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<jfred>Is anyone using any GUI Java software on Guix System? I'm trying to run PCGen, admittedly outside Guix since it's not packaged... but I get a null pointer exception when trying to run it
<jfred>There's been some discussion of this online and it looks like I might be missing fontconfig as a dependency: ...but it is at least in the `inputs` of `openjdk11`
<nckx>rickbutton: Add some kind of home-grown (there is no overarching, upstream solution) mechanism for either passing the LUKS key securely from GRUB to the kernel, or (IMO a far inferior solution) for embedding a key into the initrd. Neither are trivial. There's no switch you can flip. I type my passphrase twice every time I boot my laptop 🙂
<rickbutton>ha, good to know
<rickbutton>not a big deal
<dongcarl>Any clue when 01e8263febb9634564b4b73af49b81a36567a11b (gnu: Use GCC 7 as the default compiler.) might be merged?
<rickbutton>Is anyone running xmonad at the moment? Seems like the default install of xmonad + ghc doesn't quite work as expected, xmonad --recompile fails with an error: "could not find module xmonad"
<atw>dongcarl: that appears to be on core-updates, due to be frozen soon: So I'm guessing "soon", which I knew better, I'm excited for gcc 7 too!
<dongcarl>Review beg for long-standing patch for a `--no-cwd` option to `guix environment` that I fixed recently: #30256 and a non-breaking change to `make-gcc-toolchain` that allows custom libcs: #36346
<mwette>Hi All. I downloaded the guix-1.0.1 binary and went through the binary installation. But "systemctl status guix-daemon" gives ...# systemctl status guix-daemon
<mwette>● guix-daemon.service - Build daemon for GNU Guix
<mwette> Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/guix-daemon.service; enabled; vendor pre>
<mwette> Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Thu 2019-07-04 17:23:16 PDT; 2min 3>
<mwette> Process: 2338 ExecStart=/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/current-guix/bin/gui>
<mwette> Main PID: 2338 (code=exited, status=203/EXEC)
<mwette>Jul 04 17:23:16 localhost.localdomain systemd[1]: Started Build daemon for GNU >
<mwette>Jul 04 17:23:16 localhost.localdomain systemd[2338]: guix-daemon.service: Faile>
<mwette>Jul 04 17:23:16 localhost.localdomain systemd[2338]: guix-daemon.service: Faile>
<mwette>Jul 04 17:23:16 localhost.localdomain systemd[1]: guix-daemon.service: Main pro>
<mwette>Jul 04 17:23:16 localhost.localdomain systemd[1]: guix-daemon.service: Failed w>
<mwette>[root@localhost system]#
<mwette>any ideas?
<mwette>this is on Fedora 29
<dongcarl>mwette: Hey, could you post the full logs?
<dongcarl>mwette: journalctl -fu guix-daemon would do
<erudition>hey maybe someone else can help with this? every time I update, kodi needs to be rebuilt. But this eats up all my resources and the system becomes unusable at about 50%. Why is a substitute not being used?
<atw>erudition: I do not know the particulars of when substitutes are available from CI so I'm taking this opportunity to try and learn. I checked earlier today and there didn't seem to be a substitute available. I just checked again with guix weather kodi and that still seems to be the case. So my current guess is that maybe a kodi substitute isn't built by CI? But I don't know why that would be
<erudition>yeah that's what I assumed, just about everything else gets substitutes now
<erudition>so I'm puzzled why kodi would be an exception
<atw>yeah I'm trying to better my ability to navigate (which now appears to time out on me?) but maybe the build fails or times out on ci?
<erudition>could be. It's not a particularly quick build, even on new hardware
<erudition>I haven't been to before, interesting
<erudition>nor have I tried "guix weather". Though that still hasn't output anything yet
<atw>guix build --dry-run was also handy
*rvgn also face same issue with kodi.
<rvgn>Wait, am I sleep typing? o.O
<erudition>guix weather finally failed: X.509 certificate of '' could not be verified: signer-not-found invalid
<rekado_>erudition: is the official name. (“” is available for legacy reasons)
<erudition>oh okay
<erudition>not sure I'd make much use of the site anyway, Do you know what might be up with the kodi builds?
<rekado_>jfred: on Guix libraries aren’t installed into expected locations, so a pre-built binary that assumes that some library is located at some global location will likely fail.
<rekado_>erudition: I don’t and is what I would use to figure out.
<erudition>How can I make gnome auto-login?
<erudition>I added some stuff to config.scm as recommended by the guide and rebuilt, but apparently the gnome-desktop-services function already contains gdm so specifying my own gdm-service-settings makes a duplicate that isn't allowed
<roptat>erudition: you can probably use modify-services on gnome-desktop-tervices then
<roptat>(not sure, but isn't gdm-service provided as part of %desktop-services instead?)
<erudition>oh, uh... I had my config generated for me - how might you do that?
<erudition>roptat: I was going off of memory, might have gotten the names wrong
<roptat>I'm on my phone now, so it's hard to help you with code
<roptat>Or even find the right manual page
<roptat>Can you search for modify-services in the manual?
<roptat>(modify-services (gdm-service-type config => (gdm-configuration (inherit config) add your config here)) %desktop-services)
<roptat>Something like that :)
<erudition>yeah sure... and I just checked, %desktop-services is indeed the actual name, as well as gdm-service-type
<roptat>It takes a list of transformations and a list of services, anl returns a list of transhormed serdices
<erudition>okay - but does that mean it goes in my existing transformations on the service list, or just separately in the file?
<roptat>So in the example above, it modifies the gdm configuration and instead uses a new gdm-configuration that inherits from the old, so it has the same values, except for those you change explicitly
<roptat>If you already have transformations, it goes to the list of transformations
<roptat>You can specify more than one
<erudition>well waht it has is (services (append (list ... %desktop-services)))
<roptat>Then the modify-services replaces %desktop-services in your config
<roptat>Does it make sense to you?
<erudition>yes. Fortunately I'm a functional programmer
<erudition>So I would replace the %desktop-services bit, and only that bit, with the whole thing you gae, which itself wraps around %desktop-services
<erudition>*you gave
<erudition>awesome, that's something to work with! I'll try it out and see how mean the parser feels like being to me today.
<roptat>Good luck :)
<erudition>Think I found a bug in the manual actually
<erudition>default-user (default: #f)
<erudition> When auto-login? is false, GDM presents a log-in screen.
<erudition> When auto-login? is true, GDM logs in directly as default-user.
<erudition>... so GDM logs in directly as "false"? haha
<erudition>for SLiM the default is "", which makes more sense
<erudition>anyway, tried all the above, and got error: source expression failed to match any pattern
<erudition>that's the kind of parser error I was afraid of, guess I'm out of my depth
<erudition>roptat: what I put in was (modify-services (gdm-service-type config => (gdm-configuration (inherit config) (auto-login? #t) (default-user "username") )) %desktop-services)
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<user_oreloznog>Hello civodul \o
<civodul>hey hey!
*civodul just reviewed the 'guix deploy' patches
<civodul>really cool stuff!
<rekado_>hey, is anyone here using a yubikey with Guix?
<rekado_>so far I’m only using it to accidentally generate long strings to pollute IRC logs.
<rekado_>can this be used to log in on Guix via some PAM magic?
<civodul>i'm not sure what it takes to do 2FA locally
<pkill9>can a service add file systems to be mounted?
<desmes>hey guys
<desmes>At last I've got Guix running, I'm actually typing this through Emacs ERC :)
<desmes>the thing is that I've got horrible screen tearing. I normally solved it with a simple /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf file
<desmes>what would be the equivalent on Guix? I'm looking at the documentation but I can't find it
<civodul>desmes: i vaguely remember someone discussing it on the mailing list i think
<civodul>but i don't know how that was eventually addressed
<ilikeheaps>How does one setup system-wide proxy in Guix system?
<pkill9>desmes: I fix it with this
<desmes>oh I see
<desmes>I also fix it like this, in every other distros
<desmes>but on Guix the X11 directory doesn't exists. And if I create it and place the file there, it doesn't work
<pkill9>you set the xorg configuration with this service
<pkill9>i have that snippet from the archwiki added to "extra-config"
<desmes>oh I see. So you pass the file as an argument to it? (extra-config "/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf")
<pkill9>no, I pass a list containing a string to extra-config, e.g. (define %tearfree-snippet "the snippet from archwiki) (extra-config (list %tearfree-snippet))
<pkill9>desmes: this is my config.scm, see lines 111 and 214:
<pkill9>i think you can set the xorg-configuration outside the display manager configuration though
<desmes>thanks a lot for the information!
***spk121_ is now known as spk121
<nothingmuch>i'm working on converting a pretty complicated build script into separate guix packages, and currrently trying to factor out a 'make depends' step, which normally downloads multiple source tarballs. long term each of these should be its own package, but for now is there a simple way to have multiple source tarballs in a package?
<nothingmuch>the simplest thing i can think of is defining packages for each tarball, with no unpacking - just dump the tarball into the output
<pkill9>nothingmuch: you can use origin objects as inputs, and refer to them in th build phase as inputs
<nothingmuch>pkill9: cool, that sounds like exactly what i was hoping for
<nothingmuch>i have to say as a casual guix user for a few months, now that i'm finally looking under the hood i keep being pleasantly surprised by how well thought out everything seems to be
<nothingmuch>especially the errors/diagnostics when defining packages
<nothingmuch>(and my expectations were pretty high to begin with)
<ilikeheaps>For now I just installed GNOME and used its proxy settings. Also I'm looking up guix-daemon configuration. Shouldn't there be some option in Guix to set proxy for all and everything?
<formbi>I noticed a stupid thing
<formbi>«guix package -s» doesn't output a lot if not piped through less
<formbi>I often use eshell and now I can't use «guix package -s» there because of that
<formbi>(in eshell it's nice because one can do C-c C-p and go to the beginning of previous command's output)
<pkill9>formbi: what do you mean? it appears on my terminal scrollback for me
<nckx>Uhm, no, it's true: ‘guix package -s xml’ → one useless entry (html-xml-utils), ‘guix package -s xml | less’ → the real output.
<nckx>pkill9: Are you up to date?
<nckx>hint: Run `guix search ... | less' to view all the results.
<nckx>That's super user-hostile.
*nckx is confused, this can't be intentional… can it?
<roptat>it is
<roptat>people were complaining the output was too big, and they only see the less relevant results
<roptat>I think the idea is to print only a first page of results so you only see the most relevant ones, which are most likely what you were looking for
<nckx>This is why you don't jump at every complaint & demand.
<bjoli>So, i have been away from my guix install for a couple of months. Last time I ended up borking my install. How do I get everything up to date the best way?
<roptat>well I find it nicer now
<roptat>bjoli, is that guix on a foreign distro, or guix system?
<bjoli>foreign distro
<nckx>The hint is fine; there's no reason to truncate the output.
<bjoli>Next time I buy a computer ill try to live in guix but I doubt I could get it running well on this laptop.
<pkill9>oh i'm not up to date then
<roptat>bjoli, ok :)
<nckx>Or do the sane systemd thing: invoke $PAGER yourself 🙂
<roptat>you can run "guix pull" to get the latest package definitions from guix (it's like apt update, it doesn't update your packages directly)
<bjoli>roptat: and then a guix package -u ?
<roptat>yes, but make sure `which guix` is ~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix
<roptat>if you have guix installed in your user profile (~/.guix-profile/bin/guix), remove it from there
<roptat>also run "hash guix" to remove bash's location cache
<formbi><nckx> The hint is fine; there's no reason to truncate the output.
<ilikeheaps>I have encryption enabled and a custom keymap set for grub. When asking for partition password, the keymap setting isn't in effect yet. Is there another setting for it?
<civodul>nckx: re user-hostility, i disagree, and you missed an opportunity to voice your opinion when the thing was pending review
<nckx>You are welcome to disagree.
<nckx>No need for ‘too late; shut up now’.
<civodul>no no, apologies for the harsh tone
<civodul>i'm just always surprised when we get no feedback, and only later do people start complaining
<nckx>I would've if I'd been able to keep up with the voluminous (to say the least; and that's a good thing in generous) traffic.
<nckx>generous? general 😃
<civodul>yes, understood :-)
<civodul>but anyway, invoking $PAGER is an option
<civodul>i'm not a big fan of it, but i'm not opposed either
<civodul>on some terminals, it won't work though
<civodul>like in Emacs
<nckx>Anyway, my tone as well was aimed more at a bug/untintended behaviour, not a person implementing a feature. My surprise was genuine.
<civodul>on others, the list of results disappears when you hit 'q'
<nckx>Esp. considering the crowd of emacs-heads here.
<civodul>ok :-)
<pkill9>ilikeheaps: it looks like it:
<pkill9>there's a snippet where the bootloader has a keyboard layout configured
*nckx cannot type today. civodul: you're right that it might not be an improvement in the wide world of terminals.
<civodul>i don't know, it works well for Git and systemd i guess
<civodul>though i never tried "git log" in shell-mode :-)
<nckx>I was just going to ask. I don't use eshell (I've tried); does it unset $PAGER?
<civodul>i use shell-mode, not eshell, but it's similar in that respect
*civodul tries
<civodul>yeah, 'git log' doesn't spawn $PAGER, and it just spits out everything
<ilikeheaps>pkill9: oh, that's just it, cheers. I thought I had it set but I changed bootloader options between machines so it wasn't set here
<civodul>nckx: actually i have PAGER=cat, but that's from my ~/.bash_profile
<civodul>presumably to avoid the mess
<civodul>PAGER=less in shell-mode gives something barely usable
<civodul>"WARNING: terminal is not fully functional"
<rekado_>same here: I use PAGER=cat in Emacs specifically for git log.
<bjoli>About running a full guix system: what is my best bet? A VM?
<civodul>bjoli: bare metal :-)
*rekado_ just got out of a meeting about using Guix for developing a big service.
<civodul>bjoli: just check so you know
<civodul>rekado_: oh, that sounds intriguing!
<nckx>And mysterious!
<rekado_>it will involve deployment of services to AWS or similar, so I need to finish that Guile AWS library…
<nckx>civodul: So if I'd tried any other search term than ‘xml’, I would have seen the intended behaviour. What I saw was ’hah, you have to scroll back anyway to see the package name but I'm going to show only one result and a petty hint:.’ So I'm glad that's at least the pathological case.
<civodul>rekado_: sounds like 'guix deploy' arrives right in time, then :-)
<rekado_>“guix pack” is really nice and useful because so many services accept Docker images. It’s just limited by the fact that it creates bundles.
<civodul>nckx: ah yes, that html-xml-utils thing has too long a description
<rekado_>I was thinking that we could do better, especially when the deployment target is AWS: upload store items to S3, spawn a server instance and have it download the items from there.
<civodul>nckx: regarding relevance, i think we cannot do much better without fetching popularity data or command line names
<civodul>rekado_: you mean you'd deploy a minimal pack that contains Guix, and that thing in turn would perform the actual builds/downloads, right?
<rekado_>this might be faster than downloading a huge Docker blob from some registry service (to which it was uploaded earlier), we benefit from caching on updates, and within AWS you don’t pay for S3 data transfer, so it’s even cheaper.
<rekado_>civodul: while that would work it would download from the Internet, which is expensive.
<rekado_>(multiply that by the number of servers you deploy like that)
<civodul>you could configure it to get substitutes from that S3 server maybe?
<rekado_>that would require a custom substituter.
<rekado_>beats having to keep track of store item dependencies outside of Guix, though.
<civodul>because S3 is purely for data storage, right? you can't run 'guix publish' there, can you?
<rekado_>correct, just storage
<civodul>and that storage can be served over HTTP?
<rekado_>it can be accessed via an HTTP API
<civodul>then perhaps you can arrange to make it a mirror of what 'guix publish' provides, with the same layout
*civodul thinks out loud
<nckx>‘HTTP API’ sounds like ‘not that’.
<civodul>yeah, i was wondering
<civodul>rekado_: unrelated, but do you happen to know what texlive packages are needed to build the PDF of a Texinfo manual?
<civodul>tricky question :-)
<rekado_>… erm, I don’t know.
<rekado_>doesn’t that depend on the specific Texinfo manual?
<civodul>i don't think so, but i don't know
<rekado_>I’ve built some PDF manuals for some of the packages in Guix (I think somewhere in maths.scm), but I failed for some of them.
<rekado_>I always go by whatever the error messages tell me.
<rekado_>or if I can look at a generated tex file I’ll use that.
<rekado_>do you have a particular package that’s giving you trouble?
<civodul>rekado_: Emacsy
<civodul>same in Guix with doc/build.scm (uncommitted)
<daviid>civodul: is it not in texinfo itself? that is where texi2pdf is on debian, fwiw ...
<civodul>that in turn invokes pdftex or similar
<roptat>what is doc/build.scm?
<civodul>a file to build the manuals for that i posted to guix-devel
<civodul>i'd like to commit it now, as part of the web site migration
<civodul>hence texlive :-)
<civodul>rekado_: oh looks like i found the missing bit: texlive-generic-epsf
<civodul>somehow i had overlooked the hint before
<daviid>civodul: don't know how guix splits texlive, but here, on deb, pdftex is in texlive-binaries, and pdflatex in texlive-latex-base
<civodul>the texlive-* packages in Guix are smaller grain, i think
<civodul>but anyway, i found it :-)
<civodul>sometimes you think all hope is lost, and a solution pops up
<daviid>ah, that's good news hen, because iiuc, the reason why guile-cv isn't packaged yet for guix is that it requires 'a few' latex packages ...
<daviid>at the time, thoe who worked on it didn't want to have gule-cv install the all texlive tree or so ..
<civodul>i don't see it in the guix-patches queue, you should ping 'em!
<civodul>so i'm not done with the non-English Guix manual
<civodul>i builds, but accented letters aren't properly displayed *sometimes*
<civodul>in French i get "G ^^ c3 ^^ a9rer ses logiciels avec Guix" in the TOC
<civodul>but the title page is fine
<rekado_>I worked on guile-cv
<rekado_>and bavier as well, I think
<rekado_>we got stuck building the manual
<rekado_>civodul: maybe use pdfluatex instead?
<rekado_>I need to package some LaTeX stuff for the R upgrade to 3.6.1
<daviid>rekado_: building the manual? was not aware of this, and iirc, bavier told me he would wait till he found the time to 'split' texlive enough to just make guile-cv depends on a the few latex packages it depended on ...
<rekado_>texlive is split, it’s just not fully packaged.
<rekado_>guess it’s a good time now to work on the improvements to the texlive build system / importer…
<daviid>maybe it is because it uses images, don't know
<rekado_>no, images are fine
<rekado_>I remember vaguely that we needed to package some font packages
<daviid>ah, but tha it not for the manual, it is for the the hitogramns, the iwona font iirc, but i can check
<daviid>*histograms, users get those running im-histogram, and that is the procedure that needs latex ... and uses iwona, i think, i'm not on guilcv now, but i can check
<rekado_>huh, looks like I no longer have my guile-cv stash. Bleh.
<rekado_>ah, found an old patch
<daviid>rekado_: i think bavier did take 'the ball from you', not sure, may be he has a more 'advanced' work on this, not sure but worth asking ...
<rekado_>I still have a handful of unpushed texlive-* packages here that haven’t made it into Guix
<rekado_>will start with those
<bricewge>What is the correct way to try and test modification services?
<bricewge>At the moment I commit, `guix pull --url=$PWD` then reconfigure but it feels clunky.
<daviid>now, there is this repl and raised exception system guile (not guix) 'problem': where it is relatively easy to configure the repl so it uses truncated-print, it is next to impossible, unless you are an extremely avanced user, to do so for raised exception system in guile. this should not block guile-cv to be part of guix of course, and everything is wery well explained in the manual, but i woudn't want to not mention it 'here', since
<daviid>withuut these to config, guile-cv is just unusable
<daviid>rekado_: the list of latex packages it depends on are listed in the (because i wrote a latex.m4 macro to check these package are available ... there are 'only' 8 packages: standalone (document class), inputencl, fontencl, lmodern, xcolor, booktabs, siunitx and iwona
<rekado_>yeah… the test ain’t working for me…
<daviid>and it then needs pdflatex
<rekado_>I’ve got those packages already
<daviid>the test?
<rekado_>LATEX_DOCUMENT_CLASS_REQUIRED fails despite “standalone” being available.
<rekado_>I’ll investigate later
<rekado_>need to work on that server order again…
<daviid>ah ok, tanks! this doesn't fail here, for info ...
*civodul spoke too fast, is stuck again in a pdftex debugging loop
<daviid>rekado_: could you (later) chek manually what is in /tmp
<daviid>becaue that check builds a mini doc and tries to compiles it in /tmp ...
<daviid>thenyou'd have a better error message ...
<roptat>bricewge, you can use ./pre-inst-env from a local checkout
<roptat>bricewge, and use guix system to create a VM with just the service you're working on, so you don't break your machine :)
<civodul>so, what is it that creates .toc files in this TeX mire?
<bricewge>roptat: Thank you! That's just the answer and I ddidn't wanted, since I'm already running Guix in a VM it fails to run another VM inside it.
<bricewge>Looks like I'll need to go bare-metal then.
<roptat>bricewge, you can run ./pre-inst-env guix system reconfigure too
<roptat>or install guix on a foreign distro where guix system vm works :)
<ilikeheaps>Anyone here running IntelliJ on Guix?
<roptat>(really only guix system reconfigure doesn't work on a foreign distro, the rest of the system works perfectly fine)
<roptat>ilikeheaps, I do, but from a binary
<roptat>although I've started to package a few dependencies, it's far from done
<roptat>so I run it from the binary downloaded at their website
<ilikeheaps>roptat: that's fine, I just want to get it to run at all. Did you do anything special to make it work? It crashes on startup here
<ilikeheaps>But I might just be doing something terribly wrong because I'm not really into java
<roptat>I think I installed icedtea:jdk in my profile, and maybe patchelf'd a few things...
<daviid>rekado_: I know you are on something else, but here is something you may look at later:
<roptat>do you have any error message that could help debug the issue? it could help me remember too ^^
<ilikeheaps>Well, I get "illegal reflective access by com.intellij.ide.ClassUtilCore", running OpenJDK. Would you like longer error?
<ilikeheaps>I'm also trying different versions of openjdk right now
<bricewge>roptat: `./pre-inst-env guix system reconfigure` would be nice but it fails on part
<roptat>ouch, I didn't get this kind of error
<roptat>ilikeheaps, try with icedtea instead of openjdk maybe?
<ilikeheaps>Yeah, I'll try it
<roptat>bricewge, you could develop your service with a guix installed on a foreign distro
<roptat>bricewge, how does it fail?
<bricewge>`ERROR: In procedure scm-error: no code for module (gcrypt hash)`
<roptat>are you in a `guix environment guix`?
<bricewge>Yeah I'ill give a try to the nixpkgs patch that adds guix
<bricewge>Hum no
<roptat>that's how you're supposed to use pre-inst-env
<roptat>you enter an environment for developping guix, then develop guix and test with ./pre-inst-env
<civodul>bricewge: if you use "sudo", make sure do to "sudo -E" so that GUILE_LOAD_PATH is preserved
<ilikeheaps>roptat: it works with icedtea, thanks!
<bricewge>roptat, civodul : And now it works! Thanks, it's definetly faster than before
<ilikeheaps>roptat: Also, you said you started working on a package. Do you have it online perhaps? Maybe it could be an opportunity to learn packaging
<roptat>it's a bit difficult to read, but here: actually it's only because I needed these libraries to try and build kotlin (so it's a bit poluted by the fact that I need an old version of these libraries)
<roptat>you should probably jump directly to package definitions like
<roptat>you should rather try and learn from guix itself, now I look at them again, they are really ugly ^^'
<roptat>I tend to separate these libraries into many package definitions, even though they all come from the same repository, because it's easier to manage them that way
<roptat>but at the same time, it means that an update could break the dependencies that are somewhat hard-coded in guix inputs
<roptat>I used something different here:
<roptat>with an sbt-build-phase that builds a list of components from the same repository:
<roptat>but it breaks as soon as there are dependencies like component -> external-package -> other-component
<roptat>(be careful, intellij-community is a 3GB git repository)
<civodul>rekado_: in, i see: "pdfTeX warning: /gnu/store/hia9i7lgcys7h66fb0gvcy35i13bq399-texlive-union-49435/bin/pdftex (file cannot open font map file"
<civodul>does that ring a bell?
<ilikeheaps>roptat: Alrighty, cheers!
<rekado_>daviid: ah, problem is with our xkeyval package — it’s empty…
<rekado_>civodul: yes, it does
<rekado_>lemme check
<ngz>I wonder if it would be useful to have a per-package updater, e.g., any package can have an "updater" property, whose value is a function responsible for updating said package.
<ngz>Or the function would be an upstream-updater object.
<rekado_>civodul: in the big texmf-dist checkout it’s at fonts/map/pdftex/updmap/
<ngz>err I mean, an object instead of the function.
<rekado_>but we’re not distributing it anywhere.
<rekado_>I’ll dig deeper
<civodul>i had found it but thought it was generated by updmap or something
<rekado_>yes, it should have been generated
<rekado_>but it’s generated from the installed fonts, so it’s the profile hook’s / texlive-union’s job
<civodul>i'm using texlive-union directly, so no profile hook
<rekado_>same thing
<rekado_>maybe it’s enough to run updmap-sys in texlive-union. I’ll give this a try.
<civodul>i have /gnu/store/iv81rjipnmn01vmmj67pdf7nm83fysnk-texlive-generic-pdftex-49435/share/texmf-dist/fonts/map/pdftex/updmap/
<civodul>however, although texlive-generic-pdftex is in my union, this file is not found
<rekado_>this package is actually morally wrong
<civodul>actually it was not in my union, but if i add it, it fails altogether
*civodul is at loss
<rekado_>bah, sorry :(
<rekado_>I’ll try to understand what’s going on
<civodul>np, thanks for helping out!
<civodul>i must say i have bad feelings about TeX
<civodul>it's both a wonderful achievement and something i'd rather get rid of :-)
<rekado_>yeah, I can relate
<rekado_>uhm, that’s weird: “guile: warning: weak hash table corruption”
<rekado_>printed a couple of times.
<civodul> has things like: "@numchapentry{Einf^^c3^^bchrung}{1}{Einf^^c3^^bchrung}{2}"
<civodul>instead of: "@numchapentry{Einführung}{1}{Einführung}{2}"
<minall>Hello guix!
<minall>what libraries do I need to see videos in internet? more specificly, on icecat... since everytime I try to load a video, it doesn't load, or it says that I don't have the 'plugin' with 'plugin' is this?
<rekado_>minall: you may need Gstreamer plugins
<rekado_>minall: “guix search gst-” should show you something of interest.
<minall>rekado_: thanks!, I don't need anything else?
<rekado_>civodul: I think I have a fix
<rekado_>trying to make it smaller now
<minall>There's a lot of packages of gst, or gstreamer itself, which ones do I need? or just by installing gstreamer only gives me all that I need?
<civodul>rekado_: oh!\
<rekado_>minall: you will need some or all of the gst-* packages.
<rekado_>minall: they provide the plugins.
<civodul>i read that ^^xx is actually a TeX escape sequence
<civodul>where "xx" are hex digits
<rekado_>civodul: I’ve just sent you a patch.
<rekado_>minall: exactly what plugins you need depends on what formats you want to play.
<minall>rekado_: Oh, and that's why they are separated
<minall>is there a command to install them all? maybe guix install gst-* or something similar?
<rekado_>they are also separated according to quality and whether or not the formats are patented or something like that
<civodul>rekado_: you sent it where? :-)
<rekado_>both to guix-patches and to your gnu email address
<rekado_>it should arrive within a week.
<minall>So I need to download all of them hehe
<minall>I see a lot of packages so... maybe there's a package that contains them all?
<rekado_>minall: no, there’s no gst-* meta-package.
<rekado_>“guix package -A gst-plugins” shows just four packages
<rekado_>there’s also “gst-libav”, which may be better for some formats.
<minall>I'll install them all then jeje
<civodul>open-pipe* OPEN_WRITE "updmap-sys"... i like that :-)
<quiliro>minall: saluton
<saslibre____>quiliro: Kiel vi fartas!
<saslibre____>I'm from saslibre
<rekado_>civodul: really frustrating! There’s no other way to keep it from aborting, even though the “syncwithtrees” option is precisely made for that use case: removing of unavailable maps!
<rekado_>it doesn’t even change the config file, it just generates a new one with the invalid entries missing.
<rekado_>having to input “Y” is just wrong.
<civodul>that might have been right in 1973?
<rekado_>well, it already has --dry-run, so I guess in 1973 you’d have passed that to prevent it from doing any work.
<rekado_>but maybe I’m just not receptive to deep wisdom contained in that Perl script.
<civodul>unfortunately that doesn't solve my ^^ c3 ^^ bc problem :-/
<civodul>i've been diffing straces to try to figure wtf is going on, to no avail
<rekado_>does it help to use pdfluatex, which is aware of UTF-8?
<civodul>which package is it in?
<civodul>as usual 'guix search' doesn't help ;-)
<rekado_>uhm, … I can’t find it.
<rekado_>maybe I’m mistaken about the name
<rekado_>lualatex should work, though
<rekado_>that’s part of texlive-bin
<rekado_>(it’s just luatex)
*civodul -> home
<civodul>thanks for your help!
<erudition>roptat: Hey uh, I got the configuration to compile! turns out modify-services takes the %desktop-services variable as it's /first/ argument rather than last
<erudition>Problem is... I rebooted an now gdm doesn't start at all :(
<quiliro>free software directory meeting going on now on #fsf for anyone interested
<MH026>does anyone use Sway with Guix?
<roptat>erudition: ouch :/
<roptat>Can't help but naybe others can if you post your config? Use
<mbakke>on core-updates, python-boot0 does not build on armhf and aarch64 because the bootstrap environment lacks pthreads :-/
<mbakke>I tried using using 'python-on-guile' to build the new libc, but get "unbound variable: this" from Guile when running the glibc python scripts.
<ison[m]>MH026: I just got done playing around with it for a few days, currently back on i3 though. But it worked quite well.
<erudition>roptat: ok thanks.
<erudition>If anyone can comment on why that config makes me boot to a terminal, that'd be appreciated
<rvgn>rekado_ I have NitroKey ( Never used it. Gonna try it in Guix and will let you know. :)
<CrazyPython>Is it a good idea to use Guix as an internal package management system for components of a game?
<CrazyPython>How does one publish a Guix package?
<rvgn>rekado_ It appears NitroKey Rules ( has to be added to udev rules (/etc/udev/rules.d/). Not sure how to do this in guix way.
<jackhill>rvgn: I've added the roles from libu2f-host by defining a system service like this: (simple-service 'custom-udev-rules udev-service-type (list sane-backends libu2f-host))
<jackhill>I don't know if the nitrokey rules are in there, but the idea here is that libu2f-hosts has a rules file, and that service extends the udev-service-type to add the rules from the listed packaes
<rvgn>jackhill Thanks! So libu2f enabled in udev by default?
<rvgn>Ah I see.
<jackhill>rvgn: no, that's why I had to add that service to my list of system services. The manual has some more examples of dealing with udev: :)
<rvgn>jackhill Cool! Thanks
<jackhill>rvgn: you're welcome, good luck!
<rvgn>jackhill Any use from (service pcscd-service-type) for me with nitrokey?
<jackhill>rvgn: I'm not sure. I've mostly been dealing with U2F devices, not smartcards. It sounds vaguely familiar from stuff I've seen elsewhere, but unfortunately, I don't have a better answer than that.
<rvgn>jackhill That's okay. :)
<erudition>rvgn, rekado_, anyone can critique my config?
<erudition>It should be the same as stock, but with auto-login GDM. But instead it makes gnome not autolaunch at all anymore
<baconicsynergy>hey guix :)
<ArneBab>I cannot see a CDROM device on my Guix system — do I have to add something to /etc/config.scm?
<baconicsynergy>where can I find a gnu/linux gaming chatroom?
<ArneBab>I have neither /dev/cdrom nor /dev/scd*
<rekado_>ArneBab: do you have /dev/sr* or /dev/sg*?
<ArneBab>I have /dev/sg0 and /dev/sg1
<ArneBab>rekado_: I have /dev/sg0 and /dev/sg1
<rekado_>try mounting those
<ArneBab>I get
<ArneBab># LANG=C mount -t iso9660 /dev/sg1 /media/cdrom
<ArneBab>mount: /media/cdrom: /dev/sg1 is not a block device.
<ArneBab>(however it’s an audio-cd)
<civodul>ArneBab: it's /dev/sr0 here
<civodul>oh, audio CDs cannot be mounted
<ArneBab>I don’t have a /dev/sr0 device here
<civodul>they can be played though
<bricewge>erudition: Looks like