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<Marlin[m]>gonna try to package cadence for guix
<Marlin[m]>it's the jack configuration stuff
<nckx>Marlin[m]: Moar JACK on Guix == gud.
<buenouanq>I NEED gmusicbrowser.
<buenouanq>I'm going to attempt to package it sometime next week.
<buenouanq>I've been saying that for a long time though (;-___-)
<bandali>hi guix, has anyone looked into packaging exwm?
<Marlin[m]>i have no idea on how to use jack
<Marlin[m]>But pulseaudio is unusable
<Marlin[m]>It always bugs when i use mumble
<Marlin[m]>but alsa has no per-program control
<nckx>bandali: The exwm you want isn't in Guix already?
<bandali>is it? i think i had a brief look but didn’t see it
<bandali>sorry, lemme look more closely
<tune>anyone have mako working on sway?
<nckx>emacs-exwm, emacs-exwm-x seem like reasonable candidates for 'just exwm'
<nckx>bandali: but I don't use it. I'd be very surprised if it weren't in Guix, considering Pierre, though.
<nckx>Marlin[m]: I've had nothing but good experiences with Pulse, including some light softsynth work, but Jack needs some love.
<bandali>nckx, nice, you’re quite right! it does seem to be packaged
<tune>Okay, when running `mako` from a shell, I get this error: Failed to connect to user bus: Connection refused
<tune>what is to be done here?
<bandali>great, that’s one less thing on my list of blockers from switching to guix system full time
<tune>how do I know if I have elogind or dbus?
<tune>or neither
<nckx>tune: pgrep elogind/dbus-daemon?
<nckx>'You can't legally say it doesn't work.'
<tune>interesting... I get results for both
<tune>I hope this isn't bad
<nckx>Having both is quite normal on desktoppy systems.
<tune>one id of 448 for elogind and three IDS of 443, 11565, 11576 for dbus-daemon
<nckx>I can't say why you get that error though.
<tune>yeah... I was thinking I just lacked one of those. so I sorta lost my lead now
<nckx>I get only 2 dbus-daemons but that's probably not relevant.
<nckx>If anything, it should find more of them.
<tune>I do have 41 days of uptime and have updated several times in that timespan
<nckx>tune: Let me build mako & see what it says.
<tune>so it could be the vague issue of not rebooting lately
<tune>alright thanks
<tune>it's a wayland thing so I have no idea how it's work from xorg just FYI
<tune>idk what environment you use
<nckx>tune: 'Failed to acquire service name: File exists'
<nckx>I wonder if that's because I'm running dunst.
<nckx>It was. Now it's just 'failed to create display' :-/
<nckx>tune: Just i3 launched through dbus-launch on Xorg.
<tune>mako probably only works with wayland
*nckx wonders if sway is mature enough to switch.
<tune>sway is compatible with i3 configs
<nckx>That's good.
<tune>I think it's mostly pretty good already, some of my remaining complaints are due to things not being packaged for guix yet
<tune>like dmenu/rofi don't support wayland, so they only sort of work and can look a bit glitched. bemenu seems to be a clone that supports wayland
<tune>I use rofi and instead of appearing on my current monitor, it centers itself across both of them
<nckx>I use a wrapper script that provides frequency-based history to dmenu so having a drop-in replacement would be nice. Or something that does it natively.
<vagrantc>sway worked for me with sddm just fine ... though i haven't used guix for a couple weeks so have no idea if updates since have changed...
<vagrantc>but i had been using it for a few months
<nckx>I should stop bating myself, I don't have time to switch 😅
<tune>yeah sway works fine launched from a tty or from sddm, didn't seem to play with gdm well
<vagrantc>i barely noticed any difference to i3 once i got sddm running
<vagrantc>(the screen locker has some minor aesthetic and other changes)
<tune>nckx: if you felt like packaging bemenu, I it works with both xorg and sway. could help the transition
<nckx>tune: Hehe. Nice try ;-)
<nckx>(It'll probably work.)
*nckx goes to look at bemenu.
<tune>I've been thinking if more guix people were using wayland it would be easier to see remaining issues and improve the experience
<nckx>I'm abso clueless about Wayland. For example, what's the most minimal DM (assuming Wayland uses such a thing) I can use to launch it? Can I do without? How do I start my window manager? &c.
<nckx>So, yes, things are about to be learnt, big time, and I'll probably hit some bugs along the way.
<tune>sddm works to launch it, you can also just run "sway" from a tty
<nckx>Oh cool.
<nckx>No more startx hoops.
<nckx>Love the downvote on this:
<nckx>Good-by, nckx's 62-line .xsession.
<xavierm02>Ok so I found the source of my problem: I used pdflatex from /gnu/store/023xigaka89k984zwlg95ic68nj5a1mb-texlive-union-49435/bin/pdflatex, and this pdflatex isn't aware of amssymb even though it's installed. Installing texlive-bin fixed it. The next question is then where does that textlive-union come from?
<tune>I don't think I ever used .xsession
<tune>I start my programs in the wm config
<xavierm02>rekado_: found the source of my problem
<apteryx>how can I "append" two gexps?
<apteryx>can I do,
<nckx>tune: Yeah, it just grew organically, it's probably All Wrong.
<apteryx>#~(job ... #$(func-returning-a-gexp)) ?
<nckx>Absolutely no idea, but I'll hold your beer while you try it.
<apteryx>I could find confirmation that it ought to work, based on an answer from Ludovic here:; #~(job … #$(program-file "do-something" #~(begin …)))
<apteryx>this allows writing complicated mcron job as a Guile script, directly in the config file. Using the lambda native mean of mcron fails short in regards to importing modules (hit or miss depending on whether the symbols imported are syntax or procedures)
<xavierm02>rekado_: I tjink my problems were also related to fish and environment variable not being updated but I'm not sure.
<apteryx>(the program-file approach works around this by handing a script to mcron rather than a lambda)
<nckx>apteryx: Oh, nice! Interesting how it ties back to your original 'how do I import modules differently' which I'd kinda forgot…
<apteryx>it's been at least three days I'm slowly chewing on that
<nckx>I've been trying to get Guix to offload builds for 1/18th of that and I'm already broken.
<kori>I asked earlier but didn't get a reply, probably won't hurt to ask again: does anyone have a working firefox-bin package?
<lfam>kori: What is firefox-bin?
<kori>just a binary version of firefox
<apteryx>nckx: yikes, problem still not solved
<kori>i can't compile it on my machine
<nckx>'guix offload test' reports success, 'guix offload status' speaks nothing but truths, but 'guix build <much stuff>' doesn't actually do anything besides heat up my lap.
<lfam>kori: Sorry, no
<lfam>I recommend using icecat, epiphany, or ungoogled-chromium
<kori>lfam: what about a regular firefox
<kori>neither works for me
<kori>im using icecat
<lfam>Sorry, what's the difference between firefox-bin and regular firefox?
<kori>the bugs are getting to me though
<nckx>Which bugs?
<kori>lfam: firefox-bin is a compiled package, "regular firefox" would just be a package to build the firefox source code
<apteryx>juicy details inside:
<lfam>In general, Guix adheres to the Free System Distribution Guidelines, so we only offer free software. Icecat is a version of firefox that follows the FSDG, similar for ungoogle-chromium
*nckx 's spambot detector got triggered by apteryx for a moment.
<lfam>These browsers are huge and require powerful computers to build
<nckx>Imma bookmark that.
<kori>nckx: a few pages won't load properly (namely whatsapp, wire, can't tell whats wrong though. wire says the browser is unsupported, i went to install user agent switcher, and icecat said the extension was corrupted, and that was that)
<lfam>Even epiphany is really expensive because it uses webkitgtk
<kori>lfam: im aware of the details
<nckx>apteryx: Thanks for sharing.
<kori>i know FSDG wouldnt be like
<kori>respected here
<kori>but i figured Firefox would be ~okay~
<kori>i know it's not making it upstream without some changes
<kori>i read the mailing list post
<kori>thats fine by me
<nckx>kori: Could you link to a page that doesn't work?
<kori>but i need something working right now heh
<lfam>I don't know the details but they are things about firefox that have to be changed for us, and that's what icecat is supposed to be
<nckx>kori: You don't need to install an extension to change the user agent, about:config can do that.
<nckx>(And as I'm sure you already know, that would be a bug in the Web site, not IceCat 🙂 )
<kori>nckx: yeah, i know, re: bug in website, not icecat
<kori>not sure what's happening with whatsapp though ( the qr code is not loading
<kori>librejs and everything icecat ships with is disabled
<kori>i have ublock origin installed
<apteryx>back to square one: is it possible to define a gexp program-file so that the (use-modules ...) appear at the top level of the script rather than nested in a (begin ...) clause?
<nckx>kori: I guess you need a phone to see that QR code?
<nckx>Otherwise, it's not working for me either.
<kori>nckx: no, like, it loads normally on firefox on arch
<kori>it loads for a second on icecat
<kori>then disappears
<kori>not sure where it goes
<apteryx>perhaps the gexp machinery should take an extra #:use-modules argument that would be rendered at the top level of the script
<nckx>kori: I'm not going to help Wire fix their broken site, but What's App says 'A mutation operation was attempted on a database that does not allow mutations', which is at least interesting.
<nckx>(No, I'm not aware of any recent Firefox packages for Guix.)
<kori>guess the assessment is the same as a week ago, i'll have to do the work myself
<nckx>(In the JS console.)
<nckx>Yep 🙂
<kori>that's fine i guess, just thought someone might have done it :P
*raghavgururajan wonders whether Iridium Browser follows FSDG
<raghavgururajan>Hmm. It is listed on FSF Resources but the page is empty O.o
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<nckx>raghavgururajan: Not quite. You'll see it says that it's 'not approved'.
<nckx>is probably why.
<nckx> is the top.
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<raghavgururajan>nckx I see. By any chance you what is the issue with iridium browser?
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<nckx>raghavgururajan: From the thread in my first link: 'as far as we know, iridium has made no attempt to remove any non-free software from chromium'.
<raghavgururajan>nckx Oh wow! I wonder why in the world they even started the project xD
<nckx>If chromium is bad, then it follows that chromium - no bad stuff is still bad.
<nckx>I don't know what their goal is either.
<nckx>(*None* of this is my opinion, I've never used Chromium, I just remembered that thread.)
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<nckx>They may well be wrong 🙂
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<apteryx>maybe a bug in Guile. (srfi srif-26) only does :export
<apteryx>but (srfi srfi-34) does #:export-syntax for its syntactic forms, such as guard
<excalamus>Hi Guix!
<apteryx>nope... guard fails the same:
<apteryx>well, somewhat differently. It seems guard is known as a symbol, but the syntax isn't expanded correctly.
<gnutec>Hey there! Did I need download the gnome or xfce when I install the guix os?
<apteryx>or no, actually, this is the same with cut! Cut is known, but <>, which is part of its syntax, isn't recognized.
<gnutec>What about the file system? I'd like to use btrfs. I need to parted by my self or there is a option in the instalation GUI.
<nckx>sneek: later tell excalamus: I just missed you, but hi and welcome 🙂
<sneek>Got it.
<nckx>gnutec: Installing Guix System on btrfs is as easy as installing it on ext4 (you'll want to chattr +C the database in /var/guix, but that goes for all DBs on btrfs). I don't know whether the installer supports it though.
<nckx>Also, don't go doing things like cross-mounting subvolumes at different places because that will not end in puppies and smiles.
<jfred>oh heck yeah, just got libhandy building as a guix package
<jfred>now to find something to test it with...
<raghavgururajan>nckx Hmm. Iridium's website clearly explains their vision and mission. Glad they mentioned Iridium browser as Free Software instead of so-called open source. So how true their statements are , is a matter of aduit.
<nckx>raghavgururajan: I'm always happy to see the term 'free software' used. Yes, the FSD is severely understaffed, and their word should not be taken as gospel.
<raghavgururajan>nckx True. Btw, I saw this
<raghavgururajan>Explains the difference between raw chromium and iridium.
<dftxbs3e>hi guix
<nckx>o/ dftxbs3e.
<dftxbs3e>nckx: I'm sorry I saw your messages after you left yesterday. If it includes all architectures in the same package, I understand better now.
<dftxbs3e>Fedora, Debian etc. has a package per arch
<jackhill>jfred: thanks for working on libhandy!
<jfred>No problem! I wanna use stuff that depends on it myself so... :P
<jfred>I'm still pretty new to Guix packaging and not at all familiar with Meson/Ninja... took me a bit to figure out that there's a build option to disable installation of glade catalog files
<nckx>dftxbs3e: Yup, and I agree we should eventually follow suit if it doesn't have drawbacks to do so.
<nckx>I'm not sure how modular the build system is (if not it means we'd have to fully build qemu for each, what, 40 packages? that would be quite problematic), and/or if outputs would be a sane solution or not.
<jfred>I'm guessing the real solution is to use native-search-path somehow to let glade pick up on plugins, and set catalogdir so meson doesn't try to shove plugin files into the glade package's dir in the store, but... baby steps
<nckx>Things to find out 🙂
<dftxbs3e>nckx: So I can see that a shepherd service for spice-vdagent and qemu-guest-agent is missing, how can we can services with GNU Guix and shepherd?
<nckx>dftxbs3e: I really need to get some sleep now (it's 05:41 here), sorry.
<nckx>Good 'night', #guix o/
<dftxbs3e>Ah well. It's also 5:41 here. Good night
<nckx>dftxbs3e: You're more bad-ass than I am, then, or infinitely more of a morning person. 😃 See you.
<dftxbs3e>No morning aha.. these days are special.
<gnutec>nckx: Got it! What about gnome or xfce install without internet conection?
<gnuemacs>Just amazing get in in IRC with emacs (24).
<efraim>Guix currently doesn't support offline installs
<gnutec>efraim: Really? :(
<gnutec>I see in the iso file a lzip package. I think that was possible.
<tune>just got a build failure on weston
<leungbk>Right now if I run something like `(assoc-ref (json-fetch (string-append "" "foo" ".json")) "name")` in my Guile REPL, I get #f. I'm on the latest master branch, but had been messing around with some of the import-related files. I've tried rebuilding but the problem persists. Any idea what might be causing this?
<leungbk>If I `guix pull` and run `guix import` everything's fine, the only problem is when I either experiment with the source or if I'm using `./pre-inst-env`.
<leungbk>And to be clear, this problem persists even when I'm using the REPL with the source unchanged from the current master branch.
<efraim>This is probably related to the guile-json change, you might need to re-bootstrap and configure and make
<leungbk>I had done the re-bootstrap/configure/make-ing, though I didn't do anything specifically related to guile-json; do I need to do something like `./pre-inst-env guix install guile-json` in addition to this?
<leungbk>Or maybe I just have to first `make clean-go`, that would make more sense.
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<efraim>😃probably make clean-go
<efraim>Minus the emoji
<leungbk>Got it, thanks!
<tune>I did a guix pull and updated again. no failures this time
<roptat>hi guix!
<roptat>oh wow, I got 469M of guix logs in /var/log/guix/drvs
<roptat>can I remove them safely?
<efraim>I'm only going with maybe
<efraim>it's probably ok, I'm guessing if you don't need to view the log after success/failure then you can probably get rid of it, I'm not sure if the daemon keeps track of them or not
<roptat>I removed them, so we'll see :)
<xavierm02>For those of you not using emacs (if any?), what are you using to write Guile?
<roptat>xavierm02, I use vim, with paredit
<efraim>Vim, with vim-fugitive and vim-airline
<efraim>I have an update to the cargo-build-system, testing it out now before sending it (again) to the maillinglist
<xavierm02>so no 'normal' editor :(
<pkill9>xavierm02: what editor would you prefer?
<xavierm02>I've been using atom but the lisp packages are kind of buggy
<xavierm02>any 'normal' text editor really: kate, atom, mousepad, one of the java huge IDEs
<efraim>we also have edi, no clue how that works with lispy code
<pkill9>mousepad is in guix
<xavierm02>but without some kind of package for lisp that handles parenthesis, it's kinda hard to write lisp code
<pkill9>there is kdevelop also
<pkill9>if you're willing to learn a little emacs, then that has first class support for lisp naturally
<pkill9>also shameless plug: you can use my FHS service to run something not packaged in guix that is downloaded from a webstie
<nothingmuch>pkill9: FHS service?
<pkill9>aka bundles, like appimages and such
<moshisushi>Probably much to ask at this point, but does anyone know of a cloud provider that provides a Guix image ready to run, and preferrably not AWS :p ?
<pkill9>nothingmuch: filesystem hierarchy standard compatibility service
<nothingmuch>pkill9: i know FHS, but where can i learn more about the compatibility service?
<pkill9>i.e. software that you download from a website that expects libraries in the usual locations (/lib)
<pkill9>nothingmuch: and
<pkill9>i haven't documented it very well
<xavierm02>I'd really prefer to not use emacs. I get that at the moment it has a lot of the knowledgeable users, but the entry cost seems too high, and using it would be like admitting that my dream of making a structural editor someday will never happen
<xavierm02>edi fails to build :o
<pkill9>nothingmuch: also here is an example of how to use it:
<nothingmuch>pkill9: thanks, this looks very handy
<nothingmuch>xavierm02: i'm a vim user originally, but i've found spacemacs to be *very* newbie friendly... i imagine without vi style editing it's also pretty batteries included
<efraim>hmm, so it does. I'll have to take a look at edi later
<raghavgururajan>Hello Guix!
<xavierm02>pkill9: That looks nice!
<nixo_>Hello people, I'm again in need of help. I've been working on julia-build-system and it's working. Now I wanted to submit a work in progress to have a small code review before cleaning everything up, but I can't guix-pull the repo. I get ce-9/eval.scm:159:9: Throw to key `srfi-34' with args `(#<condition &message [message: "icecat-makeicecat.patch: patch not found"] 57d3f00>)
<nixo_>What I did is to add my files under my local repo (guix/build-system/julia.scm, guix/build/julia-build-system.scm), adding them to, add the repo to my channels.scm and guix pull. The error isn't related to my code, so I don't how my commit is breaking it .-.
<roptat>nixo_, your work is not related to that icecat-makeicecat.patch at all, right?
<nixo_>roptat: not at all. But setting (commmit "") to be27b8f2e1 (latest master) does work
<roptat>does your copy of the repo have that file?
<nixo_>Yes, under patches
<roptat>did you change anything in gnu/local.scm?
<nixo_> I don't have a local.scm
<roptat>, sorry
<roptat>muscle memory ^^
<nixo_>I'm adding this line: + %D%/packages/julia-xyz.scm \
<nixo_>after emacs-xyz
<roptat>can you check there's no trailing space on that line?
<roptat>(that would probably have triggered a make warning though)
<nixo_>No trailing space
<nixo_>maybe I should put it after julia.scm? I'm trying
<roptat>I don't think the order is important...
<nixo_>Yeah fails the same. This thing is confusing me
<nixo_>running a btrfs scrub just to be sure it's not my disk, there was a command to check guix store integrity right?
<roptat>guix gc --verify=contents
<nixo_>Thanks, I'll wait for it to finish
<nixo_>btrfs scrub reports no errors, guix gc has not reported anything yet. I guess the problem is in the code then :D
<roptat>nixo_, post it to the mailing list anyway, so we can all have a good look at it to understand what's wrong
<xavierm02>kdevelop also fails to build :/ (because of kdevplatform)
<nixo_>roptat: sent the email :)
<xavierm02>What's the view on trivial patches? Like moving one input from inputs to propagated-inputs?
<xavierm02>Should I still send a mail?
<roptat>I think so
<roptat>you at least need to explain why you want to do that :)
<roptat>(non controversial changes, like an update or the addition of a simple package can be pushed directly without being reviewed)
<roptat>but moving an input to propagated is somewhat controversial, since we try to reduce the number of propagation
<xavierm02>I'm moving qtsvg in lyx because without it, the menu bar is made of text instead of icons
<roptat>there's probably a reason for that, maybe it tries to call an external program? in that case maybe patching the program to embed the store path of that program is better?
<xavierm02>Well at least, when I guix remove qtsvg, the current lyx shows text and when I guix install qtsvg, it shows icons
<xavierm02>you mean linking the needed part of qtsvg in lyx instead of adking for all of qtsvg to be added whenever you add lyx
<roptat>so instead of propagating and cluttering the user profile, lyx refers directly to qtsvg
<xavierm02>it indeed looks smarter
<xavierm02>it does look a lot harder too
<roptat>I think it would be the prefered solution
<roptat>since it means the software also works perfectly fine when called outside of a profile or environment (it can be called from its store path, which most user won't do apart from me :))
<roptat>(I needed an ugly workaround for the same kind of issue with our minetest package: it propagates minetest-data, but my user config uses gexps to refer to minetest's store path, so I had to do something to get the right variable in my environment so the gama data could be found)
<roptat>but I guess it can also look for its data elsewhere in my home directory, so maybe that workaround wasn't really necessary
<roptat>and it's a nice use-case for mods actually :)
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<minall>Hello guix!
<minall>I'm trying to see the functionality of the driver xf86-video-openchrome, any suggestions for a noob?
<efraim>xavierm02: you should look at wrapping the binary
<efraim>Not sure of the best grep option, maybe 'git grep QT_'
<minall>Hello guix!, I'm looking about how does the xf86-video-openchrome driver works, just for researching, and I want to modify something so I understand all the workings, any tips for a newbie?
<shiftlockboom>Hi. I am trying to install Guix on a Libreboot system using the guide. When I do the nano /mnt/etc/config.scm I must have some error coz the guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt keeps giving me an erro.
<shiftlockboom>Invalid field specifier
<bavier>shiftlockboom: one of your operating-system fields is not valid
<shiftlockboom>Bavier: thanks
<shiftlockboom>Is "altgr-intl" a valid field?
<bavier>shiftlockboom: no
<shiftlockboom>Should that be "US" or something?
<shiftlockboom>Sorry, I have never done any configuration stuff before.
<bavier>did you have a look at section 8.1 of the manual? or base your config off one of the examples?
<shiftlockboom>Oh, there is a guix manual? I will now. I was just using the libreboot guide.
<shiftlockboom>Thanks. At 8.1
<shiftlockboom>I noticed on my config attempt that one field was a different colur. The (installer #~(const #t))))
<bavier>that's probably just syntax highlighting
<shiftlockboom>Thanks. I will give it another go.
<bavier>shiftlockboom: I didn't realize libreboot had a guix section in it's manual. rvgn is sometimes in this channel if you have additional questions regarding that writeup
<shiftlockboom>I am sure that write up is fine - - I just stuffed up a few firlds.
<bavier>imho the formatting of the scheme code in that guide make's reading difficult
<shiftlockboom>I will try and nail it this attempt
<avocadoras>I've had some minor issues installing Guix with the install script on the website.. someone told me to come here for help?
<roptat>avocadoras, hi! how can we help?
<avocadoras>I get this error every time I call guix
<avocadoras>substitute: /gnu/store/q19l04vd2za80mk1845pz7r8cz29qk43-bash-minimal-4.4.23/bin/bash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.utf8)
<avocadoras>this is in my .bash_profile
<avocadoras>export GUIX_PROFILE="${HOME}/.guix-profile" export GUIX_LOCPATH="$HOME/.guix-profile/lib/locale" export XDG_DATA_DIRS="/home/jon/.guix-profile/share${XDG_DATA_DIRS:+:}$XDG_DATA_DIRS"
<avocadoras>sorry, this text is formatted in an unlegible way... in other words, i've exported the required environment variables
<shiftlockboom>error: module (gnu services certs) not found
<roptat>avocadoras, sorry for the delay
<roptat>iirc there's an issue with /etc/systemd/system/guix-daemon.service
<roptat>shiftlockboom, try with (gnu services certbot) maybe?
<roptat>avocadoras, there should be a line that looks like "Environment='GUIX_LOCPATH=/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/guix-profile/lib/locale' LC_ALL=en_US.utf8" but not quite (one ' is off)
<roptat>avocadoras, if you fix that line to that above, then run "systemctl daemon-reload" and maybe "systemctl restart guix-daemon", it should work
<roptat>in any case, it's not a fatal error, just a warning
<avocadoras>weird, I don't have the file `guix-daemon.service` in /etc/systemd
<roptat>it should be in /etc/systemd/system
<shiftlockboom>Which line does that go in?
<avocadoras>ok so my line looks like this
<avocadoras>Environment=GUIX_LOCPATH='/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/guix-profile/lib/locale' LC_ALL=en_US.utf8
<roptat>shiftlockboom, I don't know, any line that has (gnu services certs) or (use-service-modules ...)
<roptat>the first ' is off, it should be before GUIX_LOCPATH
<avocadoras>so LC_ALL=en_US.utf8 should come before GUIX_LOCPATH?
<roptat>no, keep it that way
<roptat>it should be Environment='GUIX_LOCPATH=/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/guix-profile/lib/locale' LC_ALL=en_US.utf8
<avocadoras>with the `[filtered]`?
<roptat>and not Environment='UIX_LOCPATH='/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/guix-profile/lib/locale' LC_ALL=en_US.utf8
<roptat>and not Environment=GUIX_LOCPATH='/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/guix-profile/lib/locale' LC_ALL=en_US.utf8
<avocadoras>ok i'm lost
<avocadoras>so like this
<avocadoras>Environment[filtered]=GUIX_LOCPATH='/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/guix-profile/lib/locale' LC_ALL=en_US.utf8
<roptat>do you already have [filtered] in that file?
<roptat>if so, then:
<roptat>Environment[filtered]='GUIX_LOCPATH=/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/guix-profile/lib/locale' LC_ALL=en_US.utf8
<roptat> ^ here
<avocadoras>roptat, that solved the error
<roptat>ok, cool :)
<avocadoras>not the line you just typed but the very first one
<avocadoras>btw, the install script works on Ubuntu, tried installing on another machine that runs Debian 10 and it cannot read the gpg keys
<avocadoras>gives off error that they are missing after a sudo ./
<roptat>did you run the gpg command that is recommended by the script with sudo too?
<avocadoras>yeah I did
<avocadoras>btw, just testing out guix with guix install hello but I still get this on console
<avocadoras>The following environment variable definitions may be needed: export PATH="/home/jon/.config/guix/current/bin${PATH:+:}$PATH"
<roptat>it's not completely clear to me how you're supposed to manage the environment variables on a foreign distro, since it's managed for you on the guix system ^^'
<roptat>I think you should have this line in your .profile or .bash_profile
<avocadoras>yes it's on my .bash_profile
<roptat>as well as "source ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile"
<roptat>(or maybe with an export GUIX_PROFILE=... first)
<roptat>ok, so maybe you just need to re-log for it to take effect fully?
<avocadoras>nope does not work
<avocadoras>oops my bad
<avocadoras>should I add this export PATH="/home/jon/.guix-profile/bin${PATH:+:}$PATH"
<alexanderbarbosa>avocadoras: PATH="$HOME/.guix-profile/bin${PATH:+:}$PATH"
<roptat>that should already be defined in ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile
<avocadoras>yes it is
<roptat>also make sure ~/.config/guix/current/bin is first in your $PATH
<roptat>then you should be good
<avocadoras>in .bash_profile
<fps>hrmpf, away from guix for a while and i completely forgot how to tell guix package to look in the current directory for package definitions
<alexanderbarbosa>avocadoras: yep, env vars go in bash_profile
<fps>it's not GUILE_LOAD_PATH=. ...
<fps>it's not guix package -f myfile.scm either because the expression does not evaluate to a package but it's in a (define-public ...) call
<fps>and i couldn't find it in the manual either, at least not in the places i looked (invoking guix package and a couple of other places)
<shiftlockboom>I am getting invalid field specifier
<shiftlockboom>For (installer #!(const #t))))
<pinoaffe>how should I deal with something like when packaging?
<nckx>fps: $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH?
<nckx>Hullo #guix.
<fps>nckx: thanks. :)
<avocadoras>alexanderbarbosa, should it be PATH[filtered]$HOME/.guix-profile/bin${PATH:+:}$PATH" or PATH[filtered]=$HOME/.guix-profile/bin${PATH:+:}$PATH"
<alexanderbarbosa>avocadoras: PATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/bin${PATH:+:}$PATH"
<nckx>shiftlockboom: Try this instead:
<fps>i wonder how i can debug the failure to log me into any kind of desktop session. the login screen just freezes after logging into e.g. xfce. switching to console and back seems to give me back the login manager, but the session type choice button then has disappeared
<fps>i'll see if i can disable the desktop services and just start x manually from the console with a valid .xsessionrc or .xinitrc
<roptat>fps, it's not supported
<roptat>using startx I mean
<roptat>maybe you have a Xorg.log somewhere?
<fps>yeah, seems so. i'll try and find it..
<fps>there's a gdm greeter log in /var/log
<xavierm02>So about LyX, the problem seems to be that it uses binaries from qtsvg. But I can't find a way to make it find those binaries at runtime without adding them to the $PATH.
<nckx>xavierm02: Patching not an option?
<nckx>Then you can use make-wrapper to add store items to $PATH when LyX is started.
<fps>argh, gdm is so buggy :)
<fps>maybe i can replace gdm with ssdm?
<xavierm02>nckx: I have no idea where to plug the path to qtsvg. It uses some dark magic with cmake and some QT_FIND_TOOL function/macro and I don't understand it...
<xavierm02>nckx: What do you mean by patching? Changing the source code?
<nckx>‘Clever’ software is the bane of humanity.
<nckx>xavierm02: Yes.
<nckx>I always try to do that before I resort to wrapping, but both approaches get the job done.
<xavierm02>So yeah I don't understand the code enough for that. I know someone that works on LyX so I emailed him for pointers
<xavierm02>But idk how soon he'll answer since it's hollidays
<avocadoras>alexanderbarbosa, still get the same msg
<avocadoras>The following environment variable definitions may be needed: export PATH="/home/jon/.guix-profile/bin${PATH:+:}$PATH"
<xavierm02>avocadoras: What shell are you using?
<roptat>xavierm02, actually there's no binary in qtsvg, so PATH won't help
<roptat>xavierm02, you can try to run lyx with strace to see what it needs from qtsvg
<roptat>sorry for the wrong lead...
<roptat>we need to understand how it uses qtsvg to understand why propagating helps
<roptat>then we can make a wrapper or a patch
<xavierm02>I was sure i was in the qtsvg dir but i was in the qtbase
<xavierm02>ok so back to square one
*nckx reads backlog.
<roptat>could it be one of the native-search-paths
<roptat>what happens if you install lyx and qtbase, but not qtsvg?
<vagrantc>watching the intro to guix videos ... really nicely done!
<roptat>maybe QT_PLUGIN_PATH is important?
<nckx>Grrr, /var/cache/fontconfig existed again, I've got half a mind to audit the entire system to find out who's creating it.
<xavierm02>Ok so it uses a lot of stuff from qtsvg
<xavierm02>so unless I can tell it where to find the whole folder, things will be horrible
<xavierm02>lyx + qtbase - qtsvg = no icons
<avocadoras>xavierm02, bash
<xavierm02>Ok so I've been told that maybe I should use LD_PRELOAD. I'll try that
<nckx>roptat: What do you mean by ‘startx isn't supported’?
<nckx>Running it as a regular user, or just ‘supported’ by the project?
<roptat>I think it just doesn't work, right?
<nckx>Works fine here.
<roptat>hm... ok
*nckx just fired up a :1 with xterm with /bin/startx 🙂
<roptat>last time I tried it didn't work, but that was already one or two years ago
<fps>very weird. i have gdm running on vt7 and vt8 it seems
<nckx>It does need to run as root, so that's indeed not great.
<nckx>But AFAIK so does our regular xorg-server.
<alexanderbarbosa>Im after no needing to use login managers... just startx.... still have to learn how to... it never finds Xorg...
<nckx>alexanderbarbosa: I used (service special-files-service-type `(("/bin/startx" ,(xorg-start-command)))), it's not user-friendly (and might need some tweaks to load configuration/WM, didn't try that), but it works and displays clients.
<alexanderbarbosa>nckx: of course... I literally ignored that, thinking that is was an issue with my dotfiles ... haha
<nckx>xorg-start-command calls Xorg directly so it doesn't have to ‘find’ anything. Not sure what went wrong there.
<alexanderbarbosa>thats a good start....
<alexanderbarbosa>anyway, my special-files-service-type is getting toooo big :D
<fps>let's see if trusty slim login manager works :)
<nckx>fps: It works great 🙂
<alexanderbarbosa>fps: I actually never use login manager, guix is the first distro I had to tolerate them :D.... not anymore.
<fps>is gdm broken for anyone else, too?
<fps>i had to (remove ...) the gdm-service from desktop services to get it to work (as stated in the manual)
<nckx>fps: it == gdm or slim?
<fps>it == slim
<fps>couldn't get gdm to work at all
<nckx>Oh. Hm. Never tried.
<fps>it seems the desktop-services service changed its default to gdm :(
<nckx>For 1.0.
<dongcarl>random: anyone know what the default line width limit is for
<alexanderbarbosa>fps: yep, and I change to base-services lol
<fps>alexanderbarbosa: i guess that's easier, yeah :)
<fps>i was lured by the graphical installer :)
<alexanderbarbosa>fps: well, expect to your config.scm to get really bigger...
<fps>some things don't seem to change though. no fonts in icecat after installing it.. even after fc-cache -f
<nckx>fc-cache -rv (the -r is like -f but like really) and fc-list sometimes print interesting things.
<alexanderbarbosa>fps: well, thats prolly icecat cant find your fonts...
<nckx>IceCat is ‘special’ though.
<fps>couldn't we expect desktop-services to depend on a couple of fonts though?
<alexanderbarbosa>is it how so?
<alexanderbarbosa>fps: I guess so.
<nckx>alexanderbarbosa: I haven't bothered investigating, but its font issues are often not ‘synchronised’ with the rest of the desktop: moji fonts won't work in IceCat, but in everything else, or the opposite. So definitely doing their own special font-findin' thing.
<nckx>Then there was the weird bug of IceCat not rendering numbers — but only numbers! — when its favourite font wasn't installed. Maybe it's fixed now. Weird things like that.
<alexanderbarbosa>nckx: indeed. Guix as package manager under Debian, I always had those issues with icecat. But as I switch to GuixSD everything is fine and easier to fix
<nckx>alexanderbarbosa: That is also my experience, but for some people it's been the other way round, unfortunately.
<nckx>Guix System is generally better supported since it's what all the developers use.
<alexanderbarbosa>damn, icecat and chromium installation are way bigger than emacs ... lol
<vagrantc>there are a few tricky things with running guix on top of a foreign distro indeed.
<alexanderbarbosa>whoever was behind it had a lot of trial-error till fix everything
<nckx>I recently tried it (on a Debian derivative) for the first time and it was super not pleasant.
<nckx>Compared to a Guix System, I mean.
<nckx>It's still user-level functional package management done well 🙂
<alexanderbarbosa>Under Debian every package installed via Guix worked as expected but icecat... even chromium was fine...
<nckx>Most malware is self-contained.
<alexanderbarbosa>anyway, looking though icecat config and...I have nothing against C++/Rust but I expect I wont ever need to learn those :D
<nckx>Nothing. And Rust is all right (seems to have more thought behind it than Go), just pain nightmare to bootstrap.
<fps>argh, now does slim expect .xinitrc, .xsession or .xsessionrc?
<fps>i have all three (the latter two symlinked to the former), but it presents me only i3 and awesome (for which i have services installed)
<dongcarl>nckx: Eh, it's alright, I've been testing Guix on alpine, debian, fedora, and arch consistently and it works as expected
<nckx>fps: Just .xsession is fine (what I use anyway).
<nckx>dongcarl: Oh, it works great. It's the shock (and inconvenience) of having to edit random shell files after years of s{n,m}ug Guix System living.
<alexanderbarbosa>Golang is my next one, for sure....
<nckx>Back to the old feeling of arranging thing just so.
<xavierm02>nckx: What font do you use? (because I guess that 🙂 isn't a box with 01F642 written in it on your screen)
<nckx>Nope. It's a very happy yellow fellow.
<alexanderbarbosa>dongcarl: same experience. Guix works fine in openSUSE....
<nckx>I use font-google-noto. (‘Other fine fonts are surely available’, etc.)
<dongcarl>nckx: "S{n,m}ug system living" should be the new slogan
<nckx>I wanted to make it less clunky but couldn't ☹
<nckx>xavierm02: ^ that one works, right?
<xavierm02>but it's not happy
<nckx>That's an older-school non-emoji frownie. I have no idea why I have different styles aliased for either, but it is so.
<nckx>So the universe is telling me I should smile less.
<xavierm02>I'm installing noto font but it seems huuuuuuuuge
<fps>nckx: hmm. slim seems to ignore my .xsession.. weird
<fps>cycling with f1 doesn't show it..
<nckx>xavierm02: It's gigantic.
<nckx>(Not unreasonably, though. It aims to provide every known glyph, the emojies are just one of many ‘languages’ it supports.)
<nckx>Noto is short for ‘to tofu’, or something, their cutesy-googleypoo-name for those boxes you mentioned above.
<nckx>fps: Hm, let me check.
<nckx>I don't have anything special set up in my system.scm.
<nckx>I think SLiM supports selecting session types by pressing F[0-9], I forget what.
<nckx>(I don't actually ‘use’ SLiM, I let it log me in automatically. Even better than startx. 🙂
<nckx> /to to/no to/, obvs.
<alexanderbarbosa>not to
<alexanderbarbosa>in doubt... not to :D
<nckx>‘Noto is Google’s answer to tofu. The name noto is to convey the idea that Google’s goal is to see “no more tofu”.’
<nckx>Just asiaphobic.
<keno>The installer has a very weird bug for me right now. It tells me "The selected network does not provide access to the Internet", both when choosing the WiFi or the Wired connection
<keno>ping in second tty confirms I'm connected to the internet
<keno>Is there any way to skip a section of the graphical installer? I don't want to mess with everything manually tbh
<xavierm02>keno did you try a wget?
<nckx>keno: Ping isn't really a great way to test networks, not that I doubt you.
<keno>Wait I'll install wget and report back
<nckx>keno: Is that the exact message? A quick grep o' the sources doesn't find it.
<nckx>keno: ‘guix download’ can serve as a wget substitute (no pun intended).
<keno>It's the exact message yeah
<keno>wget works
<nckx>keno: Oh, I think that message was removed since the release, which does not bode well for that code.
<keno>I'm booting the 1.0.1 installer, I don't know what you mean exactly
<nckx>Oh, nope, I was just being a moron. It's wrapped accross 2 lines so grep no find it.
<keno>ah okay
<nckx>keno: It's triggered by ‘connman state’ not returning ‘online’.
<nckx>What does that return when you run it?
<keno>Heh it says "command not found"
<keno>connmannd state returns nothing
<keno>in case you meant that
<nckx>Everything is a variable in this file…
<keno>that returns "State = ready, OfflineMode = False, SessionMode = False"
<nckx>The installer expects it to be exactly equal to ‘online’. I don't know what ‘ready’ means here, I don't use connman.
<keno>I'll file a bug report for that then, thanks for tracking it down!
<keno>perhaps I can trick connmanctl to return online, I'll look into it
<nckx>keno: Thanks! If connmanctl won't budge you can try ‘kicking’ connman with ‘rfkill block all; rfkill unblock all’ if rfkill is installed. But please write your bug report first, if you can, so you can check the current state of your system.
<keno>What would that rfkill stuff be good for? Can you please rephrase?
<nckx>It's the equivalent of turning your wifi on & off again.
<nckx>Toggling a hardware (‘radio frequency kill’) switch would do the same thing but very few machines have those nowadays.
<keno>Oh okay I doubt that will help, I've already turned it on and off again within connmanctl
<keno>I have a hardware switch :) Already tried this one, too
<keno>It's 100% reproducible
<nckx>Good news for debugging, bad news for your installation completing today. 🙂
<nckx>‘A network is in state 'ready' once it has obtained an IPv4 or IPv6 address or both. The addresses can be acquired via DHCPv4 or DHCPv6, IPv6 address autoconfiguration, IPv4 link local assignment or statically configured for IPv4 or IPv6. A network is in state 'online' if ConnMan has verified connectivity to Internet, i.e. it has managed to look up and connect to or For all practical purposes 'ready' and 'online' are usuall
<nckx>y equivalent for the intended connectivity experience.’
<nckx>Intel is telling us to treat them as equivalent for our purpose, I think
<nckx>I'll rephrase that: if we do check for proxies and other vagaries, we might want to do it ourselves and not rely on
<nckx>Which currently 404s, although that might not affect the probe.
<nckx>Now it times out.
<nckx>Now it times out again, about 1 in 5 tries.
<nckx>I'm going to hazard a guess and say is on the blink, unless you can reliably connect to it, keno?
<keno>Nope I can't either!
<xavierm02>Ok so apparently, most other qt-based packages do wrap, so I'll probably do that too
<keno>Wow that was some quick debugging
<nckx>But fetching other HTTP sites like the exact same way (& protocol) works, right? Just to make sure.
<keno>Weirdly enough, I've found a program called connmand-wait-online (already installed in the Guix installer). That one seems to work to confirm my connection
<keno>Yes other http sites work
<keno>Hey it now says state online
<keno>after reconnecting
<keno>Can connect to again, too
<nckx>OK, the installer should work now. *crosses fingers*
<keno>Thanks for your help, the free software community never seizes to amaze me :)
<keno>And yeah installer works
<nckx>Doesn't explain the timeouts I saw but maybe connman just keeps trying. Happy to help!
<nckx>“connmand-wait-online waits until a service enters 'ready' state” so… not the best naming ever, then.
<keno>Haha okay
<nckx>keno: Does it work?
<keno>Either way it's probably a good idea to make it work with both "ready" and "online"
<keno>Yeah everything works now
<keno>I really think it might have been a temporary problem with the connman servers, or at least with my route to them
<nckx>From what I saw here I agree. They still (reliably) return 404 now but I guess that's considered a valid response.
<nckx>Makes you think, though…
<keno>Yes I think 404 is okay, it just tries to confirm general connection to this domain. And if it achieved to get a 404, it was connected after all
<keno>Even pinging timed out for a while, now it works again
<nckx>I wasn't expecting it to break connman, I am somewhat suprised/disappointed at the boringness of that response. A plain-text ‘It's alive! - connman’ response would consume much less bandwidth and look less dodgy.
<nckx>keno: On to the next bug!
<avocadoras>quick question, I've downloaded a package (haunt) and am trying to load it in guile but guile does not recognize it
<pkill9>avocadoras: looks like you need to manually set GUILE_LOAD_PATH
<roptat>do you have guile itself in the same profile? that's how GUILE_LOAD_PATH can be added to the etc/profile file of the profile
<xavierm02__>Hey so I juste rebooted and now I can't boot...
<xavierm02__>I have "error: no suitable video mode found. Booting in blind mode"
<pkill9>xavierm02__: does it error before GRUB loads?
<xavierm02__>I'm not even sure I did guix system reconfigure since last reboot but I did guix gc
<avocadoras>yes, actually, my bad everyone, earlier I had the same issue and could not be solved -- I realized that Ubuntu loads .profile first
<avocadoras>and had all my settings in .bash_profile, how everthing works
<avocadoras>but, I believed I installed guile seperately, do u mean that I should install guile with guix?
<xavierm02__>It asks for the password, takes a minute to unlock, then tells me that something is not found but it's too fast to read and then it stops on that error message
<xavierm02__>I'll try to film the screen
<pkill9>xavierm02__: can you load the previous system configuration?
<nckx>I got that error when I didn't load the right/enough display modules (like efi_gop or similar).
<nckx>In that case it doesn't matter what you boot, the bad thing happens before the GRUB menu is displayed. No GRUB errors at all? Not even for a microsecond?
<xavierm02__>Previous systems give the same error
<nckx>xavierm02__: Is this a UEFI system?
<xavierm02__>Slot 0 opened
<nckx>That's not an error, it's a success.
<xavierm02__>error no such device: /gnu/store/fjfhdhfkfbdjdhdjdhd-grub-2.04/share/grub/unicode.pf2
<nckx>That's it.
<nckx>From Guix's grub.cfg: if loadfont <the path you pasted>; then setup_gfxterm; fi
<nckx>I.e., if the font goes missing, we don't set up gfxterm.
<nckx>You can call ‘setup_gfxterm’ manually from the GRUB command line before you return to the menu and boot.
<nckx>Then reconfigure.
<nckx>Then, file a bug that /gnu/store/fjfhdhfkfbdjdhdjdhd-grub-2.04/share/grub/unicode.pf2 (but, like, the real path) got incorrectly garbage-collected, because it shouldn't.
<xavierm02__>I never get to the grub> prompt. I can get in the grub menu though
<avocadoras>pkill: what should I set GUILE_LOAD_PATH to?
<nckx>xavierm02__: What do you mean? C does nothing?
<nckx>I've never seen that before o_O
<xavierm02__>Isgoyld press c when im on the menu ?
<nckx>I don't know GRUB by heart (just most of its insides), what does the text say?
<xavierm02__>you're right it says so
<nckx>xavierm02__: Yay! I just knew my muscle memory went to the C key when I thought about it. 🙂
<xavierm02__>It worked!
<nckx>Now, once you reconfigure, your system will boot normally again.
<nckx>Well, until this happens again, but it's never happened to me and I GC religiously…
<nckx>So please do file that bug report!
<xavierm02__>This was my first time running guix gc, I'm never doing it again!
<nckx>😃 I understand the feeling.
<nckx>It shouldn't happen. Really.
<xavierm02__>Thanks a lot btw, you totally saved me :-)
<nckx>Knowing all GRUB's dirty secrets finally paid off \o/
<nckx>You're very welcome.
<xavierm02__>Erm. The guix system reconfigure is downloading a lot of stuff. The gc must've delete everything :o
<nckx>More people run Guix, more I get paid by Big Free Software 👍
<xavierm02__>But then why is i3 still here
*nckx can't say.
<avocadoras>should I set it to GUILE_LOAD_PATH=/usr/share/guile?
<emsyr>Hi. I have big problem to remove gdm for I want to try slim and sddm. Here is my config.scm: . I get an error : service 'xorg-server' provided more than once...
<emsyr>Have taken many shots but no luck.
<pkill9>avocadoras: you should add $HOME/.guix-profile/share/guile/site/2.2 if you've installed it to your user's profile
<pkill9>add to your GUILE_LOAD_PATH*
<nckx>emsyr: You're throwing away the result of the first eq?.
<nckx>emsyr: You need to (or (eq? …) (eq? …)) or something fancier.
<nckx>But that will work.
<nckx>In Scheme, the value of applying (lambda _ 42 #f 79 36 #t) is just whatever came last: #t.
<emsyr>nckx I have tried with (eq? (service-kind service gdm-service-type) alone. I also get an error.
<avocadoras>export GUILE_LOAD_PATH="$HOME/.guix-profile/share/guile/site/2.2" in .profile?
<nckx>emsyr: That's odd, because that code definitely removes both services.
<nckx>I repld.
<nckx>I don't use set-xorg-configuration, maybe that's the culprit? 🤷
<nckx>The only error that jumped out at me was the missing OR.
<pkill9>yea avocadoras
<xavierm02>Gah. Hexchat doesn't find the noto font >_<
<PotentialUser-65>hello, i cant create a vm with virt-manager
<PotentialUser-65>"missing target information for device /var/lib/libvirt/images/generic.qcow2"
<nckx>PotentialUser-65: Are you getting cgroup-related errors? That will be fixed with libvirt 5.6.0 (out soon).
<sneek>I'll keep that in mind.
<nckx>sneek: forget it.
<sneek>Consider it forgotten.
<nckx>sneek: Botsnack, you silly.
<PotentialUser-65>ok, i need to get my micophone working in vm somehow
<nckx>PotentialUser-65: I guess that file name exists?
<avocadoras>pkill: I still get scheme@(guile-user)> (use-modules (haunt)) While compiling expression: no code for module (haunt)
<avocadoras>echo $GUILE_LOAD_PATH
<PotentialUser-65>nckx: nope, nonexistend
<nckx>xavierm02: Er, I'm using both right now :-/
<PotentialUser-65>nckx: no wait, i cant access it
<nckx>PotentialUser-65: I'd like to help but I'm really not a libvirt guru, sorry. That error isn't familiar at all.
<PotentialUser-65>well, i just need a vm with mic support
<PotentialUser-65>qemu is hard to do
<PotentialUser-65>does someone know how to enable the microphone on QEMU
<PotentialUser-65>or how to access kvm as user?
<bavier>PotentialUser-65: your user needs to be in the "kvm" groupp
<PotentialUser-65>....seriously wow
<nckx>Random person on the net says ‘-device intel-hda -device hda-micro’ for qemu, take that for what it is.
<bavier>I've been able to enable mic access through virt-manager, but I don't know how to accomplish that in qemu directly
<PotentialUser-65>bavier: virt-manager doesnt work tho
<bavier>I see
<xavierm02>nckx: Do I have to guix gc again to see if I can reproduce? Or are you 100% sure that it's the gc that removed the file?
<PotentialUser-65>have to reeboot, thanks for making Guix possible
<nckx>xavierm02: I am both quite certain and interested in a reproducer (since that's needed to actually fix the bug).
<nckx>PotentialUser-65: Good luck o/
<nckx>xavierm02: That's doesn't mean it's reproducible, but the only realistic way files can be removed from the store is through Guix GC. Corruption wouldn't be that clean.
<nckx>That said, a run of ‘guix gc --verify’ can never hurt.
<nckx>-first 's
<nckx>Why am I typing like a poodle today.
<PotentialUser-23>it works, thanks very much
<avocadoras>scheme@(guile-user)> %load-path $1 = ("/usr/share/guile/2.2" "/usr/share/guile/site/2.2" "/usr/share/guile/site" "/usr/share/guile")
<kori>hello guile!
<kori>I meant guix!
<pkill9>avocadoras: is that after exporting the GUILE_LOAD_PATH and then running guile in the same shell?
<kori>but let's pretend I typed in guix and not guile!
<nckx>avocadoras: I haven't been following the discussion, but (and %load-path doesn't seem to include it anyway) but not that using ‘~’ in an environment variable like that isn't magically expanded to $HOME.
<avocadoras>$1 = ("~/.guix-profile/share/guile/site/2.2" "/usr/share/guile/2.2" "/usr/share/guile/site/2.2" "/usr/share/guile/site" "/usr/share/guile")
<bavier>PotentialUser-23: great
<xavierm02>Alright. I gc'd, and am rebooting. Wish me luck.
<nckx>Break a Guix!
<avocadoras>I moved GUILE_LOAD_PATH up
<xavierm02>I hope I'll remember setup_gfxterm
<pkill9>avocadoras: what nckx said, use $HOME instead as that will be expanded
<nckx>*note, ffs.
<pkill9>by the shell when you export
<nckx>kori: o/
<avocadoras>ok let me try again
<kori>hey nckx
<avocadoras>$1 = ("/home/lrj/.guix-profile/share/guile/site/2.2" "/usr/share/guile/2.2" "/usr/share/guile/site/2.2" "/usr/share/guile/site" "/usr/share/guile")
<avocadoras>I wrote GUILE_LOAD_PATH, then source .profile, then called guile then ran %load-path
<nckx>My %load-path is ("/home/nckx/.guix-profile/share/guile/site/2.2" "/gnu/store/zp53jz14ql8syglh4nyrwmq2awvfirb8-guile-2.2.6/share/guile/2.2"), so that looks correct, no?
<avocadoras>yeah that looks correct except I dont have the "/gnu/store/...." one
<avocadoras>and now, $1 = ("/home/jon/.guix-profile/share/guile/site/2.2" "/usr/share/guile/2.2" "/usr/share/guile/site/2.2" "/usr/share/guile/site" "/usr/share/guile")
<avocadoras>(use-modules (haunt))
<nckx>avocadoras: Right, I just wanted to show that I had no other magic paths set and all my Guix-installed modules work perfectly.
<rekado>I don’t know why we’ve got so many build failures on wip-texlive:
<rekado>these seem entirely unrelated to my changes.
<rekado>and I guess many of them are due to low-memory build nodes for non-x86 architectures.
<avocadoras>nckx: I installed guile and guix seperately btw, I'm guessing I can install guix without guile?
<xavierm02>Alright. So I can confirm that guix gc makes the bug happen
<rekado>hard to say when we should merge that.
<avocadoras>nckx: it works, I'm not loading the module correctly, I get data returned with (use-modules (haunt html)) for example
<nckx>avocadoras: You can install Guix without installing Guix's guile to your profile, yes.
<avocadoras>nckx: can I use guile only with guix?
<nckx>I don't think so? I use Guix for everything, I don't know 😛
<avocadoras>thanks everyone who helped, btw, I'm learning Guile via web dev, that's why I was trying to install Haunt
<avocadoras>I've accomplished my mission
<avocadoras>nckx: I hope one day I get there!
<avocadoras>bit off-topic,this journey started one day when I decided to learn Emacs
<nckx>xavierm02: OK. I guess grub.cfg references aren't considered at all by the garbage collector. I don't see how exactly that happens (I thought the grub.cfg copy in the store would serve as a root), but it happens.
<nckx>xavierm02: Do you have the full file name of the then-missing unifont?
<pkill9>haunt is a nice static site generator
<pkill9>the main website for Guix is built using Haunt
<nckx>avocadoras: And I got into emacs because it was included in the GuixSD installer 🙂
<nckx>xavierm02: I'm also curious what ‘sha1sum /gnu/store/*grub.cfg /boot/grub/grub.cfg | sort’ returns on your system.
<avocadoras>well, gtg, thanks everyone
<nckx>As in, does the store contain a copy of your grub.cfg, like mine does.
<xavierm02>nckx: Yeah. /gnu/store/0fijjh7qw8ppsks0ba3q9m8731jhj797-brub-2.04/share/grub/unicode.pf2
<xavierm02>(Probably, I had it on the video of my screen and copied it by hand so there might be errors)
<nckx>Did you copy that by hand? Rescept.
<kori>brub lmao
<nckx>I struggle to type a simple sentence without errors.
<xavierm02>Ok so it's /gnu/store/0fijjh7qw8ppsks0ba3q9m873ljhj797-grub-2.04
<xavierm02>I had an 1 instead of an l or the other way around
<xavierm02>but now that path exists on my system so it must be the right one
<nckx>And that's the path in /boot/grub/grub.cfg as well?
<nckx>And does ‘grep <that hash> /gnu/store/*-grub.cfg’ return anything?
<xavierm02>search --file --set /gnu/store/0fijjh7qw8ppsks0ba3q9m873ljhj797-grub-2.04/share/grub/unicode.pf2
<xavierm02>if loadfont /gnu/store/0fijjh7qw8ppsks0ba3q9m873ljhj797-grub-2.04/share/grub/unicode.pf2; then
<xavierm02>(that's the result of your grep)
<xavierm02>output of ‘sha1sum /gnu/store/*grub.cfg /boot/grub/grub.cfg | sort’:
<xavierm02>3f991710d582823cdc301e5500ac5c16b39fd527 /boot/grub/grub.cfg
<xavierm02>3f991710d582823cdc301e5500ac5c16b39fd527 /gnu/store/d6rw0lp4v3g44dnan1j4nfzqqshygvr8-grub.cfg
<xavierm02>Unless you put a veto on it soon, I plan on submitting the bug report with explanations saying that you asked me to run those commands and the output
<nckx>I should've asked you to pastebin that, my bad. But oh!
<nckx>xavierm02: Meh, the sha1 stuff wasn't really that smart, I was still stumbling around in the dark.
<xavierm02>I guess the content of your pastebin is sufficient to explain everything
<nckx>So what that paste, from my machine, tells me is that if I were to run ‘guix gc’ now it would also break my boot.
<xavierm02>I think so
<nckx>Because I'm sure's hell not going to find out.
<nckx>(More because I don't have hours to rebuild everything than because of GRUB, though.)
<nckx>xavierm02: Sounds like a bug report. Probably best to continue this discussion through e-mail instead of IRC, anyway.
<nckx>On IRC you only get idiots saying the first thing that pops into their head
<nckx>like run sha1sum on you junk.