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<serichsen>Thanks bavier, I now found where this is going. Just need to set that in all shells, Emacs, and SBCL…
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<atw>Levy[m]: a little old, but is the basic approach. You can see in the attached file that I couldn't make my emacs-service work at the time, because the --fg-daemon option didn't exist then
<apteryx>atw: it doesn't seem to be a problem
<apteryx>herd says "it is started"
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<leungbk>is this the correct way to use `guix download` with a github repo?
<leungbk>./pre-inst-env guix download
<leungbk>i keep getting different hashes, so i'm pretty sure this is wrong
<leungbk>there isn't a release version, so i have to use a git commit
<samplet>leungbk: GitHub tends to timestamp and regenerate non-release archives. If you are packaging, you can use “git-download” to get the source code via Git.
<samplet>Otherwise, I don’t think the “guix download” tool can fetch VCS repositories.
<vagrantc_>you'd basically need to manually download the git repository, run "guix hash -rx ." from it.
<leungbk>@samplet @vagrantc_ thanks!
<vagrantc_>and make sure you've got the correct version checked out with no cruft lying around in it ... made that mistake more than once
<allana>Hi, for "guix pack -f docker ...", is there an inverse guix function for unpacking the docker archive as an application bundle?
<roptat>allana, I don't think so, but if you have the command and guix commit that produced the docker archive, you can guix pack -f something-else it :)
<allana>roptat: I can use tooling outside of the guix ecosystem for working with docker images. I was just curious. Thanks.
<allana>By the way, I am very excited about guix, and I am very thankful for all of the help that I get from this community when I run into issues or have general questions. So thanks to all!
<nckx>Hullo Guix o/
*nckx is already sorry for responding to The Thread.
<wingo> is pleasantly fast today
<wingo>hopefully it is the last version of The Thread we will have for a good long while
<rekado>I don’t find the thread all that bad. Sure, it’s annoying and repetitive, but it’s really just one person repeating a hypothetical. I think we can simply move on.
<rekado>could have been worse.
<roptat>oh wingo, you're the wingo from guile-fibers, right?
<roptat>thanks for doing that!
<roptat>I've been using it for a fun project where I want to define a petri net and actually execute it
<roptat>I'll add more bindings with graphviz and sdl to have a nice graphical representation and it'll be perfect :)
<roptat>fibers look a lot like π-calculus, was it an inspiration?
<wingo>the direct inspiration was concurrent ml
<wingo>specifically parallel concurrent ml
<wingo>from the manticore project from uchicago
<roptat>I see, I found it usefull to think about it as process-calculus when looking the in literature for a representation of petri nets (although I found only representations of π-calculus using petri nets instead of the reverse ^^')
<roptat>but maybe it's a source of inspiration for them
<kmicu>nckx: please don’t be sorry. At least now I know what’s the true motivation behind ‘One Man AntiChromium Army’ 😺
*kmicu also doesn’t use Electron/etc but that’s not a valid reason to block others from using it at all costs.
<nckx>I hate chromium and everything it stands for, and I'd prefer not to see it in Guix, but not this way.
<wingo>it's worth saying tho that it's the only browser providing site isolation tho
<kmicu>[Jokin’] Eww (Emacs Web Wowser) also provides that by not supporting js xD
<nckx>kmicu: That I don't see what's wrong with the linked message probably exposes my bias further ;-)
<rain1>I have been realizing that this situation isn't sustainable for free software. the web standards committee needs to dial down the complexity of the specs so that they can be independently implemented
*nckx wants a pony while they're at it.
<wingo>love 2 download texlive-texmf for some reason
*nckx suddenly wonders what the Web would be like if it was built on TeX.
<nckx>Can't be much worse than what we have now. And the kerning would be glorious.
<Misha_B>once I have made a package definition, how do I get guix to use it?
<rekado>wingo: I promise I’ll remove texlive-texmf from remaining inputs before 1.0
<rekado>you’d only need to download it if you want it.
<wingo>rekado: i think i actually want it, it's just that i update my guix infrequently enough that every time i do, texlive-texmf comes down the pipes :)
<wingo>Misha_B: put it in a file and pass -L to the guix package command
<wingo>needs a module header too maybe? i think this might be in the manual
<rekado>with the new profile hook for texlive things it’s becoming feasible to assemble the parts of texlive that you’re interested in without having to download texlive-texmf.
<rekado>Misha_B: you can use “-f /path/to/file.scm”, or you can put it in a Guile module and use “-L /path/to/directory”; or you can add it to Guix by submitting a patch against the Guix sources.
<sisyphe_>hi guix, do you know how I can tell guix-daemon to make use of distcc ?
<rekado>sisyphe_: you cannot.
<wingo>so! how do i run gdm? do i need to remove slim-service from the base services and replace it with gdm, is that it?
<rekado>wingo: yes, this worked for me.
<joshuaBPMan>can you change the default keyboard layout for gdm just like you can with slim?
*wingo going to find out :)
<sisyphe_>rekado: ok :(
<nckx>sisyphe_: You *can* offload whole package builds to (many) different machines running Guix, like distcc at a package level.
<nckx>It's a pain to set up but one only does that once.
<sisyphe_>does it work between machines with different architecture ?
<nckx>sisyphe_: Good question! I hope someone knows the answer.
<nckx>Maybe with qemu-binfmt-service-type.
<rekado>sisyphe_: what architectures are involved?
<sisyphe_>linux x86_64 and arm-linux-gnueabihf
<rekado>is arm-linux-gnueabihf the target architecture?
<joshuaBPMan>sweet! My icecat package broke...So I just rolled back a few generations, and now I have a working icecat again. Sweet.
<sisyphe_>yes it is
<nckx>joshuaBPMan: Just don't forget to debug/report the breakage ;-)
<nckx>guix pull && guix upgrade && now I have coloured mojies in my terminal.
<nckx>I am unsure what to think of this.
<joshuaBPMan>nckx: I suppose I could try to do that. I'll have to --roll-forward ?? Is that even a thing?
<rekado>joshuaBPMan: you can use “-S <number>” to switch to a profile generation.
<joshuaBPMan>I just sent a bug report to
<ng0>I wish to unsubscribe from the perpetual pointless discussion around chromium without sending CC'd messages to to /dev/null :/
<raghavgururajan>Hi Guix!
<raghavgururajan>In System Configuration, what does words "append" and "cons" mean?? In which context I should either of them?
<nckx>raghavgururajan: (append (list 'a 'b) (list 'b 'c)) → '(a b c d)
<rekado>raghavgururajan: these are Scheme procedures to append a list to a list, and to prepend a value to a list.
<nckx>(cons 'a (list 'b 'c)) → '(a b c)
<raghavgururajan>So if am listing services like network, sound, vpn etc.. one by one, then I can use 'append right?
<raghavgururajan>Oh wait! I got it now.
<wingo>by "listing" you mean "putting them in a list by calling the list function on them", yes
<wingo>append's arguments are lists, anyway :)
<raghavgururajan>wingo Yes :)
<Elon_Satoshi>How do I install nix on GuixSD?
<roptat>install nix by following their procedure for any other foreign distro
<ng0>plus pick the way nix gets invoked on NixOS
<ng0>for the lack of a service a while back I have written a '' script which creates the environment nix needs to work correctly
<sisyphe_>I'd like to build package for an arm target on my x86_64 computer but I'm not able to solve most cross-compilation issues. Compiling with qemu is very slow, that's why I would have used distcc but is there any alternative ?
<bendersteed>hi everyone
<quiliro>how can i know what fonts are missing if the web browser (Epiphany) does not display some characters?
<quiliro>that happened with desktop.scm from installation media...i suppose that the appropriate fonts that are used with the programs installed with desktop.scm should be installed too.
<quiliro>in that configuration
<quiliro>what do you think?
<quiliro>i suppose it is the japanese characters that don't appear on the guix list page
<quiliro>メールでGNU GuixとGuixSDのコミュニティからサポートを受けるには、 「Help」のメーリングリストに登録してください。 メッセージ内容は日本語でも問題ございませんが、多言語でも受け付けております。
<quiliro>appears on erc of emacs
<quiliro>but on of Epiphany just appear squares
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<raghavgururajan>Hi Guix!
<raghavgururajan>When typing system config.scm, do new line by pressing enter considered as a space character?
<amz3>raghavgururajan: please stay around, do not connect / disconnect all the time if you, you will learn some stuff that way.
<amz3>raghavgururajan: yes
<raghavgururajan>For example; is "abc" in line 1and "xyz" in line 2, considered as "abc xyz" in one line??
<amz3>you should learn scheme to get started with guix seriously.
<raghavgururajan>amz3 Sure thing! I usually do. But whenever I am in Cafe, the wifi is not good :(. Thanks though for informing :)
<amz3>ok :)
<amz3>raghavgururajan: here is a small tutorial fwiw
<raghavgururajan>Yeah, I am looking forward to learn that. What is the difference between scheme and guile? Are both languages?
<raghavgururajan>That is awesome. Thanks a lot.
<amz3>raghavgururajan: guile is an implementation of scheme. Guile is particular dialect of scheme.
<amz3>raghavgururajan: you can read that also
<amz3>chicken is another dialect of scheme
<amz3>raghavgururajan: here is the official manual of guile checkout "hello guile!" and "hello scheme"
<raghavgururajan>Awesome! Thanks a lot.
<amz3>also skim over the guix manual itself if you have not done it already
<amz3>subscribe to the mailing list guix-help to get started
<amz3>help-guix that is
<raghavgururajan>I will be subscribing soon. I am just in middle of setting up my own mail server in my vps.
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<dustyweb>the new gnunet logo looks an awful lot like guix's
<dustyweb>I guess they're both GNU projects but I hope that won't be confusing
<Swedneck>feels like that's GNU's new general logo lol
<Swedneck>i like it
<nckx>Guix has one of the nicest Free Software logos I've ever seen (I get it; many others are supposed to be anti-logos; still).
<nckx>raghavgururajan: On GuixSD, I hope?
<nckx>s/SD/ System/ dammit.
<Swedneck>yeah, guix's logo is great
<Swedneck>simple but also not flat, like firefox's logo
<vejetaryenvampir>I have no experience about how to use qemu. And I can't "boot" guixsd's qemu specific image with its "Installation instructions".
<vejetaryenvampir>I mean this:
<vejetaryenvampir>qemu-system-x86_64 \
<vejetaryenvampir> -net user -net nic,model=virtio \
<vejetaryenvampir> -enable-kvm -m 256 /tmp/qemu-image
<vejetaryenvampir>"/tmp/qemu-img" is "~/guixsd-vm-image-0.16.0.x86_64-linux.xz" in my case.
<nckx>vejetaryenvampir: unxz it first.
<vejetaryenvampir>As I said, I haven't used qemu.
<vejetaryenvampir>So, I didn't look for .iso image. :)
<nckx>No problem. It's only obvious if you know it.
<vejetaryenvampir>Sometimes you can't see things...
<vejetaryenvampir>Now, I have same file without its compress extension.
<vejetaryenvampir>Don't it to be .iso file?
<vejetaryenvampir>I realy don't know.
<nckx>vejetaryenvampir: I don't really know. ‘.img’ is probably conventional, but I don't think qemu cares.
<vejetaryenvampir>Can't I use regular .iso files with qemu, right?
<nckx>vejetaryenvampir: You can, but it will be like a CD/DVD: read-only.
<vejetaryenvampir>I need to learn how does qemu work. :)
<nckx>A real VM image is a writable (virtual) hard drive.
<vejetaryenvampir>Yeey, turkish f keyboard is added....
<vejetaryenvampir>I think, I can switch to guixsd from Hyperbola. :)
<vejetaryenvampir>nckx: Can I use this qemu like virtualbox?
<nckx>vejetaryenvampir: Guix is still beta software. Be prepared for some missing bits.
<vejetaryenvampir>By the way, I use virtualbox only in Arch. I can't install it on Hyperbola and I don't want to install it too.
<vejetaryenvampir>nckx: I'm using a very minimal setup.
<nckx>vejetaryenvampir: I don't know. Probably, but you might have to ‘convert’ it to VMDK (?) first.
<vejetaryenvampir>DWM, ST and some cli/tui programs.
<nckx>Which is just changing some metadata.
<vejetaryenvampir>May I ask, if you aren't busy, how can I do that? :)
<nckx>vejetaryenvampir: I don't know (besides ‘run some command’), and I don't think VirtualBox is 100% free software, sorry.
<vejetaryenvampir>Oh sir, you didn't understand me correctly, I was asking, how can I install this to a virtualhost like qemu.
<Formbi>do you know something about Guix not remembering its version?
<vejetaryenvampir>But it will be usable.
<vejetaryenvampir>Formbi: me?
<Formbi>(it's showing like 200 new packages, and a it showed lot of them in some previous versions)
<Elon_Satoshi>vejetaryenvampir: Guix's manual will tell you how to install GuixSd in Qemu
<vejetaryenvampir>Elon_Satoshi: Which manual should I follow sir?
<vejetaryenvampir>Qemu one?
<Elon_Satoshi>vejetaryenvampir: Guix's manual actually taught me how to use qemu
<nckx>vejetaryenvampir: ‘info guix’.
<vejetaryenvampir>Elon_Satoshi: lol.
<ngz>Formbi: what is the result of `which guix`
<nckx>…if that's still up to date.
<Formbi>ah, I think I found it
<Formbi>i added «export PATH="$HOME/.config/guix/current/bin${PATH:+:}$PATH"» in the wrong place
<rmw>I didn't allow binary installs but it looks like I can't install some
<rmw>packages, docker and sct are not installable for me right now. Could
<rmw>this be because of not allowing binaries?
<nckx>rmw: Guix will always fall back to source builds, so not really. Define ‘can't install’.
<rmw>guix replies 'unknown package'
<rmw>I only run guix and not GuixSD though (I have prop wifi drivers and I want to get me free ones someday)
<nckx>rmw: I know that docker is relatively new. Are you sure that your guix is up to date?
<nckx>(guix --version)
<rmw>I did a guix pull, so I think so. Is sct also new? I have it installed on my other package manager for now.
<nckx>Or ‘guix describe’ nowadays apparently.
<rmw>guix describe replies 'failed to determine origin' but pull worked
<nckx>sct was added on Sun Dec 16 13:25:11 2018 -0800.
<rmw>I might have done something incorrectly in my install though. I do have a install script on my gitlab but I made it while installing so it might be incorrect.
<rmw>My other packages work though.
<Formbi>ok, it works now
<mikadozero>Anyone using Guix SD with something other than linux-libre? hurd?
<rekado>mikadozero: the Guix system is not yet available for the Hurd, unfortunately. But Guix can be used on top of a Debian GNU/Hurd system.
<mikadozero>What is Debian GNU/Hurd?
<vagrantc>huh. maybe i should give Hurd a try again ... :)
<nckx>mikadozero: Debian userspace on the Hurd.
<mikadozero>I will look up Debian GNU/Hurd.
<vagrantc>so much to do...
<nckx>*GNUserspace obviously.
<rmw>I heard that it was pretty useable already.
<rekado>once Guix hits 1.0 I expect many of us to concentrate our efforts on getting a Guix Hurd system working.
<rmw>That would be epic tbh.
<rmw>GuixSD really stands out in my opinion. It is supercool.
<nckx>It is!
<mikadozero>What about Guix SD on seL4? I like that seL4 is formally verified. In a seL4 talk I heard they have RISC-V on their roadmap. So I think RISC-V computer, seL4 and Guix SD would be a nice setup.
<nckx>mikadozero: Search the mailing list archives for that, though I don't think any work was ever done besides agreeing ‘yeah that would be nice’.
*nckx was really into L4 &c circa 2008. Guix/seL4 would be heaven.
<rmw>nckx: it was a PATH var problem, I can install those packages now. (I probably add to much guix stuff to my path but I am still learning guix.)
<nckx>rmw: Glad you solved it :-)
<rekado>rmw: it’s best to only do two things: 1) add ~/.config/guix/current/bin to PATH, and 2) export GUIX_PROFILE=$HOME/.guix-profile; source $GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile
<rekado>none of the other variable declarations are needed; they are all recorded in etc/profile anyway, so there’s no point in setting them up manually.
<rmw>Some packages reply with add this to your path please, does that mean that you shouldn't do that?
<rekado>yes, don’t do that.
<rekado>just source $GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile
<nckx>rmw: Yes. In the running shell, to use the new software there. Not in a file somewhere.
<rekado>all of these hints end up in etc/profile
<nckx>rekado: Then we should just print that tho'.
<rekado>I think so too.
<rmw>Thanks for the info!
<rekado>it’s one of those paper cuts that I’d be happy to see gone by 1.0
<Misha_B>is there a way to list packages that depend on a certain package? I'm upgrading the system, but I don't want to build Qt
<rekado>Misha_B: “guix refresh -l the-packages”
<nckx>rekado: Won't that print only a subset? (Leaves?)
<nckx>I.e. ‘will rebuild foo packages: <fewer than foo packages>’?
<Richard[m]>Hey, I can't seem to boot the USB GuixSD that I created on an older HP Laptop. I can boot the same USB on my main machine, but for whatever reason it just wont boot on the Laptop. Any ideas what the issue could be?
<Richard[m]>I can boot other gnu/linux distributions just fine with my laptop.
<Richard[m]>Actually... I have another idea, I'll try booting it from a CD instead of a USB.