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<rekado>reepca-laptop: sorry about the logs; they are resuming now.
<rekado>I should write a proper service for this…
<Marlin1113>How can i list which services i can use?
<nckx>vagrantc: Oh, the http://:443 in my example isn't sane, just a side-effect of the silly firewall I have to go through. Sorry if it confused you.
<vagrantc>nckx: ni luck
<sebboh>Hm, identifying the FS by its UUID is also not working. Maybe there's something wrong with my filesystem..
*rekado —> zzzZ
<nckx>It always works for me to force the use of resolver. I've never set any resolver options though.
<rekado>good night!
<sebboh>nini rekado
<vagrantc>weird, now i'm getting a different error...
<Marlin1113>How can i list available shepherd services?
<nckx>vagrantc: Side note: I've noticed that reloading nginx through SIGUSR* doesn't always do the exact same thing as a full restart, especially when mucking about with stuff like this. Just in case that's how you're testing.
<nckx>Marlin1113: As in available to add to your system? ‘guix system search .’ .
<sebboh>oh, my /boot/efi needs to be fat32, specifically... sorry, sorry. I'll tinker for a bit.
<nckx>Where . is a trusty regex.
<reepca>here's the gdm logs:
<reepca>as seen in /var/log/gdm/greeter.log
<reepca>the 300 or so critical assertion failures at the end are a little worrying.
<terpri>Marlin1113, i don't think lightdm is usable as a display manager yet; there is an open bug to add a service type for it
<nckx>reepca: o_o
<nckx>Understatement of the week award.
<Marlin1113>What should i use then?
<Marlin1113>Basically, what should i do to get mate working ?
<nly>reepca i have the same issue
<sebboh>I use stumpwm and don't use a display manager. Are DMs required? I seem to recall some ubuntu machine which had gnome, and, you *had* to have gdm. ...But in lots of other circumstances, I have not used a DM.
<nly>reepca can you check if making a .xsession file makes a difference?
<Marlin1113>I'd like to get a dm this time
<reepca>nly: anything in particular I should put in there?
<reepca>if I recall it's supposed to start the window manager or whatever of choice, right? And it's assumed that if it's present it should be run?
<nly>1. make an empty file
<nly>or 2. copy from internet
<terpri>Marlin1113, add (service mate-desktop-service-type) to your list of services (in the same 'list' form as gnome-desktop-service-type and xfce-desktop-service-type in your config)
<Marlin1113>What now?
<reepca>nly: should I be restarting xorg-server afterward? gdm seems to still be stuck restarting forever.
<Marlin1113>Gdm is bugging everything
<terpri>Marlin1113, guix system reconfigure .../path/to/config.scm as root, then log out or possibly reboot and mate should show up as an available session type in gdm (if you click the gear icon beside the 'sign in' button)
<reepca>nly: well, I restarted it with ~/.xsession existing, same behavior
<Marlin1113>I'm not on gdm
<Marlin1113>It's not working, so i uninstalled it
<Marlin1113>What can i use instead?
<pkill9>Marlin1113: SDDM is a good lightweight
<pkill9>that's being maintained
<Marlin1113>how can i get it on guix?
<nly>i'll be back
<reepca>agh, I have to try to edit my config from a terminal I got to with ctrl+alt+f2 but I can't send control+shift + ')' or other paredit commands
<reepca>it's really strange - I can't send C-M-<space>, but I can send C-M-f.
<Marlin1113>I still can't get X to start
<nckx> reepca: That is strange, both work for me (and that's with ctrl:swapcaps and other specialness).
<nckx>C-S-( is just C-2 here but I guess that's to be expected.
<reepca>I distinctly recall fussing around with .Xdefaults to get it working in xterm, but not sure how to make it work here
<sebboh>reepca, I am having trouble with bucky bits in the installer... Did you try ESC C-<space>? (to be clear that's esc then C-spc..)
<nckx>Marlin1113: There's an sddm-service that I've never used which might actually work. 🤷
<reepca>sebboh: I ended up having to do that, aye. I wonder if there's something similar for holding down control while I hold down shift?
<sebboh>I had a weird thing happen. The installer never ran through the same menu options it did the first time. I tried fully shutting down the vm.. tried zeroing the hard disk image file (from inside the vm, that is). Can't figure it out... Probably a HyperV thing... Anyway, guix system is installing via the menu-based installer. All I had to do was pop over to a virtual terminal and manually assign an IP (and
<sebboh>/etc/resolv.conf and a route and gw and broadcast) while the menu-based installer was asking me if it should continue despite not having a network interface. That's what was different.. first time, it said couldn't configure my network interface (dhcp) and it let me try again, got stuck in a loop there... This time, I tell it to continue, it does.
<sebboh>reepca: oh I don't know if I tried both alts..
<sebboh>"this is the GNU operating system, welcome!" Hells yeah! Good work, guix!
<sebboh>(insert obligatory aside about hurd.)
<sebboh>See y'all probably tomorrow.
<nckx>sebboh: o/
<terpri>Marlin1113, can you paste your current config? what happened when you tried to use gdm?
<Marlin1113>One sec
<Marlin1113>i can't seem to be able to use ssh
<reepca>can confirm sddm works for me, typing this from graphical emacs for a change!
<ArneBab>terpri: oh — ok, thank you!
<Blackbeard[m]>i've been on Reddit /r/linux a lot today
<Blackbeard[m]>trying to help with the Guix announcment
<Blackbeard[m]>I am thinking that maybe I should create a video on how to install Guix and showing the advantages of running it on top of a distribution
<nckx>Blackbeard[m]: Thank you.
<Marlin1113>i'm about to quit guix k
<Marlin1113>Ye, maybe i'll try again some other time
<Marlin1113>Thanks for the help
<vagrantc>there are a number of short videos in progress already ... probably some overlap there
<Blackbeard[m]>nckx: :)
<Blackbeard[m]>I am on reddit as im_not_juicing
<nckx>Marlin1113: Always welcome ☺
<Marlin1113>guixsd wasn't really smooth for me this time i guess
*nckx has a Reddit account but hardly ever ventures into new subreddits.
<nckx>r/Linux is… not one of them.
*nckx upvotes the Guix thread and all sane folk who dwell within.
<nckx>‘Nix is pure (in pure mode).’
<ArneBab>terpri: and you were right: rust-compiletest-rs depends on rust-serde-json which depends on rust-compiletest-rs :-(
<nckx>So yeah not all of them.
<nckx>‘Guix requires a daemon to run, even when used in single-user case. Nix doesn't.’ This was *definitely* bogus back when I was a Nixer, but things might've changed.
<Blackbeard[m]>nckx: i didn't understand why that's bad
<nckx>Thread on the Nix Discourse(!!!) forum:
<nckx>I'm also not seeing the big win there but others seem to.
<nckx>Anyway, stop the presses, the Redditor's claim seems accurate <>.
<nly>what's a graft?
<nckx>nly: Have you read the section on Security Updates in the manual?
<nly>oh i recalled it
<nly>hacky thing to avoid builds
<nckx>Eh, hack, clever optimisation… ;-)
<nckx>It has some restrictions due to it's binary-patching nature but it doesn't really break the functional model or anything.
<nly>gdm is broken
<nckx>I've noticed that trend.
<nly>4 me that is
<nckx>I'm afraid all knowledgeable GDM users have gone to bed.
<nckx>nly: Not just you.
<samplet>nckx: I know about GDM!
*nckx hopes SLiM keeps working until GDM stabilises.
<samplet>I just don’t know what is going on ’cause I just got here.
<nckx>samplet: Mypologies! And yay ☺
*samplet is trying to solve a GDM bug currently :/
<samplet>nly: What’s wrong with GDM?
<Marlin1113>Gdm also broke to me
<Marlin1113>So i'll just wait for a more stable release
<nly>failing to start session
<Marlin1113>Or somethin
<samplet>Which WM?
<Marlin1113>For me it just spits out infinite error messages on startup
<Marlin1113>And has screen flickering
<reepca>Marlin1113: sddm works for me, I had similar problems with gdm.
<Marlin1113>i'm currently gonna use parabola
<Marlin1113>I got confused by the new stuff
<Marlin1113>So i'll use guix after a proper sit down
<Marlin1113>for now, i'll use parabola, as i know how pacman and openrc work
<reepca>also, when I was modifying my config.scm to switch to sddm, I got to wondering if there was a way to use modify-services much like we use modify-phases - that is, to delete or replace certain services.
<Marlin1113>GuixSD is completely new for me
<samplet>nly: Hm. That should work (I tested it some time ago).
<Marlin1113>gotta toy arround on a VM first
<samplet>Do you have a xsession script?
<Marlin1113>is a gui installer planned?
<Marlin1113>Something like calamares
<nly>no, i dont use one
<Marlin1113>Not TUI that os
<samplet>nly: I will fire up a VM and see if I can reproduce it.
<samplet>nly: It works. Is emacs-exwm in your system profile?
<samplet>(It works in the VM, that is.)
<nly>have it in (os (packages))
<samplet>Yeah. That should do it.
<nly>it used to work that way
<nckx>Marlin1113: I'm sure it would be welcomed, but nobody I know's planning to write it at the mo'.
<Marlin1113>i see
<Marlin1113>i wanna sure try it later
<Marlin1113>Guixsd sounds like sort of a Pure Gnu
<nckx>IMO pretty pixels don't add that much to a TUI for the amount of work it would cost.
<nckx>Marlin1113: I definitely find it empowering but there's nothing wrong with the other fine Free GNU distributions out there ☺
<Marlin1113>I'm just bad with manual installs i think
<Marlin1113>I always break everything
<nckx>While I'm glad Guix 1.0 is out, it's bound to fall short of the many interpretations of what a 1.0 should be.
<buenouanq>it's been more stable than systemdebian since I started using in at v0.8
<Marlin1113>I'll experiment with guix on a vm first
<Marlin1113>I always go crazy when i don't know how to use an init system
<Marlin1113>and i only noticed it used shepherd afterwards
<buenouanq>shepherd is the best (-‿‿ - )
<buenouanq>have you read the services section Marlin1113?
<Marlin1113>But i'll have to do it on a more peaceful time
<Marlin1113>Rn i just wanna play doom
<Marlin1113>On dosbox
<nckx>Marlin1113: Using Guix definitely entails having free time to learn quite a few things (like, oh, say, an undeservedly obscure programming language) and not everybody has that or wants to do spend it that way. And that's fine.
*samplet returns
<samplet>nly: Have you pulled in the last 4 days? I pushed a commit 4 days ago that would affect how GDM and EXWM work together.
<vagrantc>janneke: ^^
<nly>i did
*vagrantc thanks samplet for the initial c201 patches!
<nly>ah, i should try it
<vagrantc>still don't use it for much more than testing armhf builds ... but it's considerably faster than the novena
<samplet>vagrantc: Thanks for carrying them across the finish line.
<samplet>I want to use my C201 more, but I need to find the time.
<samplet>I really want to try Panfrost.
<vagrantc>i heard rumours panfrost would be merged for linux 5.2 ...
<vagrantc>running X under the framebuffer, while it technically worked ... was pretty much unusable
<samplet>Shoot! I better hurry if I want to be a graphics driver hipster. :)
<kabo>Hi! Just installed guix system on a laptop here
<kabo>installed xfce in when asked
<kabo>now I've booted it and I can't log in
<kabo>I enter my credentials, it thinks about it, and I'm back at the login screen
<kabo>doesn't matter if I try with the user I created or with the root credentials
<samplet>Sounds like more GDM issues.
<kabo>if I hit ctrl-alt-F1 I see "New session c2 of user xxxx. Removed session c2"
<kabo>I'm able to log in to a shell though
<kabo>date: command not found
<kabo>I suspect the date could be out of whack
<iyzsong>kabo: well, congratulation... did you adding xfce to the system profile (or are there files under /run/current-system/profile/share/xsessions) ?
<kabo>ls: command not found
<iyzsong>um, what's your shell? I think the PATH and other envs are missing, maybe try 'source /etc/profile'
<kabo>echo $SHELL tells me it's running bash
<iyzsong>okay, that's strange...
<kabo>echo $PATH has /run/setuid-programs:/home/xxxx/.config/guix/current/bin:/home/xxxx/.guix-profile/bin:/run/current-system/profile/bin
<kabo>and /run/current-system/profile/sbin
<kabo>if I tab-tab I get a list of binaries, and ls is in there
<samplet>kabo: How about “which ls”?
<kabo>which: command not found
<iyzsong>okay, that seems right. you can run 'hash -r', then try again..
<kabo>same thing
<iyzsong>how about run it by absolute path: '/run/current-system/profile/bin/ls'
<kabo>if you run which ls, what path do you get back please?
<iyzsong>I have it as '/run/current-system/profile/bin/ls'
<kabo>no such file or directory
<samplet>Maybe a linker problem.
<kabo>what are you guys running, xfce, mate, gnome, ...?
<kabo>ok, I can just reinstall it at choose gnome, maybe it'll work better
<kabo>this is on a lenovo t400 with libreboot BTW
<samplet>It should work well.
<samplet>So should XFCE, though.
<samplet>kabo: Can you run “guix”?
<samplet>Like, “guix --version”.
<nly>i saw the same thing as kabo
<nly>after a reconfigure
<nly>rebooting rosolved it
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<buenouanq>there seems to be something crazy wrong with building calibre
<Gooberpatrol66>happy birthday, guix
<dongcarl>Congrats on 1.0.0 guys. It'll be a much easier sell for me when I get my builds working :-)
<kabo>worked with gnome
<apteryx_> /nick apteryx
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*apteryx finally fixed python-cffi tests on core-updates... will push shortly.
<apteryx>oh, cmake-like progress in the build system? that's cool.
<apteryx>progression percentage*
<dongcarl>apteryx: Huh? Where do you see that?
<apteryx>when building guix itself, with make
<apteryx>(on the current master branch)
<Forza>Good morning :)
<Forza>I think the graphical installer is not quite correct for guix 1.0? I booted with the ISO in virtualbox. Everything seemed to install just fine. Gnome starts. But the shell is missing basic commands like 'ls'
<Forza>seems binutils are not installed. can that really be true?
<nckx>Forza: binutils aren't exactly everyday tools, so yes.
<Forza>hm well
<nckx>ls, of course, is. Very strange.
<Forza>'ls' wheres ls from`?
<tristanC>I had the exact same issue as Forza, it seems like ~/.config isn't created
<Forza>tristanC: any solution? I never worked with guix, so this is all rather alien to me.
*nckx → 😴 , sorry.
<tristanC>Forza: unfortunately i don't know how the ~/.config/guix profile is suposed to be set
<tristanC>Forza: you can get ls by running "/gnu/store/*/bin/ls", but that's wrong :-)
<Forza>Thanks. That worked (tm), but it doesnt with 'find'
<Forza>I'm at a loss :(
<lfam>Forza: You can install find with `guix install findutils`
<Forza>lfam: How do I install something globally so it doesnt install just for the user?
<lfam>Forza: Add it you your packages in config.scm and reconfigure
<Forza>ah ok. hm. Need to reed up about that :) Thanks.
<Forza>This is not like any other linux-like os I've seen
<apteryx>mbakke: is it me, or python fails to build on core-updates? I get teh test_asyncio test failing.
<apteryx>mbakke: the bump to Pyhton 3.7.3 in the commit f6e25b3358 introduced this failure.
<Forza>lfam: how do I "reconfigure" ?
<apteryx>Forza: I think you'll want to do some background reading of the info manual (also available as HTML online), there's a section detailing the various commands of 'guix system', and reconfigure is one of them.
<apteryx>various actions, I should have written.
<apteryx>mbakke: false positive, it's not the bump 3.7.3, I reverted it and still get the same failure... hmm.
<lfam>Forza: Basically, `guix system reconfigure path/to/config.scm`
<tristanC>Forza: I was able to "fix" the missing profile by running "/gnu/store/*/bin/ln -sf /var/guix/profiles/per-user/$LOGNAME/guix-profile ~/.guix-profile"
<tristanC>Forza: then you can "guix package -i coreutils" and you'll get basic tool like "ls"
<tristanC>not sure it's the correct fix though, it seems like the graphical install should have created the guix-profile
<boogerlad>is it possible to install via efistub?
<brendyyn>Firefox detected an issue and did not continue to The website is either misconfigured or your computer clock is set to the wrong time.
<davidl>What is the way to pull with specified commits when you have mutiple channels?
<Forza>Hi. Is it possible to install guix from the bootable ISO behind authenticating proxy?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>Forza: i don't think so
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<slyfox>Tried to build guix-1.0.0 from source tarball. Build fails as: 'error: repository-close!: unbound variable'. Full build log:
<slyfox>(i have no guile-newt installed, looks like it should be an optional depend)
<slyfox>(reposting specifically for civodul :) Tried to build guix-1.0.0 from source tarball. Build fails as: 'error: repository-close!: unbound variable'. Full build log:
<Forza>civodul: OK thanks
<slyfox>it looks like already installed guix-0.16.0 leaked in: #<package guix@0.16.0-14.0c329bf gnu/packages/package-management.scm:115 7fd?> ?))
<civodul>slyfox: re unbound variable, what version of Guile-Git did you use?
<civodul>also: civodul != support :-)
<civodul>we build against Guile-Git 0.2.0
<slyfox>civodul: a snapshot from 20171110
<civodul>yeah it's probably too old
<slyfox>aha. it's a proper pagged release, right?
<civodul>that procedure didn't exist long ago
<slyfox>aha. updating to released version
<civodul>it's at
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<cbaines>civodul, congratulations on getting the release out :)
<cbaines>hopefully it didn't take too much out of you!
<civodul>hey cbaines, thank you!
<civodul>i'm still alive :-)
<cbaines>that's good :)
<civodul>i hope it wasn't too bad for those i bothered lately
<civodul>cbaines: and you, how are you?
<cbaines>civodul, I'm doing well :)
<cbaines>If I make the time to organise it, I'll hopefully come along to the Perl workshop in France next month
<civodul>cbaines: yeah, that'd be sweet!
<civodul>we need to promote it more
<slyfox>updating guile-git up to 0.2.0 was enough, thank you! One day i'll be able to diagnose guile errors :)
<cbaines>I've been making some progress with the Guix Data Service stuff, I sorted something for the database schema management recently, and I managed to add some more error handling yesterday
<civodul>really cool
<civodul>i have marked your last updated as important in my mailbox but hadn't got around to replying :-)
<cbaines>No problem, although I'm really interested in trying to get some information about builds in to the database.
<civodul>really cool
<civodul>for users i think there'll be some demand to be able to tell which revision updated a given package
<civodul>things like tha
<cbaines>Yeah :)
<cbaines>At the moment though, I'm trying to polish up the Patchwork service. I've not got it running through a proper service, rather than a screen session :) but I need to neaten up the patches a bit.
<civodul>heheh, i think we have a couple of services running in a screen session already :-)
<civodul>cleanup cleanup
*civodul just added 'guix system' to the refcard:
<brendyyn>is the pdf meant to be sideways?
<civodul>so in the Evince printer dialog, you need to choose double-side on the small edge
<civodul>whatever it's called in real English ;-)
<brendyyn>I haven't used a printer in years.
<notnotdan>Every time I run `guix package` it says "record ABI mismatch; recompilation needed
<notnotdan>what should I recompile exactly?
<notnotdan>This started to happen just now adter I did guix pull
<notnotdan>Ah, I think it might have something to do with my additional packages that I had in separate .scm files
<notnotdan>I wonder how can I recompile them
<roptat>notnotdan: remove the compiled version from cache
<roptat>In ~/.cache/guile/something
<notnotdan>i cannot find the compiled versions in the cache folder :(
<notnotdan>oh crap
<notnotdan>it was in the guile cache folder...
<notnotdan>that's not very nice
<roptat>since your .scm files are guile modules, that's where they are compiled
<roptat>(they are compiled by guile, not by guix)
<notnotdan>yeah it's obvious in retrospect, but otherwise it's not clear at all which file is causing the problem
<pkill9>has anyone worked on adding a command line option to skip updating/installing packages for which no substitutes are available?
<cbaines>pkill9, --do-not-upgrade is supported by guix package -u
<cbaines>It's not automatic, but I use that when I don't want to build chromium
<pkill9>cbaines: the flag im referring to would automatically apply that to packages for which a substitute isn't available
<pkill9>oh ok
<brendyyn>pkill9: ive been interested in that too
<pkill9>alternatively, a more hacky approach is to get `guix weather` to output a list of packages for which there are subsitutes
<pkill9>would be simpler stopgap solution as it doesn't require changes to guix itself, and guix weather seems to just query with a REST interface, so could make a script that does that and use that with `guix package`
<npfo>Hey guix. I have created an environment like this: guix environment postgresql --ad-hoc libtool automake autoconf autoconf-archive m4 pkg-config git --container -r ./guix-postgres-profile, and I later installed another package using: guix package -i libpqxx --profile=./guix-postgres-profile. How do I "activate" the environment again?
<cbaines>npfo, I'm no expert, but I think you'll need to source a file inside ./guix-postgres-profile
<cbaines>what's the contents of that directory?
<npfo>$ ls ./guix-postgres-profile
<npfo>bin etc include lib libexec manifest sbin share var x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
<npfo>I guess the manifest file should help me?
<cbaines>so I think you'll need to: source ./guix-postgres-profile/etc/profile
<cbaines>that should set your shell up with the correct environment variables
<npfo>Thanks! This indeed sets the env variables correctly. However as I far as I understand it I am not in the environment. For instance the first time I ran the guix environment command it spawned a new shell. Am I misunderstanding something?
<r3s1stanc3>is there a way to change the storage path of guix from /gnu to somewhere different?
<pkill9>r3s1stanc3: yes, using a bind mount (assuming you don't want to rebuild everything)
<pkill9>but i haven't done that in guix system, only when using guix ona foreign distro
<r3s1stanc3>yeah i'm using guix on a debian system and only just installed it so i don't even care if i had to rebuild it
<cbaines>npfo, no that sounds right. I think the -r option exposes the profile used by the guix environment command, but just sourcing that profile doesn't restore the process that the guix environment command would have created
<pkill9>in that case it's very easy (on guix system you have to do a little more configuring to make sure it gets mounted earlier in the boot process)
<npfo>Thanks cbaines.
<r3s1stanc3>ok so i moved /gnu somewhere else and did a `mount --bind /data/guix/gnu /gnu`. now when running guix pull, i get lots of `no such language tree-il` warnings
<cbaines>It could be that when moving it, the file attributes, like the timestamps were changed?
<r3s1stanc3>so rsyncing might be better?
<cbaines>yep, with the correct options to preserve the file attributes
<r3s1stanc3>seems to work now. thanks cbaines and pkill9
<rekado_>all the people who had trouble with GDM and the PATH probably suffer from bug 35541
<rekado_>where %base-packages is not included when using the installer.
<str1ngs>r3s1stanc3: you can only move it with a bind mount. if you change the store location it recomputes everything. so substitutes won't work etc etc
<nckx>rekado_: Would that explain someone here missing ‘ls’ this morning too? Sounds like a very bad bug if so.
<str1ngs>incoming 1.0.1 :P
<rekado_>it happens because the installer does not add %base-packages when the packages field is overwritten.
<nckx>Just update the files in place. Nobody will notice.
<nckx>rekado_: Thanks. And ouch.
<kmicu>So when Guix 1.1 party?
<rekado_>I think we should do this soon. We also have nss failing on i686, and we had a broken MATE desktop.
<rekado_>let’s try to fix a few more bugs and release 1.0.1 soon.
<rekado_>I’m working on nss now.
<kmicu>Forza: sorry for the bug and thank you for testing.
<kmicu>(Now that screenshot with GNOME but no coreutils in a shell makes sense.)
<raingloom>did something eat the logs from between 04.29. and 05.03.? ,:|
<rekado_>raingloom: yes.
<raingloom>rip :C
<rekado_>today is the date of the new bioconductor release. Time for a mass upgrade.
<kmicu>(That sounds like a plot of the next Bioware game— Mass Effect: Bioconductor Release.)
<civodul>rekado_: we got our first terrible bug indeed :-/
<civodul>you were mentioning GDM, what's the effect in that case?
<str1ngs>hmm how do I add multiple urls to --substitute-urls in GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONS. bash seems to confuse guix arguement if I use more then one
<Forza>kmicu: no problem :) gives me more time to do a manual install and read the docs ;)
<roptat>str1ngs, use spaces, like this: --substitute-urls=""
<rekado_>civodul: the GDM relationship is just a wild guess
<str1ngs>roptat: I tried that and other combinations of quoting it sill thinks the last url is an guix arguement
<roptat>ah I didn't read carefully enough
<civodul>rekado_: is there a bug report on GDM?
<rekado_>no, but it has come up here in IRC a couple of times.
<brendyyn>I'm running this to copy my /gnu/store over. I can say it is not very effective... `which ls` /gnu/store/| awk '{print "/gnu/store/"$0}' | parallel --xargs guix copy --to=b@
<rekado_>AFAIUI it’s not entirely clear what’s going on.
<brendyyn>judging by the max cpu usage and slow transfer rate.
<Forza>It's really nice with a pure GNU distro. Especially with LibreKernel.
<str1ngs>untill you have some wifi with binary blobs :P
<Forza>Perhaps GNU Hurd becomes a thing soon too ;)
<brendyyn>str1ngs: you can get a new one for $30 or so
<Forza>str1ngs: yes , didn't Realtek opensource their WiFi AC driver?
<str1ngs>wifi dongle maybe
<str1ngs>I tried swapping out my wifi notbook card but my notbook has a hardware whitelist
<brendyyn>wow that's evil
<str1ngs>I don't think there is such a thing as a truely free laptop yet
<str1ngs>or PC for for that matter. maybe something with libreboot but it's not something you can easily obtain
<brendyyn>Does the Talos II need a graphics card?
<brendyyn>ie does it have inbuilt graphics
<str1ngs>guix won't work on Talos II quite yet. guix needs to be ported to power8
<str1ngs>which I've been meaning to do some work on.
<str1ngs>IIR Talos uses power8?
<str1ngs>it uses power9 but they binary compatible with power8
<pkill9>does anyone have any idea why evaluating (current-filename) in a system configuration is inconsistent, i.e. if you run `guix system build config.scm` it returns the path correctly, but if you run `guix system build /path/to/config.scm` it returns #f
<pkill9>also fails with `guix system build path/to/config.scm` (relative directory)
<str1ngs>is it possible (current-filename) is not deterministic ?
<str1ngs>I suspect that is the case. it might use relative path maybe?
<pkill9>what does it mean for it to be deterministic?
<str1ngs>deterministic means it will never change
<str1ngs>it would be the same every time
<pkill9>well, when testing it with a basic guile script, it returns the full path each time, regardless of where you called it from
<pkill9>i think guix does some funky module loading and stuff which makes it not possible to get the path, idk
<bgardner>Is it better to configure multiple substitute servers or not? On the face of it this seems like best for both clients and servers but the documentation doesn't seem to emphasize it so I'm uncertain.
<str1ngs>bgardner: I guess for fallback it does not hurt
<str1ngs>I personally have a server that does some building so I need the extra substitute server
<str1ngs>I still can't figure out how to export more then one server in GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONS though
<str1ngs>and I rather not change the guix-daemon.service file
<civodul>pkill9, str1ngs: by any chance, do you get better results with (assoc-ref (current-source-location) 'filename) ?
<civodul>also, i think you should rarely need to resort to these because 'local-file' already does the right thing
<str1ngs>I have not used (current-filename) and the guile documentation is not clear if the path is relative or absolute . I'd need to test that
<str1ngs>I suspect as you mention civodul this is not the best procedure for what that OP is trying to achieve
<str1ngs>also it can dynamically change depending how the file is included I guess?
<pkill9>civodul: the assoc-ref method no longer fails on any of them, however it only returns the filename without the path to it. Is there another variable that contains the absolute path to the file?
<str1ngs>pkill9: I don't think you want to compute the path. I think civodul is suggesting local-file because it is explicit
<pkill9>just to clarify, what i'm trying to do is get the path to the configuration file to then pass to (add-to-load-path), and i'm doing that in order to build a system with sudo without passing -E, and without hardcoding a path, so i can change my config directory structure without rehardcoding
<pkill9>yeah you're probably right, heh
<pkill9>i'm not sure how i'd use local-file to get what i want
<pkill9>hmm, running `guile </path/to/file containing (display (current-source-file))>` shows it's storing the full path, but with `guix system`, (current-source-file) is only storing the filename with any path (absolute or relative)
<another-user>i have problem using emacs tramp on guixsd boxes, it seems like a common problem -
<another-user>unfortunately solution proposed in the link above doesn't work anymore(or at least for me)
<another-user>is there a modern workaround for this issue?
<another-user>i don't even have ~/.guix-profile acutally
<another-user>"ls" is located in /gnu/store/xxx-profile/bin
<another-user>how to tell tramp to look in correct store?
<civodul>another-user: i believe the problem is fixed by a patch we make to Emacs
<civodul>but you have to install Emacs from Guix
<another-user>civodul: well, i'm trying to configure my guixsd box from archlinux box using emacs tramp
<another-user>civodul: is it possible to manually apply this patch in my emacs config?
<civodul>yes, i was going to give you a link
<civodul>but somehow Tor decided that now's not the right time
<pkill9>aha, it works using local-file like you said
<another-user>civodul: thank you!
<pkill9>and local-file-absolute-file-name
<sirgazil>Hello, Guix :)
<sirgazil>I'm stuck in the installation process
<sirgazil>I'm using the graphical installation, but, after formatting, the installer says it can't find network interfaces.
<sirgazil>However, I'm currently writing from a Weechat installed during installation...
<sirgazil>I had to configure the network using the steps from the manual installation instructions.
<civodul>hi sirgazil!
<civodul>is it wired networking?
<civodul>with DHCP?
<civodul>hmm IME connman has been pretty reliable
<civodul>does connmanctl say anything useful?
<civodul>or its log files, perhaps /var/log/messages?
<civodul>so you had the screen offering you a "networking technology", and it's the next step ("waiting for Internet access") that's failing, right?
<sirgazil>civodul: I'm using the installer in Spanish. After the disk formatting step, the installer displays a message saying that the installation requires internet, but could not find any interface or something like that.
<sirgazil>civodul: I'll check the log...
<pkill9>hmm it's weird, if i directly pass the path to (add-to-load-path), it build sthe system, but if i define the path into a variable and pass it that variable, i get the error: ice-9/eval.scm:223:20: In procedure proc:
<pkill9>error: users: unbound variable
<pkill9>hint: Did you forget a `use-modules' form?
<efraim>civodul/rekado_: if you want to take a look i built mariadb on bayfront with -K to it's broken test
<bgardner>Hmm, last guix pull + reconfigure left me in a crash loop for X. Looking closer it seems to be gdm(?) freaking out that no Gnome is present, which is true - I run i3. Did the default change from slim to gdm sometime?
<wxie>Congratulations! 1.0.0 released!
<civodul>efraim: isn't the test failure due to a lack of disk space?
<civodul>IIRC mariadb requires a *lot* of free disk space
<civodul>and that's why it's often failing its tests
<sirgazil>civodul: How do I exactly use connmanctl? When I run "connmanctl", I see an error: Error getting technologies: The name net.connman was not provided by any .service files.
<civodul>sirgazil: what does "ps aux| grep connman" say?
<civodul>or "herd status connman" maybe, i'm not sure
<pkill9>yes it did bgardner
<civodul>sirgazil: normalement había el menu "Acceso a internet" en que se puede eligir una "tecnología"
<sirgazil>When I run ps or herd I get "Unknown command" errors.
<civodul>sirgazil: y "Wired" es probablamente la única posibilidad
<sirgazil>civodul: Yes, I saw that menu when I tried out the installer in a virtual machine.
<civodul>sirgazil: if you do ctrl-alt-f3 and run "herd status networking", you should see something running
<civodul>and "connmanctl technologies" should give you a list of of "technologies"
<civodul>most likely a list of one element :-), "Wired"
<sirgazil>civodul: Ah, sorry, I run the ps and herd in connmanctl, let me try again...
<sirgazil>That's why I need graphical installers :)
<efraim>civodul: i built it on bayfront itself, didn't get a chance to dig into it
<nckx>Hmm. I'm building qt@5. Does that mean it's broken?
<sirgazil>ps aux | grep connman says:
<bgardner>Can I change back to slim since I'm not using all these missing gnome components?
<sirgazil>root 1028 0.0 0.1 9656 5568 ? S 14:55 /gnu/store/...-connman-1.37/sbin/connman-vpnd -n
<sirgazil>civodul: ps aux | grep connman says the above.
<nckx>bgardner: Sure.
<samplet>bgardner: Would you be willing to share your config? I keep hearing about this, but am unable to reproduce it in a VM.
<bgardner>samplet: Sure, one moment
<sirgazil>civodul: And "herd status networking" says: Status of networking: It is stopped. It is enabled. Provides (networking). Requires (use-process dbus-system loopback wpa/supplicant). Conflicts with (). Will be respawned.
<bgardner>samplet: And it is still busily crashing and restarting, I'm ssh'ed in from another machine, so I can poke around if you have specific questions.
<samplet>bgardner: Feel free to reboot. It’s relatively easy to make GDM go bananas – it just usually doesn’t happen from a normal config.
<samplet>Also, <> for SLiM (if it’s helpful).
<bgardner>samplet: I've rebooted several times, I don't think another would change anything. The paste should be helpful though, one moment while I compare
<civodul>sirgazil: what if you do: "herd enable networking && herd start networking"?
<civodul>what does /var/log/messages show?
<sirgazil>Let me check...
<bgardner>samplet: Ah. So gdm is part of %desktop-services, that makes sense. So I need to weed that out to get back to a slim desktop. I think I see, thank you
<sirgazil>civodul: Enabled service networking. Service wpa-supplicant could not be started. Service networking depends on wpa-supplicant. Service networking could not be started. herd: failed to start service networking.
<sirgazil>civodul: That's the output, should I tell you what I found in the log messages?
<dongcarl>posted to the mailing list about building gcc and xgcc's with non-default glibc version, lmk what you guys think!
<dongcarl>also.. I should have probably posted to guix-devel...
<fr33domlover>How do people generally handle LVM missing?
<civodul>sirgazil: and what does "herd start wpa-supplicant" say?
<brendyyn>Do I need it?
<civodul>sirgazil: maybe you need to "herd enable wpa-supplicant" first ↑
<fr33domlover>In the sense that my laptop has most partitions inside an encrypted volume, and LVM inside
<fr33domlover>So I'm wondering how to still have my stuff encrypted like that, when using Guix SD
<brendyyn>I'm planning to reinstall with LUKS, and maybe itll be extra cool if i have LVM too
<civodul>fr33domlover: i have a LUKS-encrypted root partition, and that's it :-)
<civodul>if that works for you, great, otherwise you'll have to help out on LVM support!
<bgardner>samplet: And there we go, X is back up. Thanks a bunch, I think being an i3 user sometimes means extra headaches and this is one such.
<fr33domlover>civodul, sounds good! does the manual have enough info to get it to work? last time i tried, i had issues with grub/libreboot/something like that
<samplet>bgardner: It’s weird because I tested i3 with GDM about five days ago. Glad to hear you’re back up and running, though!
<fr33domlover>like maybe didn't set it up correctly
<fr33domlover>i mean, encrypted root partition
<sirgazil>civodul: After "herd enable wpa-supplicant && herd start wpa-supplicant": Service wpa-supplicant could not be started. herd: failed to start service wpa-supplicant.
<rekado_>sirgazil: I had the same problem. Can you check that no wpa_supplicant process is running?
<rekado_>I found that there was a running process; I had to kill it before I could restart networking.
<rekado_>(this only happened on the T60 which doesn’t have Wifi hardware.)
<pkill9>guix can be addictive, so much potential
<dongcarl>pkill9: I concur
<brendyyn>fr33domlover: I believe there was discaussion about LVM on the list from ages back
<dongcarl>_no one package manager should have all that power_
<fr33domlover>civodul, what do you do about swap?
<sirgazil>civodul, rekado: And log messages say: wpa_supplicant[1100]: dbus: Could not request service name: already registered.
<brendyyn>fr33domlover: Get more ram.
<sirgazil>rekado_: Let me see...
<civodul>fr33domlover: i don't have swap, i don't need it, but i agree this could be an issue
<brendyyn>fr33domlover: what file systems do you use?>
<brendyyn>Can't you just create a swapfile?
<sirgazil>herd --help
<civodul>sirgazil: since the install image has sshd, can you somehow start it and "exfiltrate" /var/log/messages?
<civodul>that would allow us to see what happened with those wpa-supplicant processes
<sirgazil>civodul: I don't know what is sshd :)
<sirgazil>I'm pushing my limits here :)
<kmicu>Hi sirgazil: is your goal to install Guix System?
<rekado_>sirgazil: to see if the process is running you can run “pgrep -fa wpa”
<rekado_>if you get output it means that the process is running.
<sirgazil>kmicu: Yes.
<kmicu>sirgazil: Do I understand correctly that you have an internet there but only Installer cannot detect that?
<bgardner>samplet: I think I have a couple gnome tools but not enough to support gdm starting, based on the errors I was catching in the logs. Learning is good though, I think this means I may need to rethink my config.scm to be a bit more durable.
<rekado_>it should print the process id; you can then kill it with “kill 1234” (or whatever the PID is) and then enable and restart the service.
<sirgazil>kmicu: Yes.
<samplet>bgardner: GDM should pull in everything it needs automatically. At least that’s the dream. :)
<sirgazil>rekado_: running grep -fa wpa shows output, yes
<Forza>I had liked the installer to work with proxies :)
<bgardner>samplet: Odds are I did it to myself by editing %base-services. Oh well, one day I'll probably just switch to gnome and tear out my frankenguile.
<sirgazil>rekado_: I killed it. I see no output from pgrep -fa wpa anymore. Should I run "herd enable wpa-supplicant && herd start wpa-supplicant" or "herd enable networking && herd start networking"?
<kmicu>sirgazil: how many lines? The first number is process id and after that there should be wpa_supplicant name.
<kmicu>nvm ;)
<rekado_>sirgazil: I think “networking” depends on “wpa-supplicant”, so you can just start “networking”. If it says that it couldn’t be started because one of them is disabled you should run “herd enable …” first.
<sirgazil>ok, let's see...
<civodul>rekado_: actually, if you can boot the install image on your machine to reproduce the wpa-supplicant error, perhaps it'll be easier for you to grab /var/log/messages?
<samplet>bgardner: Sadly, it works fine in the VM.
<rekado_>civodul: I can give this a try later. I think I should be able to reproduce this (even without the install image).
<DamienCassou>Congratulations everyone!!
<DamienCassou>awesome work
<civodul>hi DamienCassou! yay! :-)
<civodul>we're now entering the bug storm though ;-)
<civodul>rekado_: cool!
<civodul>rekado_: this is a wifi-less machine, right?
<rekado_>right now I’m using a USB wifi thing, but without it wpa-supplicant would not start (and a process would be left behind).
<civodul>oh so that's definitely the reason here
<civodul>sirgazil: you were installing on a wifi-less machine, right?
<civodul>well, OTOH, when i test in a VM, there's no wifi, but wpa-supplicant starts just fine
<sirgazil>civodul: No, it has both wifi and cable.
<sirgazil>civodul, rekado_: So, after I killed wpa-supplicant and "herd start networking", I went to the graphical installer again and it could detect the network interfaces and I could follow the whole process until you are shown the fonfiguration file that will be used to install the system. But,
<sirgazil>Once I pressed OK to install, I see this error:
<sirgazil>/mnt/etc/config.scm:27:21: Error: Invalid UUID
<sirgazil>Command failed with exit code 1
<sirgazil>Press Enter to continu
<sirgazil>Line 27 says: (device (uuid "A0CA-50E" 'fat32))
<another-user>i'm trying to apply locally to use tramp from arch on guixsd box
<another-user>but for some reason having setq part in my emacs config doesn't help
<another-user>tramp still fails with "sh: /bin/ls: No such file or directory", why does it search in "/bin" if i have modified tramp-remote-path...
<civodul>make sure to have this at the beginning of tramp-default-remote-path:
<civodul>"~/.guix-profile/bin" "~/.guix-profile/sbin" "/run/current-system/profile/bin" "/run/current-system/profile/sbin"
<civodul>or tramp-remote-path actually
<bgardner>samplet: This is an install from 0.16 rather than a 1.0 install, but I wouldn't think that would matter?
<rekado_>I wasn’t able to reproduce the wpa-supplicant problem.
<rekado_>it happened with a slightly older installation of Guix (I have it on another disk).
<pkill9>i'm getting this error when running gnome-tweak-tool:
<civodul>rekado_: ok
<rekado_>pkill9: I cannot reproduce this. Are you all up-to-date with both your system and your user profile?
<samplet>bgardner: As long as you have pulled recently (this week), it shouldn’t.
<civodul>sirgazil: going back to the initial issue, can you run "less /var/log/messages", look for the string "wpa", and report the messages that you see before "wpa-supplicant is stopped"?
<another-user>civodul: for some reason tramp ignoring changes made to tramp-remote-path
<civodul>no idea
<another-user>i'm trying to wrap my head around it, not sure where does it caches remote-path information for me to clear it
<civodul>so the installer appears to provide a truncated FAT UUID
<bgardner>samplet: Pulled this morning, so I'm out of ideas. But hey, it works and I learned something so I'm happy! Thanks again for your help.
<kmicu>sirgazil: that "A0CA-50E" is too short. We could modify it manually in the config. Sorry that current Installer give you so bumpy ride.
<pkill9>yea rekado_, I'm on guix from 3 hours ago (both my user's guix and root's guix), and i put gnome-tweak-tool in my system configuration and uninstalled it from my user profile
<pkill9>i'll restart just in case
<sirgazil>civodul: I'll check the log. Is there any way to easily copy the contents of the log and post them on the Web?
<civodul>sirgazil: there's wgetpaste ("guix install wgetpaste"), but i've never used it
<sirgazil>civodul: I'll check it out...
<civodul>regarding the truncated UUID, i just tried on my machine: read-partition-uuid does not truncate my FAT32 UUID
<pkill9>unfortunately it's still doing it rekado_
<samplet>bgardner: Thanks anyway for the config.
<pkill9>rekado_: my gnome-shell is version 3.28.2 and gnome-tweak-tool is version 3.26.4, might have something to do with it, dunno
<sirgazil>kmicu: Yeah, well... But I'm happy to help solve errors before working around them to see if I can install the system.
<rekado_>pkill9: hmm, might be. Let me see if I can upgrade it.
<rekado_>no, there’s no newer version
<rekado_>I remember during my GNOME updates (first for 2.28, then for 2.30) that its home page had moved
<bavier>yay, new gcc 9.1 release
<rekado_>pkill9: it’s called “Tweaks” now.
<rekado_>I remember packaging it, but I can’t find it …
<rekado_>ah, there it is.
<rekado_>it’s on my gnome3.30 branch.
<rekado_>I’ll try to rebase this now
<apteryx>do we have a VNC server packaged in Guix?
<apteryx>looks like no
<bavier>apteryx: do you know of one that could be packaged?
<sirgazil>civodul: This is the log:
<civodul>sirgazil: thanks!
<pkill9>ah i see, here are the sources (they didn't update the link to the sources on the page)
<rekado_>pkill9: I’m still rebasing the gnome3.30 branch; lots of conflicts :(
<rekado_>it comes with gnome-tweaks 3.30.1
<rekado_>(it pains me to have to skip so many now obsolete commits)
<apteryx>bavier: I forgot what it was I was using on Debian, but can find it... I'll check it out
<Marlin1113>Guix installer worked on my lapNAS
<Marlin1113>I'll try to get it working on my desktop too
<bgardner>I'm sure I'm doing something dumb but I'm trying to build guix (automake, configure, etc) and automake is failing on a missing file that is named in .gitignore: 'doc/' - what am I doing wrong?
<rekado_>rebased the gnome3.30 stuff onto master and pushed as wip-gnome3.30
<rekado_>I’m trying to build it all to make sure the rebase has no errors
<pkill9>cool, thanks rekado_
<rekado_>the nss tests take so long…
<lfam>bgardner: I think you need to ./bootstrap again
<bgardner>lfam: That was it, thank you
<nly>why would one get ambigious <pkg> warning?
<nly>got it
*sirgazil goes for lunch
<Blackbeard[m]>jdormit: did you install those as root or regular user?
<buenouanq>Calibre (actually qtwebkit or whatever it pulls in) takes 20+ hours to build on this machine
<buenouanq> while Linux-libre, all of Gnome, and even Texlive together don't take even 1
<buenouanq>why on earth?
<arshin_>buenouanq: calibre runs on python and has lots of deps
<arshin_>buenouanq: so probably building python, qt5 and so on
<raingloom>hi. getting further with packaging mininet, but I ran into this error: TEST FAILED: /gnu/store/kdyvncdmxpq191ksvybcg5ad5gpz9lz2-mininet-2.2.2/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ does NOT support .pth files
<raingloom>is this expected?
<raingloom>also: error: bad install directory or PYTHONPATH
<Blackbeard[m]>buenouanq: yeah calibre is terrible
<raingloom>right now i'm running the python build phases after the gnu phases
<Blackbeard[m]>i have been staying away from it
<Blackbeard[m]>since it won't move to Python3
<arshin_>Blackbeard[m]: what are you using instead for ebook conversions?
<raingloom>(current code: )
<Blackbeard[m]>arshin_: Pandoc covers all my needs
<arshin_>Blackbeard[m]: mmm, built on Haskell. Looks promising, thanks, I was looking for something CLI. Pretty heavy though - 420Mb of binaries (haskell libs mostly).
<Blackbeard[m]>arshin_: yeah :/
<ArneBab>buenouanq: qtwebkit is brutal to compile, not quite on the same level as chromium, but then Chrome is essentially a fork of the webkit codebase. Any WebKit thing is among the things I really wish I could avoid — simply due to the compile times.
<ArneBab>Sadly Haskell-stuff is also among the things which really hurt to compile.
<janneke>web/html has become a monstrosity...whatever happened with 'do the simplest thing' 'refactor mercilessly'?
<raingloom>janneke: my 2c: corporations didn't want a platform for publishing knowledge, they wanted another place to put their brand identity
<raingloom>and they wanted and want to force people to view everything as they intend it to be viewed
<str1ngs>ArneBab: qt with qtwebengine is huge as well
<str1ngs>bgardner: you are building guix manually?
<str1ngs>bgardner: if so use a release tarball, and you won't have to bootstrap
<ArneBab>str1ngs: yes, that’s webkit again …
<str1ngs>no that uses chromium sources
<str1ngs>webkit and then some
<str1ngs>qtwebkit != qtwebengnie
<bgardner>str1ngs: No, I'm trying to package up Postfix, so I need guix current as source
<str1ngs>again are you building guix from source? and are you using the git repository?
<nly>how would one invoke "make" in a trivial-build-system
*sirgazil is back
<nly>hi str1ngs
<sirgazil>Using the installer I also found some peculiarities in the Spanish translation :)
<ArneBab>str1ngs: I mean that it’s yet another codebase derived from webkit that takes ages to compile
<str1ngs>nly: hi, you need to pass a build-expression->derivation as #:builder argument
<ArneBab>str1ngs: basically it’s what happens when a KDE codebase is first used by Apple and then taken over by Google.
<str1ngs>nly: see example for a builder expression
<sirgazil>And, speaking of translations, I wonder if it would be possible with the current translation mechanisms to add a regional translation (e.g. es_CO) to provide only some translations and inherit the rest of the translations from the current "es" translation...
<sirgazil>Because, for instance, the translations for words like file and video are different in Colombian Spanish.
<civodul>sirgazil: interesting, what words would you for those?
<jonsger>cbaines: do you save the branches when you check them with patchwork-test-series? would be nice, so I could simply check them out. I'm really bored by handling .mbox files or improving my wget skills...
<str1ngs>ntl: atleast that's what I got from :P
<str1ngs>ntl ^
<sirgazil>civodul: In Colombian Spanish "file" is "archivo" and "video" is "video" (without the accute accent on i).
<sirgazil>I think that applies to most of Latinamerica.
<sirgazil>There are also conjugations that are more common in Spain than in Latinamerica.
<sirgazil>One of the peculiarities I found in the current translation is that femenine nouns are used as neutral. I've never seen this before, so it doesn't felt natural to me. I would use other expressions to avoid gender.
<sirgazil>Although, sometimes is very hard to be neutral. Spanish is broken in that sense.
<civodul>sirgazil: yeah; the translator added a note on this topic
<civodul>it's tricky
<civodul>but yes, if you go to the TP, i guess you could contribute es_CO or es@latinamerica, whatever is the appropriate name
<rekado_>bleh, nss tests for armhf-linux fail even when is disabled.
<civodul>i know pt_BR exists and is different from pt_PT, but i've never encountered es_* variants
<zenobit>can anyone help me boot on my machine? I wanna instal Guix on real hardware with Nvidia proprietary but i cant even boot with noveau.. i have 1050 ti
<rekado_>it’s annoying that it takes several hours before it fails… on berlin even.
<civodul>rekado_: do you have a link to the log?
<rekado_>civodul: on berlin it’s /var/log/guix/drvs/2n/az1kiyakm4nr43xs4zhdpn7j18y0rl-nss-3.43.drv.gz
<sirgazil>civodul: I might take a look if I manage to install Guix first :)
<rekado_>the log is very long and it’s a little difficult to figure out what mentions of “error” or “fail” are actual test failures
<civodul>ah yes, that rings a bell :-)
<civodul>it's not related to certificate expiration dates, is it?
<civodul>normally the libfaketime we're immune to that now
<rekado_>there are also things like this: “Returned value is 1, expected result is fail”
<rekado_>what’s “1”?
<civodul>heh, who knows
<rekado_>well, it *only* fails on armhf-linux
<civodul>do you know whether it was offloaded to x15 or to one of the OverDrives?
<rekado_>some of the tests that failed (and that I disabled) had something to do with counting ACKs.
<rekado_>I’m not sure; I think I saw x15 somewhere.
<civodul>might be worth trying on an overdrive
<civodul>they have more RAM
<rekado_>I see.
<civodul>sirgazil: re installing, your next issue is the truncated UUID, is that right?
<sirgazil>zenobit: Nvidia is as bad as its name when it comes to free software. I had I machine with Nvidia and never worked well for me. Support improved over the years, but it just didn't work well enough.
<sirgazil>civodul: Yes UUID.
<gagbo>There are non-GPL software in Guix packages ?
<rekado_>gagbo: of course
<zenobit>i found some nonfree kernel for guix on github but dont know hot to change boot command..
<gagbo>I wasn't so sure, I thought the project might be stricter than older Fedora policies
<rekado_>gagbo: I think there’s a misunderstanding.
<gagbo>Probably, I'm bad at explaining this kind of stuff clearly
<rekado_>gagbo: Guix abides by the Free System Distribution Guidelines.
<rekado_>gagbo: we only provide free software through Guix, no proprietary softawer.
<rekado_>but this doesn’t mean that we *only* accept software under the GPL. That would be nonsensical.
<sirgazil>civodul: My plan was to use the graphical installer until it generates the config.scm, and then set the proper UUID manually and continue with the installation manually as well.
<jonsger>zenobit: you installing with the installer, manually installing or over an existing linux distro?
<gagbo>thanks for the explanation rekado_
<rekado_>gagbo: the guidelines can be viewed here:
<rekado_>in case you’re curious about the details
<zenobit>i cant boot to graphical installation
<sirgazil>civodul: to work around the issue. But I don't know what's the best thing to do...
<gagbo>I'm wondering, I know i want to try Nixos and Guix, it's just a little confusing to try to understand what's going to be packaged and what won't.
<gagbo>I'll watch the last video to try to understand
<zenobit>i tried nixos and its guite good
<zenobit>so now its time for guix :)
<rekado_>gagbo: as long as something is free software it’s generally acceptable for inclusion in Guix.
<rekado_>if it isn’t you can package it for Guix but it won’t become part of the default Guix channel.
<gagbo>I see
<rekado_>civodul: I can’t find this in the manual: can I tell “guix build” to use a different machines.scm? Or would I need to temporarily change /etc/guix/machines.scm to force offload the build to the Overdrive?
<rekado_>(the alternative is to ssh to the Overdrive and build things there manually, of course)
<civodul>rekado_: no you cannot tell "guix build" to do that
<civodul>but you can just run "guix build" and see which machine it chooses :-)
<civodul>or you can indeed temporarily modify machines.scm
<civodul>or use GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET=ssh://...
<rekado_>lots of ways!
<rekado_>I’ll give that a try
<civodul>GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET=ssh://... is kinda slow though (latency)
<rekado_>well, the build takes hours anyway…
<raingloom>sorry to ask this again, but could somebody who knows how Python packaging works tell me why this doesn't work?
<raingloom>am i supposed to set PYTHONPATH manually?
<bgardner>(if (eq? (service-kind srv) gdm-service-type)
<bgardner> (service slim-service-type)
<bgardner>Sorry, middle mouse button
<samplet>That looks familiar. :)
<reepca>bgardner: heh, I wrote something just like that yesterday
<bgardner>samplet: heh
<sirgazil>sneek: Get your leash, we're going out.
*sirgazil goes for a run alone then.
<reepca>sneek: botsnack
<reepca>raingloom: that module fails to load for me with an error about 'bsd-style' being unbound
<raingloom>reepca: weird, it accepts it for me and i pulled guix a few hours ago. just set it to some other license? i couldn't figure out which BSD version it is so I left it that way.
<reepca>raingloom: aye, did that and tried building. Got some weird "you have to install to something on PYTHONPATH" or something like that kind of message, which really doesn't make sense to me
<rekado_> ERC> raingloom: bsd-style used to be a procedure; it has been removed some time ago.
<reepca>raingloom: note that the way phases are currently set up, you have two install phases: one from gnu-build-system and one from python-build-system
<reepca>the error occurs in the install phase of the python-build-system
<reepca>maybe we should provide a nice macro that makes mix-and-matching phases from multiple build systems a bit easier
<raingloom>reepca: yeah, it's really not intuitive in its current form
<raingloom>i know i have two but like, i kinda need them, don't I? or can they conflict?
<reepca>is there something that still needs to be done from python-build-system after running 'make install'?
<raingloom>reepca: mmmm not sure, I thought doing a full gnu-build-system build and a full python-build-system one would work best
<reepca>in util/, I see that mn_deps (which according to an echo also does "Installing Mininet core") runs make install, not 'python ...'
<raingloom>really? ,:| that's odd...
<reepca>and in the Makefile the target for 'install' runs $(PYTHON) install
<reepca>which would make one think it isn't necessary to do that again in the python-build-system's 'install' phase
<raingloom>reepca: are you looking at the 2.2.2 version?
<reepca>raingloom: ah, turns out not, was looking at latest commit
<raingloom>I first tried to just build it with the makefile but it wasn't setting up some Python directories
<raingloom>and apparently python needs more setting up, at least based on the source of python-build-system
<nly>is there any guide for writing services?
<nly>something like cgit
<rekado_>nly: have you read the manual section on services and service composition?
<rekado_>it’s a good overview
<rekado_>for actual services you’d just need to figure out what you need to accomplish — you can then ask for *how* to accomplish these goals here or on help-guix.
<nly>thanks i'll read it now
<jayspeer>hello #guix
<jayspeer>congratz on 1.0.0
<jayspeer>so I'm trying to install guix on bbb (beaglebone black), however I've encountered, yet again, the undefined locale problem
<jayspeer>I've both installed locales package and defined $GUIX_LOCPATH
<jayspeer>am I missing something?
<jayspeer>something that is relevant: `which guix` shows guix from my profile
<sirgazil>I'm trying to install GNU using the graphical installer. I'm in the part where the installer displays the resulting configuration file. However, this file has a truncated UUID. If I press OK I will get an error. How can I get the correct UUID to modify the config.scm and proceed manually from here on?
<samplet>raingloom: This builds: <>. I don’t know if it works, though. :)
<samplet>The “mnexec” binary might have to be installed specially.
<reepca>raingloom: well, I'll admit to not being very closely acquainted with python deployment practices. But I do think I can help a bit with making build-system melding a bit easier:
<raingloom>reepca: oooooh, thanks! I'm pretty noobish at Scheme so this helps a ton ^u^
<raingloom>samplet: also thanks!! ^u^ i'll see what I can do with these
<kmicu>sirgazil: you could use ‘ls -al /dev/disk/by-uuid/’ or lsblk
<kmicu>(Thank you for contributing and paying attention to translation issues.)
*kmicu forgot about ‘blkid’ tool.
<sirgazil>kmicu: thanks. Running blkid shows that the UUID is actually that short (ACA-050E), but there is a PARTUUID which is longer. So should I use the latter instead?
<samplet>raingloom: Here’s version 2 that installs “mnexec” and tells the Python code how to find it: <>. Still don’t know if it works, but it works better than version 1!
<kmicu>sirgazil: Could you try using PARTUUID?
<samplet>(It’s just the #:phases part.)
<sirgazil>kmicu: I'll try...
<raingloom>samplet: noob q. how do you build it without the (define-module) part? setting GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH seems to not be enough for this one...
<samplet>raingloom: “guix build -f mininet.scm”
<kmicu>sirgazil: you can also use (device "/dev/sdaNUMBER") or (device (file-system-label "device label")) to avoid UUIDs for now.
<kmicu>sirgazil: what is your filesystem on that partition? Maybe Installer generated ‘(device (uuid "1234-ABCD")’ instead of ‘(device (uuid "1234-ABCD" 'fat32)’ 🤷