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<sebboh>Hi, I have just finished manually mounting all the filesystems from my old PC in the right places with the right options. So I've got this /etc/mtab that lists all that. In inferior distros, I could copy that to /etc/fstab and reboot and everything would be fine. (Maybe I'd edit it a bit, to use labels.) Does any method exist to generate a (file-systems ...) form from the input I have available? (or several
<sebboh>(file-system ...) forms...)
<atw>mpd service users - do you find that having other things running that use pulseaudio -- including pavucontrol -- cause mpd to be unable to open the audio output?
<nallastri>hello guix! How do I activate nouveau drivers on the Guix System? I tried guix install xf86-video-nouveau , but after that glx-info still didn't show the discrete GPU.
<buhman>nallastri: is this optimus hardware?
<buhman>if "no", you should adjust your xorg-configuration
<nallastri>buhman: yes it is
<buhman>ah, well, do you know how to use DRI_PRIME ?
<nallastri>is it related to bulmblebee? I used to use that back on Arch and Debian
<buhman>a different implementation
<nallastri>i'll look into that then, thank you!
<buhman> is a fairly good/concise article
<nallastri>it looks quite doable i'll try right away, thanks again
<Sharlatan>Hi, where I can read about how to write services for Guix? I'm interested to make one for Emacs server.
<EternalZenith>In the GNU Shepherd manual
<Gamayun>Sharlatan: I should get around to setting one up as well at some point. Do share it if you create one! ;-)
<PotentialUser-95>I was looking for /root/.config/guix/current/lib/systemd and I could not find it. Turns out it was there when I installed guix under current-guix-1-link but not since second version on wards. Any idea hat could be the reason for this?
<PotentialUser-95>I was looking for /root/.config/guix/current/lib/systemd and I could not find it. Turns out it was there when I installed guix under current-guix-1-link but not since second version on wards. Any idea what could be the reason for this?
<EternalZenith>Sharlatan: Gamayun: Here is a simple init.scm with an emacs service defined:
<nckx>Emacs is probably better handled using a user service
<nckx>Consecutive pastes, too.
<minall>Hello guix!
<nckx>PotentialUser-95: Er, no, not really.
<ItsMarlin>doesn't seem like plantuml works
<ItsMarlin>if i try to feed it something, it says it couldn't find the graph file
<ItsMarlin>i look at the gui and it can't see any files apart form the directories
<ItsMarlin>does it require tweaking to work on guix?
<PotentialUser-95>nckx: Thanks. I will keep digging
<nckx>On my Debian-derivative system, /root/.config/guix/current/lib/systemd existed, now I'm pulling as root for the first time, but that will take a while.
<nckx>It didn't exist in my regular user's .config/guix/current, though, which is up-to-date.
<PotentialUser-95>nckx: Yes same with me. My regular user has only guix and guile folder under lib. And so is under root. I was rereading installation steps and it refers to systemd folder for guix-daemon service and I could not find it. This is when I found out that in the latest version it is no longer there. Nothing seems broken due to this but I still I am tryin
<PotentialUser-95>g to understand what is going on exactly.
<nckx>Core 2 Duo with busted power supply, ‘current CPU frequency is 629 MHz’, truly a joy to guix pull on.
<FennecCode>Does anyone know how to make Emacs show new packages from a pull in guix-search? 🙂🤔
<minall>Hello guix!
<nckx>o/ again!
<FennecCode>Hello 😊
<criticalcat>Does "guix package -i blah" download and install a substitute?
<criticalcat>vs "guix install blah"?
<bavier`>criticalcat: 'guix install' is an alias for 'guix package -i'
<criticalcat>bavier`: thanks
<criticalcat>What does this mean? guix pull: error: symlink: File exists: "/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/current-guix"
<nckx>It's a bug in Guix I've just hit myself, but I haven't found out what it means yet.
<nckx>(As in, minutes ago.)
<criticalcat>It was following a failed "sudo guix install ..." for me.
<nckx>Old bug, too. See and subsequent replies on how to (possibly) fix it.
<str1ngs>it means, that it the root exists. so somewhere guix lost track of the profiles somehow
<nckx>Yes. It does this with disturbing regularity for at least the past year, it seems from a short search :-/
<str1ngs>I ideally, you can try and figure out which symlink it's trying to use and remove it. but that has effects on the GC
<nbomm>part #guix
<str1ngs>probably since its the guix profile, not too much of a an effect. but it's something to consider
<criticalcat>Tis a dead link
<criticalcat>User A and root have symlinks in /var/guix/profiles/per-user/ but not the user B
<criticalcat>What does it mean to point the dead link current-guix-0-link to the target pointed to by one of the other profiles?
<nckx>s/dead/broken/, or you'll confuse easily confused old people like me.
<nckx>criticalcat: What do you mean by other profile? Other user, or other generation of the same?
<criticalcat>Sorry, it is a broken link.
<nckx>(I thought you meant the HTTP link above and was trying fruitlessly to break it.)
<criticalcat>Doh. I meant a broken symlink.
<nckx>OK, so I managed to fix it here but not in a way I'd recommend. I removed /var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/current-guix and ran `my user's guix` pull as root.
<nckx>That seems to have worked but it's also probably the long way 'round.
<criticalcat>Suppose /var/guix/profiles/per-user/A/ has "current-guix-1-link -> /gnu/store/..." and "current-guix -> current-guix-1-link" and similar for guix-profile, but for B, there is only "/var/guix/profiles/per-user/B/current-guix -> current-guix-0-link" and that is a broken link. What would it mean to make "current-guix-0-link" target the same thing that A's "current-guix-1-link"?
<criticalcat>Any way around sounds good to me.
<nckx>criticalcat: I don't think it would harm anything, but I don't know if it would fix the error.
<nckx>Actually, what you're suggesting is what I did but without the intermediate re-symlinking.
<nckx>I deleted root's guix (rm /var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/current-guix), then ran my user's guix as root (su, not sudo). That's what your method would do. I *think*.
<nckx>But maybe your symlink would still be in the way, causing the old error.
<nckx>Does that make sense?
<criticalcat>I tried removing the symlink and running as self, perm issue, changed dir to be ... I think I am too tired to have it make sense.
<criticalcat>I am processing "ran my user's guix as root" and I think I get it.
<nckx>criticalcat: Well, I can confirm that ‘rm /var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/current-guix; su; /home/criticalcat/.config/guix/current/bin/guix pull’ would work.
<nckx>But if you're tired, maybe don't try that today 🙂
<criticalcat>Giving it a try, although not going to interrupt the thing that I just did which is slightly different, sudo su -; guix pull
<criticalcat>Because that is not complaining.
<nckx>Guix is really remarkably hard to break. Barring corruption or serious fuckuppery, you can usually get back to a working system in, like, 3 commands.
<criticalcat>My guess is I should avoid the use of sudo
<nckx>criticalcat: No, don't interrupt, who knows.
<criticalcat>"su; do" or do not, there is no "sudo"
<criticalcat>Crude attempt at humor.
<nckx>criticalcat: Guix System's sudo defaults to ‘sudo -E’ behaviour, many other distro's doesn't, it's sometimes easier to avoid sudo altogether than to figure out which parts of your user's environment leak through when.
<criticalcat>I probably should clarify I am running guix package manager on Trisquel 8
<nckx>That said, I always thought ‘sudo su -’ was equal to ‘su -’, just a different password 🤷
<nckx>Oh, see, I *think* that's one of them distroes that doesn't env_keep by default, but don't take my word on it.
<nckx>Or ‘Defaults env_reset’.
<criticalcat>Maybe I need a "it feels like you just sudo-ed me on a non-guix system, one advantage of guix is you don't need to sudo, just be yourself" message.
<criticalcat>correction: "non-guix sd system"
<nckx>Actually, it's called Guix System now, so "non-Guix-System system".
<nckx>So you can say you run a non-non-Guix-System system when you switch!
<nckx>See, so much easier.
<criticalcat>Haha, perfect sense.
<buhman>kkebreau: I just tried core-updates, and the boot process hangs
<kkebreau>buhman: Good to know.
<buhman> in case anyone is interested, a guix system vm-image of on core-updates@353191ec
<nckx>buhman: Could you send that to the list as well (guix-devel, I don't think bug-guix is appropriate for core-updates)? It risks getting lost here.
<buhman>I am intimidated by mailing lists
<buhman>but, sure
<nckx>Don't feel obligated. It's just that #guix is particularly empty this time of (Euro)night.
<tune>the repo for wlstream was deleted
<tune>wf-recorder may be a similar program but is not yet packaged
<nckx>lol. Why?
<nckx>tune: Can the source still be downloaded from one of Guix's content-addressed mirrors?
<tune>not sure what happened, and I haven't tried. I seem to have it already installed, although I didn't get around to using it yet
<buhman>nckx: hmm, do I need to be subscribed to send? I don't see my message in the august archive
<nckx>buhman: The list is moderated by humans, if this is your first mail to the list you'll have to wait for one of them to wake up 🙂
<buhman>ah, sure.
*nckx would answer their own question about wlstream if ‘guix build wlstream --source --no-substitutes’ didn't insist on BUILDING PYTHON.
<buhman>better that the mods tell me I did something wrong in posting than the whole list recieving my fuck-up, so that's fine with me.
<nckx>buhman: Relax 🙂
<nckx>--no-grafts was the magic word.
<nckx>tune: The ‘content-addressed mirror at’ has wlstream source, so it's basically safe forever unless it badly breaks or a CVE gets found.
<tune>that's very cool
<tune>that makes me feel better about learning to use it then
<nckx>(Or rekado forgets to back up berlin.)
*nckx wonders how/if back-ups are actually handled. Most of berlin is ‘cache data’, but these sources can suddenly become valuable data.
<buhman>tune: are you using sway? I'm interested in reading your config.scm if you're willing to share.
<tune>I am, yeah
<tune>and my manifest (has stuff like mako, grim, slurp)
<buhman>nice, I had no idea sddm could do this
<tune>yeah sddm has been pretty nice
<tune>I was using gdm before but it wasn't able to launch sway
<tune>so I was just launching from a tty until someone here helped me remove gdm from %desktop-services so sddm could work
<rekado>nckx: there are no backups for Berlin.
<rekado>it’s just big, somewhat redundant storage.
<roptat>hi guix!
<Lukas4454>i might found the problem
<Lukas4454>its an issue with alsa
<tune> I love all the emojis that are moving really fast lol
<tune>wrong chat
<sammich>guix environments are my favourite thing. It makes hacking on peoples projects so easy
<Lukas4454>hey, how can i modify files in gnu/store?
<roptat>Lukas4454, you shouldn't
<roptat>the store is append-only (well, except for the gc)
<Lukas4454>i know i shouldnt
<roptat>usually, if there's something you want to change, you create a new package, or a service or something else, that appends to the store
<roptat>tell us what you want to do, and we'll help you find the best way to do it
<Lukas4454>i need to edit the alsa-lib config
<roptat>do you mean asound.conf?
<Lukas4454>i am sending mails with some sound driver developer, for tests i need to change "usr/share/alsa/ucm/chtnau8824/HiFi.conf"
<Lukas4454>but its in the gnu store
<Lukas4454>the original driver comtains 250 lines to configure the soundcard
<Lukas4454>the alsa-lib version just 27
<Lukas4454>clearly the ALSA developers did something wrong
<Lukas4454>and i need to fix it so i can tell the devs how to fix it
<Lukas4454>can i do an emergency ro to rw?
<buenouanq>Icecat and Calibre won't build for me right now
<buenouanq>I've never had this problem with guix before, what do?
<roptat>Lukas4454, I'm not sure how to do that... you can boot from the installer and mount everything rw, but note that changing you store will break guix assumptions
<roptat>basically, you're voiding your warranty :p
<Lukas4454>i would need to submit the change to alsa right?
<roptat>I think so
<roptat>if the file comes from them, that's where it should be fixed
<roptat>we can always try and apply a fix ourselves while waiting for an upstream release, too
<Lukas4454>ok... could we try that?
<Lukas4454>because i would like to change that file first and check if that fixes it, and after that write to the alsa-devel mailList
<Lukas4454>in the worst case i reinstall Guix with the same config to regain warranty
<Lukas4454>i done it, lets see
<Lukas4454>no change
<mbakke>buhman: The boot hang is due to entropy starvation; moving your mouse or mashing the keyboard will allow it to proceed.....
<pinoaffe>what version string should I use for a package with no prior releases? should I just put 0.0 as the latest upstream version, as described in
<abralek>pinoaffe: Maybe Date?
<nixo_>Hi guix! Does anybody know a nice way to run guix in a CI? I've a NixOS machine running drone-ci (it does support docker), I want to build my software using guix. Any suggestion?
<pinoaffe>efraim: okidoki, I found some other similar packages and am mirroring them
<efraim>pinoaffe: I have this travis script:
<efraim>Er, sorry, I meant nixo_
<rekado>nckx: just asked: the MDC firewall *can* track domain names after all. I’ll ask them to punch holes for your build nodes.
<bmwiedemann1>Hi. for I used to pull but it seems that file has been dropped - or is there a new equivalent for finding which packages are available in what version?
<rekado>hmm, ibus libpinyin isn’t working any more :-/
<rekado>bmwiedemann1: do you need a big file containing *all* packages, or would you be satisfied with one file per package?
<rekado>(we don’t have that either, but I suppose it would be easy to add)
<bmwiedemann1>rekado: one file would be easier to pull with wget. I also do git clone for some projects, pulling many small files.
<rekado>bmwiedemann1: we recently migrated off GNU infrastructure, so a few things have changed. I’ll take a look at this later.
<bmwiedemann1>isnt there already a way for clients to get such info?
<bmwiedemann1>would be good if this does not invent something new that bitrots away because nobody else uses it
<rekado>bmwiedemann1: the clients do something weirder due to the way Guix works.
<bmwiedemann1>weird like parse scheme?
<rekado>bmwiedemann1: nah, much weirder.
<bmwiedemann1>wow. OK.
<rekado>“computing derivations”
<rekado>we have this infrastructure already for generating web pages that show available packages for an arbitrary version of Guix; should be easy to extend it to generate that package.json.
<rekado>I think the plan was to switch to using hpcguix-web (like the one available at; it uses a packages.json as well.
<rekado>I’d rather do this right the first time, so it may take a little longer.
<rekado>I’ll look into this tonight though.
<bmwiedemann1>rekado: here is the old version:
<nixo_>efraim: Nice, thanks!
<bmwiedemann1>I just used name and version from it
<Lukas4454>i posted to the mailinglist of ALSA, noone answers :(
<joshuaBPMan1>morning guix people!
<bavier>hello joshuaBPMan1
<minall>Hello guix!
<dongcarl>mbakke: This is what you were talking about, yes?
<minall>How do you use guix environment?, and why?
<dongcarl>minall: `guix environment --ad-hoc cowsay -- cowsay 'Hi, miniall!'`
<atw>hello minall ! I do as dongcarl does a lot
<dongcarl>but there's a lot more that `guix environment` can do!
<dongcarl>for example, maybe you learn about this newfangled language called python
<minall>Yes, guix environment seems to be amazing, but I don't see all of it
<dongcarl>`guix environment --ad-hoc python`
<dongcarl>will modify your environment so that you have python in your path!
<minall>For example, If i were to make a code on python, why would I use guix environment, instead of just creating the script, for example with emacs?
<minall>When we use guix environment a path is created?
<dongcarl>minall: It's more modular, as in, you don't modify your default environment, you can just "try it out"
<minall>So, is it to try instead of installing first?
<minall>If I want to try a package, but not to install it, can I use guix environment?
<dongcarl>minall: Well, it depends on your interpretation of the word "install", but yes!
<dongcarl>it won't install to your default `$PATH`
<minall>It will install on another place, so if I like it I should install it fully?
<dongcarl>It installs to `/gnu/store/blahblah-profile`, and then prepends that to your `$PATH` if that makes sense?
<minall>For example, I want to try a desktop environment... can I use: guix environment mate, and I'll have mate installed and ready to use on something like a VM? maybe I'm thinking wrong lol
<minall>Yes, but it is not install on my path with guix environment
<dongcarl>minall: Are you familiar with how `$PATH` works?
<minall>Yes, /gnu/store, if I install something, the package and their dependencies are install in /gnu/store
<minall>But with guix environment, the package that I install using guix environment will have his directory on the /gnu/store, but separated? I mean, not installed on the system?
<dongcarl>minall: One second
<dongcarl>When you type something like `cowsay 'Hi, miniall!` on your command line, your shell will look for an executable named "cowsay" under your `$PATH`, which may be something like `/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin`
<minall>Yes, but of course, with different paths on guix
<dongcarl>Well yeah, so technically, guix always installs to your system, but whether or not it remains in your $PATH is your choosing
<dongcarl>does that make sense?
<minall>Yes, totally, so we can assume that whats in our $PATH is installed on the system fully right?
<dongcarl>minall: Sure, technically you can have an invalid directory in your $PATH, but for most purposes yes
<minall>Yes, so guix environment is to install other packages that I don't want YET to be on my system?
<dongcarl>you don't want YET to be in your _default_ $PATH
<minall>I see!
<minall>Thanks, that was very aclaratory!!
<dongcarl>glad I could help!
<minall>It can be used to to -develop code without polluting your environment-, have you used it like this ?
<dongcarl>minall: In Bitcoin Core, we use `guix environment` to create an environment where all the tools needed to cross-compile is available
<dongcarl>so that the tools don't pollute the developer/maintainer's base system, but are still available when they need it
<minall>Mhh... I see
<atw>this is a file intended for guix environment that makes the game's engine available, so that I can run the game:
<minall>So for example, I'll do a python project, that uses several dependencies, but I don't want -for some reason- to have installed those dependencies, I'll use guix environment for that?
<dongcarl>minall: right! or you can use virtualenv or something python-specific
<dongcarl>but guix is universal
<minall>Yes! i readed that on the manual
<minall>Python can have virtualenv, but guix can do it with any language!
<minall>I'm understanding now
<dongcarl>Guix: virtualenv but like for all the things^TM
<minall>Thanks dongcarl, you're very helpful
<minall>jaja right!
<dongcarl>s/Guix/guix environment/
<minall>btw is there a way to test a config.scm after installing it?
<minall>Like booting the machine, or something like that?
<dongcarl>minall: Oh... I don't use GuixSD, so someone else can answer that
<dongcarl>I only use Guix as a package manager on top of some other distro
<minall>What distro do you use?
<dongcarl>minall: Arch Linux
<minall>You can't run xorg twice right? I'm thinking something a little insane like: guix environment mate, then a window pops out when I can try everything about it, and if I like it, install it!
<minall>That's a little insane but, welp
<minall>dongcarl: nice distro!!
<dongcarl>minall: haven't tried that haha
<dongcarl>minall: Xorg is... a mess...
<minall>Why is it a mess? lol
<minall>Well debian and some other distros enabled by default Wayland now, so that's something, seems that Wayland is not a simple project to compare and leave
<dongcarl>minall: Yeah never tried, but good luck!
<minall>lol, wrong buffer
<mbakke>dongcarl: that's one side of the issue
<joshuaBPMan1>this is really weird. I just tried starting my booting my macbook 7,1 with the archlinux usb stick that I just created...
<mbakke>the other part of the issue is that currently, on the core-updates branch, glibc is the *only* "system header" configured by default
<joshuaBPMan1>the error message I got was "initramfs unpacking failed: XZ-compressed data is corrupt.
<joshuaBPMan1>failed to execute /init (error -2)
<joshuaBPMan1>then there is a kernel panic.
<mbakke>dongcarl: so packages that use -Werror may get build failures due to warnings in included headers
<joshuaBPMan1>perhaps I need to watch a youtube video explaining how to make a bootable usb stick image. Because I seem to be doing it wrong...
<dongcarl>mbakke: Is there documentation of best practices regarding `-isystem` usage? Or just avoid like the plague?
<dongcarl>for context, I'm reviewing something in Bitcoin that wants to add it to silence warnings from dependencies, while being careful not to trigger the `include_next` thing
<mbakke>dongcarl: -isystem IIUC is mainly to ignore warnings from included headers. Well-behaved packages set it for each of their dependencies.
<roptat>minall, you can test a config.scm by building a VM with guix system vm or vm-image
<mbakke>dongcarl: As long as you don't add glibc with -isystem you should be fine.
<dongcarl>mbakke: Okay, thanks for the tip!
<mbakke>dongcarl: np! it's good to talk about these things
<mbakke>It would be great to make C{,PLUS}_INCLUDE_PATH work again with GCC7 and later so that we don't have to manually set them in many packages.
<mbakke>But I haven't found a good solution yet.
<mbakke>perhaps we could patch GCC to ignore headers that look like glibc headers :P
<dongcarl>mbakke: Oh have they stopped working? Could you point me to the ticket?
*bavier slogging through test failures in their 'rpmlint' package
<minall>roptat: Thank you! i didn't knew about that command!
<minall>roptat: It seems that guix system vm or vm-image doesn't exist, maybe I'm doing something wrong?
<nothingmuch>i was trying to access an lvm drive on guixsd and was surprised to discovered it's not available - is there some reason underlying this? i didn't find much online
<jonsger>nothingmuch: Support for the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) is missing. <- section 3.1 of the manual
<Lukas4454>i think i install windows on my PC and sell it :(
<roptat>minall, it should exist, have you tried "guix system --help"?
<jonsger>Lukas4454: you could also use guix on a foreigen distro like Debian or openSUSE
<roptat>or nixos ;)
<Lukas4454>Linux doesnt work at all with my soundcard
<nothingmuch>jonsger: yep, i found that much, and also a few discussions of this over the years and someone's personal package definition, i just wondered if it's because nobody ever found the time or because there is a reason behind this
<Lukas4454>gonna sell it and get a new one
<Lukas4454>makes all our work useless but thats life
<jonsger>nothingmuch: I would say that no one invest the time. I further guess that it's not trivial, because if it's trivial we had support already :P
<nothingmuch>that was my guess too =)
<Lukas4454>im sick of this pc
<minall>It does, maybe I was writing something wrong, I'm trying guix system vm now!
<bavier>Lukas4454: for small, cheap notebooks I've had success with the asus eeepcs
<mbakke>dongcarl: For GCC7, I had to go back to only using CPATH, because C_INCLUDE_PATH would pull in glibc as a system header and create all sorts of problems.
<dongcarl>mbakke: This is supposedly an upstream gcc problem, yes?
<nothingmuch>dongcarl: (wontfix, so arguably no if indeed this is the same issue)
<dongcarl>Will need to take some time to look at this
<dongcarl>Have cropped up in my experiments here and there
<minall>Welp, I maded an -vm- of my config.scm, it finished, but how do I start the vm?
<minall>I maded it using guix system vm /etc/config.scm
<mbakke>minall: try running the returned /gnu/ script
<mbakke>you can pass it command-line arguments that will be passed onto the Qemu process, i.e. -m 1g -smp 2
<minall>Ok, let me try run the script !
<minall>I got a QEMU window, But I seem to have an error, in procedure mount: no such file or directory
<minall>Is that an error of the VM? or when I restart I'll have that error?
<enderby->hi, i'm using go from guix to build exercism, and I'm getting "cc1: error: /home/username/.guix-profile/etc/profile/include: Not a directory". I've never used go to build anything else, so i'm not sure if this is a guix thing or go
<Lukas4454>how do i edit  /etc/pulse/
<Lukas4454>i need to add this line load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0
<Lukas4454>is there a function for that?
<mbakke>Lukas4454: does the file exist from before?
<Lukas4454>it exists in the /gnu/store
<mbakke>Lukas4454: I mean, does it not work to just create /etc/pulse/ ?
<Lukas4454>it loads the gnu store ver
<nixo_>Lukas4454: does not ~/.config/pulse/ work?
<Lukas4454>forget it, i install wi dows on there and sell it
<buenouanq>icecat is failing to build and it looks like a problem with ...inbdr6-rust-1.19.0
<buenouanq>can anyone confirm?
<atw>I'll try...
<atw>successfully built /gnu/store/9kq0nhppmnk8krihvk4wwh9ibwbqa0jc-icecat-60.8.0-guix1.drv on guix --version => 000faac0a23542285ab0f2999b84a7001eb3068e
<atw>buenouanq: ^
<buenouanq>atw: I'm on an old thinkpad, the i686 guixsd image
<buenouanq>would that matter?
<atw>hmm, I am on 64bit. It could matter but I am not sure
<rekado>the dependency has been failing to build for a long time, it seems
<atw>that link is broken for me, seems like I can't even ping the host
<rekado>yeah, that’s just Cuirass saying nope once in a while.
<rekado>I feel motivated to fix it, but I don’t actually have time to do that.
<rekado>Code is here:
<sebboh>When I install samba, am I supposed to get some herd service to go with that? For smbd?
*pkill9 created a build system for automagically wrapping games created with the LOVE framework
<OriansJ>pkill9: thank you; too bad can't get a guix package defition into main
<pkill9>oh why's that?
<atw> seems permissible, no?
<OriansJ>pkill9: Creative Commons NonComercial
<OriansJ>as You may not use the material for commercial purposes; it does not comply with Free Software Guidelines and thus can not be in Guix main but like blobbed Linux, there can be guix package definitions for it
<alexanderbarbosa>hey, I know we can split up strings with s, but what about spliting up symbols? eg: ch01.xhtml#ch1 --> ch01.xhtml
<alexanderbarbosa>or should I just convert to string cut and convert again to symbol?
<alexanderbarbosa>I know its even simpler than that...
<alexanderbarbosa>oh, nooo... its no a symbol
<alexanderbarbosa>forget about it all
<alexanderbarbosa>and wrong room too :D :D :D
<desttinghim>I am trying to package a library, and I think I've almost got it
<desttinghim>But I am getting this error: `error: %outputs: unbound variable %outputs`
<desttinghim>I am tying to set the prefix in make-flags
<desttinghim>This is my code
<desttinghim>I am using `guix package -f guix.scm` to run it
<desttinghim>I read through the packaging tutorial and am using the method shown to try and pass the prefix in
<pkill9>desttinghim: changing the quote (') to a quasiquote (`) in the make-flags line fixed the error for me
<pkill9>(though there's another error, a /usr path is hardcoded it looks like
<desttinghim>Dang, that was the error I was hoping to resolve with the prefix
<desttinghim>Oh, just needed to switch prefix to PREFIX
<desttinghim>pkill9 thanks for the help