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<leungbk>@sneek ask @cmnme or @cnmne if they still plan to submit the ruby-sisu package
<efraim>sneek: later tell civodul if the blog post looks OK go ahead and post it
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<atw`>new blog post? :o
<efraim>From the Guix Days, doing QA on non-Intel architectures
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<raghavgururajan>Hi! To use "GDM" instead of "SDDM" or "SLiM", should I mention "gdm-service" instead of "sddm-service or "slim-service"? If so, which part in the config.scm? Thanks!
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, efraim says: if the blog post looks OK go ahead and post it
<janneke>hello civodul!
<rekado>civodul: congratulations on identifying and working around that infamous bug!
<rekado>shall we close all these bugs in debbugs then…?
<raghavgururajan>Did anyone tried btrfs file system instead of ext4? Did installation took long time on btrfs?
<civodul>rekado: they're all merged now, and i think we can reassign the big bug to "guile" :-)
<civodul>raghavgururajan: we have tests for this setup and i think it works well
<janneke>yes, great how fast after discusssions at fosdem you managed to fix this!
<civodul>i was a bit desparate but discussing it with wingo shed some light on this :-)
<janneke>yes, beautiful! -- the shedding light side of it :)
<civodul>it seems that dannym has also been quite productive on MesCC, right?
<civodul>new post!
<civodul>thanks, efraim!
<civodul>damn it, i miss the right font for SMILING FACE WITH OPEN MOUTH
<efraim>I only have emoji from quasseldroid
<pkill9>is the matrix bridge disabled in this channel?
<pkill9>my messages from matrix aren't showing up in irc
<raghavgururajan>civodul I see. Right now, GuixSD installation is in progress on my laptop. For past 1 hr, only 5 substitutes got downloaded. I thought of wifi issue, but wifi works fine on my phone. Any possibily of affected writing speed on disk due to btrfs??
<roptat>civodul, the overdrive just failed to init the system with "guix system: error: canonicalize-path: No such file or directory: "/etc/keys/guix/""
<roptat>is this the key that's in the repository, or is it another key?
<roptat>(it has been building stuff all night!)
<rekado>roptat: that should be the same key.
<rekado>wait, why does it look for /etc/keys/guix…?
<rekado>what’s that directory?
*rekado tries to build python2 on core-updates but the whole bootstrap takes a long time
*rekado is happy to wait
<pkill9>rekado: i can't send messages to this channel via the matrix bridge, but i can to other freenode channels, do you have any idea why?
<pkill9>doesn't seem to be a client side thing as it fails in both quaternion and
<roptat>rekado, it's declared in the configuration
<roptat>I used this file:
<rekado>ah, I see.
<roptat>ah, I sould build from the maintenance repo!
<roptat>I'll try again :)
<roptat>it's building more stuff now...
<civodul>roptat: do take substitutes from berlin
<civodul>pkill9: i think there are a number of users with "[m]" in their nicknames, and i think it works?
<rekado>pkill-9[m]: hello!
<pkill9>civodul: yeah it must do then, plus i just rejoined and it says i joined
<pkill9>but i still can't send messages
<pkill9>do i need to identify myself with nickserv maybe?
<civodul>maybe, dunno
<rekado>pkill9: probably.
<rekado>I need to identify with nickserv every morning to post here.
<rekado>(I’d like to undo this now that the spam wave is over)
<pkill-9[m]>yep, identifying with nickserv fixed it \o/
<raghavgururajan>Hi! To use "GDM" instead of "SDDM" or "SLiM", should I mention "gdm-service" instead of "sddm-service or "slim-service"? If so, which part in the config.scm? Thanks!
<roptat>civodul, the daemon is started with --no-substitutes, so I think I can't use substitutes?
<roptat>well at that point it was only missing grub ^^
<raghavgururajan>Anyone please?
<pkill-9[m]>raghavgururajan: use gdm-service-type, (gdm-service will work but it's deprecated according to the code)
<roptat>gdm doesn't seem to be documented?
<pkill-9[m]>yeah it doesn't, but it's in gnu/services/xorg.scm
<raghavgururajan>pkill-9[m] Thanks! Where should I include that line?
<civodul>roptat: you can enable substitutes from berlin, it's ok since that machine will be receiving stuff from berlin anyway
<raghavgururajan>(services (cons* (gnome-desktop-service)
<raghavgururajan> (gdm-service-type)
<raghavgururajan> %desktop-services))
<roptat>civodul, done :)
<civodul>roptat: gdm is not fully functional yet (only works with GNOME)
<raghavgururajan>pkill-9[m] Is that correct?
<pkill-9[m]>raghavgururajan: it's a little convoluted, but currently you need to modify the %desktop-services to remove the slim service, then add the gdm-service-type to your services
<civodul>roptat: avoid transfering store items from anywhere else though
<roptat>civodul, ok, berlin is the only substitute server enabled
<raghavgururajan>Ah! I see. Any plans by GuixSD team to replace SLiM with GDM as default in future?
<rekado>raghavgururajan: once it works for more than just GNOME, yes.
<pkill-9[m]>i'm curious if anyone uses sddm given that on my machine it's hardcoded to run /usr/bin/X and thus fails to run
<rekado>pkill-9[m]: could you please report this as a bug if it hasn’t been recorded yet?
<pkill-9[m]>it's documented in the manual, but htat's such a fundamental flaw that i can't imagine it's been tested
<pkill-9[m]>ok i'll check if it's been reported
<roptat>mh... "guix system: error: rmdir: Directory not empty"
<roptat>just after "initializing operating system under '/'..."
<pkill-9[m]>bug report sent
<rekado>roptat: that might be about “/etc” existing
<pkill-9[m]>hmm, i sent an email to yesterday, but it doesn't seem to have appeared on
<pkill-9[m]>did it get sent?
<rekado>roptat: doing “system init” on an existing system can be a little frustrating
<raghavgururajan>rekado Cool!
<pkill-9[m]>do i need to be subscribed to guix-devel before I can send an email to the list?
<jlicht>hey guix!
<pkill-9[m]>hi jlicht
<roptat>mh... for some reason I don't have guix anymore in the store...
<roptat>or I'm not looking at the right place
<roptat>I wasn't looking at the right place, but /var/guix/profiles disappeared, so I don't know which is the latest
<civodul>pkill-9[m]: you don't need to subscribe, but the first message one sents to the list can be witheld a bit
<civodul>usually 12 hours at most
<civodul>roptat: /var/guix/profiles disappeared?
<roptat>civodul, yes
<roptat>I found a guix-daemon that looked recent enough and it recreated that, but "/var/guix/profiles/per-user/" is completely empty
<roptat>oh, now it's complaining even more...
<roptat>bash: /gnu/store/jdw76j4c562msmi7174g4783nzz6wcf6-profile/bin/guix: /gnu/store/3dzvi613nf3fz42rabksw6svslvanfz7-bash-minimal-4.4.23/bin/bash: bad interpreter: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
<roptat>(I don't know why LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8 either)
<roptat>maybe it passed through ssh
<civodul>roptat: how come /var/guix/profiles disappeared?
<roptat>no idea
<civodul>also, the ENOENT above would suggest that db.sqlite is out of sync as well?
<civodul>or that you picked an invalid store item
<civodul>so pick a guix from the store that passes "guix gc --verify /gnu/store/..."
<roptat>guix gc --verify shows no error message and returns with status 0
<roptat>civodul, if I run guix system disk-image on another machine, I'll be able to use the result to install guix on the overdrive without relying on opensuse, right?
<civodul>roptat: yes, but (1) you need an aarch64 machine or one with qemu-binfmt-service, and (2) you need to make sure we can actually boot from USB on the OverDrive
<civodul>but if you can do that, that's even better
<roptat>ok, I'll test that
<bzp>hello all, my question is how do I make the openssh service permanently activated, launch the command 'herd start ssh-daemon', as root, but every time the system is rebooted, the openssh service is deactivated.
<bzp>when installing this program 'ncmpcpp' I get an error how do I correct it?
<rekado>bzp: did you enable the service?
<bzp>if it is enabled
<bzp>I'm using it, it only deactivates when I restart the pc
<bzp>with respect to the other problem of ncmpcpp this error comes out 'build of /gnu/store/dca1cidfqsj143hapmnr72k9gml6kial-ncmpcpp-0.8.2.drv failed'
<rekado>Try sudo herd status ssh-daemon
<rekado>this tells you if the service is enabled or not.
<bzp>I got that message
<roptat>civodul, it seems the overdrive can at least boot from a CD drive if you connect one to the board, but our images aren't made for CDs or DVDs, right?
<civodul>roptat: you can make an ISO image as described here:
<civodul>and i *think* you can do the very same thing as for x86_64, which is "guix system disk-image --file-system-format=iso9660 gnu/system/install.scm"
<civodul>the page above lacks --file-system-format=iso9660
<bzp>thank you very much, the openssh service works correctly :D
<bzp>why is this problem when I try to install 'ncmpcpp'
<rekado>bzp: I can build it just fine.
<rekado>what version of Guix are you using?
<rekado>(I’m getting a substitute from the build farm)
<rekado>Is it just me or has the pypi importer become a little worse at figuring out dependencies?
<rekado>none of the packages that I import come with a metadata.json file.
<bzp>How do I find out which guix version was installed?
<rekado>guix --version
<rekado>bzp: that’s a little old
<rekado>try “guix pull” to update
<bzp>I send that command as root or as a user?
<rekado>run it as the user whose Guix you want to update.
<rekado>there is nothing special about the root user.
<bzp>I get this error, how do I correct it?
<bzp>this command only allows me to use it as root
<roptat>bzp, could you tell us what's the content of ~/.config/guix and /var/guix/profiles/per-user/antilope?
<bzp>/home/antilope/.guix-profile/bin/wgetpaste: /home/antilope/.config/guix No such file found.
<roptat>that's a directory
<bzp>cat: /var/guix/profiles/per-user/antilope: Is a directory
<roptat>that one too :)
<roptat>I wanted the list of files (they are symlinks, so the result of "ls -l" is fine)
<bzp>'cd ~ / .config / guix' is empty
<rekado>what does “ls -l $HOME/.config/guix” say?
<rekado>we need to know where it points to
<bzp>$ ls -l $HOME/.config/guix
<bzp>total 0
<bzp>I remember deleting the entire directory by mistake the other day ./config
<rekado>$HOME/.config/guix should have a link current-1-link pointing to a profile in the store; it should also have a link “current” pointing to “current-1-link”
<rekado>well, that explains it.
<bzp>¿Cómo puedo generar esos archivos nuevamente?
<roptat>bzp, try "ln -sv /var/guix/profiles/per-user/antilope/current-guix $HOME/.config/guix/current"
<bzp>I'm sorry, how can I generate those files again?
<roptat>then you should be able to run guix pull
<bzp>apparently it works this is executing the command :D
<bzp>Updating channel 'guix' from Git repository at ''...
<bzp>another topic that you think of this configuration, suggestions?
<efraim>libssh-dev on powerpc doesn't seem to have libssh_threads
<efraim>rather than fix it I think i'd rather build guix without it and then deal with it later
<efraim>* on powerpc on debian sid
<civodul>bavier: re openmpi & thread-multiple, i found this:
<jonsger>roptat: waht is wrong with your openSUSE?
<rekado>this is for an ARM build machine. We want to use the Guix system on all build nodes.
<bavier`>civodul: thanks; then it appears we should explicitly disable thread-multiple
<bavier`>though I'm surprised openmpi would enable it by default if it affects performance so heavily. Maybe the implementation has changed... I might try to do some tests
<jonsger>rekado: I meant this diffenrent. So why do you can't install Guix with the opensuse system?
<roptat>jonsger, I tried, but it broke the guix installation :/
<jonsger>roptat: which opensuse version it is?
<roptat>also, the resulting system is much cleaner if you install from the guix installation media
<roptat>leap, 42.2
<jonsger>that's old and has nothing guix'ish :(
<jonsger>if installing from guix installation media doesnt work, you could upgrade the opensuse to Tumbleweed. Then you should have a working Guix, if not blame me
<bgardner>Good morning guix, I was working on my first contribution by trying to package up gpsd (from and the more I read the code the less certain I am that the license works for guix. It *appears* to be a bsd-2 license, but it's mixed. Can anyone point me at a resource for making the determination if it is appropriate to add?
<bavier`>bgardner: mised licenses are fine as long as the package as a whole is free software
<bgardner>Thanks bavier`, I'll forge ahead then
<bavier`>bgardner: thank you for paying attention to the licensing, that's very important
<jackhill>I'd like to write/package a guile script that uses the Guix scheme API. What's the right thing to put as in input? ("guix" ,guix)?
<adds68>Hi is guix environment a sandbox?
<roptat>adds68, not really, unless you pass --container
<adds68>roptat, ahh ok thanks! :)
<civodul>bavier`: yeah, it may be that the rationale for having a separate thread-multiple package no longer holds
<emacsen>adds68, it may make more sense to ask what your use case is
<emacsen>rather than just answer the question direclty
<adds68>emacsen, i was just wondering for example could i shell into flatpak, makes some changes and run that version locally?
<adds68>or say make some changes to a dependency of flatpak and test those changes in a sanbox locally
<adds68>to make sure nothing on my system is causing side effects
<adds68>i'm new to all this stuff, but guix looks really cool
<jlicht>Is it possible to refer to a store path of a certain package in an importer?
<Copenhagen_Bram>How do I specify a swap file in config.scm
<pkill-9[m]>adds68, yeah that's pretty much it's use case
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh hey pkill
<adds68>pkill-9[m], nice :)
<pkill-9[m]>hey :]
<adds68>Is there a guide anywhere for getting set up with a gnome/kde shell anywhere?
<Copenhagen_Bram>does GuixSD support KDE now?
<adds68>i would prefer gnome
<pkill-9[m]>KDE isnt packaged i dont think, a lot of it's libraries and apps are though
<pkill-9[m]>adds68: do you mean adding gnome as a login session?
<adds68>pkill-9[m], yes i have never set up this stuff from scratch, but guix is interesting so i would like to learn how to start
<pkill-9[m]>adds68: theres an example config in the manual, you just add %gnome-desktop-service to your services
<pkill-9[m]>or maybe there wasnt a percent, think om mixing up with %desktophservices
<adds68>pkill-9[m], thanks i have found the manual :)
<Copenhagen_Bram>Can someone show me an example of using swap-devices in config.scm?
<adds68>lets see how much i break /o\
<Copenhagen_Bram>Does `(swap-devices ''("/swapfile")')` work?
<roptat>Copenhagen_Bram, it should as long as /swapfile exists and is properly formatted
<pkill-9[m]>yes you can use a swapfile in place of device path, that's what i do
<bavier`>interesting, one of the devs of pijul is targetting nixpkgs as a user
<CornBurglar>Hey, I'm running into problems using a library installed with guix. I installed guile-xcb, but I'm not sure how to use the modules it provides inside a guile program. Any help?
<jlicht>CornBurglar: I am not familiar with that library, but I vaguely recall guile-wm uses guile-xcb, perhaps you can have a look at how that is done
<jlicht>or do you mean that you know how to use it, it just doesn't work for you using guix?
<bzp>thank you very much for the help, I hope that guix grows much more, because it is very good what they do, keep going.
<Copenhagen_Bram>is there a guix offtopic chat?
<bavier`>Copenhagen_Bram: just one that I know of, #guix-homesteading
<emacsen>adds68, I don't really grok flatpak
<bzp>is there any way to optimize ram memory when installed in guix ?, I have 2 gb of ram and 2 gb of swap I'm installing ncmpcpp and both memories are full
<Copenhagen_Bram>good question
<nand1>maybe use a swapfile and increase the size of it
<bzp>they have a good time in that
<bzp>It is normal?
<Swedneck>i just made my first package :D
<emacsen>quick question about packaging... if I want to package something and then submit my package upstream... how is it decided what compile time options to use?
<catonano_>emacsen: it's decided by discussing on the mailing list. If you don't bring that up and send the patch anyway, your compile options might be overlooked and the patch coudl be merged. OR you coudl be ased how you chose your compilations switches
<catonano_>emacsen: as far as I understand
<catonano_>asKed, not ased
<Swedneck>how does one propose a package on the mailing list?
<rekado>Swedneck: what do you mean by propose?
<rekado>do you mean how to submit a patch?
<Swedneck>adding a package to guix
<Swedneck>or package definition i guess
<rekado>please read the Contributing section in the manual.
<bzp>Hi all
<bzp>install lxappearance and arc-theme, but show nothing widgen of lxappearance
<bzp>I'm using as window manager i3
<Swedneck>the manual just says "get in touch on the mailing list or IRC"
<catonano_>Swedneck: there are 4 mailing lists
<catonano_>one is the help mailing list
<catonano_>another one is the dev mailing list
<catonano_>then there's the mailing list collecting "tickets"
<catonano_>and finally there's the mailin list collecting patches (note: a patch could be sent to a ticket too)
<quiliro>hello guix
<Swedneck>well the manual says guix-devel
<catonano_>that's wat I called the "dev mailing list"
<quiliro>is there an ethical way to view youtube videos without knowing the address of the needed videos?
<Swedneck>so do i just send an email to with a link to my package definition file, and ask for reviews?
<catonano_>Swedneck: no
<quiliro>rather than ethical i would call it free
<catonano_>you send your patch to the patches mailing list
<catonano_>Swedneck: see here
<catonano_>Swedneck: you find it here
<rekado>Swedneck: what part of the manual did you read that says “get in touch on the mailing list”?
<Swedneck>christ that's daunting
<rekado>I don’t find it in the “Contributing” section of the manual.
<rekado>ah, very beginning
<Swedneck>" Please get in touch with us on and #guix on the Freenode IRC network."
*rekado can’t read
<rekado>that’s not about sending patches, though :)
<rekado>you’ve done the part about getting in touch with us already :)
<Swedneck>patches is kind of a confusing term for "adding packages"
<catonano_>quiliro: you mean with free software ? I use youtube-dl but I read there's an app for viewing Youtube videos. I can't remember its name now though
<catonano_>Swedneck: it's not only for packages.
<rekado>Swedneck: the way we communicate changes is through patches.
<catonano_>Swedneck: packages are thhe most common occurrence of patches sent there. But the patches sent ther ecould be about anything
<rekado>quiliro: there’s youtube-viewer and gtk-youtube-viewer (from the same package)
<Swedneck>i guess i'll just work through the points in
<Swedneck>running lint gives "sentences in description should be followed by two spaces", what does that mean?
<Swedneck>two spaces after dots?
<catonano_>Swedneck: I guess so, yes
<Swedneck>actually it also says `possible infraction at 291`, but there are 30 lines in the file..
<Swedneck>or does it like compile all definitions into one big file and count the lines in that?
<catonano_>Swedneck: mmmm I don't know. You could post on the dev mailing list and ask for help. Reporting the whole interaction could help
<Swedneck>i really dislike mailing lists and want to avoid them if possible
<catonano_>Swedneck: ok then
<terpri>Swedneck, 291 might be a string index rather than a line number
<Swedneck>char #291 inside the description?
<Swedneck>hmm, that's right before a newline
<janas>maybe trailing whitespace at the end of the line?
<rekado>what’s the whole message you get?
<Swedneck>`swedneck/packages/gpx.scm:23:5: gpx@2.5.2: sentences in description should be followed by two spaces; possible infraction at 291`
<Swedneck>oh `23:5` is line number and column number, isn't it?
<catonano_>Swedneck: it's telling you that the point where 2 spaces are needed in at char 291. And yes 23:5 are row number and column number in the file
<catonano_>I guess
<catonano_>is, not in
<Swedneck>hmm, that's before the description even starts
<catonano_>Swedneck: would you paste the url to your file again please ?
<catonano_>ah no I found itt
<catonano_>admittedly the description seems ok
<Swedneck>i think using a develop branch is good?
<catonano_>the dash, maybe ?
<catonano_>try replacing the dash with a comma and run the linter again
<Swedneck>btw is there an easy way to tell when i'm inside `guix environment --ad-hoc`?
<bavier`>Swedneck: the GUIX_ENVIRONMENT variable is set
<Swedneck>ah, nice and simple
<pkill-9[m]>also the prompt has [env] on the end
<Swedneck>not in fish :P
<Swedneck>should be easy to add though
<Swedneck>hmm, do i have to update the master branch of my channel repo and run `guix pull` every time i want to check the lint on my package?
<rekado>Swedneck: no. Use “pre-inst-env”
<rekado>I strongly recommend reading the full Contributing section.
<rekado>no need to memorize it, but it contains a bunch of useful hints
<Swedneck>what does "top build tree" mean?
<rekado>I’d call it the root directory of the source tree.
<Swedneck>hmm, well the script doesn't appear in the directory where i run `guix environment --ad-hoc -l gpx.scm`
<rekado>what directory is that?
<rekado>section 7.1 talks about getting the Guix sources from git.
<Swedneck>i already have guix installed
<rekado>if you want to contribute to Guix you need to work on the Guix source code.
<Swedneck>oh god
<rekado>I think there’s a misunderstanding somewhere.
<Swedneck>i really wasn't expecting it to be this difficult
<rekado>Guix packages are variable definitions that are arranged in Guix modules.
<rekado>To add a package is to add a variable definition to a Guix module.
<bavier`>for a simple package like this, the reviewer could handle the code changes, IMO
<rekado>The Guix sources are made up of these modules.
<Swedneck>that was what i expected
<rekado>so the workflow here is: get the sources, add your package definition, send a patch against the sources.
<rekado>getting the sources is a one time thing.
<Swedneck>yeah this is easy when you're used to it
<Swedneck>to me this is quite daunting
<bavier`>Swedneck: I think our hope is that you'll continue contributing :)
<catonano_>Swedneck: it is a bit daunting indeed. But when you get into it, it gets better
<Swedneck>eh, i honestly don't think i can handle all this complexity
<bavier`>rekado: they've used the 'guix build -f' feature to develop and test their package, I can understand how generating a git patch might be more than bargained for
<Swedneck>i was specifically hoping not to have to deal with something this complex, that's why i gave up on packaging for fedora
<rekado>it’s fine to feel overwhelmed.
<catonano_>Swedneck: it's ok, I guess
<rekado>but you’re really almost there :)
<rekado>you already made the package definition
<Swedneck>doesn't feel like it :/
<rekado>and it works
<rekado>the last step is to copy it to the Guix sources.
<Swedneck>i'm at point 3 of submitting-patches..
<rekado>patches are how we communicate these changes but to help you over this initial hurdle we can also do this a different way.
<rekado>let’s meet in the middle
<rekado>it’s this one, right?
<Swedneck>i'll try
<rekado>we’ll need to add a copyright line for you.
<rekado>what alias or name + email address would you like us to use for that?
<Swedneck>Tim Stahel <> i guess
<rekado>The package is for 3d printing.
<rekado>I wonder if we have a module for that kind of software already
*rekado looks
<rekado>I guess “engineering” is fine.
<emacsen>*sigh* installing guix on a new host with the script and it seems is not working?
<rekado>that’s where we have CAD tools and the like
<rekado>so I open gnu/packages/engineering.scm and add your copyright line
<rekado>at the bottom of that file I paste your package definition
<Swedneck>are modules like groups in dnf?
<rekado>I need to make a few minor changes
<rekado>the synopsis is a little long
<rekado>"Converting gcode output x3g files for 3D printing" will do fine
<Swedneck>maybe replace "output" with "to"
<rekado>the source URL is an autogenerated tarball, so it might change over time
<rekado>we don’t want that to happen because then the hash would be different
<rekado>so we use git-fetch instead to download the sources directly from git.
<Swedneck>hmm, the guy who helped me get through the first steps said this was better
<rekado>if there was a proper release tarball this would be correct.
<rekado>but the /archive URLs on github are not actually stable, unfortunately.
<Swedneck>it is
<Swedneck>but it's from the "releases" page
<rekado>we’ve been trying to get rid of them for some time.
<rekado>yes, but it’s not a developer upload.
<rekado>these tarballs rarely change, but in the past they *did* for a bunch of packages.
<rekado>so, the license
<rekado>the license headers say its GPL version 2 or later
<rekado>so we change that to gpl2+
<Swedneck>wait, releases are generated by github?
<rekado>URLs like “” are in fact generated from git tags.
<rekado>many people nowadays no longer bother making proper releases
<Swedneck>also where do you see the "and later" part?
<rekado> –> jump to the copyright section
<rekado>“either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version”
<Swedneck>ah, i thought that was supposed to be in the LICENSE file
<rekado>okay, this builds fine for me (checked with ./pre-inst-env guix build gpx)
<rekado>so I made a commit and set you as the author.
<rekado>would I want to send a patch I’d do “git format-patch -1” and send the generated file via email
<rekado>but we’ve already done a review here, so I can push this straight to the “master” branch.
<rekado>and… we’re done: commit 6f8ade6ee adds your “gpx” package.
<Swedneck>i think it might be good to have a point what writing and submitting definitions requires, in
<Swedneck>*a point list of what writing
<catonano_>Swedneck: now, if I was in your shoes, I'd clone the guix repository, then I'd do a git log in it just to see my name in the log :-)
<Swedneck>that's a good motivation actually
<Swedneck>gonna shower and then do that
<Swedneck>but yeah, an overview of what contributing packages entails would be nice, so people like me aren't suddenly faced with something they didn't expect
<bavier`>Swedneck: thanks for sticking with it; always nice to have another contributor; and thank you rekado for the nice walkthrough :)
<Swedneck>Yeah, big thanks rekado!
<rekado>and thanks to you for the new package!
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<tune>How do I stop text boxes and menus from going off my screen to my other monitor? e.g. hovering over something on the right side of my browser (which is on the left monitor) will make the text box go on to the other monitor or sometimes just disappear into nothingness so I can't read the whole text.
<tune>Also for something like my bookmarks menu it will go to the other monitor if I go enough folders deep.
<tune>I feel like this didn't happen on some other distro in the past, but it may have always happened on GuixSD. I know it happens with both i3wm and awesomewm.