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<rvgn>kmicu Are you available? Just wanted you ask if you were able to see my ping yesterday. Thanks!
<Copenhagen_Bram>does guix have p2p binaries yet?
<minall>Hello guix!
<paroneayea>Copenhagen_Bram: not yet
<rvgn>Hello Guix!
<usney>hi guys
<usney>I am new to guix
<rvgn>usney o/
<usney>is it hard to setup compared to debian or arch or gentoo based distros?
<bandali>hey usn
<bandali>over on #trisquel people are just replying to you
<bandali>(but you left the channel i think)
<usney>so it guix learning curve difficult to learn?
<vagrantc>i'd say guix is a bit harder coming from a background with basically no lisp/scheme/guile and there are a few concepts "profiles" that take some getting used to
<vagrantc>i don't have much experience with arch or gentoo, fwiw
<usney>I see
<usney>is guix like slackware?
<vagrantc>about the only thing kind of like guix is nix
<usney>nix? unix?
<vagrantc>guix is essentially a reimplementation of nix using guile for ... everything!
<vagrantc>usney: but it really depends on what you're used to and what your background is
<vagrantc>"hard" is not a universal constant :)
<usney>I see
<usney>Well I am familiar with using a terminal
<usney>I have built packages before
<vagrantc>yeah, i think the guix interfaces are largely either commandline or through emacs interfaces
<vagrantc>guix can also be installed on top of another distribution, to manage only a few packages and fall back to the distros packages for others
<vagrantc>since all of guix's packages are typically installed in /gnu/store, it doesn't interfere with more common filesystem layouts for packages
<zacts>evening #guix
<zacts>so what is the current name of the Guix distro?
<zacts>is it Guix System?
<zacts>and not GuixSD?
<vagrantc>zacts: Guix System
<zacts>ok, thanks
<rvgn>Do anyone have experience using Virtual Machine in Guix System using virt-manager?
<rvgn>The network doesn't work inside the virtual machine.
<efraim>TIL there's a GSoC GNOME project to convert gstreamer plugins to rust
<busara>hey, someone please check for me if there are any tools that support networking via usb modems in the live cd
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<arbi>Hi there I'm trying to install and I've gotten as far as using git-fetch to pull in the source. When "starting phase `build`" I see "error: no matching package named `clap` found"
<arbi>I see Clap is a dependency in the Cargo.lock
<arbi>I'm using build-system-cargo but it doesn't seem to be attempting to install the Rust dependencies as part of the build process
<rekado_>arbi: you’ll need to package Clap and add it to the inputs of the alacritty package.
<arbi>I'll have to for all the dependencies then I take it
<arbi>rekado_: thank you I'll try it out
<rekado_>yes, you need to do this for all dependencies.
<rekado_>that’s because you need to fully specify the build. At build time there is no access to the Internet (by design), so only whatever is specified as a dependency will be available then
<arbi>should I be packaging clap separately?
<arbi>it looks like there's a crate for clap, so I should be able to use import to create a derivation
<rekado_>it should be a separate package, if possible
<arbi>no --recursive option for guix import crate :(
<arbi>Ideally, I'd either be able to implement a --recursive option or push up my derivations if I'm going to write them up individually
<sammich>hey im trying to install clojure, so i used `guix package -i clojure` it doesnt seem to have put anything on the path though, should i be installing a different package for clojure?
<bricewge>arbi: There is a patch that adds it but it looks stale
<arbi>bricewge: thanks! :D
<mfg>Hi, do i need to enable some special services to mount NFS shares with guix?
<mfg>i always get permission denied errors with guix but it works with other distros
<mfg>nevermind, the server is misconfigured
<orang3>hello guixers! I've decided to try and port electron to Guix. Is there someone which is already porting ? Is it wise to try and follow the Arch Linux official package definition?
<formbi>i followed these instructions:
<formbi>and put this in my config.scm:
<formbi>but it says «error: source expression failed to match any pattern»
<formbi>could you help me find out what is wrong there?
<OriansJ>formbi: well doesn't next-minute need to be in (next-minute '(3)) form?
<formbi>I don't think so
<formbi>I had it like this on Arch and it was working
<formbi>besides, the manual says «(job '(next-hour) "my-program")», so next-minute shouldn't be different
<OriansJ>formbi: on the line "cmus-remote -C save"); remove the )
<OriansJ>and add an extra one on #:user "formbi")
<formbi>thanks :)
<OriansJ>glad I could help
<anon321anon123>Hello Guix, the manual on russian leading to 404 error
<anon321anon123>However if from everything works fine
<anon321anon123>However from everything works fine
<OriansJ>anon321anon123: if you look at you'll see that there isn't a Russian Translation yet
<OriansJ>but should one manually navigate to
<OriansJ>although I am not sure of the state of the translation
<anon321anon123>OriansJ. that's a reference manual, it's different
<anon321anon123>Link to russian manual from leads to 404, but from just works fine
<dustyweb>heya rekado_
<dustyweb>so did you manage to use guix deploy to update the server successfully?
<dustyweb>just saw your email.
<jonsger>anon321anon123: doesn't seem to be "deployed" yet, es an cn-zh is also missing
<anon321anon123>jonsger, could you report this issue to someone who can fix it?
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<jonsger>rekado_: ru, es, and cn-zh translations of the manual are missing on
*civodul applied a couple of 10-patch series \o/
<efraim>Is there a way to mark a source as not substitutable?
<civodul>an origin?
<civodul>i don't think so
<civodul>well, it's not exposed by the API
<civodul>folks! we've just crossed the 10K package line!
<civodul>maybe yesterday actually
<civodul>bah, is down
<civodul>so we won't know for sure :-)
<efraim>GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH="" ./pre-inst-env guix package -A | wc -l
<efraim>oh, qt 5.13.0 is out, definately going to aim at 5.12.4 then and wait for a .1 or .2
<cbaines>civodul, yeah, my server crashed/ran out of disk space, so I had to reboot it
<Gamayun>civodul: That's one great milestone!
<anon321anon123>Does anyone know when Guix will support lvm?
<bandali>there’s a new thread about it on guix-devel@
<anon321anon123>bandali, this ?
<anon321anon123>Ok, thanks
<bandali>anon321anon123, yeah i think that’s it
<bandali>i haven’t been following it closely though
<zacts>I tried Guix System last night
<zacts>I encountered some issues with it, but I got it installed and working. I'm unable to use it as my main laptop system however
<zacts>the graphical installer encountered an issue, mainly that I had to rfkill enable my wifi first
<zacts>there were a few other issues with the install as well
<zacts>I'm willing to keep guix on my secondary laptop to test for bugs once I get my new laptop this week
<zacts>as far as usability is concerned the primary critique that I have of Guix System is that it takes a _long_ time to update the system and download packages, at least if I do it via `sudo -i guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm`
<zacts>perhaps there is a faster way to do this, but I wanted to keep a config file of my main packages so that I can reproduce my setup on another machine if needed
<zacts>I do know `guix install` and `guix package -i`
<zacts>those worked Ok, but again I like to work from config files. even the above were pretty slow at times though.
<str1ngs>zacts: for user packages which is probably what you need here. use a manifest file
<str1ngs>zacts: see the --manifest section of
<str1ngs>for /etc/config.scm you really only want to use the bare minimum of packages for the system at hand
<zacts>oh I see, ok
<zacts>also, is LVM support planned?
<str1ngs>zacts: if your scheme skills are good you can split your config into common file. that might have a common value of packages so you can do something like host_b_config.scm host_a_config.scm.
<str1ngs>which might use common.scm
<str1ngs>that's kinda advanced, not something I would do right of the bat IMHO
<str1ngs>I personally name my configs by host name. and keep them in $HOME/config with a common file for common values across hosts
<str1ngs>you can have guix copy the local file to /etc/guix/config.scm if you wish. so you can diff running system vs local file
<bricewge>str1ngs: Are you sharing thoses files? Or do you know an example for such a setup?
<bricewge>That's the way I managed my config in NixOS and it would be nice to be able to reproduce it with Guix.
<pkill9>i have my desktop config inherit a base config
<pkill9>it adds to the guile load path the directory that the config file is in
<ArneBab>rekado_: I now tried accessing /dev/sg[01] as CDROM (took a while since I had to adjust groups), but it doesn’t seem to be the cdrom device. Can I check the kernel config somehow to see whether the drivers are there?
<zacts>is there a way to get the `clear` shell command back?
<zacts>I'm having to used Ctrl-L to clear my terminal
<str1ngs>zacts: clear is part of ncurses
<zacts>ok, thanks
<str1ngs>no problem
<zacts>well, maybe I'll try out guix system again today
<orang3>hello guixers! I was wondering which source should i choose for packaging yarn: is it ok to use the release tarball? Or should i clone the repo and run gulp? Thanks
<civodul>hi orang3!
<civodul>in general we arrange to build everything from source
<civodul>so if the release tarball contains generated/minified code, it's best to start from a checkout
<civodul>there was preliminary work for Yarn:
<orang3>hi civodul! Thank you for your answer.
<civodul>saluton quiliro!
<Formbi>how can I blacklist a kernel module in config.scm?
<quiliro>Kiel vi fartas civodul?
<orang3>civodul: I didn't see the open issue. I'm gonna start from that, thanks again.
<quiliro>Formbi: did you check the manual?
<Formbi>yes, but I don't understand it
<quiliro>Formbi: would you please tell me the section number to see if can help?
<quiliro>if i can help
<Formbi>I think this is the correct part of the manual
<quiliro>Formbi: thank you...will check
<quiliro>Formbi: did you try 'modprobe.blacklist=MODULES...’ ?
<Formbi>I saw it, but I don't know where should I put it in config.scm
<pkill9>i think it's a kernel argument
<quiliro>Formbi: initrd is used to load modules before anything is booted...some modules may be loaded late...but others must be loaded before in order to handle hardware such as the hard disk...i am not sure if this is the section to blacklist modules that can be loaded later ...but we can test :-)
<Formbi>on Arch I just put a script in /etc/modprobe.d, and I'm curious if it can be done through config.scm on GuixSD
<quiliro>Formbi: i understand it can...but we can try now
<pkill9>does anyone use the guix API for linux containers?
<Formbi>so what should I do?
<quiliro>Formbi: i will tell you in a while ... i will read
<pkill9>Formbi: you can use kernel arguments
<pkill9>you can add kernel arugments to guix with the "kernel-arguments" parameter:
<quiliro>pkill9: where muste these argument be placed and with what format?
<Formbi>pkill9: thanks!
<Formbi>quiliro: seems like something like this: «(kernel-arguments '("modprobe.blacklist=pcspkr"))»
<Formbi>in (operating-system)
<quiliro>Formbi: yes, i just found it on
<quiliro>wow, there is a lot of information, maybe it should be refered to in the manual...but in a more concise way...such as putting a link to examples of every configuration encountered and where the these examples are referenced in the manual....there are already some examples in the manual...but i think they might be placed on another section of the manual with links to them on the apropriate section....(each example could have
<quiliro>configurations of various sections, no need to make another example)
<quiliro>so there could be examples of all cases encountered by users
<quiliro>maybe it is too much for the manual but good to apply somewhere such as a is done in parabola
<quiliro>(the libre arch derivative)
<quiliro>Formbi: did you test it?
<Formbi>not yet
<quiliro>i have not found a way to contribute to the packages or documentation...would someone guide me please?
<quiliro>i can install guix, read english , spanish and esperanto
<quiliro>i have done the developer tutorial
<quiliro>i would like to traslate the manual to esperanto...
<quiliro>even though i am not a master at esperanto, i can get someone to check my translation
<quiliro>there is even a thread about translating the manual
<quiliro>by the way... is it still necesary to guix pull as root in order to guix system reconfigure?
<pkill9>quiliro: you can use sudo -E guix system reconfigure to reconfigure using your user's guix
<quiliro>ok...thank you
<quiliro>on the other hand... i have lost my config.scm, i have to make a new there a way to find the current situation (swap devices, root device, keyboard, users, modules, services, etc) from my running system in order to construct this file config.scm?
<quiliro>it would be useful also because the config.scm file used before could have diferent format from the current guix system standard
<quiliro>also, i would like to know where to find the source code to the ncurses installer
<pkill9>what does this error mean im doing wrong? "guix system: error: more than one target service of type 'account'"
<pkill9>guile can get.. confusing
<pkill9>ah found the issue
<pkill9>i was using operating-system-services instead of operating-system-user-services
<zacts>is guix currently fully reproducible?
<OriansJ>zacts: no, some packages are not reproducible
<Formbi>the kernel argument didn't work
<Formbi>guess I'll just use /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
<vagrantc>guile-sqlite3 and guile-gcrypt landed in Debian ... two more points in the dependency graph sorted out!
<jonsger>vagrantc: congrats :)
<jonsger>vagrantc: don't forget guile 2.2.6, it's not mandatory, but the earlier it's in the distribution the better :)
<PotentialUser-27>Hello, my Guix system works fine, but when it start, it say that you must login. I wait a 30 seconds and then starts GDM and login on GDM. How I could start GDM first and skip the login command line that appear before GDM?
<vagrantc>jonsger: still on 2.2.4 ... debian is thawing from the freeze now that the release happened, so i hope the guile maintainer will update if needed :)
<jonsger>ah, the nice thing is that I'm already maintainer for guile on openSUSE :P
<cbaines>I've finally managed to update the Guix Data Service on milano-guix-1 !
*vagrantc laments that scheme-bytestructures still not getting into debian which blocks several things
<cbaines>It's no longer stuck on the revision it was processing, so some more revisions should appear shortly
<jonsger>cbaines: It's becoming hot in Lombardy again :P
<cbaines>Had to look up what Lombardy is... turns out it's the region containing Milan
<cbaines>Hopefully the server has adequate cooling!
<jonsger>I had to look up how to write it in English :P
<rubic88>Hi guix. I'm currently mounting a usb drive manually: sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb
<rubic88>From the udev-service section it appears that I could provide a rule to automount.
<rubic88>Does anyone have a sample configuration that I could review?
<pkill9>does setting PAM limits not fix JACK for anyone else?
<rubic88>Maybe I should create %automount-udev-rule defined by 60-lirc.rules? Just guessing here.
<pkill9>how well does `guix deploy` work?
<rubic88>Actually 60-lirc.rules doesn't even look like it *could* work because it specifieds /usr/bin/setfacl, which doesn't exist. Rather appears that I want to use 60-usb-generic-perms.rules?
<jlicht>hey guix
<anon321anon123>Is it possible to make liveusb with Guix? I bet I saw this on manual, but now couldn't find
<bandali>anon321anon123, you mean this?
<anon321anon123>bandali, no, I need setup my system and then burn it to flash
<anon321anon123>Like tails or something like this, you know
<bandali>hmm, the only thing that comes my mind is guix archive
<anon321anon123>You mean mailing lists?
<bandali>but i’m not sure if it exports an entire system?
<bandali>no i mean this:
<MH026>I think he means generating an image of a system he can then use as a liveusb
<anon321anon123>Ah, sorry, stupid me
<anon321anon123>MH026, yep
<bandali>anon321anon123, ah i think ‘guix system disk-image’ is what you’re looking for
<vagrantc>pretty sure you'd use guix system for that ... it's basically how the installer images are made
<anon321anon123>bandali, thanks, will try
<arbi>When in the build phase of installing an imported "redox_syscall" Rust crate, I observe "error[E0554]: #![feature] may not be used on the stable release channel" from the Rust compiler
<arbi>I hypothesize I need to configure the build-system cargo to use Rust "nightly" instead of "stable"
<arbi>Is this correct? How can I go about doing so?
<jlicht>arbi: currently, rust nightly is not packaged in guix (mostly because it is a "moving" target if my understanding is correct).
<jlicht>so you could try to build rust nightly yourself, using the rust as packaged by guix. I vaguely recall that the latest stable rust should/could be used to build the nightlies up till the next release, but I might be wrong here.
<civodul>hey cbaines
<civodul>cbaines: still shows... that it has no information yet :-)