much like cuirass before.
<g_bor>From the proposal, I was under the assumption, that some database-lookup based process is to be implemented.
<g_bor>What needs to be done to have a sub-repository?
<rekado>g_bor: this usually requires a request to the savannah admins. civodul did this in the past for the other repos.
<g_bor>ok, I think I can simply ask civodul to get this done, once chris confirms that it is fine by him. Then I would try to refine the point you mentined about the implementation.
<g_bor>Thanks for your precious time.
<rekado>a good proposal usually defines several stages
<rekado>where each stage depends on previous stages but in itself can be considered a sub-project
<rekado>mapping this out is often really difficult for interns, so they are easily overwhelmed as they have no overview.
<rekado>putting a few reasonable milestones in place can make this a lot smoother
<rekado>…but this requires having a clearer view on how the project is supposed to be implemented
<rekado>g_bor: thanks for taking care of this!
<civodul>howdy g_bor!
<civodul>i've seen the subject cbaines proposed, and i like it!
<civodul>i haven't clicked on anything on, mostly because i'm not sure what i should do :-)
<civodul>there are also a couple of TODOs that i guess should be discussed with cbaines?
<rekado>civodul: g_bor is the coordinator now, so we don’t need to click on anything this time around :)
*civodul refrains from clicking
<g_bor>civodul: yes, I've already offered cbaines a discussion about this.
<Paprika>can someone help me installing a graphical login manager?
<Paprika>All tutorial assume the use of systemd
<rekado>Paprika: we do almost all configuration via the operating-system configuration file (e.g. /etc/config.scm)
<rekado>Paprika: I also suggest taking a look at the manual, which includes example configurations for a minimal desktop environment.
<efraim>I think I can work around some of the rust circular dependencies in lower packages by not taking the lastest minor version, ie 0.4.2 over 0.4.6
<Paprika>thanks rekado, I can't find how to configure a login manager, though
<g_bor>Paprika: it should be enought to include windowmaker in the packages, and desktop-services in service of your operating system, then reconfigure.
<Paprika>(packages (append (list
<Paprika> ;; window managers
<Paprika> windowmaker
<Paprika>like this, right?
<g_bor>Paprika: yes, that's about right.
<nly>roptat: do you use guile-torrent anywhere? i may use it
<quiliro>Saluton Giksujo!
<nly>roptat your bencoder is very sophisticated
<janneke>how do i untar a pack.tar.gz file that comes with 0x555 directories; only root seems to be able to do that; i get things like
<janneke>tar: ./gnu/store/5s2nib1lrd2101bbrivcl17kjx1mspw6-coreutils-8.30/share/locale/zh_TW/LC_TIME/ Cannot unlink: Permission denied
<janneke>tar: ./gnu/store/5s2nib1lrd2101bbrivcl17kjx1mspw6-coreutils-8.30/share/locale/zh_CN/LC_TIME/ Cannot unlink: Permission denied
<janneke>ah, --no-overwrite-dir seems to help, thanks for listening!
<civodul>janneke: oh, how did you end up with such a pack?
<civodul>you had coreutils twice in there?
<janneke>civodul: yes, that too
<janneke>i'm wondering about some of the things that end up in my pack, but haven't been able to create a bug report --
<civodul>if you could come up with a package list that leads to a borken tarball like this, that'd be perfect
<janneke>civodul: yes, i tried creating such a pack by adding stuff to `hello', but that's all nice and well behaved -- i have a pack here with wxwidgets, gtk2 and 3, webkit etc %-/
<janneke>i'm getting sorta lost in following the dependency tree
<civodul>still, the tool itself shouldn't get lost :-)
*rekado found a problem in texlive-union which creates a union that includes coreutils.
<Paprika>g_bor[m], I don't know how to set a 'use-modules' form?
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<str1ngs>rekado: it's okay, we don't charge extra for coreutils :P
<joshuaBPMan>Hello, guix...I'm trying to get the tor to work via icecat...sudo herd status tor shows it is running.
<joshuaBPMan>I'm using the default tor setup.
<joshuaBPMan>But I've also got an iptables service configured as well...
<joshuaBPMan>I believe my I added an iptables rule to allow accept tor on port 9050
<civodul>joshuaBPMan: if you have the tor service running, then turning on the Tor Button in IceCat should be all you have to do
<joshuaBPMan>civodul: My onion brower button tells me that Tor is not running...
*dongcarl has a working version of mingw32 with posix threading... But needs to tidy up
<civodul>joshuaBPMan: does something like "torsocks wget ..." work?
<joshuaBPMan>let me find out...
<joshuaBPMan>torsocks wget
<joshuaBPMan>that command failed for me.
<joshuaBPMan>it should have downloaded the raw file.
<joshuaBPMan>well even the wget command failed tooo...
<joshuaBPMan>let me seee
<joshuaBPMan>I'm wondering if my netfilter is disable wget...
<joshuaBPMan>I'm getting a "cannot write to 'index.html' (Permission denied error).
<joshuaBPMan>when I try a wget on a simple website
<joshuaBPMan>I'll try disabling my iptables service, and see if that fixed it. Then I'll know I've set up iptables incorrectly.
*jgibbons[m] sent a long message: < >
<jgibbons[m]>"Address not found
<jgibbons[m]>Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail."
<joshuaBPMan>civodul: I've disabled iptables service, and still I am being told my the tor brower add on that tor is not enabled...
<joshuaBPMan>weird. I'll have to try to fix it tomorrow.
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<nckx>jgibbons[m]: Sounds like an issue with your ISP?
<quiliro>jgibbons[m]: i have something similar sometimes...when i go to tty1 with C-M-F1, I notice that when I go back to C-M-F7 there is nothing for a few moments and the GUI login screen appears. But then I notice that my previeos Gnome session is open on C-M-F8.
<quiliro>this is not reproducible though...
<rekado>jgibbons[m]: might this be a problem with nscd? “sudo herd invalidate nscd”
<quiliro>oh! yes it is....
<quiliro>i have done it right now
<nckx>jgibbons[m]: Never mind, I get the same error now.
<quiliro>I should have my previous Gnome session open on C-M-F7 not F8
<quiliro>nckx: is my error related?
<nckx>quiliro: No, I was talking about the mail server.
<quiliro>my error is not a deal breaker...but it would be good to can i help?
<civodul>grrr for reasons i can't understand, Guix's bash is happy on Debian with LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8, but it prints "cannot change locale" for LC_ALL=en_US.utf8
<civodul>all that without glibc-utf8-locales installed etc.
<civodul>rekado: i tested the changes in an image from and pushed it
<civodul>would be nice to automate those tests somehow
<rekado>I finally found the problem in texlive (a stray “ls-R” file!), and just built guile-cv successfully
<civodul>yay! \o/
*civodul rushes off
<rekado>now I just need to clean up the patches and push to wip-texlive
<nly>hi jgibbons[m]
<sneek>nly, you have 1 message.
<sneek>nly, str1ngs says: thanks for looking at that generic method issue. That explains why it's not working. I'll define them in a single file see if that resolves it
<nly>jgibbons[m] sorry, you can just ask on irc #nomad-browser or here
*nly summons str1ngs
<str1ngs>jgibbons[m]: there is no emails in thearchive hence the 404 error. you can sign up the ML here or we can help you in #nomad-browser
<str1ngs>jgibbons[m]: I suspect this could be a memory issue. does this happen right away. or after you have used nomad for sometime?
<valdemor>i realized that i haven't the man page for open or close, do i need to install something special to get them?
<reepca>valdemor: try the package 'man-pages'
<valdemor>it was so obvious :) sorry
<reepca>eh, it's a package everyone takes for granted on other systems. No problem!
<valdemor>yeah, i'm a bit confused :)
<valdemor>i have also problems when compiling some c code, implicit definitions, seems that i have problems with my headers
<reepca>valdemor: do you have the 'gcc-toolchain' package installed?
<valdemor>seems that it's solved now
<valdemor>thanks again
<valdemor>it was a bad source file, nothing related to guix :)
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<civodul>nckx: dmitri & sergei appear to be off-line, could you take a look?
<civodul>i was willing to finally put'em to good use
<nckx>civodul: It's the old ssh-daemon flakiness.
<nckx>I need to hook them up to the USB TTY but don't have a USB-A cable handy. One is inbound.
<nckx>Don't give away all your old printers, kids.
<rekado>just pushed wip-texlive.
<rekado>I think only one or two commits there cause big rebuilds
<rekado>the rest is just for guile-cv
<rekado>so… TeX Live is still pretty horrible in Guix.
<rekado>I’ll open a bug report with details as to how to make it better.
<civodul>nckx: heh, ok :-) lemme know when you manage to get them back to life
<civodul>rekado: yay, that's rather good news tho!
<civodul>sounds like we're making progress :-)
<nckx>civodul: What will need to happen then? Anything left on my end? Then I can take care of that immediately and not suffer more RTT delays 🙂
<civodul>nckx: what remains to be done is on berlin: key exchange, machines.scm, SSH tunnel
*nckx will probably not be on IRC this weekend.
<civodul>i can take care of that
<rekado>the profile hook for TeX Live packages should probably use texlive-union, but that’s defined in (gnu packages tex). Is it fine for (guix profiles) to depend on that module?
<daviid>rekado: woh, this isfantastic, thank you and all guixers involved in the texlive 'cleaning' process that made this possible! great news
<daviid>rekado: could it be possible to add 'Image Processing and Analysis in Guile ' in front of 'a Computer Vision ...' both in the synopsis and the description?
<daviid>rekado i canged the description before the last release, for several reasons, here is, if possible, what i'd prefer it to be:
<daviid>rekado: the 1st paragraph should be used for the synopsis, then all 3 paragraphs may be 'joined (no \n) and used for the description - thanks again for this gret work!
<civodul>rekado: no; in general (guix ...) must not depend on (gnu ...)
<civodul>though it's ok to do that lazily
<civodul>like we do in build systems
<civodul>profile hooks already do that for gtk, ghc, etc.
<civodul>(is it what you were asking for?)
<daviid>now that this texlive work has been done, it would be nice if some guixers package GNU Foliot - - which is not exactly easy either, it depends on Grip (Grip_Gnome, Grip_SQLite) not in guix yet and the following latex class/pakages (listed by the configure step)
<daviid>but please keep the original package names, grip and foliot, tx
<civodul>heh :-)
<olivuser>Hello everyone. Can someone tell me why lxqt is not (currently) as easily implementable as, for instance, gnome or mate (desktop-service-type)?
<rekado>olivuser: I don’t know. Perhaps it’s just because nobody has spent time to figure out how to configure it with a service.
<rekado>it might not be that difficult to provide a service for it, similar to what the other desktop services do.