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<ng0>vagrantc: I can't package guix either because of the gnutls bindings. different problem. the last thing I will do is file a bug at upstream gnutls bug tracker and see if anyone cares there.
<Krafter_> I have issues with that lstat can't download libffi.
<Krafter_>Though I still have internet access.
<Krafter_>"guix pull" gives me that error.
<vagrantc>ng0: following the debian bug lead me to a post by civodul, unsurprisingly enough
<Luke|Skywalker>i give up, going to format it, lost a day, gained a headche
<calher>libresoft: <3 your name!
<Krafter_>I have no idea on how to debug it.
<Krafter_>Its infuriating.
<ng0>vagrantc: mine is more concrete and if I wouldn't be invested elsewhere could look into fixing it up myself..
<Krafter_>Even though that file exists.
<Krafter_>This is extra odd as I had this problem yesterday.
<Krafter_>Is it for example possible to see if all parens add up with builtins.
<Krafter_>Or maybe download the file and put it somewhere.
<Krafter_>The question is where?
<Krafter_>Have anyone actually managed to use guix system?
<nckx>Krafter_: What do you mean?
<calher>Krafter_: Yes. I had an XFCE desktop on it once and used it to chat on Mumble and stuff.
<samplet>Krafter_: Me!
<nckx>Guix System has been my full-time OS for years (server and laptop).
<calher>Krafter_: And now that I can get full disk encryption on it, I may be able to use it as my daily driver! :D
<Krafter_>Cool, did it work out of the box for you guys?
<calher>I love the installer, if only it worked with Wi-Fi.
<nckx>Krafter_: 1) Try ‘guix download URL’, if that fails 2) curl/wget URL && guix download file:///path/to/file.
<calher>Guix would be so awesome on the Hurd.
<nckx>Krafter_: This was years ago, so, no 😛
<samplet>I honestly can’t remember. I think it worked on my x200, but on the two other computers I put it on I had to work a little.
<calher>samplet: Adding proprietary drivers? ;)
<samplet>calher: No, actually! One of them is a Mac Mini with a 32-but EFI and no way to boot from USB or CD – only Apple special network boot protocol. ...
<Krafter_>Curl/ wget. No such commands.
<nckx>guix install curl|wget|…
<calher>I need to add GNOME to this.
<Krafter_>no guix install works.
<samplet>The other was an ARM laptop, and I had to work pretty hard to get a working kernel on it.
*nckx doesn't really have time to help, just thought I'd give 2 possible workarounds.
<Krafter_>I need libffi to download things.
<Krafter_>Ok, thanks anyway.
<nckx>Krafter_: I wish your error was at all familiar, but I've never seen anything like it. Weird.
<vagrantc>well, i've got a locally built debian package of guix by making the tests non-fatal! guile-gnutls could really be a blocker for official inclusion, though
<vagrantc> Installed-Size: 207914 ... wow
<samplet>vagrantc: Buster is going to include the Guile bindings for GnuTLS again, no?
<calher>I'm wanting to use GNOME. Do I need Xorg?
<vagrantc>samplet: maintainer said "not likely" about 6 months ago, and it's not in there now and it's in freeze ... so doubtful
<vagrantc>samplet: my only hope is the bugs were fixed between 2.0 or 2.2 and that it would be feasible to enable
<samplet>calher: I know at least one Guix user who uses GNOME on Wayland.
<samplet>vagrantc: Ah okay. The last I looked (which was a long time ago) things looked hopeful. Too bad.
<vagrantc>samplet: hasn't been in debian for ~3 years
<samplet>vagrantc: Also, on an unrelated note, you might be able to avoid patching the “” files by passing “GUILD=`which guild`” to “./configure”.
<samplet>calher: However, GDM on Wayland is completely untested.
<Krafter_>Is there some useful builtin to debug the scheme files?
<nckx>Krafter_: Would it be possible to send a bug report to with as much error output as possible (the more the merrier, really)? I'd like to see you succeed in Guix.
<Krafter_>I was hoping to to have the system up and running by yesterday. I booted up to a desktop and all.
<calher>What is gnutls handshake the TLS connection was not properly terminated?
*nckx → 😴
<calher>config.scm: guix system: error: more than one target service of type 'udev'
<samplet>calher: “%desktop-services” already includes “%base-services”, so you only need it.
<calher>samplet: Does "%desktop-services" incl. NetworkManager?
<samplet>calher: IIRC, yes.
<calher>Is there a way to see battery life in the terminal?
<vagrantc>"ls /sys/class/power_supply/*/" and cat likely suspects
<vagrantc>i also sometimes use i3status on the commandline
<calher>How about adding it to tmux?
<vagrantc>does guix have byobu? that was kind of an all features included screen/tmux configuration
<vagrantc>used it for a while, but eventually went with the simpler tmux
<calher>vagrantc: Yes.
<calher>vagrantc: I'll have to close tmux and re-open things in byobu, won't I?
<calher>I installed HexChat with "guix install hexchat" but GNOME can't find it in the Overview.
<samplet>calher: You may have to restart GNOME Shell. (It’s a known issue.)
<calher>I have to close all my apps?! :O
<calher>Also, why did it take forever for GDM to start up?
<samplet>calher: You could try pressing “Alt+F2” and then entering “r” to restart it while keeping your current session.
<samplet>calher: Dunno about GDM.
<calher>Alt+F2 r RET worked! :D
<samplet>calher: I just learned about it the other day. You can also enter a GNOME JavaScript debugger from there, but I forget the magic words.
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<samplet>calher: ^
<calher>samplet, thanks.
<calher>I have HexChat running now.
<calher>What music apps are avail.?
<calher>I wish GNOME Software was compatible.
<samplet>I have used Sonata, but there are others. I think we are missing GNOME Music, sadly.
<samplet>GNOME Software is in position #17 on my list of cool things I should hack together for Guix. :)
<calher>Yeah. I started typing "music" and got nothing.
<calher>There's something "Clean" about this GNOME desktop.
<jackhill>ooo, yes GNOME Software would indeed be neat!
<calher>I like to do things the Noob Way. :P
<calher>I could enjoy using WeeChat, but I choose not to.
<Krafter_>Can someone look at my system config and tell me if something is obviously wrong?
<Krafter_>Its as though something critical doesn't get installed.
<samplet>Krafter_: It built for me. What kind of problem are you seeing?
*samplet is trying Krafter_’s config in a VM.
<Krafter_>lstat fails even though it has access to the internet.
<Krafter_>So any guix pull or install fails.
<Krafter_>Claims that it can't find libffi.
<M4R10zM0113R>I need to revisit scheme, don't even remember what '() was
<samplet>Krafter_: The config itself looks good to me. Could you provide any error messages or logs that are relevant?
<Krafter_>not anymore than I have provided. where can I find more logs?
<samplet>Krafter_: I wasn’t here for that. :) Do you still have the links handy?
*samplet takes a quick peek at the logs.
<Krafter_>"error: lstat: no such file or directory: """
<Krafter_>Thing is, the file its refering to exists.
<samplet>Krafter_: At what point is this happening? At the end of the install?
<Krafter_>If I boot into the system of the file I get that error. I pasted it through the system provided by the installation medium.
<Krafter_>samplet: it happens when I boot up using the config above and use guix pull/ install.
<Krafter_>samplet: could you try that in your vm?
<samplet>Krafter_: Unfortunately the VMs that Guix spins up cannot use Guix itself.
<samplet>I would have to fully install the config, but I don‘t think it’s the problem. The config doesn’t specify Guix itself, which seems to be broken.
<samplet>Krafter_: Do you get a backtrace as part of the error message?
<Krafter_>nope, just that.
<samplet>Okay, and I see that “guix download” worked for you. Is that right?
<Krafter_>I havent tested that. Ping works.
<samplet>Krafter_: Oh? I must have misread the logs. Try ‘guix download’.
<emacsite>The touch screen on my X200T is not working.
<emacsite> One problem: Non-GTK 3 apps do not get the on-screen keyboard.
<emacsite>How are font packages namd?
<samplet>emacsite: “font-*”
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<emacsite>samplet, hm. Ezra SIL is not here.
<samplet>emacsite: Sounds like a good opportunity to me! Fonts are pretty easy to package.
*samplet goes AFK.
<Krafter_>samplet: Sorry for being late guix download gives me "error: failed to parse uri".
<Krafter_>I tried reinstalling. No luck.
<donofrio_>what does guix pack do, I mean I installed an ubuntu 19.10 vm did the binary install dance added the user and it started I can do helloworld now I'm wondeirng how do I guix to make the files needed to start guix in the /app directory (the have yet to make the gnu directory but at least someone is assigned to the tkt)
<emacsite>Is "al" a custom namespace for this person's packages?
<emacsite>Would this be correct? "base32 | sha256sum"
<samplet>emacsite: Use “guix hash” or “guix download” to get the base-32-encoded SHA256 checksum.
<samplet>Krafter_: It usually prints the errant URL in that error message. Even if I give it a blank URL, it prints “error: : failed to parse URI” with two colons.
<Krafter_>Ok, but tomorrow. Its 4:00 here. Thanks.
<Krafter_>samplet: sorry, yeah I omitted the url in the response I wrote.
<Krafter_>The url seemed to be correct from what I could see.
<samplet>Krafter_: It’s okay. Most Guix people are in Europe, so there will be plenty of folks to talk to tomorrow.
<samplet>donofrio_: You can use “guix pack” to make application bundles. For instance, you can use it to make Docker images. I’m afraid I don’t understand the rest of what you wrote – sorry!
<boogerlad>I noticed that some packages have (inputs `(("linux" ,linux). However, there's no package called linux. Only linux-libre. Does anyone know the reasoning for this?
<samplet>boogerlad: Can you give an example? I don’t see any.
<emacsite>I think I have the font package defined.
<samplet>boogerlad: Nevermind. I see it now.
<boogerlad>samplet: the specific issue I'm having is I'm writing a package that depends on linux-nonfree, but having (inputs `(("linux" ,linux-nonfree) complains that the package doesn't exist. so that means having the variable defined isn't enough...? or perhaps I'm misunderstanding how to use inputs
<brendyyn>linux-nonfree would be a symbol, defined in some module. unless that module was imported, it will not be fuond
<samplet>boogerlad: It comes from the “linux-module” build system. But I don’t think it’s relevant. What package does it complain about?
<boogerlad>I'm defining my package right under linux-nonfree
<brendyyn>boogerlad: because you have used ' instead of `
<emacsite>Does this look right?
<samplet>boogerlad: Also, please keep in mind that non-free software is off-topic here.
<boogerlad>yes, apologies
<boogerlad>it won't happen again
<brendyyn>emacsite: you can use font-build-system
<emacsite>The code I copied said "guix packages", but the Guix repository says "gnu packages". Here's what I have now:
<emacsite>brendyyn, how do I try to use the .scm I made?
<samplet>emacsite: There are two ways. The first is to put it in a file “X/cal/guix/packages/fonts”, and then point “GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH” at “X” (whatever “X” is doesn’t matter).
<brendyyn>emacsite: one way is to export GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH to the dir that ........ like that^
<samplet>The second is to change it around so that it returns the package and use “guix build -f pkg.scm”.
<samplet>I (A third way is to use a full Guix source code checkout, which is good if you are planning on submitting patches. However, it is also the most complicated.)
<emacsite>samplet, I tried following but it did not work with
<emacsite>nothing printed to the screen with --install-from-file
<brendyyn>emacsite: put font-sil-ezra at the end
<brendyyn>the file must evaluate to the package
<emacsite>You mean just a blank line at the end ?
<emacsite>It's working! :D
<emacsite>Wow. IceCat is taking FOREVER.
<M4R10zM0113R>Obviously because of crust and cargo
<emacsite>I hope network-manager-openvpn incl. the GNOME GUI.
<emacsite>Nope. No network-manager-openvpn.
<calher>Tor Browser?
<reepca-laptop>heads-up, dmenu as used by i3 is broken right now (, it's fixed in the latest git version of dmenu.
<reepca-laptop>also, pleased to report GDM is working on the laptop \o/
<calher>reepca-laptop, yes I'm using GDM! :D
<g_bor[m]>hello guix!
<g_bor[m]>Any idea how to prevent the system from going to sleep? It seems that sometimes it just can't resume, but it would not be a problem for me to not suspend at all.
<reepca-laptop>g_bor[m]: is it just automatically going to sleep after a certain amount of time?
<reepca-laptop>if it's a laptop going to sleep when the laptop is closed, modifying the elogind configuration to have (handle-lid-switch 'ignore) should prevent that
<calher>g_bor[m], can you not go to Power settings in GNOME?
<calher>Can Guix play MP4?
<buenouanq>Guix is a package manager :3
<reepca>'guix package -s mp4' suggests mplayer, though I believe VLC would also work.
<buenouanq>mpv is the best
<reepca>hm, it seems that guix package -s is behaving strangely actually: adding multiple search strings causes it to search for packages that match *either* string, not *both* like is documented in the manual
<rekado>Hi Guix
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<buenouanq>sup nerd
<Blackbeard[m]>rekado: hi ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
<calher>How do I restore my Gajim settings to my new Guix system from my Trisquel 8 system?
<calher>Why won't GNOME Videos search YouTube?
<g_bor[m]>hello all, thanks for the suggestions. I will have a look at those
<calher>Gajim isn't working.
<g_bor[m]>I had a mail exchange with zimoun, and guix weather cosistently return a gateway timeout for then nr=1000 query.
<g_bor[m]>What do you think about hiding that?
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<rekado>calher: do you have more details?
<calher>rekado, I will paste
<calher> rekado
<roptat>hi guix!
<rekado>calher: you’re not using the latest version.
<rekado>I fixed this very problem a while ago.
<calher>rekado, also: application will not close without killing from the terminal. "Accounts" menu is empty. Right-clicking on an account from the roster list and selecting "Edit account" brings up no window, or a blank window.
<calher>rekado, is it up to date in guix? do i just pull and update it?
<calher>How do I update Gajim after "guix pull"?
<roptat>is it installed in a user profile or in the system profile?
<roptat>then "guix package update", unless you use a manifest
<roptat>hm... "guix updaet"
<jonsger>or guix package -u
<roptat>("guix package update" doesn't exist and "guix update" is an alias to "guix package -u")
<calher>guix package: warning: package 'font-sil-ezra' no longer exists
<rekado>I don’t see it in the git log. Has it ever existed?
<calher>I made it and did "--install-from-file".
<calher>"guix pull && guix package -u" did not say that a new version of Gajim was taken in.
<calher>Gajim stayed on version 1.1.3.
<roptat>mh... what does "which guix" tell you?
<rekado>the version stays the same
<rekado>it was a problem in a build phase
<calher>it says /home/cal/.config/guix/current/bin/guix
<roptat>then it's fine
<rekado>all good
<calher>gajim still gives that error
<rekado>it doesn’t do that here.
<rekado>make sure you’re actually using the upgraded gajim.
*rekado goes afk
<calher>"guix pull && guix package -u" did not say that it made any changes to Gajim.
<calher>And it complained about my manually installed font.
<calher>if it is not /gnu/store/lzzphfg2hf52h1cb2dbvz3qvz2ca26na-gajim-1.1.3/bin/gajim then what is it?
<g_bor[m]>hello guix!
<g_bor[m]>I am looking for a way to improve the build farm database performace. Is the cuirass log available somewhere?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<g_bor[m]>civodul: can I ask for an excerpt from the cuirass log on the build farm? I would like to have a look at the database issue, and I believe that might be useful.
<g_bor[m]>Is it possible to access it publicly somehow?
<civodul>g_bor[m]: we should publish it
<civodul>i don't think it's accessible from the outside currently
<g_bor[m]>civodul: the log of a single day would for me now, if you can do that.
<civodul>lemme see
<civodul>rekado: ↑ i hacked that up very inelegantly
<civodul>roptat: people want a TP update, WDYT?
<civodul>oh we got out of band, so i guess that's fine
<roptat>civodul, I can send an update to the TP this evening if you want, but then we will need to wait a bit for new translations before releasing 1.0.1
<rekado>I get a weird error on our shared Guix installation at the MDC
<rekado>guix package: error: corrupt input while restoring archive from socket
<rekado>I don’t know what this means
<civodul>roptat: i'm starting "make release" actually
<civodul>it's been two weeks with the installer bug, so i guess it's time to go ahead
<civodul>but like i wrote on the ML, we can always take the translation updates to the manual afterwards
<civodul>that's ok
<rekado>argh, 99% sure this is a change the IT department made to the file servers
<rekado>civodul: yay for the 1.0.1 release! Thanks for taking care of it.
<rekado>yeah, 100% IT. They changed file server settings so all files appeared to be owned by nobody:nobody.
*rekado mumbles something about production systems
<devilishtype>Is the default graphics install basically the same as what is in the VM image, aside from it being XKCD instead of something else?
<rekado>hah, XKCD :)
<devilishtype>Isn't the VM image XKCD? I think I read that.
<rekado>XKCD is a web comic.
<devilishtype>brain fart
*devilishtype facepalms
<devilishtype>I haven't used XFCE since gnome 2 was a thing
<roptat>civodul, ok for me
<archetyp>I hope to be able to use GNU Guix System with XFCE on the Libre Tea Computer Card as well?
<civodul>rekado: in the release notes on the blog, i'm thinking about writing a bit about the big bug and the lessons learned, WDYT?
<devilishtype>since when is the EOMA called the tea card
<devilishtype>tea computer is way better than EMOA68 though. lol
<archetyp>Yes, the naming is a bit strange.
<archetyp>civodul: Good idea I think ;)
<devilishtype>I think you'd need a Cavium Thunderx2 for guix ;)
<rekado>civodul: sounds good
<rekado>want me to look over your draft?
<rekado>devilishtype: EOMA68 is the name of the standard. The “Libre Tea Computer Card” is an A20 computer card compliant with that standard.
<archetyp>Hihi, I think the journey is more likely to RISC-V.
<rekado>it is also the only of the A20 cards that has been RYF certified.
<devilishtype>rekado: The name is bad from a marketing perspective
<devilishtype>that's all I was saying
<devilishtype>Anything that's a recognizable name would be better.
<rekado>I just wanted to correct a common misunderstanding.
<rekado>lsl88: hi there!
<devilishtype>Doesn't he call it the EOMA68 computer?
<lsl88>rekado: hi :)
<devilishtype>or was that just for the crowd funding. I can't remember.
<lsl88>still have to finish checking the cli session videos :(
<rekado>lsl88: checking?
<archetyp>EOMA68 is supposedly just the standard, not the name of the computer.
<lsl88>rekado: yes, Paul finished adjusting the timings, but maybe there can be some improvement done. I made them, and have to check if they can be improved.
<civodul>rekado: yes, i've just started, but i'll post it here soon
<lsl88>rekado: and when I finish that, then I want to work on the IPFS stuff :)
<rekado>lsl88: great. Let me know if I can help with the videos somehow.
<devilishtype>Does anyone have one of these Libre Tea Computers?
<rekado>devilishtype: they still aren’t available yet.
<devilishtype>The idea is neat but HW specs leave much to be desired.
<archetyp>I have ordered the Micro Desktop Housing for Computer Card, because the notebook is currently too expensive for me.
<archetyp>Orders placed now ship May 31, 2019.
<devilishtype>I think it's expensive for anyone.
<devilishtype>Just shows the crazy economies of scale we enjoy with electronics.
<devilishtype>Rpi is a quad core arm and it isn't the best experience. That's what holds me back.
<archetyp>Rpi will never be RYF certified. : ->
<archetyp>Have to eat something now.
<devilishtype>yeah, I know it has Broadcom hardware.
<devilishtype>I'd donate some money before I'd buy one for myself.
<devilishtype>I also am very skeptical of the idea that hosting providers will ever be intersted in buying used cards.
<devilishtype>Maybe if it could get to the point where it's much more powerful. The idea is cute, but I think probably unlikely.
<archetyp>Broadcast Message from root: User is going away to eat NOW!
<bgardner>Good morning Guix, I have guix installed on a foreign distro (aarch64) following the documentation and most everything works. The one thing that so far does not is "guix package -i sbcl" - this hangs at different places (once in 'build' phase, twice in 'check' phase). I let it run overnight and no joy, still hung this morning. I've restarted it again - while it runs, any advice to diagnose?
<rekado>bgardner: what do you mean by “it hangs”?
<rekado>you can make this more verbose by running “guix build sbcl” or with the verbosity flags.
<rekado>generally it would be interesting to see if it’s actually still doing something
<rekado>tests can take a very long time to complete unfortunately
<bgardner>rekado: Definitely still consuming cycles, but I couldn't work out what it was actually doing
<bgardner>rekado: Okay, I'll treat it as slow then and give it lots of time - that I can do :)
<rekado>bgardner: if you wanted to see lots of noise you could try to attach strace …
<bgardner>Everything else I installed was pretty quick, I think I am just making the assumption that this would be too - the tests might be heavier than I realize.
<bgardner>Plus, it's ARM - got to remember that...
<Krafter>guix doesn't even work on ARM, right?
<Krafter>I mean guix system.
<roptat>it does
<roptat>not officially though
<roptat>but at least some build nodes for aarch64 are running on guix system, and I have an armv7 server running with guix too :)
<devilishtype>I was wondering why it would be compiling if he used package -i but I didn't want to butt in.
<str1ngs>bgardner: do you have substitute setup? and if so try with guix package -i sbcl -n and see what it's trying to build
<str1ngs>bgardner: it's possible not substitue for sbcl exists. that would be my first guess
<rekado>hmm, the reply all behaviour of mu4e seems to have changed :-/
<rekado>when a list is involved it seems to set the To address to the list and remove the author of the email that I’m replying to.
<rekado>very irritating
<civodul>rekado: i've pushed the announcement draft to guix-artwork.git, feel free to amend!
<civodul>it's a bit long again, i write too much :-/
<rekado>thanks, I’ll take a look
<rekado>civodul: I pushed very minor changes. Looks good to me.
<civodul>thanks, rekado
<civodul>"make release" has now built the 4 guix-binary tarballs and is now proceeding with the ISOs
<civodul>building the 'guix' package is what takes the most time
<civodul>i look forward to the day where we can get rid of it and use (guix self) instead...
<pkill9>what could cause a git repository to now be getting a hash mismatch?
<pkill9>i made a package definition a while back, and now when it tries to build it the cloned repository (which also checks out a particular git tag) reports a hash mismatch
<rekado>tags are mutable
<pkill9>so they may have changed the commit that the tag points to?
<rekado>it’s possible
<rekado>huh, in Cuirass we run a SQL query for every build result of an evaluation.
<rekado>for the search feature I adopted that code and removing the db-get-outputs call turns a 55 second response time into a 2 second response.
<civodul>response time for what exactly?
<rekado>the time between making the HTTP request and getting a page
<civodul>it depends on the page though, no?
<civodul>some pages entail cheaper db queries
<rekado>but it sure looks like this could be improved — and I don’t mean by switching to postgres.
<civodul>yeah i'm quite sure we're doing things wrong
<civodul>though i'm quite clueless, too :-)
<rekado>I got the search feature down to 0.5s
<rekado>from 55
<rekado>there’s a bit too much going on in these complicated SQL queries.
<donofrio_>ok I missed something I installed hello but how to run it?
<civodul>donofrio_: just type "hello" :-)
<rekado>donofrio_: it installs to ~/.guix-profile/bin
<boogerlad>does guix support packages with multiple output for "firmware" under "operating-system"?
<bgardner>str1ngs: It seems to be doing better today, but I'll investigate that if I still have trouble, thank you
<donofrio_>I exported path thing and exited terminal and started it back up but I type hello and ubuntu says it's not installed ;)
<donofrio_>figured I should get a vm started get guix working then I can make guix for aix/redhat8/suse12
<donofrio_>rhel8 I meant
<Krafter>I am writing my system config. What can I do to identify the disk partitions?
<donofrio_>this is all elf64 binaries right?
<rekado>donofrio_: does ~/.guix-profile/bin/hello exist?
<donofrio_>rekado, yep
<donofrio_>it's there
<rekado>can you execute it?
<donofrio_>'hello world' it said when I copy and pasted the whole path
<rekado>what does PATH look like?
<rekado>wait, RHEL8 is out? We still have RHEL6 nodes… :(
<donofrio_>rhel7 I meant
<roptat>donofrio_, if you export the PATH, it only sets it for your current terminal, not forever, so when you closed your terminal, your PATH was back to normal
<roptat>well, I shouldn't say normal, but rather what it was before :)
<rekado>donofrio_: you can export GUIX_PROFILE to $HOME/.guix-profile and then run “source $GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile”; you can add these lines to ~/.bash_profile to augment your environment by default.
<donofrio_>dang broken clipbaoard
<rekado>yup, this confirms that you need to add the Guix stuff to your PATH or add the above lines to your shell initialization code to have this set up by default.
<bgardner>boogerlad: Yes, the phrasing is a little wonky
<donofrio_>off to bash_rc
<bgardner>boogerlad: Here's a snippet from mine: (packages (cons* nss-certs python xterm (list isc-bind "utils")))
<bgardner>boogerlad: Specifically note the (list isc-bind "utils") part.
<donofrio_>will I really be able to get my /app working under the control of guix by just setting up this session and doing guix pack commands?
*kmicu looks at the looooong backlog and doesn’t even try to read it.
<kmicu>(I guess Guix System is a mainstream distro now 🤭)
<boogerlad>bgardner: right, that syntax seems to work for packages. However, when I try to do so for firmware, I get this error
<rekado>donofrio_: better use ~/.bash_profile, not ~/.bashrc
<boogerlad>(firmware (list (list linux-firmware "otheroutput")))
<boogerlad>where linux-firmware is unfortunately a proprietary package
<donofrio_>rekado, really why? I've used .bashrc on a few the past
<rekado>bashrc is evaluated for *every* new shell session, whereas bash_profile is only used for login shells.
<donofrio_>oh ok - always learning ;)
<rekado>“guix environment”, for example, spawns a sub-shell and sets up environment variables (such as PATH).
<rekado>you wouldn’t want to have your environment polluted with environment variables defined in your default Guix profile.
<rekado>having them in ~/.bash_profile ensures that you can easily overwrite them in sub-shells.
<efraim>bgardner: sbcl is currently broken on aarch64
<donofrio_>I'll adjust accordingly
<M4R10zM0113R>How do I go configuring anything, xorg.conf.d in particular?
<rekado>M4R10zM0113R: everything is configured through system services.
<rvgn>Hello Guix!
<str1ngs>hellp rvgn
<pkill9>is any work being done to update the mono package?
<Krafter>What kind of variables do the keyboard function take?
<rekado>pkill9: I don’t know of anyone working on mono.
<rekado>Krafter: what function?
<Krafter>rekado: the (keyboard-layout) one.
<Krafter>8.6 in the manual mentions a directory but I can't find it.
<samplet>pkill9: You should search the list archives. I remember someone mentioning it in the last few months – something about bootstrapping issues.
<roptat>Krafter, it takes a keyboard-layout record, like this: (keyboard-layout (keyboard-layout "fr" "bepo"))
<roptat>a bit redundant :)
<roptat> has a full example of how to use it in an operating-system record
<rekado>well, the thing on the left is a field identifier, whereas the thing on the right is a record constructor.
<roptat>oh, and share/X11/xkb is in the xkeyboard-config package, try "ls `guix build xkeyboard-config`/share/X11/xkb"
<rekado>it does look funny, though.
<pkill9>how can i get an MD5 hash of a file in guile?
<brendyyn>pkill9: i have added this functionality to guile-gcrypt
<brendyyn>however it has not been upstreamed in any release
<pkill9>ah ok
<calher>Doing "guix pull && guix package -u" again and hoping Gajim will work.
<pkill9>i'll have to use the md5sum program
<brendyyn>pkill9: you could make a modified guile-gcrypt package definition
<brendyyn>pkill9: id actually be happy if you tested my code
<brendyyn>pkill9: actually you could add this ability yourself easily to with the default guile-gcrypt.
<pkill9>how could i do that?
<brendyyn>have a look at my patch here
<brendyyn>you could just copy out of that
<brendyyn>let me see...
<bgardner>efraim: Ouch, broken as in cannot be built?
<civodul>brendyyn: nice! did you submit it already?
<brendyyn>civodul: i just made 1 patch and was hoping for feedback. i submitted a pull request
<brendyyn>it adds support for all supported hashes via a generic gcrypt-hash symbol
<civodul>brendyyn: cool, hopefully dustyweb or myself will look into it soon
<civodul>i'd have a few comments about the API
<brendyyn>im not really sure about basic things like order of operands, so its nice to get feedback
<civodul>like, avoid the 'gcrypt-' prefix, because people can always add a prefix if they want
<civodul>now 'hash' is already taken, so perhaps 'hash-bytevector' would be fine?
<brendyyn>well you had it as bytevector-hash before
<brendyyn>i think
<civodul>heh, that'd work too :-)
<brendyyn>i forget
<civodul>also, i'd suggest using a macro instead of a hash table, so that the name-to-integer mapping happens at macro-expansion time
<civodul>something like
<brendyyn>i had a huge macro table but ended up deleting it for the table. i guess i can put it back
<civodul>yeah, i feel like passing symbols around is too error-prone
<civodul>you write 'sha2 instead of 'sha256 and the thing will crash at run time
<civodul>not great
<civodul>that's why i've come to prefer macros for these things
<civodul>(the R6RS way...)
<brendyyn>well i made the table check for things that exist, because i found gcrypt will send back a friendly SIGABRT
<brendyyn>ive never actually written a macro before until i saw the indentifier-syntax example that was there
<civodul>dustyweb or myself or people on #guile can provide guidance if needed
<civodul>error reporting for macros isn't great so it can be confusing ;-)
<brendyyn>thats what i dont like about them, they just delete all trace of what existed before the transformation
<civodul>well what existed before is still in the source :-)
<brendyyn>im not sure how to replace the table with a macro when i have two different values to put in for each choice, the id, and hash length
<dustyweb>hello hello
<civodul>hey dustyweb :-)
<dustyweb>oh wow
<dustyweb>brendyyn: that looks really nice
<brendyyn>dustyweb: thanks. i do not feel confident with it, im just a novice hacker :p
<dustyweb>wait I'm not sure if I agree with civodul
<brendyyn>oh controversy
<calher>Gajim is working now! :D :D :D
<dustyweb>why not just intentionally error out if it's not a supported symbol
<dustyweb>hi calher !
<dustyweb>because civodul would like compile-time checks? :)
<brendyyn>dustyweb: my code already does that if you look at the bottom of the hash table
<dustyweb>that seems fine to me, but I might be more ok with runtime checks than civodul
<dustyweb>we're already in a very runtime-check'y language
<dustyweb>why not :)
<dustyweb>it also means users can use "apply"
<brendyyn>i was shocked to discover that the program that guile binds to can choose to just self destruct everything if it isnt happy.
<dustyweb>and other such things
<calher>Now, to set up Telegram and qTox...
<dustyweb>brendyyn: the C code? heh
<dustyweb>pretty "standard" for that style of "interop" with C unfortunately
<brendyyn>I was in the repl testing it and guile just says "it was nice interacting with you"......
<brendyyn>Also is it appropriate to use error? or should "exceptions be thrown"? i dont really know what it means to be honest
<brendyyn>but some modules do that only
<civodul>dustyweb: you can still use 'apply', even with a name-to-integer mapping macro
<amz3>I am trying and when I type the following command: gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 3CE464558A84FDC69DB40CFB090B11993D9AEBB5
<amz3>it hangs forever.
<dustyweb>civodul: oh I see
<dustyweb>I misunderstood
<dustyweb>ok, that makes sense
<dustyweb>I thought you were wrapping each possible hash in its own macro.
<dustyweb>at which point I was also thinking, why not just define multiple procedures ;)
<dustyweb>but now I get it!
<dustyweb>brendyyn: ok, I agree with civodul then
<dustyweb>but, I think even without that, the patch is very good
<dustyweb>and should be merged
<dustyweb>great job on the tests too
<rekado>amz3: try a different key server
<civodul>dustyweb: heh :-) you'd just write (bytevector-hash bv (hash-algorithm sha1))
<civodul>instead of (bytevector-hash bv 'sha1)
<amz3>rekado: oh it was just very slow.
<amz3>guix pull ftw!
<amz3>pkill9: look for industria it has md5 check sum I guess
<amz3>brendyyn: so you pulled the gcrypt thing :_
<amz3>brendyyn: so you pulled the gcrypt thing :)
<M4R10zM0113R>Having way too many dupes/different versions because I keep reconfiguring
<bgardner>efraim: You said sbcl is broken in arch64 - I like and use sbcl and have an aarch64 machine, anything I can do to assist?
<adamantinum>Hi. Does it exist a Guix tarball? Because I would like to install it from chroot...
<donofrio_>I thought you made that from an guix install using guix pack?
<adamantinum>Actually I'm on Arch... is it better to install Guix package manager from AUR?
<str1ngs>adamantinum: there is a binary release tarball. from the guix website
<str1ngs>also source tarballs
<str1ngs>also you can use from your chroot.
<adamantinum>Ok thanks, but I don't understand how it works... In the binary tarball there are only gnu and var directory, so I can't chroot...
<amz3>guix is in production :D
<donofrio_>adamantinum, you just cp them as root to /
<roptat>you're supposed to install them as /gnu and /var (inside your chroot)
<cbaines>adamantinum, are you looking to use Guix alongside Arch, or run Guix as a system?
<adamantinum>Ok thanks
<adamantinum>I would like to run Guix as a system
<str1ngs>adamantinum: have you populated your chroot other then the guix binaries?
<str1ngs>adamantinum: do find ./chroot -name sh
<str1ngs>or bash
<cbaines>adamantinum, depending on what you'd like to do, you might be better installing Guix alongside Arch (just as a package manager), and then using guix system container and guix system vm to do system stuff.
<str1ngs>adamantinum: I don't know if the binary tarball has a shell
<adamantinum>Okaythanks, Ill try all your advices
<adamantinum>No, there is no shell
<str1ngs>I would then either use the guix vm images, or create docker instance
<jumblemuddle>Does Guix offer any sort of per-user config file?
<str1ngs>though maybe pacman -r $PWD/chroot base . would be cheap and dirty :P
<adamantinum>Yes, I was trying to install it from Qemu, mounting physical partition, but during package building, my host DE crashes...
<str1ngs>jumblemuddle: there is something called manifest. all users have there own profile
<cbaines>adamantinum, Guix has tooling for starting system containers, and running virtual machines. If that works for what you're wanting to do, it might be easier.
<str1ngs>adamantinum: guix runs perfectly fine on foreign distro. it will only effect /var/guix and /gnu and maybe some systemd units
<adamantinum>Yes, now I'm trying to install Guix on Arch, but package fails installtion
<adamantinum>Ok maybe I'll bootstrap only guix pm on /
<str1ngs>define bootstrap? you mean only guix?
<str1ngs>if you want only guix, use busy box populated chroot. with guix binaries
<str1ngs>but they takes know how
<jumblemuddle>Thanks, @str1ngs, I'll look into that.
<jumblemuddle>Is there the ability to modify existing packages without having to copy the whole definition? (Similar to `modify-services`?)
<str1ngs>jumblemuddle: basically it's user configuration is reliant on what packages they installed. if you want a declarative user profile then you can use a manifest with package -m
<jumblemuddle>Cool, it looks like that's exactly what I was looking for.
<str1ngs>jumblemuddle: see the --manifest flag on
*rekado sighs
<jumblemuddle>I'm trying to modify the `st` package to use my custom `config.h` file, but I don't want to have to copy the entire package definition.
<str1ngs>yubi key gone wild! :P
<str1ngs>jumblemuddle: you can use (inherit st)
<str1ngs>jumblemuddle: then modify a phase
<jumblemuddle>Ah, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks, I'll try that.
<str1ngs>jumblemuddle: maybe dwm or st package does this already in some fashion
<str1ngs>so you can just modify that phase
<jumblemuddle>I don't see any mention of the `config.h` in the `st` package. I would've thought it would have something since that's the only way to configure it though.
<str1ngs>it could use the default config.h then
<str1ngs>check the dwm.h package maybe it has a mechanism to change config.h. I have not looked at the package. but this would be a common task
<jumblemuddle>I'll take a look. I'm not familiar with dwm.
<str1ngs>it works the same way as st. it's a suckless style
<jumblemuddle>It looks like the surf package is using `substitute*` to modify the `config.def.h`:
<amz3>s/guix is in production/guix is in production yet another time/
<str1ngs>jumblemuddle: that's not the same. that's if you want to modify sections of a file. probably would not scale well
<str1ngs>and would be tedious if you have alot of changes
<jumblemuddle>Yeah, I'm just going to replace it with my custom file.
<jumblemuddle>Is it possible for packages to accept parameters? It seems like a lot of the suckless packages could accept a config.h file.
<str1ngs>parameters I don't know.
<str1ngs>it's an intresting idea though :P
<jumblemuddle>I'm not sure how useful it would be, since most packages are standalone and won't be built in multiple ways. Plus every combination of parameters would have to be stored separately.
<adamantinum>ok I'm trying again to install from qemu, if it fails I'll use busybox
<bavier>jumblemuddle: you can create a procedure that returns a customized package
<bavier>and/or just declare custom packages in a personal channel
<jonsger>oh bavier we will soon have a Guix contributor from HPE :P
<bavier>jonsger: ;)
<rekado>that was the first thing I thought about when I saw the news
<civodul>rekado: i have all the release files ready but... guile-parted crashes the installer on i686
<civodul>it seems to be very reproducible in QEMU
<civodul>i thought it might be virtualization-related, but i'm afraid it's not
<jonsger>but 1.3 Mrd $ seems quite cheap. Even we (SUSE) were 2.5 Mrd. $...
<bavier>we have a meeting in ~30min where I'm sure that will be discussed at length
<civodul>heh, just saw the news, good luck!
<jonsger>bavier: maybe this 1,5 Exaflops Frontier computer will run Guix HPC :P
<bavier>that'd be neat; more likely will be using a lot of spack
<bavier>and with today's news there's a lot of uncertainty at all what the software environment will look like
<civodul>HP-UX FTW! :-)
<jonsger>bavier: isn't Cray Linux base on SUSE? at least one part
<bavier>jonsger: indeed, most of the OS is SLES, with lots of customizations
<bavier>the node-level OS, at least
<civodul>could someone try out this ISO on hardware? (+ .sig)
<civodul>up to the partitioning screen
<civodul>i'd like to see if it crashes
<jonsger>civodul: I'll give it a shot on my laptop
<civodul>jonsger: cool, thanks!
<jonsger>I think that's easier because my desktop has an AMD graphic card
<civodul>jonsger, rekado: i've filed a bug:
<civodul>you can reply there, jonsger, when you get around to testing it
<rekado>civodul: gah, that’s terrible
<jonsger>civodul: I'll get the first error
<Krafter>nckx: I managed to figure out what the issue was. It turns out guix can't handle swedish. 'guix pull' gives an error, but 'LANG= guix pull' works. I have submitted a bug report.
<Krafter>Thanks for all the help.
<apteryx>which package provides alsamixer?
<apteryx>I'm trying alsa-utils
***Noctambulist is now known as Sleep_Walker
<bgardner>rekado, efraim: So weirdly, 'guix build sbcl' finished in a reasonable amount of time. Followed that with 'guix package -i sbcl' and boom, done. No idea why that worked, but I'll report back if it is operational.
<rekado>bgardner: it’s possible that the tests only get stuck occasionally :-/
<civodul>jonsger: you mean that you actually got the first error?
<bgardner>Interesting. Okay, well 'M-x slime' started up (albeit slower than on Intel) and I have a running slime session.
<jonsger>civodul: yes
<civodul>ok, thanks for testing!
<rekado>civodul: I’m sorry I’m not around on the weekend to help debug this :(
<rekado>maybe Sunday evening.
<pkill9>why is the apache package just named "httpd"?
<bgardner>rekado, efraim, str1ngs: Thanks for the help, sbcl is up and running on my aarch64 and compiles my projects! :)
<civodul>rekado: np, i'll be doing other things as well :-)
<civodul>i found the culprit for
<civodul>but for now: some rest