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<lfam>There are also two "outputs" for the full python package
<reepca>my laptop keeps getting "guix substitute: error: host name lookup error: Name or service not known" when I try doing "guix package" or "guix pull" operations. It seems to be nondeterministic exactly when the error occurs.
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<vagrantc>janneke: cool. i forget where to look for them :)
<reepca>I can retry it a second later and it'll get a fair bit farther, so using --fallback would actually take significantly longer...
<raghavgururajan>Note that the directories '/var/lib/flatpak/exports/share''/home/rg/.local/share/flatpak/exports/share' are not in the search path set by the XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variable, so applications installed by Flatpak may not appear on your desktop until the session is restarted.
<raghavgururajan>How do I overcome that???
<janneke>vagrantc: sure you've seen/will see
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<Levy[m]>Is it possible to package open source research papers and books such as the Homotopy Type Theory book which is Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0? I'm aware of the build-system just wondering if it's acceptable at all (considering SICP has been).
<vagrantc>janneke: ah, good :)
<vagrantc>janneke: i must say, despite it's warts, i've been finding guix easier to package for than debian in a lot of ways
<vagrantc>or at least for quick proof-of-concept stuff ... which doesn't take long to submit
<lfam>Levy[m]: Guix is primarily a software distribution but of course SICP is relevant. I would ask on <> and see what people think.
<lfam>I know that efraim has packaged all the IETF RFCs with Guix:
<vagrantc>the biggest thing is how easy it is to update something when it's a huge chain of dependencies that either need to be added or updated ... in debian, that takes a lot of iterations over packaging, build environment creation, sticking them into a repository, and getting them into debian in the right order
<Levy[m]>lfam: I'll send a mail later this evening. Thanks
<vagrantc>with guix, i can sometimes package a whole chain of dependencies in a single pass editing the package definitions in git
<Levy[m]>Mostly interested in papers related to Coq and such act as documentation half of the time...
<lfam>vagrantc: Although we learn from and build on work done previously in other distros, I think the ease of packaging in Guix and Nix are a big factor in the growth they've had so far
<lfam>Sometimes it's still hard, but at least the easy things are easy
*vagrantc loves package definition inherritance
<Levy[m]>`inherit` is what saves me from ripping my hair out
<ngz>OOC, has someone started packaging jogl so far?
<lfam>ngz: I can't find any mention of it in my Guix email archives
<ngz>I wish it wasn't a Java package. I'm miserable at packaging these.
<mikadozero>At the end of a guix pull it says "1 package in profile". What does that mean?
<lfam>mikadozero: `guix pull` manages its own profile, separate from the one where you install packages with `guix package`. I don't have a full `guix pull` output to refer to, but I assume it refers to the Guix package that it has built and installed into that special-purpose profile.
<lfam>Ah, my `guix pull ` just finished :)
<mikadozero>lfam: Thanks. Yes it comes right after the line about profile.drv
<Elon_Satoshi>Why is debian package management so popular?
<vagrantc>because it's been around a *long* time, and had some good features in it's day.
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<Elon_Satoshi>I finally installed guix! But... why does my computer lock up when I close the lid?
<Elon_Satoshi>And there's no nvramtool packaged for guix, which is what I think I need to edit libreboot so I don't have to type a command to boot
<nckx>Elon_Satoshi: Time to package it :-)
<Elon_Satoshi>Who, me? How long does it take to learn guile?
<nckx>Few years max.
<nckx>Packaging isn't hard. :-)
<Elon_Satoshi>Are you sure you're not saying that because you've had years of experience packaging and it seems easy to you?
<nckx>Considering the number of Librebooted people using Guix, are you sure nvramtool is your only option?
<Elon_Satoshi>nckx: not entirely. Maybe flashrom can do it?
<nckx>Elon_Satoshi: I wrote my first package a week after discovering (and wiping my hard drive to install) Guix. I had never read a Lisp programme in my life.
<nckx>So, ha, no.
<nckx>(Not a Libreboot user myself, sorry.)
<nckx>Cargo-culting will get you far enough to get your first patch accepted. Trust me.
<Elon_Satoshi>what's cargo-culting?
<nckx>Copying code/constructs without understanding them.
<nckx>A.k.a. nckx's first month on GuixSD.
<Elon_Satoshi>i don't think I'm going to write any packages until I install some browsers, figure out how to close the lid without permanently freezing the system, and get some sleep before I write any packages
<Elon_Satoshi>Would you be willing to handhold me through my first package or two?
<nckx>Elon_Satoshi: Sure.
<Elon_Satoshi>thanks :)
<nckx>The lid thing is... unfortunate. Any way to get error output? (Screen, ssh, netconsole, ...?)
<Elon_Satoshi>probably ssh, since it turns into an useless brick of ice
<Elon_Satoshi>where would an error go?
<Elon_Satoshi>what's this netconsole thing?
<nckx>Maybe the system's purring away beneath a frozen graphics driver.
<Elon_Satoshi>nah capslock doesn't work
<Elon_Satoshi>at least i don't think so but i'm not going to test that right now
<Elon_Satoshi>I need to know how to do this but without systemd:
<Elon_Satoshi>Or I need to install xfce4-power-manager and add it to ~/.config/i3/config
<Elon_Satoshi>That's always worked for me in the past
<nckx>netconsole's a last-ditch way to have kernel messages sent to another machine over a LAN. Like a very basic one-way serial cable. It's a pain to configure but can be useful in hopeless cases. Try everything else first.
<Elon_Satoshi>Tell me about using screen to network two computers
<Elon_Satoshi>I thought screen was a one computer thing
<Elon_Satoshi>Actually I'm not that suprised
<nckx>Elon_Satoshi: I'm dead tired (it's past 5 in the morning here). Take a look at elogind-service in the manual if disabling the lid switch entirely is an acceptable work-around for you for now. Setting handle-lid-switch to ignore should do the trick.
*nckx → zzz, and good luck.
<nckx>(Netconsole's not a screen, just kernel messages sent over UDP for logging.)
<Elon_Satoshi>nckx: Can I edit /gnu/store/*-logind.conf or /gnu/store/*-elogind-232.4/etc/elogin.d/logind.conf to temporarily disable suspend?
<Elon_Satoshi>Good night. I guess I'll cover my laptop with a bath mat to keep off the dust.
<CornBurglar>Hey, I'm trying to use context from TeXLive and I recieve the error:mtxrun | unknown script 'context.lua' or 'mtx-context.lua' Is this a path issue? It seems that mtx-context.lua exists in the store.
<CornBurglar>I don't think I got any message about setting environment variables after installing texlive
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<rekado>Elon_Satoshi: files under /gnu/store should never be modified.
<rekado>Elon_Satoshi: instead you should modify the operating system configuration file and reconfigure.
<roptat>hi guix!
<roptat>speaking of closing the lid... when I open the lid on my librem, it sometimes starts the fan at full power even though it doesn't heat at all
<hio>where is the guix github?
<tune>hio: I think we use savannah instead of github
<tune>hio: this might be helpful
<rekado>roptat: I also have this problem with the Librem.
<rekado>in those cases I close the lid again, wait for the fan to stop and open it again.
<allana>rekado: and roptat: how's the librem? Does it make a fine guixsd machine? Are any other laptops interesting fo rthat purpose?
<roptat>allana, I'm happy with it
<raghavgururajan>Can data be edited (not overwriting, but changing/altering) without file system? For example, BIOS Boot Partition in a GPT contains grub's core.img data but without file system. Can someone boot live system via USB and edit the data in that BIOS boot partition?
<rekado>allana: I have a slightly older version of the Librem 13 (v2) and I’m not fully satisfied. It’s probably not a bad machine, but I’ve been having some trouble with it and miss my old Thinkpad.
<rekado>If you’re more tolerant when it comes to modern hardware trends it’s probably fine.
<rekado>(I don’t like the keyboard, the aluminium, the trackpad, … but that’s not unique to the Librem)
<tune> I would like to get this when it's available and run GuixSD on it
<allana>I'm shopping for a new laptop to run guix. My primary and personal concern for the Librem at this point is that there is not a keyboard layout option that matches my locale.
<allana>tune: that one looks pretty cool, thanks for sharing.
<hio>I dont like Scheme, the amount of braces is weird
<rekado>the MNT reform is great; I’d love to have something like that.
<rekado>hio: that’s okay.
<roptat>allana, the keyboard doesn't match my locale, but my usual keyboard layout is not supported anywhere anyway :p
<hio>is it okay? what if I dont know any scheme, can I still use guix?
<roptat>you could take this as an opportunity to learn how to type without looking at your keyboard ;)
<rekado>hio: you won’t be able to make the most use of it, but you can get by just fine.
<hio>ok ill install it now
<rekado>allana: my keyboard layout also isn’t available for purchase anywhere.
<rekado>happy “I love free software” day, everyone!
<hio>uhm I started it but I'm just at a command prompt now
<hio>I need Gnome 3!!
<roptat>hio, did you boot on the installer image?
<hio>I put the .iso into my vmware workstation player 15 and now it's a blinking cursor at root@gnu: ~#
<hio>nothing is happening
<hio>it says thanks for being so brave
<tune>I know almost zero scheme and have been able to use guix for the last year or so
<roptat>the installation process is a bit manual (it'll get much better with 1.0), but you'll get gnome at the end if that's what you want
<roptat>you'll need to type some commands
<allana>roptat: Yes, I suppose that I could become better at typing. Although right now I really need to see the keyboard. I'm a native english speaker learning another language, and I find that I really do need to look down for the characters that differ from the english alphabet.
<hio>I read every section here but it doesnt tell me what to do next:
<roptat>start with
<roptat>did you attach a virtual disk on which you could install guix?
<roptat>mh... I don't know how to implement this function: I want to pass some lists to it, and it should return a list of lists, where each list contains one element of each list I initially passed the function. It would return every possible combination
<roptat>like (combine '(1 2) '(3 4)) -> '((1 3) (1 4) (2 3) (2 4))
<roptat>or (combine '(1) '(2) '(3 4)) -> '((1 2 3) (1 2 4))
<roptat>I'm sure I could do it if I knew how to select the first argument and the rest separately (and make a procedure with variable number of arguments)
<hio>this is too complicated, I cant figure it out
<roptat>hio, sorry :/
<roptat>it'll get better soon with 1.0 though, we have an installer that will guide you through all this
<roptat>hio, we can try and help you though
<roptat>do you have a (virtual) disk on which to install guix?
<hio>roptat: the docs arent telling me how to mount /dev/sda to /boot/efi
<hio>i tried mount -t /dev/sda /boot/efi but it says 'cant find in fstab'
<rekado>roptat: your specification for “combine” is a bit ambigous. Is this the behaviour you want: ?
<hio>I cant mount my /dev/sda1 to anything, HELP
<hio>it's a 500MB BIO boot type filesystem
<allana>Does anyone have experience with gnupg and guix? I'm trying to import my private key and I get "no pinentry" errors. pinentry is installed under my profile. Running "gpgconf" shows the path to the pinentry binary.
<hio>wow the installation completely destroyed my commandline, now I can only type in weird wingdings font
<hio>ok I gave up on installing guix-sd
<hio>but now i tried guix on centos and I get tons of errors like this: ;;; WARNING: compilation of /gnu/store/9alic3caqhay3h8mx4iihpmyj6ymqpcx-guile-2.2.4/share/guile/2.2/language/cps.scm failed:
<hio>;;; no such language tree-il
<efraim>allana: you have to set the pinentry-program in $HOME/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf
<efraim>I have: pinentry-program /home/efraim/.guix-profile/bin/pinentry
<allana>efraim: thanks!
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<nckx>hio: Just ‘mount /dev/sda1 /boot/efi’ would have worked (assuming ‘BIOS boot’ was a typo for ‘EFI system partition’). Why did you add ‘-t’? You're right that there's no exact command in the manual, but installing Guix System without a grasp of Linux basics would've ended badly anyway.
<Elon_Satoshi>Hey civodul
<hio>nckx: it didnt until I created the fat32 with a label
<hio>but the installation still failed at the last step
<hio>seeing how even the regular guix binary download doesnt work whatsoever and takes like 20 installation steps, I am pretty much done with this project. Sorry
<nckx>hio: Yes. You must create a file system in order to mount it. That command is in the manual.
<nckx>The binary works fine. You could have saved yourself a lot of trouble with a little reading.
<nckx>People spent real time trying to help you :-/
<hio>you must be a troll
<hio>Maybe drop this 90s attitude of requiring users to read pages and pages of documentation just to install software which ends up being broken anyway
<Swedneck>It's beta software
<Swedneck>I'm waiting for 1.0 until I even think about using guixsd, for this reason
<hio>I get the impression that 1.0 isn't going to change any of this, especially since people here flat out refuse that there is a problem to begin with
<nckx>Swedneck: Yeah, I'm always conflicted about advertising Guix too widely for now TBH.
<nckx>PSA: probably best not to waste more time on trolls. ‘What's the point of openbsd when Linux exists anyway? cmon, wake up. Join Linux, we have to fight together against Micro$oft’ ­— hio in #openbsd
<tune>I managed to get GuixSD installed in the past with the manual and some minimal irc help
<tune>it's the sort of thing you just do once for the most part so it doesn't seem like a huge deal if it's a bit tricky
<Swedneck>i think the differences between guix and like, everything else can be a bit of an issue though
<Swedneck>guile certainly doesn't help make things easier for newbies like me
<nckx>Swedneck: What part of Guile?
<Swedneck>all of it
<Swedneck>parentheses of course being a large chunk of it
<Swedneck>one thing that personally makes it hard to use for me is the indentation as well, it makes 0 sense to me
*Swedneck sent a long message: < >
<hio>indentation matters?
<hio>lol what are the braces for if I have to care about whitespace too
<nckx>I consider myself a Scheme noob but never got that. What's the point of a confusing dangling bracket on its own? (IMO)
<pkill9>indentation matters only for readability
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<Swedneck>it makes more sense when you have 5 closing parens after one another
<nckx>It's like splitting my_function(foo(b), bar(c)); over 4 lines with a ');' at the end.
<nckx>In a C-ish language.
<nckx>To me :-)
<Swedneck>well in that case i would probably just pad it out with spaces
<Swedneck>`my_funcion( foo(b), bar(c) );`
<nckx>Funny. I used to write C just like that a loong time ago :-)
<nckx>So both C and Scheme don't share your preferred indentation conventions, but both will still work if you insist on it. The trouble only comes when you want to push it upstream, but the same is true for the Linux kernel or any other well-run project.
<nckx>Have you checked out wisp?
<Swedneck>i heard about it
<nckx>It's an ‘indentation matters’ syntax (brrr) without brackets.
<bavier`>the manual section "Formatting Code" contains a link to the style guide we follow for the most part
<bavier`>it contains rationale for why you'd want to care about indentation when you have parens ;)
<Swedneck>fwiw python is the language i'm most comfortable with :P
<nckx>hio: Scheme indentation is purely cosmetic.
<nckx>Swedneck: I was expecting that by now ;-)
<Swedneck>link to wisp?
<nckx>My feelings for significant whitespace mirror yours for brackets.
<raghavgururajan>Elon_Satoshi : Here is the link to edit the libreboot so that you do not have to type command every time.
<nckx>Even has a guix command to install it, which may or may not have bitrotted.
<Swedneck>isn't bitrot a thing that happens to physical media?
<nckx>Swedneck: Also. I was referring to ‘software with high development churn is likely to break in recently untested paths’.
<nckx>Dear #guix. What's the work-around for circular (package input) dependencies that cause infinite memory use in the interpreter again?
<civodul>nckx: remove the circular dep? :-)
<nckx>civodul: So it means there's an actual circular dependency between packages and it's not just a language thing? OK. Thanks.
<civodul>nckx: well you said there's a circular dependency among packages, so... :-)
<nckx>Pfflrt, variables, whatever, the thing, with the RAM, that is gone.
<nckx>raghavgururajan: Yes, anyone with such access can edit the BIOS boot partition contents at will.
<Elon_Satoshi>How do I configure elogind in config.scm?
<vejetaryenvampir>Which init system does guixsd use?
<nckx>vejetaryenvampir: The GNU Shepherd.
<vejetaryenvampir>I will check it out sir, thanks.
<Elon_Satoshi>Do I type something like "(elogin-service-type config =>
<nckx>Elon_Satoshi: Inside a modify-services call, yes.
<Elon_Satoshi>I have an example reconfiguration of guix, so I just replace guix with elogind?
<Elon_Satoshi>(elogind-service-type config =>
<nckx>Elon_Satoshi: I guess.
<Elon_Satoshi> (elogin-configuration
<Elon_Satoshi> (inherit config)
<nckx>Sounds reasonable.
<nckx>I don't use it myself.
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<hio>nckx: can you please remove your communist symbols from your realname? it is very offensive, communism is an ideology that committed mass murder at a larger scale than Hitler. You should be ashamed of yourself
***ChanServ sets mode: +o nckx
***hio was kicked by nckx (hio)
<lfam>This channel is for discussion of Guix and related topics.
***nckx sets mode: +b hio!*@*
<lfam>Additionally, please make an effort to be kind and assume that others are speaking in good faith
<nckx>Thank you good cop lfam :-)
<Elon_Satoshi>Is that a temporary or permanent ban?
<lfam>Speaking for myself, I don't know how IRC works, so I don't know
<nckx>Elon_Satoshi: Considering their conduct on #freebsd and here, it's permanent as far as I'm concerned.
<Elon_Satoshi>ah okay
<nckx>(If your question was technical: yes.)
<Elon_Satoshi>Technically, how well does IRC support temporary bans? Do you need a bot to ban someone and then unban them at a later time? Can a service like chanserv do a temporary ban?
<ng0>usually bots, or setting yourself a reminder
<Elon_Satoshi>i can just imagine hio complaining somewhere about how #guix's dirty communist admin banned them in a monsterous violation of their free speech and that Guix absolutely sucks and is communist software or something
<nckx>All true and good things.
<lfam>It's a debate that's been had, all over the net. Ultimately in Guix we err on the side of keeping a cordial and on-topic discussion
<Elon_Satoshi>guix package --search=bitcoin
<Elon_Satoshi>see guix is actually cryptoanarchocapitalistic
<nckx>(...except ‘sucks’. Missed that.)
<Elon_Satoshi>guix sucks.... up microsoft's profits
<nckx>‘Fun’ fact: there's a white supremacist package in Guix. I won't say which.
*bavier` now curious
<nckx>So Guix links directly to race-war propaganda through its HOME-PAGE.
<Elon_Satoshi>how can a program be white supremacist though
<nckx>I know too much.
<nckx>Elon_Satoshi: ‘This project is dedicated to my European heritage. It is strictly to be understood as a statement against the saccarine "sweet" liberal lie of "multiculturalism" which is going to destroy Europe as we know it, in particular against the Merkel regime selling out Europe for nothing as we watch. #TeamWhite’
<nckx>There. Now everyone knows.
<lfam>Okay, well it's free software
<lfam>So we can change it however we want
<Elon_Satoshi>lol hmm
<ng0>sounds like this license I found one day.. only that it was non-free because it had anti-mil clause in addition to forbidding certain groups of people to use it
<nckx>(They also call out Debian in the release notes for discussing this on their ML so tread carefully.)
<nckx>Or, reading it again, I guess it wasn't an ML post but my warning stands.
<ng0>is this the description we have in guix? then why did a 1:1 copy of upstream description got approved?
<nckx>Let's all tip-toe around the white supremacists because that's 2019 now.
<nckx>ng0: Nono! That's just on the home page that we link to.
<nckx>I would have ripped that out immediately.
<pkill9>that homepage should just be removed
<pkill9>just set the homepage to "" (i don't think #f works)
<bavier`>just link to some other page
<pkill9>or, "Removed"
<ng0>on the home page after that you can see an example with what I refer to southern states flags being used as an open secret for people who want to fly NS-Germany flags in Germany but legally can't
<pkill9>otherwise someone will re-add it
<ng0>it's way more common than you'd think
<ng0> #f for homepage works
<nckx>Hm. I can't believe I'm hesitant but... it's an otherwise legitimate home page with otherwise legitimate project info... and we'd only draw attention from all the wrong places. Sigh.
<nckx>ng0: Interesting. I didn't see any flags but it might be my browser.
<ng0>the authors linked homepage on the project homepage
<ng0>obviously I won't link to it
<lfam>It's quite bad
<nckx>Oh boy. I didn't even dare click anything.
<nckx>Yeah. It is.
<ng0>idk, the GNU position is about software and licenses. sucks to the point where I disagree, but it's probably on policy to keep it as is
<nckx>I did... oh boy.
<ng0>just imagine occasionally seeing southern states flags in Germany.. now you know why. in 99.99% it's code for nazis.
<lfam>It happens in the US too
<nckx>Flanders too.
<ng0>it's worth mentioning here because the author is from germany and we have nothing to do with the USA.
<nckx>‘Hiermit distanzieren wir uns ausdrücklich von den verlinkten’. Riight.
<nckx>Signed-off-by: Leo Famulari :-o
<ng0>will guix have a problem with python2 and python3 being required for a project? we have this state in-between moving where 0.11.0 of gnunet will have python3.7 + python37-future for the testsuite and python2.7 + python2.7-future for gnunet-qr
<ng0>no idea if the parallel installation was ever fixed.. I can have both side by side here
<lfam>ng0: Yeah, not sure, sorry
<ng0>okay. extra work for the packagers I guess
<ng0>-qr is optional at runtime, and testsuite is optional
<ng0>-qr has a GSoC for a rewrite in C
*Elon_Satoshi reinstalls guixSD but with handle-lid-switch set to ignore in elogind
<Elon_Satoshi>and a luks2 partition :)
<Elon_Satoshi>at least I think it's a luks 2 partition
<Elon_Satoshi>lemme doublecheck with cryptsetup luksDump
<Elon_Satoshi>oh hi raghavgururajan
<Elon_Satoshi>raghavgururajan: I just found out protective MBR can be wiped:
<Elon_Satoshi>as long as it's not needed
<bgardner>Good afternoon guix, I get deprecation warnings on mcron-service but the documentation seems to still point to that - is there updated docs anywhere indicating how to switch correctly to mcron-service-type?
<rekado>nckx: the code of that package includes the text “#TeamWhite” :-/
<nckx>rekado: lfam noticed. I hadn't.
<bgardner>In case anyone else has my question, the answer seems to be: change "(mcron-service (list ..." to "(service (mcron-service-type (mcron-configuration (jobs (list ..."
<nckx>bgardner: That is korrekt! Thanks for posting the solution too.
***ChanServ sets mode: -o nckx
<Elon_Satoshi>Is there a guix package wishlist?
<Elon_Satoshi>I wanted to give a try but there's no i3-gaps
*nckx has it on their to-do list so let's give it a go.
<Elon_Satoshi>Hmm. Lemme install emacs or neovim at least. I haven't even installed a browser yet
<Elon_Satoshi>I'm gonna wait until guix pull finishes running before I start installing stuff
<nckx>Elon_Satoshi: I was talking to myself :-)
<nckx>I'm not interested in gaps but smarter borders sound nice...
<Elon_Satoshi>nckx: Hmm. Well save some packages for me. You said you would handhold me through my first packages
<Elon_Satoshi>I wonder if I can install guix on termux
<bavier`>Elon_Satoshi: I've tried, their guile package has been broken for some time
<bavier`>which kinda limits things :/
<Elon_Satoshi>nckx: is your todo list called todo.txt?
*Elon_Satoshi uses todo-txt
<nckx>Elon_Satoshi: It's called ~/TODO and it's a unstructured abomination.
*nckx M-x dear-god-help-us-mode
<Elon_Satoshi>nckx: check this out
<nckx>wc -l ~/TODO
<nckx>229 /home/nckx/TODO
<nckx>I need halp.
<bavier`>I sometimes use taskwarrior
<Elon_Satoshi>nah it's good if you're using it all the time
<rekado>I use org-mode with org-agenda
<Elon_Satoshi>I use spacemacs
<nckx>Elon_Satoshi: Interesting, thanks. Though I'm more likely to switch to someting Emacs-based when I finally crack.
<Elon_Satoshi>Actually I'm about to try doom-emacs
<Elon_Satoshi>nckx: you're welcome
<Elon_Satoshi>nckx: there's probably an emacs program/layer/mode/whatever for that very todo.txt format
<Elon_Satoshi>and maybe there's a better todo system
<Elon_Satoshi>nckx: How did you get into emacs?
<nckx>Elon_Satoshi: GuixSD.
<nckx>* System.
<nckx>‘Might as well try that other famous lispy thing.’
<nckx>‘Oh, it rules. Cool.’
<Elon_Satoshi>I was a loyal vimmer until I happened upon spacemacs
<Elon_Satoshi>I still haven't figured out emacs though
*nckx .oO So spacemacs isn't just emacs with vi key bindings?
<Elon_Satoshi>lol no
<Elon_Satoshi>in fact you can set it just to use normal emacs bindings
<Elon_Satoshi>my favorite feature is that it automatically downloads the package it needs to syntax highlight a new format
<nckx>Oh, I think I confused it with evil-mode.
<Elon_Satoshi>what I don't like about spacemacs is that it's kinda slow at times, so I'm installing doom-emacs to see if it's any better
<nckx>Because the two names are obviously so very alike.
<Elon_Satoshi>also because i love doom
<Elon_Satoshi>*e1m9 music intensifies*
<bavier`>oh, the wishlist is a "featured resource" this month
<bavier`>hope it gets some attention
*nckx has packaged i3-gaps, will test it tomorrow.