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<Elon_Satoshi>well crap, my computer is frozen again because there's no substitute for qemu minimal
<mikadozero>Elon_Satoshi, It did not take me very long to build qemu-minimal on a computer with less memory then the one you mentioned once I turned on swap.
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<raghavgururajan>Can GRUB be able to use ext4 file system on EFI boot partition?
<raghavgururajan>Never mind.
<raghavgururajan>Is "guix pull" user specific? If I run that as root user, will the new files be available for other users as well, when running "guix package -u"???
<atw>guix pull is user-specific
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>It seems to me that we have a regression related to the tls 1.3 issue. I observed it on yesterday evening on a fresh chechout
<g_bor>Can anyone confirm?
<g_bor>Also, guix download works, but guix build not with same url
<efraim>I hear it might work with the new guix snapshot
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<raghavgururajan>Is "guix pull" user specific? If I run that as root user, will the new files be available for other users as well, when running "guix package -u"???
<raghavgururajan>Oh. I just re-read the guide. It says that its user specific. Can anyone tell me where the files are deployed by "guix pull" ?
<raghavgururajan>Elon_Satoshi Were you able to successfully boot the system? I forgot to follow up with you.
<civodul>raghavgururajan: the result is under ~/.config/guix/current, see
<civodul>so, you have an A5 PDF and you want to print it on A4, 2 pages per sheet
<civodul>how do you do that?
<raghavgururajan>Ah gotcha! Thanks.
<raghavgururajan>civodul Should "guix system reconfigure" always be ran as root user or can it be ran as any user?
<civodul>it has to run as root
<raghavgururajan>Cool! Thanks
<g_bor>civodul: It seems to me that the tls 1.3 issue came back on master. I have seen that it seems to be fixed on the snapshot. It is failing for me on guix build, but not on guix download. Wdyt?
<efraim>glibc-intermediate@2.28 fails on powerpc on master, I'm going to go ahead and try core-updates instead
<civodul>g_bor: yes, lfam came to the same conclusion and updated the 'guix' package, which should fix the issue
<g_bor>ok, thanks. I will try to pull later
<raghavgururajan>Is there a web page to show the progress or completion towards version 1.0?
<civodul>raghavgururajan: it's mostly this:
<efraim>civodul: can you restart guix-publish on bayfront?
<raghavgururajan>civodul Thanks!
<civodul>efraim: what's wrong?
<efraim>guix system: error: substituter `substitute' died unexpectedly
<efraim>substitute: Throw to key `bad-response' with args `("Bad Response-Line: ~s" (""))'.
<civodul>i've restarted it now
<efraim>thanks, it looks good now
<roptat_>hi guix!
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<raghavgururajan>civodul. In that document, I saw the line "** TODO “GuixSD” renamed to “Guix System”?". What is the reason for this renaming?
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<rekado>raghavgururajan: the name “GuixSD” is confusing, the separation of “Guix” from “GuixSD” is also confusing.
<rekado>the Guix system is just a special case of other Guix features (such as building containers or virtual machines)
<raghavgururajan>I see. So just "Guix" will mean package manager whereas "Guix System" mean operating system managed by guix??
<raghavgururajan>Also, Guix System will still be a distribution right? Since it is a distribution of GNU?
<rekado>only the name changes/changed
<raghavgururajan>Okay. Just for my clarity, Guix and GuixSD now becomes Guix and Guix System, correct?
<civodul>raghavgururajan: correct!
<tune>after a recent update my icecat is repeatedly segfaulting
<civodul>though often it's enough to say "Guix"
<tune>it will open but I can't manage to use it for more than a minute or so
<civodul>tune: could you email the details to
<civodul>including what distro you're using, etc.
<tune>I typically email bug-guix from my web browser... I might have claws-mail or something installed, though. worst case I can use another machine
<raghavgururajan>civodul Thanks! Actually, this renaming is better. Makes more sense.
<civodul>tune: perhaps you can roll back and use the icecat that worked before?
<tune>that's a good point. I'm not sure I know how to roll back the user profile, though. I know for the system profile you can pick another generation in grub
<civodul>"guix package --rollback"
<civodul>the libvpx upgrade broke vlc
<rekado>that’s bug 34439
<civodul>oh indeed
*civodul pulls
<tune>Okay, I reported the icecat crash, and then a few minutes later I noticed emacs has a very similar crash so I replied to my bug report with added info.
<tune>wow... rolling back was instant and painless. that is very cool
<heaven>i just wish lvm support existed
<tune>Is anyone working on that? I've never used lvm, but it does seem cool.
<marusich>tune, I haven't heard of anybody working on it, but you could ask the email list. Somebody might be toiling away by themselves. Maybe they'd like your company...!
<tune>I don't think I have the skills to be of any help right now, was just curious
<civodul>for the HPC people and scientists among us:
<efraim>I'm not sure efilinux is supposed to build on non x86* systems
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<rekado>civodul: yay! Thanks for your persistence in making this report happen.
<civodul>heheh, thanks for your help and for the cute illustrations :-)
<apteryx>I've fixed python-pybedtools
<apteryx>And I'm wondering should I make the "remove-cython-generated-files" part of the Python build system.
<apteryx>(it's currently a phase of python-pybedtools)
<rekado>apteryx: go for it!
<rekado>seems like a good thing to do for all Python packages
<apteryx>OK :-)
<rekado>and thanks for fixing it — I didn’t even realise it was broken!
<apteryx>I found many issues by attempting to build the outputs of $(guix refresh -l python-pandas)
<apteryx>the packages returned by*
<rekado>apteryx: have you pushed a patch for fixing python-pybedtools yet?
<rekado>I just got a user asking about this
<apteryx>I'm going to push it in 5 minutes
<apteryx>just rechecking it still build fines on latest master
<rekado>apteryx: thank you!
<civodul>dustyweb: thanks for (re)starting the 'guix deploy' discussion!
<dustyweb>civodul: :D
<dustyweb>I'm excited to do ti
<dustyweb>davexunit and I just agreed we're going to meet up later this month
<rekado>I just noticed that in the cover illustration of the Guix HPC activity report with the lab book the quantities of a and b don’t match the recorded quantities in the lab book
<dustyweb>to plan things out a bit more!
<rekado>b is less than 30ml if a is really 10ml.
<rekado>if only the illustrator paid more attention to details!
<apteryx>rekado: it's building numpy, hang on...
<rekado>that might take a while..
<civodul>rekado: oh fun, let's see how many people pay attention ;-)
<apteryx>rekado: it's building git now (it's far in the tests but it's taking some time...) I'll ping you after I could send the patch.
<apteryx>rekado: I've successfully built it on latest master and uploaded the pybedtools patch as #34456
<rekado>thank you!
<efraim> glibc-intermediate@2.28 failure on powerpc :/
<Elon_Satoshi>oh hey raghavgururajan
<Elon_Satoshi>yes, I'm certain I can now boot the system with libreboot. But now this qemu-minimal thing has come up, preventing me from installing it again
<Elon_Satoshi>After running `guix pull` and then `guix --version`, it seems like the version doesn't change, until I log out and then log back in
<Elon_Satoshi>Is there a better solution?
<roptat>Elon_Satoshi, what does `which guix` tell you?
<raghavgururajan>Elon_Satoshi: Cool!
<raghavgururajan>Elon_Satoshi: Oh same here with the qemu minimal.
<raghavgururajan>civodul: rekado pkill-9[m] pkill9_ or some one else: I really need to understand this. Can you tell me how to make "grub.cfg" available under "/boot/grub" directory of root partition, by still passing "no-bootloader" in "guix system init"??? In other words, can " guix system init" do "grub-mkconfig" without doing "grub-install"??? Please and thank you.
<rekado>raghavgururajan: I cannot help you if you’re using --no-bootloader.
<raghavgururajan>rekado: I understand. But I am trying to understand how the "bootloader" section of "config. scm" works.
<raghavgururajan>The line "(bootloader grub-bootloader)". Is it executing/triggering both " grub-install" and "grub-mkconfig" function or just the former??
<nckx>raghavgururajan: Dunno what ‘grub-mkconfig’ is, but it's never used at all in Guix.
<rekado>Guix ends up running “grub-install” when it’s asked to install a bootloader.
*rekado goes afk
<nckx>If it's the ‘let's generate shell from shell using shell’ atrocity I remember from other distros that's probably a wonderful thing.
<raghavgururajan>"grub-mkconfig" is the command for grub to generate a grub configuration file (grub.cfg) in the respective target.
<nckx>Oh. From a bunch of spaghetti in /etc? Yeah, Guix doesn't do that.
*nckx also goes to the afk.
<raghavgururajan>rekado: Thank you! After you told me not to use "no-bootloader", I reinstalled Guix System with bootloader, but at the end of " guix system init" process, it showed a line "installing for i386-pc". But I used x84-64 installation image. Why it installed got i386??
<raghavgururajan>nckx: No. Grub usually generates grub.cfg under /boot/grub
<lfam>raghavgururajan: That message is from GRUB and it's okay. GRUB calls the traditional PC BIOS bootloader "i386-pc". You did successfully install for x86-64
<lfam>raghavgururajan: We are currently discussing whether and how to make this message from GRUB less confusing, because many people have been asking the same question. It's clear to us that this misleading message is a problem
<nckx>raghavgururajan: Yes? I don't see how that contradicts what I said.
<raghavgururajan>lfam: Phew! Thanks a lot. My final and actual confusion is, did it embed bootloader in the MBR gap or did it install the bootloader inside root file system under /boot directory ?????
<lfam>raghavgururajan: I don't know off the top of my head, sorry. I'm not familiar with bootloaders, even in Guix. Maybe you could take a look?
<olivuser>Hej everyone. Is it possible to include configratuon files of programs such as emacs or i3 in the os declaration file and thus in the disk-image so that it installs the configuration files along with the system itself?
<raghavgururajan>nckx: Isn't /etc and /boot different directories?!
<raghavgururajan>lfam: Cool!
<lfam>olivuser: Hi! Some Guix system services are configured in the OS declaration file (I'll call it 'config.scm'). For those cases, yes, the configuration files are handled in the way you desire. But not every program or service is managed this way in Guix... yet ;)
<olivuser>Alright. So I transmit them manually after system installation?
<nckx>raghavgururajan: MBR gap or not depends on the ‘target’ field. If it's a whole device (/dev/sdx): yes.
<Elon_Satoshi>roptat: /root/.config/guix/current/bin/guix
<lfam>olivuser: Configuration for i3 is not currently handled declaratively in Guix, so you would have to configure i3 in the traditional way (as described in the i3 manpage under FILES)
<lfam>olivuser: I'm not sure about Emacs but I think the configuration is probably per-user, so also not handled declaratively in config.scm
<lfam>olivuser: If we did have the ability to configure services for these things declaratively, you could include the configuration in config.scm during system installation
<lfam>olivuser: There are some pretty basic examples of declarative service configuration in this part of the manual:
<lfam>You can see the OpenSSH service being configured there
<Elon_Satoshi>So you folks want guix to download binaries in a p2p fashion? Have you ever heard of IPFS?
<bavier`>Elon_Satoshi: there is some work ongoing for integration with IPFS
<Elon_Satoshi>ooh neat
<raghavgururajan>nckx: Thanks! I thought using sdaXY instead of sdX, but somewhere in the guide mentioned not to mention sdXY, only sdX???
<Elon_Satoshi>What do I do when I get the error "guix challenge: warning: could not challenge '/gnu/store/blablahblah-blah-blah.drv': no substitutes"?
<lfam>Elon_Satoshi: I believe it means that the substitute server does not have that substitute available for comparison
<lfam>Or perhaps challenging requires substitute server authorization, not sure
<lfam>Have you authorized a substitute server by adding its signing key to /etc/guix/acl?
<Elon_Satoshi>I used --substitute-urls="" from a guixSD livecd
<lfam>Hm, okay. You can look at the file /etc/guix/acl to see if there are any keys in it. I don't remember off the top of my head what comes pre-authorized
<lfam>Probably yes for the analogous server behind the CDN (
<hyonpotenuse>hello! I have a problem with my guix profile. The "current" symlink is broken and I can't use guix pull (it just hangs). does anyone knows how to fix this?
<hyonpotenuse>also guix pull -l just bugs, it gives an error saying profile doesn't exist
<nckx>raghavgururajan: Possible. The only mention I found in the Guix manual (is that the ‘guide’ you're referring to?) is ‘For legacy systems, the ‘target’ field names a device, like ‘/dev/sda’’ which isn't quite as strong.
<nckx>Using /dev/sdxN *can* be problematic, since some file systems don't reserve space for a boot loader, but it's not wrong.
<lfam>hyonpotenuse: What does the current symlink point to?
<lfam>hyonpotenuse: Also, how did you install Guix?
*Elon_Satoshi does an experiment: `guix pull --no-substitutes && guix --version && bash -c "guix --version"`
<Elon_Satoshi>Are there any plans for p2p package script sharing?
<lfam>Elon_Satoshi: What do you envision?
<Elon_Satoshi>I envision guix connecting to a bunch of peers and you can download binaries AND packages from those peers
<lfam>You would get a list of available 3rd-party packages and choose which ones you wanted?
<Elon_Satoshi>complete with a review system
<hyonpotenuse>lfam, the current symlink inside /var/guix/profile/per-user... points to a file that doesn't exist
<lfam>hyonpotenuse: Yes, but what path does it point to?
<hyonpotenuse>it points to current-guix-0-link
<hyonpotenuse>in the same directory
<lfam>hyonpotenuse: Okay, and how did you install Guix? From our binary download? From source? A distro package?
<lfam>Did you just install it or has it been installed for a while?
<raghavgururajan>nckx: Perfect! Thank you very much. It's clear now. Is there a way to protect grub images in MBR gap from tampering? Is it possible to cryptographically sign the images??
<jackhill>raghavgururajan (and other fine guix folk): I also have a use case for building a grub.cfg and instailling under boot, but not installing the grub binary on disk.
<nckx>raghavgururajan: A good question to which I don't know the answer. ;-) Sounds a bit like ‘secure’/‘restricted’ boot on UEFI, but who would verify the MBR signature, and against what? In any case, Guix certainly doesn't support anything like that right now.
<jackhill>This is for running a guix system on a VPS provider, that wants to use an external grub binary (not unlike the librebook grub).
<raghavgururajan>jackhill: Exactly my thought.
<nckx>jackhill: They use an external GRUB but they don't ignore the MBR?
<jackhill>nckx: This provides (Lindoes) works better if disk images are just bare filesystems without partition tables
<jackhill>maybe an option can be added to the bootloader config for skilling the actual install. I'll try to take a look later, but I'm still new here and learning.
<raghavgururajan>Also one of the reason why libreboot comes with inbuilt grub payload is to not have unencrypted boot partition or binaries on disk. That libreboot's grub can unlock LUKS and boot the system.
<nckx>Should be pretty easy to hack up. You'll probably have a longer ML discussion about the interface ;-)
<jackhill>Shall I start the discussion?
<raghavgururajan>jackhill: Would be good. Tie me in?
<jackhill>raghavgururajan: sure. Are you on the guix-devel mailing list? If not, /msg me your address, and I'll cc you.
<apteryx>I often get errors such as: guix substitute: error: host name lookup error: Name or service not known
<apteryx>for example: guix build: error: some substitutes for the outputs of derivation `/gnu/store/8lgwanaijv3bsy6pv8r3a8xx70kzchf7-pyGenomeTracks-2.0.tar.gz.drv' failed (usually happens due to networking issues); try `--fallback' to build derivation from source
<apteryx>maybe the guix-daemon on hydra is doing freegames again
<nckx>apteryx: That would not affect domain name resolution. Sounds like an issue with your [ISP's] resolver.
<lfam>apteryx: Is this on GuixSD?
<apteryx>I'm going through some VPN and it seems there is sometimes high latency to resolve DNS
<apteryx>I've retried the same command and it's processing now... Strange. Definititly a network related issue.
<raghavgururajan>jackhill: I am not. Yet. My address is
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<jackhill>raghavgururajan: email sent!
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<Elon_Satoshi>also, hopefully the qemu-minimal-2.10.2 problem has been solved by that version no longer existing in place of qemu-minimal-3.0.0
<raghavgururajan>jackhill: got it. thanks
<raghavgururajan>Every time a new version released, one can upgrade via guix pull. So Guix System is like rolling distro??
<jackhill>raghavgururajan: yep, that's how I think of it.
<lfam>Elon_Satoshi: We have to keep qemu-minimal-2.10 around because the GRUB test suite requires it
<nckx>raghavgururajan: s/version released/commit is pushed/, even, which is a double-edged sword.
<Elon_Satoshi>lfam: then why doesn't guix build qemu-minimal@2.10.2 work?
<Elon_Satoshi>oh i guess that'll work after i finish a guix pull
<mbakke>Elon_Satoshi: Qemu 2.10 is a "hidden" package because it does not receive security fixes, i.e. it's not meant to be used other than for package tests.
<mbakke>Elon_Satoshi: You can use `guix build -e '(@ (gnu packages virtualization) qemu-minimal-2.10)'` as a workaround :)
<lfam>If there is some problem building this package can you file a bug report, Elon_Satoshi? In general it's working on my machine and also on the build farm so it's not easy to help debug it for you without further info
<mikadozero>When logged in as root, chsh -s /path/to/installed/shell gives me a Pam authenticatio failure. How would I do this in config.scm?
<lfam>mikadozero: You need to pass a G-expression to the shell field of the user-account declaration:
<lfam>For exampke, (shell #~(string-append #$zsh "/bin/zsh")
<lfam>Make sure to import the required package module in the 'use-package-modules' field
<mikadozero>lfam: Thanks I will look at that documentation.
<raghavgururajan>jackhill: nckx Okay
<lfam>mikadozero: Cool, let us know if you have further questions
<quiliro>Is there a way to know if a package was installed by 'guix system reconfigure desktop.scm'?
<quiliro>I see that gst-plugins-good is installed but I would like to know if gst-plugins-bad and gst-plugins-ugly are also installed
<mikadozero>lfam: Thanks I modified the snippet you shared and put it in my config.scm and it worked. The documentation makes me feel that I need to learn more about guile to feel more confident using Guix SD.
<lfam>mikadozero: I can sympathize, I came to Guix without much Scheme / Lisp knowledge
<mikadozero>lfam: I think I am really going to like Guix SD and am thinking of trasition to it for all my systems. So it will be worth learning Guile more deeply.
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<Levy[m]>There are a few books on racket which could serve as a good introduction
<Levy[m]>then it's just adjusting to guile which shouldn't be too much of a difference
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<ennoausberlin>Hello. Can someone confirm, that the iso image for guix16 creates a hfsplus partition on an usb stick? Is this intended behaviour?
<lfam>ennoausberlin: What file did you download?
<ennoausberlin>I wonder if my stick is broken. x64
<lfam>This one?
<ennoausberlin>yes. From the website
<lfam>What command did you use to copy it to the USB stick?
<ennoausberlin>first dd. Later on I tried other ways like rufus, yumi or ddrescue. None of them could boot
<ennoausberlin>I can loop mount the iso. Looks okay
<vagrantc>in order to get boot media to boot in a variety of conditions ... there are some odd hacks to support multiple different partition-table like things ; not sure how many of them guix uses
<ennoausberlin>the /etc dir is empty if I loop mount the iso. This looks weong
<nckx>ennoausberlin: No, that's expected.
<ennoausberlin>Before some configs are inside /etc/configuration/... isnt it?
<nckx>‘file -k guixsd-install-0.16.0.x86_64-linux.iso’ says a few things about Apple_partition_map. Maybe hence the HFS+?
<nckx>ennoausberlin: So plugging in the dd'd USB drive doesn't produce the expected partitions?
<ennoausberlin>It creates 4 partitions. basic data,efi, hfsplus and microsoft basic data again
<nckx>‘sudo lsblk -f’: sdc1 ext4 GuixSD_image 0e4a2990-f6b1-2062-6e00-1979011e1f42, sdc2 vfat GNU-ESP EAB9-556B