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<ebrasca>How I can see japanese charecters in icecat?
<ebrasca>I have install font-google-noto
<ebrasca>How I can see japanese charecters in icecat? ( I have install font-google-noto )
<phenoble>Hi #guix
<phenoble>So I'd like to install rust packages using cargo. In the command-line, this would just be a "cargo install X"; how would one go about this in guix?
<tune>phenoble: the guix way would probably be to package cargo stuff you need as a guix package so that it can be rolled back with other packages and enjoy other guix benefits
<tune>but I'm not sure if the way you're used to will work or not
<tune>should be similar to nix so if you can't find info looking it up for guix, maybe look it up for nix
<phenoble>tune: Yes, I figured that I'd need to do my own packaging, and use the cargo-build-system. Unfortunately that didn't work out; fortunately I found self-contained binaries that I can work with instead of having to build from source.
<phenoble>tune: thank you for the reference to nix; haven't done that so far, will do
<Richard[m]>Hi, I'm trying to create a disk image from the wip-newt-installer but I run into the following error message (it's at the very bottom) that I am unfortunately unable to decipher:
<cbaines>Richard[m], that looks like an issue with the .go files Guile generates
<cbaines>I'd recommend running make to build the .go files, then you shouldn't see all those "note source file newer than compiled" lines
<nckx>ebrasca: That should suffice. Did you follow the instructions to run ‘fc-cache -f’? Does fc-list know about the Noto CJK fonts? Did completely restarting Icecat help? &c.
<ConfusedLizzard>Hello, i am struggling getting custom firmware to work. glxinfo yields the information, that the openGL renderer string is "llvmpipe". An internet serach reveals that this means pure cpu usage. I tried to get the firmware to work by using the firmware command in the systemdeclaration. After a reconfigure and a reboot, llvmpipe is still used.
<kmicu>ConfusedLizzard: do you use stock kernel?
<ConfusedLizzard>kmicu no i do not. But the firmware i use is defined in the same file as the kernel i use. There should no be a mismatch.
<ConfusedLizzard>lsmod lists radeon as loaded.
<ebrasca>nckx: I have restart icecat, I don't know what is fc-list or command "fc-cache -f" .
<tune>that first command lists fonts and the second refreshes the font cache
<ConfusedLizzard>Quick question towards rolling my own fork of a channel. Can guix pull handle channels with login? I tried but get "authentication required but no callback set". The documentation of channel does not metion callback
<ebrasca>nckx: Thanks it work.
<nckx>ebrasca: Yay! fc-cache is mentioned in the manual, and fc-list displays the ‘result’ (fontconfig's view of your font world).
<ConfusedLizzard>Is it possible to set a local repository as a channel? If i put "~/path/to/repo" as url i get an exception complaining that this is not a valid url. I looked up the source code and it looks pretty hard coded that channels are supposed to be remote.
<mbakke>ConfusedLizzard: Try an absolute path.
<nckx>ConfusedLizzard: ‘~’ is expanded by your shell (and often not even there), it doesn't work elsewhere.
<nckx>And try file:///foo/bar if that doesn't work.
<ConfusedLizzard>mbakke nckx sorry for the late respone, this absolutly works.
<ConfusedLizzard>mbakke: I am actually trying to modify your repository. Maybe this is not necessary at all. Your linux-nonfree from gitlab works fine so far. The kernel loads fine. But my graphics card does not work so far. When booted into a system glxinfo return "openGL redenderer string: llvmpipe" despite me specifying radeon-firmware-nonfree as required firmwa
<ConfusedLizzard>re in the systemdefinition. What is the correct way to load the firmware?
<mbakke>ConfusedLizzard: I don't know anything about radeon, sorry! Maybe you'll find something in the list archives.
<mbakke>ConfusedLizzard: Did you add the relevant firmwares to the (firmware ...) field of your OS configuration?
<ConfusedLizzard>mbakke: Thank you anyway for providing the channel. Yes i did. (firmware (cons * radeon-firmware-nonfree %base-firmware))
<mwette>FYI only: I tried to get guix to build on Fedora 29 but gave up. The final gotcha was that gnulib does not have fseterr.c; other annoyances are that there are no tarballs on the internet for guile-sqlite3 or guile-git.
<ConfusedLizzard>I tried to pull guix, resulting in compile time bugs. Does anyone have the same problem? After pinning the guix channel to the last commit that worked for me a215c93, the pull runs perfectly.
<raingloom>heyy people, I'm trying out GuixSD and I wanna install GNAT for university stuff, I've `guix edit`-ed gcc and made an entry based on the Fortran ones, but i'm getting a nondescriptive error when I try to install it
<raingloom>this is my definition:
<raingloom>(define-public gcc-ada
<raingloom> (custom-gcc gcc "gcc-ada" '("ada")
<raingloom> %generic-search-paths))
<raingloom>and this is the error:
<raingloom>guix build: warning: failed to load '(gcc)':
<raingloom>no code for module (gcc)
<raingloom>guix build: error: gcc-ada: unknown package
<raingloom>the command I'm running: GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=. guix build gcc-ada
<raingloom>ok i gotta go but I'll check the log in case someone answers
<efraim>sneek_: botsnack ?
<efraim>raingloom seems to be out so someone tell them that IIRC ada currently can't be bootstrapped, it needs an ada compiler to build for ada, so we unfortunately currently don't have ada support in guix
<OriansJ>efraim: is the GCC Ada compiler not capable?
<mikadoZero>What is the default `nix-base32` format for the `guix hash` command? It is not covered in the `guix hash` man page or the manual section `Invoking guix hash`.
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<rekado>mikadoZero: it’s base32 with a reduced alphabet.
<rekado>this is Nix heritage. See base32Chars in nix/libutil/
<rekado>we do the same in guix/base32.scm
<mikadoZero>rekado: Thanks
<raingloom>uugh, turns out the link to the logs doesn't work. has anyone answered my packaging gcc-ada question?