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<mbakke>nckx: Sounds great :)
<nckx>Ding. That is the correct answer.
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<noobly>is guile able to completely replace bash in guixsd?
<tune>noobly: I know of eshell in emacs if you'd like to try a different shell
<tune>Regarding issue #34799 it seems I've been given a patch to try to see if it fixes the issue with font-terminus. I'm not really sure I'm supposed to do here.
<tune>If someone can help me, that would be appreciated.
<tune>It seems like I am to modify the latest version of the package on my machine to see if it fixes the issue, but I have never done something like this before.
<tune>pavucontrol crashes when choosing a different option from a dropdown. I've gone back like eight generations and it's still crashing....
<tune>is there a way to undo a rollback yet?
<bavier>tune: if you haven't gc'd recently, I think you can use --switch-generation to go to the "newer" generation
<bavier>(not tested)
<tune>sorry, can you give me more info?
<tune>is that args for guix package or what? also how can I check generation numbers
<tune>went back like 8 generations trying to troublehsoot the pavucontrol crash but now I'd like to go back
<tune>I still haven't found a reliable way to find guix info... quite annoying. like a browser search never works, opening html manual and doing ctrl-f fails me, I don't even remember how to get to guix stuff from info inside emacs
<tune>ah switch generation is a guix system thing? would that still work for user profile?
<tune>I guess i'm just gonna update again. can't figure out anything
<Blackbeard[m]>tune: hi
<Blackbeard[m]>tune: i can't get 'info guix' to work inside Emacs
<Blackbeard[m]>but it works on a terminal though
<Blackbeard[m]>$ info guix
<Blackbeard[m]>works for me
<tune>ah, thanks
<Blackbeard[m]>tune: did it work?
<tune>info guix works as expected, yeah
<bavier>tune: sorry for the delay; it's a 'guix package' switch
<tune>bavier: can I view generations and their differences?
<bavier>tune: --list-generations
<bavier>tune: I would recommend reading the section inthe manual, it discusses returning to a generation after a roll-back
<bavier>'info guix'
<tune>oh awesome
<bavier>section 'Invoking guix package'
<gtoast>I’m trying to set up guile on Guix. I keep getting messages about guile-readline and guile-colorize which I’ve installed using Guix. Does anyone know how to configure guile to use these modules the Guix way?
<rvgn>Hello Guix!
<rvgn>Since ExifTool not packaged yet, is there any alternative available in the repo?
<rvgn>Also, does the package "evolution-data-server" provide the Evolution Mail Client app as well?
<nckx>noobly: If you mean in Guix itself (package build scripts, the Guix System initrd, other places where others'd use bash): yes. If you mean interactively: no. The initrd drops you to a Guile REPL on failure, which cannot be said to, ahem, rival bash. Yet.
<nckx>*confused* rvgn: ‘guix package -i perl-image-exiftool’? Please report a bug if it doesn't work.
<rvgn>ncks Thanks I was searching as ExifTool
<nckx>$ guix package -s ExifTool → name: perl-image-exiftool
<nckx>rvgn: How do you search?
<nckx>Doesn't really matter. Use ‘guix package -s’, that's what it's for :-p
<rvgn>list at
<nckx>Maybe ‘guix package -A’ (and other commands taking regexes) should be case-insensitive.
<rvgn>nckx cool thanks
<civodul>Hello Guix!
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<nixo_>Hi guix! Anybody is using luks with a keyfile? I want to be able to input the passphrase just once (or possibly 0 times by using a keyfile on an external usb key)
<civodul>nixo_: no, but i agree it would be nice
<nixo_>I saw a 2016 mail thread where Ludo was involved, but I think the discussion ends nowhere
<civodul>nixo_: perhaps you could revive that discussion
<civodul>i don't remember if there were serious blockers
<civodul>"Dockter scans a research project's source code, generates a Dockerfile, and builds a Docker image."
<civodul>rekado: ↑
<civodul>another use case for the combination of "guix import upstream" + "guix pack as a service"
<efraim>I figured out how to implement flags for a build system! Dropped some 200 lines from perl6.scm
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<civodul>hello lsl88!
<lsl88>Hi Guix! I am trying to add an image uploaded to savannah to a .md file. I am following the documentation, I even took a look at previous blog posts, but cannot make it work. I will write down what I am doing
<lsl88>civodul: hi Ludo! Did you think I was not going to appear here anymore? ;-)
<civodul>lsl88: heheh, good to see you here! :-)
<civodul>what do you mean "you cannot make it work"?
<lsl88>it doesn't show up when I add it to my blog post. It is either empty or shows links to savannah instead of showing the image inside the blog post
<lsl88>it is weird
<civodul>lsl88: you mean the images don't show up when you run "haunt serve" and go to localhost?
*lsl88 brb
<lsl88>I'm back
<lsl88>civodul: yes, that is exactly what happens. And even reading the documentation or looking at the post about guix days 2019 I am doing the same, just changing the URL from savannah and does not show up
<lsl88>and if I add Guix Days logo, it works without any issue, it is sth aboyt my images on saavannah I guess
<asterope>I need to move grub64.efi to another location in the /boot partition because of the retarted laptop uefi support
<civodul>lsl88: that's fine: if you use the full URL for images, it won't work until the web site is uploaded to
<civodul>but that's ok
<asterope>How can I do this in system config file?
<civodul>lsl88: i can double-check this kind of thing before publishing
<lsl88>civodul: uhmm i see, so I will add the links about my two blog posts and let the community decide which one is better :)
<lsl88>civodul: thank you, I pushed the images, but i thought I was doing sth wrong, yesterday I stayed up late trying to fix it.
<civodul>lsl88: did you push the .md file as well?
<civodul>i only see the images
<lsl88>civodul: no, because I have both versions, the one that is about telling about guix days and my work as an intern, and the one about my work as an intern
<lsl88>the latter was what I agreed with my mentors, and the first one was my first version. I don't mind publishing neither of them.
<lsl88>civodul: and great! I did well then uploading the images :)
<lsl88>civodul: is it ok sending both version as an attachment to guix-devel or guix-blog?
<asterope>Problem solved, I found how to define a new bootloader - sadly, there's no documentation on it
<civodul>lsl88: sure, you can send them to guix-blog
<civodul>roptat: did you see the post about LFS on Guix on help-guix?
<civodul>i'm sure you'll like it :-)
<wigust>Hello Guix.
<rekado>sway 1.0 is out now
<efraim>Just saw that on mastodon
<rekado>I’d like to give it a try. I’d like to see if I can do without X11.
<gtoast_>I’m trying to set up guile on Guix. I keep getting messages about guile-readline and guile-colorize which I’ve installed using Guix. Does anyone know how to configure guile to use these modules the Guix way?
<rekado>gtoast_: Could you please provide us with a little more information? Have you installed guile-readline, guile-colorize, and guile itself?
<rekado>erm, I mean: have you installed Guile through Guix as well?
<rekado>can you show us what messages you get?
<gtoast_>rekado: I’ve installed guile-readline guile-colorize and guile through Guix
<rekado>what value is set for GUILE_LOAD_PATH and GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH?
<gtoast_>One moment. Loading it up...
<gtoast_>rekado: So i start the Guile repl and i get the message “Consider installing guile-readline package...” and a second similar message about guile-colorize
<rekado>what does “which guile” say?
<rekado>is it the Guile from Guix?
<gtoast_>These seem to come from my .guile file which has a bunch of if statements checking for these modules.
<rekado>I’d also still like to see the values of GUILE_LOAD_PATH and GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH
<gtoast_>Which guile responds: “/run/current-system/profile/bin/guile”
<rekado>oh, so you’re using the Guix system?
<rekado>still need GUILE_LOAD_PATH ;)
<gtoast_>GUILE_LOAD_PATH is /run/current-system/profile/share/guile/site/2.2
<rekado>how did you install guile-readline and guile-colorize (and guile)?
<rekado>the usual way is to install packages into your default profile
<rekado>but your “guile” is from the system profile
<gtoast_>Guix package -i guile-readline
<rekado>I suspect that you didn’t install “guile” itself into your profile.
<rekado>when you do, GUILE_LOAD_PATH will be set to the correct value and your packages will be found.
<gtoast_>That’s another question I have. Right now my only user is root. When I create another user how do I know what default packages they’ll be given?
<gtoast_>Sorry in advanced for all my dumb questions.
<nckx>gtoast_: Everything in the PACKAGES field of your OPERATING-SYSTEM.
<nckx>Which most people cons onto %base-packages or whatever it's called, so those too.
<efraim>I'm just going to leave this README here ...
<phenoble> Hi '
<phenoble>So I'd like to install (/manually update) the package for qutebrowser, which can be run using the older qtwebkit, or the newer qwebengine (...Chromium?).
<phenoble>The latter, a qwebengine-based qutebrowser, has significant benefits. But I don't see qwebengine package in guix.
<phenoble>I just see qtwebkit. Has qtwebengine not (yet?) been packaged in guix, and if not, why, and will it ever?
<nckx>phenoble: I can only answer the first part: no, and I don't think it will be soon.
<phenoble>Ok, so i found something on the mailing lists. Originally there were FSL concerns about qwebengine because it depends on chromium. But I see that chromium has been packaged and integrated into guix about 2 weeks ago.
<jackhill>Hi Guix, I've defined a service in my channel that extends the mcron service to periodically call a python script that should upload telemitry to a remote server:
<jackhill>however, it doesn't seem to be working, because they remote server is not receiving the data.
<jackhill>herd schedule mcron looks good, and if I run /gnu/store/61692zjpkhy3jqv4a7jk1k8a14k6yn8k-planisphere-report-0-0.1b606af/bin/planisphere-report by hand, it works
<jackhill>replacing the python scrpt with touch run from mcron also works:
<jackhill>I'm a a loss of how to debug further.
<jackhill>In addition to help debugging, general comments are also welcome.
<efraim>jackhill: what if you call it with python? (cmd (file-append python "/bin/python") (file-append (planisphere-report-package config) "/bin/planisphere-report")))
<jackhill>efraim: I'll try that. While I'm doing that note that the #! for the script has been patched:
<dawgmatix>Newcomer to guix, but longtime linux user here. Any pointers on how I could set CMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS to ON for all packages that use cmake as the build system and then collect the generated compile_commands.json in the build directory?
<jackhill>efraim: oops, now my channel doesn't build with
<efraim>oh, better idea than my add python-2 idea, is the report executable?
<jackhill>yes -r-xr-xr-x 2 root root 10024 Dec 31 1969 /gnu/store/61692zjpkhy3jqv4a7jk1k8a14k6yn8k-planisphere-report-0-0.1b606af/bin/planisphere-report
<jackhill>head -n 1 /gnu/store/61692zjpkhy3jqv4a7jk1k8a14k6yn8k-planisphere-report-0-0.1b606af/bin/planisphere-report
<efraim>hmm, I'm still using string-append in my cronjobs
<jackhill>hmm. I'm pretty sure that the file-append is working though:
<jackhill>(when I'm testing, I adjust the schedule to make it run every minute ☺)
<efraim>how about with '#$' before file-append
<efraim>nvm, I see it's already there on line 24
<jackhill>cool, I was about to write how that didn't make sense to me ☺
<enderby>hi, i'm back with my question. i have an old guix version on debian foreign distro, version 8d4805ba2934e492524512aac8a95662f2cf97c7. guix pull as root gives me an error message: "Guix is too old and cannot be upgraded"
<enderby>what can i do to upgrade?
<jackhill>It looks to me like the mcron jobs are "correct", but I need to get better insight into what happens when they're actually run. Does stderr, stdout, and return code get logged somewhere?
<jackhill>dawgmatix: my first thought would be to modify (guix build-system cmake), but I'm no guix expert.
*nckx hopes this ML mail makes it through.
<jackhill>especially when you all packages, because creating custom packages in that case doesn't seem tenable.
<rvgn>Hi Guix!
<jackhill>enderby: I don't have any real advice, but this mailing list thread may help:
<jackhill>as I understand it, you can use a newer guix that you get from somewhere else, or do a step-wise update
<rvgn>1) Do files in user's home directory get conserved or get deleted after "guix system reconfigure"? 2) Do user preferences/settings like default applications, desktop background etc., get conserved or get deleted after "guix system reconfigure"?
<enderby>jackhill: thanks, will try. i think some of that rings a bell
<dawgmatix>jackhill - thanks for the pointer, will give that a shot
<jackhill>you're welcome
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<bavier>does melpa have issues with archives changing over time too?
<efraim>iirc melpa yes
<efraim>is perl not part of the standard packages in the build environment?
<bavier>no, only for perl-build-system
<efraim>i see
<mbakke>Oops, the util-linux update broke Python2 urllib tests.
<civodul>mbakke: uh, quite unexpected no?
<mbakke>civodul: Indeed, the failure seems to be contingent on something else. I tried building the previous python2 with --check and it fails too. Maybe SSL certificates or something, investigating!
<ng0>I wished GnuTLS could be bribed^convinced to ship the guile bindings not as part of the main application. It's easy to build with Guix, but it gets difficult outside of it.
<civodul>why is it difficult, ng0?
<ng0>integration of guile inpkgsrc is kind of awkward but works. but gnutls is especially hard for reasons I have to search the log again
<ng0>I receive no feedback on the gnutls-help list.. maybe the next best list is guix-help?
<ng0>so far:
<ng0>and this seems to be a problem with the systems recognized by guild as far as I can tell
<ng0>or the tripplets
<civodul>i "maintain" these bindings, BTW :-)
<ng0>gnutls /w guile is the last remaining package before I can build guix --to-boldly-go-...
<ng0>or whatever it was on new unsupported olatfomrs
<ng0>oh :)
<civodul>"x86_64--netbsd" is not a valid triplet
<civodul>it should be "x86_64-pc-netbsd" or similar, i think
<ng0>yet I have guile2.2 building here and other packages maintained
<ng0>but the -- is normal?
<civodul>what does "grep ^host=" config.log" report?
<civodul>er, "grep ^host= config.log"
<civodul>from the top of the build tree
<ng0>just a moment, need to build it again
<ng0>i think i lost a patch. need a bit longer.
<ng0>by lost I mean the guile 2.2 support hack no longer applies for whatever reason. but
<ng0>grep ^host= config.log
<civodul>ng0: and what does ./build-aux/config.guess say?
<ng0>I haven't build it yet again, only up to the point where the guile2.0->2.2 patch fails. you mean what does it say about the host?
<civodul>what does it print?
<ng0>oh I missed the ./
<mikadoZero>phenoble: As an alternative to qutebrowser you could consider surf.
<civodul>ng0: so you'll have to find out why this becomes "x86_64--netbsd" :-)
<ng0>I've watched it so often that I consider it normal. But I'll ask
<rvgn>civodul What is the precision and accuracy values of reproducability of guix?
<gtoast>I'm trying to enter my timezone. The documenation says you can use tzselect to find the correct definition but the tzselect command and package aren't find by guix.
<ng0><nbjoerg_> ng0: we pass x86_64--netbsd explicitly?
<ng0>[2019-03-11 22:09:42] <ng0> i suspected so
<ng0>[2019-03-11 22:09:50] <nbjoerg_> line 55
<ng0>this is to get consistent outputs, reduce variation in results
<ng0>sorry for file line without context, one moment
<ng0> <- this file
<civodul>rvgn: no exact figure, but see
<civodul>you could run "guix challenge" for yourself
<civodul>we have a terrible backlog on guix-patches
<civodul>we should do a patchathon
*civodul -> zZz
<rvgn>civodul I see.
<vagrantc>response to submissions to guix-patches seems pretty hit-or-miss ... sometimes within an hour, and sometimes takes weeks :)