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<atw>OriansJ: ah I overlooked noncommercial. Rats!
<PotentialUser-63>Hey, hope your day is going great. Could you help me with my issue?
<PotentialUser-63>im trying to install libreboot in x60 with Guix installed, however when I run sudo ./flash i945lenovo\_firstflash .......rom
<PotentialUser-63>asks me for my password and then fails and says “sudo: unable to execute ./flash: No such file or directory”
<buenouanq>so how can I help with fixing this rust thing?
<buenouanq>I need icecat...
<buenouanq>is the calibre build problem the same? I'll try that one again in a minute.
<PotentialUser-51>hi there :)
<Lukas4454>hey, sold my pc, got a new one
<Lukas4454>aaaaah wat a beoutiful night to fix errors in the installer again
<Lukas4454>grub-install: error: failed to get canonical path of `none'
<Lukas4454>how to fix this?
<Lukas4454>please help me getting guix to work properly
<Lukas4454>it seems like i again found a bug in the installer
<Lukas4454>oh hey
<Lukas4454>more users
<Lukas4454>i have less than an hour btw
<Lukas4454>i think it tries to install the efi bootloader into an ext4 fs... dont know why your installer does this
<Lukas4454>i dont know how to manually do that so i really could need a hand
<Lukas4454>i mean it benifits for you if i find bugs right?
*Lukas4454 yawns at 1:26 am
<xavierm02>Lukas4454: Given how things are going, I think you might want to just install Debian and use Guix a a package manage rin it.
<xavierm02>Just do the partitioning manually then
<xavierm02>An efi partition mounted on /boot/efi
<xavierm02>idk what size but google should know
<xavierm02>and the rest of the disk mounted on /
<xavierm02>in ext4
<Lukas4454>ya i know
<Lukas4454>im just bad at scheme
<Lukas4454>im an ex Arch user
<xavierm02>are you encrypting your filesystem?
<xavierm02>Lukas4454: ^
<xavierm02>you can probably just copy the file-systems field from any of the million of guix configs posted online
<Lukas4453>Just found the problem
<Lukas4453>Had my partition table to msdos instead of gpt
<Lukas4453>Kinda my bad but it would be nice if the installer says something about this
***gnubie is now known as Guest10916
<Guest10916>I am setting up guix on raspbian using documentation in "Binary Installation". I am not sure reading the documentation what should be the correct .bashrc and .bash_profile setting. Under /var/guix/profiles/per-user/<uname>/ there is both "guix-profile" and "current-guix". Should they both be in the PATH? What is the correct $PATH setting for both r
<Guest10916>oot and user?
<samplet>Guest10916: Both of them should be in your path, with “current-guix” taking precedence.
<Guest10916>samplet: thanks
<Guest10916>I am not sure where exactly recommended PATH entry is written in the documentation. I too found it out in this yt link while waiting for the answer.
<kori>hello guix
<buenouanq>rust-1.19.0 and qtwebkit-5.212.0-alpha3 fail to build on i686
<buenouanq>causing icecat and calibre from being built respectively
<buenouanq>how can I help get these fixed?
<Gamayun>buenouanq: Anything useful in the build logs?
<lispmacs>buenouanq: i asked a similar question a week or so ago, and somebody here pointed me to a bug they had filed with rust project to that effect, with a lot of detail, but I'm having trouble finding the link
<buhman>I pulled from a broken guix channel, and I haven't found an obvious way to recover from this. Suggestions?
<buhman>wow, this is actual magic:
<buhman> seems like this isn't in the manual (yet)?
<sammich>im trying to run 'cargo run' on a project but im getting an ssl error, are there environmental variables that cargo needs to run on guix?
<nixo_>rekado_: Hi, I was havning a look at the fixes you suggested for the julia-build-system. To set the JULIA_LOAD_PATH I should change the julia package to include the "native-search-paths" field?
<nly>hi guix
<nly>can somebody help me compile guile-nacl?
<nly>i'm a noob when it comes to autotools
<nly>looks like julius have changed their license to be more 'free'
<nly>it's bsd-3-clause now
<xavierm02>What's considered less ugly between a substitution in all files (/usr/local/share/lyx -> /gnu/store/....lyx...) or giving an argument to the program (lyx -sysdir /gnu/store/...lyx...), given that I need a wrapper anyway?
*davexunit updated guile-next to 2.9.3
<xavierm02>fatal: unable to find remote helper for 'https'
<xavierm02>when I run git pull
<hulten>Hello! Does anyone here have experience with using ConTeXt on Guix?
<hulten>I get this error when running 'context test.tex': «mtxrun | unknown script 'context.lua' or 'mtx-context.lua'».
<quiliro>saluton Guix!
<minall>Hello guix!
<minall>quiliro: keil vi fartas
<hulten>Pardonu min, mi ne sciis ke ni parolu Esperanton ĉi tie.
<hulten>Do... mia demando estis ĉu iu havas sperton kun ConTeXt sur Guix.
<hulten>Mi ricevas eraron pri neeksista 'context.lua' aŭ 'mtx-context.lua'. :-(
<minall>quiliro: No me he podido conectar y no podre este fin de semana... cualquier cosa te aviso, estoy en medio de una mudanza....
<quiliro>hulten: mi ne scias ConTeXt ... mi serĉos ĝin
<quiliro>hulten: Guix-o ne havas -on
<quiliro>hulten: sed vi povas konstrui la pakaĝon por ĝi
<quiliro>hulten: per la guidva -o
<quiliro>hulten: ĉu vi sendis mesaĝon al la listo retpoŝta?
<bmolinh>Hi! Sorry to bother but, anyone know how to get a "Wacom Serial Tablet PC Stylus" working on GuixSD? Tried guix install xf86-input-wacom, libwacom and xf86-input-evdev but still did nothing, it's a Librebooted X60 tablet
<hulten>Saluton quiliro, mi legos...
<quiliro>hulten: ĉu kiam vi recevis tiun eraron? Konteksto, mi petas vin
<quiliro>bmolinh: have you searched the mailing list?
<hulten>quiliro: mi instalis texlive-bin kaj texlive-context-base, kaj mi tajpis:
<hulten>context test.tex
<bmolinh>quiliro: no I haven't, where's that? Sorry
<hulten>'context' estas konata komando, kaj test.tex kompileras bone sur Debian kun TeX Live.
<hulten>Tamen mi ricevas ĉi tiun mesaĝon: «mtxrun | unknown script 'context.lua' or 'mtx-context.lua'».
<hulten>quiliro: Mi ne sendis jam mesaĝon al listo; mi ektajpas mesaĝon kun la problemo.
<hulten>quiliro: se vi testos: eble vi bezonas kun texlive-context-base. La pakaĵo texlive-bin estas grandega, mi pensas (bonvolu kontroli).
<quiliro>hulten: ho ve! mi komprenas vin nun...mi petas vin: atendu ol iu respondas la liston
<quiliro>hulten: mi testos....
<hulten>Mi ventas. Dankon, quiliro.
<hulten>*mi atendas
<quiliro>hulten: sed atendu vin, mi petas
<hulten>quiliro: vi povas krei simplan testdokumenton kiel ĉi tie:
<quiliro>mi instalas texlive-context-base
<quiliro>mi kreis hello.tex
<quiliro>sed mi ne finas instali
<hulten>quiliro: Mi vespermanĝos. Mi revenos ĉi tie post duona horo!
<quiliro>hulten: mi havas rezulton:
<quiliro>$ context hello
<quiliro>resolvers | trees | analyzing '/home/quiliro/.guix-profile/share/texmf-dist'
<quiliro>mtxrun | unknown script 'context.lua' or 'mtx-context.lua'
<quiliro>hulten: la sama ol vi :-(
<hulten>quiliro: Mi sendos eposton al help-guix@.
<quiliro>hulten: ĉu vi sercis en la reto?
<hulten>quilioro: Jes mi sercis la reton kaj mi ne trovis solvon kiu funkciis por mi.
<quiliro>hulten: Ĉu vi vidis la rezulton de: 'mtxrun --generate'?
<quiliro>/home/quiliro/.guix-profile/share/texmf-dist/web2c' from specification '/home/quiliro/.guix-profile/share/texmf-dist/web2c'
<hulten>Jes, mi faris tion, sed ne helpis.
<quiliro>en: resolvers | resolving | looking for regular 'texmfcnf.lua' on given path '
<hulten>quiliro: Mi rigardos pli bone... eble gravas io pri dosierujoj kiujn mtxrun serĉas en.
<quiliro>hulten: ĝi ne solvas la problemon por mi
<quiliro>hulten: sed ĝi solvas la problemon en nix-on
<hulten>Mi havis malĝustan $TEXMF. Mi atendas ĝis 'mtxrun --generate' pretas kaj tiam mi reprovos kompili dokumenton.
<quiliro>locate context.lua
<quiliro>sed mi uzas: sudo updated
<MH026>sorry, I only speak Lojban Kappa
<MH026>how did you learn Esperanto?
<quiliro>MH026: , , ##esperanto , la sagreba metodo , etc , just try to write or speak will flow eventually
<quiliro>MH026: it is the modern latin...scientists must use a common language...lingvo komunuma
<quiliro>do, esperanto
<MH026>coi is Lojban
<hulten>quilioro: ...80414/share/texmf-dist/scripts/context/stubs/unix/mtxrun:479: cannot open /gnu/store/1gjcq5m58f4ybwbq0vbg450fyb4l4bhy-qtbase-5.11.2.drv.chroot/: Permission denied
<hulten>:-( Tio estas eliro de 'mtxrun --generate'.
<hulten>Ĉiuj dosierujoj /gnu/store/*.chroot havas malpermisojn por normalaj uzantoj.
<quiliro>hulten: jes
<hulten>Do demando estas kial volas 'mtxrun --generate' legi tion.
<quiliro>hulten: mi ne havas tiun eraron
<quiliro>mi havas alian eraron
<raghavgururajan>sneek_ later tell bmolinh Use "inputattach-service-type".
<quiliro>MH026: also
<quiliro>hulten: resolvers | resolving | warning: no lua configuration files found
<quiliro>hulten: ĉu volas mian rezulton en la listo retpoŝto
<hulten>quiliro: Eble tio helpas.
<hulten>Do jes.
<hulten>Mi ĉesos komputilo kaj rekomencos morgaŭ.
<quiliro>hulten: ĝis \o
<hulten>Se vi povas respondi al mian mesaĝon kun via eliro, tio estus bona. Ĝis!
<hulten>En la angla :-)
<hulten>(nur por konservi konsistentecon en drato (fadeno?).
<iv-so>I installed Guix a few days ago and just want to write packages for tools that are not in the repo. But! But I constantly meet this bug: . Is there any way to fix this?
<vup>hey, I am trying to get guix offload working, however `guix offload test` always fails with this error message: for me
<vup>`ssh root@mel guix --version` is working
<vup>any ideas how to further debug this?
<mbakke>vup: does "ssh node guix repl --version" work?
<vup>mbakke: yes
<vup>(atleast as far as i can tell, this is its output: )
<FennecCode>Does anyone know how to add Guix's packages from the most recent pull to Emac's search on a foreign distro?
<leungbk>make check TESTS="tests/swh.scm"
<sneek>Welcome back leungbk, you have 1 message.
<sneek>leungbk, nckx says:
<leungbk>hmm, OK then.
<quiliro>FennecCode: you could use emacs-guix or do the pull from eshell
<FennecCode>I'm using emacs-guix. The problem is that when I search for new packages, they don't show up. I'm not sure why emacs-guix's package listings are out of date, and I can't figure out how to update them
<quiliro>M-x guix-pull
<quiliro>FennecCode: ^
<FennecCode>That might be on to something, but I ran it, and I got "guix pull: error: openssl-runpath.patch: patch not found"
<alexanderbarbosa>well, seems openssl is having troubling ... maybe asking for guix ignore openssl definition as it pull...
<quiliro>alexanderbarbosa: how do you do that?
<quiliro>alexanderbarbosa: for some reason you remind me of johnny depp
<alexanderbarbosa>quiliro: wat? ... i literally "love" him.. :D
<quiliro>FennecCode: you could try it later
<rekado_>you can’t ask Guix to “ignore” a package that it needs to build.
<rekado_>try without emacs-guix
<rekado_>emacs-guix does not yet use “guix repl”, so there are known problems with it.
*rekado_ –> zzZ
<alexanderbarbosa>you can go backward on your generation list...that sounded weird
<quiliro>alexanderbarbosa: i remember now, there was a character on pirates of the caribean...a very good one... his name was barbosa!
<quiliro>impressive actor!
<alexanderbarbosa>quiliro: lol, pirates of caribean oof
<quiliro>have you seen it?
<buhman>mbakke: wow! I thought I was being patient waiting a solid 15min, but sure enough, mash a few keys and boot continues in seconds.
<alexanderbarbosa>quiliro: nope.... but I believe you, he must be a great actor
<mbakke>buhman: sorry about that! and thanks for filing the bug report :-)
<quiliro>barbosa was the character...the villan on some of the movies...the friend of the hero (johnny depp) on one of them
<mbakke>I think one fix could be to have ssh depend on the 'urandom-seed' service, but I haven't done any research yet
<quiliro>how do you ignore a package on guix?
<mbakke>or make sure to seed the RNG earlier somehow
<buhman>mbakke: thanks for all of these wonderful updated packages :)
<alexanderbarbosa>quiliro: guix pull dont have that feature but package do ... lol
<mbakke>you are very welcome :-)
<quiliro>alexanderbarbosa: where did you get that?
<quiliro>alexanderbarbosa: i tryed searching the manual
<alexanderbarbosa>quiliro: --do-not-upgrade
<alexanderbarbosa>quiliro: $ info guix-package
<quiliro>alexanderbarbosa: cool!
<alexanderbarbosa>quiliro: I believe that most distro package managers have that feature too... apt/emerge/dnf do
<quiliro> $ guix package --upgrade . --do-not-upgrade emacs
<quiliro>only works with upgrade
<alexanderbarbosa>still wondering in some important package why there is not info but man pages... that %hit just suck...
<alexanderbarbosa>if there was at least toc for man pages...
<quiliro>but anyway, even if it worked with install, it would not serve us because we need it for pull
<quiliro>info guix then go to packages
<alexanderbarbosa>quiliro: well, guix generations ftw
<alexanderbarbosa>I would love that lisp had that $_ from shell... so neat
<alexanderbarbosa>tho criptic
<alexanderbarbosa>well, any big document with no :D
<alexanderbarbosa>outshine ftw