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<dongcarl>Does anyone know why my `guix repl` doesn't work with `Ctrl-P` to show last command and left right keys to move around?
<matt`>hi all! i'm trying to initialize guixsd on a btrfs filesystem with multiple subvolumes. I'm the error rmdir: Device or resource busy
<matt`>it seems like it wants me to umount the subvolumes, but then my data won't actually be saved...
<pkill9>dongcarl: i had that issue, then it dissappeared one day, possibly when i updated it
<dongcarl>pkill9: Huh... Weird...
<PotentialUser-25>Hi there, any thoughts on how possible it would be to setup guix to compile the android version for my phone?
<PotentialUser-25>just an idle thought for now, but maybe interesting.
<matt`>Can someone explain to me how grub is able to decrypt luks devices based on the configuration set by Guix? I'm encountering this weird situation where sometimes grub asks me for two passphrases (I have two encrypted devices) and presents the menu entries and other times only asks for the passphrase to one device and then drops to a grub rescue prompt.
<matt`>I found the grub scm file and see the `(setenv "GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK" "y")' line, but when I look at the generated grub.cfg file I don't see any cryptomount commands
<matt`>I looked at the Grub reference manual and based on my primitive understanding of Grub, this seems to be how it's able to decrypt luks devices. Is that right?
<matt`>If so, why don't I see any instances of "cryptomount" or "mkconfig" (for grub-mkconfig) in the guix source code?
<bandali>matt`, if you don’t get any replies here, feel free to try asking on the help-guix or guix-devel lists
<bandali>(i personally know next to nothing about how grub works)
<matt`>bandali: that's good advice, thank you
<bandali>PotentialUser-25, guix does seem to have a number of android-related packages over here:
<bandali>but i haven’t personally tried using it to build a rom
<bandali>perhaps you could try to follow e.g. the arch wiki page on android, and see if 1. all needed packages are present and 2. if you can follow the instructions with packages from guix
<xavierm02>rvgn: Another option would be to install it via nix / flatpack / some other package manager that's available on guix
<xavierm02>I checked, gnash is on nix
<rvgn>xavierm02 Thanks! I borrowed a flash drive and usb booting trisquel.
<PotentialUser-25>So if I don't trust the gnu binary substitutes, then everything will be built from source?
<bavier`>PotentialUser-25: indeed
<PotentialUser-25>nice, I guess the binary seed must come from somewhere.
<PotentialUser-25>like the initial gcc or something
<PotentialUser-25>I read an article about mes cc but don't know if that is in use yet.
<bavier`>PotentialUser-25: we're continually working on reducing the bootstrap seed
<PotentialUser-25>I also want to complement GUIX on the cli and docs
<PotentialUser-25>can GUIX import a module defined inside a derivation?
<PotentialUser-25>I suppose this was a limitation inferiors was designed to work around
<Minall>Hello Guix!
<sneek_>Welcome back Minall, you have 1 message.
<sneek_>Minall, nckx says: They are renamed from <guix.git>/gnu/system/examples/*.tmpl .
<Minall>sneek_: thx1
<Minall>Can someone help me with a config? please ;D
<sneek_>alexanderbarbosa, you have 1 message.
<sneek_>alexanderbarbosa, nckx says: That PATH is correct: ‘ls’ is provided by your system profile so it shouldn't be in there. Did you want ‘--search-paths=suffix’? LD_LIBRARY_PATH shouldn't be set unless you know what you're doing; Guix is right not to suggest that.
<Minall>I get an error on my config.scm, Im trying to install slim instead of gdm, following the manual example
<Minall>How can I show you my config?, also, I want to add xf86-video-openchrome as driver, but i don't know how
<alexanderbarbosa>debian paste
<alexanderbarbosa>paste bin ...
<Minall>Can someone give an example ? :D
<rvgn>Minall you can try
<rvgn>*to show others your config
<arshin>hi guix, got a question about file systems support
<arshin>there are packages xfsprogs and f2fs-tools, but Guix manual says (in that "Currently Guix System only supports ext4 and btrfs file systems." What does that mean?
<Gamayun>arshin: Mostly that you can only install onto ext4 and btrfs. I think you should be able to define filesystems in the system configuration for most others. And if there is a package for it you should be able to mount it manually.
***jje_ is now known as jje
<arshin>Gamayun: That's unfortunate (and perhaps that phrasing should be clarified in the manual). thanks.
<efraim>Ah, allow-empty-passwords needs to be set to #t for my guix conversion vm config to work
<arshin>where are aarch64 installation images for guix system (if they exist)? Download page only has x86_64 and i686 but text at the top says "As of version 1.0.1, the standalone Guix System can be installed on an i686, x86_64, ARMv7, or *AArch64* machine."
<efraim>we don't have any prebuilt OS images for aarch64 since they have to be built per-board. We haven't figured out a good way to provide images without taking up a lot of space, so they're built mostly as-needed
<OriansJ>efraim: I hope you do mean per linux kernel right?
<efraim>OriansJ: the base image is fairly standard, but the u-boot part isn't so it is actually per-board
<efraim>if there's a custom kernel then that'd be board-specific too
<efraim>back to btrfs, it looks like adding btrfs to the udev configuration rules list might fix the multi-disk boot issues
<OriansJ>efraim: so we could host if we did a simple iso padding and leveraged a file system that supported block based deduplication
<efraim>OriansJ: I believe debian has a u-boot portion and an image portion, and the instructions are "cat fileA fileB > sdcard.img" and then dd to sd card
<efraim>so that could be an option
<OriansJ>efraim: I like that as a way of shaming manufactors for not getting their shit together
<arshin>then is it possible/feasible/(did anyone try it) to cross-compile from guix source tarball?
<efraim>I normally do my compiling on an aarch64 board, but mine is down right now
<arshin>OK more specific question - say I have an aarch64 board like pine64pro - where and how can I start with guix?
<arshin>*rockpro64 actually
<efraim>first would be to add the u-boot config to (gnu packages bootloaders), then to (gnu bootloaders u-boot), and then to create an install image entry in (gnu system install)
<efraim>not actually that bad, if you have the board to test it on
<arshin>efraim: that assumes I already have aarch64 guix system to boot into, right?
<efraim>either that or a guix system machine configured to cross-build for aarch64
<arshin>I have neither but I have x86_64 machine with all guix-source build deps available
<arshin>it sounds like chicken and egg problem :)
<efraim>i see rockpro64 is a 3399, we'd have to ask vagrantc how well it's supported
<efraim>armbian says mainline kernels have broken HDMI and usb3
<arshin>efraim: that's fine. I'm mostly interested to see how Panfrost will work once 5.2 stable is released
<nckx>sneek_: later tell matt: We don't use grub-mkconfig (thank god), you might be thinking of ‘grub-install’. If not, grub.cfg is assembled in (gnu bootloader grub). You're right that GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK is set, but could you explain why cryptomount would be needed?
<sneek_>Will do.
<nckx>tell, ask, what's the difference.
<nckx>sneek_: botsnack!
<mfg>So how does guix import nix work? i have a local copy of the nixpkgs repo and try to guix import ~/path/to/nixpkgs <pkg> but it doesn't work
<mfg>I get "In execvp of nix-instantiate: No such file or directory"
<rekado_>you need an installation of the Nix package manager.
<mfg>Hm okay.
<pkill9>I thought the guix nix importer doesn't work?
<bzp>hi all
<nckx>ehlo bzp.
<joshuaBPMan>Hello, I've set up a simple mcron job to set up isync. Would it be worth contributing this as a guix mail service?
<joshuaBPMan>I suppose that guix has a getmail service, so yes...
<OriansJ>cc_x86 for x86 in M1 is now up
<nckx>joshuaBPMan: I guess, if it's reasonably generic & generally useful. I think by far most people just run mbsync as their user, often from their MUA.
<nckx>OriansJ: \o/
<nckx>I like your comments.
<OriansJ>nckx: thank you; it was the result of a 28hour hackathon
<OriansJ>now we have a full path from a 357byte hex0 to M2-Planet done and only some C code remains (once we get this into a form M2-Planet can build the chain from hex0 to gcc+binutils is done)
<OriansJ>oh and M2-Planet is a deterministic cross-platform C compiler
<nckx>It's even an acronym, kind of. I never wondered.
<OriansJ>and the mescc-tools-seed v1.0 release is now up
*nckx hypocritically hopes that OriansJ is getting enough sleep.
<OriansJ>nckx: super not this weekend...
<OriansJ>I have a marathon to run later today
<nckx>Just watch out for buses. We need you.
<OriansJ>nckx: not any more
<OriansJ>you have a full path; that literally is less than 1,000 lines of C code from being done
<nckx>That was not my point 😛
<nckx>Or a rather dramatic one of proving yours.
*nckx gets enough sleep no.
<OriansJ>Later this week the AMD64 bootstrap chain will also be done and then I'll be starting on the ARMv7l chain
<eiro1>hello people
<Minall>Hello guix!
<str1ngs>hello Minall !
<rvgn>Hello Guix!
<OriansJ>greetings rvgn
<rvgn>OriansJ o/
<OriansJ>today is a big day for guix bootstrapping; we now have no excuses to strip down the bootstrap binaries by a large margin
<str1ngs>nice, good work OriansJ
<OriansJ>thank you str1ngs