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<eubarbosa>guys, for real... did yall understood SICP lectures in a go? Sussman is talking alien technology for all I know! lol
<eubarbosa>nckx: lol. But I am loving it, I even restarted study math again! hehe
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<jackhill>kmicu: I got it working. I stopped using a separate, unencrypted boot, and just put boot on my encrypted / and now Grub dutifully prompts me for my password and boots the system.
<jackhill>I've sent an update to help-guix@
<Humanoid>I'm installing guix on top of my devuan system, and I got this error when trying to install the first package: "guix package: error: build failed: while setting up the build environment: unable to make ?/? private mount: Invalid argument"
<Humanoid>I think I found the problem, "man 2 unshare" says it returns EPERM if we're in a chroot, and I do happen to be in a chroot.
<Humanoid>rerunning guix-daemon with --disable-chroot temporarily fixes the problem.
<Humanoid>But now I keep getting this annoying error: "guile: warning: failed to install locale" even though I already installed the locales package and exported GUIX_LOCPATH.
<reepca>Humanoid: It's possible the guile being used is using a different version of glibc than the one the locales are installed for, but it wouldn't make sense for guix to use a different version than the glibc-locales installed using that same guix. Did you set GUIX_LOCPATH to ~/.guix-profile/lib/locale?
<Humanoid>yes, GUIX_LOCPATH is set correctly.
<Humanoid>If I go into that directory, it contains a single subdirectory called "2.28", how do I find which version of glibc guile is using?
<reepca>"ldd $(which guile) | grep libc" should do it
<Humanoid>guile: command not found
<Humanoid>I don't have guile in my PATH, so where is guix running it from?
<reepca>head -n 1 $(which guix)
<Humanoid>It gives me this output: #!/gnu/store/q19l04vd2za80mk1845pz7r8cz29qk43-bash-minimal-4.4.23/bin/bash
<reepca>huh, interesting, mine gives #!/gnu/store/r658y3cgpnf99nxjxqgjiaizx20ac4k0-guile-2.2.4/bin/guile --no-auto-compile
<reepca>out of curiosity, what does 'which guix' give anyway?
<Humanoid>which guix, goes to /usr/local/bin/guix which in turn is a link to /var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/current-guix/bin/guix which is what the installation manual told me to do.
<Humanoid>It looks like the guix command I have is a bash script, the last line is an exec of .guix-real, and looking at that file, it starts with a #! for guile.
<Humanoid>And ldd of that shows me => /gnu/store/...-glibc-2.28/lib/
<Humanoid>So 2.28 is the same C version that the locales package is installed for.
<reepca>yeah, I'm really not sure what's up then. If you try running the guile from the #! directly with just --help or something, does it still print the message?
<aluminum1425>guile should be installed in the guix store since guix depends on it
<aluminum1425>it's just not installed for his user profile so it won't be in his path
<reepca>yeah I know
<Humanoid>When I run guile directly from that path, GUIX_LOCPATH works, and there's no warning.
<Humanoid>I just noticed something, when I don't set GUIX_LOCPATH, I get 2 errors about the locale missing. When I DO set GUIX_LOCPATH, I only get 1 error, and it's a bit different:
<Humanoid>The 2nd error is "substitute: guile: warning: failed to install locale"
<Humanoid>The first error, which doesn't have "substitute: " at the beginning is gone after setting GUIX_LOCPATH.
<Humanoid>Is there a program called substitute, which itself is running a different version of guile?
<aluminum1425>substitutes refer to the servers
<aluminum1425>that you install binary packages from i believe
<aluminum1425>or no substitute refers to the pre-built package from the server
<Humanoid>So I tried it several times, and indeed, without GUIX_LOCPATH, I get 2 errors. Setting GUIX_LOCPATH fixes the 1st error, but not the 2nd one.
<reepca>the daemon invokes "guix substitute ..." itself when first trying to get a pre-built version in case it doesn't have to do a local build. I suspect that's where the second locale error is coming from.
<aluminum1425>what user does the daemon run as?
<reepca>I think I see, GUIX_LOCPATH needs to be set for the daemon as well in order to fully resolve the issue.
<Humanoid>I pasted the two outputs here:
<reepca>(I'm on GuixSD, or Guix System as they call it now, so I never run into this stuff)
<aluminum1425>I did have this same issue actually, installing on top of Debian
<aluminum1425>but I don't really remember what i did
<aluminum1425>I do see that both my user and root have GUIX_LOCPATH set
<Humanoid>You're right, I had to set GUIX_LOCPATH for the daemon as well, that fixed the 2nd error.
<Humanoid>I never restarted the daemon after installing glibc-locales;
<Humanoid>Perhaps it should be added to the manual, that after you install glibc-locales, you also need to provide the GUIX_LOCPATH to the daemon and restart the daemon.
<reepca>the funny thing is I think I actually vaguely remember something like this happening when I was running on Ubuntu
<reepca>and yes, that probably should go in the manual
<Humanoid>This is great! I can get back to the manual and continue with the installation instructions.
<Humanoid>Thanks a lot!
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<jonsger>sneek_: later tell ebrasca I tested it multiple times. The problem is, powerpc64le needs gcc-6.2 to build and our bootstrap compiler is still 5.5. there is work ongoing to update gcc in the wip-gcc7 branch. efraim proposed some hack to combine the wip-gcc7 and master branch to get the bootstrap-tarballs :P
<wingo>good morning, guix :)
<rain1> delete this
<tune>Seems fine to me. They are just normal english words, the message is even positive.
<rk4>likewise, fine to me.
<rain1>ok thanks guys
<kmicu>rain1: is Guix in control of that account?
*bavier has a patch to upgrade OpenMPI, but wants to fix some fallout before posting it
<wingo>guix people
<wingo>why do i never know when things are going to be done downloading
<wingo>they are mostly in alphabetic order but sometimes not
<wingo>in a guix package -u, i mean
<joshuaBPMan>whoever added the indications on building files...bravo. Thanks. I now know how long a build will take!
<tune>wingo: I find I am often confused by guix, but you can do stuff like 'guix weather' and putting --dry-run on the end of stuff to get an idea of what it's gonna do or how long it will take
<pkill9>does anyone use guix on a raspberry pi?
<pkill9>well, more specifically, GuixSD
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<jackhill>Does guile or guix provide something like scsh's glob? (glob "per-user/*/*" "*/profile") expresses exactly what I want.
<jackhill>hmm, maybe gash would have something
<Swedneck>what's the timeline for 1.0?
<quiliro>I am trying to export to PDF from Emacs
<quiliro>But I get an error
<quiliro>about pdflatex missing
<quiliro>/bin/bash: pdflatex: command not found
<daviid>quiliro: you probably need to install texlive 'base' or what ever it's called in guix ...
<quiliro>daviid: thanks, how to find out?
<quiliro>texlive-base does exist
<quiliro>found it
<daviid>not sure which package has pdflatex in guix, i actually follow this channel, but not use guix yet ...
<Swedneck>same :P
<quiliro>there is a package named texlive-pdflatex
<daviid>quiliro: ah, that's the one
<quiliro>but it outputs an error on installation
<daviid>that's weird, what error
<daviid>not that i'll be able to really help but ... someone may shime at ny moment
<daviid>quiliro: the all guix is 'en route to fosdem' otherwise you'd have an answer already ... :)
<quiliro>wait... the name is texlive-latex-pdfpages
<daviid>that sounds a little suspicious to me, is there s guix command to list the content of a (yet uninstalled) package maybe?
<quiliro>now it gave no error after updating guix with 'guix pull'
<daviid>quiliro: it seems to me that in guix, pdflatex is in texlive-bin
<quiliro>installed texlive-base and it was installed
<daviid>quiliro: perfect, glad yu solve the problem
<quiliro>daviid: thank you
<reepca>jackhill: guix has find-files and file-name-predicate in (guix build utils) if it'd help. file-name-predicate only provides a regex on the basename, but you could copy it and just replace (basename file) with file, then replace the * with .* and you'd have something pretty close I imagine.