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<Copenhagen_Bram>Hi! Does Guix have P2P binaries yet?
<apteryx>not yet
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh okay
<apteryx>hmm... how can I get working useradd/groupadd commands inside a 'guix pack -f docker' image?
<apteryx>I tried creating /etc/passwd, and /etc/group, this unlocked useradd, but groupadd fails with a PAM critical error.
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<linarcx>Hi. How can i sure my wifi has a free frameware to install guixsd on my machine?
<brendyyn>linarcx: simplest way is to boot up a distro like trisquel and test it
<linarcx>brendyyn: Live boot up, right?
<linarcx>Thank you. let me try it.
<roptat>hi guix!
<Blackbeard[m]>roptat: hi ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<Blackbeard[m]>civodul: hi ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
<civodul>evaluations of master were no longer happening due to an invalid 'license' field
<civodul>should be fixed now!
<civodul>rekado_: hydra-guix-25 has corrupted items in the store (at least one empty .drv file)
<civodul>i'm running "guix gc --verify=contents"
<civodul>and i've commented it out
*kmicu wonders why linarcx wanted logs in the first place.
<vixus>Is it possible to add custom channels to a system configuration definition? For example if I wanted to use a custom kernel in my installation image.
<roptat>vixus, I think you need to add your custom channel to guix pull invocation, then it's available for guix system
<vixus>ah ok, thanks
<pkill9>you can also use inferiors to kind of add a channel right inside the system configuration file
<roptat>didn't thought of that
<roptat>never tried either, but sounds cool
<roptat>could you use an inferior to specify a guix revision for the whole configuration?
<roptat>I mean, to build the same system, independently of the current guix version, as long as it supports inferiors?
<vixus>does the git repository for a channel have to adopt a certain structure?
<efraim>vixus: here's one I have:
<vixus>hmm, ok so `guix pull` shows new packages from my channel, but then `guix package -i my_package` says unknown package
<roptat>does "guix" refer to the new guix? what does "which guix" say, and does it work after "hash guix"?
<civodul>roptat: re inferiors: not quite, not for an OS at least
<roptat>ok, too bad
<pkill9>vixus: I don't think so (as long as you define the modules to match the directory path), however it's good practise to put everything under your name, e.g. put your packages in a "vixus" subdirectory/namespace, so that they won't conflict with any other channels if you or someone else adds your channel
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<rekado>civodul: hmm, no idea what’s up with hydra-guix-25
<rekado>I’m having a meeting this week to get approval for funding the replacement build farm .
<civodul>yay! \o/
<civodul>"guix gc --verify=contents" reports quite a few modified items
<civodul>.drv files
<civodul>i'll email you the output for reference
<civodul>we probably don't need to put energy in salvaging this machine
<efraim>rm -rf /var/gnu and /gnu and use the install script?
<civodul>yeah, dunno if it's worth it, we'll see!
*civodul goes afk for a while
<rekado>[1842/1842] building list of man-db entries... 110106 entries processed in 308.6 s
<rekado>that’s what I get when running “guix environment --ad-hoc jupyter”
<rekado>308 seconds isn’t great.
<pkill9>the manpage build phase i s a bottleneck i find
<pkill9>is a*
<efraim>to much seeking on disk?
<efraim>I don't like the idea of disabling the man pages, but maybe a flag to skip them? that'd be my first idea.
<efraim>don't want to proliferate flags though
<wednesday> Since the package I want to add actually adds like 3 packages do I do the stuff at the bottom of for submitting a series of patches for each package, or should I send in all 3 at once?
<roptat>wednesday, it's best to send as a series, but it's acceptable to send as one email if it's too difficult for you
<roptat>(it makes it more difficult for us to test your patches though)
<wednesday>I was just wondering since the 2 other packages are required for the one that I actually want added, just a few python things
<wednesday>well the actual thing being added is mypy, but it needs mypy_extensions and typed_ast
<roptat>they are related, so it's best to send a patch series (one cannot build the package you want without the two other patches)
<wednesday>Would I send the least important one first and end with the one that depends on them all?
<wednesday>OK then thanks, I'll look into getting that done soon today
<roptat>normally, you have three commits in your tree, just send them in the order given by "git format-patch -3"
<wednesday>well right now the packages are just in my package path, I still need to git clone and format them as a git patcd
<roptat>you can send an email to guix-patches@ with a description of the patches, wait to receive a confirmation with a bug number, then use "git send-email --to=<number> *.patch" (make sure you don't have unrelated patch files)
<roptat>ah yes, sure :)
<wednesday>thanks for the help
<roptat>you can use to learn more about setting up git send-email btw :)
<wednesday>I might try set up an emacs email client for some fun first, or give up on that before I hate my life, you never know heh
<roptat>I'm not an emacs user, but have fun :)
<vixus>roptat: yeah my `guix` wasn't pointing to the latest version
<roptat>vixus, does it work now?
<vixus>yup! :)
<vixus>I had symlinked root's guix to /usr/local/bin/guix which I think causes more problems in the long run
<roptat>mh... yeah, it's useful until the first guix pull
<roptat>but then it's a source of mistake
<efraim>I think I have openshot updated, just have to unbundle the font
<rekado>(I should use git-file-name here; the package definition predates the procedure)
<vixus>if I want to stick some files (like shell scripts) on an install disk image without turning them into a package can I use`local-file`?
<vixus>I was trying to follow the way example config files are added to the image but it looks like there's a whole service being defined around that
<bandali>hey roptat, people are pinging ya about over on guix-devel :)
<roptat>are they? whoops
<bandali>yup :p
<vixus>I've installed glibc-locales but there doesn't seem to be a resulting ~/.guix-profile/lib/locale directory
<vixus>is there any way to list the files laid down by a package?
<rekado>find $(guix build the-package)
<vixus>oh wait I think I'm getting confused between "guix-profile" and "current-guix"
<jonsger1>rekado: is there a way to remove all the noise in front? "guix build --debug=0" has still a lot of noise
<vixus>what *is* the difference between them?
<rekado>jonsger1: “guix build -q”?
<rekado>vixus: “guix-profile” is where your packages are installed. “current-guix” holds the current version of Guix.
<rekado>the latter is modified with “guix pull”.
<civodul>jonsger1: are you sure you want --debug? it's often unhelpful, unless you're debugging the daemon itself
<jonsger1>civodul: I want to silent it, so --quite is the option to go :)
<civodul>-v/--verbose is probably what you want
<civodul>-v0 is silent, -v1 is quiet, etc.
<vixus>any good examples of a trivial-build-system package?
<civodul>vixus: see, for example, freepats in audio.scm
<civodul>there are many of them actually, and most are simple
<vixus>yeah I really just want something that copies a file into /bin
<amz3>hello, does guix run on any System on Chip?
<puoxond>Hi Guix!
<puoxond>Something seriously messed up one of my Guix machines.
<puoxond>For some reason the uids got shifted around. Now everything in my home directory is owned by an other user and the other user's home directory is owned by some large uid (30011).
<ArneBab>efraim: it can’t be seeking on disk. I can find / within <30s, but building manpages takes longer than anything else (as long as the substitutes are ready).
<ArneBab>I use a 1TiB NVMe disk as root disk, something else has to slow down the manpages.
<puoxond>All the passwords got reset too. And tor-service can't be started.
<ArneBab>puoxond: I read your message, but can’t help — I don’t know where that could come from. Just wanted to tell you that people see what you write here and will read the logs, so please stick around until someone is here who has an idea how to check what happened.
<puoxond>ArneBab: I'll stick around. Fortunately this did not (yet) happen on my main machine.
<amz3>anyone runs guix on raspberry or something similar?
<fanta7531>raspberry is not freedom respecting platform
<amz3>that why I said System on Chip first.
<amz3>I guess, I will wait somehow to show up!
<raingloom>hey, what's a quick way to check what system I'm on? I need to cross-compile a thing and I'm not super up-to-date on the ARM and ABI lingo >_>
<amz3>uname -a?
<amz3>raingloom: ^
<raingloom>amz3: that doesn't print the same names as eg. makepkg was mentioning
<raingloom>(it's a guix install on top of an Arch ARM install on a raspi 3 b+)
<raingloom>eg. if I want to build prosody for the pi, do I just pass --target=armhf-linux? the example I saw also had -gnueabi at the end of the target, is that needed?
<efraim>raingloom: I'm pretty sure ALARM for the rpi3+ is aarch64-linux
<raingloom>efraim: there is an aarch version but I opted not to use it, so that my binaries can be smaller
<raingloom>btw the link to the page about automake triplets on the online manual is a 404
<raingloom>that one
<raingloom>(link is from:
<raingloom>hm, looks like automate has thing called config.guess...
<raingloom>ok so i guess the answer was /usr/share/automake-1.16/config.guess, since the build seems to be going fine with the quadruplet that printed
<kmicu>Hello, is it me you’re looking for? 🎶
<quiliro>kmicu: hi...was it lionel richie jr?
<kmicu>Of course. Guix needs more Lionel.
<quiliro>found where to change /etc/hosts on GuixSD
<quiliro>i don't understand how to include entries on /etc/hosts...i know it is with something like %facebook-host-aliases example...but i do not need facebook...rather another domain
<quiliro>of course i can change /etc/hosts and that gives me the behavior i need...but i have to do it every time i start the can i keep the values on reboot?
<kmicu>quiliro: did you try (define %my-host-aliases "\ …\n") and then append it like in the manual ?
<quiliro>kmicu: like the part that i linked?
<kmicu>Everything the same but define my-host-aliases like at
<quiliro>kmicu: the source code, luke!
<quiliro>kmicu: use the force, luke. read the source
<quiliro>kmicu: thank you obi wan!
<kmicu>You could also define host string inline ‘(string-append (local-host-aliases host-name) "\ …host lines…\n"))’
<quiliro>kmicu: i was reading and was about to ask just that
<civodul>roptat: hey! did you have a chance to send a tarball to the TP?
<quiliro>what about (operating-system (host-name "mymachine") (hosts-file (plain-file "hosts" (string-append (local-host-aliases host-name) "\ \n")))) ?
<quiliro>of course with the other stuff too
<quiliro>will that include 132.123123
<quiliro> as's IP on /etc/hosts ?
<quiliro>and in case i do not do it online, i would have to include %my-host-aliases definition inside the file.scm which i refer to on sudo guix system reconfigure file.scm ?
<Krafter>Is guixsd good enough for day to day usage?
<quiliro>Krafter: yes...but take notice it is beta software
<Krafter>quiliro: Do you personally have issues?
<apteryx_>does anyone understand what's the minimum required to get groupadd happy? It seems I need a /etc/passwd, but now it fails on PAM stuff.
<quiliro>i use gnome
<rekado>I use it on servers, workstations, and laptops.
<rekado>it’s good enough for my uses
<rekado>your mileage may vary
<rekado>apteryx_: what’s the actual error message?
<apteryx_>Krafter: my main laptop has been using Guix system for 3 years -- never had any serious issues with it.
<quiliro>Krafter: I have issues with any distro
<apteryx_>rekado: groupadd: PAM: Critical error - immediate abort
<Krafter>So pretty good in other words.
<apteryx_>It's happennig inside a docker image I generated using guix pack -f docker and when trying to use the groupadd command.
<rekado>apteryx_: what have you done to debug this?
<apteryx_>rekado: I ran strace on the command; it fails to load a couple files but I'm not sure which is important
<quiliro>Krafter: depends on your expectations...if they are control, it is the best distro...if it is it to be familiar, that depends on other factors
<Krafter>I have never been comfortable with other distros package managers.
<Krafter>Except perhaps pacman.
<apteryx_>Such as: /var/run/nscd/socket, etc/nsswitch.conf, /etc/pam.d and /etc/pam.conf
<quiliro>Krafter: i suggest you test it and not use it for production until confident
<rekado>apteryx_: /etc/pam* seems kinda important for PAM, no?
<Krafter>I am running it inside a VM right now.
<quiliro>Krafter: if you liked pacman, you will love guix as package manager
<apteryx_>rekado: it does indeed
*rekado doubts
<apteryx_>maybe I can try copying this directory from my Guix system into the container image
<quiliro>Krafter: so you mean guixsd
<rekado>Krafter: Guix is somewhat unusual. Comparing it to other package managers strictly on package manager metrics it will lead to disappointment and frustration.
<rekado>Guix is not just a package manager – it doesn’t just download prebuilt binaries from some central server.
<rekado>quiliro: we call it the “guix system”, not GuixSD.
<Krafter>rekado: I know and it intruiges me.
<Krafter>What is it that you call "guix system"?
<rekado>Krafter: the distro
<Krafter>Is "guix system" something different from guixsd?
<rekado>apteryx_: nscd is the name service cache daemon; glibc-linked programs will try to talk to its socket to find “names”, including user names.
<rekado>“GuixSD” is an old name.
<rekado>A “Guix system” is anything that the “guix system” command produces — VMs, application bundles (containers), or a bare-metal operating system
<apteryx_>rekado: OK; I think it must not be essential for the purpose of groupadd as it works on other distros image such as ubuntu. AFAICT no services can run in a Docker container.
<rekado>you can use Guix on top of another distro and the only thing you won’t get is the bare metal OS.
<rekado>apteryx_: I don’t think that’s true.
<rekado>apteryx_: you have no proper init, but you can fork off processes, including daemons.
<rekado>but you’re right that nscd is probably not essential here.
<rekado>I wonder why you want to use groupadd in a generated Docker image; is it not enough to generate the image from an OS configuration that includes the desired user accounts?
<apteryx_>rekado: I wasn't aware I could generate a docker image from an operating system configuration file; how would I do this? This could help by populating useful skeletons in /etc I guess.
<quiliro>kmicu: i found this
<quiliro>for /etc/hosts
<apteryx_>I'm trying to use Guix on a project to freeze a working dev environment into a docker image, for archival and reproducibility purposes. The project's flow is to use CQFD (a small bash script wrapper), which, amongst other things, use that docker image and tries to create a user and group that matches the host user & group.
<quiliro>also for /etc/hosts
<rekado>apteryx_: sorry, I was wrong. We support building operating system containers with “guix system container my-conf.scm”, but it’s not a Docker thing.
<rekado>you can do “guix system docker-image”, though.
<rekado>yes, that might be what you need.
<pkill9>how can i get a recursive list of directories (perhaps with find-files?) and output them into a file, in a package definition?
<apteryx_>rekado: oh, this indeeds look like a possible solution! I'll try 'guix system docker-image', thanks!
<rekado>pkill9: find-files seems like a good solution here (it has arguments for returning directories); another is (ice-9 ftw).
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<apteryx>what is this "GUIX_NEW_SYSTEM" variable in the docker-image example? I've never heard about it.
<civodul>which example? it's an internal thing
<civodul>oh i see
<civodul>we could do better :-)
*civodul -> zZz
<civodul>good night/day!
<pkill9>i found a snippet for getting directories using find-files
<pkill9>in profiles.scm
<quiliro>thank you for your work and congratulations everyone for being on the guix users team... gotta go bye
<dongcarl>Hi all, I'm wondering how I might create a binary without rpaths in a guix container, it seems that the gcc guix provides is compiled with a rpath specified.