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<PotentialUser-85>Hi, i have a question, im installing guix and after defining partitions and mount points theres a warning saying, about to format disk. All data will be lost, continue? And im dual booting i dont want all the hdd wiped out
<xavierm02>g_bor[m]: :-( I wanted to run phases separately because when packaging and debugging the last phase, it gets annoying really fast to recompile the whole thing every time.
<xavierm02>But I guess I'll just have to try and make a --cached option for guix build that caches the result of each phase
<procra>Hi,What do you guys think about the security of guix's containers compared to qubesOS'?.
<nckx>procra: Linux containers were never designed with security in mind (‘containers’ were never designed, period); they're a convenience feature, not a security one, and I don't recommend using them as such. AFAIK Qubes was designed to securely isolate components, and does that quite well.
<procra>thanks nckx
<malaclyps>there's some interesting QubesOS-inspired work going on in the NixOS ecosystem right now, and I was thinking of asking them whether their project would work with Guix too
<Minall>quiliro: Antes de irme... No podré conectarme mañana, debo de trabajar en algo, podemos reunirnos más tarde?
<Minall>Hello guix
<Minall>quiliro: Kiel vi fartas, tuve un probema de internet,
<Minall>quiliro: A que hora quedamos?
<Blackbeard[m]>Hola :D
*ecbrown is guixing out making emacs packages and stuffing them into a channel
<ecbrown>i wonder if guix is a better use-package
<nly>xavierm02 '--cache' would be super useful, could you perhaps share it?
<jgibbons[m]>What exactly would --cache do? Would it work for the source's sake or for the package's sake?
<jgibbons[m]>I can understand keeping the same source but changing the package. It probably won't change any compiled object. But changing the source would be more difficult because guix doesn't keep track of source changes.
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<nly>jgibbons[m] i think xavierm02 mentioned caching the results of phases, often times phases and their outputs don't change, but you may want to change the final phase without redoing everything from the start
<nly>I find myself tweaking the final phase often, eg. wrapping the binary after 'install. Avoiding a re-compilation would be nice.
<alloy>Hi! Is it possible to offload builds as cross-compilations? So when I need a build for a aarch64-linux it get's cross-compiled by a x86_64-linux. Couldn't find anything related and it doesn't seem to do it automatically
<xavierm02>nly: I haven't even started working on it yet. But having wasted a lot of time recompiling stuff just to tweak the post-install phase, it's pretty high on my todo list :)
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<len1>Hi, I am having problem with creating a gpg key. I am getting error no pinentry. Did anybody saw this error befora?
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<quiliro>Saluton Giksejo!
<joshuaBPMan5>Morning guix people. I'm thinking about buying a used Dell XPS laptop.
<quiliro>Kion vi opinas de ? Ĝi estas malneta.
<quiliro>Ĝi estas Giksan manlibron kaj blogon
<joshuaBPMan5>hello does guix support RAID?
<joshuaBPMan5>yes thanks manual.
<civodul>heh :-)
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 3 messages.
<sneek>civodul, wingo says: tx! regarding #1, there is -Ono-letrectify
<sneek>civodul, wingo says: regarding #2, good question! i think letrectification should be on for -O2 at least and maybe -O1. currently it is on at -O1
<sneek>civodul, wingo says: the only breakage can come from people mutating modules' internal bindings from outside the compilation unit. i am thinking that is rare enough that letrectification can be on by default, but dunno
<civodul>quiliro: looks interesting
<quiliro>civodul: Ĝi estas la verko de Minall.
<quiliro>I know this might be off topic but it is a quick question: which is the most user respecting irc client for android?
<Formbi>Weechat in Termux
<Formbi>if you're not into it, you may also check f-droid
<criticalcat>I use guix for some packages on Trisquel 8.0. Guix has an updated brlaser driver, so I uninstalled the printer-driver-brlaser trisquel package and installed the brlaser guix package for every user including root. When I try to print, cups reports it needs the file /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertobrlaser, but of course the guix driver package installs it to a different location. Would I be better off removing all of cups* trisquel packages
<criticalcat>and installing cups from guix?
<criticalcat>It seems like it would be more confusing or error-prone to symlink from trisquel-installed cups directories into guix-installed cups directories.
<criticalcat>Therefore I have convinced myself to try it.
<criticalcat>(That is, to try uninstalling trisquel's cups packages, install guix's)
<zaab>can people build libextractor 1.9 successfully?
<zaab>specifically I am running `guix environment --ad-hoc gnunet`
<criticalcat>Unknown SystemGroup "system" on line 19 of /gnu/store/v2574q7yj35ivh27hwqy07ywg6m09fwf-cups-2.2.11/etc/cups/cups-files.conf
<Minall`>Hello guix
<Minall`>quiliro: Kiel vi fartas!
<criticalcat>Seems like I need to configure cups : )
<quiliro>Minall`: Mi fartas bone. Mi komencis ledger-cli-on.
<mcmx>Hey, I'm trying to install guix on my 2008 thinkpad T500
<mcmx>after I partition the drive, it disappears
<mcmx>and then at the end of the install it fails when it tries to mount it and can't find the drive
<mcmx>when I try to do "guided use entire disk with encryption", I can see the SSD on my machine, choose it, agree to the default settings of one partition for everything, choose the password, save it, it takes a while, then asks for my hostname, after I put in my hostname and hit "Exit" on the next dialogue, go back to the "Partition" step, the list of disks I can choose is blank.
<mcmx>I'm guessing this is a UEFI/BIOS issue because my laptop is so old?
<mcmx>I don't see a /sys/firmware/efi file when I boot into the USB
<mcmx>was able to install Ubuntu 19.04 with an encrypted partition just fine on this machine though
<mcmx>like I said, I can continue with the installation but it errors at the very end saying: In procedure mount: mount "/dev/sda1" on "/mnt/boot/efi": No such device
<mcmx>I'm very impressed with the installer besides that though, super straightforward :) just doesn't quite work.
<mcmx>The answer to my question is probably just "here's a nickel kid, go get yourself a real computer"
<reepca>mcmx: I think not, working with old computers is essential to achieving software freedom in today's day and age! Unfortunately I don't know much about the installer...
<criticalcat>I am able to run cupsd with some finagling. But adding a printer is the next thing, I am used to Trisquel making this too easy.
<criticalcat>Kids these days
<kmicu>Hi mcmx: how old is your hardware? Guix System work on my Core2Duo laptop but I’m not familiar with Installer so dunno whether there’s an option there to force a non-UEFI installation.