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<reepca>jackhill: what do the multiple arguments to glob mean? Are they concatenated and then matched or matched and then the list of matches is combined? Or something else entirely?
<rekahsoft>Hi all, how do I go about installing an output other then out (eg docs, ...) of some package system wide? I've seen and but cannot find a way to do this outside of a manifest.
<rekahsoft>Also on another note, when I run 'guix pull' where is the source saved? Is there a convenient way to look at it from within emacs?
<atw>rekahsoft: to your first question, I put this in my operating-system: (packages (cons (list icedtea "jdk") %base-packages)) and I think that worked
<atw>I do not know the answer to your second question, though it seems like it should be possible
<rk4>damnit. sorry. this javascript based ssh client is terrible...
<rk4>[after waking from sleep it gives the appearance of being frozen, the r key is reconnect when its worked out it has disconnected. but it evidently still sends keystrokes through]
<jackhill>reepca: thanks, I'll look at that to see if it is useful to me.
<jackhill>reepca: the output of scsh's glob with multiple multiple arguments is all the stuff matched by the first argument concatinated with the stuff matched by the second
<tleydxdy_m>Hi guys, I was trying out guix the other day and wonder if it could use features from CoW filesystems like btrfs
<rekahsoft>atw: what you mentioned seems to work when using the packages->manifest function, but not when within a system wide configuration
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<deadman007>Hi, does anyone knows why Guix downloads everything during each `guix system reconfigure ...` execution ?
<cbaines>deadman007, what's your expectation?
<cbaines>if you've updated Guix since you last reconfigured, there may be different things to reconfigure the system to use, which may be downloaded
<cbaines>if you haven't updated Guix, then you'd usually not end up downloading anything
<deadman007>cbaines , sorry my mistake, after updating guix problem is fixed.
<cbaines>deadman007, no problem, good to hear it's working
<tyil>o/ from the minimal languages devroom :D
<joshuaBPMan>well my trackpad's not working again.
<joshuaBPMan>It only goes up and down.
<dddddd> ->
<rekahsoft>Hi all, I have been working on packaging rust tools bat and exa..however, I have all crate dependencies defined but when I go to build, my memory consumption continuously climes, implying to me some sort of infinite recursion. How can I track this down?
<rekado>FOSDEM slides appearing here:
<quiliro>emacs is not able to export to pdf or to odt
<quiliro>it says pdflatex is missing...but i can run it from the command line
<wigust>quasisane: Hello. Are you talking about org-mode?
<efraim>Did we have any plans for dinner tonight?
<mbakke>What are the blockers for merging staging now? I'm currently testing a fix for libreoffice, are there others?
<OriansJ>mbakke: has anyone built the staging iso and manually verified that they can succesfully installed guixsd even on a virtual machine?
<OriansJ>because individual packages can break and be fixed without an issue but the core of GuixSD actually needs to be tested to ensure we don't just dump a broken install disc to the world.
<wigust>OriansJ: Manual testing takes a time. We have a release version for GuixSD installation.
<OriansJ>wigust: yes I know but taking the 38 minutes for testing prior to a release can save alot of users the trouble of dealing with a broken release
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<reepca>jonsger: ACK
<jonsger>Where do the guix folks drink their beer this evening in brussels?
<\\\\\\\\\\\>Hi #guix, I'm trying to install GuixSD on a Thinkpad T450, but my wireless card isn't showing up. Is there not a foss driver for this Intel card?
<vagrantc>very possible
<\\\\\\\\\\\>Weird. I thought intel was pretty onboard, unlike broadcom et al
<vagrantc>depends on the particular driver
<olivuser>hello everyone. I have a problem which I as of yet don't quite understand, and I would be pleased if any of you could elucidate the matter for me. I have made first efforts in guix, which relates mainly to the choice of favourable applications for everyday use. I noticed that using no browser (epiphany, eolie, next, surf) I seemed to be able to watch online streamed videos: neither on youtube nor on any other platform. I realised I
<olivuser>was missing components (like ffmpeg, xvid etc) and installed them, but the problem persisted. Now, my question is: are these kinds of online streamings generally impossible to access (due to nasty data-related stuff or something), or do I have to reconfigure the system (guix system reconfigure) for the installed applications (epiphany, eolie) to consider the codecs, or is there another way to go about it? Any help would be greatly
<\\\\\\\\\\\>whelp, i'll just try guix+arch for now
<pkill9>\\\\\\\\\\\: I think there is an open source intel wireless driver, but nonfree firmware
<vagrantc>\\\\\\\\\\\: which exact driver?
<\\\\\\\\\\\>I'll check
<pkill9>but linux-libre scrubs all nonfree firmwares form the linux kernel
<\\\\\\\\\\\>lspci gives: Intel Corporation Wireless 7265 (rev 59)
<olivuser>hello everyone.
<\\\\\\\\\\\>vagrantc: as for the exact module... I guess I'll have to reboot.
<olivuser>I cant seem to be able to use streaming services like youtube (and similar). Is that due to guix's general policy or is it that I missed something? I installed browsers like epiphany/eolie and noticed the problem. Then I installed codecs (xvid, ffmpeg), but no luck either. Would I manage to get things working with a guix system reconfigure, or does the root of the problem lie elsewhere?
<tune>those things should work. maybe you lack gstreamer
<\\\\\\\\\\\>vagrantc: ok the driver on arch is iwlwifi
<vagrantc>yeah, that requires firmware blobs
<vagrantc>or, at least used to
<\\\\\\\\\\\>i grabbed the 0.16 release, so i assume that still holds
<vagrantc>yeah, unless someone writes a free replacement firmware ...
<\\\\\\\\\\\>i guess i am stuck with ethernet then...
<\\\\\\\\\\\>kind of a nonstarter for a laptop. though, i'm probably going to get something older, smaller, and libre-er. is there an era of thinkpad that's more compatible? i have been eyeing x220/x230
<vagrantc>you might also be able to swap out the wifi with a compatible one
<vagrantc>i've also used some USB dongles with free firmware
<pkill9>yea, but the BIOS may reject it
<pkill9>just check
<vagrantc>oh that
<pkill9>i remember reading about that in the X series laptops
<\\\\\\\\\\\>yeah, that's a pain
<\\\\\\\\\\\>fucking hardware whitelisting
<pkill9>it is possible to remove the whitelist through BIOS flashing, but i dunno about anyo fthat
<\\\\\\\\\\\>lol, a bit over my power level, but that would be neat
<vagrantc>there are also some thinkpads that can use coreboot
<vagrantc>or libreboot
<\\\\\\\\\\\>i think that would be x200, which is slightly too old for me
*vagrantc nods
<\\\\\\\\\\\>though full libre is the dream of course
<vagrantc>the purism laptops have free wifi, and a partly liberated boot firmware
<\\\\\\\\\\\>but no trackpoint
<vagrantc>pick your poison :)
*\\\\\\\\\\\ nods
*\\\\\\\\\\\ dreams of the day they run a fleet of fully free RISC-V devices
<\\\\\\\\\\\>so I suppose learning a scheme would help with diving into guix. is SICP still /the/ way to learn? i have been living in OO land
<OriansJ>\\\\\\\\\\\: Well there is nothing to stop you from not only making your own dream a reality but also making it real for the rest of the world too...
<\\\\\\\\\\\>OriansJ: well, i am just one person with executive disfunction issues so....
<pkill9>yes it would help a lot to learn scheme for diving into guix
<vagrantc>i've limped along barely understanding scheme at all, and people have kindly made suggestions of improvements and merged a few of my patches :)
<\\\\\\\\\\\>pkill9: so would SICP be a good start, or is there a better guide more oriented toward guile and those coming from the imperative experience?
<pkill9>i'm not sure, mos tof my knowledge is from reading the package definitions and copying them and such
<pkill9>i did start reading 'the little schemer' at one point
<\\\\\\\\\\\>vagrantc: nice. that makes it sound like you're industrious though, and i am not. too socially anxious
<\\\\\\\\\\\>pkill9: i will give that a look. so your knowledge of scheme is only from working with guix packages?
<atw`>I've done the same, vagrantc :)
<pkill9>\\\\\\\\\\\: yeah pretty much, they're all in ~/.config/guix/current/share/guile/site/2.2/gnu/package, and with `guix edit` you find read a particular package definition easily
<pkill9>there's also a blog post somewhere on writing packages, and there's some info in the manual
<atw`>ah shoot, that's the answer to rekahsoft's question: guix edit guix
<\\\\\\\\\\\>handy. this seems like a much more sane route than nix.
<atw`>sneek_: later tell rekahsoft you can use guix edit guix to see the source code for your profile's current guix following a guix pull, I think
<pkill9>\\\\\\\\\\\: here's the blog post
<terpri>olivuser, have you tried icecat yet? on my system it can play youtube videos
<terpri>non-drm/eme video streaming should work, there's probably a bug somewhere if it doesn't