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<bluekeys>Hi guix, can i configure bash in config.scm. I want to enable vi keys
<kori>isnt it just an option?
<FennecCode>I updated Guix using "guix pull", but emacs-guix isn't showing the updated package listings when I do commands like "guix-search-by-regexp"
<bluekeys>kori: Do you mean an option in config.scm? Maybe, I'm just not aware of it, or how to find it.
<alexande`>kori: why not .bashrc?
<bluekeys>i can set it in .bashrc, but thought it also might have a place in config.scm
<alexande`>Unless Bash has compilation choice to set it use vi binds, i dont think that guix can do beyond that...
<kori>alexande`: thats what i meant
<Minall>Hello guix!
<Minall>quiliro: Kiel vi fartas!
<excalamus>Guix, the home heating system
<ItsMarlin>Hi guix
<ItsMarlin>what have you been up to?
<excalamus>ItsMarlin: I'm trying to learn how to create packages in Guix. Rereading the manual and taking notes.
<excalamus>How about you?
<str1ngs>use .inputrc to set vi binds
<str1ngs>bash uses readline .inputrc is used for all readline programs
<nlyy>lol what? ice-9/eval.scm:293:34: no binding `gcc-toolchan-8' in module (gnu packages commencement)
<nlyy>nvm, it's my fault
<bluekeys>Hi guix
<bluekeys>What benefit do emacs-* packages give over those in melpa already?
<str1ngs>function package management
<bluekeys>ok tx
<alexanderbarbosa>emacs has its functional package manager: straight.... :D
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<pkill9>why does the "name" variable passed to the builder code contain the version ?
<mbakke> is nigh unreachable after switching off the CDN
<mbakke>I wonder if a Varnish cache in front of Cuirass would help at all?
<Nick934827>i am quite satisfied with Guix now and think about running it in production (replacing debian) but i need IDEA running, how do i do that?
<Nick934827>i tried installing it but it cant find anything (of course)
<nixo_>Nick934827: what is IDEA?
<nixo_>oh I see. But I can't help sorry
<Nick934827>who can?
<efraim>I see they have a snap but we don't support that. If they have a flatpack that could work
<pkill9>they provide a tar.gz, which assuming it's a precompiled portable bundle means you can make a package definition that patches it to use guix libraries
<Nick934827>do Java things work at all on Guix?
<Nick934827>yeah the tgz is containing everything
<Nick934827>there own java included
<pkill9>also it may work with my filesystem hierarchy standard service, though that means relying on me, so you may not want to do that, lol
<pkill9>i'm gonna test it now
<pkill9>just downloading it
<Nick934827>what is this service doing exactly?
<Nick934827>and why does it rely on you?
<pkill9>it lets you run application bundles
<pkill9>that you download from a wesite
<pkill9>it relies on me because it's in my channel and i maintain it for myself
<pkill9>but i posted a patch for it to the dev mailing list but no one repsonded
<pkill9>it's in this module in my channel
<Nick934827>i could mirror it
<PotentialUser-11>is intel's iwlwifi driver supported by guix/linux-libre?
<pkill9>sadly no PotentialUser-11
<PotentialUser-11>isn't that driver open source though?
<pkill9>i think it's because the firmware is closed
<pkill9>but yea the driver is free software
<PotentialUser-11>firmware is not included in the distro though
<Nick934827>nonfree firmware is not included
<PotentialUser-11>distros come with firmware?
<Nick934827>of course
<PotentialUser-11>i thought firmware is built into hardware
<Nick934827>how else would the monitor work
<PotentialUser-11>why does a distro need to include it?
<pkill9>firmware is delivered tot he hardware by the kernel so it can be updated
<pkill9>but the firmware is closed source typically
<PotentialUser-11>i thought the distro only supplied the drivers
<pkill9>as in, so the firmware can be updated
<PotentialUser-11>but firmware is baked into hardware
<PotentialUser-11>like in flash chips
<pkill9>oh yea, not all hardware has firmware delivered to it by the kernel
<pkill9>depends what the manufacturer decides i guess
<PotentialUser-11>hmm i see
<Nick934827>any news on IDEA on guix
<PotentialUser-11>and wifi adapters have their firmware delivered?
<PotentialUser-11>stack overflow seems to say yes
<PotentialUser-11>thanks for the info all
<Nick934827>how do i package idea, it would be nice
<pkill9>Nick934827: i just tested it with my fhs service and it works, just add my channel, or a copy of it, to your guix channels, and then add it to your services like in my config as an example:
<Nick934827>cool, thanks,
<Nick934827>but i would like to help packaging the official IDEA for guix
<pkill9>that would be great! i just suggested this service as a temporary solution so you can atleast use it
<pkill9>gotta go
<Nick934827>ok bye
<Nick934827>is it possible to generate the idea from nix?
<Nick934827>the package definition i mean
<vup>there is a nix importer
<vup>guix import nix
<vup>however i have never used it
<vup>Nick934827: ^
<Nick934827>how do i do a package that does not build from source
<Nick934827>has noone ever used android studio on guix and build a package for it?
<Nick934827>how do i create a package for IDEA if a nix package exists or a binary bundle exists
<Nick934827>i cant move forward
<Nick934827>sooo... guix import nix doesnt work
<Nick934827>i still dont know how to build packages because its poorly explained
<Nick934827>great x2
<Nick934827>it doesnt exactly explain how to pull it of
<vup>how to pull what of?
<Nick934827>i am reading this since one hour and just know how to get simple C programs to work
<Nick934827>how to create an package for IDEA
<vup>well guix doesn't really have good support for binary, nonfree packages
<vup>so you won't really find any official documentation on that
<vup>but you could for instance take a look at this repository
<Nick934827>> so you won't really find any official documentation on that
<Nick934827>for open source sofware?
<Nick934827>are you kidding
<Nick934827>^ the source
<vup>ok, you're talking about the community edition
<vup>so looking at the repository it's compiled with ant
<Nick934827>what is ant?
<vup>its a build system for java
<Nick934827>ah ok
<Nick934827>and how do i use that in guix?
<vup>so you'll want to start out with something like here
<vup>and replace gnu-build-system with ant-build-system
<Nick934827>wait a sec
<vup>well actually it seems like you need idea to build idea
<vup>that will be reall
<vup>really hard to get done in guix
<Nick934827>so i did this now
<Nick934827>i am downloading the file and generate the hash
<Nick934827>what should i do with this ?     (inputs `(("gawk" ,gawk)))
<Nick934827>should i replace it with     (inputs `(("openjdk" ,openjdk)))
<vup>ant-build-system will automatically pull in icedtea
<vup>so just remove it?
<Nick934827>vup how did you know it uses ant btw?
<vup>(the readme)
<Nick934827>oh, at the bottom
<Nick934827>havnt seen that line
<Nick5532245>so, how do i build from this file?
<Nick5532245>i get this
<Nick5532245>hint: Did you forget `(use-modules (guix packages))'?
<Nick5532245>but its already in the file
<Nick5532245>vup, still there?
<vup>easiest way is probably to add `idea` as the last line of the file and then `guix build -f file.scm`
<vup>also there is a `)` missing in line 6
<Nick5532245>guix build: error: idea`: not something we can build
<vup>leave out the `'s
<Nick5532245>OMG it tries to buil
<nckx>rekado: That is good firewall news. I've sent you the deets and a question.
<excalamus>Hi, guix!
<Nick5532245>everytime i download a source from github its different
<Nick5532245>the hash i mean
<Nick5532245>am i doing something wrong?
<Nick5532245>is there somewhere a service where i can host the source tar.gz and its hash stays the same?
<rekado>Nick5532245: use git-fetch instead.
<rekado>mbakke: the problem is not with networking or server power; it’s with fibers (or how Cuirass uses them)
<rekado>we should separate the web interface from the rest.
<rekado>next week I’m trying to get IT to configure a 10G port on the core switches for that machine.
<Nick5532245>rekado how do i use git-fetch in a guix package?
<mbakke>rekado: so the Cuirass web interface being 100% unavailable since turning off the CI is coincidental?
<mbakke>*turning off the CDN
<mbakke>rekado: cuirass.log prints "file descriptors: 1024" continuously
<Nick5532245> and how do i hash it?
<mbakke>Nick5532245: `guix hash -rx /the/source/directory`
<mbakke>after checking out the tag you want
<Nick5532245>ok, and how do i get that into a package.scm?
<Nick5532245>is somewhere an example?
<Nick5532245>nvm found it in the artwork pack
<Nick5532245>GNOME thinks my timezone is in london but i specified berlin in the config.scm
<Nick5532245>is this a known bug?
<Marlin[m]>Hi guix, does anybody here use chroot to run binaries and appimages? If so, can i get some help?
<rekado>Nick5532245: yes.
<rekado>mbakke: yes, that fd error is the symptom.
<rekado>mbakke: previously you’d hit the cache more often, but the problem is with Cuirass. We should fix that instead of covering up the problem with an extra layer of caching.
<rekado>I’m sure we don’t have >1024 simultanous connections to be served.
<buhman>I'm having trouble understanding this error, in a channel/package I am working on: ; I am able to build that package with `guix build -f`, however.
<rekado>buhman: if that package is free software, can you please share the definition with us?
<pkill9>Marlin[m]: i think the way binaries/appimages are typically run on guix is patching the interpreter path and running htem with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set
<pkill9>but there is another way to run them without patching them at all, using my fhs compatibility service:
<buhman>is it possible to get a useful backtrace or pointer to where the offending #f came from?
<Marlin[m]>wow, i'll take a look at it, pkill9
<Marlin[m]>is there any way to make packages from arch pkgbuilds?
<buhman>huh, I just found
<nckx>Marlin[m]: They're usually pretty straightforward to rewrite in Scheme if you know a bit of both!
<rekado>ugh, I upgraded my system on a workstation and *again* i can’t start gnome-shell :-/
<nckx>buhman: Please don't post links to non-free software in Guix channels.
<buhman>oh, sorry about that
<rekado>Deleted .local/share, /var/lib/gdm, — didn’t help. Had to move .cache away: worked.
<rekado>gdm + gnome-shell on Guix is not fun.
<rekado>(don’t know if they are fun elsewhere)
<nckx>I thought GDM was the default DM on Guix now?
<rekado>perhaps that’s not a good idea
<rekado>it seems to work fine as long as you don’t change anything.
<rekado>after upgrades it regularly fails in non-obvious ways
<rekado>no good error messages either.
<rekado>just segfault
*rekado writes to guix-devel
<Marlin[m]>buhman hey man, we who have personal nonfree channels are not proud of it, okay? :'(
<Marlin[m]>Gdm always gave me a loop
<Marlin[m]>it tried to start and crashed for about 300 times
<Marlin[m]>No such issue with slim
<nckx>buhman: An honest mistake is fine 🙂
<buhman>sorry, was just trying to learn about writing packages; not trying to upset anyone :)
<excalamus>ttfn my fellow guix!
<rekado>Marlin[m]: the loop can probably be broken by deleting /var/lib/gdm
<rekado>it’s terrible.
<pkill9>i think i had that loop problem as well
<pkill9>i use SDDM
<pkill9>(now i use SDDM, the loop problem was with GDM not SDDM)
<pkill9>(i think)
*nckx doesn't understand why this only seems to affect Guix so badly.
<nckx>Anyone grepped these binary cache files for store names, perchance?
<rekado>didn’t find anything there. Might be compressed or something.
<nckx>Yeah, it was a pretty obvious suggestion 🙂
<nckx>Can't connect to my server at home ('the one with all the files') for the next week because starting ssh-daemon was too much trouble.
<nckx>Fun with Guix.
<mbakke>nckx: I heard another report of ssh-daemon failing to start, do you know any other details?