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<OriansJ>sweet, hopefully it is working in mes.c as well; as then we will be finally able to drop bash from the bootstrap binaries
<sammich>hey, how do i running light doesnt require root? does my user need to be in a particular group?
<jfred>Hmm... so I've just set up a guix development environment (with bootstrap/configure/make), and now magit in my guix tree is very slow. Has anyone else encountered this?
<pablo1>Don't know how to use weechat, but is super nice.
<zch>Hello, should I be aware of any Guix way of wanting to use a remote filesystem locally? For example, I have a desktop machine that has a drive I want constant access to so I was thinking of using SSHFS, I was wondering if there's anything I should be aware of when using GuixSD as the client.
<bavier`>zch: I can't think of anything that would cause issues for a Guix client
<zch>That's good to hear.
<jackhill>jfred: yes, I remember that being discussed before in . I didn't follow the discussion to closely, but hope that helps.
<jfred>jackhill: aha, yes, that does seem to be it - thanks!
<jfred>I did see there were unstaged .po files, but didn't realize quite how large the diffs were, heh
<jackhill>cool, glad that helped.
<reepca>Is there any particular reason that we use different wrapper of fcntl in (guix build syscalls) for fcntl-flock than the one that comes with guile?
<reepca>also, on the subject of magit... have we gotten an updated version that updates the openssh password prompt properly?
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<emacsomancer>in the guix git-checkout, there is no configure file (I assume) until after bootstrap is run, but bootstrap results in errors
<emacsomancer>( error: possibly undefined macro: GUILE_MODULE_AVAILABLE)
<reepca>emacsomancer: are you running within 'guix environment guix'?
<emacsomancer>reepca: no
<emacsomancer>reepca: I see. Is there a place in the manual where the full list of steps is outlined? Some parts make reference to running `./configure`, but don't seem to mention (or link) the prereqs for that.
<reepca>emacsomancer: 14.1 "Building from Git"
<emacsomancer>reepca: thanks!
<emacsomancer>I'm trying to (locally) build a more up-to-date version of sawfishwm, but I'm getting a build error: "./ line 18: autoheader: command not found"
<rekado>emacsomancer: you probably need the “autoconf” and “automake” packages.
<Retropikzel>When guix starts it cant start gdm, instead it says "New session <id> of user gdm." and then "Removed session <id>" on an endless loop. Any suggestions how to fix this?
<Sharlatan>Where can I find examples of latest `/etc/config.scm`. I'm trying to add ssh service after upgrading from 0.9 to v1.0.1 but `guix systemd reconfigure /etc/config.scm` fails.
<pkill9>Sharlatan: here's the examples
<pkill9>also i'm guessing you meant `guix system` not `guix systemd` :D
<Sharlatan>yes, `guix system reconfigure`
*kmicu aliases ‘guix system’ to ‘guix systemd’
<arbi>when I run this with `guix environment -i my-project.scm`, I see "error: python-pytest: unbound variable"
<arbi>what am I doing wrong?
<arbi>correction: `guix environment -l my-project.scm`
<ItsMarlin>you might be lacking a use-module
<arbi>All I can find is `guix packages`, `guix build-system python`, `gnu packages`, and `gnu packages python`
<arbi>I also tried adding in `guix utils`
<cbaines>arbi, guix package --show=python-pytest says location: gnu/packages/check.scm:704:2
<cbaines>Retropikzel, are you still having GDM issues?
<Retropikzel>cbaines, yeah
<cbaines>Retropikzel, have you had a look at /var/log/gdm/greeter.log ?
<cbaines>That might contain more information
<cbaines>Also, do you know if this relates to a configuration change, or a change in Guix, or something else?
<Retropikzel>Fresh install, grub doesnt install correclty(shitty UEFI) but I can get it to boot still. Needs pci=noacpi and modeset as kernel parameters
<cbaines>Retropikzel, ok, I'd definately look to see if there are any warnings or errors in /var/log/gdm/greeter.log
<Retropikzel>greeter.log: Fatal server error: no screens found
<Retropikzel>Above that "Screens found but none have a usable configuration"
<Retropikzel>Above that "(EE) VESA(0): Cannot read int vect"
<Retropikzel>Above=some lines above
<cbaines>Ok, what graphics hardward does this system have?
<xavierm02>Hi. I'm new to Guix. Could someone confirm that "guix pull; sudo -E guix system reconfigure myfile.scm; guix upgrade" updates everything? And if so, if I have previously ran "sudo guix pull", how to I remove the stuff it placed in /root?
<cbaines>xavierm02, guix upgrade only applies to a single user
<xavierm02>Are you saying I should run it as root too? I only have one user
<cbaines>That depends,
<cbaines>If you have software installed in the root users profile, that you want to keep up to date, then yes
<Retropikzel>cbaines, [AMD/ATI] Baffin [Radeon RX 460/560D / Pro 450/455/460/555/555X560/560K] and [AMD/ATI] Raven Ridge [Radeon Vega Series / Radeon Vega Mobile Series]
<Retropikzel>Might be unsupported by the kernel still?
<xavierm02>ok so no since I intend on using sudo -E whenever I want to do stuff as root
<cbaines>xavierm02, to answer the second bit of your question about removing stuff for the root user, what's in /var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/ ?
<cbaines>Retropikzel, I think there a non-free firmware issues with AMD/ATI graphics stuff, although hopefully there might be a way of getting something working
<Retropikzel>cbaines, good to know, maybe I will wait or switch this laptop to something else. Thanks
<xavierm02>cbaines, /var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/ contains symlinks to /gno/store/<stuff>
<cbaines>Retropikzel, feel free to put the contents of /var/log/gdm/greeter.log up somewhere, or maybe file a bug. It would be useful to narrow down what hardware currently works, and what is problomatic and why
<Retropikzel>What would be the right place to file a bug report?
<cbaines>xavierm02, right, so the current-guix(-*) symlinks relate to the profiles generated when you run guix pull
<cbaines>Retropikzel, email
<Retropikzel>Thank you
<cbaines>xavierm02, the guix-profile(-*) symlinks relate to packages available to root, and change when you guix install and guix upgrade things
<cbaines>xavierm02, if you want to remove the state associated with the root user, you can remove the symlinks in this directory
<cbaines>the guix package --delete-generations command provides a way to do something similar as well
<xavierm02>cbaines, Before I had run "sudo guix pull", whenever I ran "sudo guix system reconfigure myfile.scm" (i.e. forgot the -E for sudo), it warned me "There is no current blabla, this might downgrade your whole system". Now, I'm scared that since sudo has his own version, next time I run reconfigure without the -E, it will downgrade everything
<xavierm02>since root*
<cbaines>xavierm02, umm, I understand your concern, however, removing the profiles associated with the root user possibly won't help, as even if you did this, and then ran sudo guix system reconfigure, it would use the Guix from the system profile
<cbaines>I'm hoping that make guix system reconfigure can be made aware of sudo perhaps in the future, so it would invoke sudo itself, or use some other approach of doing the stuff it needs to do...
<xavierm02>cbaines, ok. I guess I'll just leave the root profile for now. Thank you for your explanations :-)
<xavierm02>Whenever I run "guix pull", it takes over 10s to compute the guix derivation of 'x96_64-linux', and if I "guix pull" twice in a row it still computes this twice. I would expect the second guix pull do be near instantaneous. What am I missing?
<pkill9>cbaines: that would be handy
<cbaines>xavierm02, I don't think the relationship between the state in the Git repository and the derivations is stored anywhere, so this is computed each time guix pull is run
<xavierm02>cbaines, is there a reason not to store it or it just hasn't been done?
<cbaines>xavierm02, I can't think of a reason not to store it, but as for all state, it can be tricky to handle
<DamienCassou>I've restarted playing with Guix in a Gnome Boxes environment
<DamienCassou>I've installed 1.0.1. I can successfully ssh to the VM from my host. However, I can't emacs+tramp with ssh from the host. tramp-file-name-handler: Couldn't find a proper `ls' command
<DamienCassou>is it because the PATH is not setup properly when using tramp?
<DamienCassou>when using ssh directly, I have a working `ls`
<DamienCassou>I used the graphical installation procedure for normal systems, i.e., from the iso file, not the prebuilt qcow
<emacsomancer>rekado: thanks. I got that working, but now it's failing with "./ line 22: libtoolize: command not found"
<emacsomancer>rekado:nevermind, had "libtool" in the wrong place!
<DamienCassou>apparently, one needs to add `tramp-own-remote-path` to `tramp-remote-path`
<emacsomancer>still trying to build newer versions of sawfish and its deps, now getting an error "Running autoconf ...
<emacsomancer>./ ./configure: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory"
<emacsomancer>[I've tried adding in "bash" and "tcsh" as native-inputs (in case it was somehow not finding a shell), but that doesn't seem to help]
<str1ngs>emacsomancer: you need to substitute /bin/sh for Guix's sh
<str1ngs>this should automatically get run though with patch-shebang phase
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: ah. is there an example of how to do this substitution you could point me at ?
<str1ngs>which build system are you using?
<str1ngs>gnu I'm assuming?
<emacsomancer>yes, gnu
<str1ngs>normally this gets patched already
<emacsomancer>I'm trying to update sawfish to the latest release, and this is in its rep-gtk dep; both in `sawfish.scm`
<str1ngs>does 1.11 build okay?
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: yes
<emacsomancer>or, well, its substitute exists anyway
<emacsomancer>I already needed to add autoconf, automake, libtool to rep-gtk's native-inputs to get it this far
<str1ngs>try with --no-substitutes.
<str1ngs>are you building from git sources or something?
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: the last release tarball(s)
<emacsomancer>for --no-substitutes, are you talking about building 1.11?
<str1ngs>hmmm a release tarball normally you do not need to autoreconf
<emacsomancer>(In any case, i can try but it'll take a long time because it wants to build openssl and other things)
<str1ngs>ok no worries, lets assume it builds since substitutes exist
<str1ngs>in the source tarball for the new version does ./configure exist?
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: I started by just updating the "version" and has for all of these, thinking they might just build
<emacsomancer>str1ngs:let me check
<emacsomancer>there's a,, config.guess, config.sub
<str1ngs>hmm that does not seem right
<str1ngs>can you please link the source URL please
<str1ngs>ok that is a source archiver. not a distribution tarball
<str1ngs>can you use a version from ?
<str1ngs>this might simplify the build, such that you don't need to much with autoconf automake and libtool
<emacsomancer>what do you mean? that's the same location, with the tarballs
<emacsomancer>(or, rather, the parent directory)
<str1ngs>it is not, rep-gtk holds source archives
<str1ngs>libprep holds distribution tarballs
<str1ngs> looks to be newest release
<emacsomancer>I'm confused. librep is also a dependency of a sawfish, but it's a separate thing as far as I can tell.
<emacsomancer>sawfish.scm has definitions for librep, rep-gtk, and sawfish
<emacsomancer>librep builds fine
<str1ngs>I see here, my mistake
<str1ngs>there is librep, and then rep-gtk is gtk bindings to librep
<emacsomancer>right - which sawfish needs
<emacsomancer>should I change the build from gnu to something else?
<emacsomancer>would that be simpler?
<str1ngs>I'm wondering if version bumping rep-gtk is even worth it. it's a point release difference
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: so maybe I should try to just use the old versin of rep-gtk?
<str1ngs>the problem is the . has not been distributed problem. and requires autoreconf
<str1ngs>emacsomancer: for now yes, it's a minor version . you can always revisit this when you have a new sawfish build statck
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: thanks! I'll try that.
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: ok, falling back to the non-point release of rep-gtk worked. I ran into the same issue for sawfish-1.12.90 (requires autoconf etc.), but sawfish-1.12.0 builds fine. (I haven't tested to see that it actually works, mind you, but it builds.)
<str1ngs>makes sense
<str1ngs>emacsomancer: unfortunately I don't know enough how gnu build handles autoreconf. to fix the issue you are having. so this is kinda a stop gap. though the point releases are kinda minor anyways. and it's not ideal that those release have not been distributed properly
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: yeah, it's likely irrelevant differences.
<emacsomancer>sadly 1.12.0 is from Aug 2016 and even 1.12.90 is from Aug 2017, so it hasn't seen a lot of development activity recently
<str1ngs>yep, but you never know. also would be good to understand gnu build autoreconf process .
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: there's surely a good reference package somewhere in the guix repo for this
<str1ngs>I wish I had time. I've been working on qtwebengine for sometime. and I need to figure out how to uses multiple sources now
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: I'll keep an eye out for something relevant. (guix packaging can be rather time-intensive....)
<str1ngs>I think the way to do it, is to use a computed-origin-method
<str1ngs>it does not help the packages is not a trivial one. I'm kinda doing this out of a necessity lol
<janneke>guile-gi now in master, come and get it ;-)
<emacsomancer>necessity is a good motivator ....
<emacsomancer>at least with guix I figure if I can get a package to work and into the repos then I can use it everywhere (since I can install guix on a foreign distro). so I don't have to package it multiple times.
<str1ngs>the thing is, I'm half tempted to drop qtwebengine and go back to GTK WebKit lol
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: I don't really want to mess with packaging toolkit-related stuff generally....
<str1ngs>emacsomancer: neither do I, but nomad which is an extensible web browser I created. uses qtwebengine.
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: ah!
<str1ngs>err it uses guile as the extension language. and would not makes sense if I could not package it for Guix
<str1ngs>I do I have a working package but I need to refine qtwebengine some to get into guix proper
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: but there's a nomad.el package which allows interaction via emacs?
<str1ngs>emacsomancer: yes, actually you can just connect a gesier repl to the nomad socket
<emsyr>Hi. Trying to reconfigure system and I get "error: service 'networking' provided more than once" for my config.scm . Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks.
<emsyr>I assume it is something about my services declaration.
<kmicu>Hi emsyr: could you share your config on e.g. ?
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: interesting. I've played with next a bit, which sounds similar, but in common lisp rather than scheme.
<str1ngs>emacsomancer right same idea, though more GNU oriented
<str1ngs>it uses autotools etc for example
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: gnu-oriented in the sense of using guile?
<emacsomancer>oh, I see, other bits as well
<str1ngs>the whole project
<emacsomancer>common lisp is pretty cool though, overall
<str1ngs>I have not used CL myself. I started hacking with libguile and I've been hooked since lol
<emacsomancer>I started with elisp, and then learned some CL (mainly via Graham's books, so I've got Scheme-isms like tail-recursion), but have been trying to learn more guile & racket
<str1ngs>my scheme is actually probably sub par for this project. but it's getting better
<emsyr>kmicu: the problem started when I tried to include connman (connection manager) service in my system.
<kmicu>emsyr: %desktop-services already defines network-manager so to switch to connman we need to remove it first. Let me find a snippet.
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: necessity is a good driver...
<str1ngs>emacsomancer: I agree, and well having fun :P
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: yeah, Lisp-family languages are fun. it's all (at this point) a hobby for me, but/so I'd much prefer to do something in elisp/CL/guile/racket than lua or python.
<emsyr>kmicu: I read the relevant section 8.8.7 Desktop Services in manual but I didn't find this information.
<str1ngs>emacsomancer : one of the things I like best about elisp and guile. is being able to modify the program while it's running. it just makes the whole process seem like modeling clay
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: yes, definitely! lisp-syntax is also very appealing to me though too.
<str1ngs>emacsomancer: sometimes I struggle with it. but that's more of having a history of working with imperative languages
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: yeah, more early programming was all in forms of BASIC. most lisp-languages generally allow imperative-style, even if the language is more conducive to functional-style
<str1ngs>emacsomancer: I do know understand Eric S. Raymond's famous qoute. it's definitely improved my programming overall
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: yes, though I do wonder if following esr's advice results in proliferation of instances of Greenspun's 10th rule when venturing outside of the lisp-family
<str1ngs>what is Greenspun's 10th rule?
<str1ngs>I just googled lol
<str1ngs>I dunno, that kinda sound biased and opinionated. but non the less entertaining :P
<kmicu>emsyr: in my mind %desktop-services is for folks who want a working setup w/o many tweaks. I prefer to add what I need to %base-services but something like ‘(modify-services (delete "(network-manager-service-type)" %desktop-services)’ in place of %desktop-services could help.
<zeta_0>hello guys, i was just wondering where this linux distro is at in terms of development, i have been using nixos for about 2 months which is amazing especially for haskell, i am still new to these purely functional package managers
<str1ngs>zeta_0: guix is in a good spot, in fact it recently just had it's first major release.
<kmicu>Hi zeta_0 could you elaborate about ‘in terms of development’?
<emacsomancer>str1ngs: i've invoked a variant of it when I see people posting about their new note-taking/-managing application, with (query-replace "Common Lisp" "Org-mode")
<efraim>emsyr: i have one with connman
<kmicu>Thank you efraim. I still have no idea how to search for snippets on gitlab. ‘extension:scm %desktop-services connman’ doesn’t work 🤷
<str1ngs>emacsomancer that is understandable
<zeta_0>kmicu: well, if i understand correctly, nixos has been in development since the early 2000s and guixsd is still a relatively new distro, i am currently getting into freelancing so is this distro stable enough?
<efraim>You'llwant to remove network manager with a snippet like
<kmicu>zeta_0: Guix System is 1.0 and is as stable as NixOS Unstable channel ;)
<zeta_0>i am using a system76 galago pro laptop, this distro enforces only open software and hardware so will this distro work on my laptop?
<kmicu>efraim: emsyr: in that case don’t forget about custom remove-services function
<emsyr>kmicu, efraim: Thank you very much! I'm working on it.
<kmicu>zeta_0: wifi chipset is new (hence proprietary) so for sure that laptop requires a libre wifi dongle or recompiling kernel Linux. Besides that, rest should be ok.
<kmicu>zeta_0: iirc kernel Linux-libre is available on NixOS so you can try it by using hardware.enableAllFirmware = false; and setting boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxLibrePackages_something. (Guessing those things).
<zeta_0>kmicu: so i'll have to go without wifi or can i replace that driver with an open source driver, i'm confused?
<kmicu>zeta_0: there’s no libre firmware for new wifi chipsets so you can 1. buy a libre wifi dongle like e.g. or 2. on your own compile a custom (non-libre) kernel Linux on Guix System.
<kmicu>To be sure what really works you should install a distro with Linux-libre. Maybe Thunderbolt or Intel GPU is also affected 🤷
<zeta_0>cool, also does this distro have a home-manager, i really enjoy home.nix
<kmicu>There’s no home-manager alike yet.
<emacsomancer>zeta_0: you can also use either or both of guix & nix on top of other distros. Including using nix on top of Guix System or guix on top of NixOS.
<zeta_0>ok, and are there any computers(laptops, desktops, etc) with fully open hardware?
<zeta_0>what is the recommended hardware to run guixsd?
<emacsomancer>zeta_0: you can libreboot certain laptop models, notably older thinkpads, and then install an atheros wifi card
<emacsomancer>(you could also, for a slightly less free option, coreboot & me_clean a slightly more modern thinkpad, up to ivy bridge and do similarly)
<kmicu>There are Libreboot powered laptops with old Atheros wifi and a working GPUs but nothing modern. There are also limited ARM-based single board comptures. There is also powerful and expensive Thalos (but still with some issues).
<emacsomancer>kmicu: Talos?
<decent-username>Perfect. Regarding fully free computers: How do I install proprietary nvidia drivers?
<emacsomancer>kmicu: Is Guix working on powerpc?
<emacsomancer>decent-username: you're not likely to get official guix support on that.
<kmicu>decent-username: no help for proprietary software on official Guix/GNU channels.
<emacsomancer>you could in theory create a custom package definition for it, but I don't know of working examples
<decent-username>I thought as much. :^p
<emacsomancer>you might be better official running guix on top of another distro (you could get most of your software from guix and just use the other distro as the base)
<decent-username>It's just that my computer crashes when it uses anything QTrelated without proprietary drivers.
<emacsomancer>off* (not official)
<decent-username>My GPU runs out of memory or something.
<emacsomancer>decent-username: is this a desktop or laptop?
<kmicu>emacsomancer: yes, sorry ‘Talos’ and we have here PowerPC users but I’m not sure how much left to do to run Guix System on it.
<decent-username>emacsomancer: desktop
<decent-username>NVIDIDA GeForce GTK 660
<emacsomancer>decent-username: one fix is just to get an amd card. I recently replaced some nvidia cards in my desktop with amd radeon rx 470/480 for about US$70/ea
<decent-username>LOL, if it was "GTK" I could understand why anything KDE related freezes my computer after some time.
*kmicu had no issues with Qt and nouveau.
<emacsomancer>Well, NVIDIDA sounds like a knock-off brand, so I wasn't surprised they'd make a GTK card .....
<decent-username>kmicu: I'm a very rare case.
<emacsomancer>kmicu: so are people running guix on talos yet?
<emacsomancer>GTX 660 is fairly old at this point, no?
<decent-username>I'll buy some AMD GPU tomorrow. I hope it's not such a pain in the A$$ like NVIDIA GPUs.
<decent-username>emacsomancer: Yeah, it's old.
<kmicu>emacsomancer: it seems so
<emacsomancer>decent-username: the radeon ones I installed were easy. they use free drivers which will be available in your distro
<emacsomancer>not like the old days of amd
<decent-username>I need a working graphics card which doesn't crash my computer, so I can make some Guix fanart in Krita. ^ _ -
<emacsomancer>decent-username: my main desktop I put an msi rx 470 in, and it's a big upgrade in performance also over my older nvidia gtx 750 ti
<kmicu>Maybe nouveau/mesa folks could fix GTX 660 / Krita issue if you report that to them.
<emacsomancer>kmicu: interesting - it's not clear whether 64bit support is available?
<zeta_0>i am going to stick to nixos for now, sometime down the road i will find some good open hardware and switch to guixsd, this distro looks phenominal, the only thing missing is a home-manager
<emacsomancer>decent-username: and much less headache with kernel updates
<decent-username>kmicu: It's not specific to krita. With the nouveau drivers, KDE freezes my computer when I use it for like 30seconds.
<emacsomancer>zeta_0: you can also play with the guix standalone package manager while on nix in the meanwhile :)
<kmicu>Sure thing zeta_0: we have plenty of former NixOS user here. You’re welcome to join at any time ( ^_^)/
<civodul>DamienCassou: re Tramp, our Emacs package has a patch to make it do the right thing when connecting to a Guix System machine:
<civodul>if you're running Emacs from a different distro, you should adjust tramp-default-remote-path similarly
<civodul>or tramp-remote-path
*nckx former Nixer waves zeta_0 au revoir. o/
*decent-username baguette
<zeta_0>sounds good, i look forward to joining you guys in the future
<kmicu>nckx is back ヽ(*^▽^)/ /me will go Kodi&Chill now.
<nckx>kmicu: Aww. I'm back. Momentarily.
<kmicu>Stay longer. We have Guix.
<nckx>Correct. I came up just to guix pull. Like a whale, or a nuclear submarine.
*nckx hopes no nuclear submarines run Guix. Whales run Docker.
<emacsomancer>nckx: I thought it was the other way round. Doesn't Docker run on whales?
<nckx>On whales and dead dreams.
<emacsomancer>nckx: whales, dead dreams.... something about mountains, too, right?
<janneke>str1ngs: haha ;)
<nckx>Something like that. Their slogan got really weird for a while.
<kmicu>s/for a while/for a whale*
<emacsomancer>(I was trying to obliquely reference Alpine Linux)
*nckx is stuck in a storm without a circuit breaker, cya o/
<nckx>(Not a metaphor.)
<kmicu>Guix can produce a pack in the Docker image format.
<kmicu>emacsomancer: I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Alpine Linuux, is in fact, Alpine not-GNU/Linux.
*kmicu ducks.
<emacsomancer>kmicu: true story: I got into argument about whether Alpine and Void musl-edition could count as GNU/Linux.
<DamienCassou>thank you civodul
<samplet>civodul: Should I send the URI character range patch to guile-devel or post it as a comment on the Guix bug? Also, I will have to sign the FSF copyright assignment papers, right?
<str1ngs>I need to reference an un exported variable and procedure to reduce some redundancy. currently I'm using (@@ (gnu packages chromium) computed-origin-method) but this fails with error: computed-origin-method: unbound variable. do I need to reference the variable first? or better yet is there a better way to do this altogether?
<civodul>samplet: you can send it on the Guix bug, and we can reassign it to Guile so it becomes a Guile bug :-)
<civodul>as for copyright assignment, it'd be great if you could do it
<civodul>perhaps it's not strictly required for this patch if it's not "legally significant" (> 10 lines)
<civodul>but in the long run, it sounds like a good idea :-)
<samplet>I think so. Also, the tests alone are more than 10 lines.
<civodul>ah ok, so we may have to wait
<samplet>How do I do it? The FSF website says a maintainer will send me a questionnaire.
*civodul had almost forgotten how cumbersome copyright assignment is
<civodul>ah yes
<civodul>samplet: the questionnaire is
<civodul>if there's anything you'd like to discuss, you can of course email me or wingo or Mark H Weaver
<samplet>civodul: It looks fine. Does it only apply to Guile or to all GNU assignment-required contributions?
<civodul>samplet: it's per-package, so only for Guile in this case
<samplet>Shoot. Oh well, if I want to send patches elsewhere, at least I’ll know the process. Thanks!
<civodul>i think you can ask them for a couple of packages at once
<civodul>anyway, thanks for helping out!
<civodul>oh, and congrats to you & janneke for Gash!!
<samplet>Thanks. It feels great to have it released even if there’s a lot of missing features and future work.
<civodul>there's always future work :-)
<str1ngs>civodul: I think I'm kinda at an en passe with qtwebengine. I'm not sure if it's going to be feasible to meet the requirements to get qtwebengine included in Guix and maintain Nomad. it may be better for me to evaluate if qtwebengine is the right choice. It maybe better for me to focus on using something like GTK webkit instead.
<civodul>str1ngs: webkitgtk is surely easier for Guix because it's already packaged and gives more confidence on a number of aspects
<civodul>now, i imagine that switching Nomad to webkitgtk wouldn't be an easy task
<str1ngs>civodul: I can see that webkit is the logical choice from the context of Guix. I actually have two implementations of Nomad webkit and qtwebengine. though the qtwebengine is further along. And I did find qtwebengine much easier to develop with. primarily do to QML.
<emsyr>kimcu, efraim: Success! Took the idea from you and removed network-manager with "remove" procedure in services (8.1 Using the Configuration System). I observed that connman (connection manager) works correctly with root privileges and does not work well when logged as standard user. I'll try to find out why...
<civodul>str1ngs: yeah, i can imagine there are pros and cons...
<str1ngs>civodul: the biggest cons to webkit is you need to use dbus to interact with the DOM. it's alot of work. but the pro to webkit, is adding something like gnunet support would be much easier. webkit is much more low level
***jonsger1 is now known as jonsger
<civodul>note that if a side-effect you end up implementing D-Bus in Guile, that'll be good for the rest of us ;-)
<civodul>but yeah, too many yaks to shave!
<samplet>I have dreamed about having a cool 8sync-based D-Bus interface before. :)
<str1ngs>I also had alot of push back from debian users in regards to webkit. but I don't think you can make everyone happy.
<janneke>civodul: thanks! samplet has done all the tedious release work
<janneke>samplet: i very much support your choice to drop shaky features from gash
<samplet>janneke: It was really just a question of biting off a piece of work I could actually chew and swallow.
<janneke>it would have been wise to stop adding bits earlier and work towards a release -- guess i was too much caught up in the bootstrapping bit
<samplet>I only felt that way at the very beginning, when I was looking at the big mountain of work. :) In hindsight, I’m happy with the result.
<samplet>The utilities will be worse, but I will take it one step at a time.
<str1ngs>ok thanks civodul . Think I'll focus on GTK webkit instead.
<Marlin1113>hi guix
<Marlin1113>i'm kinda confused, what is the right package for pdflatex on the repos?
<samplet>Marlin1113: Maybe ‘texlive’ has it.
<sirgazil>Hello, Guix :)
<sirgazil>jami leaks memory. It starts with ~36 MiB and reaches ~1 GiB in a few hours. I reported a bug to bug-guix, but got a "host not reachable" error. This issue seems to be known and fixed upstream.
<janneke>samplet: we can always work on fun things first, like job control and do the utils when the need arises ;)