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<quiliro>Tirifto: Pro kio oni necesas tion funkcion? Ĉu vi montras min de okazo uza?, mi petas vin
<quiliro>Tirifto: Firejail-o
*Tirifto tuj revenos.
***Server sets mode: +cnt
<Tirifto>quiliro: Tiu funkcio utilas por sekurigi la tutan sistemon. Se aplikajho povas aliri nur tion, kion ghi bezonas por funkcii, ghi ne povas multe malutili al via sistemo, se ghi enhavus misan au malican funkcion.
<Tirifto>Mi kredas, ke IceCat ne estas malica aplikajho, sed mi ankau legis, ke retaj foliumiloj estas plej facile vundeblaj.
<apteryx>rekado: interestingly, I already had a bookmark on that page: ;-)
<apteryx>in emacs 27+, it's included as standard, so you can do: (global-so-long-mode 1)
<apteryx>we are on 26.2 though
<apteryx>I'll try to package the GNU ELPA release of it.
<apteryx>is still OK to have in my list of substitute servers?
<apteryx>it prints many "updating substitutes" lines compared to, which prints just one. I wonder why?
<apteryx>has this "bug" been addressed within Cuirass?
<mbakke>apteryx: hydra is offline permanently and redirecting to
<apteryx>that explains it, I guess :-)
<apteryx>how do I pass COLUMNS to the guix-daemon?
<apteryx>ah, set it in the daemon's environment. I guess I can set it in root's profile
<jak3b>is it possible to run non-free software on Guix, like skype?, flash?, I know not that youd really want to but its for work.
<Minall`>Hello guix!@
<Minall`>I'm having some problems, I'm trying to do a manual instalation, and i'm getting an error that says: missing field initializers (bootloader file-systems)
<Minall`>I'm not sure what to do so, I come to you lol
<Minall`>I have, on my bootloader configuration, grub-bootloader, target and keyboard layout, what am I missing?
<apteryx>jak3b: short answer: no. long answer: nooo. Joke aside, it'd be possible with lots of hassle (e.g., runpath patching) and no support from official channels such as here.
<Minall`>Can I maybe give you guys my config.scm? I'm still working to see what does it has wrong...
<apteryx>Minall`: Seems you haven't included a bootloader configuration in your operating-system declaration?
<apteryx>It is required.
<apteryx>(As well as a file-systems one)
<apteryx>I suggest you adapt one of the examples to get start; you won't have such problem.
<quiliro>saluton sneek
<atw>sneek: seen Nick832423
<sneek>I last saw Nick832423 on Aug 05 at 10:20 am UTC, saying: i am not as comfy with guix as i used to be.
<dftxbs3e>hi guix
<dftxbs3e>could anyone tell me where xgcc version for cross-base is defined? It's insisting on using 4.x version while everywhere it's set to be 7.x
<dftxbs3e>nevermind, that's not what was happening, just wrong configure options
<davexunit>rekado: writing a new ld-wrapper that strips -rpath flags was a brilliant idea. it is working very well for me. thanks for the suggestion!
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<davexunit>I should have standalone binary bundles of guile + sdl2 that work on any distro soon.
<nexgen>May I please know why have you choosen C++ for development of GUIX?
<nexgen>Would not it be smarter to use something like GO at least?
<atw>nexgen: I believe the C++ build daemon is inherited from Nix
<nexgen>Actually I prefer DotNet/Mono
<nexgen>Just wondering is there any sense to have GUIX on OpenBSD
<nexgen>Would GUIX break the whole security intentions of OBSD if used on it?
<dftxbs3e>nexgen: Ask OpenBSD devs but GNU Guix does not in itself pose a risk, if anything it would be that OpenBSD packages are audited very carefully while GNU Guix packages do not receive the same amount of security auditing.
<dftxbs3e>I am not sure GNU Guix works on BSD
<u0_a134>Guix is clean and easy to install
<u0_a134>how to add module to initrd?
<u0_a134>I install GuixSD on my chromebook
<u0_a134>but boot need kernel module to mount root
<rekado>u0_a134: you add it to the operating system configuration file and reconfigure.
<rekado>davexunit: that’s great! I’m glad this worked for you.
<reepca>I notice that emacs-magit is still getting stuck on anything that prompts for a password for SSH access. It's been like that for several months now - anyone else noticed, and if so, how are you working around it?
<rekado>I don’t see that, perhaps due to configuration
<reepca>For example, when I use magit to run 'git fetch origin' from my guix checkout, I get "Enter passphrase for key '/home/reepca/.ssh/id_rsa': " in my magit-process buffer
<reepca>(not the minibuffer)
<rekado>I get it in the minibuffer.
<efraim>do you need something like pinentry with emacs-support enabled?
<reepca>rekado: what's your openssh version?
<numerobis>hi guix! I took a vps and am setting it up with guix. Every time I invoke a guix command, I get this warning: Is there a way to resolve this?
<dftxbs3e>I could bootstrap powerpc64le-linux-gnu with this patch on core-updates: (guix build --target=powerpc64le-linux-gnu bootstrap-tarballs)
<dftxbs3e>Will try using the bootstrap binaries to grow GNU Guix in an hour or so
<rekado>g_bor[m]: hey, are you still working on Guile bindings for that networking library?
<efraim>dftxbs3e: awesome
<dftxbs3e>efraim: uploaded bootstrap here: -- I'll be updating at with final changes
<apteryx>reepca: try this in your .emacs: (require 'epa)
<apteryx>(setq epa-pinentry-mode 'loopback)
<apteryx>anyone gets this: FAIL: tests/ during 'make check' ?
<bgardner>rekado: Made good LDAP client progress, I have log entries from pam_ldap and good lookups but I have issues with anonymous calls. Sorting those out, I'll report back later today.
<apteryx>shouldn't record object be serializable (compilable) from a Gexp into a derivation?
<apteryx>I have this bootloader record that I can't pass around, because the code is in a Gexp
<bandali>hi guix, anyone know what’s with the display managers spinning up a cpu core to 100%?
<bandali>with the default gdm, it only seems to happen when i launch icecat (and not always, it seems)
<bandali>i’m trying sdm now, and it seems to happen right out of the gate, without me launching anything
<bandali>is this a known issue?
<bandali>(i’m on guix system, btw)
<bandali>huh, though sdm doesn’t seem to slow the system down as much as gdm
<bandali>i take the last message, it does seem equally bad, perf- and battery-wise
<bandali>take the last message *back
<apteryx>bandali: I don't have such problem. I'm using SliM though.
<bandali>apteryx, ah. sorry, i meant to say slim instead of sdm
<bandali>haven’t fully woken up yet :)
<bandali>i’m having similar issues with both gdm and slim
<apteryx>which process is consuming your CPU (per top?)
<bandali>gdm itself, or slim itself
<bandali>and here’s my config fwiw:
<bandali>haven’t committed the slim change, but it’s pretty trivial (as described on the manual)
<kori>hello guix
<bandali>i’d appreciate any help. this way my guix system is basically unusable right now
<bandali>(my machine is ‘only’ dual core)
<apteryx>bandali: maybe you could fire up a VM of a barebone Guix config in the examples (guix system vm config)
<apteryx>and compare if the problem is still there
<bandali>apteryx, ha, will try that after switching back to gdm for now
<apteryx>bandali: maybe try commenting out your services to debug
<apteryx>I'm not sure where/how that activation-service-type is run... could it be a child process of the session manager (slim)?
<apteryx>anyway, hope that helps
<xavierm02>apteryx: I'm not sure what you mean, but I have some code that tries to build a source for a record. Would that help?
<bandali>apteryx, hmm, yeah i’m not sure either. will have a look, thanks
<bandali>i’ll see if 1) i can boil my config down to a minimally reproducible example, and 2) if it happens in a vm as you suggested
<apteryx>reepca: actually, magit prompts the pinentry for GPG, not the emacs native epa one.
<apteryx>rekado: so you'll want to double check your pinentry configuration.
<apteryx>reepca: so you'll want to double check your pinentry configuration.
<apteryx>rekado: sorry; tab complete fail!
<bandali>btw, anyone know if it’s possible to use emacs-build-system but skip the actual compilation?
<bandali>a theme i’d like to package is currently having issues with being byte-compiled, and i was wondering if byte-compiling that package could be temporarily skipped
<apteryx>bandali: yes, I think so. You'd just remove the build phase.
<apteryx>#:phases (modify-phases ... (delete 'build))
<apteryx>but that probably wouldn't be acceptable in Guix proper; it'd be best to fix the package.
<bandali>apteryx, cool, thanks, will try that. and yeah i understand, it’s just for my personal channel. i’ll hold off on upstreaming into guix until the issue is fixed :)
<apteryx>sounds good, have fun :-)
<Guest73>where are guix profiles documented/explained?
<Minall>Good morning guix!
<sneek>Welcome back Minall, you have 1 message.
<sneek>Minall, quiliro says: Guix es definido en Lisp. No tienes que definir todito sino solo especificar los cambios. En otros lenguajes debes reescribir el código.
<Minall>sneek: o/
<Minall>I'm doing a new install on my laptop of GuixSD... But I get an error at the last part... installing the bootloader..
<Minall>Could not prepare Boot variable: No such file or directory
<Minall>How can I debug this?
<numerobis>Hi guix. It's me again with another newbie question. I can't seem to 'guix pull' on my new guix install because the derivation of python-minimal-wrapper fails, see here: For some reason, every 'guix package -i' command also tries to build this derivation first (any idea why?), so I can't install any other packge to make debugging easier (such as vim or tmux). Many thanks
<str1ngs>Minall: is your system EFI?
<rekado>numerobis: are you using binary substitutes from our build farm? Looks like you don’t.
<Minall>str1ngs: Yes, It is
<Minall>I had installed debian before, so I deleted the /mnt/boot/efi/debian file, and then the /mnt/boot/efi file
<Minall>Later, an error appeared saying that /mnt/boot/efi file didn't exist, so I mkdir it
<Minall>Now I had an empty /mnt/boot/efi directory, and then that error appeared..
<str1ngs>Minall: ahh I would think you want to mount your EFI partition to /mnt/boot/efi
<numerobis>That's another issue, I can't get the substitutes to work. Guix weather works fine but something like 'guix pull --dry-run' results in errors:
<numerobis>Thanks rekado
<str1ngs>Minall: I assume you have have a ESP partition?
<dftxbs3e>hi guix
<Minall>str1ngs: My EFI partition seems to be mounted at /mnt/boot
<dftxbs3e>what kind of build env would you recommend for building GNU Guix outside of GNU Guix?
<Minall>That's the error, In my config.scm I say that my efi partition is on /boot/efi,
<Minall>Boot it's mounted on /mnt/boot
<str1ngs>Minall: that would do it. also do you have as a filesystem in config.scm?
<Minall>thanks str1ngs , the noob learned
<str1ngs>have it as*
<Minall>Yes, I do... my efi partition and my /
<str1ngs>Minall I think guix should mount it. but I have had to manually mount it in the past before init
<Minall>Guix mounted it automatically, I touched it lol
<Minall>but it was because I wanted to modify my config.scm after installing, but you can't do that on the graphical right?
<str1ngs>also just one nitpick it is safter to mount to /mnt/guix then /mnt . this is maybe less of an issue for installer. but for running systems you can globber /mnt easily by mounting things there
<Minall>It would be awesome if the config.scm, as it is presented, there would be an option to modify it, so I can have a more working pc... for example, if I don't add a different kernel since the latest kernel freezes my pc
<str1ngs>Minall umm if you have the config.scm you can re configure after the fact yes
<Minall>But I had to go to terminal mode to modify it, Why not add it on the graphical mode? would be awesome
<str1ngs>the graphical installer is meant for people completely new to guix and scheme
<Minall>str1ngs: Yes, the graphical installer is quite good, but in case that I know what configuration I want, means, I'm not totally new...
<str1ngs>it's intended to get a system up and running. I don't see many people needing the graphical installer once they have a working config.scm
<Minall>I have to configure it manually... get out of graphical mode I mena
<Minall>str1ngs: Right, for example, I installed guix in another PC I have here, but it freezes on graphical mode, since the newer kernel gives me problems with my laptop and the PC
<Minall>What should I do then? I'm planning on after install guix here on my laptop, do a guix system init again in the PC but with the kernel 4.9, which works for me
<Minall>Or is there another way?
<Minall>Btw str1ngs, is there a way to reconfigure without re-installing grub? I had a problem before that grub was badly installed, and I can only see my newly reconfigure, which had the kernel that froze my pc, so I couldn't see my before reconfigure which worked since It had an older kernel... So basically my system totally broke, I got frustrared since guix is almost unbreakable lol
<Minall>I don't know, maybe not reinstall grub, but update it?
<str1ngs>I don't think so because guix is functional. and it hardcodes system profile paths so you can rollback
<Minall>What does hardcodes system profiles means? sorry for my ignorance
<str1ngs>when you reconfigure your system it creates a new system profile. so that you can go back to a previous profile should something not work.
<Minall>Well, I have saw two times that the bootloader is poorly installed and only shows me the newer reconfigure, if the newer reconfigure doesn't work for any reason, like my kernel problem, there's no way I know to roll back
<Minall>When grub is badly installed, the two times I saw it, it doesn't have the guix background, but bad resolution and blue colors
<str1ngs>you can slect the opther option from the grub menu. to use previous working profile
<str1ngs>though I forget the name of the grub menu item
<Minall>str1ngs: When grub is badly installed, when It doesn't have the guix background and all, it only lists one profile, the latter one, so is not possible to roll-back... when grub is normally installed, I have no problems...
<Minall>I'll come back later!, I'll reboot into my new system
<Minall>Be back later str1ngs !
<bandali>apteryx, turns out it’s the X process itself, not gdm or slim
<bandali>i also commented out every service in my config.scm but the issue seems to still stand
<bandali>since the culprit seems to be X itself, i’m not sure trying in a vm would be feasible ?
<bandali>i’ll probably put debian on my laptop and see if things are fine there. i only recently started using this machine, and before guix i’d put trisquel on it, but i don’t think it had this issue
<bandali>at this point i’m hoping it’s a guix-specific thing and not something wrong with the machine itself -_-
<dongcarl>Hey all, I'm trying to understand what the "search-paths" of a package is... and what it means to honor it
<dongcarl>I'm specifically looking at mingw-w64
<dongcarl>Does it mean that a profile generated with mingw-w64 in it should append mingw-w64's header paths to CROSS_C_INCLUDE_PATH?
<dongcarl>If so, why doesn't `guix environment --container --pure --ad-hoc mingw-w64` have CROSS_C_INCLUDE_PATH set at all?
<lispmacs>if you are trying to put together your first package, where are you supposed to be storing the package definition file?
<dongcarl>lispmacs: You can just write to any file, and use `guix build -l <pathtofile>` to build it!
<lispmacs>dongcarl: ah, okay
<dongcarl>lispmacs: sorry I meant `-f`
<lispmacs>dongcarl: okay, thanks
<lispmacs>dongcarl: to get it to build, I must add the symbol of the package object after the definition, otherwise I get error #unspecified: not something we can build
<lispmacs>is that what is normally done?
<dongcarl>No, but for `-f` it is needed
<dongcarl>Because it is building what the file evaluates to
<dongcarl>You can remove once you’ve chosen a module to place the package under
<Minall>Hello guix!
<Minall>quiliro: Kiel vi fartas!
<Minall>I'm having a similar problem with guix, with different computers...
<Minall>The two of them have problems with GDM, more specifically, it starts the gdm session and stops it, this after reaching the xorg limit, after this I can't access xorg, and I have to use the terminal mode (I'm on it right now btw)
<Minall>Because of this, I changed from GDM to Slim, but the session freezes and I'm unable to use the pc, I could access the terminal mode using SysRq
<Minall>I think is the kernel, but since I can only change from the latest kernel from the 4.9 version of the kernel (the other ones aren't defined), I'm thinking, maybe is something else, since the problem seems to be on different computers..s.
<quiliro>saluton minall
<Minalll>Hello guix!
<Minalll>I'm unable to use my keyboard when my display manager starts!
<Minalll>What can I do?
<quiliro>Minalll: Vi revenis!
<quiliro>Minalll: wait for the respawning of the X server stops
<quiliro>then you will have access to the terminal
<quiliro>did you not use your SysRq key?
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<tune>spacefm segfaults on start... does anyone use this thing? I think I uninstalled it in the past because it was broken
<tune>I get a warning that not root editor is set in preferences but I'd wager that's unrelated to the segfault. I think it expects me to configure it graphically
<quiliro>tune: please report it on bugs-guix mailing list ... possibly it will be repaired then
<quiliro>or search for a previous bug report on
<tune>that's a good idea, quiliro. I'll do that
<quiliro>tune: there are two reports for spacefm: one that includes it on the repos and the other that reports problems building it...but both are solved
<quiliro>there is a third one that has nothing to do with spacefm
<quiliro>on that search query
<quiliro>by the way rekado, I see you are involved with has an expired SSL cert
<EternalZenith>Does Guix System play well when sharing a single btrfs partition with other operating systems?
<EternalZenith>With different subvolumes for their respective / and /home directories
<tune>quiliro: Yeah, the build failure one was actually my own report from the past. Here I am later on giving it another shot.
<tune>I was just tinkering with pcmanfm and was struggling to find some functionality I wanted, so I was then going to see if it was in spacefm.
<quiliro>tune: then I suggest to reopen that bug report
<quiliro>tune: unless it is a different issue
<tune>Well, I've already filed a new one, and it *is* a different issue. I see what you're saying, though.
<tune>The past issue was that it was failing to build, thus interrupting my updates, so after a few days of that I had just removed it and used something else.
<tune>so now I just wait, I suppose.
<quiliro>this instrument is so cool... i saw it from rekado's blog:
<quiliro>for that last link
<quiliro>although it has a lot of selection for watching this weird instrument
<tune>I just installed pcmanfm-qt and it can't even launch, tells me it can't find the Qt platform plugin for wayland
<tune>I didn't realize it might not work with wayland. now I wonder if spacefm's issue is similar
<tune>I'm gonna try installing qtwayland
<tune>ah jeez it has to be built
<tune>well the error has changed but it still does not work
<tune>now I get > QSocketNotifier: Can only be used with threads started with QThread
<tune>and spacefm still segfaults also
<bgardner>rekado: Success! Client logins from guix now work with LDAP credentials via ldaps://
<rekado>bgardner: oh, great!
<rekado>could you please share your configuration?
<bgardner>rekado: Absolutely, one moment
<rekado>I have to go now, but I’ll check later
<rekado>thank you!
<bgardner>rekado: My pleasure, your shared configuration was my starting point so you were instrumental
<bgardner>rekado: My server is an openldap server on Debian, so YMMV for AD, but it does work.
<quiliro>tune: it would be useful if you pasted all that you have said here to the bug report
<quiliro>tune: with detail of what you did
<tune>Most of what I said wasn't relevant to the spacefm report and I'm not sure I care enough to open another one for pcmanfm-qt, but I might add a reply to the spacefm one just saying I'm on wayland
<tune>I did more digging and found info about custom actions in pcmanfm so I can go back to the original plan most likely
<rekado>quiliro: the Chapman Stick is great fun to play!
<rekado>it’s like playing the piano but with more control over the strings and with more range in each of your hands.
<rekado>bgardner: thanks for the config! Is the name-service-switch value similar to what I sent you?
<quiliro>rekado: is there a video of you plaing the stick?
<bgardner>rekado: It's the same, yes
<kirisime>How should I handle PHP extensions? Package them myself and then point to the store in php.ini?
<rekado>quiliro: there are a few videos from years back when I played in China. Nothing recent, though, so I can pretend that I’m better now ;)
<vagrantc>how many GB of disk space does it take to build qtwebkit these days? i had 14GB free and it ran out...
<str1ngs>it takes everything!
<str1ngs>that seems a lot for qtwebkit to be honest
<vagrantc>i recall it used to fail with less than 12GB...
<vagrantc>did a little cleanup and freed up 24GB ... hopefully that's enough