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<jgibbons[m]><rekado "Sharlatan: you can use a system "> I wondered why /bin/bash was there...
<apteryx>still pondering if guix records could be make to pass from the host side to the build side (file-systems). Any thoughts?
<apteryx>by using ungexp, e.g. #$some-file-system-record -> then be able to use that from the build side code
<wdkrnls>Hi, I had some problem with my CMOS battery and my clock reset. Now I cannot browse the web since epiphany is convinced every website I visit is an attack. I have %desktop-services in my config. Shouldn't that cause the date/time to automatically synchronize? Is there is any way to force it?
<wdkrnls>Hmm... I read it should be in desktop services, and i see 4 directories in /gnu/store suffixed with ntp, but otherwise neither root nor my account has it on the path.
<atw>wdkrnls: I had this issue and got some help with it. I think there was a tlsdate invocation that ng0 gave me, but I don't remember what it was
<user_oreloznog>Hi Guix!
<kmicu>wdkrnls: set your system time more or less and then ntp will sync it correctly. You can use methods described on
<rekado_>jgibbons[m]: what do you mean? “/bin/bash” is only there if you tell the special-files-service-type that you want to link the bash package’s bin/bash to /bin/bash.
<bendersteed>rekado_: probably means that scripts can't find a shell to be executed if there isn'a a symlink to /bin/bash
<TempeVolcano>how long does a Guix install take? I'm getting the "substitue: updating substitutes from ''...100.0% it's been there for about 15 mins.
<TempeVolcano>now I'm getting an "uable to locate keymap update file'
<rekado_>TempeVolcano: it should check availability of different substitutes (that’s the “updating substitutes” lines), then download substitutes, and then be done.
<rekado_>TempeVolcano: are you building things from source or downloading binaries?
<TempeVolcano>Yeah, it got past that message then gave an error.
<rekado_>what’s the error?
<TempeVolcano>The last line of the error was "unable to locate keymap update file"
<rekado_>what derivation does that belong to? Can you share your config file?
<TempeVolcano>I have it directly connected to my wireless router via a cat5 cable, and I know the switch is good, my ps4 is running on it.
<rekado_>that’s fine
<TempeVolcano>How would I share the config file?
<rekado_>in order to help you we need more details.
<rekado_>please paste it here:
<Oreo_>NickServer help
<rekado_>Oreo_: use /msg NickServ help
<rekado_>or just /ns help
<Oreo_>Ugh it keeps switching me between accounts.
<Oreo_>any I'm having a lot of trouble with the graphical install, should I just install using the command line, I'm somewhat of a newbie at installing linux via command line. Although I've used command line in Linux a lot for basics
<TempeVolcano>What config file are you guys talking about. I'm trying to install guix on a blank disk
<sisyphe_>hi guix, i'm trying to package various Rust programs and every time, I hit a "In procedure copy-file: Permission denied" when the build system tries to copy the Cargo.toml file. Is the cargo-build-system broken ?
<rekado_>TempeVolcano: the installer produces a configuration file that is probably stored at /etc/config.scm
<rekado_>daviid: slowly making progress on the texlive side of problems. Got past xkeyval, but now face a problem with texlive-lm throwing an error at the last second…
<rekado_>daviid: the upside is that none of this is due to guile-cv.
<rekado_>it’s just warts in our modular approach to texlive, which is really tricky to get right.
<efraim>sisyphe_: it shouldn't be broken, this is during the install phase?
<sisyphe_>during the install-source phase
<garjola>Hi, I am using the guix package manager on Debian buster and I am having a SSL certificate error when using apps like youtube-dl (which are not from guix)
<garjola>if I set the paths for guix as mentioned in the docs I get errors like "ERROR: Unable to download webpage: <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate (_ssl.c:1045)> (caused by URLError(SSLCertVerificationError(1, '[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed
<garjola>: unable to get local issuer certificate (_ssl.c:1045)'))) "
<garjola>if I unset the paths for guix everything is OK
<garjola>any idea where this may come from?
<efraim>sisyphe_: can you show me your package definitions
<rekado_>garjola: so you only get the error when setting the variables shown here: ?
<rekado_>garjola: have you also installed the nss-certs package?
<sisyphe_>here it is :
<garjola>rekado_: thanks, found the issue with the SSL_CERT_FILE env var
<efraim>sisyphe_: The build system assumes the files are writable and that's not always the case for git-downloaded sources
<sisyphe_>ok, do you know a quick workaround ?
<rekado_>sisyphe_: you can run make-file-writable on all files.
<efraim>or use a release tarball if they have one, or see if it's available from 'guix import cargo ripgrep'
<efraim>it looks like you're missing inputs though
<efraim>just as it starts the 'update-cargo-lock' phase the next line of output is error: no matching package named `aho-corasick` found
<efraim>sisyphe_: I have some crates here I haven't cleaned up for submitting upstream yet, they might be helpful though:
<sisyphe_>efraim: yes that's the error I reach now. thanks for your help. I'm not trying to package ripgrep specifically, it was a just a quick way to allow anyone to reproduce my issue. thanks for the link, I think it will be very valuable
<sisyphe_>efraim: besides, I'm wondering where can I learn about stuff like make-file-writable ? The only way I known is diving into guix packages to find something similar to what I'm trying to do
<nlyy>Wrong number of arguments to #<procedure make-video (file hash #:optional desc lice)>
<nlyy>any ideas?
<efraim>sisyphe_: didn't see the mention until now. I pick it up from reading the source and looking at the commits. I'm not sure if its documented somewhere
<nly>ah i see it, i have already defined that proc
<nly>and the error goes away if i rename make-video
<sisyphe_>efraim: glad to know, I was afraid to have missed some documentation source
<apteryx>does anyone know how a lowered-gexp object can be used?
<apteryx>seems I can "eval" the sexp field of it
<rekado_>I want to write an extension to the pam root service, so that I can modify a few pam entries after other services have added them.
<rekado_>now the problem is that some services return a g-expression for the pam module name
<rekado_>so I can’t just match on the pam module name.
<rekado_>so now I’m doing what apteryx asked about: I lower the gexp and then match on the sexp field.
<rekado_>that’s really ugly, though.
<nly>I've made a guix channel for videos(thanks efraim) but this seems to be no better than regular http.
<apteryx>rekado_: that's indeed drifting away from elegance ;-)
<apteryx>rekado_: why do you 'match' on the sexp? can't you simply eval it to get its value?
*apteryx attempts to define a proc to serialize a guix record into an alist.
<apteryx>that'll allow me to more conveniently pass the data of a guix record to the build side.
<rekado_>apteryx: eval is even worse
<rekado_>I only want to know if the pam-entry-module of the record matches “” and then replace it.
<rekado_>it’s really inelegant that I even have to lower the gexp, because I really don’t care about what package it uses.
<rekado_>all I care about is the suffix of the string it describes.
<apteryx>I see. Seems there's no better if all you have is a Gexp
<apteryx>better way*
<apteryx>rekado_: the g-expression returned for the pam module name is already lowered? (it is a procedure?)
<apteryx>if it's a gexp, you can maybe use the string representation of it... still not elegant though.
<minall>Hello guix!
<zaab>to package a go program, do I need to package all the go dependencies for guix as well?
<dadinn>hi all
<rekado_>apteryx: it’s not already lowered. I’m accessing the pam entries via a procedure that extends pam-root-service-type.
<dadinn>I am just trying to use the Guix system install image, and when boot into it the first question it asks is "Choose the language to use for the installation process and for the new installed system."...
<dadinn>I think this is wrong! What if I am a French guy, installing a system for my Finnish girlfriend's mother?
<dadinn>The installation process has to be in French for me to install it, but the instaled systemd has to be in Finnish for my girlfriends mother to use it!
<dadinn>The wrong answer is of course: "Well, the language for IT is English, so why don't you use that instead"...
<dadinn>... because the language for IT is Chinese, you moron!
<dadinn>jokes asside... can we raise a JIRA to fix this?
<bavier>dadinn: could you please send an email to outlining the issue?
<jgibbons[m]><rekado_ "jgibbons: what do you mean? “/b"> I meant /bin/sh but i guess it's the same mystery. I will double check when i get my new laptop.
<dadinn>bavier: ok
<quiliro>minall: Vi ne aperis antaŭe.
<rekado_>jgibbons[m]: /bin/sh is available on all POSIX systems, i.e. on the Guix System it’s there even without that service.
<rekado_>it isn’t available in the build container, though
<quiliro>Saluton Guix!
<nly>dadinn lol
<quiliro>Mi vidas nun ke ĉi tio 1-o estas ŝlosilo!
<quiliro>aŭ 1--o
<quiliro>longa ŝlosilo
<nly>hi quiliro
<nly>i have made a guix channel for videos
<nly>it'd be cool if we can have more guix usage videos
<nly>rekado can you take a look at this package
<quiliro>nly: github is as bad as yutube
<quiliro>nly: please do not include my name on that website
<quiliro>it would be nice if you host your own instance of gitlab.
<quiliro>or maybe just run git daemon if your site can be reached from the clearnet
<quiliro>maybe the best would be an onion address
<quiliro>nly: by the way...i like your tube.scm
<minall>quiliro: Kiel vi fartas!
<nly>ah sorry quiliro, major oversight.
<nly>i do have a cgit(thanks guix), but github serves as a mirror because my machine is ~50% uptime
<minall>Kiel vi fartas guix!
<alloy>I'm having trouble getting acpi-call-linux-module to work. I have added it to my system packages, but it doesn't seem to be added to the list of available kernel modules after reboot. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
<TempeVolcano>My graphical installer failed to install, I was told to post the config file and that it would be at /etc/config.scm how do I access that file on the Guix USB that I used to install Guix, I can't seem to mount it.
<nly>directory /etc should be mounted by default, is it not?
<nly>the installer is supposed to write the config file 'config.scm' for you, most users write the config by hand though which is totally doable
<minall>TempeVolcano: the config written by the usb installer is on your device, for example, from where guix was going to be installed...
<minall>If you were going to install on /dev/sda, you should mount it, for example on /mnt, and then search for /mnt/etc/config.scm
<minall>It should be mounted in /mnt or /tmp
<alloy>Seems like modprobe isn't searching for modules in /run/current-system/profile. modprobe --dirname /run/current-system/profile MODULENAME is the fix
<TempeVolcano>the etc folder is empty
<TempeVolcano>Should I just reformate the USB drive and try again?
<minall>I think you should
<TempeVolcano>Thank you I will
<minall>You can come back if anything happends!
<abralek>I am trying to build pigeonhole for dovecot, but a problem I have now, is how to tell dovecot that there is another rpath for the library
<abralek>Is there any similar packaged software I could use as an example?
<minall>Hello guix!
<minall>quiliro, Kiel vi fartas!
<TempeVolcano>I re did my GUIX USB installer, that seemed to have solved the problem, but now the install won't proceed because it says that ethernet is not up, is there a way to install GUIX without an internet connection, or a CAT5 cable pluged into a switch?
<minall>TempeVolcano, No, Guix installation needs internet connection to install
<minall>It seems that your USB is faulty, you can reboot again until it finds your ethernet connection, and then until you can install it
<minall>Or burn it again, if you can of course
<TempeVolcano>Okay I'll try that
<ashjkaell>TempeVolcano: Earlier on the IRC channel, someone (don't remember name worry :x) mentionned that they had to setup the internet connection via terminal, and go back to the gui.
<ashjkaell>You might try switching to the terminal and following of
<rekado_>it seems that the problem with the WIP guile-cv package is that TeX Live’s updmap ignores most of our font map files.
<rekado_>found out why… wrong invocation of updmap-sys in texlive-union :-/