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<TRS-80>OK, dumb question: So I got sbcl-next installed, but I cannot figure out how to launch/open it?!
<gtoast>I'm trying to enter my timezone. The documenation says you can use tzselect to find the correct time zone string but the tzselect command and package aren't found by guix.
<nckx>gtoast: tzselect is provided by the ‘glibc’ package. Are you running the installer image? If it's not available there that's a bug.
<gtoast>I'm running the VM image in qemu.
<nckx>In any case, we should mention how to install it. Feel free to file a bug report.
<nckx>gtoast: I'm guessing /gnu/store/*/bin/tzselect will return something
<nckx>and that it's already on the image anyway, so space isn't an issue.
<gtoast>yup that works.
<nckx>You're welcome.
*nckx → zzz.
<apteryx>nckx: nite!
<gtoast>nckx: Thank you!
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<nckx>Good morning, suspiciously quiet #guix.
<roptat>hi guix!
<allana>Question about submitting packages. Say that I want to submit "python-flake8-import-order", which is a plugin for flake8, a linting tool. Would that belong in python.scm, python-check.scm, or python-xyz? I'm not aware of the package organization scheme.
<roptat>allana, I'd say were flake8 is
<allana>roptat: thanks. Are there any guidelines in regards to where to put packages? I have a few that I want to submit.
<nckx>allana: Look at the available files; find the best fit; that's the basic algorithm :-)
<allana>nckx: thanks
<nckx>You can search for packages you know that are similar or that you think should be in the same category and take their location into account. It's not a science.
<nckx>It's a very boring art.
<nckx>(It's not.)
<efraim>I like that part better than writing descriptions
<kmicu>nckx: everything work flawlessly so there’s nothing to talk about 🤭
<nckx>efraim: I'm the opposite. Hm.
<nckx>Anyway yeah Guix is probably finished it was nice knowing you all xoxo
<nckx>Let's sell the trademark and move on.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<janneke>hello civodul!
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<pkill9>woo, guix pull only took two minutes
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>Yesterday I had the opportunity to look at static networking service.
<g_bor>I did a bit of looking around the netlink stuff and I got interested working on it.
<g_bor>I would rather not go along the libnl binding route, libmnl is looking more appealing from our point of view, but as an inspiration. It is a thin wrapper around netlink, without much abstraction, and seems to be small amd easy enought to adapt to guile.
<g_bor>This is also one of the main blockers to more advanced networking features, and I would also like to deal with those later. Wdyt?
<markwork>Hey, I can't seem to find a cargo package and the normal rust package does not make a cargo binary available. What's the best way get a working cargo?
<nckx>markwork: Cargo: try rust:cargo. Working: I don't know.
<markwork>nckx: thanks, running a profile update and then I'll look into the cargo output of rust. That was easy :)
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<rekado>sneek: later tell rvgn Guix does not ever touch a user’s home directory. “guix system reconfigure” is safe.
<pkill9>does linux-libre support the newer AMD cards? since the amdgpu driver (i think it's a driver) is in Guix, but I think the firmware is nonfree
<nckx>pkill9: Depends on what you mean by ‘support’, then, I guess. They'll work but you can't run AMD's proprietary software on them.
<kmicu>Hi pkill9: you could also ask on #linux-libre
<kmicu>pkill9: generally if a driver asks for firmware blobs then linux-libre removes it
<nckx>rekado: Did you receive this message? (I'd ask through mail, but, well…)
<vegankumpir>Realy don't know: does guix is ready to web development with vim? I mean, will I have composer, npm, icecat/iceweasel or such things like that?
<vegankumpir>Is guix ready*
<vegankumpir>Why did I put does? :)
<pkill9>it has the node commandline utility itself, and it has icecat and chromium
<pkill9>haven't heard of composer, but i don't do web development
<vegankumpir>I don't use chromium. :)
<vegankumpir>pkill9: Can you just search it through guix?
<vegankumpir>It is a php package manager.
<pkill9>yea nothing came up
<vegankumpir>I have to install manualy, it is not a problem.
<pkill9>ah ok
<vegankumpir>Can you tell which version of php does guixsd have?
<vegankumpir>Latest. :)
<vegankumpir>Does it have mariadb or mysql?
<vegankumpir>I'm using Hyperbola now, BTW.
<pkill9>it has both mariadb and mysql
<vegankumpir>Nice. :)
<vegankumpir>What about suckless tools?
<vegankumpir>I mean, can I easly make install my dwm fork?
<pkill9>ideally you would make a package for it, but you can still make install stuff
<vegankumpir>Okay, I will try it through qemu couple hours later. :)
<vegankumpir>pkill9: I use my fork, I can't use default dwm. :)
<vegankumpir>I think there is no limitation to switch guixsd and become a geek. :)
<pkill9>vegankumpir: you could probably just run `guix package -i dwm --with-source=<your fork>`
<vegankumpir>Can I make my packages on the fly?
<vegankumpir>I will love guix I think. :)
<pkill9>you can make packages and add them to your own repo
<vegankumpir>I probably don't make dwm as my fork.
<vegankumpir>Can we pull package requests here?
<pkill9>what do you mean?
<vegankumpir>Because composer is easy to install.
<vegankumpir>I mean, requesting a package for repos.
<pkill9>there's a wishlist, although i don't know how often people create packages for software that is on there
<efraim>I've been working on perl6/rakudo, I think it's about ready
<efraim>^ one of the items on the list
<jackhill>It looks like INFOPATH not set up by guix environment? Is this intentional? My use case is wanted to read documentation without modifying my profile.
<civodul>jackhill: 'guix environment' won't set INFOPATH unless 'texinfo' or 'info-reader' is part of the environment
<jackhill>civodul: ah, that makes a lot of sense.
<civodul>so if you do, say, "guix environment --ad-hoc info-reader coreutils", it'll be set
<civodul>yw :-)
<jackhill>I'm still learning mcron and how to best debug problems. Continuing from yesterday
*mikadoZero enjoyed the Guix FOSDEM talks.
<mbakke>jackhill: Try including texinfo or emacs in the profile (both pull in the INFOPATH variable).
<mbakke>It's a terrible hack to work around this ancient Guix bug:
<jackhill>mbakke: thanks, that does indeed work. Thanks for the bug pointer.
<mbakke>civodul: Ah, didn't notice info-reader inherited the search path too.
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<bavier>installed the guix system onto another machine today :)
<vejetaryenvampir>I asked my question on #geeks. :)
<vejetaryenvampir>English so op for me. :)
<vejetaryenvampir>"Can I use qemu image to install guixsd?"
<vejetaryenvampir>"Or should I make a virtual drive and install the desktop version iso?"
<vejetaryenvampir>BTW, I'm realy asking them. :)
<bavier>vejetaryenvampir: I think you'll want to install to a virtual drive.
<bavier>the manual discusses this
<vejetaryenvampir>Which manual I meant.
<bavier>section 6.1.6 "Installing GuixSD in a Virtual Machine"
<vejetaryenvampir>Doesn't guix use gnu hurd?
<bavier>it can
<bavier>but usually linux-libre
<vejetaryenvampir>The official realse uses linux-libre right?
<vejetaryenvampir>Is installing hurd hard?
<vejetaryenvampir>bavier: BTW, thanks, I'm following 6.1.6.
<bavier>vejetaryenvampir: yw
<bavier>"you're welcome" :)
<vejetaryenvampir>Oh, got it.
<bavier>yay \o/
<vejetaryenvampir>I will be a geek as you guix do!
<vejetaryenvampir>So, what next?
<vejetaryenvampir>Should I follow desktop installation?
<bavier>vejetaryenvampir: sure
<vejetaryenvampir>Okay, thank a lot again. :)
<vejetaryenvampir>My keyboard layout is wrong.
<vejetaryenvampir>The qemu one was true.
<bavier>you can adjust the keyboard layout with 'loadkeys' in the installation image
<vejetaryenvampir>I know.
<bavier>or in the os configuration
<vejetaryenvampir>The layout is wrong.
<vejetaryenvampir>"loadkeys trf"
<vejetaryenvampir>It's not the same.
<vejetaryenvampir>Can I report this bug here?
<bavier>vejetaryenvampir: send a description of the issue to
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<vejetaryenvampir>The wikipedia is censored in our country
<vejetaryenvampir>The layout is corrent in vm version.
<jlicht>hey guix
*kmicu checks whether that layout is available in Guix System.
<bavier>hey jlicht
<vejetaryenvampir>What is kmicu?
<bavier>vejetaryenvampir: a person ;)
<vejetaryenvampir>Oh, I see.
<gipa>I'm getting a build failed for linux-libre-4.19.1-gnu.tar.xz (404 not found) when doing guix system reconfigure
<gipa>I did a guix pull but same result
<civodul>gipa: could you paste the output that you got?
<leungbk>i noticed that
<leungbk>-guix download
<leungbk>-guix hash -rx ./bar.tgz
<leungbk>each produces a different hash from what
<leungbk>-./pre-inst-env guix package -i bar
<leungbk>which hash should i go with?
<civodul>leungbk: for a regular file like a tarball, you must not use "-r", so just "guix hash foo.tar.gz"
<jlicht>civodul: what does `-r' even do for regular files?
<civodul>jlicht: it takes the executable bit into account
<jlicht>aha. Is this usual for tools that support a recursive flag?
<jlicht>civodul: and I got that the executable bit is considered, but I mostly meant if that is /all/ `-r' does
<leungbk>@civodul ah, thanks for that. i noticed that the output of that command ("guix hash ./bar.tgz", with or without ./pre-inst-env) didn't match what "./pre-inst-env guix package -i foo" expected as its hash; once i changed the hash to that of the latter command, my package installed. is there a reason the two hashes here should be different?
<kmicu>vejetaryenvampir: what is wrong after you ‘loadkeys trf’? I want to check with
<vejetaryenvampir>Non-char keys behaves like char keys.
<vejetaryenvampir>I mean when I press "-" it prints "w".
<vejetaryenvampir>Can I post my map for trf?
<vejetaryenvampir>Do you have prefered pastebin site?
<kmicu>vejetaryenvampir: is “-” the key next to backspace?
<vejetaryenvampir>kmicu: There are bunch of errors.
<vejetaryenvampir>Can I post my map?
<vejetaryenvampir>It would be easier.
<kmicu> is the same for all of us on Guix 0.16 so no need. Do you have a separate map file?
<rvgn>Hello Guix!
<sneek>Welcome back rvgn, you have 1 message.
<sneek>rvgn, rekado says: Guix does not ever touch a user’s home directory. “guix system reconfigure” is safe.
<vejetaryenvampir>Nope, same as in every distro.
<vejetaryenvampir>Just, I know I have correct one.
<rvgn>The Evolution Mail Client is not packaged yet?
<vejetaryenvampir>kmicu: ?
<kmicu>Is that linked above not correct?
<nckx>rvgn: No.
<rvgn>nckx Okay
<vejetaryenvampir>kmicu: I didn't checked.
<rvgn>Is there any mail client that is packaged apart from claws-mail?
<vejetaryenvampir>It is.
<gipa>civodul can't paste, but it tried to download a .tar.xz from the upstream ftp but there isn't the file there (So it returns 404 not found)
<vejetaryenvampir>It is correct.
<vejetaryenvampir>I can't understand...
<mikadoZero>rvgn: I am using mu4e an Emacs email client.
<gipa>do I need to run guix refresh after the guix pull?
<nckx>rvgn: ‘Conventional’ GUI clients? Not that I know of.
<rvgn>mikadoZero never used emacs. but planning to.
<nckx>Lots of use mu4e and more minimal stuff like mutt, I think.
<mikadoZero>rvgn: It is included in the mu package.
<rvgn>ncks I see :/
<nckx>rvgn: That's fine, but that's the reason that others haven't been packaged yet.
<nckx>People tend to package what they use.
<vejetaryenvampir>kmicu: Can we contunie on dm?
<rvgn>nckx sorry, what was the reason again?
<rvgn>Oh you mean since there is already mu package available?
<nckx>‘Lots of use mu4e and more minimal stuff like mutt’. The other stuff isn't missing because we hate it, just because we don't use it and packaging things like Thunderbird/Evolution/… is a lot of work.
<rvgn>mikadoZero I installed the package "emacs". Is that a base package? I have to install "mu" package in addition to that?
<mikadoZero>rvgn: Yes
<civodul>gipa: this kernel version is from an old Guix it seems; we're at 4.19.28 currently
<mikadoZero>rvgn: When you open Emacs you should see a welcome screen. It makes since to do the tutorial and is helpful to read the manual. Both are mentioned on the welcome screen.
<civodul>gipa: at any rate, it would be great if you email to bug-guix the command and its output, as well as the output of "guix describe" or "guix --version"
<rvgn>nckx I get it. But the devs also should think about other users as well right? Since Guix is a Free Software and has some unique features, some regular users would like to shift from proprietary systems to guix.
<rvgn>Who would require regular GUI mail clients to do their work.
<gipa>civodul then maybe I did something wrong trying to upgrade guix :/
<rvgn>mikadoZero Thanks!
<kmicu>vejetaryenvampir: Guix 0.16 uses exactly that so there must be a bug somewhere. I need to boot a Guix System image on a laptom to investigate more.
<vejetaryenvampir>kmicu: Where is the /usr/share dir?
<vejetaryenvampir>I cannot find it.
<vejetaryenvampir>on qemu with booted latest guix desktop version.
<kmicu>vejetaryenvampir: everything is in /gnu/store/*
<vejetaryenvampir>lemme see.
<pkill9_>vejetaryenvampir: packages which include 'share' files will have a '/share' directory within them, and guix creates a directory called a profile containing all the share files of the specified packages
<vejetaryenvampir>Where is the .map files?
<kmicu>vejetaryenvampir: using ‘find’ tool to find in /gnu/store is what I do usually.
<kmicu>I’ve booted Guix System 0.16, executed ‘loadkeys trf’ and when I press ‘-’ key (next to backspace) it prints ‘x’.
<kmicu>It prints ‘w’ for you?
<vejetaryenvampir>It have to print "-" normaly.
<vejetaryenvampir>And yes, it does.
<kmicu>Maybe QEMU is the reason why we see different behavior (or different hardware keyboards).
<vejetaryenvampir>I will boot it up for you just wait.
<kmicu>The rest of trf layout looks good.
<vejetaryenvampir>When you realy realy used to your keyboard layout, you cannot use default us,uk based layouts.
<kmicu>You can, but slowly. ;)
<mikadoZero>In system.scm in the definition of %base-packages what is the significance of this part: (map canonical-package bash coreutils findutils grep sed patch gawk tar gzip bzip2 xz lzip) I am trying to explicitly state all the packages in the system configuration or user manifest instead of using %base-packages.
<vejetaryenvampir>I will not. :)
<vejetaryenvampir>kmicu: By the way, there is a bug in trf keyboard since 2002.
<vejetaryenvampir>How can I change this globaly?
<vejetaryenvampir>I mean, AltGr + - (next to backspace) key has to print "|" but it prints "÷".
<vejetaryenvampir>When I have to work in tty (generaly installation), it is realy annoyying...
<kmicu>And that happens only in Guix System’s console and works as expected in your current distro?
<vejetaryenvampir>The file has bug since 2002.
<vejetaryenvampir>All system (except for macos I didn't tried) have correct layout.
<vejetaryenvampir>But tty one is incorrect.
<vejetaryenvampir>x one is correct also.
<vejetaryenvampir>I mean x graphical env you know.
<kmicu>Do you want to load your ‘correct’ instead the one provided by ?
<vejetaryenvampir>I can do this manualy I know.
<vejetaryenvampir>But I want it to be correct globaly.
<kmicu>Ah, sorrry. I misunderstood then.
<vejetaryenvampir>You know something to report or something?
<kmicu>It looks like Guix’s kbd will search in LOADKEYS_KEYMAP_PATH so you could there and loadkeys my_trf.
<vejetaryenvampir>Geek, I meant the kdb-project's
<kmicu>Ideally you would write to and inform them about the issue.
<vejetaryenvampir>Anyways, I booted it in real.
<vejetaryenvampir>And same.
<vejetaryenvampir>It is a bug I think.
<vejetaryenvampir>Lol, I can use my mouse. :)
<kmicu> it looks like that project needs some love.
<vejetaryenvampir>kmicu: It is still incorrect in real boot.
<kmicu>If trf works in Xorg then you could install Guix System without those 3-4 incorrect keys.
<vejetaryenvampir>I can't do probably.
<vejetaryenvampir>They are essential.
<vejetaryenvampir>Like "|".
<vejetaryenvampir>But I can do with history.
<kmicu>I don’t recall using - or | during installation process but you can ‘loadkeys en’ to write them ;) not ideal, but that but should be fixed once in kbd-project and not separately in every distro.
<vejetaryenvampir>Pipe is the best thing I ever seen. :)
<kmicu>FYI I understand your pain. I don’t use qwerty but installed Guix System in qwerty. Frustrating and slow but it took couple of minutes so not that bad.
<vejetaryenvampir>How can I check connection?
<vejetaryenvampir>ping -c2 doesn' work
<vejetaryenvampir>BTW, it is qemu.
<pkill9_>is the network adapter up? is dhclient running?
<pkill9_>might be using incorrect erminology, i mean doing `ip set ___ up`
<kmicu>FYI I follwed to setup the connection (ethernet or tethering).
<vejetaryenvampir>ifconfig -a
<vejetaryenvampir>ifconfig eth0 up
<lfam>vejetaryenvampir: Ping doesn't work in the basic default networking mode of QEMU
<lfam>You can test the network is up with `guix download`
<vejetaryenvampir>can I use guix like curl?
<lfam>This tool is always available with Guix so just forget about using ping, wget, curl to check the network state
<kmicu>Thank you lfam
<lfam>No, it's not like curl. It's a simple download tool
<vejetaryenvampir>I can't connect to internet. :)
<vejetaryenvampir>ifconfig eth0 up && dhclient -v eth0 is what I use.
<vejetaryenvampir>But guix download fails.
<kmicu>vejetaryenvampir: what is in your ‘ip a’ is IP assigned to eth0?
<vejetaryenvampir>I don't know.
<vejetaryenvampir>inet part?
<kmicu>yep something like 2. eth0 ... inet ...
<vejetaryenvampir>inet brd scope global eth0
<kmicu>It must be some QEMU thing.
<vejetaryenvampir>I don't know.
<vejetaryenvampir>Should I try to download a package?
<kmicu>Sure. It the mean time let’s wait for folks familiar with QEMU’s networking.
<quiliro>hello Guix!
<quiliro>how is hacking?
<quiliro>i am happy to see tipp10 typing tutor in guix
<quiliro>sadly it is not in spanish
<quiliro>but gtypist is in spanish and it is in guix too
<quiliro>is there another option?
<Blackbeard[m]>quiliro: hi ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
<Blackbeard[m]>quiliro: do you use emacs?
<Blackbeard[m]>there are several options there
<quiliro>Blackbeard[m]: I do use Emacs
<quiliro>what options are there and how did you find them?
<rvgn>Do one actually need GSRC (GNU Source Release Collection) inside Guix System?
<quiliro>is it possible to view web pages in emacs as nicely as on icecat or epiphany? i find the elements vertically stacked instead of as they are supposed to on ewwç
<Blackbeard[m]>GitHub - mrkkrp/typit: Typing game for Emacs similar to the tests on 10 fast fingers
<Blackbeard[m]>EmacsWiki: Typing Of Emacs
<quiliro>Blackbeard[m]: thank you!
<Blackbeard[m]>GitHub - hagleitn/speed-type: Practice touch/speed typing in emacs
<quiliro>is it included on guix?
<Blackbeard[m]>A finger-typer makes a horrible Emacs user: Learn to touch type with `Typespeed` – Emacs Notes
<mikadoZero>Blackbeard[m]: emacs-typit and emacs-speed-type are not packaged for guix yet.
<mikadoZero>quiliro: ^
<mikadoZero>As far a I can tell. I just searched for both of them.
<Blackbeard[m]>quiliro: they don't need to be on guix though
<Blackbeard[m]>you can install them with the code or
<Blackbeard[m]>with Melpa
<mikadoZero>Blackbeard[m]: As I am using Guix SD it would be nice to have all the packages on the system managed by Guix.
<Blackbeard[m]>mikadoZero: you don't use melpa?
<mikadoZero>Blackbeard[m]: On my Guix SD system I managing all my Emacs packages using guix. You can see that there are many to choose from that are already packaged for Guix. `guix package -s emacs | less`
<Blackbeard[m]>mikadoZero: oh ok
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<rekado>nckx: I see that message (it’s my own) and I see vagrantc’s message, but I have not received your message in the same thread. :(
<vagrantc>email can be very asynchronous sometimes
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<lfam>rekado: Is it possible and convenient to create a go-build-system-updates branch and build it on Berlin? Or should I just push to staging?
<nckx>rekado: Whoops. Well you got the point. Thanks. Damn.
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>I am having a look at the guix build syscalls module.
<g_bor>I am thinking about reorganizing it a bit.
<g_bor>As it is right now, it's quite big, and also contains a lot of not 'system-calls' stuff.
<g_bor>I am also not very convinced with this naming, for example something that is a systemcall in linux is not essentially a systemcall in hurd...
<g_bor>we should keep the module with the exports as a compatibility layer.
<efraim>perl6 patches away!
*efraim is off to bed
<lfam>Wow, I just pushed a patch with a date of January 2018
<nckx>[security fixes]
<lfam>Heh no
<rvgn>Hello Guix!
<rvgn>Is there a GUI front-end for perl-image-exiftool?
<civodul>hi rvgn!
<civodul>apparently there's no such thing, but there are several GUIs that allow you to edit EXIF tags
<civodul>geeqie, GIMP, etc.
<lfam>I'm seeing a lot of missing module warnings related to newt in recent Guix
<rvgn>civodul Thanks! Any other GUI apps that is dedicated only for meta data editing? I will check out geeqie.
<civodul>hey lfam!
<civodul>lfam: when doing what?
<lfam>civodul: Actually I think it's related to my 3rd-party packages :)
<lfam>Out of tree
<rvgn>EasyTag for example, like how its focused only on metadata editing of audio/video files. Looking for pictures similar to that.
<civodul>lfam: ok, surprising still :-)
<lfam>Yes, kinda weird!
<lfam>It started after pulling to the latest master commit from maybe a week ago
<civodul>could you paste these messages?
<mikadoZero>lfam civodul: just sent a bug report about newt and package search
<civodul>oh so that's a thing :-)
<civodul>commit bfc9c339301ffe6dd15d156894dc27e05f6f081f may be the culprit
<lfam>I'm still using GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH rather than channels, FYI
<lfam>Btw civodul, I just spent some time chatting with the folks in ##distro-security, as a followup to my email
<lfam>Not sure what will come of it but many distros have expressed interest in some sort of cross-distro CVE tracking and collaboration system
<mikadoZero>Would there be any issue with having a package listed in %base-packages as well as is the system configuration or user manifest?
<lfam>mikadoZero: I don't think so
<mikadoZero>lfam: Thanks
<ng0>lfam: which email?
<lfam>ng0: It was a private email. Sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned it here
<lfam>Some folks from Arch are trying to improve how free distros communicate and handle security issues in packages. They would like to reduce the duplication of effort between distros regarding finding and testing patches
<lfam>At this point we are basically just introducing ourselves
<civodul>lfam: oh that's nice
<nckx> /join ##distro-security :-)
<nckx>Cool news!
<lfam>No news yet!
<ngz>Currently, when substitute* is used in a package definition, and doesn't replace anything, it does not raise an error. I wonder if it would be useful to make it raise one.
<ngz>It does raise an error when the file does not exist.
<nckx>ngz: That's been suggested before, but I can't find the discussion (guix, substitute, and error aren't great keywords…).
<ngz>Ah ok.
<ngz>It it has been discussed before, and it wasn't implemented, I assume this was not a great idea.
<civodul>mikadoZero, lfam: fixed:
*civodul -> zZz