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<quiliro>Why do I get a: 'Failed to recognize file format' error when I run 'mpv'?
<quiliro>wow...i have just confessed a criminal offense!...copyright violation
<quiliro>well...not really....i just said that i have run a file with a similar name with a copyrighted work ;-)
<kori>quiliro: let's pretend you're trying to watch the contents of a linux iso with mpv
<kori>for whatever reason
<quiliro>it is a mkv file
<kori>no it is a linux iso
<kori>that you downloaded
<kori>with your rtorrent client
<kori>check that libmatroska is installed? maybe?
<quiliro>because it works with other even works with other mkv files
<kori>oh thats weird then
<kori>is it corrupted
<quiliro>it is not installed
<kori>install libmatroska
<kori>its so weird that this linux iso wouldn't run without libmatroska, wouldn't you agree!
<quiliro>kori: haha
<quiliro>installing it does not do i know if i need to do anything more before making it available
<Minall>quiliro: Kiel vi fartas!
<kori>that's weird
<quiliro>Minall: fine!
<quiliro>Minall: (finally)
<quiliro>kori yes
<quiliro>kori: eble estas malŝuta
<quiliro>kori: sorry....possibly it was a bad download
<kori>quiliro: that's why you always check your linux iso md5sums ;)
<Minall>quiliro: I was a little bussy jeje
<Marlin1113>hi guix
<Marlin1113>what packages should i get to use guile with c?
<Marlin1113>i have gcc-toolchain and guile, but #include <libguile.h> doesn't work
<ynamicmetaflowD>Hola guix!
<ynamicmetaflowD>hola nckx
<quiliro>hola ynamicmetaflowD
<apteryx>a little bit confused about a service's default modules and mcron jobs default modules -- are they shared, or i must explicitly import everything in my mcron (guile written) jobs?
<apteryx>such as (srfi srfi-26)
<apteryx>I think the latter, but just to be sure
<wdkrnls>I have a question:
<wdkrnls>In Pjotr's hacking guide to GNU Guix:
<wdkrnls>He mentions running this code to make guile aware of guix:
<wdkrnls>(setq-default geiser-guile-load-path '("~/src/guix"))
<wdkrnls>Do you have a feel where he was intending this to go?
<wdkrnls>I thought maybe he was refering to a git checkout of guix.
<wdkrnls>So I tried that.
<wdkrnls>But that gave me a bunch of scary warnings:
<wdkrnls>;;; note: source file /home/k/git/savannah/guix/guix.scm
<wdkrnls>;;; newer than compiled /run/current-system/profile/lib/guile/2.2/site-ccache/guix.go
<apteryx>wdkrnls: exactly a git checkout, yes
<apteryx>wdkrnls: read the manual, i believe it is explained how to build Guix from sources
<wdkrnls>I'm worried that this won't be reproducible.
<apteryx>basically, 'guix environment guix' , then ./bootstrap, then ./configure --localstatedir=/var then 'mkae'
<apteryx>but if you are not developping and just one access to guix from geiser, it's probably better to add the location of the guix as installed in your profile already, at .config/guix/current/share/guile/site/2.2
<wdkrnls>why wouldn't I just want to duplicate the %load-path from guix-repl?
<wdkrnls>Maybe that's the one you are refrencing?
<apteryx>yes, that must be the same, although I haven't verified
<wdkrnls>The hashes look different than what I see in .config.
<wdkrnls>So maybe there is something else going on.
<apteryx>maybe look at the source of the repl script to see what it's doing
<wdkrnls>maybe in here?
<wdkrnls>(define user-module
<wdkrnls> ;; Module where we execute user code.
<wdkrnls> (let ((module (resolve-module '(guix-user) #f #f #:ensure #t)))
<wdkrnls> (beautify-user-module! module)
<wdkrnls> module))
<wdkrnls>I didn't see any reference to anything else that looks like it might load some other paths.
<wdkrnls>but, I'll keep poking at it.
<wdkrnls>Thanks for all your suggestions apteryx
<romulas>Resubmitted bug to list because 2MB is too big for pictures
<romulas>HAVE you read your SISP today?
<trzcdev>I wish I had a good question, but I'm in that overwhelmed phase of learning something new. My goal is to package an application. I've done the hello-world and, of course, that works. For a non-trivial software, I'm trying to package the nomacs image editor.
<trzcdev>This is part of the "swimming in it". I'm getting lost in the documentation. The most cohesive thing I've been able to follow is the blog post "A packaging tutorial for guix". This, I believe, is the source of the hello-world.scm build script.
<trzcdev>I've modified that and will post it momentarily. (Talking on my host whereas the script is in a VM)
<trzcdev>This is the package definition I've come up with:
<trzcdev>When I try using it via ~guix package --install-from-file=build-nomacs.scm~, it fails and the logs say that it can't find CMakeLists.txt
<trzcdev>The source code does contain a CMakeLists.txt, but it's in a subdirectory to project. I'm guessing the error is a pathing issue.
<trzcdev>And this is where I'm at an impass. I'm not sure how to proceed. I've been swimming in the Guix documentation, Section 6.2, as well as the aforementioned "Packaging tutorial for Guix". It seems like the cmake-build-system variable is what I'll need to modify, using some #:configure-flag.
<trzcdev>Any pointers?
<trzcdev>I need to head to bed, but I'll check the logs and follow up at a later time. Perhaps this is better suited for the mailing list?
<Minall>Hello guix!
<Dynamicmetaflow>que honda Minall
<Minall>I'm reconfiguring with the linux kernel, hope the performance gets better, and then some reverse engineering
<Minall>Dynamicmetaflow: No hablamos americano
<Dynamicmetaflow>eh aveces se me olvida
<arescorpio>pero seria bueno que guix tuviera una pagina en español como si la tienen otras freedistros para tener mas users
<Dynamicmetaflow>tambien asi quiza mas hispano hablantes ayudarian con gnome... por ese sistema si es una jodienda
<Dynamicmetaflow>mind me... been working on packaging gnome-boxes... and it's been a painful and enriching learning experience
<Minall>gnome es algo complicado
<Minall>y porque no hacemos una pagina de puros espa;oles jaja
<Minall>asi contribuiriamos a guix
<arescorpio>prefiero lxde
<Minall>yo no lo se aun, estoy probando entre un WM como awesome o uno mas comploeto
<Dynamicmetaflow>dale Minall , build it and they will come
<Dynamicmetaflow>aveces me pregunto si soy el unico dominicano usando FOSS...
<Minall>Como nos comunicamos con alguien en guix ?
<Minall>Jaja y yo venezolano
<Dynamicmetaflow>Chevere, bueno technicamente soy dominican/hondureno/americano
<Minall>usando GFOSS seria el mejor termino
<arescorpio>Y antes en la charla de #parabola , se hablaba en español pero desde el año 2016 , que solo es english acá veremos
<Minall>Claro, la verdad no se que tan bien esta el software libre ahora en latinoamerica
<Minall>O en espa;a digamos
<Minall>Creo que no hay casi
<arescorpio>yo desde 1994 estoy en web
<Dynamicmetaflow>estuve en Mexico el ano pasado y habia bastante personas alli
<Minall>Pero aveces uno se siente solo jaja
<Dynamicmetaflow>toda la vida...
<Minall>es que es algo complicado solo usar software libre
<Minall>Pero uno se acostumbra, yo todavia no lo hago
<Blackbeard[m]>Hola ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
<Dynamicmetaflow>si usando FOSS, es como un bolero muy triste.
<Blackbeard[m]>Yo soy mexicano :D
<Dynamicmetaflow>yo soy un sancocho!
<Minall>Wow ahora hay mas hispanohablantes
<Blackbeard[m]>Todos en mi casa usamos software libre
<arescorpio>si pero el código en english recuerden
<arescorpio>como ex miembro de radiognu que alguna vez fui
<Minall>Blackbeard quienes utilizan, solo tu?
<Dynamicmetaflow>era maestro antes en la escuela public, ensenando como programar en ingles y espanol.. aunque habia un poco de problema con estudiantes que acaban de llegar al pais por la mayor parte podian entender el codigo
<Minall>ustedes si tiene tiempo jeje
<Minall>Yo apenas estoy entrando
<Minall>Quisiera aprender lo mas que pueda, pero no se donde empezar
<Dynamicmetaflow>sabes cuando te pica un sancudo, y te rascas
<arescorpio>por lisp language
<Blackbeard[m]>Mis hermanos, mi mamá
<Dynamicmetaflow>ve ahi, pero en FOSS
<Blackbeard[m]>Yo uso parabola y guix
<Blackbeard[m]>Y contribullo a krita
<Blackbeard[m]>Minall: que te gustaría aprendec
<Minall>Blackbeard genial!!
<arescorpio>Milani : era (de Venezuela) año 2009.
<Minall>Cualquier cosa de programacion jeje
<Minall>Pero preferiria contribuir con algun proyecto, que ellos me digan que debo de hacer, y yo buscar el como hacerlo aunque no sepa
<Minall>que sea de programacion claro
<Blackbeard[m]>Minall: sabes algún lenguaje?
<Minall>Pensaba contribuir en guix, pero en donde puedo contribuir que sea relevante, me pregunto
<Minall>No jeje, apenas comienzo en este mundo
<Minall>Siempre he utilizado linux, pero apenas comienzo, y me dan ganas de contribuir ya que veo que se aprende muhco
<Minall>y que los proyectos son tan buenos!
<Blackbeard[m]>Minall: ohh comprendo, al principio lo mejor es aprender lo básico
<Blackbeard[m]>Si quieres te puedo ayudar
<Dynamicmetaflow>nckx: are you awake by any chance?
<Minall>No se si aprender python, o no se
<Minall>guile? para guix
<Minall>Blackbeard serias de mucha ayuda!!!
<Minall>Que me recomendarias?
<Blackbeard[m]>Minall: sabes inglés?
<Dynamicmetaflow>Minall: Te recomiendo que empieces con un lenguage que es Lisp
<Blackbeard[m]>Minall: depende de cuanto ingles sepas
<Minall>Blackbeard sip!
<Minall>Dynamicmetaflow: lisp? entiendo
<Dynamicmetaflow>Minall: que sea lisp, usualmente el syntax de lisp es mas chiquito que otros y mas facil al largo plaso
<Minall>Blackbeard si se un ingles bueno para programar, si entiendo bastante
<Blackbeard[m]>Minall: excelente, entonces con el libro How to Design Programs
<Minall>Donde puedo encontrar ese libro?
<Dynamicmetaflow>Te iba recomender ese mismo!
<Blackbeard[m]>Minall: esta en inglés, usa Racket, un tipo de lisp y es creative commons
<Minall>Les respondo algo tarde, debo irme por 20 min, pero nada mas termine vengo a responderles!
<Blackbeard[m]>Yo contribuí a ese libro ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
<Minall>Le voy a revisar
<Minall>asi s ellama?
<Blackbeard[m]>Mi nombre sale en los acknowledgements
<Dynamicmetaflow>Blackbeard[m]: en serio?
<Dynamicmetaflow>fuiste a la NEU?
<Minall>Blackbeard es un honor!
<Blackbeard[m]>Dynamicmetaflow: noo, solo lo lei y encontré unos errores y le mande un correo
<Dynamicmetaflow>ah chevere,
<Blackbeard[m]>Los encontré porque no sabía nada y trate de hacer toodoo el libro
<Blackbeard[m]>Aun no lo acabo :/
<Dynamicmetaflow>wow que bien,
<kori>hey guix
<Blackbeard[m]>Y ya me pusieron en los acknowledged
<Dynamicmetaflow>yo hice una clase en la NEU, y usamos ese libro
<Blackbeard[m]>kori: hi ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
<Dynamicmetaflow>me gusto mucho racket
<Blackbeard[m]>Dynamicmetaflow: de verdad?
<kori>i can only speak portuñol
<Dynamicmetaflow>si.. esta tratando de hacer mi Masters' en computer science
<Dynamicmetaflow>pero fracase
<Blackbeard[m]>kori: ola
<Blackbeard[m]>Dynamicmetaflow: ohh :/
<arescorpio> # Aprende a programar de una buena vez
<Dynamicmetaflow>estaba trabajando demasiado como maestro y no pudo seguir tomando classes, demasiado dinero...
<Blackbeard[m]>Es difícil
<Blackbeard[m]>Yo estoy batallando con mi master Ahorita
<Dynamicmetaflow>$60,000 por 2 anos...
<Dynamicmetaflow>quiza un dia lo voy intentar de nuevo
<Blackbeard[m]>Maestría en Derecho de Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación
<Blackbeard[m]>Tengo entrega de tesis atrasada..
<Dynamicmetaflow>Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming (The MIT Press) 1st Edition Edition
<Dynamicmetaflow>Ese libro lo quero intentar.. cuando estaba preguntado a profesores y estudiantes me decian que muchos de los conceptos en ese libro cubre los contenidos de las classes y mas
<Dynamicmetaflow>es parecido como SICP
<arescorpio>este era radiognu (ya no existe) :
<arescorpio>Maduro lo elimino !
<arescorpio>Con Chavez si existía !!
<arescorpio>Una cuestión de servidores
<Minall`>Hello guix!
<Minall`>How can I add a font to guix?
<Minall`>There's a font I want to add, but nope
<bandali>try putting them in ~/.fonts maybe?
<Blackbeard[m]>Dynamicmetaflow: ah excelente
<bandali>also, there a number of fonts packaged for guix, have a look at their package definitions on how to properly package/add fonts to guix
<Blackbeard[m]>Minall`: want to install a guix font or one that isn't
<brendyyn>ive still never been able to get firefox sync working with icecat. it just sits there saying "working..."
<Dynamicmetaflow>So I am a few steps from finishing gnome-boxes
<Dynamicmetaflow>packaging gnome-boxes, i have a few questions, wodering if someone could help
<gnanesh_r>Has anyone managed to run docker in guix container?
<gnanesh>Has anyone able to run docker inside guix container?
<gnanesh>Anyone is able to run docker in guix container?
<roptat>hi guix!
***tilpner_ is now known as tilpner
<abcdw>Anyone had experience installing guix on raspberry pi or similar device?
<roptat>abcdw, I run the guix system on a cubietruck (cubieboard 3)
<roptat>I think it won't boot on a raspi because of nonfree firmware required to boot, but there are other arm boards supported
<abcdw>roptat, I'm ok with other arm boards. Do you have a config or blog post about guixsd installation process on arm board? I think it should be similar to x86_64, but the article or config will be helpful anyway.
<roptat>abcdw, in the case of my board, I had to first install a foreign distro and use it as if it were a guix installer system (so manually installing guix with guix system init)
<roptat>I don't have a blog post about that though...
<roptat>my system configuration is here:
<roptat>(the tyreunom-os procedure is defined in my modules, and it defines a base system os, you only have the specifics of the system here, not the part that's common to all my systems)
<roptat>especially, I need to define a specific bootloader object
<roptat>this file defines a few bootloaders for boards that are supported:
<roptat>which reminds me I should contribute my bootloader definition :)
<gnanesh> Has anyone tried running docker inside guix container?
<apteryx>can I test mcron jobs directly at the guix repl?
<apteryx>I tried replacing #~(job (lambda _ (my logic)) by (gexp->script "some-name" #~(begin (my logic) ...)) and evaluating that, but this returns a procedure that I don't know how to use.
<roptat>apteryx, I think you should pass it to the store monad so it gets evaluated into a store path
<roptat>maybe if you pass the result through (mlet %store-monad () ...)?
<roptat>(I'm not entirely sure)
<abcdw>roptat, thank a lot for sharing. I think it will help a lot.
<roptat>apteryx, no, it's actually run-with-store
<rekado>gnanesh: I haven’t.
<rekado>gnanesh: have you tried it and run into problems or are you just curious?
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<apteryx>roptat: will try, thanks!
<Dynamicmetaflow>Good morning Guix!
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: o/
<Dynamicmetaflow>nckx: Good morning! How are you!
<nckx>Surprisingly well! How goes boxing?
<Dynamicmetaflow>almost done! at least I think
<nckx>Did you get the thing to find the stuff?
<nckx>Neat. How?
<Dynamicmetaflow>had to add vala as an input to spice-gtk
<Dynamicmetaflow>and added --enable-vala to the configure-flags of spice-gtk in spice.scm
<nckx>Thanks. That's good to know.
<Dynamicmetaflow>then last night i figured out libgovirt
<Dynamicmetaflow>since then it couldn't find another library
<Dynamicmetaflow>and that was similar except i move some inputs to propogated
<Dynamicmetaflow>and then it found the library
<Dynamicmetaflow>now i'm in the post-install phase and it cant find libgtk-frdp and libgovf
<Dynamicmetaflow>I'm not sure exactly what to do for this part, kinda stuck
<Dynamicmetaflow>any suggestions
<apteryx>how do I get the ,run-with-store meta-command? I tried ,use (guix monad-repl) but I still don't have that.
*nckx takes lookings.
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: Looks like you might need #:configure-flags (list (string-append "LDFLAGS=-Wl,-rpath=" %something "/lib"))
<nckx>Where something is whatever provides those two libraries.
<Dynamicmetaflow>nckx: thanks for taking a look nckx
<nckx>(It can even be %output if the libraries are part of gnome-boxes itself.)
<Dynamicmetaflow>im happy that i'm almost done! i think
<nckx>An alternative hack is to add #:validate-runpath? #f which just skips the validation altogether. It's not pretty but there are some packages that fail validation and yet work flawlessly.
<nckx>Of course if the resulting package has weird bugs the first thing you'll be asked is testing whether setting rpath properly fixes it, so it's a risk 🙂
<Dynamicmetaflow>i'm working on setting it properly
<Dynamicmetaflow>don't want to this again
<Dynamicmetaflow>i've been depriving myself of spices that past few days
<nckx>Let the spices flow.
<Dynamicmetaflow>so the "lib" part
<Dynamicmetaflow>what should that look like
<Dynamicmetaflow>i have this so far (list (string-append "-Dc_link_args=-Wl,-rpath="
<Dynamicmetaflow> (assoc-ref %outputs "out")
<Dynamicmetaflow> "/lib")
<nckx>It's the path to the libraries, which often is ‘/lib’. OK, so that snippet assumes that and can be found in /gnu/store/r2zs8d4b3s1y60mxi8j18zww2421314n-gnome-boxes-3.32.1/lib/.
<Dynamicmetaflow>so /lib/libgtk-frdp?
<nckx> /gnu/store/r2zs8d4b3s1y60mxi8j18zww2421314n-gnome-boxes-3.32.1/lib/libgtk-frdp/
<nckx>Otherwise: you don't have to add the name of the library itself; these are search paths.
<nckx>On a ‘regular’ FHS system it would just be ‘/usr/lib’ and friends, which ‘just works’ but also means everything is global, unlike Guix.
*Dynamicmetaflow building... I think
<Dynamicmetaflow>nckx: so i think i misunderstand the /lib/ part, could we take a step back?
<nckx>Sure. Could you paste(bin) what you have?
<Dynamicmetaflow>It's the same thing as before
<Dynamicmetaflow>I don't believe I'm adding the correct path.
<nckx>But ur code.
<Dynamicmetaflow>will do
<Dynamicmetaflow>warning, i know the gnome-boxes package is not correct and a lot of things shouldn't be in propgated-inputs
<nckx>Sure 🙂
<Dynamicmetaflow>once i build it correctly i will adjust the inputs
<nckx>OK, so R(UN)PATHS are search directories. If the location is correct, it should be enough to simply drop the / parts. Keeping only "/lib" (← literal string).
<Dynamicmetaflow>nckx: hmmm ok
*nckx , meanwhile, builds.
<nckx>Oh, you've also added (list …) twice (so the second LIST is actually treated like an [invalid] #:keyword).
<nckx>It should be (list (string-append …) (string-append …))
<Dynamicmetaflow>ah i removed it now i only have one string-append
*nckx .oO Hm, to actually build this I'd probably need your vala changes :-/
<Dynamicmetaflow>coming your way
<Dynamicmetaflow>oh heads up
<Dynamicmetaflow>i updated spice-gtk to 0.37, as part of my troubleshooting
<Dynamicmetaflow>you might want to keep the original version of 0.36 so you don't to build that
<nckx>git send-pastebin
<nckx>That this is an ‘interesting’ workflow 🙂
<rekado>apteryx: are you using guix repl?
<Dynamicmetaflow>lol :)
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: maybe you could send the output of “git diff” instead. Makes it easier for us to apply and test.
<Dynamicmetaflow>Let me know if this works
<Dynamicmetaflow>of if this diff is correct
<Dynamicmetaflow>oh it only did it for one file...
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: It's missing some changes.
<nckx>I'm fine with the pasted stuff in this particular case, since I'm still using a separate gnome-boxes.scm from our last convo.
<Dynamicmetaflow>first time doing this, sec..
*nckx is building something.
<nckx>Oh, it's gnome-boxes already.
<nckx>I still get the same error.
*nckx runs ‘find /gnu/store -name’
<nckx>Both libraries are in <gnome-boxes>/lib/gnome-boxes, so a single (list (string-append "-Dc_link_args=-Wl,-rpath=" (assoc-ref %outputs "out") "/lib/gnome-boxes")) should do it.
<nckx>It does.
<nckx>We have gnome-boxes.
<nckx>We have a gnome boxes that crashes when you try to run it
<nckx>but we have one.
<Dynamicmetaflow>What magic have you conjured
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: Just what I wrote above!
<nckx>It's still a list, but only needs one (string-append … "/lib/gnome-boxes") element.
<kori>morning #guix
<nckx>media-manager.vala:224: Error connecting to Tracker: Failed to load SPARQL backend: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.Tracker1 was not provided by any .service files
*Dynamicmetaflow building...
<nckx>Actually, it might work for you if you're running The Full Gnome Xperience.
<Dynamicmetaflow>wow it builds!!!
*Dynamicmetaflow bows to nckx rekado
<nckx>Don't bow to anyone.
<Dynamicmetaflow>so how do i test if it runs lol
<Dynamicmetaflow>Well thank you for all the support!
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: ‘guix build’ prints a file name at the very end
<apteryx>rekado: no, I'm not using 'guix repl' from the CLI, but 'run-geiser' from Emacs
<nckx>(You can also ‘guix install’ it now.)
<apteryx>then (use-modules (guix monad-repl))
<Dynamicmetaflow>(gnome-boxes:11494): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 07:09:23.989: No GSettings schemas are installed on the system Trace/breakpoint trap
<apteryx>or ,use (guix monad-repl)
<Dynamicmetaflow>Thank you nckx, thanks rekado
<Dynamicmetaflow>so i wonder what's the next step to get it running
<Dynamicmetaflow>at least it's built now
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: So that's G-land, I'm afraid I won't be of much help with that.
<Dynamicmetaflow>next time i'll need to choose a package a less higher learning curve lol
<Dynamicmetaflow>Gnome huh
<nckx>I can grep random stuff though. We do have a gsettings-desktop-schemas package.
<Dynamicmetaflow>yeah i noticed on guix we have it
<Dynamicmetaflow>should we add it as an input somwhere
<nckx>It's worth adding as an input. The random examples I'm looking at use it as a regular input.
<arshin> /quit
<Dynamicmetaflow>so rewarding packaging this
<Dynamicmetaflow>i think i'm addicted lol
<nckx>Fresssh blood.
<apteryx>rekado: oh, even with the 'guix repl' from the cli, I don't have ,run-with-store
<Dynamicmetaflow>the gsettings-desktop-schemas seems to not make a difference?
<nckx>I've added it, but my journey ends here with Tracker not being found (which I guess XFCE does provide),
<apteryx>at least if I ,use (guix monads), I do have `run-with-store'
<Dynamicmetaflow>well i think i will spend some today cleaning things up
<Dynamicmetaflow>and post what i have to the mailing list
<Dynamicmetaflow>should i post to guix-devel or help-guix?
<apteryx>guix-devel seems fit
<apteryx>but we have guix-patches for patches, maybe that's better?
<Dynamicmetaflow>well with the help of nckx and rekado I was able to build gnome-boxes, although it builds it has a problem running
<Dynamicmetaflow>so not sure if it's ready yet for guix-patches
<Dynamicmetaflow>nckx: I got a little further making gnome-boxes run on xfce
<Dynamicmetaflow>i saw gui for a second and crash lol
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: could you please paste the latest version of the diff? I happen to have a GNOME thing here, maybe it’ll work on my machine.
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: Ok, second
<apteryx>rekado: ah, the meta command is called 'run-IN-store', not 'run-WITH-store'. I'm just an idiot.
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: It's ready enough for -patches after cleaning (propagated → inputs, no lonely brackets, just hard-code the name in URLs instead of using NAME, maybe find/write a slightly longer description, …). It doesn't have to be perfect or do fancy things like ‘run’. There's always v2.
<rekado>apteryx: hah
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: thank you! I’ll give it a try in a minute.
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: it's my first diff not sure if it's formated correctly, was using magit from emacs
<Dynamicmetaflow>let me know if anything is off
<rekado>I guess something’s been chopped off the top of the diff.
<rekado>“patch” isn’t very friendly: “patch: **** Only garbage was found in the patch input.”
<rekado>ts ts
<apteryx>any "meta command" to build drv from the REPL?
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: don’t worry, I can make it work somehow
<Dynamicmetaflow>i'll research resources to produce a better diff
<Dynamicmetaflow>i've only ever had to use basics of VCS
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: it should be enough to run “git diff > mydiff.diff” and then paste that
<rekado>looks like you maybe copied it from the magit buffer?
<kori>nckx: i just spent like 20 mins trying to make st stop crashing due to your emojis lmao
<kori>xft isnt good at color emojis
<kori>bbl, class
<Dynamicmetaflow>for some reason my diff is quite large.. 11mb
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: you may need to “git checkout -- po/” first
<rekado>I applied the diff already (after editing it manually)
<rekado>I think I know why it doesn’t run
<Dynamicmetaflow>oh, my apologies.
<rekado>no worries
<rekado>our current version of GNOME is 3.28; on core-updates it’s 3.30.
<rekado>but gnome-boxes is for 3.32
<rekado>that’s not a problem of your package
<Dynamicmetaflow>oh I see
<rekado>it’s just that we’re behind in terms of GNOME upgrades.
<Dynamicmetaflow>so would this mean we need to upgrade gnome and related packages?
<rekado>we should do that anyway
<Dynamicmetaflow>wouldn't it be changing the version number and testing to see if anything breaks
<rekado>but the upgrade from 3.28 to 3.30 touched on quite a few core libraries, so it was merged into the ever delayed core-updates branch
<rekado>…and so it hasn’t been merged into the master branch yet.
<rekado>I’m hoping that the upgrade from 3.30 to 3.32 is less invasive
<rekado>but I’m not going to do it. I did the upgrade to 3.28 and a big chunk of the upgrade to 3.30.
<rekado>can’t devote more time to the next upgrade, unfortunately
<Dynamicmetaflow>Well I don't personally use gnome but would gladly contribute in whatever capacity to Guix
<apteryx>still can't figure out how to build derivations from the repl; any hint?
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: looks like you’ve already done that with your gnome-boxes package and related updates :)
<apteryx>the ,run-in-store is useful now, but return a .drv. How do I ask Guix to build it, straight from the repl?
<rekado>apteryx: build-derivations builds derivations
<Dynamicmetaflow>Thanks! I should have started with the hello-package but went straight to gnome-boxes
<Dynamicmetaflow>The packaging videos from archive were great
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: the hello package is kinda boring. I think you learned more by working on gnome-boxes.
<Dynamicmetaflow>although I would prefered dragons and swords
<rekado>it rarely gets more complicated than that.
<Dynamicmetaflow>I learned way more...
<rekado>apteryx: it’s documented in the manual at 6.4 The Store
<Dynamicmetaflow>accidently exited i think
<Dynamicmetaflow>you were saying something before
<Dynamicmetaflow>These were the videos I was referencing too,
<Dynamicmetaflow>The setup and explanation was helpful
<apteryx>rekado: What should I provide as the STORE argument of build-derivations? I tried %store-monad, but it's not happy
<rekado>apteryx: it’s a store connection, not the monad type.
<rekado>apteryx: (with-store store (build-derivations store (list drv drv2 drv42))) might work
<apteryx>I see. Seems a useful new metacommand would be ,build-derivation :-)
<apteryx>it worked :-)
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: you are correct! I changed my gnome-boxes to 3.28.2
<Dynamicmetaflow>and I have gnome-boxes running
<Dynamicmetaflow>the icons are not showing up correctly and i tried import a vm but wasn't able to.. think its related the versions again probabaly
<rekado>I see that you have a copy of qemu-minimal in your diff. I suppose that’s not actually needed?
<Dynamicmetaflow>No I believe not
<Dynamicmetaflow>I think I was maybe using it as a template for something in one of my iterations of figuring this out
<Dynamicmetaflow>there is also a --python on spice-gtk that I'm not 100% if it's needed or not
<Dynamicmetaflow>when building spice-gtk it was complaining about python path so i added that there
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: do you think I should do make gnome-boxes compatible with gnome 3.28.2 since that's what we have and then later contribute to help with the upgrade
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: yes, I think that’s best.
<rekado>after pushing your patch to “master” we can already upgrade to 3.30 on “core-updates”.
<rekado>and then later do the upgrade to 3.32 with the rest of GNOME.
<Dynamicmetaflow>so should i build gnome-boxes with 3.28.2 in mind ot 3.30
<Dynamicmetaflow>or 3.30
<rekado>first 3.28.2 for “master”, then add a commit to upgrade it to 3.30 on “core-updates” where the rest of the 3.30 GNOME waits.
<Dynamicmetaflow>actually 3.28.2 since then i can test it...
<Dynamicmetaflow>Yes, I realized it afterwards.
<Dynamicmetaflow>Also rekado I don't know if you have posted about the 3.32 GNOME upgrade on the mailing list, but with some additional infor i'm willing to help with that upgrade process
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: first we need to solve a couple of minor problems with our version of 3.30 on core-updates. I think Kei was working on that.
<rekado>once that’s done and core-updates has been built and merged into the “master” branch we can do the 3.32 upgrade.
<rekado>if you want to get started on this now you could create a new branch that’s based on the latest commit of core-updates, but rebuilding everything takes quite some time, so I’d suggest waiting until core-updates has been merged into “master”
<rekado>this should have happened a while ago, but problems always pushed back the merge date…
<Dynamicmetaflow>I will wait, this gives time to study the code that's already there and read up on logs and changes to 3.32
<rekado>we still have a bunch of unsolved problems before core-updates can be merged, including a broken Java bootstrap (kinda solved but ugly) and a verification problem with the reduced GCC bootstrap.
<rekado>it’s going to be at least another two weeks, I reckon.
<Dynamicmetaflow>Well, I'm in no rush there's plenty for me to study and learn and I can hopefully package other things the community needs
<Dynamicmetaflow>I think I remember running into a wikipedia at some point that had a list of packages people wanted packaged or requested
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: you probably mean this
<Dynamicmetaflow>ah yes that was the list, i was trying to find it the other day
<apteryx>what's the best way to run a guile script from... guile?
<apteryx>(system* "path-to-script) ?
<rekado>a script is a script. It’s either (system "myguilescript") for execution with a shell or (system* "guile" "/path/to/myguilescript") to bypass the shebang shebang.
<apteryx>OK. Now to another problem; I'm using (invoke "the-script") or (system* "the-script") and can't see the exact error output, contrary to if I run the script from my xterm
<apteryx>this may be related to the bug 32050 I had reported, about invoke error reporting seemingly lacking
<apteryx>invoke or system only mention the exit code
<apteryx>without printing teh actual error message
<apteryx>here's a reproducer:
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: gnome-boxes doesn't display icons, I noticed an error about it not having the hicolor-icon-theme and I added it as a native-input and now the icons show up accordingly. I know the packaging tutorial goes over native-input, input and propogated inputs
<Dynamicmetaflow>but in this case where the hicolor-icon-theme is not required to build gnome but is needed in order to see the icons in the GUI which of inputs should the hicolor-icon-theme be placed?
<nckx>kori: Whoa. Is that a known bug with st?
<Dynamicmetaflow>nckx: I have gnome-boxes running!
<Dynamicmetaflow>had to change the version to 3.28.2
<Dynamicmetaflow>Thank you!
<Dynamicmetaflow>side note anyone have test image or where i can get one to test with gnome-boxes?
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: I though Gnome Boxes offered an ez-link?
<nckx>Or is that only in newer versions 🙂
*nckx crashes st.
<Dynamicmetaflow>When I choose Download an OS nothing shows up...
*Dynamicmetaflow is reminded of why he uses window managers and emacs all of a sudden.
<Dynamicmetaflow>nckx: I'm looking to test gnome-boxes now, some reason my guix vm I created won't run, I get a critical warning that's relted to it saying QEMU binary lacks smartcard passthrough mode support...
<nckx>Ah, yes, that most essential of things.
<roptat>Dynamicmetaflow, is there an option you can disable in the boxes parameters?
*Dynamicmetaflow ponders if nckx (What?) is related to what he commented earlier
<Dynamicmetaflow>roptat: As in the flags? or such?
<roptat>I don't really know how boxes works, but if it's a vm manager, can't you manage the vm and tell it not to use the smartcard thing?
<Dynamicmetaflow>roptat: gnome-boxes is kinda vanilla it doesn't have preferences or anyting at least in the gui
<roptat>oh, ok
<Dynamicmetaflow>maybe in some config it generates
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: too many levels of symbolic links: I no longe follow & am not sure who ‘he’ is here. It was a reaction to your smartcard error.
<nckx>It's too hot for IRC.
*nckx goes boating.
<nckx>Bye Guix o/
<Dynamicmetaflow>Have fun boating
<apteryx>err, I think the lack of error output is strictly a Geiser thing
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: I see warnings in wizard-source.vala:444. This looks like to download OS images it needs internet access, and that’s probably not working because of missing GNOME networking libraries. May need more wrapping.
<apteryx>probably confused in its output port, as in this closed but unresolved bug:
<rekado>I also get “unsupported configuration: this QEMU binary lacks smartcard passthrough mode support”
<rekado>this is not configurable.
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: When you say may need more wrapping, you mean additional configuration for gnome-boxes etc
<rekado>we may need to wrap gnome-boxes in environment variables that allow it to find some networking packages
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: hmm ok,
<rekado>such as glib-networking or libsoup, which would be found via GI_TYPELIB_PATH or something.
<rekado>needs proper debugging, I’m just guessing.
<rekado>I don’t think it’s worth trying to patch out the smartcard stuff. Let’s add it to qemu. We already have qemu-minimal, so more bloat is okay.
<rekado>lsl88: hey there!
<apteryx>now you can manually, but easily test your guile mcron job:
<lsl88>rekado: guten Tag!
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: would the eolie package be an example of what you were talking about
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: yes, exactly.
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: and you are recommending to use qemu-minimal and add the smartcard option there instead of using regular qemu
<lsl88>I am waiting for all the suggestions about the videos up to today, I didn't forget yours ;), but want to have them all of them for finishing working
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: no, sorry, I meant adding smartcard stuff to the “qemu” package, because “qemu-minimal” exists and can be used by all those who don’t need that feature.
<roptat>lsl88, I just watched the packaging tutorial, it is really good, but I think it's missing a hint on the content of a commit :)
<Dynamicmetaflow>lsl88: Make sure to include dragons and swords, and a knigh crest with the Guix logo
<rekado>lsl88: Dynamicmetaflow said they found the packaging video very helpful.
<Dynamicmetaflow>lsl88: It was because of the packaging tutorial that helped me create an environment to create the gnome-boxes package, it's been built and now with nckx and rekado figuring out its quirks
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: Ah, I see thanks for the clarification
<rekado>lsl88: I hope my long list of comments wasn’t discouraging. You know how easily I get into nitpicking…
<lsl88>please, mention all of your suggestions in the mailing list, so that I have them all of them in one place
<lsl88>rekado: of course not, you know I am picky too ;)
<lsl88>Dynamicmetaflow: cool, super happy that it helped :)
<rekado>picky programming partners
<Dynamicmetaflow>Honestly, I just want to see rekado with an ocarina tell me a beautiful story of medieval times and how guix won the war
<lsl88>Dynamicmetaflow: lol
<roptat>lsl88, in the help video, the main website is still, but it's now
<Fzer000>hello, I have noticed that after I run the reconfigure command, that I have a message in my terminal that states: shepherd: Service term-auto could not be started. Is this okay?
<Fzer000>herd restart term-auto doesn't seem to work
<roptat>it's fine
<roptat>although I thought the message was better (or even hidden) now? are you at the latest guix version?
<Fzer000>I just installed less than a month ago
<roptat>I think that was more recent than that :)
<roptat>(more recent than 1.0.1 I mean)
<roptat>anyway, it's harmless, but you should consider running "guix pull" to get the latest version of package definitions :)
<apteryx>weird... mcron fails witch: Unbound variable: <>
<Fzer000>sorry, newb question, but what command should i use (i have read the manual, but it hasn't all sunk in yet)
<apteryx>but I've told it to use (srfi srfi-26)
<roptat>"guix pull" will update guix itself and its set of package definitions (so it updates the versions guix knows about)
<efraim>gnu/packages/gtk.scm:669:12: gtk+ would be upgraded from 2.24.32 to 3.94.0 that looks like a bug
<rekado>apteryx: in what context does (srfi srfi-26) get used thogh?
<rekado>efraim: yes.
<Fzer000>I ran guix pull yesterday
<apteryx>rekado: the job is defined as:
<roptat>Fzer000, oh, that's fine then :)
<apteryx>and I've validated that this work:
<Fzer000>what is the difference between guix pull and guix refresh?
<roptat>guix refresh is more useful for packagers
<Fzer000>oh, okay
<rekado>apteryx: and it doesn’t complain about “cut”? Just about “<>”?
<roptat>it will tell you what package definitions can be updated in the guix repository
<apteryx>rekado: yes
<Fzer000>another question, can guix workflow be used for small scripting, or is it overkill?
<rekado>Fzer000: I’d say it’s overkill.
<roptat>I think it's overkill :)
<apteryx>rekado: maybe some weird interactions with macros used by mcron?
<roptat>you can use the result of guix build for instance, like this: `guix build xbacklight`/bin/xbacklight -U 20 (to decrease you backlight by 20% iirc)
<rekado>Fzer000: the Guix Workflow Language is really meant for scientific computing, e.g. for big bioinformatics workflows.
<rekado>Fzer000: there’s very little use outside of that domain.
<Fzer000>what is the best way to have a persistent development environment, would it be using a manifest (say for a development project that may take a few months)?
<roptat>that's what I do, yes
<roptat>I use a manifest to create a separate profile
<roptat>you can also use a package definition, so you can test your builds and enter a temporary environment everytime with guix environment
<Fzer000>when you say profile, how do you switch to that profile? it is different than a user, right?
<roptat>just like we do for developping guix itself: "guix environment guix" creates a environment for developping guix
<apteryx>rekado: I've appended the full mcron error:
<roptat>Fzer000, I just source <path-to-profile>/etc/profile
<roptat>in that way I "enter" the profile
<roptat>it's almost exactly what your user does to "load" the default profile
<roptat>although doing this unloads the default profile, so you can also use guix package --search-paths
<roptat>so many options!
<Fzer000>ah, got it
<Fzer000>I also saw a guix talk on youtube where the guy said he uses direnv to load an environment whenever he is working in a directory. could you also do this with a profile?
<abralek>Hi all I installed guix as a foreign distr, and want to package aguile-zlib ( package to guix,but I am not sure how guile should search for shared library.
<roptat>abralek, I think the gnu-build-system will do it automatically as long as you use zlib as an input
<Fzer000>roptat: you have been super helpful
<Fzer000>thank you
<rekado>abralek: you may also have to patch out the location if guile-zlib does not embed the absolute file name.
<rekado>we do this in a couple of packages in (gnu packages guile-xyz).
<abralek>I was looking for example of it but all those libraries like readline are defined in guile itself
*Dynamicmetaflow continues working on building gnome-boxes
<abralek>gnu-build doesn't wrap it. guile-zlib is just a thing wrapper, so no gcc envolve
<roptat>abralek, guile-squee looks like a good example
<roptat>you can see it with "guix edit guile-squee"
<roptat>see the substitute* thing? it replaces the library name with its full store path. I think you need to do the same with zlib
*apteryx zzzzz
<abralek>Hm yes, I see
<abralek>problem (is it a problem?) is that the documentation says:
<abralek> As for ‘dynamic-link’, LIB should not contain any suffix such as ‘.so’ (*note dynamic-link: Foreign Libraries.). It should also not contain any directory components. Libraries that implement Guile Extensions should be put into the normal locations for shared libraries. We recommend to use the naming convention ‘libguile-
<abralek>bla-blum’ for a extension related to a module ‘(bla blum)’.
<abralek>But thanks, if we have such example it should be fine than
<roptat>yeah, I guess it works if we did that
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: how would the example from eolie apply to gnome-boxes, trying to make it work but not fully understanding what it's doing
<rekado>abralek: this line probably needs to be patched:
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: I don’t even know if we *need* to wrap with glib-networking and/or libsoup.
<Dynamicmetaflow>are the list of libraries being defined first, put in some directory and associating it with a path
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: it may be worth testing this by 1) building these packages to get their locations, 2) then set env vars like LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the like to see if they affect the behaviour of gnome-boxes.
<davexunit>rekado: yeah that needs patching and there is no convenient configure flag to handle it. this was before I used guix. :)
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: i.e. testing outside of the Guix build container.
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: just in a shell.
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: if that works we can fix it in a build phase.
<rekado>davexunit: heh, that’s what I thought when I saw that you aren’t using a configure-time check.
<davexunit>rekado: I think this was the first wrapper I ever wrote. so long ago that I posted it on github.
<davexunit>I need to revive it and make a real release, because it will come in handy for compressed Tiled map layers :)
<davexunit>I think that's why I wrote it in the first place
<lsl88>roptat: thank you! will add it to my notes.
<abralek>davexunit, That would be great.
<lsl88>and the only issue with changing the urls that are also spoken is that we would need to record the audios again. Paul will hate me :P
<rekado>lsl88: can’t we cut it from the existing recordings?
<roptat>lsl88, btw, I might have time to look at the translation workflow this weekend, will you be there to help me?
<rekado>Paul says guix, Paul says, and Paul says “dot” a couple of times.
<rekado>should work.
*lsl88 offtopic says: why German has to be soooo difficult??
<rekado>it’s an elaborate prank.
<davexunit>abralek: I probably won't get around to that anytime soon so feel free to submit something to guix that builds against the latest git commit!
<minall>Hello guix!
<minall>I want to learn a complete programming language, thought, I don't know which one? I'm betwen Lisp, Python, Javascript, HTML, or CSS?
<rekado>minall: the latter two are no programming languages.
<rekado>minall: I suggest learning whichever language you will be using.
<minall>They are not? I didn't knew, why they are not?
<minall>Mhh, what do you mean by that?
<rekado>HTML is a markup language. You cannot write a program with HTML.
<minall>Wow i didn't know
<rekado>CSS is style sheet markup. Although newer versions allow you to compute values you wouldn’t use CSS as a programming language.
<minall>I mean, between Python and Lisp, I'll prefer Lisp since I wan't to contribute to the Guix project
<rekado>There is a lot of Python code out there, and I hear it’s easy to learn for beginners.
<minall>And what about PHP?
<rekado>PHP is probably fine for websites but not not great for anything else.
<minall>But I fear that I'll learn Lisp and then I'll need Python for anything since it is most -universal-?
<rekado>that’s what I meant above: learn whatever you are most likely to end up using.
<Fzer000>minall: are you learning to program?
<rekado>once you’re familiar with any one general purpose programming language learning another one is easy.
<minall>I think I'll learn Lisp then
<rekado>they are all similar once you get past superficial syntactical differences.
<rekado>“Lisp” is a language family. In Guix we use Guile, which is an implementation of Scheme (which is a kind of Lisp).
<Fzer000>minall: you can use python with a lisp like syntax.....check out: hy
<roptat>minall, I'm told racket is the best lisp to start with
<rekado>minall: or you can use Python on Guile…
<minall>I'm a little confused, since we have, Common Lisp, Scheme, Guile, how are they used, or are they the same, if they are different then, which one should I learn? Common Lisp, Guile or Scheme
<rekado>they are not all the same
<minall>Fzer000: I want to, now i'll focus on Lisp
<Fzer000>minall: if you are learning to program i STRONGLY recommend this course:
<rekado>Common Lisp is rather different from Scheme.
<Dynamicmetaflow>I would start with lisp
<rekado>Guile is an implementation of Scheme.
<minall>I see
<minall>So they are a family of languages, if there any -better-?
<Dynamicmetaflow>lisp has a lot of cousins
<minall>Fzer000: Thank you! I'll check it right now
<Fzer000>minall: use racket to learn learn, use Clojure to real big development projects
<minall>But is better to learn lisp since is the base?
<minall>Guile is an implementation of Scheme, and Scheme is a cousin of Lisp? is that it?
<rekado>minall: no. Details matter. All lisps have some basic syntax in common, but idioms differ.
<Fzer000>minall: I was sooo fed up with all the teaching material only showing the syntax of a language, htdp shows how to use data driven develpment. Now things are really clicking
<rekado>htdp is good
<Fzer000>htdp is like a ray of sunshine when you are first learning
<rekado>(it uses Racket, which is great, especially for beginners)
<Dynamicmetaflow>I wouldn't worry about that
<minall>Racket then !!
<davexunit>I love the lisp family of languages, but I was programming for years before I discovered them. learn whatever it is that helps you accomplish a real task you want to get done.
<Dynamicmetaflow>They are all similar enough, pick one and dive in.
<Dynamicmetaflow>I would recommend Racket for learning and then you can deviate from there depending on what you want to do
<davexunit>yeah, just start. you'll begin to develop your own tastes in time.
<Fzer000>Racket -> clojure. Watch some talks by Rich Hickey, he is a great speaker
<minall>Btw guys, I'm trying to use xwidgets-browse-url on emacs, but a message that says -your emacs is not compiled with xwidget support- pops out, So I need to recompile it with xwidget supprt, how do I rebuild it on GuixSD?
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: how would i patch qemu for supporting smartcard passtrhough?
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: is it a flag
<rekado>s/guys/guix/ or s/guys/folks/
<minall>Thank you for al the help guys!, I really apreciate it, I'll dive in!
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: I don’t know. I bet it’s mentioned somewhere in qemu’s Maybe it needs some additional inputs.
<Fzer000>that course i mentioned is shows you how to use the htdp method
<rekado>minall: you’d need to add a variant of Emacs that has webkitgtk among its inputs and that adds “--enable-xwidgets” (?) to the configure flags.
*rekado doesn’t agree with the clojure suggestion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<Dynamicmetaflow>I'm thinking about picking up Oz next,
<Fzer000>rekado: what!? lol, jk
<rekado>Fzer000: yeah, I’m just not very excited about Clojure. It’s fine I guess.
<Fzer000>rekado: don't like the language or the JVM?
<minall>Can I find that -variant- on a different channel maybe?
<minall>quiliro: Hello!
<quiliro>saluton minall
<minall>quiliro: I have bad news
<Dynamicmetaflow>minall: You bit the apple and waved the flag gave up on penguins and wildabeast?
<quiliro>Dynamicmetaflow: no...he could not load a modified kernel
<Dynamicmetaflow>ah, ok era un broma..
<quiliro>Dynamicmetaflow: lo sé una buena broma
<Dynamicmetaflow>quiliro: gracias! lol
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: So I'm going on a limb here but seems for smartcard passthrough to work we need the package
<Dynamicmetaflow>so I created a libcacard package and passed a enable flag to qemu and now i'm rebuilding gnome-boxes with the enabled qemu smartcard flag
<Dynamicmetaflow>quiliro: pude create un package para gnome-boxes
<Dynamicmetaflow>todavia me hace flata que trabaje un la funcionalidad pero por lo menos lanza y todo y se puede ver
<rekado>Fzer000: neither. They’re both fine. But I’m not super excited about either. Clojure has a few useful macros, but overall I just think “why bother”.
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: sounds like a plan
<Dynamicmetaflow>I don't know much about Clojure but seems like using the JVM is it's selling point
<rekado>if I had to use the JVM I’d probably use Clojure or Kawa, but luckily I don’t have to make that choice :)
<Dynamicmetaflow>never heard of kawa before interesting
<Dynamicmetaflow>Yeah, I think if you have to use Java and prefer Lisp there are options available.
<Dynamicmetaflow>Clojurescript is also exciting
<kori>nckx: xft can't play with color emojis
<kori>it's not a st issue
<Fzer000>anyone have a conky config with the purpose of managing the Guix system. stuff like last time guix pull was done, listing environments, common commands, etc?
<Fzer000>showing guix pull --news
<kori>i JUST learned about guix environment
<kori>it would be cool to have a page like
<kori>explaining how one would migrate from the ~common~ workflow to the guix workflow
<Fzer000>kori: this is pretty good intro:
<kori>Fzer000: this is how i learned about it :)
<kori>\this should be part of the official documentation
<lispmacs>hi, I thought there was a guix command for downloading and unpacking the source of any package, but I don't remember which one it is...
<rekado>lispmacs: “guix build -S foo” returns the location of the sources for “foo” after downloading them.
<lispmacs>rekado: ok, right, then I just unpack that myself
<lispmacs>just wanted to say I'm having lots of fun testing guix. I'm running it right now on a little netbook for learning purposes, with the idea of switching my home PC from Debian -> Guix
<lispmacs>netbook probably not the best choice for a trial run of guix, but it is doing the job
<lispmacs>mostly, anyway, not sure if this racket build will ever finish
<lispmacs>thank goodness for build -v 2, at least I can see it spitting out the object files
<lispmacs>err, install -v 2
<lispmacs>hi, somebody was asking me if guix has support for running on, or building packagesfor, Mac OSX
<efraim>iirc compiling for Mac requires Xcode which I hear is non-free, so there is no effort in that direction
<lispmacs>efraim: ok, thanks for the info
<emacsomancer>there's no current guix package for Jam ( ) is there ?
<Marlin[m]>Is it really necessary to install the whole texlive if i need pdflatex on guix?
<Marlin[m]>I just wanna export from org mode
<Dynamicmetaflow>Marlin[m]: I was in the same predicament yesterday
<Dynamicmetaflow>I installed the whole thing and it worked
<Marlin[m]>It's 4+ gigs total i think
<Marlin[m]>it takes a bit of time
<Dynamicmetaflow>i dont know if there is another way
<Dynamicmetaflow>so i went with that
<Marlin[m]>without substitutes it would be quite annoying i guess
<tune>I think there's a smaller package with just part of the functionality, but I don't remember anything about it
<tune>or if it would have what you need
<Marlin[m]>i searched
<Marlin[m]>Didn't find pdflatex
<roptat>Marlin[m], there's texlive-tiny, texlive-bin, ... not sure which one is the one you need, but they should already be smaller than texlive
<roptat>you can find them with "guix package -A ^texlive-"
<ryanprior>Fzer0: I have still not managed to set up a clojure dev environment, although I have been coping with this by working on my guile/geiser dev environment instead :) how about you? Any new insights?
<quiliro>texlive-generic-pdftex, texlive-latex-pdfpages or texlive-latex-pdfx ?
<quiliro>pdflatex is in texlive-latex-base in ubuntu
<shirajho>How is the maintenance on Guix System compared to, say, Trisquel or Parabola? Does it typically require more tinkering, configuration, etc., or is it fine in that regard?
<quiliro>others mention texlive-base
<rekado>Marlin[m]: you don’t need the big texlive.
<rekado>Marlin[m]: i just reworked the core latex packages on wip-texlive. It’s coming to the master branch soon, hopefully.
<rekado>just install the texlive-* packages you need and texlive-bin, which gives you the executables.
<rekado>quiliro: none of texlive-generic-pdftex, texlive-latex-pdfpages, texlive-latex-pdfx is what you need.
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: After watching your talk, I had a question, what are the similarities/differences between Zapier/IFTT/Sentry Agents Framework and GWL?
<rekado>IFTT is an event automation system. It polls for changes and then triggers some action.
<rekado>SAGE is much more low-level.
<rekado>don’t know Zapier.
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: thanks
<rekado>the GWL is a workflow language for specifying scientific workflows that are composed of processes that might be executed in parallel.
<rekado>it provides a declarative syntax for specifying processes with the environment in which they should run (via Guix)
<rekado>it has features for pushing these processes to HPC clusters
<Dynamicmetaflow>Could GWL be used partially as an event automation system or outside of the context of scientific workflows?
<rekado>it will soon gain features to deploy environments on remote machines (via SSH or on the “cloud”) and run processes there
<Dynamicmetaflow>the deployment of environments on remote machines and run processes is of my particular interest
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: I don’t know. That’s not really what it’s made for. For reactive automation a different abstraction may be more suitable.
<rekado>Dynamicmetaflow: I’m not opposed to it, but I don’t see it as a good fit.
<Dynamicmetaflow>rekado: Thank you for the information, was researching for hours in the past trying to wrap my brain around it all
<quiliro>rekado: dankon! have been looking for that for ages
<Jay-Strict>Hello #guix, I try to get started with guix on archlinux. But my first steps always result in a "TIME-ERROR type incompatible-time-types". Can someone help?
<rekado>Jay-Strict: what prints this? What command did you run?
<Jay-Strict>rekado: I typed "guix install hello"
<dongcarl>Jay-Strict: Hi! I run guix on Arch Linux
<dongcarl>Jay-Strict: Can you show me `guix describe`?
<Jay-Strict>I did install the AUR package, so guix describe does say "failed to determine origin" (see the pastebin)
<dongcarl>Jay-Strict: This seems like a reproducible problem:
<Jay-Strict>dongcarl: Yes.
<dongcarl>Jay-Strict: Perhaps try the workaround here:
<Jay-Strict>dongcarl: trying "guix install guix" but this gives the same error...
<dongcarl>Jay-Strict: Sorry, out of ideas, but I will be taking a look at the AUR package sometime soon
<jje>trying to install ruby-sqlite3 gem. it is complaining that it can't find #include <linux/limits.h> what package would provide this file?
<Jay-Strict>dongcarl: ok. thanks anyways
<dongcarl>jje: Oh that's a bug in the package then...
<dongcarl>jje: does it complain about this during the build for ruby-sqlite3? Or for sqlite3 itself?
<jje>during the build of ruby-sqlite3 dongcarl
<dongcarl>jje: I don't see any instances of `#include <linux/limits.h>` in ruby-sqlite3
<dongcarl>You might have specified ruby-sqlite3, and since sqlite3 is a dependency of ruby-sqlite3, it was being built
<jje>dongcarl: so i guess there is not much i can do?
<rekado>Jay-Strict: I suggest just using the official installer script.
<dongcarl>jje: You can try to debug the sqlite3 package if you want
<dongcarl>Anyone experiencing extreme slowness with mark's new kernel deblobbing?
<rekado>dongcarl: extreme slowness in building…? Or with the newly built kernel?
<dongcarl>rekado: Extreme slowness in building...
<Jay-Strict>rekado: That would be very unsatisfying, as the arch package manager does not know about the installed files this way :/
<dongcarl>Jay-Strict: Right, but Guix doesn't spray files across your filesystem like many other package managers... it's quite well-behaved.
<dongcarl>Jay-Strict: But yes, I will get around to fixing the AUR package sometime
<kori>im gonna adopt guile-xcb
<kori>(and rewrite most of it)
<rekado>kori: why is a rewrite necessary?
<rekado>it’s got a pretty cool design
<Jay-Strict>rekado, dongcarl: I just realized that Guix only installs system files in /gnu and /var/guix. So I abandoned the AUR approach and now use the install script.
<dongcarl>Jay-Strict: :-)
<Jay-Strict>Thanks for the help. Goodnight.
<orang3>hello Guix! Do you have any clue about why I can't mount my usb drive in the Guix System? Am I supposed to add my user to some group in my config.scm? The manual just mentions that gvfs should be present in the packages section to do "user mounts", but it seems not to be enough.
<civodul>orang3: if you're using GNOME, it's supposed to just work
<civodul>that is, you plug in the drive, and then a "File" window pops up
<orang3>I'm using XFCE, should it matter? Also I noticed (not sure if it's related) that while fdisk can easily access and modify partitions, gparted segfaults right after it finishes to search for disks
<civodul>orang3: good question, i don't know about Xfce!
<civodul>i suppose it should just work as well, maybe there's a bug
<civodul>could you email your bug report to
<civodul>maybe someone will know better
<orang3>civodul: Of course, thanks for your help!
*civodul looks at the Julia patch
*jonsger didn't looked at the updated FreeCAD patch, will do tomorrow :)
<gnutec>Are you tell everybody about guix package? I do. #xfce #xubuntu-devel
<rvgn>Hello Guix!
*rvgn will be soon known as raghavgururajan 🙂
<emacsomancer>hi rvgn/raghavgururajan
<emacsomancer>I'm in a guix packaging environment, trying to create a linux kernel module, and I'm getting an error about `linux-libre-headers`
<emacsomancer>gnu/packages/commencement.scm:392:5: error: linux-libre-headers: unbound variable
<emacsomancer>adding linux-libre-headers to native-inputs has no effect
<Dynamicmetaflow>hi rvgn/raghavgururajan, i'm getting closer to building gnome-boxes
<rvgn>Dynamicmetaflow That's great to hear 🙂
<Dynamicmetaflow>I've been able to get it to build and get the GUI up and running, working on some quirks but almost there
<nckx>rvgn: I thank the gods for tab-completion.
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: Which quirks remain?
<nixo_>Hello guix! Is anybody using ess and is interested in helping upgrading it to 18.10? I already did it successfully here:
<nixo_>but it's mostly a big hack