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<pkill9>how can i access the package description from the builder code in a build system?
<Sharlatan>It would be good to have variable in package defination pointing to documentation sometimes they are 2 different sources then just "Website"
<excalamus>Hi, Guix!
<Marlin[m]>hi guix
<Marlin[m]>How can i have debugfs be mounted by default?
<atw>looks like Nick832423 are playing irc-tag
<sneek>atw, you have 1 message.
<sneek>atw, Nick832423 says: yes i get the same message in the init build
<atw>pkill9: looks like you were helping too. I believe that their package was trying to make a gradle lock file in / . I think the presence of gradle in the build process of IDEA is a harbinger of "it's going to be beyond my ability to make this guix package"
<excalamus>I've exhausted the Guix videos on YouTube. I've found a few videos on and just now found a presentation from SeaGL that I haven't found hosted in either location. I know that Guix is ardently free software. Is there a specific place where I should be looking for Guix related videos? Media Goblin? Lbry?
<PotentialUser-97>i found some typos in the gnu guix reference manual. are the manuals in a git repo? where is it?
<iyzsong>PotentialUser-97: it's under "doc/guix.texi" of
<PotentialUser-97>ty iyzsong
<quiliro> can i reproduce an mkv video on guix system with mpv, vlc or totem?
<quiliro>i only get audio on mpv
<quiliro>on vlc it shuts down
<quiliro>and on totem it shuts down too
<quiliro>from terminal vlc complains about segment violation before closing vlc
<quiliro>isn't it 11 am in china?
<iyzsong>quiliro: yes, it's 12:23 PM now (UTC+8)
<str1ngs>quiliro: I had a an issue with vlc but when I cleared ~/.cache/mesa_shader it resolved. not sure if you are having the same issue
<quiliro>str1ngs: i do not have a mesa_shader file on ~/.cache
<str1ngs>do you get an error before it seg faults?
<str1ngs>also its .cache/mesa_shader_cache/ a directory
<quiliro>str1ngs: no such dir here
<str1ngs>okay, what about an error before it seg faults?
<quiliro>mp4 files go ok
<str1ngs>maybe it's a codec issues then
<quiliro>whot are the codecs for mkv
<quiliro>and are codecs necesary for vlc?
<quiliro>"Can't play a text file without video or visualizations." on totem
<str1ngs>most video files are containers it may vary as to what codec for video format it contains.
<str1ngs>the file you have can you run $ file /path/to/file
<quiliro>i do not understand that last text
<quiliro>i do this:
<quiliro>mpv /path/to/file.mkv
<quiliro>vlc /path/to/file.mkv
<quiliro>totem /path/to/file.mkv
<quiliro>totem says: "Can't play a text file without video or visualizations."
<quiliro>mpv just plays audio
<quiliro>and vlc just closes
<str1ngs>run. file /path/to/file.mkv
<str1ngs>literally the program named file
<quiliro>file command does not exist
<str1ngs>install the file package
<quiliro>not found
<quiliro>what package to install in order to have the file command
<quiliro>some mkv files are reproduced by vlc, others are not
*quiliro is installing file
<quiliro>file.mkv: Matroska data
<quiliro>is the response of the file command
<str1ngs>seems right
<quiliro>i was reading something about errors with /mk2/mn4 and not with /mk2
<quiliro>i was reading something about errors with /mk2/mk4 and not with /mk2
<quiliro>but it was from 2010
<quiliro>vlc works well
***jje_ is now known as jje
<apteryx>would it be OK to change define-record-type* so that inheriting from #f would be a no-op?
<apteryx>I'm playing with the idea of having some fields such 'bootloader' settable to false, and it seems that it'd be convenient if inheriting from #f wouldn't break things.
<apteryx>example of places where it'd be useful to be able to set bootloader to #f: For containers, where it doesn't make sense; for VMs which boot straight to the kernel
<apteryx>hmm... that may be a bad idea
<apteryx>having to check for every field before using it (it could also be true for initrd) seems more hassle than wroth.
<efraim>is there a binding in XFCEto pull up the 'run program' launcher?
<huuskes>you mean usnig the windows key to pull up application menu?
<huuskes>you can set that as a binding
<huuskes>or whatever key really
<huuskes>it will only have the desired behaviour with Whisker Menu, I think
<efraim>i see, thanks
<rekado>sneek_: botsnack
<rekado>sneek_: later tell quiliro Totem uses Gstreamer, so you will need to install Gstreamer plugins.
<sneek_>Got it.
<rekado>not sure what to make of the status of wip-texlive
<rekado>guix weather tells me that even packages like texlive-bin are not available.
<rekado>I wonder if I should merge master into wip-texlive
<roptat>hi guix!
<rekado>roptat: hi!
<rekado>wip-texlive is at 72.7% of substitute availability.
<rekado>for x86_64
<rekado>wonder if that’s enough to merge…?
<roptat>I gave kotlin another try yesterday evening and was able to find the latest version that can be built without a bootstrap kotlin: 0.6.717, from 2014
<roptat>in this versions and more recent versions, I'm able to find the right version of intellij-community I need, which I didn't find on my initial attempts
<roptat>so that's good
<roptat>but the version of the kotlin bootstrap compiler needed in later versions is "snapshot", which is not so good...
<roptat>unfortunately, I had to go to bed before I could finish building some parts of intellij-community, an important dependency of kotlin, so I still don't know if that'll work
<roptat>so today I'll try to finish that part, and hopefully I'll have an old working kotlin compiler
<xavierm02>I'm having a hard time understanding what the structure of the output of a package is
<xavierm02>like for the LyX package, I don't really understand the symlink in the install-symlink phase
<xavierm02>oh wait
<xavierm02>i think i do
<xavierm02>I was wondering how the whole thing ended up in /gnu/store/...lyx.../lyx.../
<xavierm02>but that's because of -DLYX_INSTALL_PREFIX=
<roptat>(assoc-ref outputs "out") refers to /gnu/store/...lyx/
<xavierm02>yeah yeah
<xavierm02>i think i understand
<xavierm02>I just didnt understand why it eneded up in a subdirectory
<xavierm02>and so there's one last thing I don't understand
<roptat>ok :)
<xavierm02>is the /bin folder always added to the path?
<roptat>rekado, then I'll need to experiment with more recent kotlin versions to see what I can build with it ^^'
<xavierm02>i mean /gnu/store/.../bin
<roptat>not this one
<xavierm02>so why can I call LyX when I install this package?
<roptat>but when a profile is built, it creates a "union" of packages, and so binaries end up in /gnu/store/...-profile/bin
<roptat>and that's what's in the PATH, or a symlink to it
<xavierm02>and so my profile also have a /gnu/store/...-profile/lyx2.3 folder?
<roptat>if you "readlink -f ~/.guix-profile/bin" you should see it
<roptat>yes it does
<roptat>it's the union of every package and hooks that are installed in the profile
<xavierm02>so $ ls ~/.guix-profile
<xavierm02>bin/ etc/ include/ lib/ libexec/ lyx2.3 manifest sbin/ share/ var/
<xavierm02>this looks a bit weird
<xavierm02>why is lyx the only one with its own folder
<roptat>because that's how the package is installed
<xavierm02>but shouldn't it be installed otherwise then?
<roptat>you mean elsewhere?
<roptat>it's not very important, and the comment suggests it's really needed (although I guess one could install it in share/lyx2.3 or something)
<roptat>usually packages are more behaved, they install themselves to the same set of directories, because the build systems set prefix to the output
<xavierm02>I don't understand which comment suggests it's really needed
<roptat>Exact name and level is necessary.
<roptat>so there needs to be a directory named lyx2.3 somewhere, not necessarily at the top-level
<xavierm02>One last question
<xavierm02>in the symlink phase, why is it "../lyx"?
<xavierm02>two subqustions: (1) Why a relative path?!?
<xavierm02>(2) Why is the current working directory /gnu/store/...lyx2.3/lyx2.3 and not /gnu/store/...lyx2.3/ ?
<roptat>(1) I don't know
<roptat>but it doesn't really matter either way, because they are always both at the same relative position, in the store path or in a profile
<roptat>(2) I don't understand the question
<roptat>a relative symlink is relative to the symlink, not to the current working directory
<rekado>it’s because we’re linking /bin/lyx1234 to /bin/../lyx1234/bin/lyx1234
<xavierm02>so it doesn't matter what the current working directory is
<rekado>that’s why it’s “..”
<xavierm02>I think I understand well enough to tinker more =)
<roptat>good :D
<xavierm02>Can we trace whoever added the comment?
<roptat>git blame?
<xavierm02>I think that the thing that lead him to add the exact directory is that he got the error that I get when I wrap the binary
<xavierm02>but I know how to fix it now
<rekado>s/him/them/ ;)
<xavierm02>yes, sorry
<xavierm02>idk how to use git blame and it doesnt look too easy :o
<rekado>Danny added the comment.
<rekado>you can run “git blame gnu/packages/tex.scm” and it shows you who last touched a line.
<rekado>for “Exact name and level is necessary” the result is:
<rekado>ec40a0501f0 gnu/packages/tex.scm (Danny Milosavljevic 2018-03-13 03:20:53 +0100 5566)
<xavierm02>thanks :-)
<xavierm02>Hm. He doesn't look too active recently
<rekado>brutelumpen: hi!
<rekado>hmm, only 50% substitutes for i686-linux on wip-texlive. Guess this will take a little longer than I thought.
<apteryx>wouldn't the derivation of os include the derivation of bootcfg? I'm looking at vm.scm and thiking about that
<apteryx>(guix gnu system vm)
<pkill9>how do grafts work? what do they change in the package that is grafted?
<roptat>they substitute a store path hash with another
<roptat>it creates a new package (store path) whose content is exactly the same as another package, but where any reference to some hash is replaced by another hash
<roptat>it doesn't decompress anything, it only looks for fixed strings
<xavierm02>In , it is said "Use reliable URLs, not generated ones. [...] Don’t use the name field in the URL: it is not very useful and if the name changes, the URL will probably be wrong."
<xavierm02>But there seems to be a lot of package that use the name field in the URL
<xavierm02>did the convension change?
<rekado>xavierm02: yes
<rekado>Guix is older than some of the conventions that we formalized when it became necessary
<xavierm02>so which one is the new convention?
<rekado>what the manual says, of course
<xavierm02>ok :-)
<lprndn>Hello guix!
*rekado updates all R packages
<pkill9>roptat: does it work for every type of file? any types of binaries where it doesnt work?
<xavierm02>rekado: Would it be a bad idea with respect to version control to remove the use of the name variable in URLs in many packages in a single patch? Is there a reason for it not to be done other than not being apriority?
<xavierm02>rekado: About URLs, i having one built from the version number fine? Or should it really be constant?
<alexanderbarbosa>what flatpak?
<alexanderbarbosa>lemme try
<alexanderbarbosa>is there any chance of vscodium making it into guix? and other floss editor versions?
<arshin>alexanderbarbosa: vscodium is binary distribution, so no. versions built from source (MIT) should be acceptable I think
<alexanderbarbosa>well, vscodium has a cookbook on how to install vscodium without weirdness features...
<arshin>then you're talking about building vscode from src
<alexanderbarbosa>I usually do that so to be 'inside'...
<alexanderbarbosa>hoho supertux
<rekado>xavierm02: it’s best to avoid big commits like that. If you’re touching the package anyway you could use the opportunity to change the URL.
<rekado>xavierm02: the version should still be used from the version field. It’s just about using “name”.
<efraim>fun copy-paste error:package `arrayfire@3.3.2' has an invalid input: (build-system cmake-build-system)
<lprndn>Does anyone would be interested or willing to help for something like a program in possibly fhs compliant container under Guix? I've got some very ugly and dirty almost working procedures but I'm not sure I can bring this further on my own...
<atw>sneek: seen Nick832423
<sneek_>I last saw Nick832423 on Aug 05 at 10:20 am UTC, saying: i am not as comfy with guix as i used to be.
<quiliro>Saluton Guix!
<sneek_>Welcome back quiliro, you have 1 message.
<sneek_>quiliro, rekado says: Totem uses Gstreamer, so you will need to install Gstreamer plugins.
<xavierm02>That was meant to be a search >_<
<xavierm02>lprndn: Have you seen
<lprndn>xavierm02: Thanks! I'll look into this!
<Minall>Hello guix!
<Minall>I'm installing guixSD on a PC, the system seems to not detect my wireless card, any help_
<lispmacs>hi, I have guix installed on a Debian 9 x86_64 system. I installed emacs-26.2 and emacs-guix into my user profile. I can run M-x guix, and the pop-up appears, but many of the commands I try to do die with a message about an undefined function. Am I suppose to load something else first?
<Minall>running ip link doesn't give me my wireless adapter, on other systems its existent though
<quiliro>Minall: saluton...uzi
<Minall>quiliro: Kiel vi fartas!
<Minall>Ok, but the device should be detected right?
<quiliro>lspci -vmmnn
<quiliro>"analice la salida de la orden lscp"
<quiliro>"analice la salida de la orden lscpi"
<quiliro>Minall: lspci should detect it
<quiliro>but it could not be used in case it uses nonfree drivers or firmware
<Minall>Yes, it is detected, Qualcomm Atheros, wireless controler
<quiliro>it cauld not be used to its full potential even with nonfree parts
<quiliro>paste it on h-node
<quiliro>the result of 'lspci -vmmnn'
<quiliro>it could even be used agianst the user if used with nonfree parts
<Minall>I'm dead now lol
<Minall>Let's try to use it, but with free software!
<Minall>I'll paste it
<quiliro>death is not the worst pain
<Minall>Which one is?
<quiliro>the worst pain is death of a loved one
<Minall>That's deep
<quiliro>in my case, i love learning!
<quiliro>so death of learning would be my worst pain
<quiliro>i love my family too...just in case you wonder
<quiliro>Minall: código VendorID:ProductID del dispositivo ?
<quiliro>mi volas vidi
<Minall>jaja ol
<Minall>It says that it is supported with free software....
<quiliro>i want to see!
<Minall>Now what?
<lispmacs>there is a bug warning not to mux Guix and MELPA emacs-guix installations, which produces the same error, but I only have Guix installation
<quiliro>bonan novaĵon!
<quiliro>Minall: código VendorID:ProductID del dispositivo ?
<lispmacs>internal guix REPL says version is 2.2.4, which matches dependency of emacs-guix package
<Minall>Lite-On Communication Inc {11ad}
<quiliro>Minall: VendorID:ProductID
<Minall>02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)
<Minall>It does work with free software
<Minall>What could it be then ç
<quiliro>lspci -d 02:00.0 -n
<quiliro>lspci -s 02:00.0 -n
<Minall>02:00.0 0280: 168c:0036 (rev 01)
<Minall>btw, I have the same error with GDM that we had in the other openchrome pc's
<quiliro>lspci -s 02:00.0 -nn
<Minall>02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter [168c:0036] (rev 01)
<Minall>Maybe I should install a wifi driver or something_
<quiliro>it is exactly the same device as yours
<quiliro>weird that it does not work
<quiliro>works on trisquel 7
<Minall>It works with free software
<quiliro>would you please test the machine with a live trisquel 8?
<Minall>I'll try it then
<quiliro>if it works, we're on a good path
<quiliro>we are already on a good path because i think it is free
<Minall>Its strange it doesn't work
<quiliro>perhaps it is off?
<quiliro>by hardware
<Minall>trisquel 8 installation was released 2018, is it still mantained?
<Minall>How can I check that?
<quiliro>read you machine's manual
<quiliro>do you think installing guix right now on another machine will help you finish your tasks which you could do on the other machines?
<Minall>Mhh, perhaps not, I can use it by ethernet, then I'll have internet
<Minall>and I have one big PC with guix, so I can use both
<quiliro>maybe it is best to finish the other machine's firmware problem first
<Minall>The graphics driver? you right... but atleast I can get emacs working on it
<quiliro>i removed linux-nonfre on the work machine
<quiliro>did you see it?
<Minall>I didn't I haven't powered up,
<Minall>Why did you (i'm joking)
<Minall>Maybe guix just isn't loading the module
<Minall>The usb didn't detect my wifi either
<Minall>So, perhaps it installed the system without wifi since it was detected as a PC
<Minall>I just have to load the modules, maybe
<Minall>Which are, no clue
<Minall>The module is ath9k, its loaded at boot, and linux-libre does have it
<Minall>But I can't load it
<Minall>I'll reboot to try something!
<Minall>Hello guix!
<Minall>Welp, basically that's the problem
<Minall>There's a reason why the kernel isn't loading th9k module,
<vagrantc>sneek_: later tell Minall maybe you need the ath9k firmware package also installed?
<sneek_>Got it.
<quiliro>sneek_: later tell Minall you said the module was loaded, now you say it is not loaded...has the situation changed or did you correct your afirmation?
<sneek_>Will do.
<quiliro>rekado: I installed the gnome desktop, does it not include the gstreamer plugins? if it does not, how can i install them?
<quiliro>rekado: i could only find gst-plugins-ugly, i will install it
<quiliro>rekado: but i wonder what happened with gst-plugins-[good|bad]
<quiliro>--vortaro dago
<quiliro>.espdic dago
<g_bor[m]>Hello guix!
<quiliro>hello g_bor[m]
<bandali>hi guix
<bandali>i’m having trouble packaging an emacs theme collection
<bandali>here’s what i have so far:
<bandali>the build fails with a weird error in the end
<bandali>the error started to show up when i added the (arguments `(#:include …)) bit
<bandali>but i’m not sure what i’m doing wrong
<rekado>bandali: what errors do you get?
<bandali>rekado, this is the output:
<bandali>not sure what to make of it
<bandali>(note: i’m very much a packaging newb so, … :))
<bandali>also noticed that i was missing (propagated-inputs `(("emacs-all-the-icons" ,emacs-all-the-icons))), but even with that the build still fails
<nckx>mbakke: <ssh-daemon failing to start> No, sorry, I can't SSH into the machine from my holiday 🙂 It does sound similar to what lfam (et al?) once reported, although I thought that was fixed.
<bandali>is there any way to get a more verbose error message out of emacs-build-system?
<rekado>bandali: I’ve never seen “Bytecode overflow”, but then I haven’t done much Emacs packaging.
<rekado>what does the #:include list accomplish?
<rekado>the comments in the build system make it sound like it only affects installation
<rekado>ah, in the emacs-build-system install happens before the build phase.
<rekado>so doom-Iosvkem-theme.el gets installed, then in the build phase it’s supposed to be compiled
<rekado>then Emacs chokes.
<bandali>rekado, i added that #:include in order to include the actual theme files that are under themes/ in the repo
<bandali>i’d also tried moving themes/*.el files to the top level, but iirc i was getting a similar error
<Minall>Hello guix! I need help
<sneek_>Minall, you have 2 messages.
<sneek_>Minall, vagrantc says: maybe you need the ath9k firmware package also installed?
<sneek_>Minall, quiliro says: you said the module was loaded, now you say it is not loaded...has the situation changed or did you correct your afirmation?
<rekado>bandali: I think you did everything right in your package definition.
<rekado>bandali: is there something interesting about this file that it tries to compile? Why “overflow”?
<Minall>My wifi device isn't listed on ip link, but it is on lspci... I investigated a lot, and it seems that I need to use the module 'ath9k' which is not loaded at boot by any reason...
<Minall>How can I load the module, or see if it is blacklisted_? I'm trying to use modprobe but it gives me an error
<bandali>rekado, i’m not even sure… but i *just* found this:
<Minall>quiliro: Kiel vi fartas!
<bandali>so indeed, it doesn’t seem to be anything on our end. i’ll keep an eye on that issue to see what happens
<Minall>Is there any part in the manual that describes packages? or where I can see if they are blacklisted?, on other systems it is on /usr/, but of course guix is different on that
<Minall>btw... how can I use sddm on guix? I'm trying to add it to my config.scm, but nope
<vagrantc>Minall: if you're using %desktop-services you have to also remove gdm-service
<Minall>vagrantc: Yes, I removed with help of the manual
<Minall>And I can add slim-service type well
<Minall>But, when trying to load sddm, it goes like: undefined variable' did you forget use-modules form?
<Minall>Is there a guix package that I need to install in order to have the module ath9k (for wireless) loaded? I just need that module in order to use my wireless
<quiliro>Minall, would you test: sudo lsmod ath9k
<quiliro>i am not sure if that is the module name
<Minall>Usage: lsmod
<quiliro>Minall: why do you think you need that module?
<Minall>That's the output
<vagrantc>you don't need sudo
<vagrantc>lsmod | grep ath9
<Minall>Welp, that would explain why my wireless isn't loaded
<quiliro>Minall: what is 'welp'?
<Minall>And is the module that my wifi device uses..
<Minall>Welp = well
<quiliro>how do you know it is the requiered module?