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<tune>neovim started segfaulting recently
<tune>mostly using emacs so it caught me off guard
<ZombieChicken>Out of curiosity, Is there any way to route guix through tor?
<ZombieChicken>quick question; is there a way to have a mapped-device depend on another mapped-device? I have a system I used to run that has a LUKS container on an RAID array, and there doesn't seem to be any way to specify that one mapped-device depends on another
<tune>does cataclysm-dda update often? seems like it is often building when I update. I worry it's a sign that all my packages are being rebuilt for some reason
<ZombieChicken>tune: I think it depends on the source. the stable CDDA is pretty old, but the git is still moving forward
<tune>the guix package in this case
<tune>not sure what it uses
<tune>actually have yet to play it... might uninstall it
<ZombieChicken>it's kinda fun
<ZombieChicken>I've played it
<rvgn>Is there any reference to "exit with error code:1"?
<fps>running any guix command destroys my console..
<fps>only export PS1="" fixes it
<fps>"destroys" as in making history edits borked
<roptat>hi guix!
<roptat>fps, what do you mean?
<roptat>like when you type "up arrow" it doesn't work or something?
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<roptat>ha, I know why the hash of josm sources changes after some time... they use svn externals but don't define a revision for them
<roptat>so whenever there is a new revision in one of the externals, I get a different source code...
<fps>roptat: exactly. it's the same behaviour as if one has a broken PS1 env var
<ZombieChicken>anyone here running X without root perms?
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<roptat>fps, weird, I don't experience that
<fps>roptat: i even tried different terminal apps, like xfce4-terminal and gnome-terminal
<fps>and my PS1 is totally default since it's just a test system in a vm
<roptat>are you using bash or something else?
<roptat>what command do you run?
<roptat>even "guix --version" breaks the console?
<roptat>what's $PS1 before and after running the guix command'
<nckx>Surely guix can't modify the environment of its parent shell.
<fps>roptat: sadly i'm at work now.. yes, i'm running bash. commands i tried are "guix pull" "guix update" etc..
<fps>PS1 doesn't change
<fps>no, the environment isdn't modified
<fps>i suspect terminal control codes that aren't propperly finalized
<fps>oh i have another vm here.. lemme make sure of the steps to reproduce
<fps>it's an old install so i'll try guix pull first ;)
<fps>guix archive --authorize ~/.guix-profile/share/guix/
<fps>that broke it
<fps>and yes, the command is incorrect and i ctrl-c'd it
<fps>afterwards it's borked
<roptat>is it on a recent guix?
<roptat>what vm software do you use?
<fps>but only in the x11 terminal. not on console..
<roptat>(what's the result of guix describe?)
<fps> guix f21058d
<fps>it's an ancient guix
<fps>the result is the same on my vm at home though which is more recent..
<roptat>ok, then what vm are you using?
<roptat>ok, what's the guest OS you use? guix?
<fps>here at work it's windows 10, at home it's ubuntu 18.04
<fps>i think i had the same issue when i ran it on bare metal once..
<roptat>that's even weirder
<fps>it annoys me for quite a while already..
<fps>why should the hardware have something to do with it?
<roptat>even "guix describe" breaks your console?
<fps>another hunch might be broken font handling somehow..
<fps>let's se
<fps>let's see
<roptat>ok, so not every command does...
<fps>hmm, in a new terminal the guix archive command didn't either
<roptat>what's the difference between the two terminals?
<fps>i opened one more..
<fps>ok, this is very random it seems..
<fps>ok, here's a reliable way i think:
<fps>run guix package -u
<fps>wait until you get a bold "building /gnu/store....."
<fps>resize the terminal at that time
<fps>then ctrl-c
<fps>yep, reproducible
<fps>arrow-up to see the brokenness :)
<roptat>let me try...
<roptat>I can't reproduce :/
<fps>maybe it depends on me using xfce4 and xfce4-terminal on this machine..
<roptat>I use the xfce4-terminal on openbox on fedora right now
<fps>maybe you need to scroll up a bit further until it starts eating lines and garbling the term
<fps>what fonts do you use?
<fps>hmm, weird.. i have to go to lunch now with the team.. bbiab
<roptat>system fonts
<nly>Can i make the (video ...) procedure nicer? I don't like #: keywords.
<jlicht>hey guix
<jonsger>jlicht: hey jelle :)
<roptat>nly, maybe define a record type and pass it to the procedure?
<roptat>it'd be better for internationalization too since gettext won't be able to understand the #:keyword syntax
*kmicu loves how suspending to RAM Just Works™ on Guix System and 10-year old laptop ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ λ𝛌𝚲𝝀
<nly>this is much nicer now:
<nly>:) thanks
<jlicht>nly, what are you working on exactly?
<jlicht>it seems interesting :-)
<nly>oh, don't make me blush.
<nly>I am using guix to deploy videos
<nly>roptat helped me clean up the UI, and video->package was their idea
<jlicht>I actually have been thinking of the "packages in disguise"-thing as well for user services, so it's nice to see another application of it around :)
<nly>that would be super awesome
<nly>do you have a repo for user services?
<roptat>it could also have been made a file-like object, but I guess that requires a bit more changes from guix
<roptat>and then you could use the video record in g-exps directly :)
<jlicht>nly: not yet, but I have adapted quite some of alezost's work;
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<bgardner>What's the syntax in the config for a different output on a package? "packagename:out" throws an error.
<Sleep_Walker>bgardner: if you meain in the list of inputs, it's 3rd field
<nckx>bgardner: I use (packages (specification->package+output "foo:bar" …)) for all my packages, so that's a kind of work-around I guess.
<bgardner>nckx, Sleep_Walker: Thanks, I'll see what I can work out
<bzp>Hello everyone, what model or brand of laptop do you recommend to install the guixsd system? that recognizes wifi, sound and video?
<bzp>Does this model give you guixsd? ThinkPad E470 (14", Intel)
<efraim>not sure about the wifi for the thinkpads
<efraim>I have the perl6 compiler rakudo packaged, still need to figure out the test suite
<polezaivsani>you can swap in a wifi card served by ath9k in thinkpads (at least on those i used to work with)
<bzp>What model and brand of laptop, do you recommend to install guixsd to recognize all the hardware?
<nly>you can look here:
<kmicu>bzp: nothing new. The most recent ones are T400 anc X200 iirc.
<bandali>see for ^
*kmicu recommends buying second-hand cuz prices for RYF hardware are not accessible (even order of magnitude higher than a market price).
<jonsger>vikings is also not that cheap, but they seem to offer new (not-used) displays
<jonsger>could someone apply to master
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<inquisitiv3>Where can I read about best practices managing my Emacs configuration with Guix? Tried "ducking" but found nothing.
<nly>info-install says info dir entry is missing from 'skribilo package?
<bgardner>nckx: That did the trick, thank you!
<CornBurglar>Has anyone configured JACK on guixsd?
<phenoble>Hello #guix!
<phenoble>Having just been able to decide that I can indeed use guix (at work too, yay), I have a question:
<phenoble>Is there a way to "reinstantiate" a ~versioned-set~ of guix packages from a script or some sort, on another system?
<phenoble>I.e. is it possible to save the exact state of guix on one system, and then reinstantiate that exact same state, at some point in the future, on another system?
<phenoble>I'm sure this is possible, but I haven't found the mechanisms you'd use for that yet (in the manual, say).
<CornBurglar>I think it comes down to turning the system into a package
<phenoble>CornBurglar: I see. So can packages be nested?
<CornBurglar>are you using guix on a foreign distro or on guixsd I think that makes a difference
<phenoble>CornBurglar: I'd use it on various foreign distros.
<CornBurglar>and yes of course packages can have dependencies isn't that the same as "nested packages"
<phenoble>Ah, so I could create a package that'd have the dependencies I'd want to have available as packages, and dependencies can be explicit with regards to the version they refer to?
<CornBurglar>if you want to maintain a set of packages that you can easily migrate to many systems, I would recommend making a channel. Channels are git repos full of packages. And yes I believe that statement is correct
<CornBurglar>I at least have used channels as an alternative to keeping a bunch of random packages floating around my system
<phenoble>CornBurglar: I see, thank you.
<phenoble>CornBurglar: So a channel is a set of packages in a git repo.
<phenoble>CornBurglar: Do you have your channels public so I could have a look at how such a repo would look like?
<CornBurglar>I don't have them public and I'm still figuring things out I'm pretty new to the stuff myself
<CornBurglar>but the organization should be similar to that of the existing guix repo
<phenoble>I'm a bit surprised that the manual kindof only vaguely explains what a channel is, but does not define precisely how to construct one.
<phenoble>CornBurglar: Point taken, thank you!
<phenoble>This might be such a repo, but I'm not sure - it's been last updated two years ago:
<CornBurglar>Hopefully that information was helpful
<jackhill>phenoble: I don't have the experience to help you with your question, but I remember there being talk of real-world channel examples on the mailing list: (and the thread continued in February)
<phenoble>jackhill: Just what I was looking for \o/. Thanks!
<jackhill>yay :)
<phenoble>I think, I also found one, this repo has a .guix-channel file:
<nly>I guess you figured it out
<nckx>phenoble: Please don't post links to proprietary software in this channel.
<phenoble>nckx: noted, sorry
<nckx>No biggie.
<CornBurglar>Anyone configured JACK on guixSD?
<CornBurglar>How is it done?
<nly>phenoble i feel like guix expects you to also use emacs and guile
<CornBurglar>I manage without emacs
<nly>you don't have to learn them, but if you bite the bullet, the experience is awesome
<phenoble>nly: So what makes you feel that, now particularly?
<nly>CornBurglar i just run jackd from the command line
<phenoble>nly: My emacs configuration, having cost me one too many free weekends and holidays, is ready for guile and guix, I think ^^.
<nly>There are nice features in emacs to work with guix.
<CornBurglar>I just don't like emacs
<nly>If you were asking about realtime-kernel, i don't have that
<nly>i use jack without realtime
<phenoble>CornBurglar: The nice thing about emacs is that, eventually, you can and will change every single thing that you don't like about emacs.
<phenoble>CornBurglar: Which, from my experience, can also be seen as a bad thing, though, tehe.
<CornBurglar>I want a mouse editor by default I think
<CornBurglar>but acme doesnt have the features I'd like
<phenoble>Ah, mouse support in emacs is lacking, and may not be easy to add in such a way for it to be comparable to "modern IDEs" - true.
<rekado_>Emacs has good mouse support.
<nly>does artist-mode work for you?
<phenoble>rekado_: not if by "good mouse support" one also means: gui menus, dialogs, "a windows-y feel", etc.
<CornBurglar>I think what I want exists through proper configuration but I feel like with the amount of config I'd be going through why not just make my own editor
<phenoble>CornBurglar: that's more or less exactly what you'd embark on: creating the editor that you'll want to work with, probably for the next 10-20 years (...until we communicate with computers using brainwaves or something).
<phenoble>CornBurglar: but there's very good starter configurations now. I recommend doom emacs, or spacemacs.
<phenoble>Doom emacs can compete with VSCode and the like in look and feel out-of-the box, I think.
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<rekado_>phenoble: that’s what I mean: Emacs does have a GUI, menus, dialogs, buttons, etc
<mikadozero>I am trying to provide additional information for a bug report I sent to the bug mailing list. I was requested to use `diffoscope` or `vbindiff` to provide more information on differences that `guix challenge` reported.
<mikadozero>So for example:
<mikadozero> local hash: 0yvgmb6019agp09fg2569x3dffk9p00rb2n4714pck2lcf7y69ji
<mikadozero> 0ps55s0chi7wsm2mmmkn2rhrz9slcvanvkzmi7gjsz9q174q3bgw
<mikadozero>Let me try that again:
<mikadozero>- local hash: 0yvgmb6019agp09fg2569x3dffk9p00rb2n4714pck2lcf7y69ji
<mikadozero>- 0ps55s0chi7wsm2mmmkn2rhrz9slcvanvkzmi7gjsz9q174q3bgw
<mikadozero>How would I compare a local store item and a url for a binary file. One is a directory and the other is a binary?
<rekado_>mikadozero: please take a look at the manual: 7.11 Invoking ‘guix challenge’
<rekado_>it shows how to unpack the downloaded file
<mikadozero>rekado_: Thanks I will read the documentation.