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<ng0>is the configuration directory for icecat ~/.mozilla/firefox/ or does it differ?
<ng0>asking for improving a script
<nckx>ng0: .mozilla/icecat/
<jackhill>should guix environment set up INFOPATH?
<tune>oh dear I'm building rust again
<tune> think I'll cancel and put it on the do not update list and then separately update after that
<civodul>Hello Guix!
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<rvgn>Hello Guix!
<civodul>hi rvgn!
<catonano>I wonder if providing a Budgie based desktop experience could be easier than providing a Gnome based desktop experience in GuixSD
<civodul>i never heard about Budgie, but GNOME works well (with GDM even better)
<rain1>is budgie without animations?
<rain1>the animations in GNOME make it very slow on my computer so perhaps that could be good
<wigust->rain1: I remember gnome-tweak-tool can disable animation
<rvgn>The example system config named "minimal installation" in the guix guide, is it just enough for installing guix system on server?
<efraim>in doc/contributing.texi it implies we support powerpc
<civodul>i'm looking at guix-commits, and i think rekado_ is actually a bot
<roptat>hi guix!
<ng0>turing git-test
<ng0>oh wow
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<efraim>I believe I have fixed crawl and crawl-tiles
<civodul>hey hey, it's Friday!
<janneke>Friday, work-on-hurd day! :-)
<efraim>I'm jealous of work-on-Hurd day
<civodul>janneke: oh!
<civodul>sounds fun!
<apteryx>janneke: sounds fun indeed :-)
<jackhill>Hi, today I'm having some problems with my Guix System setup with gdm. I don't get the created, and in /var/log/gdm/greeter.log is see "(EE) xf86OpenConsole: Cannot open virtual console 7 (Permission denied)
<jackhill>" my operating system config is
<jackhill>I've tried switching back to slim, and slim stars and displays, but starting my actual GNOME session fails, and I get sent back to the slim greeter. I don't know where the error related to that are.
<jackhill>I do still have older system generations that allow me to get GNOME session. What are some things that I can look for between the working and non-working system generations?
<civodul>hi jackhill
<civodul>jackhill: i just tried your config in "guix system vm" and indeed gdm doesn't start
<civodul>fails to activate "org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1"
<ArneBab>Thank GNU for roll-back! My printer didn’t print anymore, after restart gnome didn’t start anymore, but as root (guix system roll-back; guix package --roll-back) and as use (guix package --roll-back) fixed it.
<civodul>hehe :-)
<civodul>jackhill: assertion failure in gdm_session_set_environment_variable
<civodul>jackhill: do you know at which commit it stopped working, looking at your system generations?
<civodul>and you could report this to
<civodul>the assertion failure i mentioned can be seen in /var/log/messages
<rekado_>beep bop
<tune>glad to see neovim working again
<tune>clipit is still broken, though
<rekado_>tune: is there a bug report about it?
<tune>Yeah, 34642
<tune>basically it matches the description of a fixed upstream issue but I've never built my own package before so it
<tune>goes unfixed
<rekado_>would you like to try updating the package?
<tune>I'm sorta on the fence about it, I might be busy today but I also hate to keep leaving it unsolved
<tune>and I should learn
<tune>maybe later I'd be interested in giving it a shot
<tune>if you have any helpful links or info for me I could open them now to look at later
<rekado_>I suggest looking at the contributing section of the manual.
<jackhill>As civodul suggested above, I've determined between which two system generations gdm stopped working for me. How do I get more information about which Guix commit was used to build a generation?
<jackhill>the breakage is roughly around when linux-libre was updated to 5.0
<laalf>hello! could someone export gnunet and gnunet-gtk for me? i am not able to build its dependencies
<pkill9>why can't you build it's dependencies?
<jackhill>sneek_: later tell civodul report submitted:
<laalf>pkill9: i dont know actually. this is nixos and i closed the terminal where it showed me where the log is
<jackhill>sneek later tell civodul report submitted:
<laalf>pkill9: its building /gnu/store/bc0q1avii99bnz8wdyl22pfhs7m5my3r-nss-3.39.drv right now, which was the problem iirc
<pkill9>nss was updated to 3.40 in december, you could try updating your guix
<laalf>pkill9: so guix pull && guix package -i guix ?
<pkill9>just guix pull
<laalf>will do
<laalf>be back in 15 minutes or so...
<pkill9>you might get substitutes for the latest guix pull
<laalf>wasnt there talk about a newer guile interpreter some time ago? guix pull is REALLY slow
<rekado_>we usually have substitutes for “guix pull” derivations. Are you fetching substitutes from
<laalf>i installed guix about 2 months ago. created the service and users. i didnt do anything to it
<laalf>i was on guixsd before but there are many packages missing for it to be a day to day system for me. it was more of a pain for the month i used it. if i had those packages id use guixsd now. though i really prefer plasma
<pkill9>that's annoying
<laalf>is there some kind of list for package wishes? i know there is work being done to plasma
<pkill9>there's not a huge amount on there
<laalf>i will consider adding my wishes to that list. can i add a package to the wishlist which doesnt exist on
<janneke>laalf: what i did was run guix on a foreign distro and gradually move all my computing into guix -- i have very moderate requirements, though
<laalf>i had very excessive nix usage on guix. and nix on a foreign distro is a pain
<ArneBab>My gnome does not start anymore: when I login, the screen looks like it has horizontal scratches, then I’m back at the login. So now I’m in xfce — and it’s crazy how fast it reacts to input.
<jackhill>ArneBab: I recently submitted a bug about GNOME: does your problem sound similar to mine?
<ArneBab>one wish: is it possible to reverse the order of the output in guix package -s ?
<ArneBab>jackhill: it sounds similar, but I’m not sure whether it’s the same. I don’t have good records of the errors I saw (my screen in terminal is cut at both sides …)
<rekado_>laalf: software does not need to be on to be added to the wishlist. But it must be free software.
<laalf>rekado_: ill try to make sure that it is free software only. though gpl2 is free software as well. so that is a bit harder to check.
<rekado_>any free software is fine.
<rekado_>it doesn’t have to be software under the GPL.
<laalf>gpl2 for example can pull in nonfree software.
<rekado_>I don’t understand this sentence.
<ArneBab>Is there a way to get a firefox from the official package archives?
<laalf>rekado_: linux for example is gplv2 but pulls in linux-firmware.
<ArneBab>I installed it manually, but I have problems with video playback
<ArneBab>for example the video here does not play:
<ArneBab>it does play in icecat however
<ArneBab>(installed via Guix)
<laalf>ArneBab: i doubt zdf respects your freedom in any way.
<ArneBab>laalf: well, it does play in icecat
<ArneBab>zdf is one of two big public media stations in Germany
<ArneBab>(public as in paid by something like taxes)
<laalf>ArneBab: i dont quite get you. it plays but you have issues? you can try to disable some plugins. i live in germany as well. i pay for this diarrhea demonstration as well
<ArneBab>laalf: it plays in icecat, but icecat is a cleaned FF 60 and FF 64 has a lot of improvements
<ArneBab>laalf: I don’t get firefox to play that
<rekado_>laalf: please try to avoid the use of denigrating language on this channel.
<rekado_>ArneBab: how did you build firefox? With a Guix package definition or ad hoc?
<ArneBab>rekado_: I did not build locally, I just got the installer
<ArneBab>laalf: I’m watching that part because I hope that there’ll be something about Article13 in there.
<ArneBab>rekado_: I would much prefer to get firefox (or iceweasel — the version without branding) directly from guix
<laalf>what firefox installer?
<rekado_>I think there were people who had some draft package for firefox, but I have never seen anything on the mailing list recently.
<laalf>i remember some package that patchelfd the binary from the website
<rekado_>that wouldn’t be very useful as it would be virtually impossible to debug or tweak.
<laalf>why does guix package -r telegram-purple build curl? thats a phenomenon i see kinda often.
<rekado_>because “guix package” builds a new profile for you. Building that new profile may require building profile hook derivations.
<rekado_>These hooks may depend on other packages.
<rekado_>if you update Guix between the last operation and “guix package -r” it may have to build these derivations first.
<rekado_>hook derivations depend on the contents of your profile.
<rekado_>so the short answer is: because it doesn’t just remove a package from your profile.
<laalf>hm... ok thanks
<ArneBab>laalf: just the normal installer, with some LD_LIBRARY_PATH hacking.
<ArneBab>export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/run/current-system/profile/lib/:~/.guix-profile/lib/:~/.guix-profile/lib/nss/:~/.guix-profile/lib/lib/:/gnu/store/cicj9bp1gvn318yakqv5g871m45xyr4d-gcc-5.5.0-lib/lib/:.
<ArneBab>./firefox "$@"
<ArneBab>laalf: I think it was this one:
<laalf>even after guix pull: guix package -i gnunet-gtk builds nss-3.39
<ArneBab>rekado_: I would prefer having a package what actually gets built from source, do you remember where you saw the package?
<pkill9>laalf: what does `which guix` say?
<laalf>pkill9: should i readlink it? ~/.guix-profile/bin/guix
<rekado_>why do you have Guix installed in your Guix profile?
<rekado_>that’s not correct.
<rekado_>Guix installed via “guix package” will necessarily be older than the Guix you used to install it.
<pkill9>yea you wanna remove guix from your guix profile, you want to use the guix in ~/.config/guix/current/bin
<laalf>can i just delete ~/.guix-profile?
<pkill9>just run `guix package -r guix`
<rekado_>1) it’s a link
<rekado_>2) it’s where all packages installed by Guix go by default
<pkill9>then add ~/.config/guix/current/bin to your $PATH
<laalf>so i thought by deleting .guix-profile i could pull and the profile would be recreated
<pkill9>if it isn't already
<pkill9>you recreate the profile with `guix package --upgrade`
<pkill9>`guix pull` is like updating the database of guix packages
<pkill9>it's technically more than a database, but that's what it's like
<laalf>running ~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix pull
<enderby>hello. i have a laptop i'd installed guix on, but i haven't touched it in several months. I recently went to upgrade guix and the substitutes server, and I got a message like "guix is too old to upgrade guix" - wondering how to upgrade (I assume I download the binary again from the site, but the documentation says not to overwrite your existing install)
<rekado_>enderby: what version do you have?
<rekado_>what exact message did you get and what command did you run?
<enderby>rekado_: eek, can't remember either atm
<rekado_>please try “guix pull” then.
<enderby>i don't have laptop with me right now. i'll have to try again later, sorry.
<enderby>maybe a better question, is there a good way to search the guix channel logs? i feel like they used to come up in web searches, but the site changed?
<rekado_>the logs are here:
<rekado_>but there’s no good way to search them
<rekado_>(or even to show them)
*rekado_ remembers a little log viewer project…
<enderby>kk, gotcha. i guess i will ask again when i'm back at the laptop. I am recalling that it was during a guix pull as root - there was an error message about guix being too old and something about a srfi, but don't remember the version.
<enderby>(on foreign distro)
<civodul>jackhill: looks like i found the issue with GDM: /var/empty is no longer 555, which it should be
<civodul>testing a fix...
<mikadoZero>I am using Guix SD. I just did a pull and reconfigure. I setting up mu4e and following it's documentation. I have set up an .offlineimaprc. When I run `offlineimap` I get this: "ERROR: No CA certificates and no server fingerprints configured.". I have nss-certs installed. Is this guix related?
<rekado_>mikadoZero: no
<rekado_>your repository configuration in .offlineimaprc needs a cert_fingerprint line.
<rekado_>(at least that’s one way to solve this)
<vagrantc>you can also probably add sslcacertfile = /path/to/your/profile/.../ca-certificates.crt
<mikadoZero>rekado_: Thanks. I will read the offlineimap documentation.
<mikadoZero>vagrantc: Thanks. I am updating locate database now.
<vagrantc>hrm. i got the asus-c201/veyron-speedy to boot with the prawn-os kernel ... but specified the wrong root device, so it obviously failed to boot
<vagrantc>then i reinstalled with the "right" device, and it failed to boot :(
<vagrantc>or rather, coreboot failed to recognize it as valid boot media
<jackhill>civodul: cool. Danny is also looking into via the ticket. I'll let them know.
<mikadoZero>rekado_: I saw you mention packaging silvius yesterday. I would test it on Guix SD if it gets packaged. I also watched a video on . In the video at 20:35 he says that creating a model is "extremely computationally intensive". He recommended using already built models instead of building one. His would be a easy choice as it was developed to code by voice. Could you elaborate on the comment ab
<mikadoZero>out game data packaging and its relation to a voice model?
<mikadoZero>To clarify the "computationally intensive" part is for training the model not using.
<civodul>jackhill: and there's a second thing, which is that /var/run/dbus is 700 instead of 755
<civodul>getting there...
<rekado_>I consider a voice model to being no different than game data, sound files, or graphics files.
<rekado_>we wouldn’t train the model as part of the build.
<civodul>rekado_: there was a debate in Debian circles about what constitutes "source" in the context of deep learning
<civodul>there was an article on LWN IIRC
<civodul>difficult question...
<rekado_>I don’t think the model would be installed as part of the library, though, so answering the question does not seem to be necessary in this case.
<rekado_>(people can download any model or train one by themselves; any model should be fine.)
<mikadoZero>rekado_: Thanks for clarifying that.
<vagrantc>hrmpf. guix: system: command not found
<civodul>rekado_: the article i had in mind:
<rekado_>civodul: thanks!
<rekado_>what I find really worrying is how widespread the use of CUDA is in otherwise free software.
<civodul>CUDA is terrible
<civodul>it's always been a threat to free software
<civodul>even more so given that it's a de facto monopoly
<rekado_>there are *lots* of new bioinfo applications that require CUDA (or want it via tensorflow)
<rekado_>tensorflow on the CPU is hardly usable for those applications. It’s a very bad situation
<rekado_>tensorflow developers promised to add OpenCl support, but this promise is already pretty old and it hasn’t happened yet.
*rekado_ is annoyed by the loud fan on this Librem laptop
<rekado_>compiling software for days with a loud fan is no fun.
*rekado_ builds the nth rust on staging + an updated blast+ on master
<mikadoZero>`cd /` and them `locate .guix-profile` returns nothing. `ls -lA` I do not see .guix-profile in my root or non root users home directories. As per section 4.1 Features of the manual. Where can I find my users guix profiles that link to their stores?
<rekado_>.guix-profile will only be in home directories. “/” is not a home directory.
<rekado_>All of these are links that point to /var/guix/profiles/…
<mikadoZero>rekado_: I do not see /root/.guix-profile with ls -lA in /root. I also do not see /home/username/.guix-profile with ls -lA in /home/username. There are many numbered profiles in /var/guix/profiles. I would like to be able to use a .guix-profile to refer to the current version of the ca certificate for offlineimap. I want to avoid referring to a specific profile number as that will not be updated I am assuming an
<mikadoZero>d will eventually get garbage collected.
<rekado_>~/.guix-profile will be created automatically when you run “guix package -i” (or “-m”) as a user.
<rekado_>if you’re doing this as the root user /root/.guix-profile will be created.
<vagrantc>so i'm getting "guix pull: error: Git error: OpenSSL error: failed to load certificates: error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)"
<vagrantc>even on old versions that certainly used to work ...
<civodul>jackhill: fixed now, phhew
<mikadoZero>rekado_: Thanks I will look into those to flags. I have not run `guix package` with either of those yet. I have been updating my system config file and run `guix system reconfigure config.scm`.
<vagrantc>does guix pull rely on the user's certificates, or does it use it's own certificate store?
<jackhill>civodul: thank you!! reconfiguring now
<mikadoZero>Would it be desirable for system reconfigure to create the .guix-profile files as well?
<rekado_>mikadoZero: no.
<rekado_>“guix system” doesn’t do user profiles.
<mikadoZero>rekado_: Thanks for clarifying. I will read the documentation on package and those flags.
<civodul>jackhill: i was afraid of it being a more serious issue, given the recent changes for user account handling
<civodul>better this way :-)
<jackhill>oops, I meant :)
<jackhill>although, now I have a new problem (of course!): gdm starts, but none of the UI widgets are drawn. I did manage to type my username and password to login though.
<jackhill>oh! one of my monitors became unplugged. I bet the UI was on that one
<jackhill>yep, that was it. whew!
<jackhill>I do have a problem with the gnome calander widget from the top bar not displaying the <- -> previous and next month arrows, but clicking where they should be works. Sounds simmilar to the gdm change session type gear not displaying?