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<erudition><Formbi "Adroit: you can install Flatpak "> Yeah fair enough, I want it on guix proper but flatpak works... not without sudo though
<Dynamicmetaflow>I apologize for asking again, but I thought should ask here again before I post to the mailing list. I've hit a wall trying to install hugo, the static site generator that use the go build system, the link has what I've been able to come up with so far. If anyone has packaged hugo or could offer any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it . Thank you.
<ItsMarlin>hi guix
<nly>dynamicmetaflow: I'll take a look at hugo. i had tried to package hugo earlier but gave up before finishing it.
<Dynamicmetaflow>nly, hi! Thanks for reaching out. I came across your repository earlier today and was using what you had their as the basis
<Dynamicmetaflow>nly, thank you for taking a look at Hugo, I appreciate it.
<Dynamicmetaflow>On another note is there any oher tutorials that people may have about packaging? I know about
<Dynamicmetaflow>While I feel that I understand the syntax of how to create a package from examples, I sometimes feel a little lost about how to determine what modules to use and or how the inputs a package may need factor in. Any suggestions? advice?
<nly>dynamicmetaflow: i use Emacs and geiser to write packages, if you import (guix packages) (gnu packages) and compile the package (in geiser) it tells you about missing imports
<nly>and also Emacs-guix for finding packages etc
<nly>Emacs-guix also has yasnippet/template for packages
<nly>this is in the manual btw:
<Dynamicmetaflow>nly, Thank you for your suggestions. I haven't used geiser, so that's something I'm going to explore. And thank you for the suggestion to use yasnippet, I forget to integrate it into my workflow
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<PotentialUser-48>why isnt Kate on Guix Packages?
<PotentialUser-48>Is under GLP
<efraim>Probably just no one got around to it yet
<reepca>is anyone else unable to get audio output from icecat?
<reepca>(for example, watching youtube stuff)
<reepca>playing back from vlc works fine though
<nly>i don't use icecat so i can't say
<nly>is there any build phase to automatically wrap guile programs? or adding propagated-inputs a neccessity for guile-xyz packages?
<efraim>Oh yeah? Well I don't use audio so I can't say! ;D
<reepca>here's the output I get from running icecat and trying to watch a youtube video in case anyone can make sense of it:
<reepca>the two WARNING lines seem to be output whenever a video player is loaded
<nly>i guess I'll add a wrap phase to guile build system
<nly>there are many packages in guile-xyz which use strings: "share/guile/site/2.2", like that one.
<efraim>nly: I wanted to use 'guile-effective-version' or something like python's version but never got around to it
<efraim>and guile-effective-version i think is "hardcoded" as 2.0 or 2.2, not based on the inputs
<efraim>FWIW i checked youtube and I get audio
<efraim>also apparently the viewtube addon was messing with the video
<reepca>yeah, I disabled the viewtube extension
<reepca>so while I wait for a pull-and-upgrade to finish, I'm trying to work around it by using streamlink, but it just complains a lot about "TypeError: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str'". I assume that's a python 2 vs 3 thing, but even when I run it in a pure environment containing python2 it still seems to be using python 3.
<efraim>i normally try with just mpv first
<efraim>also I think our streamlink package is outdated
<reepca>efraim: just tried with mpv, and now its audio also isn't working. It prints this:
<reepca>seems something is wrong with my system's audio configuration
<efraim>I also don't have a /dev/dsp
<efraim>are you in the audio and video groups?
<reepca>I think the relevant error is probably the alsa one, the other ones are just fallback attempts
<reepca>yep, just checked and I am in both audio and video groups
<reepca>also opening new instances of vlc and attempting to play audio results in a bunch of "alsa audio output error: cannot open ALSA device "default": Device or resource busy" lines
<reepca>welp, rebooted computer, seems to work fine now
<efraim>at least its working
<roptat>hi guix!
<nckx>Yo roptat.
<nckx>Yo Guixen.
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<lprndn>hello guix!
<Gamayun>Is core-updates in freeze now?
<nckx>Gamayun: Yas. Bug fixes only.
<nckx>o/ lprndn.
<Gamayun>Cool :)
*jonsger still can't build gcr on core-updates, tries now a patch
<lprndn> did anyone work on 'guix run'/applications in container stuff recently? I mean since the question was asked on the mailing-list?
<dongcarl>lprndn: guix run? Sounds fun. Link?
<bgardner>Good morning guix; I was investigating the openldap package and it doesn
<bgardner>'t appear to provide a slapd executable or a service to run it.
<bgardner>Is the 389-ds-base package intended to be the primary ldap server package for guix?
<jonsger>bgardner: we have 389 as well as OpenLDAP :)
<jonsger>bgardner: we don't have a service for either of them, only for the nslcd client (nslcd-service-type)...
<bgardner>jonsger: Okay, any advice if I wanted to set up a server?
<jonsger>bgardner: not from me, I'm LDAP noob :P rekado added 389 to Guix, maybe he has already set it up...
<bgardner>jonsger: Okay, thanks - I'll just jump in and see what I get
<jonsger>:) feel free to share your findings on the help and/or devel mailing list
<dongcarl>lprndn: oh that looks useful... perhaps someone could rebase it?
<dutchie>emacs users: should I install packages via guix or use-package.el?
<nckx>dutchie: Por que no los dos? I manage my emacs packages with Guix but use its ‘emacs-use-package’ package in my .emacs.
<brendyyn>Nice to see a little Spanish. I've done 2 weeks of Spanish so far :)
<nckx>Do I know which advantages this brings me? No, but it feels gud.
<nckx>That's about the extent of my Spanish, I'm afraid.
<brendyyn>I understood it so it seems we are both doing ok
<brendyyn>Anyone know of any Guix talks or related in Spanish?
<nckx>Doesn't ‘guix’ mean ‘chalk’ in Spanish?
<nckx>Oh boy. I just made a very political boo-boo. Never mind.
<brendyyn>erhm, what exactly is the "extent" of your spanish?
<nckx>Minor 😛
<nckx>I was walking around a few years ago and saw a big rock with ‘GUIX’ on it. I guess that was in Barcelona.
<dutchie>nckx: yeah i guess that's the way to do it
<htgoebel>Hi, where can I find the source generating
<htgoebel>I'd like to add an enhancemant and I assume it's easer to code it instead f filing a bug-report first.
<htgoebel>jonsger: Thanks
<htgoebel>jonsger: Patches shall go to, too?
<jonsger>htgoebel: I guess
<jonsger>or maybe guix-devel is better
<Dynamicmetaflow>Hey all! Hope everyone is well! I had a quick question. I use an emacs package, counsel, and one of its functions, counsel-linux-app uses "gtk-launch" in order to launch applications using .desktop. For some reason I don't have gtk-launch installed on my system. I'm using xfce and I've installed GTK+, to my knowledge there isn't "gtk-launch" application so I'm thinking it's a dependency in another package that I'm unaware of. D
<Dynamicmetaflow>anyone have any suggestions?
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: ‘gtk-launch’ can be installed with ‘gtk+:bin’.
<nckx>I don't know whether it's set up to work out of the box.
<nckx>Binaries provided my almost-only-library packages like that are often moved into a :bin output (unfortunately this isn't a universal standard so there are also :utils and :tools in the wild, athough :bin is most common), since there's no use pulling them in/installing them in 99%* of cases.
<nckx>* completely made up.
<Dynamicmetaflow>nckx, Thank you for your help I was searching for hours trying to figure this out before. This is a good start, hopefully it works out of the box if not I'll look further.
<nckx>Eventually we'll have a system in place to search for files in packages, but for now just remember that outputs exist.
<Dynamicmetaflow>Thank you for that pearl of wisdom
<Dynamicmetaflow>I will make a note of it! Thank you!
<roptat>Dynamicmetaflow, note that you can find a list of outputs with `guix package -A ^gtk+$` for instance
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: If it wouldn't work, without printing any hint on how it could be fixed, please report it to when you find the time.
<Dynamicmetaflow>Thank you, if it doesn't work I will report it! Thank you!
<Dynamicmetaflow>roptat, thank you for the tip that will prove useful in the future
<Dynamicmetaflow>Installing gtk+bin for gtk-launch works! Thank you!
<minall>Hello guix!
<nckx>o/ minall.
<nckx>(Okupata) saluton, quiliro.
<quiliro>Mi ne trovas kiel traduki .pot-ajn arĥivojn en Emacs-o.
<quiliro>Ĉu havas forumon tradukigan?
<Tazy>lets say i remove /gnu/store/Id-packagename/ and then guix package -r packagename, it works, but if i now try guix package -i packagename, i see an error about /gnu/store/id-packagename/.. No such file or directory. how do i fix that?
<minall>Tazy: Yep, you should never try to do anything manually on the store, the guix daemon will do it for you!
<minall>Did you try to garbade collect?
<minall>quiliro: Kiel vi fartas!!
<nckx>quiliro: Vi instalis gettext-on? Ĝi provizas po-mode-on.
<Tazy>you mean guix gc ? yes. also did guix package --delete-generations and another guix gc
<roptat>Tazy, try "guix gc --verify=contents,repair"
*nckx ne scias kiel uzi ^gin.
<Tazy>roptat, thank you!, added that to my notes ;)
<quiliro>minall: Saluton...Mi fartas bone.
<quiliro>minall: Mi havis nostalgion.
<quiliro>minall: Mi vidas ke vi komprenas Guix-on pli kaj pli.
<quiliro>nckx: Dankon...'gui install gettext'
<quiliro>minall: Kial vi ne venas al la #guix-o?
<minall>roptat: nice command! I'll save it, just in case
<quiliro>roptat: mMe too!
<quiliro>'guix install gettext'
*nckx ne *plu scias kiel uzi ĝin.
<minall>quiliro: yes!, I think I'm undestanding some things, but I think I can do more... I don't know how thought
<minall>What does 'Kial vi ne venas al la #guix-o?
<quiliro>minall: No has reportado cómo solucionaste el problema en la lista de correo.
<quiliro>Kial = por qué
<Dynamicmetaflow>De curiosidad me pregunto cuntas personas son usarios de Guix que hablan espanol?
<quiliro>vi= tú
<quiliro>Dynamicmetaflow: ni idea
<quiliro>pero hay manual de Guix en castellano
<quiliro>venas = venir en presente
<Dynamicmetaflow>Ayer estaba buscando un aplicacion para ser VNC y encuentre 'vinagre' y me dio alegria y me hizo reir tambien
<minall>quiliro: Queria preguntarte eso... solo mando un nuevo mensaje al mismo correo?
<minall>JAJAJ 'vinagre'
<quiliro>minall: sí
<quiliro>minall: ¿Cuáles problemas has solucionado y cúales no?
<quiliro>minall: Kial vi ne venas al la #guix-o?
<minall>La verdad es que logré cargar el módule, señalandole que lo hiciera con xf86-video-openchrome
<minall>Pero me dice que el driver no es soportado, y sigo teniendo un bajo rendimiento
<minall>Y no se como cargar el driver
<minall>He estado probando diferentes sistemas, para poder tomar referencias, y en esos sistemas, el rendimiento es muchísimo mejor, asumo que es por esa simple razón
<Dynamicmetaflow>No estoy seguro pero quiza teniendo un compositor tambien hace diferencia con el rendimiento? Pero mas para los efectos etc
<Dynamicmetaflow>Con mi thinkpad yo antes tenia problemas con 'tearing' y despues luego usando compton ayudo con eso
<minall>Lo hace, el compositor quita bastantes recursor
<minall>quiliro: como puedo obtener un rendimiento igual o mejor a la de otro sistema, que ya tiene los drivers cargados
<minall>Porque la diferencia es que en el otro sistema, va mejor por los drivers, pero si logro cargar en driver en guix, guix sera mejor ya que tendra el mismo rendimiento, y tendre el package management de guix, que es una maravilla
<Dynamicmetaflow>soy nuevo usando guix, pero no se si quiza cargon el driver tiene que ver con herd?
<nckx>minall: I'm sure I've noted before that ‘not supported’ means ‘no commercial support/warranty’. All free software is ‘not supported’ in that way. Is your entire desktop slow or only video? You should compare the output of ‘mpv [video file]’ on a Guix System and one that feels faster to see what the difference is.
<nckx>(Other media players might do, but mpv is good stuff and prints useful error messages.)
<minall>Dynamicmetaflow: Puedes revisar el log de xorg, a ver si se cargaron tus drivers, que usas, AMD, INTEL, NVIDIA?, el log está en /var/log/Xorg.0.log
<Dynamicmetaflow>listo voy a ver ahora
<minall>nckx: Mhh, maybe you're right... I didn't thought of that I'll try that with mpv, I have guix installed along with another hard drive with ParrotOS, since I couln't install debian for testing... is not only the video, in guix, the entire desktop feels slow, and on ParrotOS, I can run video doing other things, and it doesn't feel as slow, on guix I'm using awesomeWM, and in parrot MATE; Mate should be a little heavier than awesome, but
<minall>it runs better
<nckx>Interesting. I've never even heard of ParrotOS. Comparing the Xorg log on both would also be very interesting.
*nckx might not've used the word interesting enough there.
<nly>gohugo requires more than a dozen packages, quite a few are not packaged, the only tractable approach is to write an importer
<Dynamicmetaflow>minall, parece que no tengo un log ahi, creo que tiene que ver no lo indique correctamenta en mi sconfiguracion del sistema
<minall>Dynamicmetaflow: Alguna idea en donde puedes encontrar ese log? ahí es donde debes ver si se cargo tu driver correctamente
<minall>nckx: I'll do!, I'll connect once I have the oportunitty
<Dynamicmetaflow>hmm no se, voy a var donde, esta computadora, my Thinkpad X230 le hice un flash con coreboot so no se si eso afecta algo
<nckx>minall: 👍!
<nckx>Dynamicmetaflow: Doesn't ‘compton’ mean that you're using Wayland? You won't have Xorg.0.log then.
<nckx>The only thing that should™ be affected by Coreboot is the presence or absence of the (proprietary) video BIOS; if you're able to get pixels at all it shouldn't™ be an issue.
<Formbi>compton works on X too
<Dynamicmetaflow>minall, no estoy seguro donde encontrar el log, pero lo que hice fue que use lsmod para indicar cuales modules estan descargado,no se si eso ayuda o no
<Dynamicmetaflow>Yeah, I'm not experiencing any specific problems on my machines related to drivers or anything, I was trying to pull my log of loaded drivers for a comparison for minall.
<Dynamicmetaflow>minall, I hope you get your system up and running to your liking! Me tengo que ir hacer unas diligencias but I'll be back later. Suerte
<zacts>nckx: I got my new laptop. I think I'll install it tonight or by the weekend.
<zacts>I'll try to test that rfkill when I find the time
<minall>Dynamicmetaflow: thanks!
<minall>I'll connect full time in the afternoon, and I'll compare the logs of parrotos and guixsd
<BoipiSigre>Hello all
<BoipiSigre>How it's possible to add user without reconfigure all package ?
<quiliro>minall: puede ser que el driver privativo tiene funcianlidades que no son reveladas por el fabricante
<quiliro>minall: tener todo no es tener funcionalidad....tener todo es tener control
<quiliro>con software privativo, no se tiene control
<quiliro>con la funcionalidad te vuelves el producto en lugar de ser el usuario
<quiliro>si no tienes el contro
<quiliro>cuando quieras dar más funciones a algo sobre lo que no tienes el código fuente, es posible hacerlo si posées el código fuente y los derechos de modificarlo
<quiliro>pero si estás prendido de una funcionalidad que no te provée el código fuente, no vas a aprender cómo funciona
<quiliro>Has anyone tested guix deploy yet?
<quiliro>BoipiSigre: just use the same commit as you did when you last reconfigured with the modified config.scm's only change in the users section
<quiliro>love the new look of's feat?
<BoipiSigre>Hello quiliro
<BoipiSigre>quiliro : where this commit must be declared ?
<minall>quiliro: Sorry I was concentrated in something else, I'll connect in the afternoon and concentrate on it completely
<minall>I'm just a little confused, since I can't use it fully in a free distro that I want wich is guix, and in a privative one I can use it with good performance
<minall>Maybe is just because I don't know how to add the module, but in that case, I'll continue investigating....
<quiliro>saluton denove
<BoipiSigre>@quirilo : for modify the commit i must use guix pull , isn't it ?
<BoipiSigre>@quirilo: if i dont modify launch this command ,how it's possible than the guix system reconfigure launch the rebuil on binary ?
<quiliro>BoipiSigre: guix pull --list-generations
<quiliro>BoipiSigre: then you can see wich guix pull was used to reconfigure your users
<quiliro>and you can use that commit to reconfigure
<quiliro>and that will not build anything more than your users
<quiliro>but you do not want to update your guix system?
<quiliro>with reconfigure after pull, you can have updated users AND system
<BoipiSigre>but if i dont execute pull ?
<quiliro>If you don't your reconfigure's build will be to the changes from your last reconfigure to your latest pull
<quiliro>If they were on the same pull, then you will only build the changes on reconfigure's config.sys
<quiliro>-> you users
<BoipiSigre>strange !!!
<quiliro>what distros have you used?
<quiliro>they do te same but less complete
<notnotdan>hi guix
<rvgn>Hello Guix!
<quiliro>BoipiSigre: ^
<rvgn>Any updates about core-updates --> master merging?
<quiliro>hello rvgn notnotdan
<notnotdan>there is no Guile 2.2.6 in Guix? or is there something wrong with my installation
<notnotdan>unfortunately the web interface on is not very useful for looking for packages..
<quiliro>i do have guile 2.2.6
<notnotdan>hm ok then my installation is foobared
<quiliro>notnotdan: 'guix search guile
<BoipiSigre>quiliro : how i can send you a screeshot
<quiliro>upload and post the url here...i guess..never have done it
<quiliro>or use for text
<quiliro>notnotdan: 'guix package -I guile'
<quiliro>are the installed
<BoipiSigre>quiliro :
<quiliro>BoipiSigre: "This application requires JavaScript for correct operation. Please enable JavaScript and reload the page."
<quiliro>it requires javascript that is blocked by my librejs
<notnotdan>ughhh i think i really messed up my environment variables
<quiliro>becouse it finds it might be nonfree code
<notnotdan>and now `guix` uses some sort of ancient version of guix with a different repository...
<rvgn>quiliro What? LoL
<quiliro>notnotdan: how did you do that?
<notnotdan>I should have a `guix` executable in my profile, right?
<quiliro>rvgn: what is so funny?
<notnotdan>quiliro: I am using Fish, which is not really tested well...
<BoipiSigre>Nextcloud use javascript ... i don't have no other solution..
<rvgn>quiliro Oops! I thought notnotdan was phrase or something xD
<notnotdan>Any advice? Should I `guix package install guix`?
<notnotdan>I mean... it says that the guix version in the repository is 0.15.0.. so it is using a wrong git repository somehow
<quiliro>notnotdan: gui pull ?
<notnotdan>yeah it doesn't really do much
<quiliro>is notnotdan = dan ?
<quiliro>- * - = +
<quiliro>notnotdan: did you check the forum?
<notnotdan>i tried googling but to no avail
<quiliro>notnotdan: perhaps pull is looking for the repos somewhere else
<quiliro>notnotdan: what did you cahge
<quiliro>notnotdan: what did you change?
<notnotdan>just my fish config. at least that's the only relevant thing.. i think
<quiliro>notnotdan: what about rolling back?
<quiliro>it is weird because pull should be controlled by the system and not by the user config
<notnotdan>i tried removing the recently added lines.. damn
<notnotdan>quiliro: my suspicion is that it is using the wrong guix somehow? idk
<notnotdan>quiliro: do you have a guix binary in your ~/.guix-profile?
<quiliro>i don't
<quiliro>it is probably on the system path
<quiliro>$ which guix
<quiliro>$ ls -l /home/quiliro/.config/guix/current/bin/guix
<quiliro>lrwxrwxrwx 2 root root 56 dic 31 1969 /home/quiliro/.config/guix/current/bin/guix -> /gnu/store/y9r78shlkcmqzw0n6fai1wxxdbfimiw7-guix-command
<quiliro>notnotdan: maybe you can check yours
<quiliro>the same way
<notnotdan>omg, thanks quiliro!
<notnotdan>that's the guix binary that i had to run...
<notnotdan>seriously, i forgot that there is also a .config/guix folder. everything is working fine when i added it to my $PATH
<quiliro>notnotdan: cool! :-D
<quiliro>librejs is blocking free code!
<quiliro>BoipiSigre: i disabled librejs
<nckx>Formbi: Oh, cool, I really thought it was the reference Wayland compositor or something.
<quiliro>BoipiSigre: i can see that you are building webkit...that takes a long time
<quiliro>BoipiSigre: but i do not understand what you are doing on root
<quiliro>BoipiSigre: reconfigure?
<BoipiSigre>I append a new user in at the configuration and reconfigure
<BoipiSigre>it the same thing if i do like root or with sudo ...
<quiliro>BoipiSigre: true...but i prefer sudo with -E
<quiliro>for security
<quiliro>BoipiSigre: probably you did guix pull
<quiliro>so it is updating all packages on the system configuration (not on the user)
<BoipiSigre>but it's not the pb ,my pb is why guix system reconfigure , without before get a new commit.
<BoipiSigre>I must quit , Thanjk you
<BoipiSigre>By by
*nckx still doesn't understand.
<quiliro>nckx: Mi ankaŭ ne komprenas.
*nckx havas funkcia Esperanta lokaĵaron en Guixa Systemo. \o/
*rvgn is afraid to do `guix pull --branch=core-updates` thinking it might nuke his guix system.
*rvgn would rather wait for the merge to master branch
<quiliro>rvgn: you could roll-back
<bandali>it might fry it ;)
<quiliro>nckx: bone! kiel?
<rvgn>quiliro Hmm. Still afraid
<quiliro>guix pull --commit nuked
<quiliro>guix pull --commit pre-nuked
<nckx>quiliro: (use-modules (gnu system locale)) (locale "eo.utf8") (locale-definitions (cons* (locale-definition (name "eo.utf8") (source "eo")) %default-locale-definitions))
<nckx>Multaj aferoj ne estas traduktaj ☹
<quiliro>dankon nckx
<quiliro>sed ni devas kunlabori en tio
<nckx> 😃
<quiliro>nckx: Ĉu la komandoj estas traduktita plene?
<nckx>quiliro: <sed ni devas…> Mi scias, sed mi pensis plu estis fari.
<nckx>quiliro: Kio komandoj?
<nckx>Eraro &c.?
<nckx>ls /boobaz | ls: ne eblas atingi '/boobaz': Dosiero aŭ dosierujo ne ekzistas
<quiliro>emacs --help ?
<quiliro>Ĉu nano --help ?
<nckx>Ĉio 👍
<nckx>Kial ne ‘core’utils :-/
<nckx>Estas core.
<quiliro>mi ne vidas 🤷
<quiliro>ĝi estas kvadraton kun numeroj
<nckx>Ah. Estas… em… ‘shrug’.
<rvgn>bandali Is there a tracking page or something?
<bandali>rvgn, for the merge? not sure
*nckx ne uzas nano.
<bandali>i only know of
<rvgn>bandali Yeah.
<rvgn>Ah Okay
<nckx>That page is it.
*rvgn rvgn is frighten by red crosses :/
<quiliro>ĉu estas problemo de fontoj
<nckx>rvgn: I'm not 100% sure what they mean, but note that the overview only counts the ‘diff’ from the previous revision, so it just means something like ‘no new successes’, not ‘everything is b0rken!!8%111’.
<nckx>At least that would make sense.
<rvgn>nckx Phew! Thanks.
<nckx>quiliro: Mi uzas ‘font-google-noto’ (jes! Guglo! :-o )
<nckx>kaj hexchat-on.
<quiliro>nckx: mi timas GuGlon
<quiliro>nckx: Ĉu Heksĉaton estas en Emac-o?
<nckx>Bah, ĝi estas tiparo.
<nckx>quiliro: Ne. Estas stand-alona aplikatio. 😛
*nckx estas laca.
<quiliro>stand-alona ha!
<quiliro>sola ?
<nckx>Ĉu vi ne scias Hexchaton? Aû mi miskomprenas?
<quiliro>nckx: estas vido for Emacs-o?
<quiliro>Mi ne kreas. haha!
<quiliro>sed mi vidas heksĉaton estas bela
<quiliro> sed mi vidas ke heksĉaton estas bela
<nckx>Ho, mi komprenas. Mi ne pensas tiel ☹
<nckx>Emacs faras tiparojn ‘speciale’.
<nckx>Mi uzas ‘emacs -nw’ por emoji. Vere. Malbona.
<quiliro>Hexĉato estas la vivo en la alia Mondo. Ĝi ne kuplas kun nenio. Sed mi pensas ke komunikigi kun ĝi estas eble kun scheme-o de emacs-o
*nckx apologises to all who have to sit through my stumbling but it's all Guix-related, promise.
<quiliro>ĉu malbona?
<quiliro>mi ne trovas emacs -nw
<quiliro>kio ĝi estas?
<nckx>quiliro: Redakti ~/.config/i3status/config en xterm, ne en emacs-gtk, ĉar ĝi enhavas emojij? Malbona.
<quiliro>nckx: mi ne havas i3 en tio maŝino
<quiliro>ho! mi komprenas
<nckx>quiliro: ‘-nw’ estas ‘argumento’ (probably not correct, ‘parametro’?)
<quiliro>operando aŭ argumento estas bone
<quiliro>'emacs -nv' ekŝatas emacs-on en la terminalo
<nckx>* -nw, se ne estas traduka ;-)
<quiliro>Ĉu ne-vida ?
<nckx>(‘Nenio trovita por "vidiga".’)
<nckx>nw = No Window [System].
<quiliro>vidiga = display
<rvgn>nckx Why there is just owl in your homepage? xD
<quiliro>mi estas erariga
<nckx>rvgn: It's a mystery 🙂
<quiliro>nckx: senfenestro
<quiliro>fenestro = window
<nckx>It's a pun (that has nothing to do with ’owl’ or ‘owls’) that I don't ever explain.
<rvgn>nckx So owl is used to protray intelligence/mental-wit thorugh out history.
*nckx scias nur pordon.
<quiliro>Vi eniris la komputilojn tra la fenestron...sed mi nun uzas la pordon.
*rvgn is overwhelmed by the language xD
<quiliro>I entered computers by the windows...but now i use the door
<nckx>Mi esperas ke ne estas malantaŭa pordo.
<quiliro>NCKX = Na-Ca+K exchanger
<rvgn>A salt exchanger?
<rvgn>Are you two talking chemistry?
<nckx>quiliro: [Sorry, this would take forever] My use of ‘nckx’ used to be unique on the early Internet ☹ That's why I chose it. Then science ruined everything as always.
<nckx>rvgn: No, somebody just DuckDuckGo'd ‘nckx’ ;-)
<rvgn>nckx Oh hahah
<rvgn>I remember you telling me that someone named a gene with nckx
<quiliro>who has done translation in guix is present in chat now?
<quiliro>i would like to learn the process
<quiliro>is there a guide?
<nckx>quiliro: roptat (
<nckx>quiliro: Mi pensas ke vi devas subskribi ĉe la ‘Translation Project’.
<nckx>* enregistrigi.
<nckx>, serĉu ‘guix’.
<nckx>La Esperanta tradukilo estas Felipe Castro.
*nckx ne konas lin.
<quiliro>nckx: mi ne trovis
<quiliro>"The current template for this domain is guix-1.0.1-pre1.pot. "
<nckx>Ĝi ne estas domajno, ĝi estas ‘info’.
<quiliro>ho! mi ne konis ĝin.
<quiliro>Felipe Castro ->
<quiliro>204 / 874
<quiliro>ne estas plena
<quiliro> 173 / 3711
<quiliro> 0 / 7994
<quiliro>mi skribos al Felipe Castro
<madage>hello guix!
<madage>two days back I did a guix pull && guix reconfigure and after that my grub won't boot any system generations
<nckx>madage: Oh dear. Does it say something; anything?
file2019-07-10.log matches
<madage>the generations, including the latest are listed though
<nckx>madage: Strange, so you get a full menu?
<madage>yep.. the only noticeable difference is that grub is lower res now
<nckx>The entire menu system (or even just the ‘normal’ command line) are also modules. If they can be loaded, why can't the others? Maybe your grub.cfg sets $prefix to something incorrect so subsequent (auto-)insmods fail?
<nckx>madage: Could you describe your partition set-up?
<madage>defaul dm-luks encrypted, single partition with ext4, grub to mbr
<nckx>So nothing weird.
<madage>I didn't configure any special options to grub.cfg
*nckx fires up a VM.
<madage>and prior to that all generations worked like a charm
<nckx>madage: Can you boot any generation?
<madage>no... all of them give me the same errors
<nckx>As in, the current one?
<nckx>…‘fires up’ sounds a lot faster than it actually is, pom pom…
<madage>I know barely nothing about grub, but since you mentioned insmod, I've tried insmod $missing-commands and could only load search
<madage>linux gives me error: ELF header smaller than expected
<madage>initrd; error: file /boot/grub/i386-pc/initrd.mod not found
<nckx>Oy, that ELF error (tentatively) sounds like corruption.
<quiliro>madage: i do not know if you boot a luks partition from a boot usb but it could be a test you could make
<nckx>initrd might be provided by linux.
<nckx>So that's not unexpected.
*nckx forgot --full-boot 🤦, builds a new VM…
<nckx>madage: so ‘ls $prefix’ prints a whole lot of module file names?
<madage>quiliro: no, it's from hd.. so you mean install grub to a usb and try to boot from it?
<madage>nckx: yes, huge list of modules
<madage>nckx: on ELF corruption... I guess then my hd might have failed during reconfigure
<madage>It had a faulty connector before and I thought I had fixed it since there has been some months without issue
<nckx>madage: You could try executing ‘configfile $path/to/guix's/grub.cfg’ from another GRUB on (for example) a USB installer. For example, the Guix installer, if you have one.
<madage>but I might have got unlucky
<nckx>I'm annoyed that you don't get any error message from (GRUB's) crypto layer but not suprised.
<nckx>My --full-boot VM fails to boot, cool cool…
<madage>nckx: thanks, I'll try that and then get back to you
<madage>nckx: you mean you got similar error?
<nckx>I'm still betting on corruption, and that's the best way to get past it anyway. Good luck.
<madage>nckx: thank you!
<nckx>madage: No, no, just that I was trying to get an ‘inefficient’ ‘guix system vm’ that loads GRUB first. It's not as simple as passing ‘--full-boot’, maybe bug, maybe PEBCAK, but not related to your problem.
<nckx>Oh, now it is.
<nckx>I wanted to check whether GRUB's ‘ls’ supports ‘-l’, and the answer, of course, is ‘kind of.’ It only works for directories.
<rvgn>nckx Since you just fired up a VM, are you using virt-manager?
<nckx>madage: So you could type ‘set pager=1’ <RET> ‘ls -l $prefix/i386-pc’ on the command line, and see if the size (column 1) for linux.mod is suspicious. Here, it's 13228. You'll have to hunt, the list is unsorted.
<nckx>rvgn: No, ‘guix system vm’.
<rvgn>nckx Ah I see.
<nckx>I updated libvirt recently because of security fixes, so if something broke *recently* (5.3.0 → 5.5.0) I might be your person, but not otherwise.
<nckx>s/command line/GRUB command line/, for completeness.
<madage>nckx: 'ls -l' gives me error: invalid file name '-l'.
<rvgn>nckx The network is not working inside VM. I am using libvirt with virt-manager
<rvgn>nckx I gotta go. I catch you sometime later.
<nckx>madage: …what.
<nckx>Does ‘lsmod’ list ‘normal’ in column 1?
<nckx>Looks like you're stuck with some kind of degraded ls, too :-/
<madage>lsmod? it is not available on my grub command line
<amz3>logs are very nice, congratulations to whoever made this.
*madage goes afk, will get back to you later
<nckx>amz3: Ricardo.
<nckx>madage: OK, then we can safely say that part of your GRUB installation is corrupted beyond repair and the ‘configfile’-from-another-GRUB approach is the only way to boot this system. I'd only be satisfying my own morbid curiousity by letting you waste more time in the old one. 🙂 Good luck.
<nckx>rvgn: o/
<ArneBab>packaging wishes: rust-ripgrep, rust-fd-find, and fzf — the tools which make my emacs handling with dumb-jump and similar as fast as the custom-index-based search within intellij
<nckx>madage: I also recommend a thorough fsck (that'll have to be done from a separate live system as well) and taking a look at the smartmontools package's ‘smartctl -a /dev/sdX’ output to make sure your disc isn't halfway dying.
<pkill9>ArneBab: the silver searcher is packaged in guix, that's an fzf alternative i think
<ArneBab>the silver searcher (ag) is an alternative to ripgrep, but around factor 5 slower.
<pkill9>oh ok
<ArneBab>I’m using it, but the difference is that with ripgrep I can actually have dumb-jump-go to a definition find results in less than 2 seconds (despite a 30k files project), while with the silver searcher I had to extend the maximum search time to 10s
<ArneBab>ripgrep is really pretty awesome
<ArneBab>(it actually beats the custom-index-based search of IntelliJ in speed)
<ArneBab>(that was a pretty crazy wtf moment — a good one)
<ArneBab>(but packaging rust isn’t fun …)
<null_radix[m]>hi, how do i open an issue for package?
<amz3>what do you mean? a buggy package?
<amz3>or a request to package a software?
<null_radix[m]>yeah a buggy package
<null_radix[m]> | doesn't say how to open an issue
<amz3>here is the mailling list for bugs
<amz3>taken from
<amz3>good luck!
<nckx> ‘Send email to to submit your patches.’
<amz3>that is not patch.
<nckx>Yeah, that's my point.
<null_radix[m]>yeah and that is a bit confusing :P
*nckx was typing ‘That should probably be rephrased to address the more common meaning of issue.’
<nckx>Then got distracted by pretty lights.
<nckx>The dangers of updating xscreensaver.
<amz3>btw, I have to my mind a patch for guile-pfds, which is a rather important package for guile, has not received response for several weeks.
<amz3>I messed up with the first patch that is buggy, but pfds is really important and keep the buggy version in the repository is not good
<amz3>I understand people don't want to rely on me for maintaining it or something but burrying the problem is not a solution either
<amz3>and not responding something like "I/We will think about it" is imo rude.
<nckx>Suddenly i.g.g.o isn't loading (just spins) for me…