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<kmicu>(Some folks even use both Nix(OS) and Guix (System), or Nix on Guix System, or Guix on NixOS. One big happy immutable reproducible declarative familly.)
<nly>Microsoft holo lens looks awesome
<tune>so clipit fails to autostart with awesomewm since my last reboot or two. cannot launch it from rofi. CAN launch it from a terminal, but then I can't keep it running when closing the terminal
<tune>I just want it running in the background so I can hit ctrl-alt-f to get to a search for old pastes that I reuse a lot
<OriansJ>tune: and clipit & doesn't work?
<tune>that launches it but closing the term still kills it
<OriansJ>tune: what if you reptyr it?
<tune>what is that?
<OriansJ>reptyr - Reparent a running program to a new terminal
<OriansJ>another thing to try is nohup
<OriansJ>nohup - run a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty
<tune>I will try some of those in a sec
<tune>OriansJ: so would I just do "nohup clipit"? that doesn't work, neither does adding &
<OriansJ>tune: so "nohup clipit &" doesn't work?
<tune>nohup: ignoring input and appending output to 'nohup.out'
<tune>[1] + exit 255 nohup clipit
<OriansJ>tune: that first line is just informing you where the output of clipit is being sent; you can confirm if clipit is still running by doing pgrep clipit
<tune>well the tray icon doesn't appear and the keybind doesn't work... treating it as my previous tests
<tune>pgrep clipit gives no results also, though
<OriansJ>tune: what happens if you do: screen clipit
<tune>it's a graphical application for the record
<tune>I haven't got screen installed, just tmux
<OriansJ>tune: what happens when you run it in a tmux session that is detached?
<tune>everything seems the same in tmux so far. keeps working when detached
<tune>I don't see the point of this, it cleary broke in an update. I don't want to waste a shell keeping it going even if it's a detached one
<OriansJ>tune: there is your solution then, it isn't pretty but if your program doesn't behave according to posix standards; there isn't much I can recommend beyound trying something different
<OriansJ>tune: you also have the option of reverting the version to the one prior to the update that broke everything
<tune>but it literally worked fine before and has now broken. that is the point of my complaint
<tune>anyway I have filed a bug report now
<nckx>tune: Are you comfortable building custom packages?
<nckx>As in, could you build clipit from or later and test?
<nckx>There are some unreleased fixes that I suspect are related to what you're seeing.
*nckx sent it as mail as well.
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<tune>nckx: I should be comfortable doing that, but I'm not really. maybe with some guidance I could give it a try
<foobarbazquux>I'm trying to install GuixSD. I'm stuck on the config.scm part. I
<foobarbazquux>I'm getting an error on the line (let* ((port (open-pipe* OPEN_READ "lspci)) because it doesn't recognize "open-pipe*"
<foobarbazquux>It says to include '(use-modules (ice-9 popen)' at the top, but I already have '(use-modules (gnu) (gnu system nss) (ice-9 popen))' at the top.
<foobarbazquux>I also tried '(use-modules (gnu) (gnu system nss)) (use-modules (ice-9 popen))' and got the same error.
<kmicu>foobarbazquux: does the line literally has ‘"lspci))’ part?
<foobarbazquux>kmicu: No, I miswrote that. It's on another computer that's running non-graphically off of a USB with the GuixSD ISO
<foobarbazquux>Anyways, I just realized that I didn't need it. Now I tried to instantiate the config.scm again, and this time got "error: operating-system: unbound variable" "hint: Did you forget '(use-modules (gnu system))'?"
<foobarbazquux>This is even though I have (use-modules (gnu) (gnu system nss)) at the very top. I define my own module beneath, but I didn't think that would interfere.
<efraim>for 'install-file' do I have to create the directory first?
<kmicu>foobarbazquux: it’s difficult to guess w/o seeing the config but you could install with stock config from /etc/configuration/* and after a successful installation make changes to the system.
<kmicu>foobarbazquux: ‘operating system’ is the first thing in stock config after importing modules so that new module definition must interfere somehow.
<foobarbazquux>kmicu: I think I'll try that. It does define a custom kernel so I have WiFi, though, so I'll have to figure it all out right here while I have Ethernet connected.
<pkill9>efraim: i don't think so
<efraim>pkill9: i didn't think so
<efraim>so I must have a typo somewhere
<efraim>(string-append out "share...") ,missing the '/'
*kmicu uses tethering (wifi over phone pretends to be Ethernet) when real cable is not available.
*nckx wonders why the CDN was disabled. $?
<efraim>when did that happen?
<nckx>efraim: 90d098857.
<foobarbazquux>If I created a boot partition (for a legacy BIOS computer) and did "mkfs.ext4 -L my-boot /dev/sda1", should my bootloader declaration be (bootloader (bootloader-configuration (bootloader grub-bootloader) (target "/dev/sda")))?
<efraim>foobarbazquux: yes
<nckx>foobarbazquux: Yes… but keep in mind that your kernel & initrd won't be stored on /boot. Only GRUB itself.
<efraim>here's mine for comparison
<foobarbazquux>efraim nckx: Awesome, thanks.
<kmicu>nckx: is that rev from core-updates or master?
<efraim>i don't see it on master
<nckx>efraim, kmicu: maintenance ;-)
<efraim>looks like the cloudfront CDN was disabled, not the amazon one
<nckx>The name "aws_cloudfront_distribution" kind of threw me then. 😒
<kmicu>Ah, a seperate repo. 😺
<nckx>It's where we keep metaGuix, like artwork, talks, Web site and other infrastructure stuff.
<roptat>hi guix!
<kmicu>Thank you nckx ( ^_^)/
<nckx>efraim: So where's this second AWS (or whatever) CDN configured?
<efraim>nckx: not sure
*nckx did pay attention at FOSDEM but this Terraform stuff is Russian to me.
<nckx>I thought the bucket was just to store TF state.
<efraim>you might be right, I assumed cloudfront was cloudflare based on the similarity of the name, but apparently not
<nckx>Oh well. I'm sure all will be revealed soon in an e-mail from Chris.
<sisyphe_>hi guix
<sisyphe_>I was trying to launch cuirass from source
<sisyphe_>I did the requested guix package -f build-aux/guix.scm but it looks like it's not enough
<sisyphe_>ERROR: In procedure scm-error:
<sisyphe_>no code for module (fibers)
<sisyphe_>does it miss some dependency ?
<foobarbazquux>Pmce O
<foobarbazquux>Once I've written a package definition in a .scm file, how do I export it so I can use it in other files?
<foobarbazquux>Is it "guix package -f module.scm" if I wrote it in module.scm?
<foobarbazquux>Also, why can't I edit /etc/config.scm as root?
<efraim>where is 'cut' from?
<foobarbazquux>How can I install from the non-free packages repo?
<pkill9>there isn't an official non-free packages repo, but you can add external channels by putting them in ~/.config/guix/channels.scm, or by adding the directory of one to $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<pkill9>also don't talk about how to get proprietary software in this channel as it's against the rules
<pkill9>this is how to add channels
<foobarbazquux>pkill9: Thanks. I won't do that anymore.
<nckx>foobarbazquux: Is /etc/ your system configuration? What do the permissions say?
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<kmicu>Maybe that partition with /etc/config.scm is mounted as read only cuz something is broken. 🤷
<nckx>Just edit /etc/config.scm to fix it and—oh.
<foobarbazquux>nckx: I forgot to mention that I figured it out. It's just that Emacs opens it in read-only-mode.
<allana>Hi guix. Aynone know if it is possible to "git-fetch" from a "private" repo?
<allana>or I should say a git repository requiring authentication.
<kmicu>allana: it looks like that use-case is not supported in git.scm.
<g_bor>tune: the sftp completion issue now has a patch, it's tracked as #34646.
<amz3>allana: I think it should be possible if you use the http://login:password@gitrepo.git
<allana>does the guile module just call git?
<amz3>allana: btw, github provides "keys" so that you don't have to actually use your password
<amz3>allana: it calls libgit2
<allana>amz3: Thanks. Are these keys referring to github's "HTTPS cloning with OAuth tokens"? I'm only curious, the repository that I am trying to interact with is not github
<amz3>allana: I think that is it
<bgardner>Good morning guix; I installed bind utils by adding the package to the system config like this: (specification->package+output "bind:utils"), which seemed to work great - on 'system reconfigure' it downloaded and ran to completion with no error - but dig, nslookup and friends are not installed. Did I do something wrong?
<jlicht>hey guix!
<janneke>bash: oops: command not found
<jlicht>if only my shell would be as helpful as an IRC room full of people ;-)
<notnotdan[m]>hey jlicht
<notnotdan[m]>how is it going?
<efraim>I don't suppose anyone here knows about perl6?
<efraim>is there a way to change the separator in 'native-search-paths' to be a different character?
<efraim>or do I have to do it in a build-system
<efraim>for those following along, the relevant code is in guix/search-paths.scm
<efraim>and you can change the separator
<jlicht>hey notnotdan[m], life is good \o/.
<notnotdan[m]>i think i am going to try to update the coq package today
<roptat>notnotdan[m], that'd be great :)
<roptat>but I think some of the libraries will not build
<roptat>they'll have to be updated too :)
<hulten>I get the message "unable to get local issuer certificate" if I run HexChat on Guix on Ubuntu.
<hulten>Hello, b.t.w. :-)
<hulten>I remember the certificate issue being an issue for several programs. This was difficult to solve.
<hulten>Anyone have more information / knows that status of this problem?
<hulten>(Now I run HexChat without this problem natively on Ubuntu.)
<efraim>does 'env | grep SSL' show an SSL_CERT_FILE or SSL_CERT_DIR?
<hulten>No, efraim, neither of these are set.
<efraim>I have SSL_CERT_FILE=/home/efraim/.guix-profile/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
<efraim>on my guix-on-ubuntu machine I have it without the leading '/home/efraim/.guix-profile'
*nckx 'd tell them to install ‘nss-certs’ but isn't sure that's right on foreign distros…?
<notnotdan[m]>roptat: i guess i should check all the libraries in coq.scm?
<nckx>bgardner: Do you have /run/current-system/profile/bin/dig?
<roptat>notnotdan[m], yes
<roptat>more easily, you can build what "guix refresh -l coq" tells you
<notnotdan[m]>oh nice
<notnotdan[m]>eventually i want to remove coqide from the coq package. because eww
<nckx>hulten: Is the Guix nss-certs package installed?
<nckx>That will set those paths for you (and give 'em something to point at), but I don't know if that will interfere with your Ubuntu host.
<notnotdan[m]>btw, is there a way to write patches directly against your current guix install? because right now i just have a guix repository cloned into a separte folder against which i do git commits etc
<roptat>what do you mean?
<hulten>That's it! HexChat is not complaining about his anymore.
<hulten>So, should nss-certs not be a dependency of hexchat?
<roptat>it's easier to use a cloned repo to create patches, no?
<roptat>hulten, not really, it's part of the recommended additional steps though
<hulten>Ah, I should have read the documentation better then.
<notnotdan[m]>roptat: well, i don't even know if there is any other way
<roptat>I don't think there is :p
<roptat>you know you can ./pre-inst-env to test your changes, right?
<notnotdan[m]>ok, but when i do `guix refresh -l coq` it will list the packages w.r.t. my current guix installation, and not w.r.t. what i have in the cloned repo?
<roptat>no, but you can run "./pre-inst-env guix refresh -l coq"
<roptat>from your checkout
<notnotdan[m]>oh i was not familiar with that
<hulten>Ah yes, roptat: I found that from the binary installation there is link to "Application Setup" that I'll go through now.
<hulten>Anyway, thanks for the help!
<roptat>you can use ./pre-inst-env with any coq command and it will use your local checkout instead of your guix installation
<notnotdan[m]>hm i don't see this script in my checkout
<roptat>you need to configure first
<notnotdan[m]>ok brb rereading the installation instructions
<bgardner>nckx: Sorry for the delay; no, I do not have that
<bgardner>nckx: Actually, I don't think (specification->package+output "package:output") is working. I also have an entry for (specification->package+output "openjdk@9:jdk") that does not error, but also does *not* install the JDK.
<bgardner>nckx: Per-user profile via 'guix package' works great, but I'm trying to install system wide.
<roptat>bgardner, I'm not sure, but try (list openjdk-9 "jdk")
<bgardner>roptat: Interesting - it's running, and downloading the JDK9, I'll report back.
<bgardner>roptat: I also tried that form for bind:utils and it crashed, do I need to append the version?
<roptat>openjdk-9 is the name of the variable that contains the package definition for that specific version
<bgardner>nckx, roptat: Ahh, in dns.scm it is "isc-bind", and (list isc-bind "utils") seems to work - both outputs are now present and working!
<nixo_>Anybody running guix in gitlab-ci jobs on non-guixSD systems?
<nckx>bgardner: That's tripped me up before. Yay!
<jonsger>nixo_: maybe
<efraim>nixo_: I am on travis
<nixo_>jonsger: ehm.. so you are compiling guix every time? I wanted some binary to have it a bit faster and then compile my package.scm
<nixo_>have to disconnect, will look at it later, bye!
<jonsger>nixo_: I'm not the person who wrote this, its roptat. You could get a binary from the installer script or you could install guix 0.16 from opensuse:tumbleweed
<efraim>Here's the one I'm using for my GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<foobarbazquux>How do I add a channel declaration in my /etc/config.scm? I tried putting just the (cons ... %default channels) suggested by the manual, but that gave an error "invalid field specifier". When I wrapped that in (channels ...), I got "extraneous field initializer".
<foobarbazquux>efraim: Thanks, but how do I include this in my config.scm's operating-system declaration? Pasting it outside gives an error as well.
<efraim>foobarbazquux: oh, for that. I've never tried to add it to an OS config
<joshuaBPMan>Hello, odd question. I've got an issue with Icecat not working pretty much at all. (it crashes when I try to visit a website). And my trackpad only sometimes works. Should I email the help-guix mailing list or the bug-guix mailing list? Thanks joshua
<kmicu>Hi joshuaBPMan: are you using Guix System or some other distro? What IceCat version?
<kmicu>(I’m asking cuz I don’t have any issues with IceCat on Guix System 0.16.)
<joshuaBPMan>kmicu: I'm using guixSD.
<joshuaBPMan>I'm currently dual booting between debian and guixSD.
<joshuaBPMan>and I'm on guix 0.16 too. I'm only a few days behind master I think.
<kmicu>Does IceCat crash on any website or only on a specific one?
<joshuaBPMan>it crashes when I press RET in the omnibar aka the url bar
<davidl>guix pull failed for me for 089a2c5
<davidl>anyone who has a working commit for me?
<jackhill>davidl: what error do you get? I seem to have been able to pull that commit.
<davidl>jackhill it was about ui.scm or gui.scm some readline #eof error. I was building it for hours and then it failed.
<davidl>restarted the machine without saving the full error output unfortunately.
<davidl>jackhil: Im betting on commit e05da20 instead now :-)
<jackhill>davidl: I don't really know what could cause that. I just see that I am running that commit in via guix describe. Is it reproducable?
<jackhill>(if you're willing to try again)
<davidl>jackhill: I actually can try and let it run over night.
<jackhill>I'm on x86_64
<davidl>me too. I'll switch back to building that same commit again and report to you tomorrow if I remember it.
<jackhill>good luck :)
<davidl>thx =)
<over7head>does guix supports r8188eu module from staging for tp link v2 wireless adapter_
<over7head>can libre firmware work with this ?
<over7head>im using 8188eu module and wext for running it
<rvgn>Hi Guix!
<over7head>i would like to try guix
<over7head>sounds interesting distro
<over7head>but im not sure if my wireless will work