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<apteryx>is it possible to ungexp a guix record and have it passed (as its source code representation, maybe?) into the Gexp (build strata)?
<apteryx>it feels awkward to have to unbox the guix records when all the information I want is already well organized within
<apteryx>(to do something on the build side with that information)
<poet>I want to uninstall guix completely, then reinstall it using the shell script from guix. I'm using Debian. I found some uninstall instructions for Arch. Will these be sufficient for me? Is there anything missing or unnecessary?
<apteryx>poet: I think removing /gnu, /var/guix, ~/.guix-profile and ~/.config/guix should be enough, but I haven't verified.
<poet>apteryx: I think you're right. That's what I'm going to do then. =)
<Gamayun_>Anyone else using exwm with the .desktop file included in the guix package, rather than starting it from .xsession? I'm wondering were to put start up bits and env vars, as profile doesn't seem to get read.
<bluekeys>Hi guix, I've just started using the emacs package and noticed that when I installed offlineimap there were messages about 'package collisions'. What are they and should I be concerned?
<TempeVolcano>My install seems to be stuck
<TempeVolcano>After I see the Guix splash screen and choose to install Guix 1.0 I get stuck at a scheme@(guile-user)> prompt, I don't know what to do next
<Oreo_>I'm having difficulty installing guix
<Oreo_>It says "Warning couldn't read proc/stat
<raingloom>are there other packages like Idris that do not recognize multiple paths in their path variables? how are they dealt with?
<raingloom>(eg.: Idris takes IDRIS_LIBRARY_PATH as a single path and does not split it on ":" characters, which breaks `guix environment`)
<TempeVolcano>I can't get into the graphical install
<TempeVolcano>When I boot from the USB it shows the Guix grey splash screen with the option to install the iso, but when I choose it it doesn't boot to the blue graphical installer.
<Oreo_>I don't know why my nickname keeps switching from TempeVolcano to Oreo but I'm the same person. I can successfully create a Linux Mint USB boot installer but not a Guix one. :( What do I need to do to get this started.
<TempeVolcano>apologizes to anyone that responded to my requests for help earlier, I may not have seen the response because I was continually being disconnected from this chat.
<TempeVolcano>I'm having a dickens of a time getting the USB to install.
<TempeVolcano>When I choose to install Guix at the splash screen I get kicked to a scheme prompt.
<TempeVolcano>I saw a suggestion on the Guix reddit subreddit that creating a raw disk image from an already installed Guix OS might work.
***ng0_ is now known as ng0
<tune>anyone wanna take a stab at my SSL issue? I have nss certs or whatever, it just broke after a reboot basically. and it's not the first time so perhaps I had a temporary fix before
<tune>so youtube-dl and curl both are failing to work
<nly>you need 'gnutls' maybe
<tune>nly: ah! that could be it. I don't have that in system or user profile.
<tune>nly: any idea if I have to do another step after installing it to make it work?
<nly>'hash guix' at a shell should do something
<tune>no luck...
<tune>I did also try opening a new terminal in case I needed a new login or something. maybe I have to log out of my whole session. not sure
<tune>I guess I could try another tty and use curl from there to test
<nly>re-login may help
<tune>well... it worked from the other tty but oddly now when I hit ctrl-alt-f7 I can't get back to my wayland session, it's blank and black
<tune>I attached to my tmux session with irssi from a tty
<tune>I guess I will reboot, but it's probably fixed so thank you for that
<nly>here is more info
<nly>cool :)
<tune>bad news... after the reboot I am getting the error again
<nly>if https doesn't work you could open the same manual with 'info guix'
<tune>oddly my browser has worked the whole time, just curl and youtube-dl were freaking out
<tune>perhaps something related to $PATH
<nly>the manual `info guix` has some documentation about CURL_CA_BUNDLE
<nly>in section 8.10
<nly>i am unable to copy text from it with this device
<tune>alright I'll take a look
<nly>it's the same as the link i posted above
<tune>I was starting to add these environment variables but are they just for if I have nss-certs installed as the user? I put it in the system profile
<tune>I did try adding those and sourcing my .profile again and it did not seem to help. did a 'hash guix' for good measure too
<tune>maybe sddm is the problem. it auto launches sway for me, and maybe it's somehow different from logging in from a tty
<tune>restarting sway didn't fix it
<tune>okay so I tested curl in a TTY again and it did *not* work. removed those env vars from my .profile and logged out and back in on the TTY and then it worked again
<tune>so those were likely breaking it because I don't have the cert stuff installed as my user
<tune>however it still didn't work before
<tune>I tried too many things at one I think. I'm gonna now restart sway again with those env vars commented out still
<tune>okay! that seems to have fixed it in my sway session
<tune>another thing checked off the list. now if I could just figure out how to get my notifications working
<tune>hm my bemenu package in my manifest is throwing errors that it can't find the module
<tune>error: module (gnu packages bemenu) not found
<tune>it tells me to add bemenu to use-package-modules but it doesn't work. I think the issue is that it's assuming it's part of gnu packages when it's part of my channel brad packages
<tune>not sure how to correct it
<tune>might be working now, I'll find out when the update is finished. building cataclysm-dda at the moment
<reepca>tune: use-package-modules does indeed assume that it's in (gnu packages ...), but that's basically all it does - turn, for example, 'base' into '(gnu packages base)' in a use-modules form. There isn't really a way to automatically do The Right Thing based on what's in the package search path for that, because 1. it doesn't know which one you might be referring to and 2. it doesn't know which subdirectories of the package search path the
<reepca>actual packages are in.
<reepca>the short version is, change the use-package-modules to a use-modules form for that particular module.
<tune>I ended up removing what I'd added to the modules bit and it just worked after that. my memory is hazy on how the file was when I first started trying to update, but maybe I'd put something wrong there to begin with and didn't need anything
<tune>there's a chance that none of my use-package-modules stuff is needed because of having (specifications->manifest
<Goofy>Hi Guix ! Quick stupid question, I have a meeting in ~20mn and a program didn't run. Long story short, added docker service to my config.scm and reconfigured.
<Goofy>I'm will guix recompile my custom kernel too ?
<wingo>it might, if any input to the build of the custom kernel changed
<wingo>but if all goes well the service should be started when guix switches to the new config (i.e. pre-reboot)
<Goofy>Pfew, I'll have to trust the graph gods then :-) In the worst case, do you think interrupting the 'reconfigure' is a no-no or should I trust in the power of transactions ?
<rekado>interrupting reconfigure should be fine
<Goofy>wingo rekado: Many thanks :-) It seems to have worked out fine ! (And in time) Onwards to my meeting then, cya soon ! o7
<quiliro>Kiu estas la malsama inter OpenJDK-o kaj Icedtea-o? Ĉu Icetea-o estas la binaro kaj OpenJDK estas la fonto?
<rekado>icedtea is a free software build system for older versions of OpenJDK.
<rekado>(you could probably even call it a “distribution” of OpenJDK)
<rekado>more recent versions of OpenJDK don’t need any of the icedtea work; they can be built without patching and without a custom build system.
<quiliro>rekado: dankon!
<quiliro>Mi ne povis uzi la Apertium-on en Guix-o. Kial ĝi estas? Ĝi ne havas la lingvojn!
<quiliro>Ĉu mi devas aldoni lingvon?
<nly>tune did you manage to fix your problems?
<tune>there's always something broken! I sorted out the ssl thing at least
<tune>and bemenu installing from manifest
<tune>my notifications / mako still don't work
<tune>it's a wayland thing so there's possibly no one here experienced with it
<nly>nice, atleast some issues are gone
<quiliro>tune: bemenu? notifications? mako?
<nly>i haven't used manifests before
<tune>manifests are cool... basically just the advantages of packages in your /etc/config.scm but for the user
<nly>just ad hoc guix install and remove
<tune>quiliro: bemenu is like dmenu/rofi, that situation is solved. mako displays notifications on wayland. I can't get it to start. also notify-send doesn't work, but possibly just due to no notification thing to display stuff
<nly>how do you avoid upgrading a big package with manifests (say texlive)?
<tune>you temporarily stop using the manifest, basically. in practice I've canceled an update if rust or icecat have to build, then done guix package --do-not-upgrade=rust -u
<tune>and then I just apply the manifest later
<tune>so I still have a state or profile or whatever of packages that can be upgraded the other way if needed, but then I miss out on stuff like manifests being able to remove anything taken out of the list
<nly>ah yes, icecat is hard to compile
<rekado>you can also use inferiors to keep older versions of packages around.
<nly>manifests might also make sense with inferior pkgs maybe
<nly>rekado that's useful, thanks
<quiliro>I was reading about then on the manual section 4.8 Inferiors
<nly>tune there is a cool browser where the config file is in guile
<bricewge>Does someone had ago to migrate boost to python?
<quiliro>Does anyone know about using Apertium on Guix...I have it installed. But it does not have any languages. So it doesn't work
<bricewge>I can't manage to use the current python3 bindings for boost.
<tune>nly: that's cool
<quiliro>any emacs users here that have emacs entries on their blogs or know about blogs about emacs with only guix packages?
<quiliro>i am looking for tutorials for learning guix with emacs
<nly>emacs user: check
<nly>i do have some videos though not the best quality
<quiliro>nly...please send us the link
<nly>videos are at "youtube":
<quiliro>ok nly...i will view them on mpv
<nly>i am sure there are many others with better posts, who may reply in a moment
<quiliro>it would be nice to have them on media gobblin, though
<tune>if we're nitpicking, I noticed in umatrix that the site is using googlefonts. would probably be better to just have the font fileson the site
<nly>agreed, quiliro
<nly>thanks tune, i didn't notice that. It's surely an issue
<quiliro>i nice fonts on your emacs' finding features
<nly>tex gyre schola, available in guix :)
<rekado>nly: oh, you’ve got a video on using the picture language. Neat!
<tune>g_bor[m]: I'm reading old channel logs and it seems like you packaged mako. can you help me get it working on my machine?
<rekado>it’s a pity that the SVG renderer in Emacs doesn’t support effects like blur or noise.
<minall>Hello guix!
<nly>rekado: nomad can render svgs
<nly>and doesn't require the printer workaround
<rekado>I don’t think that will make the picture language work better in Emacs.
<rekado>it’s not just a workaround. It’s how Geiser works.
<nly>i was deliberately avoiding the word 'hack' haha
<rekado>heh :)
<nly>i see, i thought Pict was (intended as) a general svg renderer for guile
<rekado>oh, no, certainly not.
<rekado>it’s supposed to be used as an interactive picture language for Emacs + Geiser + Guile.
<rekado>if it’s usable as an SVG generator that’s purely accidental.
<rekado>I’m still having problems with LDAP authentication when using sshd.
<nly>it certainly is impressive as it is :)
<rekado>I see that nscd actually does perform the LDAP lookup, which is great.
<rekado>sshd also appears to get the user info from nscd.
<rekado>it just declines the password
<quiliro>i liked nly's videos ... i would like blogs where i could learn guix and emacs because they are faster cover than videos
<rekado>once I figure this out I’ll have to add a full example to the docs.
<dongcarl>Hey all, what does the timeline look like for another release?
<tune>oh strange I'm already subscribed to nly's youtube. I must have found it in the past when searching for guix stuff
<rekado>dongcarl: I’d really like to get core-updates merged first.
<rekado>there’s been a major setback with the bootstrap binaries
<dongcarl>rekado: Huh... I know that there's been a lot of major changes in core-updates... Would it make sense to get a 1.0.2 in, and 1.1.0 be the core-updates merge?
<rekado>is there an urgent need for a new release?
<rekado>because of the installer…?
<dongcarl>rekado: No not at all, I'm just asking because it would make my life a little easier as there's a command-line level feature I need that's not in 1.0.1 (and obviously you can't simulate command line features using inferiors), and the upgrade to GCC7 breaks some of my procedures. Of course this is entirely up to the main Guix roadmap, just wondering if it'd make sense :-)
<dongcarl>rekado: Is this the roadblock: ?
<rekado>dongcarl: yes.
<dongcarl>rekado: I also remember talking to mbakke about #30756, which he said there wasn't a satisfying resolution to...
<quiliro>is there a guix game that is made in guile?
<nly>tune, quiliro I think it should be easy to create a git repository with guix videos. Then make a guix channel that has pkgs for said videos.
<efraim>I have one for IETF RFCs
<nly>efraim neat. is it public?
<quiliro>nly: those videos must have free licenses in order to be able to do that....
<quiliro>and they must be self hosted in order to aviod external control or SaaSS
<nly>good point
<rekado>yay, success!
<rekado>logged in via SSH with LDAP auth.
<rekado>the problem was in the order and configuration of PAM modules
<rekado>this is a really painful point in the Guix operating system configuration.
<rekado>we can’t easily control the order of PAM modules with the current configuration system
<rekado>so things like “use_first_password”, which are order-sensitive, may not work.
<rekado>(I switched to “try_first_password”, which does the right thing when the LDAP module comes before
<rekado>I would very much like to redesign the PAM service configuration in Guix.
<rekado>I wonder if there’s a better way to do this.
<rekado>(I vaguely remember discussing this on guix-devel a long time ago)
<davexunit>has anyone ever had an issue where the guix grub menu doesn't render?
<davexunit>I recently flashed coreboot on my laptop and started experiencing this problem. I don't think this is a guix-specific issue, but I imagine other people use coreboot here, too.
<efraim>I think I had an issue where it didn't render after running 'guix gc'
<efraim>But no coreboot
<quiliro>i know this is off topic a little...although it has a lot to do with freedom...but please tell me if there is there an irc client for android that respects the users.
<nly>there is revolution irc on fdroid
<dwdv>Is there a package web interface with a search field/filter so I don't have to browse page after page till I find the right thing on ?
<dwdv>Something that also allows to search by package description.
<zaab>I'd like to hear from anyone running guixsd and xmonad.
<zaab>I do not know how to compile (you configure xmonad by compiling your config ala dwm) my config :(
<davexunit>dwdv: no, because currently that package list is not a web application. in the future it will be.
<dwdv>Alright, thanks, good to know.
<davexunit> is static sites only, but guix is moving (or has moved) off and getting a server they fully control.
<rekado>dwdv: there’s
<rekado>davexunit: we’ve moved already
<davexunit>good to know
<rekado>but we still need to install / integrate that hpcguix-web thing
<davexunit>okay so I was half right
<dwdv>Slick, that works for now. Thanks a bunch!
<zaab>If I define inputs in an inherited package, do I need to include the parents inputs somehow?
<str1ngs>zaab: the inputs will be inherited as well.
<zaab>str1ngs: thanks. I have this strange problem. I want to inherit xmonad, but also include ghc-xmonad-contrib as a dependency for my config
<zaab> this is what I am trying
<zaab>I don't know if it fails because code is stupid, or because ghc-xmonad-contrib depends on xmonad already
<str1ngs>zaab: I'm not sure if input overrides the parent when used that way.
<zaab>str1ngs: how else might I add the dependency?
<str1ngs>zaab: is it possible to use guix package --show=my-package
<str1ngs>I also do'nt see a name field which could cause problems. you probably want a unique name here
<vagrantc>gotta love this error message: "error in finalization thread: Success"
<vagrantc>rekado: where can one find updates for your gpg key? still seems outdated on savannah
<vagrantc>or at least expired
*vagrantc notes that the keyserver network is still quite a mess
<vagrantc>rekado: or are you considering upgrading to a stronger key? :)
<lprndn>hello guix!
<lprndn>I have a question about propagated-inputs.
<lprndn>When packaging something, is it really necessary to add as propagated-inputs everything from the "Requires" field of the .pc files?
<lprndn>I saw that quite often in guix sources but I always felt like propagated-inputs were something we wanted to use as little as possible. When do you use propagated-inputs?
<lfam>lprndn: Yes, if a package is listed in Requires then it should be propagated
<lfam>We do want to avoid propagation when possible but that is a case where it should be used
<lprndn>lfam: ok thanks. Because there seems to be a few packages that don't comply to this behaviour. Is it just accidental?
<lfam>lprndn: It depends on the specifics of each case
<lfam>It could be accidental
<lprndn>lfam: (just trying to understand here, sorry) ok. and do you know what motivates this policy? I mean, for example, in Nixos (and I suppose propagated-inputs work more or less the same there) it doesn't appear to be the case.
<lfam>I'm not that familiar with Nix so I can't really compare them
<lfam>lprndn: This thread discusses the subject
<lprndn>lfam: super nice! thanks
<lfam>There are probably more threads that can be found with the guix-devel archive search
<lfam>lprndn: Also on help-guix:
<ecbrown>wondering whether it is possible to disable sha256 checksumming while developing... want to "bisect" some versions
<ng0>ecbrown: #f
<ng0>but that's just bad advice, but that's how you'd do it
<kmicu>(*^▽^)/ Sharlatan
<Sharlatan>I just stambed with fact that I can't right script (bash/perl/pythong) like on classic *nix system with common fs layout :). what do I need to to put to shebang `#!/usr/bin/env ` not exists..
<rekado>Sharlatan: you can use a system service to add /usr/bin/env or /bin/bash or whatever you want, really
<rekado>the service is called “special-files-service-type”
<ecbrown>ng0: thanks! will use it with care