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*rekado_ just added a handler for /build/<id>/details to Cuirass
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<jgibbons[m]>I tried `guix pack --system=armhf-linux -RR hello` for armhf, aarch64, and mips64el from an x86_64 guixsd install, and they all have failed at proot. I think the problem is with qemu. Does anyone here get similar results or come to a different conclusion?
<jgibbons[m]>Also, since all the tests have nonsense names, isn't the proot test suite nonfree?
<jgibbons[m]>I'm confused because I'm being told I posted twice, so i redacted and now it says I didn't post at all...
<jgibbons[m]>Since the proot test suite has nonsense names, isn't it obfuscated nonfree software?
<apteryx>hello; English grammar question for a Guix package synopsis: would you say "Emacs interface _to_ GNU Go" or "Emacs interface _for_ GNU Go" ?
<str1ngs>apteryx: for
<apteryx>thank you :-0
<str1ngs>no problem :)
<apteryx>hmm; how can I refer to the source of another package in a build phase?
<apteryx>emacs-gnugo needs the interface files found under gnugo-3.8/interface of the gnugo package (which it doesn't install).
<bavier`>apteryx: you have to specify the source as an input
<apteryx>OK! like... (("gnugo-source" ,(package-source gnugo)) this?
<bavier`>and then refer to it like any other input
<bavier`>if it's compressed, you'll need to do your own uncompression
<apteryx>using tar on it, it does its magic
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<rekado_>jgibbons[m]: having bad names for test files certainly doesn’t make the proot test suite non-free.
<rekado_>jgibbons[m]: the names aren’t helpful in all cases, but upstream is aware of that:
<efraim>i'm pretty sure running parcimonie using the gpg1 binary wiped my keyring
<efraim>looks like I should look into actually upgrading it to the lastest version
<efraim>mbakke: were you working on unbundling expat from python?
<rekado_>Cuirass now has tabs:
<kmicu>At this rate of improvement Cuirass will surpass Hydra by the end of the month. 😺
<mbakke>efraim: Expat is unbundled since commit d1659c0fb27c4f71c8ddc6a85d3cd9f3a10cca97.
<efraim>ah I see on core-updates
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<efraim>civodul: I want to explore renaming git-file-name to vcs-file-name and git-version to vcs-version, guix/utils.scm sound like a good spot?
<efraim>maybe not, guix/git-download doesn't import guix/utils
<efraim>or I could just get the switchover all in one commit :)
<efraim>guix/packages sounds better
<efraim>should already be imported
<rekado_>the Chan Zuckerberg initiative will invite grant applications for “Essential Open Source Software for Science”:
<rekado_>Their requirements are that new code be written under a “permissive” license only.
<rekado_>no GPL.
<rekado_>their document explicitly lists these: MIT, BSD2-Clause, BSD 3-Clause, or Apache v2.0​
<rekado_>exceptions are only possible for extending existing code, but even then the “most permissive” license option possible must be chosen.
<OriansJ>anyone else having a problem with 999jzy3bx8aahj2h9fkc0xag6729pzq9-perl-io-socket-ssl-2.038.drv ??
<efraim>Sounds familiar
<Gamayun>rekado_: Did they mean 'Profit' rather than 'Science'?
<kmicu>I love how they motivate us to avoid lax licenses ヽ(*^▽^)/
<kmicu>(If you want even more motivation then you can add to the list.)
*rekado_ feels sick
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<efraim>sneek_: botsnack?
<efraim>sneek_: later tell vagrantc did you install Guix System on your firefly? Or Debian? I'm looking to reflash mine and wanted some pointers
<sneek_>Will do.
<civodul>efraim: are there a lot of non-git uses?
<dalz> what's wrong with this definition? This is the output:
<dalz>guix/build/download.scm:741:0: In procedure url-fetch:
<dalz>Invalid keyword: #vu8(93 60 127 215 69 242 135 91 229 95 49 108 215 121 128 92 225 182 206 56 99 79 15 75 12 205 1 136 77 167 49 179)
<rekado_>Cuirass now displays the logs for when a build failed due to dependency failures:
<nckx>dalz: (guix build download) is weird. What happens when you use (guix download) instead?
<dalz>nckx: yup, it works
<dalz>Thank you
<nckx>Also, unrelated to your error: GitHub-auto-generated /archive/ tarballs can be regenerated once in a rare while, changing the hash. You should use git-fetch with (commit (string-append "version_" version)) instead.
<dalz>Will do, thanks again
<nckx>dalz: Did you find that (guix build download) in an example/documentation somewhere?
<dalz>I honestly don't remember, I had this file laying around for a week or so
<nckx>Okidoke. It's an understandable typo.
*nckx didn't notice it on the first pass either.
*rekado_ stops messing with Cuirass
<efraim>civodul: it's about half git half not. 'grep checkout")) gnu/packages/*.scm | wc -l'
<nckx>Is ‘Pending’ the same as ‘Scheduled’ on Cuirass?
*nckx sees that the ‘Scheduled’ tab has ?status=pending in the URL so yes.
<nckx>Pending rename? ☺
<rekado_>“pending” is the internal name
<rekado_>the database doesn’t keep any names, only a single digit numeric code for each build status.
<nckx>rekado_: It's still used for the tiny number floaty tooltip though.
<nckx>(Which also uses grey instead of the tab icon's yellow, but maybe that bugs only me.)
<rekado_>can you show me where?
<nckx>Yeah, I like that the default (only?) view is new builds, not everything like Hydra.
<rekado_>I don’t see any tooltip on the grey 4 here:
<nckx>rekado_: No, you're right. I must have been looking at the URL tooltip.
<nckx>‘What does this do? Oh, something pending.’
<nckx>So maybe there should be a tooltip using ‘scheduled’ but that's far more of a wishlist item than I thought. Sorry.
<rekado_>I actually used “scheduled” before (which is the name for the build status code) and then realized that the SQL query uses “pending”…
<rekado_>some inconsistencies there
<rekado_>I also see that the “dependency failed” status does not always allow us to figure out which dependency failed.
<nckx>Where's the cuirass repository now? (from seems dead?
<rekado_>that’s the one.
<nckx>OK, it just insists on HTTPS nowadays. I'll patch that blog post, too.
<rekado_>we should change in the topic to
*rekado_ -> gardening
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<nckx>rekado_: Now all we need is and
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<nckx>How is general CSS added to Cuirass? All I see is a (presumably stock) bootstrap.css and element-specific style= tweaks.
*nckx hopes their first commit didn't break anything.
<civodul>rekado_: i noticed that does not yield any results, any idea why?
<civodul>i was expecting to find test.installed-os.x86_64-linux and all that
<rubic88>icecat observation: two debian distros, each with the same fonts installed. One works and the other doesn't (display characters). Will try to isolate possible dependencies later.
<rubic88>Works fine on my third, GuixSD laptop.
<zacts>is there a published list of technical differences between Guix and Nix?
<zacts>I know that Guix uses guile scheme, and it's heavily influenced by Nix, but that's about it.
<zacts>even a video lecture could work too
*zacts searches
<A0x1E>Hello, dear developers of the GuixSD Project! Please, tell why need chain-compilation at the rust package? After 3 days active building, I'm wanna get his to some version in chain, but it's not interactive. I mean, build process not save any version of a package. Thanks!
<vagrantc>A0x1E: have you enabled substitutes? otherwise it will build everything from source, which takes quite a long time
<sneek_>Welcome back vagrantc, you have 1 message.
<sneek_>vagrantc, efraim says: did you install Guix System on your firefly? Or Debian? I'm looking to reflash mine and wanted some pointers
<vagrantc>efraim: i've got some firefly-rk3288 and firefly-rk3399 running Debian; haven't tried Guix System on them
<vagrantc>sneek_: later tell efraim i've got some firefly-rk3288 and firefly-rk3399 running Debian; haven't tried Guix System on them
<A0x1E>vagrantc: No. How to enabled subtitudes?
<efraim>Pretty straightforward? Using flash-kernel?
<sneek_>efraim, you have 1 message.
<sneek_>efraim, vagrantc says: i've got some firefly-rk3288 and firefly-rk3399 running Debian; haven't tried Guix System on them
<vagrantc>efraim: firefly-rk3399 is adventurous, but rk3288 is pretty straightforward
<vagrantc>efraim: i worked on some arm-trusted-firmware package definitions for firefly-rk3399, but never got them working
<vagrantc>efraim: there's a binary blob that needs to be removed for some DRM features and I haven't figured out how to patch it out successfully...
<vagrantc>efraim: not sure which model you're working with
<efraim>Firefly 3399, I got the kickstarter special 4/128
<vagrantc>i *think* with panfrost, it should be eventually feasible to even get decent GPU support working...
<efraim>I think it's more powerful than my core2duo laptop
*vagrantc would be surprised
<vagrantc>efraim: arm-trusted-firmware git has some patches that would simplify the packaging, too ... if i can figure out that hdcp.bin issue
<vagrantc>although i've already bricked one board trying to get the firmware working :(
<efraim>Unfortunately I'm running low on working systems so I can't experiment too much
*vagrantc nods
<vagrantc>the main issue is that if you flash something to eMMC, it defaults to loading the firmware from that, so if you flash something that works well enough to load, but not well enough to actually boot, you have to short the eMMC pads ... there's no jumper or switch or anything
*vagrantc prefers things that default to booting from removable media for this reason
<vagrantc>efraim: so no idea if the firmware that ships with it can readily boot guix or not ... never tried it :)
<efraim>So I'll flash something safe and work on the pine64 booting guix system afterward then
<vagrantc>i've tested pine64+ with guix ... recent kernel versions should be pretty stable
<vagrantc>older versions had timer issues
<dutchie>has anybody tried updating the weechat package? I had a go and ended up with a bunch of test failures
<rubic88>zacts: Slide presentation about Nix with some reference to Guix:
<zacts>rubic88: thanks
<zacts>rubic88: the slide doesn't give much info on Guix. I might try one of the FSF Guix videos too.
<xavierm02_>When I'm editing my config.scm, I run guix system reconfigure with --dry-run but it's still pretty long. Is there some way to make it rune faster when I just want to detect syntax errors?
<nckx>xavierm02_: It's definitely hackey and not spectacularly faster, but ‘guix repl < /etc/guix/system.scm’ should work if your configuration isn't too baroque. It barfs and dies on mine.
<xavierm02_>nckx: It works. Thanks!
<nckx>xavierm02_: Cool! Is it much faster?
<nckx>I don't think there's a faster way while still actually evaluating the operating-system. Though there might be a nicer interface.
<tsarfox>I'm getting a 'patch not found' while building the 'module-import-compiled' for a derivation
<tsarfox>I've imported (gnu system), so (gnu packages gnuzilla) shows up in the module closure
<tsarfox>Is there a way to include files? Like 'with-imported-modules'?
<rubic88>Wifi is working great on my X220 laptop, but doesn't auto-connect. Is there some configuration edit that I need to do?
<bavier>dutchie: maybe the regex's in the 'disable-failing-tests' phase need adjusting
<civodul>hi tsarfox!
<rekado_>nckx: could point to
<tsarfox>o/ civodul
<tsarfox>Is this Ludo?
<civodul>tsarfox: (gnu system) is not meant to be imported "on the build side"
<civodul>but well, that's for deployment?
<dutchie>bavier: hmm, maybe. I think i fixed a couple by adding some stuff to native-inputs
<nckx>rekado_: That's just irclogs.
<rekado_>civodul: the search has a silly limitation which is why you can’t find test.*.
<dutchie>maybe i'll post to guix-devel with my progress
<tsarfox>Just the tests, actually
<rekado_>nckx: no, click on them
<civodul>rekado_: heh, ok
<nckx>rekado_: OMG!
<bavier>dutchie: yes, please
<rekado_>nckx: that’s an actual web app with like colours and stuff
<nckx>Content's been dispositioned y'all.
<tsarfox>I've been trying to move things into the derivation, but maybe that's not a good idea if (gnu system) shouldn't be imported on the build side
<civodul>tsarfox: for tests you probably should have (gnu ...) imported at all, except for (gnu build ...)
<tsarfox>Alrighty, back to the drawing board
<civodul>maybe it's matter of putting the cursor between host- and build-side code in the right position?
<tsarfox>Thanks for stopping me before I went too far down the wrong path :)
<tsarfox>Yeah, I think you're right
<civodul>heh, np :-)
<jaccarmac>Hey there, I submitted a patch series a couple weeks back for the first time and it never got any responses. Wondering what the correct etiquette is: Resubmit the series double checking my format, send another message to the same debbug, or just let it die?
<nckx>jaccarmac: Anything but the latter! A friendly ping after a week or two is fine.
<rekado_>zacts: this might answer some of your questions:
<jaccarmac>nckx: Thanks!
<rekado_>jaccarmac: can you tell us the number you got from the patch tracker?
<nckx>rekado_: Do I want to know how this was done? Or should I just look at the pretty hypertexts and not ask questions.
<bavier>dutchie: builds for me know, with a simple fix: the 'sic' in the 'disable-failing-tests' phase points to a typo in 'jvascript'. The typo was fixed upstream, and if you fix it in our regex, tests pass! :)
<dutchie>it segfaults for me
<dutchie>with a completely unrelated looking error
*dutchie tries with the fixed ignore
<dutchie>oh well there we go
<dutchie>i'll tidy this up and post to the patches ml then
<rekado_>nckx: it’s a Guile application that is pretty inefficient in that it reads the log files from disk every time you access them.
<rekado_>nckx: it reads them line by line and applies simple heuristics to highlight a few things.
<rubic88>Figured out auto-wifi connect: sudo nm-connection-editor -> check "All users may connect to this network".
*bavier really needs to get back on the guix-patches list
<Swedneck>alright i really want webp support in the guix build of gimp, can someone help me figure out how to add it?
<bavier>Swedneck: I added "libwebp" to the inputs, started a build, it built the libwebp plugin, and installed. But I'm not sure how to verify. Ideas?
<Swedneck>verify what?
<bavier>Swedneck: that the resulting build does indeed "support webp"
<Swedneck>(i only barely understand package definitions)
<Swedneck>export a webp image?
<Swedneck>actually, if it shows up in the export dialog at all it should work, i hope
<bavier>Swedneck: yeah, "webp" shows up as an export type.
<bavier>hmm, but that input increases the gimp closure size by 25%
<bavier>or maybe my guix's don't match up...
<Swedneck>closure size?
<bavier>the total disk space of all package dependencies
<bavier>a dependency on libwebp would bring in llvm@8 and mesa dependencies
<bavier>I'd usually just push a change like this, but I'll send this one to the mail-list to see if anyone has objections.
<Swedneck>alright, how do i apply it to my gimp package?
<bavier>Swedneck: add ("libwebp" ,libwebp) to the list of inputs
<Swedneck>which file do i edit?
<Swedneck>what's the absolute path?
<bavier>Swedneck: I think you'd need a git checkout of guix
<bavier>a personal channel might work... but I've not tried such a thing
<Swedneck>i can't even find the git repo for guix :/
<Swedneck>alright, so i clone that and then?
<bavier>make edit; 'guix environment guix; ./bootstrap; ./configure --localstatedir=/var --sysconfdir=/etc; ./pre-inst-env guix build gimp'
<Swedneck>make edit as in "make the edit", not `make edit`?
<bavier>right ;)
<Swedneck>and then run `guix environment guix; ./bootstrap; ./configure --localstatedir=/var --sysconfdir=/etc; ./pre-inst-env guix build gimp`?
<Swedneck>hopefully `guix edit` actually does what it says some day :P
<Swedneck>`configure: error: found development files for Guile 2.2, but /usr/bin/guile2 has effective version 2.0`
<rekado_>Swedneck: use “guix environment --pure guix” to enter a pure environment.
<emyles`>Why is it that although I've deleted all the profile generations, guix gc --list-roots still shows 60 lines like /var/guix/profiles/per-user/emyles/current-guix-15-link ?
<emyles`>*all* apart from 2
<Swedneck>hmm, gimp doesn't show webp export option
<Swedneck>did it not replace the package?
<rekado_>emyles`: have you deleted generations of your “guix pull” profile?
<xavierm02_>nckx: Yeah. It's a lot faster
<Swedneck>is it safe to edit stuff in ~/.guix-profile ?
<emyles`>rekado_: thanks I didn't know about that
<emyles`>hmm, there are 38 generations going back to Dec 2018
<emyles`>ok, I've deleted all those but it doesn't help with the actual problem...trying to guix gc -D /gnu/store/x gives "cannot delete path...since it is still alive"
<Marlin[m]>hello guix
<Marlin[m]><Swedneck "is it safe to edit stuff in ~/.g"> don't think so
<rekado_>Swedneck: ~/.guix-profile is a link to immutable things, so no, you can’t edit stuff there.
<emyles`>guix gc --referrers /gnu/store/x shows several xdg-mime-database.drv and gtk-icon-themes.drv in the store that can't be deleted
<Swedneck>i meant edit the links themselves
<Marlin[m]><Swedneck "i meant edit the links themselve"> might break guix
<Swedneck>how do i make the gimp package i just built be the default then?
<rekado_>emyles`: don’t use “guix gc -D”; let Guix figure out what to delete. If there are no references to the item it will be collected.
<rekado_>Swedneck: only “guix package” (and its aliases) updated the links.
<Swedneck>so do i just have to manually change my .desktop file every time i update the package?
<Swedneck>then how do i replace the default gimp package with the custom one?
<rekado_>Swedneck: you just install it into your profile.
<Swedneck>how do i do that?
<vagrantc>./pre-inst-env guix install PACKAGE ?
<vagrantc>alternately, if you just want to try it briefly ... ./pre-inst-env guix environment --ad-hoc PACKAGE
<Swedneck>so go back to the cloned guix repo, run `guix environment --pure guix`, then `./pre-inst-env guix install package`?
<Swedneck>i just want gimp with webp support :_:
<vagrantc>you can just do it from the directory if you've already built it ... no need for calling "guix environment --pure guix" again
<Swedneck>alright i think i'm using the edited package now, yet no webp export opion
<vagrantc>another option would be: cd $(./pre-inst-env guix build gimp) && ./bin/gimp
<Swedneck>christ this is complicated
<emyles`>rekado_: just did a 'guix gc', freed 27GiB, but the package I'm trying to delete is still there
<vagrantc>Swedneck: learning anything new usually involves some adjustment...
<emyles`>and it's referrers are "still alive" and so can't be deleted and they themselves have no referrers
<rekado_>Swedneck: it may be easier for you to just wait until this has been accepted in the “master” branch.
<Swedneck>looks like fedora's package has webp support
<emyles`>waaaait a minute, root has some guix pull generations to. not for long...
*rekado_ —> zzZZ
<Swedneck>how do i uninstall guix? i can't find any instructions
<Swedneck>is this accurate?